Best Dog Hammock for Car Backseat

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1. Kodagia Waterproof Scratchproof Backseat Universal

Kodagia Waterproof Scratchproof Backseat Universal

It only takes 1 minute to install or remove the Vosimay doggy seat cover. The user manual or video can give you the specific installation steps. The seat cover can be cleaned with a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, or shower. After washing, please dry in a cool place. They don't recommend washing machine frequently. The car seat covers for dogs are made of 600D Oxford cloth. The cloth is soft and has cotton in it. There is an anti-slip net. The effect of waterproof, dustproof, and dirt-proof can be achieved with the double stitching process and 4 layers of thickened materials. The car seat has sanitary problems. The side wings on the back seat cover provide a safe and independent space for activities and also provide a protective measure for your car to prevent dogs from scratching or biting the car door. If you don't need it, you can fold the side wings and press them under the seat cushion, which will allow your pets to get on and off the car. The seat cover for dogs also considers that you need to bring some pet supplies. A storage bag of a suitable size can help solve the storage problem of pet toys and food. The back seat has a visual window that lets you check on your pet while you sit in the front. You can create a comfortable back seat activity space for your pet in less than one minute. Just put the non-slip sheet into the seat gap, then put the side wing rope through the armrest, and finally put the 4 pillows in the car. Everything is ready to go. It is easy to clean the backseat dog cover for the car. You can easily convert from hammock to bench coverage. The maximum open size is 56 x 52. It is easy to clean the backseat dog cover for the car. You can easily convert from hammock to bench coverage. The maximum open size is 56 x 52.

Brand: Kodagia

👤Great protection for your seats. Carrying a big pitbull can be difficult. He sheds a lot. I have tried a lot of seat protectors, but this one covers the most area and leaves a mesh part in the front that he can see. It's easy to install and it fits perfectly in my car, I'm very pleased with this for the value.

👤This hammock seat cover is awesome! It is a good material. It covers the back of the front seats so my dog can't step on the center console. I am not sure about water resistance. I love it so far!

👤It works well after a long walk and no longer gets my leather seats dirty. It is easy to clean and install.

👤I have been looking for a car cover for my backseat for a while and this was the perfect choice. The seats are completely covered. It is easy to setup and vacuums well. The part that connects to the driver and passenger seat helps keep them in their area. It is easy to vacuum and does not keep fur and dirt trapped. This car seat cover is perfect for your dog.

👤I take good care of my car and have leather seats, but I always shied away from taking my dog to the vet because of the leather seats. I don't have to worry with these covers.

👤The quality of the material was really good. It's very easy to clean. I'm sure it would fit in any backseat you have. The side flaps are my favorite feature. I used to have a seat cover that did the same job, but this is a huge improvement.

👤It fit my Honda Insight back seat perfectly and was well made.

👤The seat cover is easy to install. It is very effective to protect the seat from the fur. My puppy likes it very much.

2. Backseat Hammock Durable Wateproof Washable

Backseat Hammock Durable Wateproof Washable

Protect your back seat from damage. The dog seat cover is easy to install and has a tube to secure the seat. Protect your upholstery from spills, liquids and drooling with a layer of waterproof pvc. A rubber mesh backing is used to hold the rear seat in place. It's convenient and economical. The top layer of the hammock car dog cover is soft and comfortable for your pet. Let your puppy ride and get some sleep. It is easy to wash the pet car seat cover. It comes with a seat belt leash to protect your pet during travel. People and pets are pleasers. They aim to make life easier and more comfortable for pets and their families. Premium quality pet supplies are made with high quality materials. Contact them if you don't like the dog seat cover protectors.

Brand: Duke Dixie Pet + People Pleasers

👤I have seen hammock dog seat covers in the last year. All of them were broken, flimsy, or just bad quality. This one is the strongest hammock I have ever purchased. I have two dogs, an 88 pound golden retriever and a 125lb saint bernard. The material for this particular hammock is stronger than all of the other hammocks I've purchased. It is easy to clean, and it is very durable and reliable.

👤Good quality and a good price. The dog seat cover is very heavy duty. This cover is holding up very well, have it for a few months. I like that I can use a car seat at the same time since there are seat belt openings in the cover. The material is waterproof and keeps the seats dry when my dog gets sick. The dog is in the back so I am not distracted. I can put on and off the seat cover quickly. The cover still looks new after being washed a few times. The seat cover is very good for me.

👤We needed to transport our 2 Australian Shepherds after we acquired a new SUV. The cover works well. I love that it covers the entire bench seat. Passengers can still sit in the back seat if needed. It's also a great hammock for our dog that isn't as fast and we don't want him falling onto the floorboard. It covers the entire trunk space, which helps eliminate dog fur getting all over the carpet when we put the dogs back there. The order arrived on time. The seller sent a note to make sure we received the product and were happy with it, which shows their dedication to their business.

👤I like to hike with my dog. My dog gets dirty paws in the spring and winter because of his adventures. The dog backseat hammock is a necessity item for me. I found a foam yoga mat at a Goodwill for $2.00 and it's a perfect accessory. The hammock was easy to install and will likely be used for many years. The safety seatbelt receiver with the hammock allows you to secure your dog to the seat. Harnesses are the only way to prevent injury to your doggo.

👤The seat belt slots are still not fixed six months later. Duke and Dixie are not the only ones who think that Velcro will hold up with dog hair, dirt, and paws bouncing back and forth. Someone needs to come up with a better plan. I've gone through a few tubes of glue. Before using the cover, I would like to find someone that does upholstery and sew the slots shut. Adding a third anchor to most dog hammock makers is another suggestion. Two don't do it. There needs to be a third one in the center. The end flaps need to be reinforced. Dogs can catch the trim and rip it loose if they jump in and out. I glue them all together, but Yutah uses a ramp so there is no pulling on the seams. The photos of the seat belt slots and end flap have been included. It seems like a lot in the last few years. I have issues with all of them, even though I have purchased cheap and expensive ones. The Duke & Dixie one is holding up. It is easy to clean and fits nicely in the 2016 taco. The seat belt slots were full of dog hair and dirt. I glue them shut. The problem is over. I'm quite happy with it.

3. Gorilla Grip Waterproof Slip Resistant Protectors

Gorilla Grip Waterproof Slip Resistant Protectors

The collapsible bowl is perfect for on the go refreshments for your pup during long car rides, hikes, and travel because it has side flaps that are waterproof. The pocket and zip up allows for easy access to your pet while still allowing for regular use of half of the car. Spot clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. Slip resistant: textured underside grip dots on rear seat, 4 headrests, 2 seat anchors, and 2 elastic straps. The Universal Fit is easy to install and fits most cars and SUVs.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I bought this last week in preparation for our weekend travels and it exceeds my expectations. I was hoping it would help keep the car clean, but the dog is more comfortable. The dog is very anxious in the car. I think she is more comfortable with the hammock up because she can't fall between the seats. The seat belt is very strong. We were able to clip it to the harness because the buckle that comes with it went in no problem. The dog was kept from going too far into the hammock during sudden stops. It was good for her. The product seems to be studying. There were no tears after the 10 hours round trip. My dog doesn't like the car so maybe she's not the best to tear it. The mess of her saliva and hair was contained and that's all I wanted. The sides of the seat have flaps that cover the whole seat. Winning all around! We use this all the time, and it is still holding up just fine.

👤It isn't non-skid. The balls fell off and made a mess of my car. It can often shift around. It protects the seats from dog fur, but there might be a bigger mess with the non skid balls on the seat and floor.

👤Each of the hammocks I have purchased has fallen apart within a few months. I try new brands. The quality difference is huge, I only had this one for a couple of weeks. I love the thick material and the rubber grips that stop it sliding when my dogs jump into it. The front seats have a zip between them. My dog likes to move between the front and back seats. I am very happy with my hammock. Cheap but not great. Also shipped quickly.

👤I am very pleased with the ease of use of my car seat protectors. I wanted to write a review about my purchase. I have 2 large dogs that I take to the park daily and a car seat cover is essential or my car would be filthy. The cover provided excellent coverage of my back seat. The protectors are secured with the 4 straps + 2 anchors. There are a number of neat features, including a storage pocket for my leashes and a non-slip underside to prevent bunching of the cover, which is always a problem I have had in the past. The quality of the car seat protectors is better than the more expensive ones.

👤The first one I received had a problem. Customer service is great. They send me a new one very quickly. This is a great cover for the seat. The dog is comfortable with both sides protected, I like the anchor on the rear bench seat. There is non slip backing to the seat. Seat side protectors are nice. If it was waterproof, it would have been at least five stars. My dog was covered in snow. The seat cover did not hold any liquid after he melted. All of it fell to the seat. There was a big puddle when I removed the coved. The seat belt was buckled and the fabric was leaking because it was higher than the seat.

4. IBuddy Protector Scratching Waterproof Washable

IBuddy Protector Scratching Waterproof Washable

If you wash the trunk cover timely, it will be clean and fresh, and you will be able to give your pet a clean and tidy environment. The pet car seat cover side flaps are larger. Their product protects your door from damage. Pets and kids can share a hammock on the back seat. The dog seat cover is 54"W x 58"L and is perfect for protecting your car from scratches, hair or mud. You can enjoy family excursions without damaging your car. It works for most of the STANDARD cars, trucks and SUVs. The top layer is waterproof and the bottom is a new waterproof material. Heavy-duty Oxford fabric and triple-layer padding make for a comfortable trip. Their pet seat cover has a non-slip surface to prevent your dog from slipping. The cover will not move if the bottom and seat anchor are used. Safety is always a priority for your dog. It is easy to install the dog seat cover with quick release clips. Enjoy your road trip! It can be washed in your washing machine without any problems. It is easy to install the dog seat cover with quick release clips. Enjoy your road trip! It can be washed in your washing machine without any problems.

Brand: Ibuddy

👤We bought this to help with the transportation of our puppy. We bought a second one because we liked it so much.

👤The item is made of good quality materials. It was easy to put it in the back of the Crew Cab.

👤This seat cover is great. The door guards are very high up. My dog is not the most coordinated when in a vehicle so he slips and scratches the doors which I hate. I don't want him to lose his love for having his head out the window. The solution is perfect. It is easy to install and take out, and it fits well. It's wonderful to be able to fold it down to a portable storage pack. I can keep it in the back of my Jeep. The window that allows my dog to just see me is one that I love. It seems to be very good quality and easy to clean. I highly recommend it so far.

👤This is a big hit. It fits in the back seat of our car, and increases the amount of usable space for Nugget. He was saved from flying around during the road trip because of it. It didn't keep him completely contained as his long legs allowed him to step over the side and onto the center console, but he was restless on our 24 hour drive and I don't blame him for trying to be co-pilot. The benefits were more important than the minor issues when he got back in the backseat. The sides by the back doors prevented him from bolting out as soon as the door was opened. The door sides were fastened to the handles on the roof with the included straps. The second best feature was being able to throw treats to the backseat to let him get around. There was no crumbs in the seats. The seat protectors were the best investment we could have made. Nugget had a little play pen and the seats were safe from damage.

👤I own 3 iBuddy covers, one w/mesh window and cargo cover. The hammocks have been used for 20k miles between the 2 of them carrying 150 lbs of Tugg and Lincoln. I caught both of my knuckleheads in the hammock portion. Many times, not to mention the many wrestling matches that are held in the backseat. We adventure most weekends and those 2 are experts at finding murky water, mud and other gross things. These hammocks are not new. While the garage is kept and has ceramic tint on the windows, a hammock is deployed about 98% of the time in my 4Runner. I have been able to patch the chewing damage and keep them functional because they have withstood everything. The covers are washed every month. I've never had a problem with straps, buckles, or other items. There are some nubs that have come off in the washing machine and even more so now that they are past the one year mark. I didn't think they would last this long with the amount of action they see and not at this price point. I've had covers that cost 2x and 3x more, and ripped with just one 80lb dog jumping in the backseat to go for a ride. Lincoln has officially won that war, so I am buying another cover tonight. It was a jerk.

5. Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Cheap dog seat covers for cars that can't survive paws and claws are not compatible with good taste. This covering protects against dirt, mud, water, and fur. These dog car seat covers are great for most cars. Use one as a cargo liner in the trunk, as a rear seat protectors, or as a dog hammock for full coverage in the back. It is easy to clean. Do you read the shed? No worries. Their back seat cover for dogs is made with 600D Oxford waterproof cotton for a hassle-free vacuuming and cleaning. The dog back seat cover is secured in place with 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors, so your pet doesn't slip and slide around on the rides. Have you had any questions about the dog car seat cover for the back seat? Their team is happy to help you and your pup.

Brand: Active Pets

👤I took my dog to the beach with me, but before that I made a test to make sure my dog wouldn't get my back seat dirty. The back seat was dry after I spilled 2 glasses of water on the seat cover. I can take my friend with me.

👤I used the product for the third time today, it covers my back seats completely, and my dog loves it, as you can see by the attached photos. The quality is excellent. Easy to install in the car. I like it a lot. It can be converted from a hammock style into a bench style with a simple un-clip of the straps. It's fun to share your dog with you while keeping your seat integrity.

👤The cover has more bells and whistles than the expensive brands, but at a great cost. Easy to install seat-belt openings. I made a video to show you that it's waterproof. Great purchase.

👤The 3 stars are for the prompt delivery, size, and color, as well as for the potential material. The lack of directions was frustrating. I put it upside down because I didn't have any. The info they sent was my above picture. There weren't any anchors to put in my seats for security. This was frustrating to me as I am worried that this will not be strong enough to hold up for my two large pups. I need this harness to work because they tend to slide the seat onto the floor with their harnesses and belts. They will be going for a ride to their test tomorrow. I don't think this product will work out. My review was dropped from 3 stars to 2. After using the hammock, it did slide all around the seat, it did not cover my entire back bench, and the company apparently set the wrong directions. I received another email from them telling me how disappointed they are with me over the mistake I made in sending the wrong directions, instead of just letting it go. You messed up. Move on and own it. Customer service is lousy and your product is not worth the money. Do not send any more emails to me. Thanks!

👤You don't know how much I needed this. I need to protect the interior of my new lease because I have two pups who I love to drive around. The cover is easy to install, just clip it on to the seat. It keeps the hair in place and the paws away from the seats. My big dog still tries to leap over the cover to go to the front but we're working on it for the most part she's comfortable laying down on the cover. She got sick in the car on the way back from the vet and thank God for the cover because nothing touched my seats.

👤It is easy to install and water resistant. Our dog loves it.

👤I should have bought one a long time ago. After a day at the park, I had to cut down on the dog hair. I think she likes it.

6. Bark Lover Covers Hammock Trucks

Bark Lover Covers Hammock Trucks

It is possible to last a LIFETIME and WATERPROOF. The seat cover of your Bark Lover dog car is made from advanced functional fabric, which is 5 times more strong than cotton and twice as strong as 600D oxford polyester, so it is not easily torn or worn by large dogs. The hammock and cargo cover are used as a bench car seat cover and keep your car clean and your dog comfortable. Kids and dogs can share the back seats of your car with the help of middle zip. It's possible for all car models to be in the same truck size. The size of 54"W x 58" L inch is appropriate for large trucks and SUVs. Please measure the width of your bench seat to know which dog car hammock would fit. It is easy to install and clean: zip up door guard with strap, push anchors through seat gaps, and loop durable straps around headrests. It's easy to machine wash. You can always be prepared to hit the road with your pet. Happy travel with your pets. Pets are on a road. The best protection to your car is provided by the Bark Lover car seat cover. Get the best car seat protectors even if you don't know what they are. The customer service team always gives you satisfactory service.

Brand: Bark Lover

👤I searched for a waterproof seat cover because I have a dog that gets carsick. When my dog vomited it passed through the cover and into my carseat, even though the waterproof liner was highlighted. There was a leak stain underneath every vomit spot. Very disappointed! If you want a waterproof cover, do not buy. I will request a refund.

👤This fits a Dodge Ram. It's the only one that measures the entire width of the seat. The photo shows that it was turned around backwards in order to allow for the air conditioner vent in the back of the console, but also to allow a front viewing space which kept our dog more satisfied without being in the front seat. The pockets are great for holding treats, a collapsible water bowl, and a leash. The quality is very good and we will get a long life from it. The top is very durable and will most likely stand up to toenails, and there is a backing on the seat that prevents it from sliding. Our dog is somewhat pampered. I put his bed in the back and it stayed in place. I am very satisfied with this seat cover. I haven't found any issues with it.

👤The seat cover was easy to get into and out of the car. The seat was protected well. The attachment belts crumbled in my hands after I bought this in December 2019. There is no way to keep it in place. I can't believe it would fall apart so quickly. I don't take my dog everywhere I go, so it was rarely used.

👤I decided to go with Barklovers hammock because of the great reviews and the fact that it was the only hammock I could find that was durable. The item was packaged in a bag. I would relate to a possible defect or weight pressure on the hammock if the zipper in the middle broke after 7x of use. The dog is 50 lbs. I decided to email Barklovers and explain the situation, and within 24 hours a new hammock was being shipped to me free of charge. I have been using the hammock with my dog and it has not been a problem. It's refreshing to work with a company that cares about their customers, and I highly recommend this item. This is a great hammock. My husband's Ram 2500 cab is protected by the largest size which fits perfectly. This item is in the back of my jeep grand cherokee to help other find out what size to buy.

👤It was easy to put it in my car, but it kept dog hair out of my car. My dog has a thick coat that is blonde in color. There was no dog hair on my black interior. If there is dirt or mud on the seat cover, you can wipe it down with a handheld dust buster, but I only use it to remove hairs from the seat cover. It fit my Honda HR-V perfectly, I used it normally and not as the hammock because my dog doesn't care for the hammock, but either way it is easy to install. This seat cover is very good.

7. Waterproof Durable Scratch Nonslip Universal

Waterproof Durable Scratch Nonslip Universal

The dog car seat cover is for the back seat. The dog back seat cover is waterproof and is compatible with most cars, SUVs, small trucks. The dog hammock seat covers help your dog get in and out easily. Two seatbelts should be included. Lassie pet seat cover is made with a waterproof material and heat-pressing technology, so it is clean and odorless. The seat cover has a slit to allow the use of seat belts for pets and other passengers. The cover is held in place by the 2 side flaps straps and 4 head rest straps. The rubber backing on the underside and seat anchors keep the cover from slipping. Their dog seat cover is a free accessory for pet travel. It isdurable and convenient. The dog travel accessories are made of heavy-duty Oxford fabric and high quality material which gives a comfortable feeling. Dog claws can be torn or tears. The best protection and long lasting use is ensured. It is easy to install and clean because you just need 1 minute to install with quick release clips. Machine washing is also available, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Lassie

👤I was really impressed with how well it felt. I was not sure if I would like this color, but it looks nice. I wish I had a third anchor for the middle seat, but it still feels sturdy. There is a soft gel grip underneath the hammock to keep the material from scratching your seats. The seatbelt collar is a nice idea. If an accident does happen, you are going to seriously hurt your dog. Its not safe.

👤This is my 3rd or 4th dog canopy and it is my favorite. It works perfectly for the price and fits my car perfectly. The screen in the middle that allows the A/C to blow right on the pups they love and the handy pockets to store pet items are the two best things. I will order another one as a gift for a friend who is using a queen sheet in her back seat, and I would highly recommend this to others.

👤If you're looking for an amazing dog hammock for full size GM, Ford or dodge, look no further! This is the best rear seat dog hammock I have found, I get my hands dirty for a living, and I have a 100lb dog. If you want to compare, look at this pic of my 2016 Denali HD.

👤My younger one tends to get an upset stomach on car rides and though she doesn't always get sick she usually refuses to eat after being in the car for a long time. After using a mesh window. I think it was the heat that made it happen. She's been fine every time. I like the fact that you zip them in with the side flaps, which will discourage them from jumping out before you're ready, protects the window area from mud, and protects the side of the seat when they jump in and out. There are two pockets on the driver's side that hold more than they look.

👤After only two years with only moderate usage, I needed to replace the seat cover because it was too small and didn't provide complete coverage. The seat cover was great when I opened it. The fabric is very heavy and easy to install. It looks great and provides full coverage.

👤The backseat dog hammock is light gray and not heat-absorbing black and will be easy to clean. I added foam padding underneath the thin padding. It was necessary to use many safety-pins in order to attach the back straps of the cover to the head-rest "bumps" on the seat because the car doesn't have large, fixed head-rests on the backseat. The dog's feet should not get caught in the spaces between the seat and the doors if the door protecting flaps are used. This Honda has a lot more miles to go before it sleeps, so it's probably easier to install this hammock in a newer vehicle.

👤The back seat of my new Forester was supposed to be protected from my dog's fur and nails. This is a great back seat protector. It is easy to install. I use it when I put the back seats down and I have to haul plants from the nursery. My dog liked it too. He slept in his bed on the drive today.

8. MIXJOY Hammock Storage Backseat Protector

MIXJOY Hammock Storage Backseat Protector

Extra 4 storage pockets. The extra storage pockets in this dog car seat covers make it easy to keep your car clean. There is a window and a pocket. The mesh breath window on the dog seat cover provides better air circulation for your dog during the summer and winter. Make sure your dog is warm and cool. The dog cover in the backseat allows the dog to see you clearly through the window, which helps the dog reduce anxiety and keep calm. The dog hammock has large storage pockets for your pet's food and toys. The football mascot is high-density. The dog seat covers for trucks made the fabric production process more stable and less likely to catch the pet's hair, making it easier to clean than the ordinary process of the fabric. Also, note: The cloth fabric of the dog car seat cover will not make the dogs scared, and there will be no crinkling noises. The upgraded fabric used in the MIXJOY dog seat covers is 630D Oxford fabric, 100g soft cotton, and a non-slip backing. There are 5 layers of protection for your car. There are standard sizes. The bench trunk hammock 4-in-1 dog seat cover car is the perfect size to be used in cars, trucks and SUVs with 4 different styles. Your dog can have the feeling of being at home if you have a MIXJOY car backseat cover. Installation is easy. The car covers dog can be installed in a few easy steps, which include fastening the 4 buckle straps to the headrest, attaching the seat retainer to the crease between the seat and the bottom of the seat, and hooking the safety handle above the door. It is easy to clean the car seat dog protectors with a damp cloth, vacuum, water shower or machine. Installation is easy. The car covers dog can be installed in a few easy steps, which include fastening the 4 buckle straps to the headrest, attaching the seat retainer to the crease between the seat and the bottom of the seat, and hooking the safety handle above the door. It is easy to clean the car seat dog protectors with a damp cloth, vacuum, water shower or machine.

Brand: Mixjoy

👤I have never used a pet car seat cover. It works well and I like it. I own a honda CRV. I have a German Shepherd. She is a medium-sized dog and the seat cover is fine. It's of good quality, so you don't have to worry about any dirt or water on it. It is very easy to install.

👤I have two large mutts that love their dog parks and days at the beach, but I hated transporting them because of their hair. The material of the dog seat cover was the same as it was when I vacuumed my car or washed it. I needed a solution that was waterproof, mud-proof, and hair-repelling. The seat cover is thick. I shake out, then wipe down my back seat with a damp sponge. If the plastic around the straps that go over the backs of my car's seats tears, that's the only downside. I suppose we'll see in time.

👤It fits in my wife's SUV. We have two dogs and one shed. If the windows are open, this product will not keep the hair from flying around, but it will cut it down significantly. It protects the leather seat. The straps to hold it in place adjust for the right tension and the zip up sides allow easy access and save the door panels from damage when they are in a secure position. I think the product is great, but I wish I'd found it sooner.

👤I have a hammock that fits in the back of my Ford Ranger. The construction seems to be of good quality. I think the top material finish is the same for all of these products. It is pretty slick, which makes wiping up messes very easy, but also means that puppies cannot get a grip. I am going to put some thin crate beds that dogs can sit on. This is a five star product.

👤I love this car seat cover. It is easy to install and take off. It arrived very soon with a bag and seat belt. It's thick enough to protect my car seat. My dogs are happy to sit in it. Even can sleep in it. If there is a two seat belts option, it will be perfect. It's a good cover for a person taking a dog on a plane. Hope it lasts a long time.

👤Just got my seat cover and put it in. It was very easy to install. I put it in the backseat and snapped the straps. There was enough for the backseat of my SUV. The seats have two flaps. There is a rubbery backing that helps to hold it from sliding and some round holders that slip inside the seat crevices. Some of the holes have thin strips of Velcro to hold them together. The seat belts should be placed where they should be. I feel like with cloth seats it's so easy to keep my hair out of my seats. It is strong enough to stop nails. I would recommend a pet or toddler.

9. Petech Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock Protection

Petech Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock Protection

We know the importance of the waterproof for dog back seat cover. The dog car seat was made of upgraded grid pattern with a water- resistant coating and hot pressing technology instead of quilting, it also used a needle hole to avoid leaking water. The cheap dog back seat cover ruins your seats. The Petech dog seat cover with mesh window is a great way to improve air circulation in the summer and winter. Make sure your dog is warm and cool. The visible window allows your dog to see you, it helps your dog reduce anxiety, and it helps your dog remain calm when traveling. The perfect size of 54"W x 58"L is perfect for different vehicles. Supplies your pets with comfort while keeping your vehicle interior safe from scratches, fur, and urine. It's perfect for protecting from baby car seats. It can protect the back seat from spills. The dog car hammock protects your dog from injury when the emergency brake and turn, and you will be less distracted as a driver. The side flaps make it difficult for dogs to get to the floor of the car. The hair and dirt on the car seat covers for dogs will stay on the surface of the seat, so it won't hurt the leather bench when the dog jumps in. There is a pocket for storing personal items. You can easily install this car seat cover for dogs in seconds with 2 quick release buckles, 4 sets of straps and 2 seat anchors. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum or water shower.

Brand: Peticon

👤I have tried many times to get the seller to sell this product, but they have not responded. The seller doesn't back up the product after 30 days since the return window is closed, so do not recommend him. There are many competitors that offer the same product and better customer service. VISION! The seller contacted me and apologized for sending me another seat cover.

👤My dog always slips between the door and seat. She seems to be more comfortable with the sides enclosed. I have been to many of these hammocks and this one is my favorite. I like how thick it is and the right portion is great if you have a human passenger. The mess middle is a great place for her to see me. My boy doesn't care either way. He just sits and looks out the window. I hope this one doesn't rip at the front seam like my other two sellers did. It won't allow me to change my pics. I live how easy it is to remove the fur from it. The fur would be put into the fabric. This one is my favorite.

👤This dog seat cover is very nice. The seat cover would be better for someone with a bigger backseat. The cover on my Nissan is loose but still does everything it is supposed to. I like how it looks and feels.

👤I bought a new car and wanted to keep my seats nice. I needed something better than just a sheet because my mastiff mix can rip through sheets with his toenails. I decided to give this cover a try. It's easy to install, no matter what kind of car you have. It feels very strong. It will be easy to wipe clean. It comes up the sides to cover the doors. It's a small price to pay for having the doors covered, and you can use the cover without zipping up the sides, but it's one of the drawbacks, it's the smallest pain in the rear to let your dog out, but it's a small price to I recommend this to all dog owners.

👤The quilted design on the waterproof fabric looks nice and is distinctive, it's padded without being too thin or too thick, and it seems durable. The side flaps that clip into place using the grab handles above the rear doors on the interior of the car protect the doors from scratches and slobber, and I love them. It has rubber handles between the rear seat panels to keep it in place while I drive my dog around. The mesh panel in the front of it makes it easier for my dogs to see me while I drive. A great product!

👤I own a Nissan Xterra. Very active outdoors. I had to modify the back seat head rest because it wasn't compatible with the product. It's easy to install on the front seats. It's a bit loose and doesn't come up to the top of my seat. About halfway done. The underside of the seat belts has a part that is coming off in about the same amount of time as the underside of the Velcro strips. My dog is 120 lbs. and rides with me every day. It has held up to the wet, sand, and dirt, but doesn't stay in place anymore and dirt and sand get on my seat. He moves around on the front side and it slides a bit. It did its job of protecting my seat, but the underneath does not hold up to a lot of use. There are a lot of black pieces on the back seat. It was amazing at first, then it fell apart. It's still usable, but not as secure. I want the dirt and sand to not get to my seat. I decided to ditch the hammock and go back to seat covers, as you can see in the pic, all of the rubber grip is worn from his daily use, it is now all over my seats and floorboards waiting to be vacuumed.

10. AmazonBasics Waterproof Hammock Rear Cover

AmazonBasics Waterproof Hammock Rear Cover

The hammock seat cover is important to keep your car clean. Designed with two pockets to hold grooming supplies. It protects the back seat from spills and scratches. The back seat has four headrest loops and two seat anchors. It is 55 x 59 inches. It is made of 100% polyester. It's recommended for small, medium, and large breeds.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This product is in my top five favorite purchases on Amazon. You can't beat the price of this cover. The quality is amazing and it is very durable. It's easy to take in and out of the car and fit my Fors Fusion like a glove. The middle zip is perfect. If my dog is too rambunctious, I can zip up the back vent and keep her in the back seat.

👤I had to downsize from a large vehicle to a car. I was really bothered by the fact that I went from leather seats to cloth seats. It is more difficult to get German Shepherd hair off of cloth seats. It was so easy to put this cover over the back seats. It's really easy to pull it out and put it in the car. Very fast! My dog was very eager to get in and almost didn't wait until I was done. We were off as soon as she hopped in. I had to take a detour because of the construction and my route back from the store was 20 minutes longer. I am pleased to say that this covering kept her from going into the floorboards, because she lost her footing twice when I hit the brakes unexpectedly. It is strong enough to keep a 75 pound dog out of the floor. Great job Amazon! This is going to be very easy to clean and it is very durable. It looks like it will last a while and is made well. There are pockets in the back of the front seat. There are pockets that you could put dog toys in. We probably won't use them as my dog is very possessive of her toys if she sees them. She is going to take them out when I put them in the pockets. If you have a pet that won't pull them out immediately, they are nice size pockets and could be used for a variety of things.

👤Absolutely love this item. I had to keep a 65 lbs lab mix from ruining the back seat of my new car. This works miracles. You can clip on to the headrests. The majority of my hair is in it, and it has a zip in the middle to make it easier to get to the back. It has two pockets that hold my water dish and leash. You can fold it up and put it in the trunk. You will be a happy camper if you shake out the hair and dirt every month or two. The material is thick and should last a long time. Great product.

👤I'm using the hammock on two long road trips. I have two poodles that love the beach. It protects my car from the water and sand they bring with them. I have put it in every car I have owned. I was worried about the negative reviews but they have not been an issue for me. The hammock has a zip up option to keep the dogs from jumping up and down. I use the etekcity dog leash seatbelt clips and it works perfectly, they are amazing and for a low price. If this eventually does break and Amazon won't stand by the warranty, I'll buy another one because it's better quality than the one in the pet store for 1/3 the price.

11. Honest Luxury Quilted Backseat Trucks

Honest Luxury Quilted Backseat Trucks

Their dog seat cover can protect your car seat from scratches, hair, smell and dirt as well as keep your pet safe. There is a free pet seat belt and a pocket in the front. Pets can sit in the back seat. The quality material is waterproof, and the size 57" W x 60" L can protect your backseat very well. The seat cover can slide around if there is slip backing and seat anchors. It's easy to clean when your pet gets dirty, just wipe the seat cover with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner and it will be brand new again.

Brand: Honest Outfitters

👤I bought this for a puppy, and I found out that it is not waterproof. I'm trying to get puppy pee out of my car. I don't like to write bad reviews, but I am annoyed by this. I pulled over when I saw my puppy pee, and within a few seconds, the pee went through to my car seat. It didn't slow it down. I've waterproofed it, but it hasn't been "pee-tested" since. It's serving it's purpose, and surviving relentless puppy teeth. I was offered a refund for this item. They didn't say they've corrected the problem. I was offered $30 more to remove the review, but I didn't accept and have only adjusted it for a month of puppy use since my original 1-star rating.

👤I went through a lot of different seat covers before I tried this one. I have a large dog. He ripped through the seat covers that I bought for him. This one worked well for my needs, and protected my seats nicely. I recommend this cover to anyone with a large dog.

👤It works perfectly in our adventure. Hopefully it will keep my paws off the armrests. It seems very durable and well constructed. The rubber on the bottom and the tubes that fit into the crevasse of the seats make them more stable.

👤Have you ever seen an insurance commercial with a guy pretending to be a puppy? Our life is that. We are taking our baby to Canada. 16 hours in a row. 3 days later. She tends to get sick in the car, but she sheds a lot anyways. While towels and sheets work for me around town, I wanted something better and more durable for this drive, and I found a jeep that was better and more durable. I can't speak for water resistance and how easy it is to clean, as I just installed it. It seems like it will work, and if needed, will revise my opinion. It's great in my jeep. I think it will fit in my husband's truck, for the times when we take his truck. holly is old enough to cross the border but we make the journey frequently. It was easy to install and seems to be durable. The zip up sides will hopefully keep the nails from sticking to the leather trim. The pocket is great for water bottles, poop bags, and leashes.

👤I had high hopes for this product. It seemed like it had some extra protection that I wasn't getting in the one I bought from Petsmart. Things started off well. Here are the issues. It's a little harder to install than competitors. The buckles snap together one way. Things can be difficult in a small car. 2. They flip in the wind. This thing will be all over the place if you like your car windows down and your dog in back. I don't understand why the don't weight down the bottoms or at least make them a little more rigid. This is the same issue with every brand I have ever used, so it is a small issue. 3. This is a big problem. I bought 2 of these things and they both have rubber on the bottom. The rubber in my backseat was filled with little rubber pieces that I had to vacuum up. I didn't buy these things long ago. I don't know why there is rubber on there. The flap in the wind is held in place by the weight of the dog. It makes no sense. I like a clean car, but these things have turned into my worst nightmare very quickly. I wouldn't recommend them. I will attach pictures to the review so people can see what I am talking about. You can save money and find another brand.


What is the best product for dog hammock for car backseat?

Dog hammock for car backseat products from Kodagia. In this article about dog hammock for car backseat you can see why people choose the product. Duke Dixie Pet + People Pleasers and Gorilla Grip are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog hammock for car backseat.

What are the best brands for dog hammock for car backseat?

Kodagia, Duke Dixie Pet + People Pleasers and Gorilla Grip are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog hammock for car backseat. Find the detail in this article. Ibuddy, Active Pets and Bark Lover are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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