Best Dog Gates for Doorways for Small Dogs

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1. Carlson Through 4 Inch Extension Pressure

Carlson Through 4 Inch Extension Pressure

Extra Tall can be expanded to stairways and openings between 29 and 36.5 inches wide. It's 36 inches tall. The pressure mount is quick to set up. It is gentle on walls. The small pet door. The small pet door is Patented. Small pets should pass through, while everyone else stays out. The locking feature is included. A 4-inch wide extension kit is adjusted. It's perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair use. The gate can be taken out of the opening for easy storage. The all steel design is convenient and durable. The easy close door feature is included. All metal frame is sturdy. Safety includes a safety-lock feature, non-toxic finishes and wall mounts. Safety includes a safety-lock feature, non-toxic finishes and wall mounts.

Brand: Carlson Pet Products

👤It's great if your dog isn't possessed by satan or is lazy, but still wants to be free. My dog has found every loophole that is available, and he is happy about it. It took her a while to find all of the loopholes. Please reconsider if you think your pet would try any of the following. The handle is held in place by a red stopper. My dog looked at me as if he said "lol, that's cute." The door has a knob that needs to be pulled out before it opens. A 55lb dog will squeeze her body through that little hole and make you question every single bit of math you've learned throughout your life and debunk the saying that you can't fit ten gallons of water in a five gallon bucket. If you want your dog to eat electrical tape, you need to hold it shut with 5 industrial zip ties and make sure it doesn't get wet. 3. A dog can escape if the bottom of the gate is pushed out. If not applied at an exact 62 angle, the vice grip has a success rate of just over 70%. 4. You might think that using a cable wire bike lock with a four digit combo lock would solve the problem. You would be correct. For 20 minutes. 5. You must be thinking that an animal that spends her time eating cat food and chasing her tail wouldn't be able to figure out the pressure points and plastic caps that hold it in place. You would be wrong. Your dog will eat three comforters, a book, multiple towels, a box of Kleenex, paint rollers, two sets of blinds, three dog beds, a few shoes, and a hospital equipment manual for your new job. If your dog does any of the above, please save your money and pay for the exorcism up front.

👤The gate is easy to open. Only goes one way because of a stop on the bottom. The cat door is too big and I have to modify it with a pipe and zip-ties. The cat-door is also zip-tied. It keeps my dogs out of cat food.

👤I love this gate for most of the time. We bought it to keep the dogs out of the laundry room, but to allow the cats in to get their food and litter box. Cocoa, our dog, is able to fit through the cat door opening and often gets in and eats all the cat's food, even though she is big. I used zip ties to hold it in place. I would give it a 5 star rating if it was smaller. The gate works perfectly.

👤My two cats have always been free in the house, until recently when they woke me up in the morning. They would scratch at the door and meow to be let in if the bedroom door was closed. TheCarlson 41-Inch Extra Tall Pet Gate is the tallest pet gate I could find. I was worried my cats would jump over it, but they are not. I am very happy with the results. The width of your doorway is an aspect to consider. The extension was too wide for my hallway. The extension kit was purchased separately. I'm glad they sell multiple sizes to accommodate different doorways. I don't mind the extra cost because I am happy to be sleeping again. There are baseboards in my hallway that are interfering with the bottom pressure mounts. I put a furniture pad between the mount and the baseboard. I used baby gate wall guard pads to protect the wall. No issues, works great! My hallway is 35 inches wide and a little narrower on the bottom because of the baseboards. The opening of the original gate is 29-34 inches. The gate and extension fit a 35-40 inch opening. The opening in my hallway is reduced by 1-2 inches because of the baseboards. The original gate was not wide enough to cover the area, and the 6 inch extension was too wide. I bought the extension piece because of that. The extension was added.

2. Doorways Hallways Pressure Mounted Through

Doorways Hallways Pressure Mounted Through

The baby gate can be expanded to fit larger openings. The pressure mounted design makes it easier for mothers to hold a baby. It's 30 inches tall. The baby safety gate is a great help to the mom. Please be aware that you need to report your openINGS before purchasing to ensure fit. The narrow dog gate for kids or pets is more durable to endure 100 pounds impacts and bites. You don't need to worry about the baby gate because the dog gate can be locked to the wall. The gate is being pushed down. There is double safety for baby. A baby gate with a double-lock system and two buttons at the top and bottom of the handle is a perfect narrow gate for kids or pets. Difficult for toddlers to open the one-hand operation child safety gate. Adults can easily lift the handle up by one hand. Pressure mounted baby gate narrow design requires no tools, no drilling, and leaves a intact wall or stair. The safety gate can be put on the doorways or the bottom of the stairs in 5 minutes. Suited for stairs, hallway, doorways, kitchen, living room and any open space. The baby gate has a specific hinge for automatically closing. The gate will close if it's less than 90 opening angle. Swing in both directions for easy operation. The baby gate has a specific hinge for automatically closing. The gate will close if it's less than 90 opening angle. Swing in both directions for easy operation.

Brand: Hoooen

👤I wanted a 24inch doorway. It was advertised to be able to fit 24 inches. It didn't fit. If I removed the screws from one side, it would fit, but I used the term "fit" as it was jammed into place. It was so tight that it wouldn't open the gate portion. This will be returning. Don't waste your money. It is more appropriate for a 26in doorway.

👤The gate has a wide range of movement. Two gates that wouldn't fit my railing and staircase design were purchased at my local target. I ordered this one from Amazon. You could either side have a larger gap between the last bar in a wall. The reason you would do something like this is the trim around the base of the wall, the railing needs more space to go to the top of the steps. It was very easy to install and even though it was shipped, you could put a zip tie around the gate to keep it from sliding. The rubber covering the pressure gas that holds the gate to the wall protects the wall and grip. I was worried about what the baby gate would look like in my house. I don't mind that this one is very attractive. The door can swing and open in both directions, it has a Divet that holds it out, and it's my favorite feature. It is nice to have the gate permanently opened and installed so that my son can move around more freely, even though he is crawling around at the moment. I am very happy with this purchase. This is the gate I will buy if I need another one. I hope this helped.

👤The best baby gate! Measure your opening, then walk through the gate. The gate for the opening was perfect. Having more space was important to fitting the wall nannies in, which added an extra inch. The door can be placed on either side of the gate. The gate is set above the rest because it has a little white ramp under the door that makes it easier to install it upright and level. I was able to install the gate myself without the assistance of another adult. It took me less than 20 minutes to put this gate together. The gate pieces are big, which makes them sturdier, as opposed to putting together small pieces. Extra reinforcement is provided by attaching metal reenforcement pieces to the top and bottom of the gate attachment points. It's not easy for kids to open the gate, but it's easy for adults to open alone. The gate door stays open at 90 degrees, which is amazing, and it closes on it's own behind you, which is convenient! When the gate swings closed behind you, it's designed so that baby's fingers can't get pinched when it closes on its own. Very nice feature. I love this gate. Definitely worth the money.

👤I am very pleased with this gate. When my grandsons come over, I wanted a safety gate. The first thing I noticed was how sturdy the gate was. This looks great when it's set up. I put it up in the hallway. It only took about 4 minutes to set up. The lock safety feature makes it easy to open and close the gate. I can keep the children out of the back of the house because of this. I am going to keep it up.

3. Safety 1st Eco Friendly Nature Between

Safety 1st Eco Friendly Nature Between

The gate can be adjusted to fit doorways between 28 and 42 inches wide and is 24 inches high. It is secure and safe. Gate is made of bamboo and recycled plastic. Non-marring bumpers are also included to protect your woodwork. This pressure-mounted gate is easy to install and set up in doorways and other areas. Assembly is not required. This gate is great for creating a baby and pet friendly area in your home. It is great for use in hallways and doorways. The mesh design is subtle and see-through. The mesh design is subtle and see-through.

Brand: Safety 1st

👤It works, it's safe, and it's sturdy. This would get 5-stars if I were a single parent. My wife hates this gate because she is not a single parent. She cursed in front of our daughter while trying to get the locking mechanism on the gate. I thought she might throw it across the room, but the locking bar got caught on her sweater and she collapsed in defeat. My sick daughter needed a refill of her humidifier at 3 am. This was a barrier to her bathroom. I tried to step over the gate because I didn't feel like fiddling with the mechanism and was tired. I broke my toe when I kicked the doorway to get to the gate. This is not the fault of the gate. I didn't dare to treat it like a hurdle. I prefer not to mess with the lock when I'm tired, and this is not a good gate for high-traffic zones populated by mechanically un-inclined spouses or those suffering from sleep deprivation. This is great for isolating a specific area of the house.

👤I am introducing a new pet to my cats. Three of the gates were perfect to create a sturdy barrier that also allowed sniffs and sounds between them.

👤I have had many different baby gates over the years between my 3 kids, several puppies and grown dogs, and my granddaughter. The bamboo gate is the strongest gate I have ever used, and it is better than the metal ones, the plastic ones, and the ones that open with a door. Why? It's light in weight but strong. It is easy to set up and once you have the correct size for the doorway, it will come down in seconds. It's not a problem to take it down and put it back, I do it many times a day. You can take it down with one hand and put it back with another. Even a rambunctious 2 year old that runs right into it and shakes it and leans on it, is strong enough to hold a 2 year old back. You have to open it a little further than you think you need to make sure the center bar is strong enough to push the gate in. The bamboo is strong and flexible, so don't worry about breaking it. Make sure that the gate is installed in a way that is tighter than you think is necessary. It gets easier to lock the center bar after a while. It was worth every cent. I bought one for my daughter because I liked it so much.

👤This is what I think of the gate. I don't want to give it away to someone I know, so I'm not going to. It doesn't work. It is not designed to work. I have pinched the skin on my fingers 50 times. Don't buy. Check my review history because this is not just an irate customer. I give great reviews for great products, fair reviews for fair products, and I don't usually give 1 star unless they deserve it. This is deserving of 1 star.

4. Doorways Stairs RONBEI Safety Through

Doorways Stairs RONBEI Safety Through

Extra wide for two openings. RONBEI baby gate is perfect for stairs doorways, hallway, kitchen and baby room. It is easier to walk when holding a baby with a large walk-thru gate. The baby safety gate is a great help to the mom. Please be aware that you need to report your openINGS before you buy to ensure the correct fit. Push the top button of the handle and open the gate with one hand. It is difficult for toddlers to open the gate. Pressure mounting a baby gate is easy to install and leaves a intact wall or stair. The safety gate can be put on the doorways or the bottom of the stairs in a few minutes. If you install the safety gate on the top of the steamers, please fix it tightly to the wall for maximum safety. The gate is easy to close. There is a specific hinge for automatically closing. The gate will close if it's less than 90 opening angle. It's easy to operate in both directions. The 2.2'' wide bars gap prevents your kids and pets from squeezing through. RONBEI HEAVY DUTY STEEL GATE is more durable to endure impacts and pets bites. The dog gate can be locked tightly to the wall, you don't need to worry about the baby gate being pushed down and hurting your children. The gate is in compliance with all USA safety standards. 100% risk-free warranty. RONBEI HEAVY DUTY STEEL GATE is more durable to endure impacts and pets bites. The dog gate can be locked tightly to the wall, you don't need to worry about the baby gate being pushed down and hurting your children. The gate is in compliance with all USA safety standards. 100% risk-free warranty.

Brand: Ronbei

👤If you're like me and like to cut zip ties and tags before installing things, don't do it with this gate. If you cut the zip tie last, the directions say it's easier to install. It was easy to install. The gate is tightened against the walls by the clear "wheels" on the bottom. To make sure the door wasn't too tight to open and close, I had to switch between the gate door and wheels. You should not cut the zip tie first. I like the fact that the door swings in both directions and the door clicks in and out, keeping my 10 month old from falling down the stairs. The gate is a God send. Everything about it is wonderful. The gate handle has to be slid across at the top and at the bottom at the same time, so curious kids like my 5 year old can't get it open and leave it open, potentially causing a safety hazard. Get this gate. You won't be disappointed.

👤Don't cut the big zip tie if you're easy to install. It looks good for what it is. The extenders are added to fit a larger doorway. I would recommend putting guards at the wall mount points to keep it from messing up the drywall, as it does bow at the connection point fairly easily. We are happy that it serves its purpose and doesn't look crazy. I wouldn't trust it at the top of the staircase. It is in a door way on the lower level for us. If you want this at the top of the staircase, I recommend a different gate, unless you need the extensions and screw it in. My baby is 10 months old and the gate broke after a few months, but he isn't very gentle on things. I expected it to get us through until after he was a year old.

👤It has only been a few days but I love it. We have moved and do not have. There is a lot of work being done in the home and this room is full of dangerous things for my little ones. My 6yo can open it but the one year old can not open it or flip it over. The cheap wooden ones weren't wide enough. It was difficult to get the wall nanny's to fit at 46" because I had to cut the zip tie before installing it. It is not disposable. I knew it could be done. The baby is safe and the stress relief is great. The extension joint is a little wobbly but it is not moving. Glad it fit.

👤The product took the paint off the walls. We waited for the wall protection bumpers to arrive before setting it up. That was enough to remove the paint from the bumpers. Make sure to buy wall protection if you buy.

👤This is the best baby gate I have tried. The gate is sturdy and holds well to the wall without the need to drill or glue. All the gates I tried did not hold up to the wall when installed not very tight or hard, and it was almost impossible to open with a tight installation. The frame is thick and sturdy so it won't break soon. The childproof open mechanism requires 2 hands to open. They were able to open it, but my last one will not be able to before she turns 2. A simple and sturdy system makes the auto-close mechanism easy to use. There will be no spring or small part that breaks soon. Just leave the door open at a 90 degree angle and you're good to go. I carry dishes to and from the kitchen while it is open. There are two different extension brackets for large openings. I would like the gate to come with a wall protector because it will cause the paint to chip off when you need to re-paint, and I would like for a way to de-activate the childproof lock for easier opening when my hands are full. I tried on a variety of different types of paint and wall surfaces, and it was the best gate ever. I have been using it extensively for about four months and it shows no wear and tear, all the parts are still snug and tight. I just got another one and the same quality.

5. Tokkidas Safety Configurable Kitchen Doorways

Tokkidas Safety Configurable Kitchen Doorways

The heavy duty all-steel design makes it durable and can defend up to the Alaska. You don't need to worry about the pet gate being pushed down. The openings are 23.6" wide and 30" tall. The walk through design is 16.3" If you have an issue, you don't have to pay anything to get in touch with them. Attach the holes to the wall. The wall needs to be drilled into to add security and protection. The lower brackets can be slid up and down to your desired position. There are tips. The 4 knob needs to be tightened after installation. Before moving or foldable, release the 4 knob. The extra wide baby gate allows you to adjust the angle of the 3 panels to meet any opening, like hallway, stairs, kitchen or even weird open floor. It is easy to store when not used. The dual locking handle baby gates are safety double locking. It is difficult for baby fingers to release. You can create a safe space for children in your home by using baby gates in doorways, kitchen, fireplace, playroom and basement. You can hold your baby in another hand with this indoor safety gate that has a specific hinge for auto-closing that can be opened by one-handed operation. Stay at 90 will be kept opening the child gate. Parents can see if the gate is closed securely with a red/green indicator. You can hold your baby in another hand with this indoor safety gate that has a specific hinge for auto-closing that can be opened by one-handed operation. Stay at 90 will be kept opening the child gate. Parents can see if the gate is closed securely with a red/green indicator.

Brand: Tokkidas

👤We needed something to keep my kids in. I had a different gate before. They were able to open it. The unlock feature is multi step so children won't be able to. If you need to cover more open space, it's a good idea to install a long gate. I installed it into the wall and it has not budged even though my kids have been pushing on it.

👤I needed this to keep my two dogs from jumping on me as I entered my apartment, and to keep them from wandering into the kitchen. I have a strange setup for where I need this gate. A pressure-mounted one wouldn't work. I spent a lot of time on Amazon looking for a gate that would allow me to screw-mount the gate, as well as having mounts that did not have to be directly across from each other, so as not to take up unnecessary space. Only two or three gates on Amazon allow you to rearrange the panels. The mounting system allowed me to not have to drill into the baseboard, the mechanism for opening/closing is better, and it was affordable. This took 45 minutes to set up, but it was mostly due to the fact that I had to take panels off and rearrange them. It wasn't difficult, but a bit time consuming. I think you could install this in 15 minutes if you have an easier setup. I wish it came with more wall mounts for more setup possibilities, but overall this is an excellent product. I am confident that my dog won't knock this thing down anytime soon. I am impressed with the way this gate is made. I was able to access my trashcan with my foot without having to go around because I left out a section of the gate. I would recommend this purchase to anyone who needs a longer gate.

👤We brought the baby gate for my active 1.5 year old baby boy and have been using it for over a week. We will be buying another one to use in the basement, but we are currently using this in our living room. The gate seems to be well built. My boy tried to climb on it a couple of times, but it still holds up. Installation was straight forward. The screws and anchor are provided. It's easy to use one handed. I would like it to be a different color to match our decor. It looks good.

👤It works for the space I have, but it is flimsy and not strong. Everything is in place. The screws are put together correctly. This thing is moving back and forth. The door needs to be closed in a certain way. It won't close like their other small baby gates if you open and walk away. I have a smaller gate from this brand and it works well, but this one is flimsy. It works for now. I couldn't find a cheaper gate that would fit my space.

6. BABELIO Doorways Install Pressure Drilling

BABELIO Doorways Install Pressure Drilling

It is quick and easy to do. The pressure mount is quick to set up. There is no need to punch holes in the wall with no additional tools required. There is a gap between the gate latch and the frame which is not a defect and it is not bent. Once installed, this gap will be eliminated. The expansion is to fit openings between 26-40 inches wide. This safety gate is suitable for a wide doorway or bathroom door. It's 30 inches tall. It's ideal for use with small pets. Measure your opening prior to purchase to make sure it fits. The function is auto- close. The safety gate has an auto- close function that closes the door behind you and a hold-open feature that keeps the door open. The gate opens with one hand. The gate only swings in one direction because of the danger of swinging over stairs. It's easy and safe. The baby gate is easy to install on the wall, and it has a walk-in door with double lock lever handles, which makes it easy for adults to pass. It is suitable for a playground, a fireplace guardrail, an entrance on a stair landing, or a super gate. There is a wide extension kit, two extension kits, 2 U-bolt, 3 anti-collision grooves, and 4 wall protectors. It's perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair. The gate can be taken out of the opening. There is a wide extension kit, two extension kits, 2 U-bolt, 3 anti-collision grooves, and 4 wall protectors. It's perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair. The gate can be taken out of the opening.

Brand: Babelio

👤You can choose between the wall stop or the banister hook. We keep the dogs downstairs when we are at the base of the stairs. The swing gate is easy to open. If you use it for babies, you know it's closed because it swings closed and locks in place. I am very happy with it.

👤This is our fifth baby gate. They corral dogs in different parts of the house. The lock mechanisms that work with dual squeeze buttons have had to be reconstructed because of the difficulty of squeezing both buttons at the same time. The baby gate has ramps on the hinge that allow it to be left open at 90 degrees, but will also automatically shut it as you pass through it. The other gates have bungee cords on them. The cat can slide through the gate on the hinge side. My husband thinks the gate is too short, and I agree. The gate is 30 inches tall. The largest dog has not jumped over the gate. My husband says that it makes it more difficult to move laundry baskets to the laundry room. I like the lock that works with a squeeze mechanism and pull up that is sturdy and easy to break, like our despised gates that needed mending. If I have to replace one of our gates, I will do it with another gate.

👤I bought a couple of these to try out. You can send the other brand back and buy 2 of them. The way it closes makes me love it. It's easy to install. It stays put. They should have made this for wider openings.

👤It was originally used to keep our puppy contained to the kitchen. It was difficult to find a gate that would fit in narrow spaces, but this one does. The puppy was moved to the bottom of the staircase to make it easier to add the extenders. It does not require you to drill holes in the walls. It is strong and sturdy for being a tension gate. Our puppy is a 40lb shepherd mix who loves to run fast but hasn't developed her break skills yet. She has not knocked it over despite body slamming it many times. It's not good. She is fine, the gate is still standing, and we are working on controlling our indoor speeds.

👤This was difficult to install because I am an engineer. The instructions are not relevant. It's not strong. It doesn't fit in my doorway. Adding 3 spacers isn't enough and adding 4 isn't right. The screws are hard to maneuver and don't fully flush, which means they lose 1-2 inches of adjustability between adding and removing the spacers.

👤I am not happy with this baby gate. We got this model because we have a steel newel post on one side of the stairs and a drywall on the other so it seemed like it would be the right type of install. I am disappointed that things could have been made to make it easier to install. We could not use one of the spacers on our staircase. You have to thread the pieces all the way out. Our child would lean against the gate and it would pop off, because the threaded pieces were set in a drilled hole. Talk about being dangerous. It's important that there's actually friction because we had one side against a metal post. The discs that hit the wall are made of plastic. It's fine for wood or drywall where they can bite into it but on steel they can't add to the instability. There are little pegs that fit into the holes on the gate. The pegs are smaller than the holes so they don't hold themselves in place while you are trying to install it. If you want to get it to install right, you have to be pretty ginger with adjustments or have a second person hold it in place. They have small channels to place at the joints of the spacers. These come in galvanized steel. You pay money for a gate that is powder coated and then get galvanized steel channels? We painted ours. The channels are wider than the gate material, so you have to glue them in place, which is not mentioned in instructions or any glue or other glue. It's great for the right width staircase, but in our situation it has been extremely frustrating and I will have to make a couple of custom adjustments to make it work.

7. Arf Pets Standing Through Expands

Arf Pets Standing Through Expands

Interrupting panels can be used to form a gate or pen. Sturdy wooden construction is perfect for safely re-stricting your Furry Friends. Unlatch door gate. Adults and pets can gain entry into a pen through a gate. Two feet of support feet are included for additional balance. Flexible connections allow panels to be arranged in different shapes.

Brand: Arf Pets

👤We bought this and the extension gate to block the stairs in our house from our toddler grandsons. We didn't want to drill holes in our walls so we couldn't find something for this purpose. The gate looks great. The support feet work well, but we also use straps to attach the gate to the banister and a closet door handle for more support, because the toddlers still lean and pull on the gate. It's very strong and safe. The walk-through door allows us to leave the gate up for several days while the grandchildren are here, and it is very easy to operate. One person can put up and take down the gate in a couple of minutes. Our children are the most grateful for the gate because it keeps them safe and they don't have to constantly guard the stairs.

👤It is amazing. I was worried about how rigid the product would be and how long it would last. The product comes with two feet to help anchor it and they are very loose the way they sit but work great. I have two Min Pins that have not gotten through or knocked over this gate before. It is easy to secure and lock the door for the life of the gate with the latched door. All of this is dependent on how you bend the gate and where you set the feet, and some slots give it more dexterity than others. The feet are set based on how I use them.

👤The wooden dog gate is very nice. It can stand on its own without being attached to the wall. It has two foot supporters to give it even more stability. You can walk through the door if you need to. When it arrives to your home, there's no preparation work. I wish the gate worked for me. I have a pug dog with separation anxiety. I needed a dog gate to keep him out of my kitchen. My dog was able to push the gate and escape from the side. This may not be the best dog gate for your dog. Before purchasing, make sure you know that your dog will need extra training to not push at the gate. If you place the gate on a slippery surface, it will be easy for your dog to move it. If your dog is chill, this dog gate will suffice. If your dog doesn't like being away from you, you may need to look for other options.

👤I was looking for a gate that was very high quality. I used it to keep my puppy from bolting out of the front door. I used 3M stickys to keep the legs from moving. When I need to clean the floor, I can separate the legs and attach them at the same spot.

👤This is a good gate, better than many other wooden gates on Amazon because of the thick bars and the narrow gap under the door, which is why I got it for my rabbits. The metal hardware parts are flimsy, and that's the main issue with this gate. The metal parts of the gate are not heavy enough to support it if you want to open and close the door multiple times a day. I had to re-attach the hinges after they arrived bent. At some point, I might look into alternative replacement hinges. They are the main weakness of the gate, bringing it down from the excellent durable gate to a gate to be careful with. It's nice that the hinges between the panels can bend in either direction, so you can form the gate you want. Only use this gate on the floor. The feet that come with it don't like surface variations to touch the floor. I had to take a runner from under the gate.

8. InnoTruth Coverage Hallways Bedrooms Pressure

InnoTruth Coverage Hallways Bedrooms Pressure

The wooden folding fence was included. It is easier to cover standard stairways, hallways, door openings, and other accessible points with the larger coverage area. Their baby gate has two different locking features to add even more home protection. The bottom of the gate has a safetylatch on it. Their safety child gate is completely intact. There are pressure screws on either side of the dog gate that will not damage the walls and will be easy to install. It is the perfect pet gate for small puppies. This baby gate for the stairs and other areas of the house automatically closes at 30 and 90 degrees to help prevent kids from trying to sneak in behind you.

Brand: Innotruth

👤I wouldn't pay $60 bucks for a nice unit. I received a $24 dollar cashback. There is no mention of screws in the heading or description. I thought it was mounted under pressure. If you're not using this for a baby gate, it can be. The instructions warn you not to use it without the wall cups. Look at images. If you don't have wall cups, there's a chance a toddler could push it or lean against it and the gate will fall over. And your child with it. I ordered a unit that was pressure mounted so I wouldn't be drilling holes, because I live in an apartment. I don't have to install the wall cups because I use this for the dog gate. If it's going to be a child gate, you will be drilling holes into the door jam. There is no mention of screws in the heading or description. The video is titled "No perforating" No screws are involved. If you're using this for a baby or toddler gate, that's not true. The ad was titled "InnoTruth Extra Tall Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways, 29” to 39.6”Adjustable Width with 36” Height, Dog Gate with Wall Pressure Mounted Frame, and Auto-Close Baby Gates for Toddler and Pet, Black." They're being reasonable. They don't mention that you have to screw wall cups into the wall. They described it as a Wall Pressure Mounted Frame. They're trying to slip it by you, so you'll need to screw it into the door jam when using it for a child. Please contact this company and tell them to stop false advertising for Amazon. Thank you.

👤I have a toddler and 3 dogs, there are many times I need a gate for different areas. For the longest time, I need another one. I finally have another baby gate to use in the home and this one is my favorite gate. It fits into the door frame better than any of the other gates. The installation was very easy. The gap in the gate is not a defect, and most importantly, do not pull the zip tie off the gate until it is installed. The gate puts an extra zip tie into the packaging if you miss the first memo. The walk-thru gates that I own have one issue that I have to manuallylatch, the other is that it is self-closing. It works perfectly every time, because it has enough lack in the gate that you can keep the gate open. The color black is my favorite color and I am happy to have it match my home, the other two gates are white and gray and do not match my home. It doesn't seem like a big deal to someone else, but it makes me happy.

👤Our 18 month old granddaughter was able to push open the old gate because the bolt part of the locking system was not very good. We invested in this gate. The gate has been great so far. My granddaughter tried to open the gate. She can't get the door lock to hold tight. The door locking system is the best feature, the old gate was hard to open, but my 88 year old mother can open it. The box was damaged but there was nothing wrong with it. I would recommend this gate to anyone.

9. MyPet Paws Portable Pet Openings

MyPet Paws Portable Pet Openings

WORRY-FREE SAFETY. The MyPet Paws portable petgate keeps your pet contained and safe. It's made of strong plastic, has adorable paw print accents, and comes in an appealing Light Gray finish. It is convenient and portable. This gate is easy to install and take down, and it's 23" tall, so you can use it anywhere you need it. Blocks doorways, hallways, and other spaces. It's perfect for modern homes. The portable petgate has rubber bumpers that protect your walls and are positioned higher than other gates. The curved handle makes it easy to mount and disassemble. Made in the USA.

Brand: Mypet

👤If you're like me, you're looking at this because you want to put up a gate to keep your dog out of a room or the stairs. This is meant to give you peace of mind. The gate is weak and can't hold back a hamster. It's incredibly hard to open if you want to use it. There are lots of other options.

👤The gate is a good buy. It works well under $20 The lever you push down secures it. It takes some time to figure out how much spread the gate is so that it fits perfectly when you push the lever. You're all set once you do.

👤I purchased this product because of the reviews and price, but I learned a lesson, as I have had a dog gate before and it is easy to setup inside the house. The plastic is cheap and flimsy because it is not thick. The locking mechanism is not easy to use and you have to apply force to get it to lock. If you align the handle in the middle hole, the locking part of it will work. The piece in the back broke. It doesn't stay straight when I setup it. It is wobbly and curves. I will return the product and buy a wooden one again. I don't recommend this product for pets.

👤I bought this to keep my puppy in the kitchen while I was gone. It fit in the doorway of the room that had all of the cat food and cat box. I could keep my puppy out of there. I've had this product for at least 3 months now and it has stood a very energetic puppy jumping and bouncing on it. It hasn't fallen down once. It helps give my cats a place to hide so they don't get chased by a puppy. I would recommend this product. The color of my home is perfect, and it does the job I need it to do.

👤We had to return the one we ordered because the rubber bumpers on the other side were missing. Disappointed it was not better.

👤Can't push through the door frame. It's hard to release it. It is hard to remove the lever from the locked position once in place. To remove the gate, you have to pull it out of position.

👤There are less expensive options for this product. It's not that expensive, but a cheaper wooden gate works better. The plastic would be more rigid. It works, but not great. The latching mechanism doesn't feel sturdy and the offsets to accommodate floor mold doesn't work for me. The gate is just right for the 3 inch floor mold. I wanted to set it up in a hallway, but the fit made that impossible. I wish I'd bought the cheaper gate now.

👤The puppy was going to go down the stairs. It was easy to install. It is easy for adults to step over. She began to try and go over after seeing the cats go over it. The cats are not interested in going and we moved it to a different doorway.

10. Magic Safety Fence House Doorway

Magic Safety Fence House Doorway

The size is 28.3" tall and 43.6" wide. The material is built in tough woven mesh. The set includes nylon mesh, metal poles and sticky hooks. You should install. Between walls, doorways, stairwells, indoors and outdoors, the dog magic gate can be installed. The door is completely assembled for immediate use, just need to stick the hook on both sides. There are no tools required. Keep your pets where you want them. It is important to stick on a clean, dry, smooth panel to have a good stickiness.

Brand: Quv

👤The photo is not accurate. The materials and design are not up to par. It won't serve the purpose. Within an hour, I returned it.

👤The color is soft to the eyes and feels good. Looks good with other colors.

11. Carlson Extra Wide Through Small

Carlson Extra Wide Through Small

Extra wide. It can be expanded to stairways and openings between 29 and 36.5 inches wide. It's 30 inches tall. The pressure mount is quick to set up. It's gentle on walls and doesn't require tools. It is Rust-resistant. The small pet door. The small pet door is Patented. Small pets should pass through, while everyone else stays out. The locking feature is included. A 4-inch wide extension kit is adjusted. It's perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair use. The gate can be taken out of the opening for easy storage. The all steel design is convenient and durable. The easy close door feature is included. All metal frame is sturdy. Safety includes a safety-lock feature, non-toxic finishes and wall mounts.

Brand: Carlson Pet Products

👤Normally I don't write reviews, but due to some of the negative reviews on this gate, I feel the need to. One of the biggest complaints I have seen with this gate is that it isbent. There is a reason for that. The gate needs compression to stay in place. If the gate is not bent outward, you can't get it to stay in the open space you want it to. The "bent" parts will be square once the gate is in place. The door will open and close as it is supposed to, if done correctly. I didn't know that the pet door swings either way when I bought the gate, but it's nice. If the gate is not level, the pet door will swing freely. We have two cats, one is about 8 pounds and the other 20 pounds, both are on a diet. The opening is perfect and the cat can fit through it. The extensions for this gate are nice. There are two different sizes that slide into the gate. We only needed the larger extension with the opening we have. We did not screw the pieces into the wall to hold the gate in place. The 70 pound golden retriever is kept out of the space where the cats need to go by a gate. If you push hard on the gate, it will move, but if you use the supplied hardware, it won't. The dog does not push on the gate, so we don't need to worry about that. We are very happy with the gate. The opening of the gate is the only thing that I would change. It's not big enough for me to dock a star or half of one. If you know what you're doing, or have a little bit of common sense, you will most likely agree that this is a great gate.

👤I knew this was a pet gate when I bought it. I needed a gate that would keep our son out of dangerous areas while at the same time allowing our cat to easily pass through. The simple fix is to cut out the pet door bars. It took about 10 seconds per door. I put some white duct tape on any sharp pieces that were left. My son can no longer get through the opening, but our cat can fit through it. Well constructed is a pros. Nice lock. Versatility is what it is. The gate opening is narrow. I'm 165 pounds and I wish the gate door was an inch or two wider. The locking feature must be used when closing the gate. Our son is only 10 months old, but he can open the door when it's not locked down. Our son opens the latch when it's not locked. Our son crawled through the gate. Our cat is walking through the gate. The gate was finished after modifications.

👤It is a $35 dollar gate. I didn't think that would happen at that rate. It is over mid thigh on me. I have a German Shepherd who likes to eat from the litter box and she is well fed. I needed a solution to keep her out that didn't involve me climbing over a gate or moving around other gates to get her in the room. It was easy to install and use. My cat is large and can easily go in and out of a hole. If my dog was really determined, she could easily jump this gate. She knows that a gate means off. If you are looking for an inexpensive solution with well behaved pets, I would suggest you check the measurements to make sure it works for your space and buy it if it does. This is not your gate if you have a dog who is destructive or naughty. If my Shepherd was still a puppy, I wouldn't have recommended this gate. This is a 5 star purchase for some and wouldn't work for others.


What is the best product for dog gates for doorways for small dogs?

Dog gates for doorways for small dogs products from Carlson Pet Products. In this article about dog gates for doorways for small dogs you can see why people choose the product. Hoooen and Safety 1st are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog gates for doorways for small dogs.

What are the best brands for dog gates for doorways for small dogs?

Carlson Pet Products, Hoooen and Safety 1st are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog gates for doorways for small dogs. Find the detail in this article. Ronbei, Tokkidas and Babelio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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