Best Dog Gates for The House Extra Wide White

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1. Carlson Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate

Carlson Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate

The gate and wall should not be more than 2.5 inches apart. Make sure you adjust the gate to make it safe. Extra wide. It can be expanded to stairways and openings between 22-38 inches wide. It's 18 inches tall. The pressure mount is quick to set up. It is gentle on walls. The small pet door. The small pet door is Patented. Small pets should pass through, while everyone else stays out. The locking feature is included. It is adjusted. The quick fit patented system is perfect for doorways, hallways and stairs. The gate can be taken out of the opening. No assembly is required. The all steel design is convenient and durable. The safety-lock feature and non-toxic finishes are included.

Brand: Carlson Pet Products

👤Our new puppy decided she could walk right through the replacement gate we bought, so we bought this as a replacement. It arrived on time and was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. She has an optional walk through. We don't have to pick her up every time we want her in the room. I just ordered a second one because we love it so much, and it's made of the same metal as our other larger gates. We've spent hundreds of dollars on baby gates over the years and the price is a big plus. The smaller width between the bars is perfect for our yorkie as she can't fit her head and body through it. I provided before and after pictures to show how quickly the gate solved our problem. Our little guy is not very fond of it. It's a good thing! It's a great recommendation for anyone with a small toy puppy who needs barriers.

👤This is amazing. I don't have to worry about falling because our 2 mini Aussies don't have access to cat food. I'm short so I don't like stepping over gates for fear of falling. My dogs can go through the cat gate, I gave them treats on the other side to see if they could fit through. The gate is low enough for Zoey and Casanova to jump over it. We keep the dogs out of the cat room/office by closing the door at night and opening it in the morning. One of our Aussies can clear the gate by jumping over it, but I am good with that. The gate arrived and I had to read the instructions for a while. It's very easy to install and uninstall. It feels very solid. I recommend this for anyone with a dog that won't jump the gate. The cat door has a height of 18 inches and a distance between the bars of 2 inches.

👤I was looking for something that I could step over, but a gate to keep my dogs from climbing the stairs. I have 3 dogs and one of them has 3 legs so I didn't want her to get hurt climbing the stairs. She's 888-609- 888-609- 888-609-4s is 888-609-4s in the picture It's a good thing.

👤I like that it has side bumpers, but with the rounded edges and bar through the middle, my puppy was able to climb over it quickly. It would be perfect if it was a bit taller. I'm stuck with them because return shipping costs are not worth sending back.

👤I have used mounted pet gates in my home before, but they were removed once my dogs were trained to stay away from forbidden areas. I thought this walk over low gate might be a good choice if I needed to set up a temporary barrier. The sides that will be touching the wall are black, but the top is taller than the floor, so the top didn't touch the wall at all. I tried it in a different area with no baseboards, and all 4 nubs were not touching, they were pretty hard and would be better with more flexible rubber that could conform with ease. The pressure device is the biggest problem I have. The holes in the rod that spreads the gate are about 1/2 inch apart. You don't get a good fit when you are between sizes because the pin to lock the gate in place has to go into one of the holes. I could not get a tight pressure fit because the holes were not positioned right. It might be possible to force the gate to a tight setting if the black rubber nubs on the ends were more rubbery. Even with 2 people pulling the gate open as hard as possible, it was impossible to get a proper fit.

2. InnoTruth Coverage Hallways Bedrooms Pressure

InnoTruth Coverage Hallways Bedrooms Pressure

The wooden folding fence was included. It is easier to cover standard stairways, hallways, door openings, and other accessible points with the larger coverage area. Their baby gate has two different locking features to add even more home protection. The bottom of the gate has a safetylatch on it. Their safety child gate is completely intact. There are pressure screws on either side of the dog gate that will not damage the walls and will be easy to install. It is the perfect pet gate for small puppies. This baby gate for the stairs and other areas of the house automatically closes at 30 and 90 degrees to help prevent kids from trying to sneak in behind you.

Brand: Innotruth

👤I wouldn't pay $60 bucks for a nice unit. I received a $24 dollar cashback. There is no mention of screws in the heading or description. I thought it was mounted under pressure. If you're not using this for a baby gate, it can be. The instructions warn you not to use it without the wall cups. Look at images. If you don't have wall cups, there's a chance a toddler could push it or lean against it and the gate will fall over. And your child with it. I ordered a unit that was pressure mounted so I wouldn't be drilling holes, because I live in an apartment. I don't have to install the wall cups because I use this for the dog gate. If it's going to be a child gate, you will be drilling holes into the door jam. There is no mention of screws in the heading or description. The video is titled "No perforating" No screws are involved. If you're using this for a baby or toddler gate, that's not true. The ad was titled "InnoTruth Extra Tall Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways, 29” to 39.6”Adjustable Width with 36” Height, Dog Gate with Wall Pressure Mounted Frame, and Auto-Close Baby Gates for Toddler and Pet, Black." They're being reasonable. They don't mention that you have to screw wall cups into the wall. They described it as a Wall Pressure Mounted Frame. They're trying to slip it by you, so you'll need to screw it into the door jam when using it for a child. Please contact this company and tell them to stop false advertising for Amazon. Thank you.

👤I have a toddler and 3 dogs, there are many times I need a gate for different areas. For the longest time, I need another one. I finally have another baby gate to use in the home and this one is my favorite gate. It fits into the door frame better than any of the other gates. The installation was very easy. The gap in the gate is not a defect, and most importantly, do not pull the zip tie off the gate until it is installed. The gate puts an extra zip tie into the packaging if you miss the first memo. The walk-thru gates that I own have one issue that I have to manuallylatch, the other is that it is self-closing. It works perfectly every time, because it has enough lack in the gate that you can keep the gate open. The color black is my favorite color and I am happy to have it match my home, the other two gates are white and gray and do not match my home. It doesn't seem like a big deal to someone else, but it makes me happy.

👤Our 18 month old granddaughter was able to push open the old gate because the bolt part of the locking system was not very good. We invested in this gate. The gate has been great so far. My granddaughter tried to open the gate. She can't get the door lock to hold tight. The door locking system is the best feature, the old gate was hard to open, but my 88 year old mother can open it. The box was damaged but there was nothing wrong with it. I would recommend this gate to anyone.

3. PAWLAND Freestanding Foldable Included Height 4

PAWLAND Freestanding Foldable Included Height 4

Simple and swift. The dog gate is made of wood and has a pet fence, room divider, and pet pen all in one. Sturdy wood and strong steel wire are used. The rubber feet are non-slip. The pet gate is open. The Pet Dog Fence can be folded out into a wide Z-shape to be used in any place in the house. It's easy to set up and store. It is easy to set up and store the dog gate. No assemble is required. The Pet Gate is assembled already. There was a set of support feet. The open doughnuts are up to 96” in width and 0.75” in depth. 24” width x 3” depth x 31.2” height

Brand: Pawland

👤It was quite a disappointing item. We were going to use it as a baby gate. We have to work on it or rethink. The manufacturer labels were the first flaw. There are two of them. They must have been applied with glue. The spots left after they were removed were marred with paint chips. An annoying flaw. I was rewarded with a sliced open finger for moving the gate. Several welds that were painted over had sharp and jagged points. That's a fatal flaw to me. I am not going to try and get it back. The packing and box was destroyed. I might take the time to grind and repaint some welds. I shouldn't have, but it's unsafe as a baby fence. Poor quality control destroyed a nice product. I would look elsewhere. Follow up... It broke in several places when it fell over. I would say it is junk at this point. Money is thrown away. I'll ask for a refund and see what happens. I am not sure.

👤This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I bought this as a gate so that my wiener dog wouldn't come begging when we sat down to eat or cause trouble trying to eat my plants in the dining room when I didn't have my eyes on her. Since I took it out of the box I have had no problems. I like that it's functional and beautiful, unlike a normal baby-gate. I push back one of the gate ends so we can walk through it. I would be concerned if she were bigger or jumped more, but for us it's perfect. I wouldn't trust this to hold up unless it was installed in a wall, I don't think it would be too hard with a little wall mount and a few screws.

👤This far exceeded my expectations. We needed a simple visual barrier to keep our dogs out of the living room when we can't watch them. I was impressed by this product. It is ready to be put in your space. The space is beautiful. The 4 panel was purchased for the opening.

👤The living room was separated from the kitchen by this gate. It did well for a while. The hinge screws came out at the beginning of the 4th month, just from daily movement, as it began to separate at the joints. I tightened the screws after I glue it back together. My dog knocked it over and the wood from the gate started breaking apart, since the feet do a poor job of supporting it. After about 6 months of use, I am unable to repair it and it is going to the trash. I wouldn't recommend this gate to anyone due to the poor construction and lack ofDurability.

👤These gates are heavy and sturdy. That's their best feature. The drawbacks for me are here. I have a small dog and the first time I put her in the kitchen with the gate blocking her getting out, she tried to get out by sticking her head into the horizontal opening at the top of the gate. I knew she could get her head through the opening and possibly kill herself when she got her head so far into the opening. I'm not a safety freak. They look nice from a distance, but there were missed places in the staining. I ordered the feet to hold it steady. They did not send them. I can still use them, but not in areas where my dog would want to escape from.

4. Regalo 6 Inch 12 Inch Extension Pressure

Regalo 6 Inch 12 Inch Extension Pressure

Extra wide. It can fit openings between 29-38 and 42-47 inches wide. It's 30 inches tall. Measure your opening prior to purchase to make sure it fits. The pressure mount is easy to use and set up. There is a gap between the gate latch and the frame which is not a defect and it is not bent. Once installed, this gap will be eliminated. A 4-inch wide and 12-inch wide extension kit is adjusted. It's perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair use. The gate can be taken out of the opening. Additional extensions are sold separately. The all steel design is convenient and durable. Certified to both standards. There are wipes that are clean. Four wall cups for added security and mounting hardware are included in safety. It's perfect for children 6-24 months. It's great for pets as well. Four wall cups for added security and mounting hardware are included in safety. It's perfect for children 6-24 months. It's great for pets as well.

Brand: Regalo

👤I've been looking at the negative reviews of this item. I have to put it down to people not knowing how to install it. The metal gate has two extensions, one for either side. I have a small opening in my back hallway. I picked up an extra wide gate at the store. It was very high and difficult to step over. I needed a gate for walking through. I found this one here on Amazon, but I was not happy with the reviews about it being a plastic piece of junk, "unsteady and easily pushed over", etc. Since I'm on prime, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and make my own judgement. I thought I'd return the one I bought locally or the one I bought online. I needed one of the extenders for my opening. I used the bigger of the two sizes. Maybe some people who had stability issues used the wrong size extender. I don't know... The gate has threaded rods that you can use to close the gap between the wall and the extender. They are easy to adjust because they have adjustment knobs. Also, note that The gap between the gate and latch is closed when the gate is tightened. If you look at the gate out of the box, you could say it doesn't line up properly, but once tightened up, it's lined up perfectly. I had this thing tightened up and installed in 5 minutes. The locking mechanism is easy to use and the swinging gate works like a champ. People have problems with the latch. Pull the gate back and open it. It has a piece that goes over the bottom rail to keep the gate steady on the bottom end, so you have to lift it. I didn't screw the wall receivers into the wall. I wanted to check out the function before I put the screws in. To anyone who said that a child or anyone else could knock this over, it was not possible to screw the wall receivers into a solid wooden part of the wall. You would have to bend the gate to get it out of those. So... Sorry for the lengthy review. I don't like seeing products criticized for their poor installation. I wanted to pass on this item, but I'm glad I didn't. I won't be going to the bathroom in the middle of the night because it's worth the price.

👤I should've listened to the other reviews that said it doesn't work for all of the widths, but I was confused by some of the answers so I took a chance on it. This doesn't work well on 40 openings, and won't work on one between 37" and 41", so I'll explain why. Some reviews state that it comes with an extension kit. The description says it comes with one 4" extension and one12" extension, but I received one. I didn't get an extension. The main gate with the pressure mounts is 28.5" wide, and the instructions clearly state that there should be no more than 2.5 on each side between the gate and the wall. I'm going to lower the allowed gap on each side to 2 because I think the 2.5" may be pushing it. We can see that it would work on the following openings: 29" - 33" with no extension, 33" - 37" with the 4" extension, 41" - 45" with the 12" extension, and 49" with both extensions. If your opening is between 37" and 41" you are out of luck. You may be able to use it with a 38" opening, but I wouldn't trust it. If you look at the image attached, you might think it's okay. You can see that the top left is holding on by a single thread. It will slide off the wall if you put too much pressure on it. It couldn't possibly be sturdy because there were more than 2.5 on each side and it was 33" wide. I bought this to keep my dog out of the room. She is a 6 pound chihuahua and can fit through the sides. I returned to this listing to see if I could get another extension kit. It turns out that the extension kits aren't sold individually on Amazon. They sell them on their website. The only one they sell for this model is a 4 inch extension, which is only $17.98, and it doesn't even match the one that comes with this. The product888-607-888-607-888-607-3166888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 is selling for $38.99) at the time of this888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 Do they expect us to pay almost half of the price for an extension? I will be returning the product because it was the last straw. The reason I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 is because it seems like it would be a sturdy and good product if it fit my opening properly. I hope that the extension kits provided by the company match the width that it claims to fit, or that the description is updated to remove the widths that aren't compatible.

5. Retractable Durable Outdoor Indoor Safety

Retractable Durable Outdoor Indoor Safety

Retractable design and spacing space allows easy use in high traffic areas without the need for a disassembler and is designed to adjust to any door width up to 54 inches. You won't worry about taking up any space when your baby or pets are not at home because you chose this gate. The mesh lining can be rolled up to save space. One-handed operation. The simple 2-step operation allows you to open and close while holding your child. Push, twist and release the button. Pull the handle to open the gate. It is easy to open with one hand, but difficult for children. It is easy and convenient to install. The location of the mounting holes is determined by a template printed on the package. There are 2 sets of mounting accessories in each package. Gate can be moved from the gate mount hardware to another location where the gate mounting brackets are installed. The mesh is scratch resistant. Their baby will always fall when he learns to crawl and walk. Their baby will not be hurt when they accidentally bumped into the door because of the strong and soft mesh gate. Function: The upgraded design of the baby extension gate is safer and more convenient to use, and it protects your baby or pets from hazardous stairs and off-limits areas. Function: The upgraded design of the baby extension gate is safer and more convenient to use, and it protects your baby or pets from hazardous stairs and off-limits areas.

Brand: Betertek

👤Does not affect the goal of moving past it. My toddler has broken it beyond repair after only a few weeks of use. It's going to be a waste of money if you have to go with something much heavier than that, unless you want to block access to animals that are well behaved. The seller will try to get you to leave a negative review, they will offer to give you Amazon credit to take the review down. I have had to block some email accounts.

👤This item will be ordered a couple more. It is easy to install, and comes with extra parts that you can use to move the gate to another place. I keep my 55lb mixed breed and 10lb Malshi in a room when visitors come and my kids are playing outside. It is easy to use.

👤I installed two of these for my child. There are one at each end of the stair. Installation took longer than I expected as I had to rig a wood board to my stair rails on one side. I had to make my own spacers as the ones provided were too wide and conflicted with my moldings. The gates are working. The only issue so far is the connection to the wallboard. The plastic anchors that came with the stud are pulling out slowly. I will have to use better anchors.

👤I left a review before, but I am leaving a second one after a year. If you have a shepherd dog, don't buy it. These gates are great for dogs with small bodies. However, my 35 lbs. The Australian Shepherd just snapped the plastic brackets. He was able to jump over it. The brackets and gate should be made of metal. I believe that any high strung dog can't be restrained by these gates. The gate is good for small children. I don't think I would use it at the top of the staircase. My dog was able to push through the gate. A 35 lbs child pushing on a gate at the top of a staircase is something I would be worried about.

👤The product came in good condition and easy to understand. The screws and hangars are garbage. I used my own. The gate is garbage and I rated so low because of it. I should have tested it before I mounted it, but I thought it came in good packing. I tried to pull out the screen after it hung, but it wouldn't budge. I was supposed to be able to pull it out. I had to pull it out. Let's just say that it didn't work at all when it was pulled back in. I had to yank it to get it to come out and then pull it back in. The seller's card advised me to email them. I gave them 12 hours to respond. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with this product and the seller has not responded. It is a many factor default and not a shipping issue because the retracting machinist is internal. I am returning a product and will find a similar product from a different seller. Don't make this your one stop shop. It seems that there are other comparable products at a better price.

6. Extra Tall Pressure Mounted Stand

Extra Tall Pressure Mounted Stand

The dog gate is 36 inches tall. It's ideal for use with small dogs. The walk-thru door is handy and convenient. The Child Safety has an automatic door that swings both ways and a double locking door. It has a feature that will let you stay open if you don't want it closed. The pressure mount design is easy to set up. There is no need to punch holes in the wall with no additional tools required. It has a double-locking feature and a one-handed latch. The two-action handle is hard for little kids to open. There are multiple sizes available. To fit openings between 30 and 76 inches wide. The safety gate is suitable for a wide doorway or a narrow bathroom door. Measure your opening prior to purchase to make sure it fits.

Brand: Tsayawa

👤The only tension mounted gate that was wide enough to fit the space we needed was this one. It did not work well after we found one other. I like that this has a ramp to help you see where you have to step over. That is a great safety feature. It is sturdy and opens and closes smoothly. We have not had any issues and are very happy we found this gate. If you have a space that needs a wide fit and you want a tension mount, I highly recommend it. We use this at the top of our stairs, but we have a colonial style house where the railing begins in the hall on the second floor. We were able to block off the hall that leads to the stairway because of this. It was a much better solution for us.

👤The best gates ever. One of my dogs jumps so it needs to be tall. The gates are very sturdy, you can set it up to open right or left, the doors open forward and backward, if you open it 90 it stays open, and it locks in place. Since you have to pull the handle sideways and then up, no small children or dogs can get through. It looks nice. I have two of them to block off the family room. The only gate that I could find that could accommodate both of the widths I needed was this one. These were more expensive. I found them to be worth the price. When you tighten the baby gate into the two sides, you should buy wall cups to protect your walls. The wall cubs will keep the tighteners out of your walls.

👤It was easy to install. I bought the smallest one because it fit perfectly with a mini wall nanny. The bar width is too small for my cat.

👤Excellent product and excellent customer service. The gate is very sturdy and well made, so it is worth the higher price. I needed a smaller extension piece and they were very accommodating and shipped it to me. I highly recommend.

👤The gate was worth the money, even though it was a little pricey. It was very easy to install. There is no movement at all. It can be opened with one hand.

👤The instructions don't make sense. The instructions to install the gate are self-explanatory.

👤My stairway is wide. I couldn't find a gate that would work for this size so I bought a gate for 38.5" and then I bought a wall nanny extension for baby gates. They are easy to use and are exactly what they are described to be. I'm going to buy another gate that I'm using to extend the gap. Highly recommended!

👤It's easy to setup and it's simple to operate. Highly recommend.

7. Spirich Standing Foldable Doorway Included

Spirich Standing Foldable Doorway Included

Simple and swift. The dog gate is made of wood and has a pet fence, room divider, and pet pen all in one. The wire is made of wood and steel. The rubber feet are non-slip. The Pet Dog Fence can be folded into the wide Z-shape and used in Full Hallways, Double Doors, or Standard Doorways. It's easy to set up and store. It is easy to set up and store the dog gate. The pet panels are secured with sturdy hinges for multiple configurations. This is not required. The pet gate is completely assembled. The 30” tall provides a tall barrier for larger animals. Extra wide and open doughnuts are included. 0.75”Depth. COLLAPSED DEMS are 20” wide and 4” deep. USABLE DIMENSIONS: Up to 74" Extra wide and open doughnuts are included. 0.75”Depth. COLLAPSED DEMS are 20” wide and 4” deep. USABLE DIMENSIONS: Up to 74"

Brand: Spirich

👤The 4 panel white folding pet gate is of the highest quality. The wood and metal panels, hinges and feet, and the gates are very sturdy and work well for my puppy. The stability feet were a big plus for this gate. Other vendors on Amazon charge more for the feet. I just ordered 3 more of the 3 panel gates to use around the 3 staircases in my home, instead of installing baby gates, because the quality is so good. I can't recommend this product enough.

👤We needed something to keep my daughter's puppy out of our living room and the front room of our house. We had to buy two gates because the openings are too wide. It's easy to set up, sturdy, and not easily knocked over, so far so good, we have a larger dog and were worried that he'd just bowl it over, but so far so good. It was a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. It's worth it!

👤I wanted to love this gate. When we received this gate in the mail, we were excited about how heavy it was. We bought it because of the reviews that said it was not likely to fall over because of its weight. I agree that it is heavy, so it is not likely to tip over. I don't agree with the ability to use it immediately after pulling it out of the box. The box was coming apart at the seams when we pulled it out. They attached the metal to the wood and then screwed them back into place. We were very happy. We saw that our puppy had something in her mouth and had to dig it out. It was a screw, but it wasn't the only one that fell out after we set up the gate. The dog could reach them on the other side of the gate, but I found 2 more on the floor. The wood was stripped and no longer able to hold the screws in after we tried to re-screw them in. The connections to the screws were weakened when three more screws fell out later that day. The weight of the gate caused half of the gate to fall to the floor and break in four places. We used wood glue to try to put it back together, but we hope to hear back from the seller soon so that we can fix the situation.

👤I wanted a high, sturdy, freestanding gate that I could place on my front porch to keep my Shelties away from the cat. It had to be heavy enough not to blow down from the wind and mobile enough to be brought inside at night. I read some positive reviews about this gate and ordered it after looking in box stores and online. Very happy! I like the metal wire and wood combination. I chose the white wood with black wire for the look I wanted. This is not pressed sawdust. It is the real deal, heavy, coated with a nice finish and the dimensions are correct. There is also a lighter silver color wire. The three panel does not come with feet. It is very well-equipped and contains my guys, much to their disappointment. The package was well packaged with corners and sides covered in styrofoam and cardboard. Not a scratch on it! The delivery time was excellent. Even though my Shelties would rather be chasing that cat, it's highly recommended.

8. Munchkin Extending Tall Hardware Extends

Munchkin Extending Tall Hardware Extends

Measure your desired opening prior to purchase to ensure a proper fit for the hardware mount baby gate. Great for use in hallways and doorways. It is suitable for children 6 to 24 months. The gate is easy to remove when the company is over. Use a damp cloth to wipe. The unique structure of the tilt hinge mechanism places less stress on walls. One way opening for use on stairs and another for use in doorways. It is difficult for a child to use a handle. The white baby gate is made from high quality steel and looks great in any style of decor.

Brand: Munchkin

👤I like this gate, but I don't like the screws and anchors they included. I have two of them, one at the top of my stairs and one at the bottom of my laundry room. I spent a few hours carefully installing the gates because they have worked well at containing my kids. The gate is heavy enough that you should mount it into the studs. Do not use flimsy anchors if you must mount it to the wall. Use stronger bolts. Bigger screws are recommended. The screws are small. Most of the US's drywall is 1/2 inch thick and the plastic mounting brackets are between 1/2 and 1/2 inch thick. I used screws that were about 1 1/2 inch long and a little thicker, but I also needed to mount through a 1/2 inch baseboard, so I only have about 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch of screw in the stud. I put 1/2 inch boards behind the upper mounts to match the spacing of the baseboards. I put two more screws on the boards to increase the strength of the gate. The gate is sturdy and can be opened with one hand, but it is hard for my kids to open it. You can pull the gate up if the triangular latch swings to the side. It takes some practice to open it with one hand and the spring is strong enough that people with problems like arthritis will have a hard time. Lift the gate to close it. The gate will bounce off the latch if you swing it. The gate can be used at the top of the stairs, but it's hard for my kids to open it with one hand. It can be set to open one direction or both directions. The screws and anchors are not easy to install and may be too stiff for some people. You have to lift it.

👤Gate did not have an issue. The whole gate is easy to un-clip. I took a couple of hours. I am a general contractor. It would take 30 minutes to install another. I read the reviews before buying. The people should have hired a carpenter. I followed a few tips. The cheap screws and wall anchors were not used. First, lay out the parts. Carefully measure 4. Use a level 5. Read the instructions before drilling the gate. Before drilling 6, adjust the gate to width. Before drilling 7, shorten or lengthen the joint to be below 2 14 inches. The last part is easy to miss. When done, a thumb and fingers open it. Do it correctly. It is easy to span 56 inches.

👤My puppies were not allowed to jump over the gate that covered the width of my doorway because it was too small. I liked it. The only issue I have with this gate is that it needs a metal hinge, not plastic. I am unable to get replacement parts because my gate broke. I don't want to have to buy another gate just for the hinge. I have to add my gate to the trash because I can't find a replacement hinge.

9. Pet Gate Doorways Freestanding Accordion

Pet Gate Doorways Freestanding Accordion

There is a folding pet gate. The puppy product is easy to fold together for storage. The gate is small enough to fit in the closet when folded. A dog gate is an excellent way to keep your pet out of parts of your home. The gray finish on the wood gate is more attractive than the plastic ones. Unlike traditional gates, this gate doesn't require installation that could damage your home. The pet gate is sturdy enough to barricade your small dog, puppy, or cat without drilling. The indoor pet fence can be used in doorways, at the top or bottom of stairways, or any area you want to keep your pet away from. There is a product details. The color was gray. The materials are wood and metal. The dimensions are 1 inch (L) x 72 inches (W) x 24 inches (H). 4 inches (L) x 18 inches (W) x 24 inches (H) are folded.

Brand: Petmaker

👤I don't need to use this for a pet. I bought this to make it harder for people to use my front porch as a pass-through to the other units in my area. We are the only ones who have this problem, and it's a pet peeve of mine because I'm a privacy nut. To keep people from cutting through our porch, I'm putting a gate up that tells them to use the sidewalk. The gate is sturdy and folds neatly so that it can be stored in a small space. I will have to take the gate down occasionally. The gray blends well with the paint on the porch. I'm not sure how well this would work with pets because most of them could push it over. I would probably get a gate that was attached to a wall more firmly if that was how I needed it.

👤We used this to protect our puppy from the Christmas tree. It worked well for us. If our dog was going to push it over or try to climb it, it wouldn't have worked. It's not as tall as I 888-276-5932 I was more concerned about the width. You can see the height from the picture. She's 40 lbs. She is tall. The gate looks nice in our home, compared to the cardboard box we had to use before we ordered it.

👤I think the quality of the gate is pretty good, even though a lot of reviews said it was very flimsy. Will your dog be able to get to what's on the other side? It is likely. If they respect a deterrent. It should be fine. The size of your dog is also important. I keep my pit mix away from the Christmas tree because she respects gates. I wish this gate was double-hinged because I gave manueverability 3 stars. It would sit around my tree instead of being in the front. It isn't flimsy, but it isn't super sturdy. It is easy to fold and the color is neutral.

👤I gave it a 1 star because no stars are an option. There are areas of missing paint. The edges are so sharp that you or your pet could get a cut. I was worried that it would scratch the floor. It isn't terribly expensive, but that's not an excuse for poor quality. I will return it and look for a better product.

👤I bought a few of these fences to keep my puppy out of certain places around the house. These are the right size to block doorways and stairs. I have used them to block areas where I have surge protectors and to separate my dog from his puppy when he was small. We used the puppies at night to keep the dogs out of certain rooms where they aren't allowed because the puppy is 10 mos old. The puppy chewed on the bars off the fence, but apple spray took care of that. I like that they came in a couple of neutral colors, which blend in nicely around the house. Buying a variety of sizes will allow for more flexibility.

10. Regalo WideSpan Extension Pressure Mounting

Regalo WideSpan Extension Pressure Mounting

Extra wide. It can fit openings between 29 and 56 inches wide. It's 30 inches tall. Measure your opening prior to purchase to make sure it fits. The pressure mount is easy to use and set up. There is a gap between the gate latch and the frame which is not a defect and it is not bent. Once installed, this gap will be eliminated. A 4, 8 and 12-inch wide extension kit and 4 pressure mount spindle rods are adjusted. It's perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair use. The gate can be taken out of the opening. There are wipes that are clean. Four wall cups for added security and mounting hardware are included in the safety certified package. It's perfect for children 6-24 months. It's great for pets as well. The all steel design is convenient and durable. Certified to both standards. Sturdy construction. The gate and wall should not be more than 2.5 inches apart. Make sure you adjust the gate to make it safe. The gate and wall should not be more than 2.5 inches apart. Make sure you adjust the gate to make it safe.

Brand: Regalo

👤I would only give 2 stars to this product. Another product makes this gate usable for us, which is why it gets an additional star. The locking feature is a good one. It could fit many different sizes in our home. It is sturdy when installed in a good location. This will not fit all openings it advertises, even with 3 different extension pieces. The opening is 47” at the top and 44” at the baseboards. One extension combo is too short and can make it very unsafe if you have infants or toddlers who push and pull on the gate. The extension is too wide and doesn't fit across the bottom. The gate works great when installed using wall guards from a different company, and so far it appears to be sturdy and doesn't bow. I only give this gate 3 stars because I think it should work without additional products.

👤This was a waste of time. I needed a gate for my doorway. The rods didn't reach far enough with one panel. The gate was too wide when I tried to add another panel. It seems like they need to sign the gate again to fit up to 58 inches.

👤The gate is not in a bad state. Our space is 55 inches wide and with all the extensions it is too long for the space and without them it is 2 short... I ordered the 24 inch and am hopeful that the gate will work for our space. The metal gate has to be just the right size to fit the space that you need, and the extensions have to be just the right size. I am not happy that I had to pay an additional $25 for another extension or that I now have to go more times without a gate in the spot that I needed it. I had high hopes for this gate and am not happy with it so far.

👤I bought this gate to keep my two small dogs in the utility room while I am away. The gate is wonderful. They can't get their heads caught in the small dividers. I used to close the door but they didn't like it. They would jump on the door and leave marks on it. When they have to be behind the gate, they don't put up a fuss. They like the fact that they can still look out at the rest of the house, even though they can't see what's happening in the other part of the house. They watch TV through the gate while I am away and they don't bother me because they can see what's happening. The gate was easy to put up and down, and I don't have to worry about putting it up and down when I want to clean the floor. I simply open the latch when I want to let them back in the house because it doesn't take a genius to open it. I didn't need to use this section because it has an extra piece that came with it for wider door frames. I was very pleased with the quality.

11. Short Freestanding Decorative Foldable Doorways

Short Freestanding Decorative Foldable Doorways

Care instructions. Spot clean. Wipe with a damp cloth. Pets are not allowed to chew on this gate. Keep away from open flames. An essential for every pet owner. The Hoovy Decorative Pet Gate can be used to block your dog's access to specific areas of your house or office, including hallways, stairways, doors, entryways and even the area between couches! It's a freestanding design and no tools, no assembly, no sheath, it will prove you right every time. It's semi-oval shape is great for a variety of indoor spaces. Do you need to move the gate somewhere else? It's made with real wood and it's just under 8 lbs, so you can lift it up with one hand. It will complement the contemporary design of your home. The decorative pet gate is perfect for small and medium dogs and it is 20'' tall and 47.5'' wide when fully extended. Not recommended for under trained pets or non trainable pets. Real service and mission When you purchase Hoovy, you can be confident that you have a team of people ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They can help you with anything. 10% of the profits from this item will be donated to charity. This will be a great gift to give someone.

Brand: Hoovy

👤The product is great for small dogs. It comes fully assembled out of the box, feels solid, has enough weight that a small dog would have trouble pushing it over, and the hinges/panels. All line up perfectly. The paint job is not good to the point that it seems unfinished. The inner sections have a dust coat on them but it looks like there is dirt build up from the wood. This is going to be more of a visual barrier for your dog since it is short. Our cava dog sees a gate and doesn't try to jump it so it works for us.

👤My mini golden retriever has learned to push herself over the gate by putting her paws into the opening.

👤This is perfect for my 15lb ish rat terrier,Layla, who needs to stay out of the baby's room and off the stairs. It's easy to use right out of the box.


What is the best product for dog gates for the house extra wide white?

Dog gates for the house extra wide white products from Carlson Pet Products. In this article about dog gates for the house extra wide white you can see why people choose the product. Innotruth and Pawland are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog gates for the house extra wide white.

What are the best brands for dog gates for the house extra wide white?

Carlson Pet Products, Innotruth and Pawland are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog gates for the house extra wide white. Find the detail in this article. Regalo, Betertek and Tsayawa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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