Best Dog Harness for Medium Dogs No Pull Girl

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1. PoyPet Harness Reflective Adjustable Control

PoyPet Harness Reflective Adjustable Control

This no pull dog harness has 2 easy buckles on belly straps and 1 more lockable Quick-snap buckle on neckline, no need to slip over dog's head and adjust the straps every time, it's a new version, super easy to use. There is no poultry and coke free. Their front lead dog harness has two sturdy metal leash attachment points with reinforced webbing, front clip for discouraging pulling and back for relaxed walks. The pet harness is made of non-toxic mesh and has a pull pressure that is evenly distributed to the body. This harness is perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more. This dog reflective harness has dual elastic construction on belly straps, which helps absorb jerks, reduces strain and the risk of getting Hurt. It was designed for maximum comfort, safety and adjustment. A handle that feels good in the hand for extra control is what it is. It works as a seat bell loop. Adding visibility is provided by large area reflective stitching. Minimum bulk makes it lightweight and durable. A custom fit with room for growth is achieved with 4 ways of straps. There is a 100% SATISFIED GUARANTEE. They want to provide the best shopping experiences and high quality products. All problems will be solved within 24 hours if you send an email to them.

Brand: Poypet

👤You can't beat the price of these harnesses. I bought two of these for my American Bulldog/Mastiff mix puppies because the price was right and they have the second D-ring on the chest, rather than the larger ones. We will be purchasing the next size up once the pups grow up as we have fallen in love with these harnesses. I love the reflective material and the multiple clips that make it easy to put them on and take them off, even for my children who had a lot of trouble figuring out how to put on other step-in harnesses. The handle on the back is helpful in controlling them a bit closer to the body, as well as assisting them into the car. The puppies get very dirty very quickly, but they clean up nicely. If you're looking for a well made harness at an incredible price, you've found it here. One of the plastic straps on one of the harnesses broke and I have removed one star from my review. I will be contacting the seller to get a new one as I feel this was a mistake and we've been very happy with these. I will update soon. I've given that 5th star back, after contacting customer service about the broken buckle, they offered me a replacement harness at no charge, and I will receive it with my regular two-day free Prime shipping. Customer service is awesome and the product is great.

👤This product was used for my female lab and coonhound mix. I have tried many things to stop my dog from pulling, but she prefers to choke herself out and walk calmly. The first time I used this product, I attached the leash to the front D-ring. She walked at my side for the first time. When I first put it on her, she had to figure out that pulling was not going to work out for her, and when she saw a couple of rabbits while we walked, she had to figure out that pulling was not going to work out for her. It took her about 30 seconds to realize that pulling wasn't working because the harness lifted her front leg and moved her body back towards the leash. The harness has worked wonders for us on our walk and I will continue to use it. If there are issues with more use of the harness, I will update this post.

👤We purchased this harness from for our pug, Niele, who was 23 lbs (10. kilograms) and never fit in his current harness. The harness is easy to put on. I have been looking for a harness that was comfortable, practical, and fit well for almost 5 years. Our pug is a little bit bigger than the average, with a deep chest and broad shoulders, weighing in at 23 lbs. Medium to large dogs don't usually have enough adjust ability, so the normal pug-size stuff doesn't fit. The only way to get the harness to fit was to adjust it so that it was loose and sloppy, which meant he could slip out of it easily. PoyPet recommended a size medium for our pug. I was able to adjust the harness, but the neck is very loose and wide. The cut on the harness around the neck and the fact that the chest piece is short enough so that it doesn't cut into our pug's tummy is what I like the most. The back and chest of the harness are very comfortable. The most important thing is that the harness fits well so that it doesn't slip around when Niele is running or walking. It doesn't bother him like the loose harness did. He doesn't seem to care that it's on. The large clips/buckles on the harness are placed perfectly to not interfere with movement or comfort and I was worried about that. The handle on the back portion of the harness is useful when I need to pick up Niele in a pinch, as well as the tough plastic d-rings on the back and chest pieces. The metal d-ring on his previous harness was beginning to rust and was noisy with his ID tags on it. Even without a flashlight, finding a black pug in the dark is very easy because of the reflective material in the harness. There is a recommendation I could make to PoyPet. They might want to include a range of neck measurements for dogs like ours that have thick necks. Happy hours! Lynn, Bob and Niele are related.

2. WINSEE Attachments Reflective Adjustable Material

WINSEE Attachments Reflective Adjustable Material

The neck and chest sizes of the dog harness are 18 to 27 inch and 19 to 36 inch. Medium to Large size dogs like Great Pyrenees, Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd, American Bully Pitbull, and more are recommended. Measure the broadest part of your dog's chest to determine his chest girth. A dog collar is included. Sturdy Fabric Handle on the back helps you better control and assist your dog, and reflective straps on the easy control harness ensure your dog's safety while out for a walk at night. If your dog pulls a lot, don't use the collar to lead her. Attach the D-ring in the front of the harness. The fit of this pet harness can be completely tailored for your pet using the slide adjusters at the chest and neck. There was a locking tab on the clasp. The snap in fastenings have a slide lock to keep them securely fastened, double stitching, lots of reinforcement stitching at high stress points, easy to fit, and padded for your dog's comfort. TheWINSEE black dog harness has two metal D-Rings on the back range for attaching the leash and a front clip to prevent pulling. The extensional part of the D-rings is not easy to rip off even with heavy pulling. Pulling pressure is distributed evenly to the body. It is easy to put on and take off the dog vest harness. The no pull dog harness is made with high density 1680D Oxford fabric to prevent it from chewing or tearing up. The dog harness has a Breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding plate.

Brand: Winsee

👤This harness is very good. Before choosing this harness, I reviewed every one on Amazon. It's sturdy, the plastic clasp is larger than most and seems stronger, that's what makes it great. I assume that a cloth piece that comes across it and snaps into place will help keep the clasp from pulling out or breaking. It gives it more of a hold. I suggest you buy this one, but they don't give guidelines for size. I have a Shepherd/Husky mix that is 78 pounds. I measured her neck and chest, just like they asked, and she clearly needed a Medium. I looked at the reviews and photos of the dogs that people bought and decided on an X-tra Large for my dog, because I didn't think that was right. This one was perfect for her. It seems that the strap around the chest can be too small if you get it too large, which can cause it to land in the wrong spot on the dog's neck and cause it to choke it. The main photo shows the front piece falling below the neck. I wanted a harness that my dog could not pull backwards and pull out of, as many harnesses are easy to pull out. It seemed that she couldn't pull out this one, but when we went to the vet the other day, she began pulling backwards trying to back herself out the door, and the harness did pull off over her head. I didn't want her to not be able to easily breathe in and out, so I had it a little tighter. I tightened it. I believe it works better than any other harness I've tried. It seems to be very well made. I have been using this for two months and my dog pulls like a sled dog. She stopped pulling when I first used it on her, but then she began pulling again, so I think I need to properly train her for that. She is getting better. I am not paid to write a review of this product. I wanted to give you the information so that you don't have to spend time looking for the right one, since I spent so much time reviewing all of the harnesses on Amazon.

👤The Aussie on the right has been bothering us for a year. He is still a puppy and strong. He PULLS when you walk him. It is exhausting, embarrassing and painful. You use bad language when you return to your home. Until today... I read a lot of reviews and decided to try this one. We put in on for the first time and this video was taken a few minutes later. No pulling. Wow. As we headed out the door for the first time, he took off in a hard pull. Immediately he stopped. It jerks his head to the side and he doesn't like it. I am very happy. It seems durable as well. I regret not buying this a year ago. Video speaks for itself. If you have a dog that walks you, you should order this one.

3. AMTOR Harness Adjustable Reflective Extra Small

AMTOR Harness Adjustable Reflective Extra Small

The no pull dog harness and Leash Set has two D-rings, easy links to traction rope hooks, not easy to swing, prevent suffocation and pull. The padded design reduces tugging and pulling on your dogs and cars neck. A small dog harness with Magic Tape,buckle and double D-rings work together to protect your pet. The reflective strips give good visibility in the dark. The dog harness is made with soft mesh fabric, which is high density, soft and comfortable, and can prevent chewing or tearing. The dog harness is suitable for large dogs and cats. The dog harness has a traction rope of the same color, and a comfortable cushion cotton is added to the handshaking part of the traction rope to prevent the hand from being injured due to excessive tension. It is convenient and comfortable. The dog harness for small dogs can be put on or off in a few steps. Put their front feet into the hole, close the hook and loop fastening, and snap the buckle.

Brand: Amtor

👤This has made my dog more comfortable. In the past, harnesses have pulled or triggered some sort of sensitivity on my dog. She is more encouraged to go on walks after this. This has helped her with her exercise and potty training. It has a reflective band which is great for night or early morning walks and it is adorable, but it would not come off if it was on accident. It has a material that is great for all weather types. It came with a leash. The leash is comfortable to hold and walk on. I feel safe putting my dog in his harness. I know that she is happy with us. It is not tight or loose which is what I wanted. This is a great price for a great quality. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The harness is soft and Breathable. It's tight around the rib cage and under the arms on my chihuahua, it's a little weird. I think it would be awkward for a dog to have a rib cage that is so much larger in proportion to the neck. The leash is cute and the inside of the handle part has a plush cushion. It is very comfortable on the wrist or hand.

👤My dog hates it. That's right! It is too big for her and too small, but she will grow into it. We can take walks when she is old enough, but I will try to train her to like it. It is very cute. I got her a mint green outfit. It is very cute against her hair.

👤I recommend the heavy duty dog harness with dog leash, it is easy to put on and take off, it is not a problem for my dog, it is 888-282-0465.

👤It was very rude on my poodle. She likes it. Too.

👤The dog doesn't mind it at all, it seems very well made. You can't beat the money. The customer service of this company is second to none.

👤I love this harness. My puppy is 3 months old, a cavatzu, and it fits so well. I like how I can adjust it around his chest, and I feel better about the clasp and the Velcro because it is very secure. My baby is only about 6 lbs and a foot tall, and we got him a small one that fits. The leash that comes with it is very nice. I am not afraid that it will break from a small tug. My little boy looks very handsome and the product is very good.

4. Voyager Weather Best Pet Supplies

Voyager Weather Best Pet Supplies

This is a notice. Your pet's breed or weight are not directly related to size. If you want to make sure your pet is fit for your order, you should print out their Size Guide and use the measuring tape to fit your pet. This lightweight pet harness is perfect for walks all year round. There are retractable bands. Two reflective bands on the sides of this harness make it easier for your pet to see. Three layers of security are achieved with their hook and loop fastening, double D-rings and buckle. Go, step in, and clip. This simple and easy-to-wear vest harness is what you will use to step into your next walk. Click on the button to add to the cart.

Brand: Best Pet Supplies

👤I love this harness! I think my dog does, it is soft, has double security features, looks great, and fits perfectly. At 6 months old, my frenchie is 17 lbs. I bought him a large. It's important that reviews include the size info. I was thankful for those who did. When you buy this, make sure to leave a review and include the size you bought with information or pictures on your dog's size. If he grows out of his large, I will buy this again. I will probably buy more in other colors if he doesn't, it looks like it fits him so well. Frenchies have sensitive backs. This harness would be great for any dog who has back problems. It's not recommended to walk dogs like this on collars. So get them a harness. Their back will thank you for it.

👤I bought a medium for my cat. I think I would have been able to go a smaller size. I gave it one less star because it is a harness made for dogs, but it is a bit bulky for a cat. I like the support it gives him, it's better than the thinner strap ones that pull on his joints and shoulders. He seems to walk with me more than he did with his previous harness. He got used to it quickly after it threw his balance off the first day. The front neck area was big for him, but I secured the Velcro in a diagonal fashion, tighter near his head, and now he is more secure. If you're an inch into the next size, I would recommend going a size down. If the harness is a little too big, the buckle would be more helpful and secure. Your neighbors will still make fun of you for walking your cat. The item was shipped quickly.

👤The harness I used on our yorkie was not strong enough or safe enough for him. I was worried that he would slip out while we were traveling. Our little guy is 5 1/2 pounds and has a 7 inch neck and 11 1/2 inch girth. I bought the XXS size of the harness and it fit him perfectly. It fits his body well, is wide enough, snug enough, and sturdy enough to make sure Kirby stays safe. I found a collar and leash that matches the harness on Amazon, and I'm picky like you. I keep his collar on at all times, and add on a harness when we leave the house. I found a bag that matches the color of Amazon and attached it to his leash that carried poop bags with room for keys, etc. You can find links below...

👤My dog escaped from his harness on a busy street. He had to pull back so much that it was empty. He ran down the street and a bystander pinned him against a tree to stop him. If he can do it, I know others can too. I will be avoiding anything that they can escape out of with ease. Proceed with care.

5. EXPAWLORER Checkered Frills Fashion Harness

EXPAWLORER Checkered Frills Fashion Harness

The chest size is 9-13 inches and the neck is 8.5 inches. Measure your pet's size before purchasing a dog chest strap. The dog chest harness is made of high quality materials and will not cause harm to your pet. It is easy to clean and machine wash. The dog chest harness reduces the pull on your dog's neck and gives it the best comfort. The dog chest strap has a checkered tassel around the neck. A lace and plaid style dog chest harness is ideal for your dog gift and becomes even more adorable when worn by a dog.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤So cute! I bought them in different colors. The xs fit both my girls, one is 4 pounds and the other is 5 pounds. They can grow and still wear the xs. I ordered a small in case, but it was too big. My daughter has a 10 pound chihuahua and it fit her perfectly. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a cute harness.

👤My dog is overweight and just recovered from surgery. She needed a new harness. She has a large girth and it fits her in a size medium. I had many that didn't fit her. We are working on her weight loss and this harness is a good fit for her. The bow is not in the middle as the picture shows. It's not a problem, I'm very pleased with the design and quality. Would recommend the price.

👤A 10 lbs dog likes to wiggle out of harnesses. I bought the small for her. She looks adorable and it fits better than the others we've tried. Time will tell if she can get out of it.

👤The collar was pretty in pink. I have a full grown pom that is 4 1/2 pounds and this collar design was awkward for me. It slipped over the fur head of my pom and felt tight. She doesn't have a lot of fur around her neck because of Alopecia. The legs going into the harness were weird as you had to separate the strap across the back from the harness to secure it. I am returning it because of the awkwardness. The harness looked cute on my fur baby, but what a contraption.

👤This is adorable. I didn't like the harnesses that were available near me. I decided to take a chance. It is kind of stretchy. It's easy to put my dog on. The stitching connecting the mesh and liner has begun to become undone. I don't mind. It was cheap and lasted about a year. I get a lot of praise when she wears this. Once it gets warmer, I'm going to buy again.

👤It was a perfect fit for my baby. Medium for my mix. It's easy to wash. She loves the material and doesn't scratch it. When I put it on her, she prances around like a puppy. Holds up after many washes. Excellent product! Highly recommended!

👤I bought a medium size for my 7 lbs chihuahua. The most surprising thing to me is that my dog, who never wore a collar in her life, is so excited to wear the red harness that she saw it for the first time. She keeps it on overnight because she doesn't want to take it off when we come home.

👤Good quality, well made. The only issue I had was size. I ordered a small because of the reviews I read. I think a medium would have worked better because I would have more adjustment potential, it should be fine in the summer, but very snug over her winter sweater, and the adjustment as large as you adjust makes it doable without much wiggle room for a 9 lbs maltipoo.

6. ThinkPet Pull Harness Breathable Sport

ThinkPet Pull Harness Breathable Sport

Extra-large dogs like Black Labrador, retriever, German shepherd, Labrador doodles, Golden doodle, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Mastiff, American bulldog, Golden retriever, and Siberia retriever are suitable for the X- Large Sport Dog Harness. The dog harness has two heavy duty metal clips for safer dog walks. Use the chest attachment clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks, it's perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The back one is great for walking. The overhead harness is easy to put on and take off, and it has a fast-release nylon buckle. Buckle the harness up, then adjust the straps, and here you go! The Top Handle can be grabbed for additional control. The nylon harness has a soft mesh cushion for skin and pet comfort. The edges of theirs are equipped with fluorescent straps, conbined with integrated reflective straps, which provides great visibility both day and night.

Brand: Thinkpet

👤The dog is black. He loves to pull and is 45 lbs. I use a Gentle Leader on his nose. I wanted a harness that would act the same, but not the gentle one. It was the first real try after several adjustments. I think he will be able to teach again. The harness seems sturdy, nice looking, and slip on is great. Pro had long straps after adjusting, but no instructions on how to adjust. Finally figured that out. I still need to adjust my neck. It does ride up to the side, but once a little tighter it won't be as much. I like it so far. The little guy is called Cruiser. He is a dog rescue. He may be 15 lbs. He is a big guy. Keeps that nose to the ground and likes to run. He was also on the Gentle Leader. It works well as well. He didn't like it on the nose. He got a new harness for Christmas. He is picking up on the training very quickly after adjusting to it. The two guys are using a medium and small. The small was perfect. The neck area is where my adjusting is still being worked on. I tried the small on Luke and it fit perfectly on the neck, but the chest strap was short. He's on the medium because of that. Will give you an update in a couple weeks.

👤I took my dog for a walk after receiving this harness. The shape of the harness makes it hard to fit my dog. Sometimes my dog gets focused on a smell and tries to resist pulling. My dog could easily slip out of the front, as the front clip does not see secure, and the slack in the straps makes me think my dog could easily slip out. The straps on the chest strap come up into the dogs legs if you don't tighten it. I wanted this style to work because it was easy to put on my dog and it was also very secure. I like the handle. I bought this harness because of it. I don't recommend this harness because of the negatives of the fit and strap configuration. I can see how this can cause burns to the webbing on his legs over a long period of time, as well as the chance of slipping off, when I take my dog on hiking trips often.

👤I took back everything I said was good about this harness. My puppy was able to wander into oncoming traffic because it broke on him. He didn't die because of the grace of God. Stay far away from this POS.

👤We must use a harness for everyone's sake because I have a corgi who can be pretty strong. There are two harnesses we have, one for security/control and one for simplicity. My dog is a little bit more mature so I don't always need a heavy duty harness for neighborhood walks, so I wanted something that was a hybrid of the aforementioned harnesses. The answer to my prayers is this harness. I like the dark red color. The quality is very good. A size small fit my corgi just right with room to adjust, but chunkier/thicker/fluffier corgis might consider a size up. The front strap might move to the side when the dog starts pulling, but that is normal and doesn't affect anything. It is my new favorite harness. Highly recommended. If your dog is strong, I suggest you try a regular front clipping harness.

7. Demigreat Service Harness Reflective Adjustable

Demigreat Service Harness Reflective Adjustable

Pulling and choke can be prevented. The dog harness has three metal traction rope loops on the back and chest, which are reinforced. The front clamp is perfect for dogs that pull and for dogs that are training. The rear clip can make a dog walk. This design can evenly distribute the pulling force on the body to prevent suffocation or neck strain, which offers much more comfort and security. The dog vest sling is easy to put on and take off, because it has two buckles on the chest and neck. It's easy to adjust the size to fit the dog's body and make it more comfortable. The dog harness is reflective. The reflective tape of the Damigreat dog harness can reflect ambient light in extreme low light conditions, so as to ensure that your dog can stay visible even when walking or running at night, and comes with 2 service dog patches, 2 in training patches and 1 dog paw patch. The dog harness is soft and comfortable. The outer layer is made of reinforced nylon. It is strong. The inner mesh design increases the comfort of walking and protects the skin of your dog. Demigreat advantages They are committed to providing reliable products for dog owners. They will do their best to help you solve the problem if you contact them in time. If you want to make sure that the harness matches your dog's size, you should select the size by measuring the dog's chest widest part and neck. The dog's weight should not be used as a factor in choosing a size or guess.

Brand: Demigreat

👤This is not worth as much as it costs. It was very flimsy. My golden dog slides sideways. Absolutely disappointed.

👤There are 5 patches, it is pictured with 2 service dog patches, 2 training patches and a flag where I am pointing. The vest that was missing the flag was replaced immediately after I notified Amazon. I got a different vest and patches after I returned the second vest because it was missing the flag. The vest was made well, it fit well, and it was easy to get on and off, and the price was very reasonable. I notified Amazon of the error and they were looking into it.

👤Not as sturdy as the original vest purchased which is warmer and the original one slides from side to side, so wishing for a better vest, and it still slips all over the place, even with the straps tightened. Light weight fabric. There are hooks on the side. It was nice under the belly pad. The small top body comes with patches. Not that durable 7 will last as long as the other vest. The current item cost is decent. This vest is made for dogs under 9 years old and 45 pounds. The fabric is light and not that durable, good for summer 10. I'm not sure how the vest will hold up. The price is decent. I will purchase a padded vest from another vendor. You wish your vest to be noticeable, pending on your use and size of dog. This is a small dog vest that is great for running around town. I want my dogs to be comfortable.

👤This thing is garbage. It doesn't stay on all of the dogs. It slides to one side even when tightened.

👤The harness does not stay in place, as others have said. My dog only wore this to work and it didn't seem very comfortable, he would shake and roll on his back a lot more than normal. After a month of giving it a shot, the patches don't fully stick, if yours is anything like mine. I'm disappointed but I suppose that it slides because I pull the leash in the front. It's not worth the hassle.

👤So far, so good. It is a perfect fit after following the directions. He's moving and I hope it stays in place. Once we use it, I will update my review. I still love this vest and have been using it regularly.

👤I like the color. It is well made and seems sturdy. It slips sideways, which is a distraction in training and work. I think it needs to be the right fit to prevent this and my dog will grow into it. Right now, it's a little big. It covers less area, which is better on hot days. It is a good price for service dog owners who struggle financially so I think it is a decent value.

👤Me gusta el material. Me gusta el color, lleg a tiempo. No se ha roto, pero un perro grande. Me gustando el material. No se moviera a los lados, no se peq en mi mascota, le hubiera dado 5 estrellas.

8. Harness Adjustable Reflective Oxford Control

Harness Adjustable Reflective Oxford Control

The chestgirth is 22-32 inch. Measure the widest part of your dog's chest before purchasing a harness for large dogs. The dog collar can only be used for attaching ID tags. Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent Pulling and Chokeing. The dog vest harness comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The pet harness is easy to put on and take off with quick snapbuckles and a custom fit for your pet. The dog harness has a sturdy D-ring leash attachment point and easy grap handle to help you control and assist your dog. The reflective strap pet vest keeps your dog safe all the time while out for a walk at night, and the Breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding plate of their dog harness prevents dog injuries, giving extra comfort and protection.

Brand: Babyltrl

👤This purchase was made for my pit bull. She doesn't like harnesses, they don't make it past 48 hours. I never made it to get tried on before they were destroyed. She is like a garbage disposal. She couldn't wait to put it back on and go outside after making the adjustments to get the fit right. It's nice to have different places for leash placement when training. The material it is made of is very durable and nice with the extra detailed stitching and reflective strips. This harness is wonderful, love it! I left the harness that we have so loving dubbed "Mac Daddy" within my girls grasp while she was out of the kennel and she decided that the buckles looked awful and so she chose to eat them. That is it! The only thing that matters is the buckles! She brought it with her lease. I recommend this to anyone who is interested, I looked all over for one and here I am going to replace one that I just couldn't resist. I think she liked it too. We will have to wait to name the new harness.

👤My dog didn't like the gentle lead. He snapped the plastic piece off. I was looking for something that was more durable because he is so excited when we first get out the door. This worked well. My dog doesn't care if it's on, he wears it around the house. There is a handle on the back that is very strong. I can leave his collar on white. My dog doesn't have to unhook his harness if he accidentally bumps into something. There is a metal loop on the chest. The one in the chest is where I have a dog. It's perfect for a big guy that pulls all the time. He still works out, but it is not a one armed workout anymore. If he pulls too hard, my dog pulls him to the side. He bows his head when I put it on. It is super reflective. The picture was dark and bright.

👤I love this harness! My boy is 60 pounds of muscle and when out on a walk it can be difficult to find a place to go. The harness is very comfortable for the dog. You can adjust the tightness around the neck and waist on both sides. You can either put the leash on the back or the chest with the handle on the back and double D rings. It can be difficult to adjust around the waist but once you do it, it stays in place so you won't have to do it again. It runs a bit big. It would be great for deep chested dogs.

👤I own and raise Legacy Champion Goldens. I have used and own many of these harnesses and I am very impressed with them. It has a clip for walking. It has reflective coloring on it. It is flexible and thick. The fastening clips have a locking position. This feature is necessary and I have never seen it before. The locking position was very smart because a dog that pulls clips can break away. There is good spacing in the front of the harness. A lot of harness's rub under the front legs, which can damage the arteries. The harness doesn't rub behind the legs so I'm not going to worry about raw skin or hot spots on our dogs. The harness is more expensive than this one, but it is still nice. I highly recommend this harness to anyone who is looking for a harness. I can tell you what to think after comparing this one and that one. I will recommend this harness to all of our customers.

9. PoyPet Upgraded Harness Buckles Reflective

PoyPet Upgraded Harness Buckles Reflective

The size of the neck and chest is 14-20 and 16-28. Measure before buying. Two fingers should be between the fur and strap. It is easy to wear, no need to go over your dog's head. Place it on his/her back, slip an arm through, and then clasp the black clasps. There is no bull feature. The D-ring on the front of the harness can be used to keep your dog from pulling. If the dog pulls, they turn around and face you, so they can stop pulling. You can adjust it from four points, so it will fit your dog and give him plenty of room to grow. For better control. The soft handle on the back is very useful to help train and guide, and is also helpful when need to pick them up to change directions. If your dog likes to stick half his/her body out the window, you can use the handle to keep him/her in the truck and not yank on his/her little neck. Warmly note: Measure the dog's neck and chest before buying. Carefully check the size chart.

Brand: Poypet

👤I like the design of this harness. It is a step in the right direction. There was no pulling over the dog's head. The neck and chest straps can be adjusted. It looks nice. Not heavy or bulky. It's not true to size. I ordered a small because my miniature schnauzer's chest measurement is 20 1/2 inches. The harness is 20 inches in length. I am ordering a Medium and returning the small. We will see.

👤When I put it on my dog, she stood happily. The canine behaviorist who works with my dog recommends a harness with a front leash ring for any dog that pulls. Wait until she listens and stop giving her treats. She doesn't want to pull when she is leashed to the chest. An excited fog can whip its neck in the wrong direction and cause a serious injiry, which is much safer than a Gentle Leader. I am a huge fan of the reflective edging and had no idea it was so bright. It's easy to use and doesn't go over your dog's head. My girl is proud to wear it.

👤I have a Basset hound who is 8 months old. The quality has not been great. The harness we tried was not as good as this one. It can be made into two separate pieces to adjust further. The color is bright and cute. The pull across the back is my favorite part of this harness, it allows you to grab your dog from jumping towards others or off things. My puppy likes it. She grabbed her harness and brought it to me so it could be put back on. She has never been interested in her other harnesses. I think it's a sense of security for her.

👤This harness fits my corgi perfectly and looks good on her. She likes it better than her old harness. She likes walking.

👤The product was highly recommended by a recent Good Housekeeping magazine edition. The harness off of the dog is the only way to make the adjustments. When I got it, I thought my friend had adjusted it correctly, but after watching the video on YouTube, I realized that the harness Off the dog needed to be taken apart more than I had thought. I am happy now. The neck is a little loose. It is very durable and will hold up through Lexi's many romps through the huge prairie dog park near my home.

👤The harness is secure and there are 4 buckles so it doesn't need to go over their head. The reflective strips are great for night walks. The handle on the back is nice. I haven't had any issues with it so far. It was difficult to adjust the straps just right to fit on our dog, because it has to be even so the straps needed to be adjusted evenly on all 4 buckles so that it would sit properly on our dog.

👤We like this harness and it is well-made with nice features at a reasonable price. The larger diameter of the D-ring on the breast area makes it necessary to affix tags in a net pouch below, but it's really thoughtful. Another quality thing only a mechanical engineer would notice is the welded loops on the D-rings.

10. Petiry Harness Control Adjustable Reflective

Petiry Harness Control Adjustable Reflective

The dog harness has 2 chest snaps and a neck metal snap Buckle. The front neck metal Buckle is easy to put on and take off. The inner padding is soft and non-toxic, keep optimal comfort while outdoors. The dog harness has metal leash rings for safer dog walks. If you want to control the pull on your dog's leg, you should connect the leash to the back clip and allow the dog to walk beside you. There are 4 easy adjusting straps for a secure fit, no worries about slipping out or choking, and there are 2 neck straps and 3 chest straps to get a perfect fit for your dog. The handle is large enough to grab the harness easily, and soft enough to guide your dog, making it a safe choice. Adding reflective stitching for night use will ensure a safe walk.

Brand: Petiry

👤It was big for my German shepherd and I got it for her.

👤It's very sturdy, and it fits great. The material began to fall apart less than a month after my dog wore it. It's very frustrating that I have to buy a new one.

👤My dog was loose after the ripped first walk ring broke.

👤I expected this to be more heavy duty when I got it. It seems to be very strong. The padding and material seem to be in the right places for my dog. And it is very cute!

👤My baby girl and I love the harness, animal prints are our favorite. The harness seems to be well made for a decent price.

11. EcoBark Maximum Comfort Innovative Eco Friendly

EcoBark Maximum Comfort Innovative Eco Friendly

Dog harp is for 10 to 17 lbs. Small and Medium dogs have a specially crafted harness. Their harnesses are escape proof if they are the correct size. Please always measure and buy according to the chart provided on Amazon because their Sizing Charts are correct. The double layer mesh fabric made from non-toxic ROSH tested is soft, gentle, and long lasting. A strong full body collar is needed for daily walking, running, and hiking. Light weight and soft air allows for an enjoyable walking experience. Anti-rub technology with custom stitched cover protects your pet from rubbing against their legs and chest due to strap rubbing. Strong Ultra Padded Vests have recycled straps made from recycled water bottles. The material they use is environmental friendly and designed to keep the dog's weight off the pet's trachea. The mesh fabric is all weather and can be used on hot, rainy, or snowy days. The safety standard. The dog has the correct size for the vest harness. The harnesses are made to sit a bit higher than most harnesses, this makes it harder for your dog to escape. It's made to be impermeable to dogs trachea. The EcoBark Classic Harness is built to ensure the highest level of strength and safety. Anti-rub harness technology with a custom stitched cover protects your pet from rubbing against their legs and chest due to strap rubbing. The feature is quick on and off. Great for small dogs. They are an American family owned harness company and they would love to hear from you.

Brand: Ecobark

👤I am happy to say that we are still using the replacement harness that we ordered, it has been a few years since my original review. The first one was a bad harness that made it past quality control. We hoped my dog would get leash trained. Whenever we go for a walk, she is a strong puller. The harness has been put up with a lot of tugging and pulling and has recently started to show some wear and tear from that, but I am impressed at how long it has lasted. If your dog is a good walker, it will last you at least a couple of years. The original review was really disappointing. I put it on my puppy and before we left the door, the snap closure broke. The harness was a little loose on her, but with any pull of the leash or tension to the harness, the buckle popped apart. A video has been included to show how easy it is. I'm hoping I got a bad one since this doesn't seem to be an issue for other reviewers. I will be returning the one I ordered. I will update my review if the new one holds up better. I was annoyed at the hassle.

👤My chihuahua is 13 inches tall. She has a collapsed trachea, joint problems, and is a tripawd, so I need a harness that won't make her worse. I've tried a few other types for small dogs, and they were either too stiff, heavy, or loose, and I was afraid she'd slip out. I got her the orange in this, and it fits perfectly. When I pull it on or off, I distract her with treats. She runs around normally. Some reviewers have reported that the clasp popped open, but the one I got is fine. It's a keeper!

👤Fantastic! I wish I had found this product two years ago. I have dog rescues. Tiwi flips out because she stresses so badly on the leash. I tried a lot of different products and 800-381-0266 I felt bad leaving her behind while I took her brother. Two days ago, the Luxurious Comfort Dog Harness arrived. I've taken both dogs on long walks. Tiwi did not pull a lot. She is a completely different dog on a leash. Thanks to the measurement recommendations, the product fits perfectly. This product is life-changing for Tiwi and me. Thank you!

👤My dog was able to slip out of the chart, but it was not a medium that fit him. She tried to contact the seller but never got a response.

👤The best harness I have ever purchased. My dog is a puller when we walk. I've tried several other harnesses and they didn't stop her from pulling. The other harnesses I have purchased were difficult to put on. The EcoBark harness is very easy to put on and my dog did not pull on our walk. I would recommend this product to everyone. Before purchasing a harness, make sure you measure your dog. I have a miniature Golden Doodle who is 32 pounds and she is in a Large harness.


What is the best product for dog harness for medium dogs no pull girl?

Dog harness for medium dogs no pull girl products from Poypet. In this article about dog harness for medium dogs no pull girl you can see why people choose the product. Winsee and Amtor are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog harness for medium dogs no pull girl.

What are the best brands for dog harness for medium dogs no pull girl?

Poypet, Winsee and Amtor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog harness for medium dogs no pull girl. Find the detail in this article. Best Pet Supplies, Expawlorer and Thinkpet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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