Best Dog Gates for The House Tall

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1. PAWLAND 144 Inch 30 Inches Freestanding Included

PAWLAND 144 Inch 30 Inches Freestanding Included

There are 6 pet panels connected and secured together with sturdy hinges for multiple configurations. Use as a pet gate in doorways full hallways or any wider areas, or connect together as a playpen, pet exercise pen or play yard. The gate has a door that allows you to move freely from room to room without having to move the entire unit. The lightweight design of the free-standing pet gate makes it easy to move and store. There are two feet for additional balance. The pet panels are made from a solid wood frame and strong mental wire interior, which makes them great for large dogs or puppies who like to chew. Extra wide and pall. The open doughnuts were 144'W x 32.08''. H x 0.7''D; COLLAPSED DEMS: 24" W x 32.08'' H x 4.25''D The Pet Playpen has an enclosed area of 11.8 square feet.

Brand: Pawland

👤I needed something extra long and inexpensive to put across the 116" opening on our front porch so we could keep our door open in the summer and keep the Golden out. The gate works well. It is easy to put up. I would recommend it.

👤This works out well so far. I have two large dogs that need a visual barrier. The Husky tried to push against the gate, but I moved it. If you have a large dog, be sure to use a gate that is larger than the space you need to block. I only needed a 72" gate to cover the are, but I picked this one. This needs to be zig zagged or it won't stay up. I was able to put the end sections of the gate against the wall. The gate is extra sturdy without the dog pushing it open. There are two gates, one at the top and one at the bottom. When I bought it, I didn't realize it would be 2, but it works better to keep the dogs from pushing against the gate and potentially breaking it. The espresso color is gorgeous, and the gate is sturdy so far.

👤Very happy with the gate. It looks great and is functional. I use it to stop my dogs from running to the door when someone enters.

👤Someone used a marker to cover up the scratches on the used product I received. I thought I was buying new for that price with a beat up product. I attempted to fix the broken gate instead of going back for a replacement, because I didn't see all the black marker spots. I don't normally write reviews but I am so disappointed I don't want someone else to suffer the same frustration. I don't recommend wasting money.

👤We looked at many similar products before we decided on this item. We are very happy with the purchase. The cardboard box that the item was packaged in was strong and well-taped. The fence is assembled. Styrofoam sheets and pieces were inside the box to protect the item from being damaged during shipping. Ours was undamaged by USPS, which is amazing. The fence has a white trim and black wiring. The fence can be folded backwards and forwards to be used as a fence or in two shapes as a fenced-in area. The box is big because of the panels. The box will be a little heavy for some, but not bad overall. It folds up into a smaller space than other products that have each panel measuring in at 4-inches deep because of the thin thickness of each panel. The smaller thickness seems to work well in terms of quality and what works, so we're glad we chose this option. The panels are 30 inches tall and 24 inches wide, so it helps keep small children and most dogs contained, except for dogs who can jump 30 inches or who might ram the fence. The fence support pieces are not strong enough to keep it from being pushed or knocked over when the fence is set up end to end. They are adequate for normal bracing. We have a fence that spans an opening of about 9 feet with some of the end panels behind the fridge and a piece of furniture in the corner of the dining room. That gives it strength. The fence is not locked into the ground and therefore not an issue, since it will move back and forth as you pass through or touch it. If the felt rubs against your tile floor, you might want to put some self-stick felt pads on the bottom of the fence. I believe some people wrote that the screws for the two latches weren't enough, but that's not what we found. It's easy to put on the two latches with four small screws. It's hard to get the starter holes started, so I wish they were a bit deeper. I found it easier to use a manual screwdriver. It's hard to put the screws in with the fence standing, so if you can open the fence with the gate against the floor, you'll find it easier to put them in. Once in, we only use the top one to keep the puppies in the kitchen/dining room, making it easy for us to go in and out using just onelatch. The gate is only open in one direction. It is not a swinging gate. Just so you know, not an issue. The gate opens 180 degrees so it can lay against one side of the fence rather than sticking out at a 45 degree angle making a traffic hazard. A great feature! It came quicker than we anticipated, which was nice. We can recommend this product to others. It will help keep your kids out of the kitchen during the holidays, depending on how big your area is. Enjoy!

2. COSEND Tension Pressure Doorways 194 206CM

COSEND Tension Pressure Doorways 194 206CM

The large extra wide baby gate pressure mounted will auto close when the handle is released. The gates for kids and pets have a hold opening feature that keeps the gate open when the baby gate is 90. The indoor safety baby gate has a 180 two-way open design which makes it easy to enter and exit. The double locks system has an extra wide baby gate pressure mounted handle that makes it easy for an adult to open the door. It's difficult to open it by kids. The large baby gate can be locked up and down for optimal security. The large extra wide walk through baby gate pressure mounted is sturdy enough to bear the impact of 180 pounds. The extra wide dog gate will prevent your pets or dogs cats from damaging important things of the other rooms, Additional baby gate extensions allow you to extend the width of your baby gate. There are wide openings from 24 inch to 81 inch. Babies can be kept away from the dangerous kitchen or stair by the safety baby or pet gate. It's easy to install and have a unique Glossy Design. The extra wide tension indoor safety baby gates are easy to install without tools or drilling holes, because they come with 4 pressure bolts. The Glossy design makes the narrow baby gate and extra wide baby gate more stylish and reduces scratches. It's easy to install and have a unique Glossy Design. The extra wide tension indoor safety baby gates are easy to install without tools or drilling holes, because they come with 4 pressure bolts. The Glossy design makes the narrow baby gate and extra wide baby gate more stylish and reduces scratches.

Brand: Cosend

👤Gate is easy to install. It has a lot of flex in the middle because of the length and pressure mounting. Don't expect this to deter a large dog or child.

👤The update will likely be final. I had to order another piece to fit my space. I would encourage everyone to read the descriptions carefully, as there are many different options, even if they are only one item listing to cover all sizes. The space I am filling is around 72” and the gate is not strong. There is a lot of give. I don't think it will hold up as my toddler grows. The latch is not easy to use. I have two gates from other brands that are much easier to use and have better self closing mechanisms. This gate was one of the only pressure mounted ones I could find for this large space. Time will tell if it was worth it or not. Was told to order the missing piece and then have the refund processed for a different reason. Once correct pieces and refunds are received, will continue to update review. It seems like a good gate, but it didn't fit in the space I'm trying to close off. If I can fix the issue and get the correct parts, I will revise my review.

👤The walk through gate is wonderful. A new puppy made us buy one. The nanny wall protectors were the best choice for protecting our walls or our facings. The smaller one is very sturdy and easy to install. We bought a second gate from the same company.

👤It was a happy purchase. We use it to keep our small dog out of bedrooms. The dog can't get through the sides or over the top. The switch/release buckle on the top is not easy to open, that is the only thing I don't like. It is difficult for a child. Installation didn't have to be complicated. The space between the gate and the latch was not a manufacturing problem, but it was obvious that the top had to be Torqued until the two could latch nicely. Align the bottom and top at the same time. You are done if the gate closes firmly. It takes less than 5 minutes to finish. Great product! I will be buying a second one for the bottom of the stairs.

👤I bought this baby gate and I am very happy with it. I had tried many brands and they all had problems. The baby gate is sturdy and can be used to keep my toddler out of the kitchen. It is easy to install and never moves like other products. Good quality and easy to operate. If you are looking for a baby gate that will give you peace of mind, this one is for you.

👤This gate is awesome! The archway is perfect to keep my dogs out of the living room. It was easy to install wall protectors. The gate latch is very easy to open and close. The gate can be set to swing both ways, which is convenient. I bought a brand gate that does not open and close easily, and I will be replacing it with a gate from Cosend. It seems like it is solid so far.

3. Spirich Doorway Freestanding Foldable 80 Inch

Spirich Doorway Freestanding Foldable 80 Inch

The simple and swift. The dog gate is made of wood and has a pet fence, room divider, and pet pen all in one. Sturdy wood and strong steel wire are used to confine pets. The steel wire interior is for dogs that like to bite. The rubber feet are non-slip. FOLDING AND EXPANDABLE DESIGN: The dog gate is free standing and can be folded into the wide Z-shape to be used in Full Hallways, Double Doors, or Standard Doorways, Bedrooms. It's easy to set up and store. It is easy to set up and store the dog gate. The pet fence panels are connected and secured with sturdy hinges. This is not required. The dog gate is completely assembled. The 30” dog gate is taller than the normal dog gate. Extra wide and open doughnuts are included. 0.75”Depth. The space between the slats is 1.5 inches. Extra wide and open doughnuts are included. 0.75”Depth. The space between the slats is 1.5 inches.

Brand: Spirich

👤I bought this because I didn't want the puppies to run off the front porch or up and down steps. Our old dog had a leg amputation a couple weeks ago and the puppies are not here yet. He can't run up and down steps because of this gate. Too high to jump over. It was great for our purposes.

👤It was perfect for my entryway to have mornings with my pets. I use it to keep the pack out of the kitchen. It's a beautiful barrier for my animals. I don't think that will happen. I got 4 panels so it wouldn't be skimpy. We enjoy the four panel outside so much that I have added a three panel inside.

👤It is almost ready to use out of the box. It looks great when put up. It was high enough to keep my dogs from jumping it. Light weight makes it easy to swing a side open to get past it. If you place it as a straight line, it will fall over easily, the legs it comes with don't help. If you want it to be straight, you can put it on the wall. If you don't want to put it on the wall, you need to put it in a M, W or ] formation. The gate is larger than my opening using the M or ] formation for stability. With a baby on the way and a traditional baby gate not working on our stairs, I'm considering buying a second one to protect our Christmas tree from the dogs, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

👤I got this for my dog so she wouldn't see it. I was worried about the height but it was perfect. She is a rottweiler blue heeler mix. She is a bigger dog and this keeps her in. I'm about 5'4 and this goes up to my hip or upper thigh for height reference. I would definitely recommend it. Even for bigger dogs.

👤I bought this gate to replace a 3 panel one. My dogs can not easily push it because it is a bit heavier than my old one. The stabilizing feet are a great addition. My old one did not have them. The feet can be moved around from panel to panel in order to achieve the desired level of sturdiness, thanks to the 4th panel. The metal and white combination looks great.

👤A dog gate was needed to prevent door scratching and a drill was needed for it to stand freely. I am so impressed by how sturdy it is. It is also very decorative and has no assembly at all. My dog is small but a good jumper so height was a consideration. This product is exceptional for a big dog or small dog.

👤This is a good product. I had to come up with a way to fix it because my smooth Fox terrier could push an end panel open, but that is just because he is a jerk. My Doberman is respectful and leaves it alone. It won't hold a determined animal or child without help, but it looks nice and was the right price.

4. Unipaws Freestanding Foldable Support Barrier

Unipaws Freestanding Foldable Support Barrier

Ready to use in 30 seconds. Gates are great for small puppies. The folding structure is easy to use. The U/Z shape can be folded with the design. The rubber pads at the bottom of the pet gate prevent scratch on the floor. The structure is built with strong pressed wood and durable dual hinges. It's easy to fit in home décor. The open and folded dimensions are 80" width, 36" height, 0.71" thickness, and 2.84" thickness.

Brand: Unipaws

👤Very happy with the gate. Tall enough to keep my large dogs from jumping over. Sturdy and heavy, unlike the other wooden gates I looked at. The hinges fold both ways and this one comes with 2 feet. I love the gray color it comes in. It was perfect for our needs.

👤We got a gate to keep our dog contained and allow us to have more freedom when we are home. The gate is very easy to outsmart because the dog can push it with their nose and it moves. We were able to make it more sturdy by zip tying it to the sofa leg and using a hook and eye to lock the other side of the gate, but that doesn't make it any easier to move. I would have gotten another pressure mounted gate for less money. Live and learn.

👤I am in love with this gate. I needed to keep my dog out of the kitchen. It is tall enough for my dog and stylish enough to be put in different areas of the house. I didn't buy the ones that you have to adhere to the Walls. I have a chill husky. If you have a herding breed like my parents corgi, this gate may not be able to do the job. It was perfect for me.

👤The gate is very attractive. It blocks access to the front door of my living room. I was not looking for something that would provide security, but this fit the bill. My disabled dog doesn't get stuck on the wood floor if the entryway is MzE is MzE My dogs don't realize that they can push it out of place. It works well to keep them away from the door. If you are trying to keep your dog away from the door, this gate may not work for you. It is easy to get through for people. We love it. The stabilizers are a little loose. The places on the bottom of the gate are where they attach. I have hard floors and this doesn't bother me. It might be difficult if you have a thicker rug.

👤The fence is very strong. The only issue is that it only comes with 2 braces, and if you don't set them up in a zigzag frame, they won't be very secure. They don't work very well on carpet. They are easy to move on the carpet. The last thing they should do is have a gate. You need to go in and out of a room if you set them up to block it. They are strong and very good fence juts, but without a gate, it is a hassle.

👤I opened the package that came with my gate. It is sturdy and beautiful. The package was well packaged and there was no way it could have damaged it. If I had the option, I would give this purchase 10 stars. I am very happy with the purchase, the quality is excellent. I recommend this gate to anyone who needs a pet gate. The gate is better than I expected. I received 2 more panels of gates. Even though the last two gates I purchased are shorter, they are still very sturdy and will not let my dog get out. The stands that come with the gates are amazing.

5. Arf Pets Standing Through Expands

Arf Pets Standing Through Expands

Interrupting panels can be used to form a gate or pen. Sturdy wooden construction is perfect for safely re-stricting your Furry Friends. Unlatch door gate. Adults and pets can gain entry into a pen through a gate. Two feet of support feet are included for additional balance. Flexible connections allow panels to be arranged in different shapes.

Brand: Arf Pets

👤We bought this and the extension gate to block the stairs in our house from our toddler grandsons. We didn't want to drill holes in our walls so we couldn't find something for this purpose. The gate looks great. The support feet work well, but we also use straps to attach the gate to the banister and a closet door handle for more support, because the toddlers still lean and pull on the gate. It's very strong and safe. The walk-through door allows us to leave the gate up for several days while the grandchildren are here, and it is very easy to operate. One person can put up and take down the gate in a couple of minutes. Our children are the most grateful for the gate because it keeps them safe and they don't have to constantly guard the stairs.

👤It is amazing. I was worried about how rigid the product would be and how long it would last. The product comes with two feet to help anchor it and they are very loose the way they sit but work great. I have two Min Pins that have not gotten through or knocked over this gate before. It is easy to secure and lock the door for the life of the gate with the latched door. All of this is dependent on how you bend the gate and where you set the feet, and some slots give it more dexterity than others. The feet are set based on how I use them.

👤The wooden dog gate is very nice. It can stand on its own without being attached to the wall. It has two foot supporters to give it even more stability. You can walk through the door if you need to. When it arrives to your home, there's no preparation work. I wish the gate worked for me. I have a pug dog with separation anxiety. I needed a dog gate to keep him out of my kitchen. My dog was able to push the gate and escape from the side. This may not be the best dog gate for your dog. Before purchasing, make sure you know that your dog will need extra training to not push at the gate. If you place the gate on a slippery surface, it will be easy for your dog to move it. If your dog is chill, this dog gate will suffice. If your dog doesn't like being away from you, you may need to look for other options.

👤I was looking for a gate that was very high quality. I used it to keep my puppy from bolting out of the front door. I used 3M stickys to keep the legs from moving. When I need to clean the floor, I can separate the legs and attach them at the same spot.

👤This is a good gate, better than many other wooden gates on Amazon because of the thick bars and the narrow gap under the door, which is why I got it for my rabbits. The metal hardware parts are flimsy, and that's the main issue with this gate. The metal parts of the gate are not heavy enough to support it if you want to open and close the door multiple times a day. I had to re-attach the hinges after they arrived bent. At some point, I might look into alternative replacement hinges. They are the main weakness of the gate, bringing it down from the excellent durable gate to a gate to be careful with. It's nice that the hinges between the panels can bend in either direction, so you can form the gate you want. Only use this gate on the floor. The feet that come with it don't like surface variations to touch the floor. I had to take a runner from under the gate.

6. Pet Gate Doorways Freestanding Accordion

Pet Gate Doorways Freestanding Accordion

There is a folding pet gate. The puppy product is easy to fold together for storage. The gate is small enough to fit in the closet when folded. A dog gate is an excellent way to keep your pet out of parts of your home. The white finish on the wood gate is more attractive than the plastic ones. Unlike traditional dog gates, this gate doesn't require installation that could damage your home. The pet gate is sturdy enough to barricade your small dog, puppy, or cat without drilling. The indoor pet fence can be used in doorways, at the top or bottom of stairways, or any area you want to keep your pet away from. The product is white. The materials are wood and metal. The dimensions are 1 inch (L) x 54 inches (W) x 24 inches (H). 3 inches (L) x 18 inches (W) x 24 inches (H) are folded.

Brand: Petmaker

👤I've never gotten a worse used product from Amazon. They need to fire the inspector. The gate was coming apart at the corners. The corners were held together with wire. I would have passed if I'd seen this at a garage sale. I had to prop it up against a wall to get a picture.

👤This gate was used to keep my German Shepherd puppy from getting to my carpeting before he was house trained. I would not recommend using this gate completely freestanding. The bungee cord I used to secure one side of my stair newel post made it more secure. It is constructed well and I have not had any issues with it falling apart like other reviewers. I knew it was meant for small pets when I bought it. It is not going to be meant for a pet that is smart enough to defeat it. My 10 pound cat knows how to push the freestanding end to make a gap large enough for her to get through, which works well for my situation, since she needs to be able to escape the puppy at times. It works well for small pets if they are not determined to get past it.

👤The package was broken when I received it. I contacted the seller and exchanged the product. I received the new one within 3-4 days after they paid for the shipping. Great! There is a The new one worked well for a few days, then fell apart. The way they nail the product is terrible. It is a staple because it is near the edge of each wooden piece. Do not recommend this product.

👤A gate is perfect for keeping my dog out of the kitchen at night. It's not a good idea to use it with a dog who jumps or pushes on the gate as it's very lightweight. The lighter weight is an added bonus for me because it is easy to move. It is easy for my cat to move it if he wants to, so unless you reinforce it, you wouldn't want to use it. It's a lot better than a baby gate.

👤This is a new review. Our house has two flights of stairs that are different. The living room and kitchen/dining area on the main floor are wider than standard doorways. I wanted something that contained our dog and allowed us to work at each location. Our dog is a terrier-chihuahua mix. I don't know if it would work with larger dogs. The gate is free-standing and has flexibility that I wanted. It's easy to set up at every location and folds up nicely when not in use. I thought it might be cheap. But was pleasantly surprised by how nice it is.

👤The gate is very cheap. The "wood" has been painted over. It looks like a quick job. It looks fine from a distance. You notice all the flaws up close. The gate I received was not perfect. The last panel was a bit shorter than the other two panels, so it didn't sit completely on the floor. Sometimes it swings open on its own, defeating the purpose. I hope this was a one-off defect. This is the only issue I have found with the gate. The low price of the gate doesn't bother me. The gate is very light. It's convenient to carry around and move. If your pet puts any pressure against it, it will fall over. Even a small dog could knock this thing over. My own dogs won't touch it so it's not an issue for me and serves its purpose.

7. Extra Tall Pressure Mounted Stand

Extra Tall Pressure Mounted Stand

The dog gate is 36 inches tall. It's ideal for use with small dogs. The walk-thru door is handy and convenient. The Child Safety has an automatic door that swings both ways and a double locking door. It has a feature that will let you stay open if you don't want it closed. The pressure mount design is easy to set up. There is no need to punch holes in the wall with no additional tools required. It has a double-locking feature and a one-handed latch. The two-action handle is hard for little kids to open. There are multiple sizes available. To fit openings between 30 and 76 inches wide. The safety gate is suitable for a wide doorway or a narrow bathroom door. Measure your opening prior to purchase to make sure it fits.

Brand: Tsayawa

👤The only tension mounted gate that was wide enough to fit the space we needed was this one. It did not work well after we found one other. I like that this has a ramp to help you see where you have to step over. That is a great safety feature. It is sturdy and opens and closes smoothly. We have not had any issues and are very happy we found this gate. If you have a space that needs a wide fit and you want a tension mount, I highly recommend it. We use this at the top of our stairs, but we have a colonial style house where the railing begins in the hall on the second floor. We were able to block off the hall that leads to the stairway because of this. It was a much better solution for us.

👤The best gates ever. One of my dogs jumps so it needs to be tall. The gates are very sturdy, you can set it up to open right or left, the doors open forward and backward, if you open it 90 it stays open, and it locks in place. Since you have to pull the handle sideways and then up, no small children or dogs can get through. It looks nice. I have two of them to block off the family room. The only gate that I could find that could accommodate both of the widths I needed was this one. These were more expensive. I found them to be worth the price. When you tighten the baby gate into the two sides, you should buy wall cups to protect your walls. The wall cubs will keep the tighteners out of your walls.

👤It was easy to install. I bought the smallest one because it fit perfectly with a mini wall nanny. The bar width is too small for my cat.

👤Excellent product and excellent customer service. The gate is very sturdy and well made, so it is worth the higher price. I needed a smaller extension piece and they were very accommodating and shipped it to me. I highly recommend.

👤The gate was worth the money, even though it was a little pricey. It was very easy to install. There is no movement at all. It can be opened with one hand.

👤The instructions don't make sense. The instructions to install the gate are self-explanatory.

👤My stairway is wide. I couldn't find a gate that would work for this size so I bought a gate for 38.5" and then I bought a wall nanny extension for baby gates. They are easy to use and are exactly what they are described to be. I'm going to buy another gate that I'm using to extend the gap. Highly recommended!

👤It's easy to setup and it's simple to operate. Highly recommend.

8. RONBEI Doorways Extension Mounting Wrench Black

RONBEI Doorways Extension Mounting Wrench Black

Are you still worried that your baby is going to go out of house? Little children are at high risk without safety awareness. The baby safety gate is a great help to protect babies from these risks. One-hand operation and dual-lock system. Babies are good learners. Most baby gates are easy to open. The double-lock system baby gates are hard for babies to open. If you hold the two buttons at the top and bottom of the handle with your hand, the door can be easily opened. The auto close has a specific hinge. The gate will close if it is opened less than 90. The walk-through gate is wide enough for walk through. The wide bars gap prevents your kids and pets from squeezing through. 4 Wall Cups protects the wall and leaves a intact wall or stair, it is easy to assembly and disassemble. The baby safty gate fits opening is 29.53''-32.28'' without extension or 35''-34.78'' with extension. It's ideal for stair, doorway, kitchen and baby room. The heavy-duty steel gate can be used for a long time. The baby gate can be locked tightly to the wall, you don't need to worry about it being pushed down and hurting your children. The gate is in compliance with all USA safety standards. The heavy-duty steel gate can be used for a long time. The baby gate can be locked tightly to the wall, you don't need to worry about it being pushed down and hurting your children. The gate is in compliance with all USA safety standards.

Brand: Ronbei

👤Sturdy, but could use a tiny expansion. The extension that came with the wall gap was too big to leave out. The rubber holder I used to hold the 3in expansion on the wall seemed to work well. It was not nice to have to wait for one more thing to arrive.

👤When I got this, I thought it would fit an extra wide space. It didn't. Theni realized that she could use it on the stairs so the dog wouldn't go in and find used diapers. It was easy for my 14 year old to install and 4 year old to open. The 2 year old just stands and yells until someone opens it for him. I'm very happy with this purchase and would definitely purchase again.

👤This is the best investment I have ever made. I believe the product is made with high quality engineering. If you want it to, there are unexpected features of auto closing. I bought a puppy not to go down the basement and it works just as well as a child safety gate. Love it!

👤We're happy with it. It is sturdy and the puppy can jump over it, but the psychological barrier is too great for her. Installation didn't have to be complicated. The space between the gate and the latch was not a manufacturing problem, but it was obvious that the top had to be Torqued until the two could latch nicely. Align the bottom and top at the same time. You are done if the gate closes firmly. It takes less than 5 minutes to finish. If anyone makes any mistakes it would be mis-aligned. If the bottom is mis-aligned, the bottom can't engage. It is very easy to deal with. The gate can be opened in either direction and there is an internal spring to keep it soft closed, which is convenient when there is a lot of people moving. -Matt

👤We use it to keep our dog out of the bedrooms. Prior to purchasing this gate, we used wood gates and had to climb over or move the gate to get out. The dog can't get through the sides or over the top of the gate if it's not open. The top switch/release catch hurts my finger when I have to open it, so I don't like it. I understand that it is difficult for a small child to open the gate, but the gate also has a latch underneath which has to be released simultaneously.

👤This was purchased as a dog gate. It's easy to install. I was concerned because my opening was outside of the suggested margins, but by removing a tightening bolt it was possible to make it work. It is a solid metal with high quality parts and clear rubber stops that can't be damaged by the outside barriers. If you open the gate to 60 degrees, it will close on its own. The security of the gate requires a handle mechanism with 2 contact points that need to be depressed, but it is very secure. It's easy to do it with one hand, and once you get used to it, it's simple.

9. PAWLAND Freestanding Foldable Included Height 4

PAWLAND Freestanding Foldable Included Height 4

Simple and swift. The dog gate is made of wood and has a pet fence, room divider, and pet pen all in one. Sturdy wood and strong steel wire are used. The rubber feet are non-slip. The pet gate is open. The Pet Dog Fence can be folded out into a wide Z-shape to be used in any place in the house. It's easy to set up and store. It is easy to set up and store the dog gate. No assemble is required. The Pet Gate is assembled already. There was a set of support feet. The open doughnuts are up to 96” in width and 0.75” in depth. 24” width x 3” depth x 31.2” height

Brand: Pawland

👤It was quite a disappointing item. We were going to use it as a baby gate. We have to work on it or rethink. The manufacturer labels were the first flaw. There are two of them. They must have been applied with glue. The spots left after they were removed were marred with paint chips. An annoying flaw. I was rewarded with a sliced open finger for moving the gate. Several welds that were painted over had sharp and jagged points. That's a fatal flaw to me. I am not going to try and get it back. The packing and box was destroyed. I might take the time to grind and repaint some welds. I shouldn't have, but it's unsafe as a baby fence. Poor quality control destroyed a nice product. I would look elsewhere. Follow up... It broke in several places when it fell over. I would say it is junk at this point. Money is thrown away. I'll ask for a refund and see what happens. I am not sure.

👤This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I bought this as a gate so that my wiener dog wouldn't come begging when we sat down to eat or cause trouble trying to eat my plants in the dining room when I didn't have my eyes on her. Since I took it out of the box I have had no problems. I like that it's functional and beautiful, unlike a normal baby-gate. I push back one of the gate ends so we can walk through it. I would be concerned if she were bigger or jumped more, but for us it's perfect. I wouldn't trust this to hold up unless it was installed in a wall, I don't think it would be too hard with a little wall mount and a few screws.

👤This far exceeded my expectations. We needed a simple visual barrier to keep our dogs out of the living room when we can't watch them. I was impressed by this product. It is ready to be put in your space. The space is beautiful. The 4 panel was purchased for the opening.

👤The living room was separated from the kitchen by this gate. It did well for a while. The hinge screws came out at the beginning of the 4th month, just from daily movement, as it began to separate at the joints. I tightened the screws after I glue it back together. My dog knocked it over and the wood from the gate started breaking apart, since the feet do a poor job of supporting it. After about 6 months of use, I am unable to repair it and it is going to the trash. I wouldn't recommend this gate to anyone due to the poor construction and lack ofDurability.

👤These gates are heavy and sturdy. That's their best feature. The drawbacks for me are here. I have a small dog and the first time I put her in the kitchen with the gate blocking her getting out, she tried to get out by sticking her head into the horizontal opening at the top of the gate. I knew she could get her head through the opening and possibly kill herself when she got her head so far into the opening. I'm not a safety freak. They look nice from a distance, but there were missed places in the staining. I ordered the feet to hold it steady. They did not send them. I can still use them, but not in areas where my dog would want to escape from.

10. Safety 1st Install Pressure Fastening

Safety 1st Install Pressure Fastening

The Safety 1st gate is easy to open with one hand, but difficult for children, and is great for homes with babies and pets. The gate should be adjusted to fit doorways that are 29 to 47 inches wide. Pressure-mounted installation requires no tools, drilling, or hardware and allows for quick and easy setup in doors or pass-through areas. When the gate's pressure needs adjusting for extra safety, the SecureTech pressure indicator tells you. You can easily create a safe space for children in your home by using this 36-inch-high baby gate. There is a pressure-mounted baby gate. A one-year limited warranty is included with the JPMA-certified baby gate. This toy is not suitable for young children. It contains marbles, small ball, or small parts. Safety 1st believes that parenting should be more joyful so you enjoy your child's experiences. Safety 1st believes that parenting should be more joyful so you enjoy your child's experiences.

Brand: Safety 1st

👤1. If you need to extend the gate, the unit tells you to put the end caps aside. It doesn't tell you that you have to remove the end caps from the main gate and then pry them out with a sharp end. 2. You have to have 2 people to get it to be straight and to turn the ends so that the pressure ends to the wall. 3. It is a thumb and finger opener. You need both fingers to put pressure on the door. 4. Most baby gates close by swinging it. The thumb and index finger are required again. 5. It looks pretty, but it made me rethink my life choices. 6. I had to buy end protectors to fit with my wall. They are not with the unit.

👤The gate is great. It does everything that is advertised. Adults can easily open it and it looks good. I didn't run into any problems with the install. It took a bit of finger strength to get the proper tension but it was not a big deal. I think most people don't get this trick. Each end has a specific hole for the extenders. There is a top and a bottom piece. If it doesn't fit, flip the extender and it should fit. Another trick. You are supposed to remove the place holders. The screws should be used to pop them out. This doesn't mean push it up. It means to pull the screw out of the hole at the same time, creating some tension. The threads should catch the bottom edge of the insert. I will post a video soon. Enjoy the gate if you must. I didn't receive anything for this review.

👤We are big fans of this gate. It is easy to open and close and it is not ugly. Most of the gates look like baby gates. The gate is really nice. One person in the house is not a fan of the gate. The fat American chinchilla rabbit is very rambunctious and can't get to the stairs. She has figured out all the ways to stop her, but I think this one will work. Our other rabbit is a Tan and is not interested in the gate. Will make sure he can't fit through the bars. They will probably put mesh on the bottom half so they don't try to fit through the bars. The gate has been up for less than 30 minutes and our fat American chinchilla squeezed her fat butt through the bars. Immediate installation of mesh. The bar spacing is fine for a child, but rabbits are shifty ninjas.

👤The safety of the latch is not in danger. We didn't need the difficult to operate latch safety because we were using puppy containment. The safety was removed when I took the latch apart. I lubricated the latch with grease because it was difficult for my mother-in-law to operate. Everyone is happy. The gate comes with stops at the bottom to stop it from swinging in either direction if you only want it to operate in one direction. These are riveted in place rather than bolted and are prone to falling down. We don't need them to restrict the motion of the gate, but they kept falling down and stripping up the motion of the gate. The puppy likes to chew on it, so I taped them in place. I would have removed them on the first day if they had been bolted on.

11. Summer Extra Tall Decor Safety

Summer Extra Tall Decor Safety

Extra time: The Summer Extra Tall Decor Safety Gate is perfect for doorways, hallways, and stairways. The baby gate is 36” tall and fits openings 28” to 38.25” wide. Easy installation. The baby gate can be installed on stairways with the included kit or between hallways or doorways with no drill mount. Hardware mounting requires tools. Adult assembly is required. The baby gate has a simple one-handed walk-thru door that allows parents to move easily from room to room. It's easy to walk through the door. The baby gate from Summer is safe and secure, so have peace of mind. Extra security will be provided at the top of stairs by the door stopper. There is a baby gate. The arched doorway and gray finish of the baby gate make it child proof. It is perfect for use with toddlers and pets. There is a baby gate. The arched doorway and gray finish of the baby gate make it child proof. It is perfect for use with toddlers and pets.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤This gate made me happy. Excellent construction material. It works exactly as it should. It looks and feels like an adult, not a college student's last minute solution. This is the kind of place where an approaching-retirement pyramid marketing guru who pours all her effort into maintaining appearances but needs to put a gate between her rooms would live. This lady knows how to stage a house, so if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me. This goes beyond just aesthetic and smart install. It is very good quality, thick metal, and not heavy but still sturdy, so a strong dog or baby can be imprisoned in it as long as needed or as benevolent conscience will allow. For me, this is about 5 minutes while I pet my dog-hating cats, or up to an hour while said cats eat their wet dins and perform a show for my sad dog to demonstrate how much she can't possibly eat them behind the gate, no. If you pull it out of the box, it seems like the gate is not straight, that is normal. It's built to favor one side for the sake of physics, so that when you put it up in the doorway, it has enough pressure to stay shut. It's fine on the walls. It's great, have moved it around a few times. I was able to install it myself from a wheelchair because I'm crippled. It is a little heavy, and I have some use of my feet, but my point is that most people should be able to install it without too much trouble. I didn't use the instructions, but they came with them.

👤This gate is amazing! My 2 year old couldn't conquer something. He is able to figure out how to open gates and doors quickly. The gate is toddler proof and tall enough that he can't climb over it. To open the gate you have to slide the top piece. My 6 year old can do it with 2 hands. Adults can do it with one hand. It is not difficult. It does the job. He can't push it down like he did the last time. It's pretty easy to install. I think the other reviews were user error. I would buy this again.

👤A great gate. The gate is taller than the other gates and has a nice top rail style. The gate is very sturdy and well constructed. The stone grey finish is beautiful. It is easy to install, but remember to not unclip the zip tie holding the gate door to the side piece until you have measured and put the gate in place. The gate door is held under real tension by this zip tie to allow you to measure, screw tabs to wall or doorway and secure the gate before you cut it. If you accidentally cut the zip tie, you will need to use one of your own zip ties to pull the two sections together and then install the gate. It will take some strength to do this. There is a sticker on the gate but it is worth repeating. The lower gate frame bar is off the floor so you have to step over it every time you walk through it. If any of the mentioned items are in use at your home, be aware that you won't be able to push a wheel chair, walker, baby stroller or grocery wagon through the gate once it's installed. This is the best gate I have ever seen. It's easy to install. The thumb button can be used to open and close the gate. We bought a doorway to keep a large bread puppy out of the foot traffic area so it gets a lot of use. We have no issues with the gate, button release,latch or door in the month we have used it. Great purchase.


What is the best product for dog gates for the house tall?

Dog gates for the house tall products from Pawland. In this article about dog gates for the house tall you can see why people choose the product. Cosend and Spirich are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog gates for the house tall.

What are the best brands for dog gates for the house tall?

Pawland, Cosend and Spirich are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog gates for the house tall. Find the detail in this article. Unipaws, Arf Pets and Petmaker are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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