Best Dog Gates for The House Extra Wide and Tall

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1. Magic Safety Fence House Doorway

Magic Safety Fence House Doorway

The size is 28.3" tall and 43.6" wide. The material is built in tough woven mesh. The set includes nylon mesh, metal poles and sticky hooks. You should install. Between walls, doorways, stairwells, indoors and outdoors, the dog magic gate can be installed. The door is completely assembled for immediate use, just need to stick the hook on both sides. There are no tools required. Keep your pets where you want them. It is important to stick on a clean, dry, smooth panel to have a good stickiness.

Brand: Quv

👤The photo is not accurate. The materials and design are not up to par. It won't serve the purpose. Within an hour, I returned it.

👤The color is soft to the eyes and feels good. Looks good with other colors.

2. Richell Freestanding Large Autumn Finish

Richell Freestanding Large Autumn Finish

There is a gate with side panels for pets. The width was adjusted from 39.8 to 71.3 inches. It measures 39.8 to 71.3 by 17.7 inches. There is 1 14 of a space between wire slats. The wire should be 7 gage or 0.144 inches for small dogs.

Brand: Richell

👤I paid approximately $80 for this pet gate, which I purchased 6 months ago. I put it together and it looked like it was of decent quality. My pet never pushed against it, so it sat there for months. The pet gate was cracked and fell over six months into owning it, despite the fact that it should be able to hold the weight of a small toy dog. The joint is unrepairable because the dowel that keeps it together cracked in half. This is not a good thing. A pet gate should be able to handle this kind of wear and tear. I contacted Richell and he told me it was out of warranty even though I have owned it for 6 months. When I contacted Amazon again, I was told that they only cover items that are sold within 30 days. This is not true. I have a piece of junk that I cannot use and it is dangerous for pets and people. Amazon's customer service has gone downhill, and it's not a good choice.

👤I now have 5 of these, used on other parts of the house. I made them to the sizes I need them for. I really like them. I would like it to be adjusted easier than undoing the screws. I love them. I got a good deal on them because they were damaged packaging or may have been returned. They were new when they received the receipt. I had to purchase 3 of them because I need 2.5 times the maximum length of this gate. I didn't know what the color was and it looked darker in the picture. It looks like "golden oak." It is okay. It would have been better if it was in a darker color. It looks pretty. I had to use 5 of the 6 screws for each one. It comes with 6 screws. You only need 4 screws for a shorter set up. These gates are used when I have to work. One of the 2 dogs I have is 13 years old. It would be easy to clean my linoleum if there were any accidents. I can step over the gate with my dogs if I'm only 5'3", because they are not the type of dogs that jump. I put them in the spare bedroom on the days that I am not working. The length of the sides is not something that would fit in a closet. If I screw the gate back to its shortest length once a week, it will wear out the screw, which is a major annoyance for me, and I am afraid that it will ruin the screw. I am taking off one star and giving it four stars.

👤We ordered a gate for our mobile. She is into everything. She can stay in the living room away from the stairs and kitchen.

👤The gate is perfect. If you have large dogs, you should expect them to move the gate if it doesn't open. I have a chihuahua and a pit/lab mix and neither of them attempt to move it. My 3 year old had a hard time sliding the gate around to get through the door way because of the rubber pegs on the bottom of the gate. We had to put felt pads under the outer pegs so my daughter could get in and out, but the dogs still don't try and move the gate. The gate is heavy enough that it doesn't lift off the ground often, which makes it a problem for the felt pads to come off easily. The weight of the gate helps keep the suckers in place. I could tell this was a good gate when I pulled the pieces out of the box. The gate is made of wood and black metal. You can compare the metal wire gate part to the metal wire on an old fashioned floor fan. The materials are strong. The gate is easy to adjust, but this part of the gate is probably the only downfall. I don't like how you can only adjust it by removing 5 large screws, and then screw them back in again. The process is easy to deal with and accept because the screws are large. The gate is very good quality, it does what it's supposed to, and it's beautiful. It's just enough elegance that it could be used in any house hold. I am very happy with the purchase.

3. NWK Pet Gate Providing Enclosure

NWK Pet Gate Providing Enclosure

The safety enclosure is called Magic Safety. NWK Magic Gate is a pet gate that provides a safe enclosure to play and rest in. The Magic Pet Gate is made of partially see-through fiber glass fabric that is woven to endure abuse from pets. It is easy to assemble for use. It's ideal to place anywhere in the house from doorways, between walls, stairs, bedroom, kitchen, dining or even outside. It's easy to change your mind when someone needs to pass. It is lightweight and portable. There are no tools required to set up. There are 8 hooks for installation. Installation and installation guides are included in the set. No tools are required to set up. Before ordering, please check the size of your hallway or door frame. Before ordering, please check the size of your hallway or door frame.

Brand: Nwk

👤I bought them for a vacation home. I bought Command hooks to replace the ones that were included. These gates are the perfect solution for a "quick fix" or "anywhere gate". bungee cords were used to secure them on the deck. The gates worked well, however, due to the flexibility of the screens, the bottoms were not very secure and the dogs were able to get their noses under them. This may be the perfect gate if the bottoms had a flat piece of metal or rubber in the fabric to weight it and give it structure. Buyers should know what to expect from me. The gates are merely a barrier. Undisciplined dogs will get through them. It may be attractive to chew.

👤I received one of the two that I ordered and it was in the correct packaging. The other was in a different bag with screws that had been used in the past and sticky hooks. It is a good product for the price, but maybe not send people used ones that they can't use the hooks for. I could use the extra hooks on the other one.

👤It's easy to set up, but pointless for dogs and kids. They just went under it.

👤I was disappointed, not what I expected.

👤I only got three because one of the sticky hooks fell out of the bag and I won't be able to put it up. These needs are sent to make sure the product is complete and there is no damage. Not happy with the purchase of a magic pet gate.

👤It's easy to put up but also easy to fall down. My dog tore down after getting under it. It would be good for an older dog or child.

👤The hooks weren't used to hang or instructions. The hooks would have been nice.

👤The item is useless because it wouldn't hold up to an animal.

4. Munchkin Extending Tall Hardware Extends

Munchkin Extending Tall Hardware Extends

Measure your desired opening prior to purchase to ensure a proper fit for the hardware mount baby gate. Great for use in hallways and doorways. It is suitable for children 6 to 24 months. The gate is easy to remove when the company is over. Use a damp cloth to wipe. The unique structure of the tilt hinge mechanism places less stress on walls. One way opening for use on stairs and another for use in doorways. It is difficult for a child to use a handle. The white baby gate is made from high quality steel and looks great in any style of decor.

Brand: Munchkin

👤I like this gate, but I don't like the screws and anchors they included. I have two of them, one at the top of my stairs and one at the bottom of my laundry room. I spent a few hours carefully installing the gates because they have worked well at containing my kids. The gate is heavy enough that you should mount it into the studs. Do not use flimsy anchors if you must mount it to the wall. Use stronger bolts. Bigger screws are recommended. The screws are small. Most of the US's drywall is 1/2 inch thick and the plastic mounting brackets are between 1/2 and 1/2 inch thick. I used screws that were about 1 1/2 inch long and a little thicker, but I also needed to mount through a 1/2 inch baseboard, so I only have about 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch of screw in the stud. I put 1/2 inch boards behind the upper mounts to match the spacing of the baseboards. I put two more screws on the boards to increase the strength of the gate. The gate is sturdy and can be opened with one hand, but it is hard for my kids to open it. You can pull the gate up if the triangular latch swings to the side. It takes some practice to open it with one hand and the spring is strong enough that people with problems like arthritis will have a hard time. Lift the gate to close it. The gate will bounce off the latch if you swing it. The gate can be used at the top of the stairs, but it's hard for my kids to open it with one hand. It can be set to open one direction or both directions. The screws and anchors are not easy to install and may be too stiff for some people. You have to lift it.

👤Gate did not have an issue. The whole gate is easy to un-clip. I took a couple of hours. I am a general contractor. It would take 30 minutes to install another. I read the reviews before buying. The people should have hired a carpenter. I followed a few tips. The cheap screws and wall anchors were not used. First, lay out the parts. Carefully measure 4. Use a level 5. Read the instructions before drilling the gate. Before drilling 6, adjust the gate to width. Before drilling 7, shorten or lengthen the joint to be below 2 14 inches. The last part is easy to miss. When done, a thumb and fingers open it. Do it correctly. It is easy to span 56 inches.

👤My puppies were not allowed to jump over the gate that covered the width of my doorway because it was too small. I liked it. The only issue I have with this gate is that it needs a metal hinge, not plastic. I am unable to get replacement parts because my gate broke. I don't want to have to buy another gate just for the hinge. I have to add my gate to the trash because I can't find a replacement hinge.

5. Carlson Extra Wide Through Small

Carlson Extra Wide Through Small

Extra wide. It can be expanded to stairways and openings between 29 and 36.5 inches wide. It's 30 inches tall. The pressure mount is quick to set up. It's gentle on walls and doesn't require tools. It is Rust-resistant. The small pet door. The small pet door is Patented. Small pets should pass through, while everyone else stays out. The locking feature is included. A 4-inch wide extension kit is adjusted. It's perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair use. The gate can be taken out of the opening for easy storage. The all steel design is convenient and durable. The easy close door feature is included. All metal frame is sturdy. Safety includes a safety-lock feature, non-toxic finishes and wall mounts.

Brand: Carlson Pet Products

👤Normally I don't write reviews, but due to some of the negative reviews on this gate, I feel the need to. One of the biggest complaints I have seen with this gate is that it isbent. There is a reason for that. The gate needs compression to stay in place. If the gate is not bent outward, you can't get it to stay in the open space you want it to. The "bent" parts will be square once the gate is in place. The door will open and close as it is supposed to, if done correctly. I didn't know that the pet door swings either way when I bought the gate, but it's nice. If the gate is not level, the pet door will swing freely. We have two cats, one is about 8 pounds and the other 20 pounds, both are on a diet. The opening is perfect and the cat can fit through it. The extensions for this gate are nice. There are two different sizes that slide into the gate. We only needed the larger extension with the opening we have. We did not screw the pieces into the wall to hold the gate in place. The 70 pound golden retriever is kept out of the space where the cats need to go by a gate. If you push hard on the gate, it will move, but if you use the supplied hardware, it won't. The dog does not push on the gate, so we don't need to worry about that. We are very happy with the gate. The opening of the gate is the only thing that I would change. It's not big enough for me to dock a star or half of one. If you know what you're doing, or have a little bit of common sense, you will most likely agree that this is a great gate.

👤I knew this was a pet gate when I bought it. I needed a gate that would keep our son out of dangerous areas while at the same time allowing our cat to easily pass through. The simple fix is to cut out the pet door bars. It took about 10 seconds per door. I put some white duct tape on any sharp pieces that were left. My son can no longer get through the opening, but our cat can fit through it. Well constructed is a pros. Nice lock. Versatility is what it is. The gate opening is narrow. I'm 165 pounds and I wish the gate door was an inch or two wider. The locking feature must be used when closing the gate. Our son is only 10 months old, but he can open the door when it's not locked down. Our son opens the latch when it's not locked. Our son crawled through the gate. Our cat is walking through the gate. The gate was finished after modifications.

👤It is a $35 dollar gate. I didn't think that would happen at that rate. It is over mid thigh on me. I have a German Shepherd who likes to eat from the litter box and she is well fed. I needed a solution to keep her out that didn't involve me climbing over a gate or moving around other gates to get her in the room. It was easy to install and use. My cat is large and can easily go in and out of a hole. If my dog was really determined, she could easily jump this gate. She knows that a gate means off. If you are looking for an inexpensive solution with well behaved pets, I would suggest you check the measurements to make sure it works for your space and buy it if it does. This is not your gate if you have a dog who is destructive or naughty. If my Shepherd was still a puppy, I wouldn't have recommended this gate. This is a 5 star purchase for some and wouldn't work for others.

6. Regalo 192 Inch Super Adjustable Mounts

Regalo 192 Inch Super Adjustable Mounts

SuperWIDE: It is up to 192 inches wide and stands 28 inches tall. The gate can be converted to an 8-panel play yard. No tools are required. A pack of wall mounts. CONFIGURABLE: The panels can be adjusted to fit almost any opening. It's great for wide spaces, hallway, doorway, bottom of stairs or barrier. The folds are for storage. There are wipes that are clean. The all steel design is convenient and durable. The door has a safety locking feature. It is mounted for added security. All current safety standards are met. It's great for children up to 24 months and pets too. The door has a safety locking feature. It is mounted for added security. All current safety standards are met. It's great for children up to 24 months and pets too.

Brand: Regalo

👤My child was rushed to the ER after two hours of screaming. I had the gat set up and I had a description of how she got her finger stuck in a hole. The fire department tried for more than two hours to remove it. I had to rush her to the ER after she passed out. We got it off of my daughter's finger after she was put under anesthesia.

👤I would give 10 stars if I could. The best deal and made. The metal parts can be replaced if necessary. It's easy to use. It is taller than the descriptions suggest and it does weight more than I had expected. It is 28 1/2in high. Each panel is 25in wide and the gate is 16 1/2 wide. The bars have a small gap. The plastic joints need to be loosened first before the gate can be pulled apart. I like to remove panels in under a minute. The gate is attached to a wall, so don't think they forgot it. You can make this into a circle, square, or L-shape. The gates opening is small, but it's doable for my family of 125lb to 230lb. This will work well for my puppy. Please check out my photos. This is the best deal you can find.

👤Dad brought his dog with him when he moved in with me. I live in an apartment with 2 cats and a granddaughter. This dog has minimal training. She has been known to nip when she feels threatened. I have my hands full with this dog. The dog my father and step mom adopted would have been a project for a dog trainer. They were in over their heads as they are not dog trainers. If she does this with my granddaughter or her friends, we're going to have trouble. She doesn't have much exposure to kids so it's a big challenge. She hasn't been around cats in about 8 years and has a chase urge. One of my cats hides if you look at him in a different way. I have a lot of work to do. I started researching gate options when I knew I was going to have to take her with me. I need something that will allow my father to get through without a lot of trouble. He uses a Rollator and is a fall risk. He needs to be able to get through quickly. I probably needed more than one gate. I wasn't sure how it would work out until the dog showed up. I knew this gate was my answer to my problems when I saw it. I have a lot of options with this so I can change how we set this up. I ended up with 4 panels at one end of the living room to lock the dog in when we go out, and a place to put her if we have company to keep them safe. We have panels at the other end of the room to keep her in with us most of the time, while allowing the cats a safe place to go to get their food and litter. It was great for keeping one of my cats from escaping through my sliding door when I was Bar-B-Quing. The only thing I haven't used is the actual gate, but that's ok because it may come in handy in the future. I love that I can take this with me when we move and use it in the new space. The issue of this dog has probably caused me more stress than any other part of the move, because I'm realistic that if she nips at one of my granddaughter's friends, she'll be in trouble. The burden of this is bigger than the burden of dealing with my father. I'm really happy that we have this in place. It's working great! She is learning to not chase the cat that goes through the gap we left so he can get to the Living Room. She seems to like staying in the smaller space when we go out. I chose a better option for my needs. This thing is light and sturdy. There are so many ways to set this thing up. The price for a gate with 8 panels is amazing. I was discouraged when I started researching for a gate because I didn't know how to set it up. I didn't want to have to buy 4 different gates to figure out what worked. If you need to separate groups of animals quickly and easily, this is your gate. This is the gate if you have an awkward shaped space to cordon off. This is the gate if you need a pen that can be moved. This is the gate if you have someone who can't get through the standard gate. I'm going to post photos in the next day or so to show how we have this set up for our current situation. Although I'm a reviewer here, I purchased this item at full retail price as a personal purchase and am reviewing it because I want to. I don't have a personal connection with the seller and I have not been asked to write a review. My opinions and experiences are reflections of my experience with the product. I hope my review helps you make better decisions.

7. Doorways Yacul Through Openings Pressure

Doorways Yacul Through Openings Pressure

The swing door is about 22 inches wide. disassemble and assemble in 5 minutes. There are no tools required. For 6-24 months baby and small dog, there are baby gates. The doorway opening is widely fit for Yacul baby gates. If you don't want to mess with the wall, pressure mounted. It would be a great choice. When the door swings less than 90 degree, the auto-close shuts it behind you. If you don't want to mess with the wall, pressure mounted. It would be a great choice. When the door swings less than 90 degree, the auto-close shuts it behind you.

Brand: Yacul

👤I bought two sets of gates to keep our dog out of the deck stairs, and to keep the toddler out of the house. It was mounted to the deck posts at the top of the stairs, not the wall recommended by the manufacturer. We don't want our dog or grandchild to go down and off the deck at the top of the stairs. The gate should be deleted from the instructions if it is not practical to put it at the bottom of the stairs. They were easy to install once I got used to it. I used the short extension piece on one opening and two extensions on the other. I put the top on both sides. I used a level to make sure they were straight when they were tight enough to hold the gate up. I tightened the top and tightened the bottom. I bought the rubber cups recommended by the vendor and I recommend them as well. The gate door won't swing properly if you make it too tight against the wall. I loosened the gates with a short turn or two, which created the gap needed for the gate to swing both ways. The gate mechanism is childproof and the product is nicely designed. The product is good. If a big dog or child throws themselves against the gate, it will likely fall, but that is not what it was designed for.

👤It is easy to install, but it does move against the wall. We have it at the bottom of the stairs. I would not be comfortable with it being at the top of the stairs. I don't want someone's child to fall, other than that, it works well. Prepare the paint for chipping. I like how it looks.

👤I realized how people could leave a negative review after unboxing. When you install the gate correctly, the gap tightens. I only needed one extra part for my application, but could have used anyone of the other extras. It should fit every doorway if it is in the specifications. You are doing something wrong if this won't fit or can't get a perfect fit. The 4 screw leg things that tighten to the wall should not be put into the gate. You need to remove them from the wall. Negative review people left the gag and striped leg holes. That is the design of the gate. Gate is solid, glad I didn't make the list of uncalled for negative reviews.

👤I had a wide archway which most gates didn't work on. The gate has multiple extensions so it can fit a variety of doorways. You have to use both your thumb and finger to open the door. The set up for mine was simple, and you just attach the extensions that work for your door, and use the metal brackets on the bottom to keep the gate from flexing. To tighten the gate, use the adjustments on the side.

👤The entry way is 44 inches. This was easy to install. The smaller extension is a perfect fit for me. My lab mix is a runner in the front door.

8. Regalo 39 Inch 6 Inch Extension Pressure

Regalo 39 Inch 6 Inch Extension Pressure

Extra wide. It can fit openings between 29-34 inches wide. It's 30 inches tall. Measure your opening prior to purchase to make sure it fits. The gate will not fit between 34 and 35 inches. The pressure mount is easy to use and set up. There is a gap between the gate latch and the frame which is not a defect and it is not bent. Once installed, this gap will be eliminated. A 6-inch wide extension kit and 4 pressure mount spindle rods are adjusted. It's perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair use. The gate can be taken out of the opening. Additional extensions are sold separately. There are wipes that are clean. Do not bleach or use abrasive cleaners. The all steel design is convenient and durable. Certified to both standards. Also, note: The gate and wall should not be more than 2.5 inches apart. Four wall cups for added security and mounting hardware are included in safety. The gate frame is designed to be assembled at all times. It's perfect for children 6-24 months. It's great for pets as well. Four wall cups for added security and mounting hardware are included in safety. The gate frame is designed to be assembled at all times. It's perfect for children 6-24 months. It's great for pets as well.

Brand: Regalo

👤We purchased this item back in September of 2015 to keep our newly adopted pup from tearing up our furniture if we left her alone. The gate did its job. We have a 25-lb chihuahua mix, so we didn't need a big gate to keep her out. We took care of my friend's 40-lb Shepherd mix who had some issues with thunder. During a storm, he would jump and lean on the gate. I'm happy to say that he didn't topple the gate. He was able to jump over the gate. I must have used a secret Parkour skill to get over it. It passes by my standards. I see no issues with it. We don't have kids pull on the bars and bang on the gate, so I might have not seen any of the issues yet. I'll probably update this review if I do. I like the old version better. The old version was easier to open with one hand. There are a few complaints that this gate requires two hands to open. Look at my video, that's not true. It is possible to open with one hand. It may take a bit to get used to, but not impossible. The gate only opens in one direction, which is a major downside. The old version of the gate opened both ways. Make sure the gate opening is in the direction you want it to be. Don't second guess yourself in the middle of installation because it's hard to loosen everything up and flip it around. It wasn't hard to set up the gate, but it wasn't easy. The side bars need to be screwed out to close the gap between the gate and post. The harder it is to turn, so get ready to put some elbow grease into it. It's pretty much guaranteed to be rock solid if you have a small gap so that the gate can lock in place and stay secure. If you can, buy and use the "Wall Savers for Pressure Gates" if you can. You could damage your wall if you don't. I had to use the pressure mounts because my opening was too narrow to fit the wall savers. It did not damage my wall, but it did peel off. I put a piece of a Kleenex box between the pressure mount and wall to prevent this from happening again. This gate does its job for me, as my headline says. The main negative is that it only opens in one direction. If you have 70lb and over dogs, not sure if it will be able to keep at bay. It would take a lot of work to tighten the pressure mounts.

👤The gate is well made. I have one comment. You will not be able to use this gate if your doorway is 33 1/2. The bars are too wide to go in the doorway without the extension, and the gaps on the side are too large. The bars don't give and the wood is hard in the old house. I knew that the gate had give, but I had it pulled in as tight as it would go. The gate will fit with the 6: extension, but you won't be able to use the additional cups with that width. My two cents are worth nothing.

9. YOLENY Foldable Freestanding Supporters Included

YOLENY Foldable Freestanding Supporters Included

The dog gate is a great way to keep pets out of the room and add a sense of decoration and beauty to the house. The dog fence is made of high-quality solid wood, which is very suitable for safely restricting furry friends. It is easy to walk through if you move one panel away from the wall. The fence is foldable and portable. The fence can be folded and stored when it isn't being used. Dog doors can be configured to fit many different sizes of rooms, corridors or door openings. The Z Shape dog door provides some stability and comes with two additional supporting feet. Their dog fence is pre-installed, which can save you time. Customer service that is high quality will save you from fretting about parts loss and damage. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Yoleny

👤This thing is great. Looks nice. Sturdy. I might be buying another.

10. North States MyPet Extra Wide Windsor

North States MyPet Extra Wide Windsor

It's free safety. The hardware mounted passage gate can be installed on straight and slanted walls to keep your pet contained and your home safe. The North States pet gate has a door with one-hand operation and double-locking system for added peace of mind. The gate has a convenient hold-open feature. It is possible to be sylish and persistable. The MyPet Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Gate is made of heavy-duty metal and has an attractive bronze finish. It is possible to adjust for a wide range of spaces. The MyPet Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Gate by North States has a walk through door that can fit openings of 38.3" to 72" wide. The swing gate is easy to open and can be configured for wider spaces using the 6-bar extension. Up to 6 additional panels can be added to the gate.

Brand: Mypet

👤I just put the gate in. It was more difficult to remove the gate from the wall than a standard gate because you have to push a button at each end to remove it. This is a feature that is hard to install accurately. I was able to change the opening of the staircase so that it works for us. The gate is more well made than my last two gates. Four Doberman pincher's are always jumping on the gate at the top of the stairs. The reason I can only give it four stars is because it is a gate for stopping children, and I wouldn't give it one star if I were a parent buying it. Do you think a child is smart enough to just open a door? I don't have to use the button because it doesn't do anything. You don't have to squeeze through the gate with your bags or groceries. If you gently push it, it will swing close on its own. The oil rubbed bronze color is gorgeous. I wouldn't buy it if it was used for children. I don't want to say that, but everything else about it is wonderful. I think parents have the right to know that the gate won't stop their children from going up or down the stairs.

👤We bought the 3rd Windsor Arch Gate from Mypet. It's not because they don't last, they last a long time. It is outside through all the weather. I only do a squirt of oil now and then. We live near the beach and get salt erosion. I don't know what type of paint you put on this gate, it lasts over four years. For us! It keeps working until it falls off the hinges. I should have bought an additional gate for 4 years. Later. It's a great idea that you can either take it completely off or just open one side and swing it back, that's a great thing when we have to do yard work. The lizards like it, see the top left image.

👤This gate works. I'm terrible with a drill, but the installation was easy. The end of the guide paper should be put all the way to the floor. I gave mine some spacing and it installed higher than I wanted. I assume it is a little wiggly because there are hinges to bow the gate out in smaller doorways. I don't like the fact that it wiggles. I think that using it for children could be disadvantageous. I'm working on getting all the cats to jump because it's working well for the pets. I use it to keep my dogs out of the kitchen because my boyfriend keeps giving them parts of dinner while he cooks, and I prefer them to not be under my feet. I got this gate for him. It's worth the money.

👤Within 30 minutes of opening the box, I was able to install this gate. I spent more time gathering tools. There is a drill with a screwdriver. The gate is assembled in one piece so it's not possible to put things together. It is sturdy and well built. I was a bit concerned when I got my chocolate lab, but it has been up for over a week and no problems. I have it in my kitchen and family room. The'stay open' function is great when I want the dog to have unrestricted access. The gate is 72" wide. The gate angles the left and right pieces as you can see in the pictures of my opening. The gate should not move except for the door after I angle it. After using this product for 10 months, it was fantastic. It has helped us keep our chocolate lab in a small space when we are out, as she likes to get in trouble with our cats if we leave her alone. It was easy to setup and has been ever since.

11. MYPET North States Paws Portable

MYPET North States Paws Portable

WORRY-FREE SAFETY. The MyPet Paws portable petgate keeps your pet contained and safe. It's made of strong plastic, has adorable paw print accents, and comes in an appealing Light Gray finish. It is convenient and portable. This gate is easy to install and take down, and it's 23" tall, so you can use it anywhere you need it. Blocks doorways, hallways, and other spaces. It's perfect for modern homes. The portable petgate has rubber bumpers that protect your walls and are positioned higher than other gates. The curved handle makes it easy to mount and disassemble. Made in the USA.

Brand: Mypet

👤If you're like me, you're looking at this because you want to put up a gate to keep your dog out of a room or the stairs. This is meant to give you peace of mind. The gate is weak and can't hold back a hamster. It's incredibly hard to open if you want to use it. There are lots of other options.

👤The gate is a good buy. It works well under $20 The lever you push down secures it. It takes some time to figure out how much spread the gate is so that it fits perfectly when you push the lever. You're all set once you do.

👤I purchased this product because of the reviews and price, but I learned a lesson, as I have had a dog gate before and it is easy to setup inside the house. The plastic is cheap and flimsy because it is not thick. The locking mechanism is not easy to use and you have to apply force to get it to lock. If you align the handle in the middle hole, the locking part of it will work. The piece in the back broke. It doesn't stay straight when I setup it. It is wobbly and curves. I will return the product and buy a wooden one again. I don't recommend this product for pets.

👤I bought this to keep my puppy in the kitchen while I was gone. It fit in the doorway of the room that had all of the cat food and cat box. I could keep my puppy out of there. I've had this product for at least 3 months now and it has stood a very energetic puppy jumping and bouncing on it. It hasn't fallen down once. It helps give my cats a place to hide so they don't get chased by a puppy. I would recommend this product. The color of my home is perfect, and it does the job I need it to do.

👤We had to return the one we ordered because the rubber bumpers on the other side were missing. Disappointed it was not better.

👤Can't push through the door frame. It's hard to release it. It is hard to remove the lever from the locked position once in place. To remove the gate, you have to pull it out of position.

👤There are less expensive options for this product. It's not that expensive, but a cheaper wooden gate works better. The plastic would be more rigid. It works, but not great. The latching mechanism doesn't feel sturdy and the offsets to accommodate floor mold doesn't work for me. The gate is just right for the 3 inch floor mold. I wanted to set it up in a hallway, but the fit made that impossible. I wish I'd bought the cheaper gate now.

👤The puppy was going to go down the stairs. It was easy to install. It is easy for adults to step over. She began to try and go over after seeing the cats go over it. The cats are not interested in going and we moved it to a different doorway.


What is the best product for dog gates for the house extra wide and tall?

Dog gates for the house extra wide and tall products from Quv. In this article about dog gates for the house extra wide and tall you can see why people choose the product. Richell and Nwk are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog gates for the house extra wide and tall.

What are the best brands for dog gates for the house extra wide and tall?

Quv, Richell and Nwk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog gates for the house extra wide and tall. Find the detail in this article. Munchkin, Carlson Pet Products and Regalo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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