Best Dog Grooming Kit Wahl

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1. Freewindo Grooming Scissors Stainless Clippers

Freewindo Grooming Scissors Stainless Clippers

A complete dog grooming kit. The kit includes a dog nail file, a cleaning cloth, and a pet comb. You can trim any part of your pet with this scissors kit. The round tip top of the pet grooming scissors makes them safe to use, especially in sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears and feet. The dog nail trimmer has a guard on it. There is a sharp and durable item. The dog trimming scissors are made of heavy duty steel. The claw trimmer has a thick steel blade which is powerful enough to trim your dogs or cats nails with just one cut and will last for years. The rubber pad at the handle of the dog hair scissors is designed to make your pet less scared than an electric clippers. The semicircle design of nail clippers show where you are cutting, making it easy and safe to trim the pet's nails. Long time use of nail clippers or grooming shears will reduce hand fatigue. Saving time and money is important. The complete dog grooming kit doesn't require time to select other accessories. The dog scissors set is very easy to use. You can trim your pet at home without having to take it to a professional.

Brand: Freewindo

👤The Freewindo dog grooming kit is a must have for a long coated dog owner. I was skeptical about the quality of the grooming tools, how much could be offered for such a low price? This company did it. Thinning shears are included in the kit. If you have no idea what you're doing, these are a great way to blend the fur nicely. I use straight scissors to get the shape I want. The smallest set of scissors in the kit are great for working around the face and paws. There are nail clippers. They work well. My dog, Chewie, has black nails that make it hard to see where the quick is. You can use the guard on the clippers to make sure you don't trim off more nail than you want to. The nail was quickly cut down by the clippers. If you buy a small bag of cornstarch, pour it into a baggie. If you accidentally clip your pups nail too short, don't remove the blood from it. The remaining blood will aid in the fight against coagulation. You can gently dip your pups paw into the cornstarch. Continue dipping until the bleeding ends. Styptic pencils sting, so I think cornstarch is better. When you're done using the clippers, they have a lock on them to keep them closed. I used the nail file to smooth the jagged edges after Chewie's nail trim. The job was done, but it took a little bit. There is a comb. The comb has two sides. I use the larger teeth to work out any tangles that I can safely and painlessly remove, and I use the fine toothed side of the comb to remove any debris that might remain. If you do this before a bath, your pup will be full of matts. If the mats are bad, cut them off. Who cares? I would rather my dog looked like he had a bad haircut than have him hurt. * The black leather case is small and portable, with room to keep things in place. You won't worry about losing anything because it zips all the way around. A velvet divider in the middle helps to keep the tools from clanking against each other, and all the tools have an elastic holder to keep them secured in place. The tools are very heavy in the hand. They seem to be very high quality. I wouldn't have bought this kit if the scissors didn't have rounded safety tips. These scissors are sharp. I did not hurt my pup, but I accidentally cut my finger on the scissors I was using to trim his fur. If you feel the scissors aren't cutting, try re-positioning them in your hand, not cutting too much fur at once, or use the screw. If you try to cut the fur with the scissors only bending it, you need to use the adjustment screw to tighten the scissors tension. I don't find fault with this kit, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to save money by grooming their dog at home. If you take care of these tools, they will be the only tools of their kind that you will ever need to purchase again.

2. Complete Clipping Trimming Cordless 79524 5201

Complete Clipping Trimming Cordless 79524 5201

The heavy duty motor is 35 percent more powerful than the standard motor clippers. The self-sharpening precision blades of the Wahl brand stay sharper longer and continuously sharpen over time, with oil between every few haircuts to increase the longevity of your electric clipper motor and blades. The lever can be moved up or down to change the cut between the guide comb lengths. The combo pro comes with a full size hair clipper for men with a variety of cutting lengths with a precision t blade and a matching chrome trimmer that helps clean up around the neckline, sideburns, and the ears. The 25 piece men's grooming kit includes a clipper, battery mini trimmer, 10 attachment combs, a soft storage case, 2 hair clips, a barber and styling comb, scissors, cape and ear trim guide.

Brand: Wahl

👤Cut my boys hair. It works like a professional tool that costs hundreds of dollars. I would recommend this to anyone, a mother or a barber, like myself.

👤Didn't get any haircuts out of it. There is a total piece of rubbish. We thought it might be a fake because it works so poorly. The blade will not cut anymore because the motor is still strong. We oiled it and cleaned it regularly. There are no replacement blades for this model. Don't waste your time. We have to buy a whole new set of clippers because we are out so much. Not happy at all. It is in the right place. The trash.

👤The replacement set was sent to me after the first one stopped working. The first set made a loud buzzing noise from the motor that was deafening. It is mentioned in other reviews. The blades stopped cutting and started pulling hair after my second haircut, which is absolutely true. The screws that hold the two pieces together were not in the second set. The internals of the motor were exposed when the two pieces separated in the middle of cutting my hair. No expert. That seems very dangerous and pathetic quality control. I know how important reviews are because I work with companies that help them with their online reputation. Negative reviews are almost always left in situations like this where they are truly egregious. If you ignore the negative reviews on this product, you are at your own risk.

👤One of the clippers did not cut the hair out of the box. It sounds like it is working. The second one stopped working after 2 months. I couldn't claim anything on Amazon because both Clippers reached me after the policy time. It has a one year warranty but had to contact them. The second one is also faulty because no luck at all send a lot of emails, try calling but nothing and no answer. No idea how to get them. Don't buy it because I got two that aren't working.

👤I use them for my sons' haircuts. It looks good when we're done. The guides are easy to use. The scissors that come with the set aren't very sharp and pull on the hair, so I replaced them with better quality scissors. I used to use corded clippers. I went with a corded one this time, and I'm very happy with my decision. They make my hand vibrate after 2 haircuts, but it's not bad. The weight is in my hand.

👤It cuts like a dream. I need a hair clipper because I am in college. I've been looking for a barber who can cut my hair for a low price. I'm black and my hair is a pain to deal with. It zips through. It is a good clipper. The guards are flimsy and should not be used with too much force. Don't even think about it. It is a toy. I like the clipper set. Definitely worth the money.

3. Wahl Professional Animal Creativa 41876 0431

Wahl Professional Animal Creativa 41876 0431

This clipper is ideal for grooming the feet, face, and finish work on all dog breeds, cats, and other pets; can also be used for clipping path, ears, muzzle, and fetlocks on horses and for trimming goats, pigs, and cattle. The batteries need 75 minutes to charge. The quiet clipper has an ergonomics design and constant speed control to deliver more power and Torque in tough areas; it has a 5-in-1 blade which can be adjusted between cutting lengths of #9, #10, #15, and #30. Measures 7 inches long. 75 inches wide and 9 inches tall. 9 ounces. It is only intended for use in electrical outlets in the United States. Includes one corded clipper, one 5-in-1 fine blade, two battery packs, a charge stand and a book.

Brand: Wahl Professional Animal

👤These clippers are comfortable to hold in your hand. The battery lasts forever when I use them for work. It's even better if you have 2 batteries. The blade had animal hair on it, but the pieces were not in the right spots, and the box that they came in had been opened. It was probably not cleaned properly. It works. I didn't want to exchange it. It is something to think about when ordering. It's a pretty expensive clipper so you may be better off ordering it from a grooming website, where you don't pay full price for a dirty blade and used clippers. I wouldn't mind paying less for used. The same thing is weird.

👤I would like to know how to make these more life proof. You would think the next generation of clippers would come out soon. It takes one accidental drop for them to stop working. The blade always breaks at the clipper. Maybe a stronger version of the plastic grooming clippers would be better for you.

👤I was a little upset that I received a used item but it was all in good shape and I paid $170 for it, so expect a brand new one.

👤The angle of this is great for getting into the groin and paw pads. A must have for poodling.

👤Quiet and comfortable. I have groomed poodles.

👤I bought the ARCO trimmer a year ago. The battery life was short, but I liked it. After dropping the trimmer, the battery life went from bad to worse. I was buying a new blade for every trim. I bought the CREATIVA trimmer because I couldn't use the ARCO anymore. I wanted to use the same blade and comb set up so I bought this trimmer. This trimmer has a different battery than the ARCO and it has a longer life. I don't like the curved body of the CREATIVA. The 5 in 1 blades are unreliable in quality and sometimes seem to be dull right out of the package. I need a new blade for every grooming session. I have been grooming my own poodles for over 30 years. I'm going to keep using this clipper, but I'm going to start researching and shopping for something more reliable.

👤I have been using this clipper for a while and it was great at first. I like the shape and how light it is. The battery life seemed to last a long time. I don't use this ckipper for body work on dogs, only feet, sanitary and poodle faces. Each battery began to die quicker after a week. I would push it until it wouldn't turn on. I use a fully charged battery on the first dog, and it is lagging and dying. Without a battery change, I can't get through a day. I have to turn it off and on to get full power several times per dog because it lags and will just turn off.

👤It was easy to use. The blade is the only problem. It gets stuck in hair after 3 uses. I was pretty disappointed with that. I only used it three times because I paid 159 for it. I need to order at least 5 more blades so that I can keep up with my business and have blades that work and can be used for sharpening. An extra battery is great for battery life. It's easy to hold and grip. The $30 wahl U-Clips work better than this.

4. Pet Pro Clipper Trimmer Grooming Combo

Pet Pro Clipper Trimmer Grooming Combo

The patented power drive system easily powers through thick coats and turns grooming sessions into bonding time with their quiet and gentle dog hair clippers. The included bonus trimmer allows for easy trimming and grooming of the paws and ears. Their high-carbon blades remain sharp for smooth grooming that creates a pleasant experience for your pet, and self-sharpening precision blades give you the freedom to cut your pet's hair at home. Easy, cost-effective dog grooming at home. Stress free grooming is low-noise. Large breeds and small dogs can have fur Handles up to double coats. It's cheaper to do it yourself than it is to save time and money. Their clippers are made in the USA, while the pet grooming kits are imported.

Brand: Wahl

👤This set is a great value compared to other brands. I have been cutting my own hair since I was in high school and it's the same type of hair as the human clippers. There is nothing different between the human clippers and the ones for pets except for the little animal logo on the clippers and the packaging. I have two older sets that I could have used instead of buying this one. For their price, Whal makes nice sets. If you have an older Whal clipper set, use it for your dog and buy a new one for yourself, it's the same and the human models come with more settings or length numbers. They worked well, but no different than what we tried before. We will have to keep it since we used it. I think other brands will do the same thing. I thought it was different for pet hair. The additional small battery operated trimmer is a great bargain. The product deserves 5 stars, but they should tell you that they are the same as humans, and that you can buy a regular set for about $20 bucks. Do what you want for your dog. Number 0 would have been nice. This set has short close trims like paws. I used mine from my set. It worked. This set is just as similar to a human set as can be.

👤I'm leaving a 5 star review because it's not fair to bash my lack of skill. The clippers themselves seem very well made and are on the heavy side, which is always a good sign. I used them for about an hour and a half and they kept going and I was never worried about them burning my dog or anything. All that is said. I have a Golden / Great Pyrenees mix with a double coat. She doesn't like to be groomed and unlike the small dogs they feature in the "how to video" she doesn't sit on a table while you are at her. I swear the dogs in the videos were given Benadryl before filming, but that's not true. I got this because I didn't want to have to spend $100 a clip to have my dog shaved 3 or 4 times so that she doesn't pant throughout the warmer months. I didn't expect to be a master on the first shot, but after an hour and a half I gave up. My dog is getting her hair cut at 2:30 today and she looks like a freak. There is a If you know what you're doing and have a lot of patience, I recommend you try these trimmers, they seem like nice quality and they should do the job for you. I think that if I had another hour to spend with my dog, I might look ok at the end, but life is too short and my back is killing me, so I'll let the pros handle the job from now on.

5. Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Professionals 9649

Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Professionals 9649

Color Pro Cordless is a wireless device. You can use the clipper on the battery or when it's charging. It is easier than ever to find and remember everyone's favorite hair length. Their easy-to-see attachment guards make it easy to correspond the correct comb to the right cutting length. The blades are easy to clean since they are rinsable. To wash away excess clippings, run them under water. Adjusting the trim length is pain free with a variety of cutting lengths. Attach the colored clipper comb attachment if you reference the color key on the face of the clipper. The Cordless Color Pro is great for travel, vacation, business trips, and more. No matter what country you are in, you can use 220v or dual voltage.

Brand: Wahl

👤I bought this for my dog. It can take me hours to groom him, as other buzzers get caught in his fluff. I applied more oil and they were back to being fierce again after they cut through his hair. No more hours spent on grooming a dog.

👤One day I dropped the clippers on the countertop and broke a piece of the cutting head. After I contacted customer service via email, they returned my mail the next day and said a replacement part would be in the mail. Colleen did a great job in showing faith in the products and service.

👤I can easily recommend it to most people, as it works as described, and will be too hard to understand for some people. Start by watching a video on the internet. The instructions are easy to read. Take the largest shield and do your head. Look in the mirror. Cut from the bottom up, but stop at the side of the head. Look in the mirror. Cut from the bottom to halfway up the previous cut. Look in the mirror. To switch to the left and right ear shields, you have to use the left and right ear shields. From the back to the front, cut along the edge of the ear. Look in the mirror. You will have a good idea of what to do by this time. You will want to make some changes to your appearance, but this will make you cringe. . Very good, and better than some barbers have done. There is one minor point. The clipping part can be cut off. Look at it carefully to see how it will be snapped back in. One way will work, the other will break it. After lining it up correctly, start the motor. That was the only way that I could get it to open. If it sounds too technical, go to a barber shop or hair salon.

👤I'm not sure how the clippers work. They are probably fine. This review shows that my entire package was smeared with blade-oil. The bag of combs was open, but cut. I decided to look closely at the combs and see if there is still hair on them. It's a good idea for hair-dressers to keep their tools clean. Very unhappy. This is gross. These cut very poorly, requiring around ten passes to get all hairs to the same length. Massive disappointment. This review is accurate, but it is not indicative of the clippers in general, as they were sent out by Amazon after a return. I was issued a replacement, but a different model. The average rating for this product has been adjusted. I would remove this review, but it's worth noting the quality of customer service from Wahl, and letting people know that a disappointing used-product experience is not indicative of anyone's failure except Amazon.

👤The clippers performance is woefully under powered after 15 hours of charging. The motor isn't strong enough. Despite being fully charged, it is difficult to cut hair. I'm not happy with this purchase of Wahl products.

6. Wahl Professional Animal Pro Clipper

Wahl Professional Animal Pro Clipper

A professional animal clipper with a heavy power cord, a storage case, drive tip removal tool, 2 extra replacement drive tips, and a cleaning brush and blade oil. The power with Cool running, lightweight and has ridged finger grips for maximum control. Great for all over grooming with professional performance. 10 ft is the length of the cord. Only used in the USA electrical outlets. Not for international use.

Brand: Wahl Professional Animal

👤We need to shave the goats for shows. I bought the first set of clippers in June of last year. We could shave more than one goat at a time with this 2nd pair. The two blade guards that come with are not good for what we do, but if you keep someone's hair, person or animal at those lengths they are good. I would like to have the clippers held securely in the box, not just a place to set them. The case needs to be carefully placed in order for the two large blade guards to fit. We shave very close to the skin so I bought smaller guards. Some of their friends kids have side and under cuts. Excellent clippers.

👤I do a lot of research on products and procedures. I gave these clippers three tries after watching all the product videos. They are terrible and one of the attachment broke. This product does not cut hair on dogs with beard and undercoat. I have a German Spitz Mitel that is confused as a large dog. My dog is a saint and sits through anything, but the product simply does not work.

👤Clippers go through normal thick fur with ease, are relatively quiet, and feel great in the hand. I got these for my Tibetan terrier mix because he developed some areas of heavy matting and we needed to have him shaved. The clippers go through the mats fairly well. The clippers glided through the non-matted areas. The problem was not the quality but the overheating of the blade. I had to stop and let it cool down a lot because it was getting too hot. I have enough time to get impatient. The whole process could have gone quicker if it wasn't for this. There is a These are great if you have time, patience and a calm dog.

👤My dog's groomer is closed during our shelter-in-place order, and my little guy's coat was getting poofier and poofier. I bought these because my little clippers were not good enough. Even in the hands of an amateur, they work well, but the cord got tangled immediately. They are great, except for that. I wish they had more guards. When I ordered the clippers, they were too long for my purposes, so I had to spend another $35 on a full set. It is recommended.

👤I would leave less than one star. I have used many clippers and never thought twice about purchasing this product to shave mats off of my long haired cat. I tried to use them for the first time this morning after buying them a month ago. I had to shave a small mat on my cat's back. I can not imagine trying to use them for a long time. What can I expect next time, if they can't handle a tiny mat now? If you purchase these clippers, make sure you try them immediately because I missed my return window by a little more than a week. I am not sure if I will purchase another product from the company again, as I am more impressed with the Andis clippers my mother purchased for her dog.

7. WAHL Deluxe Piece Rechargeable Clipper

WAHL Deluxe Piece Rechargeable Clipper

Easy Pro is a corded or wireless device that provides a stress-free animal grooming option. This kit includes a convenient storage case, which allows for easy coat length identification and glide through heavy coats. Their high-carbon blades remain sharp for smooth grooming that creates a pleasant experience for your pet, and self-sharpening precision blades give you the freedom to cut your pet's hair at home. Easy, cost-effective dog grooming at home. Stress free grooming is low-noise. Large breeds and small dogs can have fur Handles up to double coats. It's cheaper to do it yourself than it is to save time and money. Their clippers are made in the USA, while the pet grooming kits are imported.

Brand: Wahl

👤The preferred clipper for poodles is clearly shown in the product comparison on Amazon. My poodles fur grew to a 3 blade size. I put the two blade guard on the clippers after charging it for a day and then put my oil on the blade, but I tried to cut the fur and it was too late. The motor was so weak that it bogged down on the smallest cuts. I attached the product comparison that is currently on Amazon and wanted to make sure that the buyer was aware of the accuracy of the chart. I am sending this back and getting an A5 from a friend. The link to the Amazon chart is below.

👤This is one of the best trimmers we have ever had. We use it to cut our dog's hair. The back end of our three Pomeranians would be trimmed with this razor. No need to plug it in because the battery life is outstanding. The shape and size fit my wife's hand perfectly. We had the clipper for a while but didn't have to sharpen it. My wife was trimming the dog and something spooked it, so I got another one. The dog knocked the clipper in the air and came back down on the garage floor. They were built in the opposite way. We decided to buy a new case because the one we had broke. It's worth it's weight. Hope everyone likes theirs as much as we do.

👤Set the pet clippers aside after paying $66.00 for them. They were opened yesterday for the first time. The clippers were used and returned when I opened it. The charging point was missing. Even though I feel cheated out of my money, I am unable to return this item. I regret I didn't examine the item when I received it, but I trust Amazon to send the new and complete product that I paid for. This is a follow up review. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I asked them to replace the product or send a charging cord. I have been unable to find a charging point for these clippers for more than 3 months. I'm going to try again. I don't need to buy a charger. I feel like I'm lost. Will not purchase from them again.

👤Five years ago, I used Wahl and was very happy. I had to buy a new clipper because I dropped and cracked my old one. I am not as happy with it this time. I feel it gets easier to clear up. I have a toy poodle that is not a big dog. It takes a long time to get charged and it doesn't last as long as my other clipper did. I will be looking for something else soon.

👤I used to trim my dogs' ears, pads and behinds with a Joyu clipper, but I bought these cutter to replace it. They never clipped them. The clippers are much more aggressive. I have cut two of my dogs' ears with them. I will not be using them again because they are too easy to make mistakes with. I would buy the Joyu again, but I can't find them anymore.

8. Wahl Professional Animal Grooming 9484 400

Wahl Professional Animal Grooming 9484 400

The U-Clip pet and Dog clipper kit is a great way to clip, trim, and groom pets. Medium-duty pet fur clipping, trimming, and grooming of paws, face, ears, touch-ups, and light-body clipping is ideal. The clipper has a powerful speed of up to 7, 200 strokes per minute and is easy to use. The 9-piece kit has a standard blade and all the tools needed to clip, trim, and groom your pet. Measures 6. The clipper and blade are made in the USA and weigh 1 pound. All Life Stages is an age range description.

Brand: Wahl Professional Animal

👤My Cocker Spaniel hair was shaved off by these clippers. It's the most hair I've cut off of my dog in 8 years. Ha! They went through his coat with butter. My dog didn't mind the noise of the clippers. My dog didn't seem to notice that the clippers were getting really warm. The clippers themselves are a little heavy, but the ones in this price range usually are. I don't mind the weight, but thought I'd mention it. They did well for the price. The corded models of the dog clippers that I've owned have more power than the ones that were corded. The only thing I would like to receive is a pair of scissors. I kept the ones from my last kit because they were useful for trimming my dog's ears and feet.

👤There is a 30 day limit for returns from AMAZON. I ordered this item in April 2020. May 7th, 2020 was the date of receipt. When turned on, the motor was clicking. I was going to return on July 26th, 2020, but I went to list of items I bought on Amazon, then tapped on this item. I was sent to the company I bought from. They told me that I didn't buy from them. I told them I would check my buy list on Amazon again. I noticed that my list was changed when I checked my bought list on Amazon. The item was bought from Amazon and can only be returned within 30 days of delivery. This wasn't on my list before. Now I know that it was Amazon that sold to me, and they have a statement that says 30 days can't be returned. Beware of who you're buying from on Amazon.

👤The day was saved by the Wahl Pro Animal Clippers. We have to trim our dog ourselves now that Covid 19 Lock down has closed all animal grooming services. The trimmer is quiet and runs cool, it comes with all the combs, scissors, maintenance brush and clipper lube. I use an old shaving brush and Dust Off to clean my clippers. I would recommend the Pro Animal Clippers. We use them on our dog. The haircut was a learning experience. Better than matted hair. We are happy with our haircuts. I take the time to clean the clippers and lubricate them so they last a long time for us. I would like to thank everyone at Amazon for dealing with the crisis and working hard to provide us customers during these crazy high order numbers. Stay healthy, thank you all!

👤I have had to work on my dog's fur myself since there are no groomers available. It isn't pretty, but it had to be done. The clippers are great. They did a great job with the combs or without. They did not get warm in my hand. The blade was not hot. I didn't want to hurt my dog, but I felt close to the blade, so I kept it at a reasonable temperature. I'm proud to say that I didn't hit her. I got close to her, but I'm still scared. I'm not good at trimming her mustache. Even though she gave me some extremely concerned looks, I clipped her areas, even though I was scared to do her no-no areas. I am very happy that I bought these clippers.

9. Wahl Professional Animal Cordless 8786 1001

Wahl Professional Animal Cordless 8786 1001

The original 5-in-1 clipper, the Wahl ARCO, is a lightweight option for trimming in hard to reach spots such as ears, faces, and paws. The 5-in-1 fine blade has a variety of cutting lengths. It's easy to clean with a no-maintenance motor and it has an 80 minute run time and 75 minute charge time. The pet clipper can be used on small and medium-sized dogs, as well as cats, and can also be used as a horse clipper. The design is lightweight and comfortable in your hand. It's not designed for international use in electrical outlets in the United States. Includes one ARCO corded clipper, 5-in-1 fine blade set, 2 drop-in NiMH rechargeable battery packs, a soft storage case, charging stand, and an instruction book.

Brand: Wahl Professional Animal

👤I figured I would give this a try because I have been trying to save a few bucks here and there. I went with these clippers after reading a lot of reviews, and so far my experience has been great. I only used them once, but they worked exactly as I needed them to. The guide helped prevent me from cutting my hair too short, but the clippers cut through the thick coat with ease. It comes with two batteries so you can have one charging at all times. I would love to be able to charge both batteries at the same time. The only battery I had was long enough for me to get the job done. It was easy to take apart and clean the clippers. I am very happy with my purchase. It's a good thing. Don't judge my grooming skills. My dog is old and has dementia, so he is a moving target. It was a bit of a challenge.

👤These clippers are very nice. I have four poodles, three toys and one standard. I have always done my own grooming, and this is the only clipper I use. It's nearly perfect with a set of metal combs that can be purchased on Amazon. I have large hands and it fits well in my hand. I like the variable blades because they are much better than the cumbersome days of old. My electric clippers had lots of different heads and they stayed that way.

👤It was used for the third time yesterday. It fits the hand well. Not as heavy as other brands. It comes with two batteries, one of which can be charged while the other is not. It cuts our Maltese's hair very well. It has a charging station for the clippers, a cleaning brush, and different height attachment. Highly recommend it. He had a photo after his haircut.

👤Going from corded clippers to a power saw to cut down a tree has been like going from a hand saw to a power saw. They are light weight, easy to cut through long hair, have a battery that lasts 90 minutes, and I don't have to worry about the cord getting in the way. I can just sit on the floor and hold my dog in my lap with these, it's so much easier than having my dog's foot pads trimmed. They are very quiet, which is appreciated by my female dog who dislikes loud noises. I would recommend them to anyone who was looking for a dog trimmer.

👤I bought these for my horse. The box contains a clipper book, a carrying case, a set of different blades, a brush to clean hair off, and a charging box. The clippers have settings on them for different lengths to cut. They were charged immediately after I turned them on. I clipped my horse. I trimmed her path, nose, legs, chin and she didn't flinch. I just went to the field and trimmed her grass. I tried to trim her ears, but she did shy away a bit, which is normal for a horse with sensitive ears. I did not push the issue. They are very quiet. I stated that my 3 year old horse is very sensitive and didn't phase her. They seem to be very good quality, very durable, easy to use, quick charge, and can charge two batteries at the same time. I recommend these clippers to anyone. I think they will last as long as you take care of them. Awesome. One happy customer.

10. Wahl Professional Animal Cordless 41870 0425

Wahl Professional Animal Cordless 41870 0425

Combining the power of a battery and the flexibility of a blade gives a lightweight clipper that is easy to use. The 5-in-1 blade has a variety of cutting lengths. The number of revolutions per minute is 5,500. The 90-minute run time of the battery is cool running, low vibration, and quiet. If the battery is completely empty, you can either plug in the cord or charge the battery in 60 minutes. It is ideal for the feet, face, and all finish work on all dog breeds. The cleaning brush can be used to remove hair from your blades. You can use a pipe cleaner to clean the blade. The Bravura can be used to trim horses' bridle path, ears, muzzle, and fetlocks, as well as trimming show cuts for goats, pigs, and cattle. Measures 7 inches long, weighs 8.8 ounces and has a one-year limited professional warranty. The Bravura clipper is made in Hungary. It's not designed for international use in electrical outlets in the United States. A soft storage case is included with the Bravura clipper, 5-in-1 fine blade set, 6 plastic attachment guide combs, cleaning brush, blade oil, instruction book and charge stand.

Brand: Wahl Professional Animal

👤I'm a big fan of reviews that are clear. The hair on a standard poodle will not be cut by these clippers. Period. The discussion is over. Doesn't matter what angle you cut or what setting you make. When attempting to cut the dog's hair, it was like trying to drag a spoon through wet concrete and the hair caught the trimmer and pulled the entire head off of the base. If your dog's hair is coarse, save yourself the time and keep looking, because the unit may be ok for fine hair. This isn't functional for a poodle.

👤I love these clippers. The Bravura is a must have for any experience level. The multi setting blades are great for shaving pads, sanitary, shaving mats out, clean feet, poodle faces and more. The battery and dock is perfect to have at your station to grab a quick job done, dock and forget, and the battery won't wear out if you don't charge it from dead to full and use it in between jobs. I think the teal is the best color. The motor is quiet and doesn't create a lot of noise to upset dogs. These are a must have if you are planning on learning to groom or if you want to upgrade your clipper set. Make sure you clean the blades and underneath them after you use them. If you haven't already got a set, I would recommend the stainless comb set. The plastic combs that come with these have never been used by me.

👤I work as a dog groomer. These are my favorite clippers. They are light and can be corded or not. I use them on almost every dog. The only downfall is that the 5-in-1 blade is only 20 bucks to replace if you fall and break it. I have dropped my clippers a few times and they are still working. One important thing about these is that you have to learn the angles when you hold them in order for them to clip correctly and not drag through the hair. The 40 blade setting underneath the metal clipper comb attachment is what you want. I bought 2 of these. If I forget to charge one, I can have a backup.

👤Two Shitzsu pups are rescues. The groomer had complained that the younger one was fighting her and 888-270-6611 I decided to cut his hair. I've been using a cheap clipper to do this for years. It was important for me to have a good clipper to make it easy. Many different clippers were reviewed. It was difficult to make a decision. There are many different opinions. I chose Bravura because of the reports of it being quiet and cool. I tried it on Teddy. There is a Oh my! What a change. This thing is very sharp. It is almost completely cool. It buzzes a little bit, but it is not silent. It's not bad at all. Quieter than corded ones. It is easy to use and light. It took less than an hour to cut Teddy's hair. I used one of the combs. Bravura had no problem with matted hair, even when we had mats around arm pits and chest. After 45 minutes, maybe the battery was still at 2 bars. Mookie was the first dog I started. I was very happy with the performance, and he did not mind at all. It took about two full charges to cut two dogs hair, but he was more comfortable with me. I stopped the clipper when the battery was close to being discharged. To sum it all up. Goods: 1. Powerful 2. It is very easy to cut and cuts well. It was cool 4. Quiet but not annoying. 5. There are different lengths of plastic combs. Light 7. Will run when connected to a power supply. I like battery level indicator. After only using it once, it was worth it. Clean the blades often and oil them. There is a small bottle of oil that can be bought for $4-5 where hair clippers are sold.

11. Pet Grooming Effectively Professional Deshedding

Pet Grooming Effectively Professional Deshedding

The best pet grooming tool. In just 10 minutes, you can remove dead hair and tangles from your cat and dog. It's a good idea to keep your furniture and floors free of pet hair to save money and time. The Four Dog Care E-book has valuable grooming tips. A good shed tool. The dog and cat comb is made to last for a long time. The 100mm STAINLESS STEEL blade is protected by a cover for your safety and has a strainer that is easy to use. It is a must-have deshedding tool. A shiny pet coat! Rid your dog of undercoat and loose hair by brushing them frequently. Establish strong bonds between you and your four-legged friend with the professional services of a dog/cat deshedding tool. A thoughtful gift to all pet owners. The grooming brush is easy to use and will make the owner happy. It will cut grooming time in half for their dog or cat. Offer it to save time, money and effort and show off your excellent taste. All Pet Neat products are satisfaction for life. You can add to cart now.

Brand: Pet Neat

👤I have a husky that sheds non stop and this brush is the same style as theminator, which is supposed to be the best brush for that. I thought I would get this while it was on the deals of the day and not have to spend $30+ on the real thing. Big mistake. I always say "you get what you pay for" and in this case I got less than I paid for. After a few good stokes down my dogs back, this thing pulls out about 20 hairs. The other dog brush fills up the whole thing after a single stroke and I can pull a lot of hair out. I was hoping this would be more efficient so I wouldn't be spending an hour a day brushing my dog. It is a decent brush, and seems to be tough. If I knew how bad this brush was, I would have spent $30 on the real thing and given it a try. I wouldn't pay more than $1 for it. I will return it. I would not recommend this to anyone because it is not good for my dog.

👤My parents have a dog who sheds like it's his job. I feel like everything we own is covered in blonde hair when my parents travel and he stays at our house. It's crazy. Silicone brushes, slicker brushes, and the brush you wear as a glove were some of the brushes I tried. Nothing worked. I knew I needed something that would take care of the problem quickly and efficiently even when it wasn't happening daily because my parents don't brush their coats very often. My answer was this brush. I take that blonde furry mess outside and spend 20 minutes brushing the holy heck out of him, and what is left is a dog who is 80% less sheddy. jeesh does not cure the problem. The only solution I have found that actually works is this brush, and I would recommend it to every short hair dog owner.

👤It works as it says. This is a miracle combination, I use it every day with "CatFresh Oatmeal Skin & Coat Spray" from the Peachy Dog brand. Everyone who used the brush said it was a life saver because my kitty has crazy dandruff and sheds like mo'fo. I tried it and it works. His coat is almost gone from only 2 uses of this combination, because it makes his coat soft, smells sweet, and adds shine. The spray is light so he doesn't mind it. His coat is so soft and fluffy that he only has to use it twice. I would tell everyone who has a pet to use the brush and spray along with it.

👤This tool works. The puppy is blowing his coat. I have been cleaning up my hair for 2 weeks. What a difference this tool makes. It took 30 minutes to remove the hair in the picture. That hair is long, wide and thick. The next day, I got 1/3 of the amount from the first day. I think tomorrows combing will remove most of the loose hair. The amount of hair on the wood floor has gone down dramatically. You should put an old sheet or tarp down before you start. It's unbelievable how much fur they lose. Our fur baby was very fond of being combed and turned over to the other side for more combing. He looks different now. If you have a heavy shedder, you should try this.


What is the best product for dog grooming kit wahl?

Dog grooming kit wahl products from Freewindo. In this article about dog grooming kit wahl you can see why people choose the product. Wahl and Wahl Professional Animal are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog grooming kit wahl.

What are the best brands for dog grooming kit wahl?

Freewindo, Wahl and Wahl Professional Animal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog grooming kit wahl. Find the detail in this article. Wahl, Wahl and Wahl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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