Best Dog Harness for Large Dogs No Pull Xl

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1. BARKBAY Harness Adjustable Reflective Material

BARKBAY Harness Adjustable Reflective Material

Every day, a dog is harassed. The No Pull Dog medium Harness is made from lightweight nylon and anti-chafe padding. The front leadinghalt ring is great for poultrys because it helps you train them to heel and stop pulling. For more relaxed walks, D-ring on the back. The pressure is distributed to the body to prevent pulling. It's easy to put on and take off on your dog, it's a comfortable fit, and it's a near custom fit. Ultra reflective strips are used to keep your dog visible at night. Extra safety and control can be achieved with the Top Easy Lift Handle.

Brand: Barkbay

👤My 14 lbs. A dog is a pull. He either escaped from the harnesses or was pulled harder. The harness is amazing. Strong, yet lightweight. The reflective stitching is a huge bonus, and it's easy to take on and off. My dog has learned that pulling gets him nowhere and that the harness is padded so he doesn't hurt himself while learning. Barkbay should make the chest strap more easy to adjust. It took me 10 minutes to figure it out. The straps are hidden by a padded chest piece, so you have to adjust them. The harness is worth the effort to change. I attached some photos of it on my dog to show how reflective the stitching is. I would definitely recommend this harness.

👤This harness is very durable and very good. It's a great harness and it's cheap. My pup's measurement would have been in the middle of the large size range if I had chosen a large size. The body area of the harness was large, so no amount of tightening the straps would do any good, and would only become too tight. I should have bought a medium and put him at the top of the window. It's a great price. Once he grows out of it, I can get another. I am sad that I can't use this one. I am able to return and exchange this for a medium, and get a quick and hassle-free solution. I would recommend this product to anyone. I had a great experience with my order.

👤I have a Yellow Lab who likes to pull. The harness helps eliminate pulling. She was a bit uneasy when walking the dog ramp. I use the handle on the dog harness to guide her. The material on the underside of the Harness attracts dog hair like a magnet, and my dog sheds terribly. I still give it a five star because it's well padded, well constructed, good price, and it fits my dog perfectly.

👤It took me a while to get it right for my 45 pound bully breed. I had to take the chest straps to the largest size because she has a 27" chest. The neck needed to be smaller. I bought a large size first and it was too big. I returned the large with no problems and the return shipping was free. Customer service is good.

👤I bought this on an Amazon flash deal. I had been waiting for this harness to go on sale and finally it did. The harness is very sturdy. I don't think I could have done better despite the fact that it isn't a "name brand". There are many variations of this exact harness design on Amazon, but they are all essentially the same. This harness is for people on a budget. One of the things I liked about this harness is that when you tighten the harness to fit on your dog, there are firm stretch elastic bands near the base of the harness on the side straps that give your dog a comfort stretch. Not enough give to let your dog escape, but enough stretch in the elastic bands for the harness to fit comfortably on your dog. Very smart. The front hook is something I don't like. When I used the front hook to train my dog not to pull, she faced me and pulled backwards, the harness would pull forward and create a pocket of loose. I think this is normal because of physics. This harness is great. Buy it and do yourself a favor.

2. FIVEWOODY Tactical Training Adhesion Reflective

FIVEWOODY Tactical Training Adhesion Reflective

It's easy to adjust. Take off the product with 2 quick-release buckles. 4 fully adjusted straps allow for a snug fit with maximum mobility. The material is durable. Their heavy duty vest is made of 900D nylon and is suitable for all fields use. Two rings can pull great force, making sure your dog is safe during training, hunting, and any other occasions. The air mesh protects your dog's skin and is padded in every load point. The use of the Molle System is to allow your dog to carry gear in training. There is a wide range of use for law enforcement, hunting, and personal service. The best friend is included in the ID Badge. It is compatible with thePALs. You can use the pouch to hook the dog bowl, water bottle and toys. There is maximization control and security. One of the metal leash attachment points is used for No-pull control or dog training, and the other is used for casual walking or jogging. The SATISFACTION WARRANTY. Refer to the chart. If you have any questions, they are always here to help.

Brand: Auroth

👤I have a golden retriever/lab mix that is 90 pounds and he only wants to protect me and my other dog. I take them out on walks and one of the dogs goes nuts. He is strong and powerful. I tried to hold him back. This harness allows me to control him with very little effort. It is amazing! My mom is buying two for her huskies after I told her about it. Thank you for inventing this! It is the best thing I have ever purchased. It fits him perfectly and is also durable. I got a bigger one.

👤There is an update on NOV. There will be spurts of stretching in 2020. I responded to the customer service that reached out to me. If the changes I wanted to see had been made, I would have paid again. Even after eming them, I haven't heard anything back since they said it to me. BOO! StrAPS STRETCH! I have to twist the chest straps around a few times to make them tighter. The small should fit because my dog has a 24 inch chest. The neck is tight but hard to get over as it is bigger than his head. There is a This is the perfect harmony if SIZING were better. I was worried that it would be too small for my dog. He has a large neck and chest. I can get the straps, but not quite snug enough, but I have tried other harnesses and they work just as well. This is the small, double checked, inside it has S for the size. Why don't hounds know that a dog's head can be bigger than his neck? I have to adjust the neck straps to get this over my dog's head. The neck has no clips like the chest area. You have to check the straps every few days because they loosen in a short amount of time. This has been the best I have found so far, despite the SIZING issue. The fact that my dog, who should barely fit into this, just backed up and out of it is not good. I just said in. He ran to the door after we were close to it. Imagine if a dog came by.

👤I was struggling with my Pit Bull puppy. Leash training was bad on my shoulder. She wouldn't stop pulling. The harness I purchased has made a huge difference. Does she still pull? Yes, a small amount. The way she was before we got this was different. She is learning how to behave on a leash. And... I feel like I have control over her now that we are around other people and other dogs. I can put signs on her harness because of the added bonus. I bought some that said "do not pet" and "ask to pet". The harness is a winner.

👤I want to wear this dog vest. It is made from soft mesh and metal. It has reflective strips. It fits my dog very well. There is a flaw in the design. They are supposed to follow the standard and allow for accessories to attach to them. The company has no idea of the mil-spec or how to cut corners. Their molle is too small to allow the attachment bands to go through. I wanted my dog to carry her stuff when hiking. The vest is useless without that function. So disappointed. If you want to use the vest the same way as I do, don't buy it unless they fix the issue. The seller recently contacted me and told me that they were working on a fix for the issue with the new supplier. If you need the Molle attachment function to work, you need to confirm with the seller any product updates.

3. No Pull Dog Harness Pink

No Pull Dog Harness Pink

Please measure the neck and chest of the dog before purchasing. FAST WEARING The vest harness has 3 quick-release buckles on the neck and bare chest that allow you to put it on from the side of the dog's neck. This way of dressing can help you put it on or take it off quickly. It is easy to adjust. NESTROAD no escape dog harness design with 4 fully adjusted straps, which can be adjusted to the most fitting size, prevents the dog from breaking free while maintaining maximum comfort. PREMIUM QUALITY The mainframe was reinforced with thick webbing. There's padding at every load point to protect your dog's skin, and a breathable air mesh to keep your dog comfortable. The front and rear clips have safety features, one for pull-free control or dog training and the other for casual walking or jogging. The reflective strip design allows your dog to walk at night. SELECTED ACCESSORIES Their easy walk harness includes a professional dog leash, retractable seatbelt, and storage strap, which makes walking dogs a pleasure. They believe that their carefully selected combinations will be able to meet your needs for multi-scene use. There are notes on the topic. The NESTROAD provides several size harnesses for small dogs to large dogs.

Brand: Nestroad

👤The dog harness seems to be of great quality. One of the buckles has a lock/unlock feature so it cannot be undone, and it is secure. The leash has a nice padded handle and is about the right length to keep my dog close but still give her a little space to roam. We have a golden retriever that is 70 lbs.

👤When I ordered this kit for a potential rescue dog adoption, I realized that the harnesses were at least a full size smaller than they were described. The medium-sized dog I'm adopting would never fit the size medium. You should order up a size over the chart.

👤My dog is very comfortable. It is cute and relieves the pain from a collar leash.

👤Quality and comfort for the English bulldogs were very good.

👤I don't know how to work the front hook without the leash dragging on the ground. I need to get a short part to hook the back ring.

👤I have no complaints about this product. My dog is a border collie mix and is about 25 lbs. This harness is medium. It is snug but not overly tight. He's only 10 months old and still learning to walk. I ordered this to help with his training. This is the most padded harness I've ever seen and it's great because it's more comfortable for my dog. It is very well-made. The clasps are tight but I would prefer them to be so that I don't have to worry about them coming unhooked while walking my dog. He slipped out of a harness and I had it before. It would be very difficult for him to slip out of this, so I don't see that being an issue. I would definitely recommend this harness to anyone looking for a good one for their dog.

👤This harness is the best we have found. She is close to 10 lbs but most harnesses don't fit her. Before we found this, we went through 3. This is a glove. It has a grip for better control of the back, 3 easy snaps to secure the harness in place, and 2 D-rings for no pull. The accessories with this harness took it over the top. It has a 5 ft leash. It's made with reflective cording and a comfort grip. My favorite was the seat belt accessory that protects your dog in the car. It comes with a strap that you can use to hang it up when not in use. I think we found a great harness to keep our dog in control. She looks like she likes it too.

👤Our little guy is too big. The buckles are hard to open. It is near impossible to adjust the size. It's difficult to get on a puppy with a cute harness. The blue is a cute color and it looks well-made. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, but I think it needs to be simpler. This is a decent harness if you can get the final size adjustments made for your fur baby. After getting a good adjustment on the fit, I'm a little happier with this harness, although my husband hasn't been won over yet. The clips are hard to open. I hope this gets better with use.

4. Timos Harness Adjustable Reflective No Choke

Timos Harness Adjustable Reflective No Choke

The dog harness has 3 snapbuckles that are easy to put on and take off. This will allow your dog to wear a harness. The dog harness has 2 metal leash rings for safer dog walks. Use the chest attachment clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks, it's perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The back one is great for walking. The fit of this pet harness can be completely tailored for your pet using the slide adjusters at the chest and neck. You can use the 2 neck straps and 2 chest straps to create a perfect fit for your dog. No worries about falling out. MUCH SAFER & MORE COMFORTABLE Extra comfort and protection is given by the 1680D oxford fabric, which has a Breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding plate of puppy harness. When it gets dark, the reflective material will be great. Your dog will be easy to see. The reflective material can make drivers have time to react. It is convenient and soft hands. The handle on the back is helpful in controlling the dogs when they lunge at something. It's convenient to help the dogs into the car.

Brand: Timos

👤The medium fits my dog nicely. The color is reflective, it has a front and back leash hook, and it has three clips so no more over the head harnesses! I have gone through a lot of harnesses to get the perfect one and this one really checks all the boxes.

👤This harness is very good. The material is high quality, the workmanship is top-notch, the leash rings are strong, and the reflective stitching is very effective for night walks. All of these are must-haves for your dog. This harness is an absolute bargain at a price of around $20 at time of order, depending on size. Be careful with the size. I ordered the Small for my 20-pound pup after consulting the size chart. It was tight even with the straps extended to their maximum. If your dog is at the bottom of the posted size chart, I would suggest going up one size. The sweater is Medium and the photo is perfect. This seller is a major credit. When I discovered that the Small was too tight, I sent them a message through Amazon and they responded within an hour or two, first making sure I extended all the straps correctly and then offering to swap out the Medium for the Small. The Medium is perfect for my 20-pound guy. Thanks to the seller for a great product and great customer service. This is a 5-star product. Highly recommended!

👤This harness is similar to one I bought a few weeks ago but it does not have a leash. It is comfortable for the dog with sturdy, durable and well made clasps and has a cute range of designs. The issue is that this was a medium and the same size as my small harness, so I would go one size up from what you need.

👤I got a harness for my puppy, who hates collared animals. He is easy to spot at night when he is running off from me because he is wearing a red harness with reflective material. Quality material makes the harness hold up well. This type of harness is recommended for dogs that are learning to walk on a leash, so they don't pull out of a collar when you are walking them.

👤I was able to get this harness with a coupon code. What a great deal! The fabric is very sturdy, the stitching is solid, and it fits my AmericanTerrior/Xoloitzcuintli/A dozen other breed mutt perfectly. It is rare for her to find things that fit around her neck and Armpits. The harness does both.

👤Nice colors. The vest is made with quality stitching and sturdy buckles. The vest is the same as described. I would definitely recommend this vest. I have a different vest for my other dog, and I think it's the same quality.

👤The harness is sturdy and comfortable for the dogs who don't try to pull while on a walk. It fits my dog well. It was snug on my golden doodle.

5. Kurgo Harness Reflective Running Walking

Kurgo Harness Reflective Running Walking

The harness is perfect for active dogs that love being outdoors, whether it is on a run in the neighborhood, a hike on a trail, camping in the woods, or a walk in the park. The V-neck design of the dog harness reduces strain on the chest and neck by using lightweight plastic quick release buckles that are easy on and off. The reflective harness has a back handle to assist your dog over obstacles or to have better control over him. The large dog harness size fits dogs with 18 to 30 inch neck, 24 to 34 inch chest.

Brand: Kurgo

👤The harness is small enough to fit around our puppy's torso, which is about 30 lbs, and it's great for her. It's still loose around her neck, but we have to slip it over her head to get it on and off. I'm happy that it will be able to adjust as she gets bigger, and that it looks nice. She seems to be very comfortable wearing it. The snaps on each side are easy to open and close. The reflective elements are a nice touch. The drawbacks of keeping it at 4 stars are that the dog can slip out of the harness if trying hard enough, like a frightened puppy pulling and wiggling frantically backwards, which we learned the hard way after she got spooked by a noise and panicked. The front leash attachment is useless because the neck opening has to be loose. The dog can't walk comfortably because the harness slips awkwardly to the side of the front clip. The back leash clip works well and we like this harness a lot.

👤It seems very strong with metal and rip-stop fabric. But that is what it is. I can see why they changed this harness. The shape of the harness is not normal. We tried the harness on two dogs. I can not use it for each one. The front pad rubs when our dogs walk with it. The size is great, but the shape is not. My review was edited. It appears they shipped a used harness. There was a small hole under the chest plate that was attached to the harness. It was very frustrating for $50 bucks.

👤I really wanted to use this harness. It looks like everything I want, with front and back clips, generous padding, multi-point adjustment, and a handle on the back to grab my dog. It would not be possible to make this fit right and stay in place. The clip on the front was what I wanted to use to control my lab. I had to tighten the harness up so that it wouldn't shift to the side with a gentle pull. The padding under the back portion of the clip had to be removed because it was rubbing my dog's fur. I couldn't find a way to make this work without using the front clip. This may not be a failure of the harness, but it is disappointing since we have had similar issues with other harnesses, and she is very athletically built. We've used other Kurgo products before and loved them, but this one fell flat. I bought our girl a harness and we both love it. If you have similar fitting issues with harnesses with your dog, this isn't much different. The quality is great, but the padding needs to be secured under the clips so it can't move and allow the rubbing.

👤I used to buy a new harness every 2 months for my pup, but he is now 8 months old. We were content with previous harnesses but they didn't give us enough room for adjustment in the neck and chest. We went for a Large for our pup with the intent to make the harness small and have plenty of room to grow. The harness is amazing, but it's also perfect. After we got it, we took our dog on a hike and a swim in the river, and she was able to run around with no interference from the harness. After rinsing it off in the sink, I air dried it and it was good as new and ready for the next dirty adventure.

6. EcoBark Maximum Comfort Innovative Eco Friendly

EcoBark Maximum Comfort Innovative Eco Friendly

Dog harp is for 10 to 17 lbs. Small and Medium dogs have a specially crafted harness. Their harnesses are escape proof if they are the correct size. Please always measure and buy according to the chart provided on Amazon because their Sizing Charts are correct. The double layer mesh fabric made from non-toxic ROSH tested is soft, gentle, and long lasting. A strong full body collar is needed for daily walking, running, and hiking. Light weight and soft air allows for an enjoyable walking experience. Anti-rub technology with custom stitched cover protects your pet from rubbing against their legs and chest due to strap rubbing. Strong Ultra Padded Vests have recycled straps made from recycled water bottles. The material they use is environmental friendly and designed to keep the dog's weight off the pet's trachea. The mesh fabric is all weather and can be used on hot, rainy, or snowy days. The safety standard. The dog has the correct size for the vest harness. The harnesses are made to sit a bit higher than most harnesses, this makes it harder for your dog to escape. It's made to be impermeable to dogs trachea. The EcoBark Classic Harness is built to ensure the highest level of strength and safety. Anti-rub harness technology with a custom stitched cover protects your pet from rubbing against their legs and chest due to strap rubbing. The feature is quick on and off. Great for small dogs. They are an American family owned harness company and they would love to hear from you.

Brand: Ecobark

👤I am happy to say that we are still using the replacement harness that we ordered, it has been a few years since my original review. The first one was a bad harness that made it past quality control. We hoped my dog would get leash trained. Whenever we go for a walk, she is a strong puller. The harness has been put up with a lot of tugging and pulling and has recently started to show some wear and tear from that, but I am impressed at how long it has lasted. If your dog is a good walker, it will last you at least a couple of years. The original review was really disappointing. I put it on my puppy and before we left the door, the snap closure broke. The harness was a little loose on her, but with any pull of the leash or tension to the harness, the buckle popped apart. A video has been included to show how easy it is. I'm hoping I got a bad one since this doesn't seem to be an issue for other reviewers. I will be returning the one I ordered. I will update my review if the new one holds up better. I was annoyed at the hassle.

👤My chihuahua is 13 inches tall. She has a collapsed trachea, joint problems, and is a tripawd, so I need a harness that won't make her worse. I've tried a few other types for small dogs, and they were either too stiff, heavy, or loose, and I was afraid she'd slip out. I got her the orange in this, and it fits perfectly. When I pull it on or off, I distract her with treats. She runs around normally. Some reviewers have reported that the clasp popped open, but the one I got is fine. It's a keeper!

👤Fantastic! I wish I had found this product two years ago. I have dog rescues. Tiwi flips out because she stresses so badly on the leash. I tried a lot of different products and 800-381-0266 I felt bad leaving her behind while I took her brother. Two days ago, the Luxurious Comfort Dog Harness arrived. I've taken both dogs on long walks. Tiwi did not pull a lot. She is a completely different dog on a leash. Thanks to the measurement recommendations, the product fits perfectly. This product is life-changing for Tiwi and me. Thank you!

👤My dog was able to slip out of the chart, but it was not a medium that fit him. She tried to contact the seller but never got a response.

👤The best harness I have ever purchased. My dog is a puller when we walk. I've tried several other harnesses and they didn't stop her from pulling. The other harnesses I have purchased were difficult to put on. The EcoBark harness is very easy to put on and my dog did not pull on our walk. I would recommend this product to everyone. Before purchasing a harness, make sure you measure your dog. I have a miniature Golden Doodle who is 32 pounds and she is in a Large harness.

7. OneTigris Tactical Harness Adjustable Training

OneTigris Tactical Harness Adjustable Training

The style is quirky. The dog vest harness is not designed to carry heavy weights and they advise against relying solely on the grab handle to carry your dog. There is a full length 9 by 2 heavy duty loop panel at the top of the ID badges and a smaller panel on the neck strap. Their easy walking harness is available in 4 colors and 4 sizes, perfect for hiking, daily walks, and training sessions. IZE INFORMATION: Their dog harness is made from 1000D nylon and has padding. S: 14 to 20; 20 to 27. L: 18 to 25"(Neck), 27 to 36"(Chest), and 11 to 13"(back). The dog harness has a top handle for traffic control, 4 quick release buckles for easy on and off, and one leash attachment point at the front. The tacticalTigris large dog harness have a one year warranty. They will reply in 24 hours if you are not happy with dog vest harnesses.

Brand: Onetigris

👤We ordered this harness for our dogs. Both of us received different harnesses. The one he received is very well made, it holds its shape well, the handle looks well made, and the d-rings are metal. The one I received is very thin, and crinkles like a plastic bag. The leash attachment points are made of plastic and it doesn't hold its shape very well. I don't trust the plastic to hold my dog as he is very strong. The harness I received was very cheap and didn't live up to the other products.

👤We use these harnesses daily for biking and walking. We do a minimum of 8 miles a day. Our pups love to run fast so they pull hard, and bikejoring requires the dog to pull you. After nearly one year, the harnesses don't show any signs of wear. The dogs are important here in South Florida and they seem to be well-ventilated. We bought these because our pups could carry their own gear. They were comfortable enough for bikejoring. We bought patches that make the harnesses look even better and make it easier for us to modify them for each dog. The quality of the OneTigris products is great and we bought all of our rescue dogs from them. A dog is 80 lbs. Large chests with smaller heads are what Catahoulas have. The medium was purchased for him. This size worked well. We ordered a large for the thicker straps. The other pup is a large Alaskan Malamute mix. We bought him a large grey vest. He could fit into the medium, but we bought the large because of his length. The medium was too short. Since we purchased these harnesses, they have plenty of room to grow and fill out. Our Mastiff mix has had to be changed several times because he fills out. If you are looking for quality, usefulness, and a great aesthetic, choose this harness and all the other OneTigris brand items. You will not regret it.

👤This harness was great to start with. The mole pouch I bought fit perfectly, and the harness stopped my dog from pulling. He thought he had a job. My dog is a 7mo German shepherd, weighing close to 90 lbs, but he is all long and gangly. The harness looked like a bikini on him, which was not what I intended. I wanted more body coverage. Oh well. The adjusting straps didn't stay tightened after about a month of use. I had to re-tighten them every time I put it on, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal. We went camping for a week and the adjustment straps just slid off. The harness fell off. Luckily my boy has little interest in being anywhere except by my side, or he could have been hit by a car or taken off into the woods. This happened many times, and even looping the excess straps back through the buckles didn't make a difference. If he bends over, the straps will slide all the way out, and the whole thing will fall off. There is no pouch or weight on it. I was very disappointed that this harness was not a reality for me.

8. PoyPet Harness Reflective Adjustable Control

PoyPet Harness Reflective Adjustable Control

This no pull dog harness has 2 easy buckles on belly straps and 1 more lockable Quick-snap buckle on neckline, no need to slip over dog's head and adjust the straps every time, it's a new version, super easy to use. There is no poultry and coke free. Their front lead dog harness has two sturdy metal leash attachment points with reinforced webbing, front clip for discouraging pulling and back for relaxed walks. The pet harness is made of non-toxic mesh and has a pull pressure that is evenly distributed to the body. This harness is perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more. This dog reflective harness has dual elastic construction on belly straps, which helps absorb jerks, reduces strain and the risk of getting Hurt. It was designed for maximum comfort, safety and adjustment. A handle that feels good in the hand for extra control is what it is. It works as a seat bell loop. Adding visibility is provided by large area reflective stitching. Minimum bulk makes it lightweight and durable. A custom fit with room for growth is achieved with 4 ways of straps. There is a 100% SATISFIED GUARANTEE. They want to provide the best shopping experiences and high quality products. All problems will be solved within 24 hours if you send an email to them.

Brand: Poypet

👤You can't beat the price of these harnesses. I bought two of these for my American Bulldog/Mastiff mix puppies because the price was right and they have the second D-ring on the chest, rather than the larger ones. We will be purchasing the next size up once the pups grow up as we have fallen in love with these harnesses. I love the reflective material and the multiple clips that make it easy to put them on and take them off, even for my children who had a lot of trouble figuring out how to put on other step-in harnesses. The handle on the back is helpful in controlling them a bit closer to the body, as well as assisting them into the car. The puppies get very dirty very quickly, but they clean up nicely. If you're looking for a well made harness at an incredible price, you've found it here. One of the plastic straps on one of the harnesses broke and I have removed one star from my review. I will be contacting the seller to get a new one as I feel this was a mistake and we've been very happy with these. I will update soon. I've given that 5th star back, after contacting customer service about the broken buckle, they offered me a replacement harness at no charge, and I will receive it with my regular two-day free Prime shipping. Customer service is awesome and the product is great.

👤This product was used for my female lab and coonhound mix. I have tried many things to stop my dog from pulling, but she prefers to choke herself out and walk calmly. The first time I used this product, I attached the leash to the front D-ring. She walked at my side for the first time. When I first put it on her, she had to figure out that pulling was not going to work out for her, and when she saw a couple of rabbits while we walked, she had to figure out that pulling was not going to work out for her. It took her about 30 seconds to realize that pulling wasn't working because the harness lifted her front leg and moved her body back towards the leash. The harness has worked wonders for us on our walk and I will continue to use it. If there are issues with more use of the harness, I will update this post.

👤We purchased this harness from for our pug, Niele, who was 23 lbs (10. kilograms) and never fit in his current harness. The harness is easy to put on. I have been looking for a harness that was comfortable, practical, and fit well for almost 5 years. Our pug is a little bit bigger than the average, with a deep chest and broad shoulders, weighing in at 23 lbs. Medium to large dogs don't usually have enough adjust ability, so the normal pug-size stuff doesn't fit. The only way to get the harness to fit was to adjust it so that it was loose and sloppy, which meant he could slip out of it easily. PoyPet recommended a size medium for our pug. I was able to adjust the harness, but the neck is very loose and wide. The cut on the harness around the neck and the fact that the chest piece is short enough so that it doesn't cut into our pug's tummy is what I like the most. The back and chest of the harness are very comfortable. The most important thing is that the harness fits well so that it doesn't slip around when Niele is running or walking. It doesn't bother him like the loose harness did. He doesn't seem to care that it's on. The large clips/buckles on the harness are placed perfectly to not interfere with movement or comfort and I was worried about that. The handle on the back portion of the harness is useful when I need to pick up Niele in a pinch, as well as the tough plastic d-rings on the back and chest pieces. The metal d-ring on his previous harness was beginning to rust and was noisy with his ID tags on it. Even without a flashlight, finding a black pug in the dark is very easy because of the reflective material in the harness. There is a recommendation I could make to PoyPet. They might want to include a range of neck measurements for dogs like ours that have thick necks. Happy hours! Lynn, Bob and Niele are related.

9. PoyPet Upgraded Harness Buckles Reflective

PoyPet Upgraded Harness Buckles Reflective

The size of the neck and chest is 14-20 and 16-28. Measure before buying. Two fingers should be between the fur and strap. It is easy to wear, no need to go over your dog's head. Place it on his/her back, slip an arm through, and then clasp the black clasps. There is no bull feature. The D-ring on the front of the harness can be used to keep your dog from pulling. If the dog pulls, they turn around and face you, so they can stop pulling. You can adjust it from four points, so it will fit your dog and give him plenty of room to grow. For better control. The soft handle on the back is very useful to help train and guide, and is also helpful when need to pick them up to change directions. If your dog likes to stick half his/her body out the window, you can use the handle to keep him/her in the truck and not yank on his/her little neck. Warmly note: Measure the dog's neck and chest before buying. Carefully check the size chart.

Brand: Poypet

👤I like the design of this harness. It is a step in the right direction. There was no pulling over the dog's head. The neck and chest straps can be adjusted. It looks nice. Not heavy or bulky. It's not true to size. I ordered a small because my miniature schnauzer's chest measurement is 20 1/2 inches. The harness is 20 inches in length. I am ordering a Medium and returning the small. We will see.

👤When I put it on my dog, she stood happily. The canine behaviorist who works with my dog recommends a harness with a front leash ring for any dog that pulls. Wait until she listens and stop giving her treats. She doesn't want to pull when she is leashed to the chest. An excited fog can whip its neck in the wrong direction and cause a serious injiry, which is much safer than a Gentle Leader. I am a huge fan of the reflective edging and had no idea it was so bright. It's easy to use and doesn't go over your dog's head. My girl is proud to wear it.

👤I have a Basset hound who is 8 months old. The quality has not been great. The harness we tried was not as good as this one. It can be made into two separate pieces to adjust further. The color is bright and cute. The pull across the back is my favorite part of this harness, it allows you to grab your dog from jumping towards others or off things. My puppy likes it. She grabbed her harness and brought it to me so it could be put back on. She has never been interested in her other harnesses. I think it's a sense of security for her.

👤This harness fits my corgi perfectly and looks good on her. She likes it better than her old harness. She likes walking.

👤The product was highly recommended by a recent Good Housekeeping magazine edition. The harness off of the dog is the only way to make the adjustments. When I got it, I thought my friend had adjusted it correctly, but after watching the video on YouTube, I realized that the harness Off the dog needed to be taken apart more than I had thought. I am happy now. The neck is a little loose. It is very durable and will hold up through Lexi's many romps through the huge prairie dog park near my home.

👤The harness is secure and there are 4 buckles so it doesn't need to go over their head. The reflective strips are great for night walks. The handle on the back is nice. I haven't had any issues with it so far. It was difficult to adjust the straps just right to fit on our dog, because it has to be even so the straps needed to be adjusted evenly on all 4 buckles so that it would sit properly on our dog.

👤We like this harness and it is well-made with nice features at a reasonable price. The larger diameter of the D-ring on the breast area makes it necessary to affix tags in a net pouch below, but it's really thoughtful. Another quality thing only a mechanical engineer would notice is the welded loops on the D-rings.

10. ThinkPet Pull Harness Breathable Sport

ThinkPet Pull Harness Breathable Sport

Extra-large dogs like Black Labrador, retriever, German shepherd, Labrador doodles, Golden doodle, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Mastiff, American bulldog, Golden retriever, and Siberia retriever are suitable for the X- Large Sport Dog Harness. The dog harness has two heavy duty metal clips for safer dog walks. Use the chest attachment clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks, it's perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The back one is great for walking. The overhead harness is easy to put on and take off, and it has a fast-release nylon buckle. Buckle the harness up, then adjust the straps, and here you go! The Top Handle can be grabbed for additional control. The nylon harness has a soft mesh cushion for skin and pet comfort. The edges of theirs are equipped with fluorescent straps, conbined with integrated reflective straps, which provides great visibility both day and night.

Brand: Thinkpet

👤The dog is black. He loves to pull and is 45 lbs. I use a Gentle Leader on his nose. I wanted a harness that would act the same, but not the gentle one. It was the first real try after several adjustments. I think he will be able to teach again. The harness seems sturdy, nice looking, and slip on is great. Pro had long straps after adjusting, but no instructions on how to adjust. Finally figured that out. I still need to adjust my neck. It does ride up to the side, but once a little tighter it won't be as much. I like it so far. The little guy is called Cruiser. He is a dog rescue. He may be 15 lbs. He is a big guy. Keeps that nose to the ground and likes to run. He was also on the Gentle Leader. It works well as well. He didn't like it on the nose. He got a new harness for Christmas. He is picking up on the training very quickly after adjusting to it. The two guys are using a medium and small. The small was perfect. The neck area is where my adjusting is still being worked on. I tried the small on Luke and it fit perfectly on the neck, but the chest strap was short. He's on the medium because of that. Will give you an update in a couple weeks.

👤I took my dog for a walk after receiving this harness. The shape of the harness makes it hard to fit my dog. Sometimes my dog gets focused on a smell and tries to resist pulling. My dog could easily slip out of the front, as the front clip does not see secure, and the slack in the straps makes me think my dog could easily slip out. The straps on the chest strap come up into the dogs legs if you don't tighten it. I wanted this style to work because it was easy to put on my dog and it was also very secure. I like the handle. I bought this harness because of it. I don't recommend this harness because of the negatives of the fit and strap configuration. I can see how this can cause burns to the webbing on his legs over a long period of time, as well as the chance of slipping off, when I take my dog on hiking trips often.

👤I took back everything I said was good about this harness. My puppy was able to wander into oncoming traffic because it broke on him. He didn't die because of the grace of God. Stay far away from this POS.

👤We must use a harness for everyone's sake because I have a corgi who can be pretty strong. There are two harnesses we have, one for security/control and one for simplicity. My dog is a little bit more mature so I don't always need a heavy duty harness for neighborhood walks, so I wanted something that was a hybrid of the aforementioned harnesses. The answer to my prayers is this harness. I like the dark red color. The quality is very good. A size small fit my corgi just right with room to adjust, but chunkier/thicker/fluffier corgis might consider a size up. The front strap might move to the side when the dog starts pulling, but that is normal and doesn't affect anything. It is my new favorite harness. Highly recommended. If your dog is strong, I suggest you try a regular front clipping harness.

11. PHOEPET Upgraded Reflective Adjustable Training

PHOEPET Upgraded Reflective Adjustable Training

It's easy to put on and take off. The dog harness has three snap buckles, which are not needed, one is on the neck, two are on the chest and the third is on the dog's head. This will allow your dog to wear a harness. There are metal hook loops for leash attachment. If you use the front hook on the chest, it will reduce the pulling and make going for a walk more enjoyable. Most people like to use the back hook. RefLECTIVE MATERIAL When it gets dark, the reflective material will be great. Your dog will be easy to see. The reflective material can make drivers have time to react. The soft handle on the back is useful in controlling the dogs when they lunge at something. It's convenient to help the dogs into the car. 100% best customer service. A replacement or refund will be available if the quality of the products really goes.

Brand: Phoepet

👤I have five pit bulls. The challenge with them has always been that they are so strong and if there is a need to pull them along against their will they usually win. They are sweet but can be stubborn. I have spent hundreds of dollars on their harnesses trying to find the right fit, comfort, and ability to pull them along if they are determined not to go. This harness is sent by God. My three dogs range in weight from 60 to 85 pounds and the xl fits my two that are between 85 and 105. There is a I use leashes with two ends because the pull weight is divided by two, and the leash on top is the best part for me. Hope it makes sense. These pups were able to slip out of other harnesses when they pulled back, but this harness wraps around their shoulders preventing that from happening. The harnesses are so happy that the money was wasted here. I bought a single color for each of my dogs.

👤I bought the small size for my poodle that has a neck measurement of 12 and a chest measurement of 17 There are many similar harnesses on Amazon. I chose to go with this one because I loved the color options and it was similar to the other harnesses on Amazon. I took my 6 month old pup on a walk with my 5 year old and 1.5 year old and it was so nice that we had. She is sleeping in it right now because she wasn't trying to bite it to get it off. After the walk, we left it on to get her used to it. The quality and colors are great and the thread is really reflective. I love that about it. This harness is very good.

👤I am in shock and I am leaving a review. I have a large golden dog who likes to walk me. I've tried a lot of things. It's impossible to walk him when he pulls. I never thought a harness would work after all I have done with him. I will be damned that it did. I put a leash on it while he fought me and I got this in the mail. I was almost in tears of joy walking him down the street. Ah! I am happy that I bought this, so I am writing a review. The harness fit perfectly and was easy to adjust. The colors are bright and there was no sliding.

👤This is for my German shorthaired pointer. I was using it for runs. I used it about 6 times before the nylon holding the top ring on the harness started to pull out. I am stuck with this thing because it was a very disappointing product and it fell apart after the return period. I wanted to like this harness. It looks good and fits her well, but it is not durable. This product is good for small dogs and should not be used with larger dogs.


What is the best product for dog harness for large dogs no pull xl?

Dog harness for large dogs no pull xl products from Barkbay. In this article about dog harness for large dogs no pull xl you can see why people choose the product. Auroth and Nestroad are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog harness for large dogs no pull xl.

What are the best brands for dog harness for large dogs no pull xl?

Barkbay, Auroth and Nestroad are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog harness for large dogs no pull xl. Find the detail in this article. Timos, Kurgo and Ecobark are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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