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1. Freestanding Pet Gate Panel Cream

Freestanding Pet Gate Panel Cream

The wooden pet gate is ideal for 33 to 46” wide doorways. The dog fence prevents pups from sneaking through with narrow openings between the poles. This stylish pet barrier is made of a smooth contemporary style and traditional wood Tones and will look great in your home. The Accordion style design of the pet gate folds for compact storage when not in use. This fencing is small enough to fit in the closet when folded. Requires no installation. The lightweight design of the pet gate allows for a quick and easy set up by simply unfolding the gate to block the walkways. The plastic feet add protection to your flooring. Product name. The material is plastic. The dimensions are: (L) 54.75 x (W) 0.75 x (H) 23.75. The panels are 18.25” long. 2 is the distance between poles. Only with pets. Brown is the color. All Life Stages is the age range description. The wooden folding fence was included.

Brand: Petmaker

👤Finally. It is cute and stylish. I was unsure if I should get this or not because of all the different reviews I read, but I did it anyways. My little dog has her corner now. At night. When we get up, I don't have to worry about accidents all over the house.

👤I needed a gate to close off the gap between my porch and steps that lead to the outside world. This wouldn't work if you have an aggressive pet. It's ideal for someone with a small dog like me who just wants to be able to sit on the porch and not worry. The gate doesn't open to anything. It can either be stretched straight across or slightly folded at the hinges. I like that it's so portable, I can take it with me when I need it, or I can move it to another area in the house. I'm happy I made this purchase.

👤It was horrible quality. I haven't had it for 6 weeks because it doesn't hold up and just fell apart. Not worth it at all.

👤Our puppy was able to push the gate out of her way to get through it. Since it is 3 panels, she figured out quickly that you can push the end on and slip through, and she could almost get her head stuck in the slats, so be careful with smaller pups.

👤My dog has been a tough little guy since he was a puppy. It took a long time to find a good solution. He doesn't know his fighting weight. It's in the nature of the breed to not be confined. They were bred to alert farmers to mountain lions and other dangers. He would greet me at the front door if he had reduced two other gates. A big no-no. The zig zag barrier is a good size and I bought the 4-panel gate. He can't squeeze through the white slats. The gate is strong enough to not have to be reinforced. I spread it across a large area between the kitchen, laundry room, back hallway, bedroom and bath, dining room and living room area, and the front door. It's an odd configuration that made it difficult for him to get through the gate. It was starting to cost a lot. He got right to it. "What is this?" He pressed his nose against one of the slats and peered through it, sniffing it, and has never looked at it again. He doesn't think this gate is unfriendly. My neighbors were impressed because they knew I was trying to close the space off. I use one of the end panels as a gate. They swing open and closed. He has not tried to push his way out even though he did with the other two. When I brought groceries or other items inside he was very cunning and very fast and could run out the door quickly to visit the neighbor's dogs. I measured it prior to purchase and found it to be better looking than I anticipated. I thought it was worth another cost to solve the problem permanently.

2. LZRS Foldable Freestanding Panel 24

LZRS Foldable Freestanding Panel 24

The wood is known for its natural beauty and is sealed with special paint to keep wear-resistant and corrosive. It is easy to assemble and functional. You could put a fence around your pets. Dog gates for the house, dog gates for stairs, dog gates for doorways, and so on. Flexible Folding:LZRS's gate is foldable and easy to store. The opened size is W40 and theCollapsed size is W20. Most furry friends can use a free collar. LZRS's Pet Gate has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please don't hesitate to contact customer service. They're ready to help.

Brand: Lzrs

👤We looked through a lot of the options and ended up buying a few of the gates. These are the perfect way to keep a puppy out of the house. Our kitchen cabinets and light colored wood floor have natural colored gates that blend in perfectly. Since we have no screen door, we have one of the white 3-paneled gates just outside the front door to prevent the puppy from getting loose. These gates are easy to maneuver and stay in place if we position them against a wall or cabinet. We can easily step over the gates, but also when the puppy is sleeping, we swing one panel open to get in and out of the room. Great product. We're happy with our purchases.

👤It was a perfect solution for our front porch. Our posts are not the same. The product description is generous and you could easily go further. Solid wood, great hinges, heavy enough that wind won't push it over but still easy to lift on your own. We got the oak color.

👤I don't think the gate will tip over. I had to modify the hinges for about 30 minutes. The hinges were able to swing in either direction, which was clever in itself. One of the hinges pinched onto another. They were placed too close together. I was not able to open the panels without pulling them apart. It works after moving the hinges. The screws to secure the hinges were shoddy. 1/3 of them split the wood. It was necessary to secure the split wood with a screw as part of my hinge modification.

👤I was looking for an extra-sturdy gate. I needed a way to shut off the doorway into my living room. It's bingo! This is perfect. It is worth every penny, even though it is a little more expensive. It is attractive.

👤I bought this to keep our dog out of the den. The double doors were not open until I saw this gate. It is easy to step over and it fits perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase. It was delivered on time.

👤I like these things. We will build. Do you want to keep your dog from sleeping on the couch? Use this to stop it! Done! Only works with small to medium dogs that are not aggressive. It will be about 20 percent shorter when put up because the sections have to zig zag for the gate to stay upright.

👤I received one black and one light brown, but I purchased two gates in black. That was very frustrating. The gate is taller than I needed, but it made sense. It looks nice. I only had one gate. I sent the light brown gate back because they were out of stock. That was disappointing. My mother who is 5'6 cannot step over it because she is tall. The gate was protected by two boxes. I hope you found my review helpful.

👤Does the job. My dogs are kept out. And stylish. The wife has to use a gate. I put gate feet on the bottom to make sure they didn't tip. If you leave the wall leaning against it, it will be marked. It's all over.

3. MyPet Paws Portable Pet Openings

MyPet Paws Portable Pet Openings

WORRY-FREE SAFETY. The MyPet Paws portable petgate keeps your pet contained and safe. It's made of strong plastic, has adorable paw print accents, and comes in an appealing Light Gray finish. It is convenient and portable. This gate is easy to install and take down, and it's 23" tall, so you can use it anywhere you need it. Blocks doorways, hallways, and other spaces. It's perfect for modern homes. The portable petgate has rubber bumpers that protect your walls and are positioned higher than other gates. The curved handle makes it easy to mount and disassemble. Made in the USA.

Brand: Mypet

👤If you're like me, you're looking at this because you want to put up a gate to keep your dog out of a room or the stairs. This is meant to give you peace of mind. The gate is weak and can't hold back a hamster. It's incredibly hard to open if you want to use it. There are lots of other options.

👤The gate is a good buy. It works well under $20 The lever you push down secures it. It takes some time to figure out how much spread the gate is so that it fits perfectly when you push the lever. You're all set once you do.

👤I purchased this product because of the reviews and price, but I learned a lesson, as I have had a dog gate before and it is easy to setup inside the house. The plastic is cheap and flimsy because it is not thick. The locking mechanism is not easy to use and you have to apply force to get it to lock. If you align the handle in the middle hole, the locking part of it will work. The piece in the back broke. It doesn't stay straight when I setup it. It is wobbly and curves. I will return the product and buy a wooden one again. I don't recommend this product for pets.

👤I bought this to keep my puppy in the kitchen while I was gone. It fit in the doorway of the room that had all of the cat food and cat box. I could keep my puppy out of there. I've had this product for at least 3 months now and it has stood a very energetic puppy jumping and bouncing on it. It hasn't fallen down once. It helps give my cats a place to hide so they don't get chased by a puppy. I would recommend this product. The color of my home is perfect, and it does the job I need it to do.

👤We had to return the one we ordered because the rubber bumpers on the other side were missing. Disappointed it was not better.

👤Can't push through the door frame. It's hard to release it. It is hard to remove the lever from the locked position once in place. To remove the gate, you have to pull it out of position.

👤There are less expensive options for this product. It's not that expensive, but a cheaper wooden gate works better. The plastic would be more rigid. It works, but not great. The latching mechanism doesn't feel sturdy and the offsets to accommodate floor mold doesn't work for me. The gate is just right for the 3 inch floor mold. I wanted to set it up in a hallway, but the fit made that impossible. I wish I'd bought the cheaper gate now.

👤The puppy was going to go down the stairs. It was easy to install. It is easy for adults to step over. She began to try and go over after seeing the cats go over it. The cats are not interested in going and we moved it to a different doorway.

4. Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple

Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple

Easy installation. The included kit can be used to install a baby gate in between hallways, doorways, and stairways. The Precision Fit template can be used to make sure the installation is easy. Hardware mounting requires tools. Self-locking is not allowed. One hand release. The baby gate has a comfort grip handle that is easy to use. Use mild detergent and warm water to clean the surface. towel is dry The baby gate from Summer is safe and secure, so have peace of mind. The swing stop mechanism won't allow the gate to swing over stairs. There is a baby gate. The baby gate is made out of wood and has a golden cherry finish. It is suitable for use with small pets and toddlers. There is a baby gate. The baby gate is made out of wood and has a golden cherry finish. It is suitable for use with small pets and toddlers.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤Do you own a rail? This is something to read. The product is okay. There are certain parameters that need to be met in order for this to work. This isn't obvious from the description or the imagery used by the seller. You will want to have 3 inches of clear wall space at the top of your steps, which will extend from the floor to 3 feet high. There are three significant considerations. If you have a baseboard that trails your steps and meets at the top of the steps at an angle, you might have a difficult install. 2. You will have a difficult install if your banister is on the 3 inch area. 3. The product will be questionable if you don't have a stud at the install site. 4. If you transition from wood to carpet between the stairs and the floor, the support-foot will prevent the gate's swing action. I wouldn't buy or install this product again because of the issues I encountered in my installation. A simple and straight forward install quickly became an involved project to trim a banaster, extend the baseboard, reinforce the installation site, and make adjustments due to the wood-to-carpet transition between steps and top landing. I can easily see a better appreciation for this product in the proper install site. This isn't a simple solution for just any household.

👤The best gate for the top of the stairs is this one. I looked into a lot of options and found this one because it has a few features that are very important to us. I think this is the one to get. - The gate opens completely. The bar at the top of the stairs isn't a tripping hazard because you don't need to step over it. There is a huge feature. It is still a one-hand open gate. It has a door stop feature that prevents it from moving over the stairs. It's sturdy and reliable. We have a lab that can't open. It works when not latched. Very safe. The hook is fully latched. It's very strong and secure. Installation was easy. The basic plastic ones included in the kit were used instead. It was easy to fix since we couldn't attach to the studs. Over the past 3 months, the gate has held up well and has been used a lot. Since installation, we haven't had to tighten or adjust anything.

👤I have no fear that my child will fall down the stairs if he stays behind this gate. I used this gate in conjunction with the Summer Infant Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit and I'm pleased with how everything fit together. I installed a gate and found my ragdoll wouldn't jump over to get back upstairs. I made a modification to the gate to accommodate cats. The wood was very nice and difficult to cut with a knife. This is a really nice gate and would recommend it to others.

👤I was skeptical because of the low price and some of the negative reviews, but I love this gate and everyone that comes over! I had to send this link to many people because they want one in their home. I have two large dogs and a baby. I have a gate that keeps them where I want them. It is easy to hold a baby with one hand and another with the other. When the gate is open, it swings out of the way and leaves the opening wide without a rail. That is one of the biggest complaints we have had. Installation was the only negative. The directions are not clear and there are a couple extra pieces that weren't mentioned in the directions. I heard a lot of swearing during the installation and I think they need to improve the instructions. It is worth the effort once it is up.

5. Safety 1st Pressure Spaces Between

Safety 1st Pressure Spaces Between

Pressure mount or hardware. One hand, top release handle. A complete-control top handle lets you lock, release, and adjust as you please. The gate must be kept in place with wall cups installed. The wide is 42 inches and the high is 26 inches. The minimum opening is 30 inches. There is a note opening beneath the gate. Only install hardware on stair posts, door frames, and wood studs behind the wall. There is a note opening beneath the gate. Only install hardware on stair posts, door frames, and wood studs behind the wall.

Brand: Safety 1st

👤I didn't know how long I had been without a gate. It was always a mission to open my door so that the 2 dogs could run outside or jump on the mailman. It's very easy to use. The gate is left and right to fit the door frames. You won't need to mess with that button again once you get it to size. To open the gate, you need to slide the little button at the top of the gate, lift the handle, and swing the gate open. The gate makes answering the door less nerve-racking. Thank you for a great product!

👤We tried a lot of different mounted gates when we baby proofed our house. We missed this one because we thought it was a pressure-mount gate. It was purchased as a portable travel gate for overnight visits with family and friends, only to discover that it could be permanently mounted. We would have bought this gate for all of our gates if we'd known sooner. The gate works well as a pressure-mount gate. When I try to rattle it, it locks into place. I have a harder time getting the gate to fit into place as a pressure-mount gate than my husband does. I don't struggle with it when it's installed as a permanently mounted gate. There is no way my child can open this gate. She doesn't have the coordination and strength to operate the handle lock mechanism. She has defeated the other gates in our house. I wish we had discovered this gate sooner.

👤I bought a gate to keep the dogs off the floor. It's going back if someone can give me pointers on how to open and close it. It took about 15 minutes to lift the handle beyond the unlocked icon. I was able to get it by stabilizing the gate with my legs and using two hands to hold the release down, because I didn't care if I broke it. The genius at the factory thought it would be smart to put the hardware inside the gate. I couldn't get the pieces to slide because the bag of hardware was jamming the panels. I had to use the spatula to push the gate out while holding the gate with one hand. It was after my hand that got stuck. I took it to the bottom of the stairs to attach it, but gave it up after more time was wasted. Maybe the piece needs to be oiled. I couldn't slide the panels between the opening. I had to stand on my head to see if the handle slid down and locked the panels. I can't wait for this to happen. I'm sending it back. I'm pretty mechanically inclined and do small repairs around the house, but this thing was a PITA. I wouldn't have rated it stars. I didn't want anyone to think I forgot to do that section, but 1 is too high a rating for the piece that I got.

6. Regalo Hardwood Extension Pressure Mounting

Regalo Hardwood Extension Pressure Mounting

Extra time: The gate is 37 inches tall for added security. It can fit openings from 30 to 42 inch wide. DCOR: It was made with New Zealand Pine. It is adjusted. A simple pressure mount set up is all you need. The easy close handle has a safety lock. It's perfect for hallway, doorway, open spaces and bottom of stairs. Two 4-inch wide extensions kits are included. Gate folds flat for easy storage. All safety standard is met by the design with safety-lock. Adding security with a hardware mount. It's perfect for children 6 to 36 months. Great for animals too! Please note. Once the gate is installed within the opening, the gap between the frame and the latch will be eliminated.

Brand: Regalo

👤A toddler could break out of a super max. He has killed several gates. Our last gate was defeated so quickly that we cried a little inside. We had to close it to keep him out of the stairs. The gate has left our little buster at a complete standstill. The height is great and there is no hopping over it. In the past, he has moved a chair to give him a boost. This gate is tall and nice. Our toddler is completely stumped by the lock, even though it is not so difficult. If you've been looking for a gate that will lock your mountain climber in, this is the one for you.

👤This gate is awesome! I have a boxer lab mix that jumps all over the door when I pull into the driveway. I got a gate so he can't jump on the door or me as soon as I walk in to work on our training. I was hesitant at first because he's a large dog and strong, but the gate is tall enough to keep him out. I would recommend this to anyone with a big dog or a strong toddler. They will not get past this gate.

👤We have two cats and a dog. We love our cats. Not much. We didn't want to have to keep the cats in the master bedroom all the time while they were learning to love their new brother. We were able to split the house in half. The cats have one half and the new doggo has the other half. It was easy to get together, I did it alone. Our newest furry friend is not aggressive and does not try to jump on our push gate. It seems sturdy. If he put his full force against it, it could fall over. There are small cups that can be used to screw it into the wall. After painting our house, I couldn't bring myself to open a hole in the wall to hold the gate up. Definitely serves its purpose. It is too tall for our dog to jump over and it is wide enough to fit in our hallway. I wish it was more sturdy on the tension rods, but I am very happy with the gate. Looks great, too! It's better than the usual white plastic gates. Not a bad look at all!

👤One of our dogs is an escape artist and if a small dog could get through it, it would be her. The dogs were locked up when we got back. This hate is very sturdy and convenient. The opening is narrow but I'm pretty wide hipped and have a slight hip tilt. I can get through. The bottom piece you have to step over is not high. It's easy to adjust to. Especially for the sake of the product. The top and bottom distinction for the extensions are noted in the instructions. When we mixed them up, we wondered why one looked different, but we figured it out because my fiancée rarely reads directions. These are worth it. The pressure mount is very sturdy. Save your money if you purchase wall savers. These already have them.

7. Doorways Yacul Through Openings Pressure

Doorways Yacul Through Openings Pressure

The swing door is about 22 inches wide. disassemble and assemble in 5 minutes. There are no tools required. For 6-24 months baby and small dog, there are baby gates. The doorway opening is widely fit for Yacul baby gates. If you don't want to mess with the wall, pressure mounted. It would be a great choice. When the door swings less than 90 degree, the auto-close shuts it behind you. If you don't want to mess with the wall, pressure mounted. It would be a great choice. When the door swings less than 90 degree, the auto-close shuts it behind you.

Brand: Yacul

👤I bought two sets of gates to keep our dog out of the deck stairs, and to keep the toddler out of the house. It was mounted to the deck posts at the top of the stairs, not the wall recommended by the manufacturer. We don't want our dog or grandchild to go down and off the deck at the top of the stairs. The gate should be deleted from the instructions if it is not practical to put it at the bottom of the stairs. They were easy to install once I got used to it. I used the short extension piece on one opening and two extensions on the other. I put the top on both sides. I used a level to make sure they were straight when they were tight enough to hold the gate up. I tightened the top and tightened the bottom. I bought the rubber cups recommended by the vendor and I recommend them as well. The gate door won't swing properly if you make it too tight against the wall. I loosened the gates with a short turn or two, which created the gap needed for the gate to swing both ways. The gate mechanism is childproof and the product is nicely designed. The product is good. If a big dog or child throws themselves against the gate, it will likely fall, but that is not what it was designed for.

👤It is easy to install, but it does move against the wall. We have it at the bottom of the stairs. I would not be comfortable with it being at the top of the stairs. I don't want someone's child to fall, other than that, it works well. Prepare the paint for chipping. I like how it looks.

👤I realized how people could leave a negative review after unboxing. When you install the gate correctly, the gap tightens. I only needed one extra part for my application, but could have used anyone of the other extras. It should fit every doorway if it is in the specifications. You are doing something wrong if this won't fit or can't get a perfect fit. The 4 screw leg things that tighten to the wall should not be put into the gate. You need to remove them from the wall. Negative review people left the gag and striped leg holes. That is the design of the gate. Gate is solid, glad I didn't make the list of uncalled for negative reviews.

👤I had a wide archway which most gates didn't work on. The gate has multiple extensions so it can fit a variety of doorways. You have to use both your thumb and finger to open the door. The set up for mine was simple, and you just attach the extensions that work for your door, and use the metal brackets on the bottom to keep the gate from flexing. To tighten the gate, use the adjustments on the side.

👤The entry way is 44 inches. This was easy to install. The smaller extension is a perfect fit for me. My lab mix is a runner in the front door.

8. Richell 94135 Freestanding Autumn Finish

Richell 94135 Freestanding Autumn Finish

Your pet is kept confined to his special area by a pet gate. The rubber feet protect the floor. No installation is required for the self-supporting gate. It's ideal for small or medium-sized pets. It fits openings of 26.4 to 40.2 inches. It's recommended for small dogs between 6.5 and 17.5 lbs.

Brand: Richell

👤I paid approximately $80 for this pet gate, which I purchased 6 months ago. I put it together and it looked like it was of decent quality. My pet never pushed against it, so it sat there for months. The pet gate was cracked and fell over six months into owning it, despite the fact that it should be able to hold the weight of a small toy dog. The joint is unrepairable because the dowel that keeps it together cracked in half. This is not a good thing. A pet gate should be able to handle this kind of wear and tear. I contacted Richell and he told me it was out of warranty even though I have owned it for 6 months. When I contacted Amazon again, I was told that they only cover items that are sold within 30 days. This is not true. I have a piece of junk that I cannot use and it is dangerous for pets and people. Amazon's customer service has gone downhill, and it's not a good choice.

👤I now have 5 of these, used on other parts of the house. I made them to the sizes I need them for. I really like them. I would like it to be adjusted easier than undoing the screws. I love them. I got a good deal on them because they were damaged packaging or may have been returned. They were new when they received the receipt. I had to purchase 3 of them because I need 2.5 times the maximum length of this gate. I didn't know what the color was and it looked darker in the picture. It looks like "golden oak." It is okay. It would have been better if it was in a darker color. It looks pretty. I had to use 5 of the 6 screws for each one. It comes with 6 screws. You only need 4 screws for a shorter set up. These gates are used when I have to work. One of the 2 dogs I have is 13 years old. It would be easy to clean my linoleum if there were any accidents. I can step over the gate with my dogs if I'm only 5'3", because they are not the type of dogs that jump. I put them in the spare bedroom on the days that I am not working. The length of the sides is not something that would fit in a closet. If I screw the gate back to its shortest length once a week, it will wear out the screw, which is a major annoyance for me, and I am afraid that it will ruin the screw. I am taking off one star and giving it four stars.

👤We ordered a gate for our mobile. She is into everything. She can stay in the living room away from the stairs and kitchen.

👤The gate is perfect. If you have large dogs, you should expect them to move the gate if it doesn't open. I have a chihuahua and a pit/lab mix and neither of them attempt to move it. My 3 year old had a hard time sliding the gate around to get through the door way because of the rubber pegs on the bottom of the gate. We had to put felt pads under the outer pegs so my daughter could get in and out, but the dogs still don't try and move the gate. The gate is heavy enough that it doesn't lift off the ground often, which makes it a problem for the felt pads to come off easily. The weight of the gate helps keep the suckers in place. I could tell this was a good gate when I pulled the pieces out of the box. The gate is made of wood and black metal. You can compare the metal wire gate part to the metal wire on an old fashioned floor fan. The materials are strong. The gate is easy to adjust, but this part of the gate is probably the only downfall. I don't like how you can only adjust it by removing 5 large screws, and then screw them back in again. The process is easy to deal with and accept because the screws are large. The gate is very good quality, it does what it's supposed to, and it's beautiful. It's just enough elegance that it could be used in any house hold. I am very happy with the purchase.

9. Summer Infant Stairs Simple Secure

Summer Infant Stairs Simple Secure

The top and bottom of the stairs can be used with a metal gate for baby. The baby gate is 30” tall and 29 to 42” wide. Easy installation. The included precision fit template will allow you to easily install the baby gate on stairways and between doorways. Hardware mounting requires tools. One hand release. The baby gate has a comfort grip handle that is easy to use. The baby gate from Summer is safe and secure, so have peace of mind. The swing stop mechanism prevents the gate from swinging over the stairs. There is a baby gate. The baby gate is made out of a sleek white metal finish, so it can be child proof. It's ideal for use with small pets and toddlers. There is a baby gate. The baby gate is made out of a sleek white metal finish, so it can be child proof. It's ideal for use with small pets and toddlers.

Brand: Summer Infant

👤This is the worst baby gate I have ever had. There is a I wouldn't recommend buying a gate to keep a baby safe. The product is extremely low quality and screws broke when trying to tighten it. I needed a gate for the stairs in our new home and I ordered 2 kits because I trusted the positive reviews. The first gate broke within 48 hours. The gate is difficult to secure. The instructions are confusing. The gate is flimsy. The screws broke in two. I had screws that worked. The cheap plastic will break down after a bit of use and age, because the latch and screws go into it. This happens after 2 days. There is a I wouldn't use long. My son is just 11 months old, but I know how to open this gate. When I opened the second kit, I purchesed. I contacted Amazon to get a replacement for a couple of the hardware ware that wasn't included, but I can't get a replacement for this terrible gate, so I have to issue a return on it.

👤The gate was installed at the top of the stairs. The brackets that allowed you to use on a wall with baseboard or without were one feature that set this unit apart from other gates. I didn't know that from the description, but it worked out nicely. I don't like that the gate can only be installed on two flat surfaces across from one another. I was hoping that I could fold it away against a wall in the open position, without the stairs being secured. The plastic feels light and flimsy, despite the effectiveness of the latch mechanism. The bottom latch seems to have no purpose. If the tab on the lower part of the gate hits the center of the gate, there's no way to release it. The gate was dropped enough for the tab to sneak out of the latch via two channels. It seems secure enough but it doesn't make sense how it works and the bottom latch is only mentioned in fine print on the last page of the instructions. The locking cams, which control the width of the gate, aren't very secure and I noticed that in other reviews. Other people came up with solutions such as running their own screw through the pieces to secure them in place, or placing zip ties on the pieces. I locked the four cams on my gate and was able to slide it narrower or wider without a lot of work. The color is a less critical complaint. The white is very bright. I have a new white banister and it stands out against the old one. I'm not sure if the perfect gate exists, but I've searched for it on Amazon. Since the holes are in the wall, this one will stay. I hope this is helpful.

👤I bought this to make sure my dogs don't go downstairs. The guide for drilling in the screws was almost fail-proof. It is very clean and neat. The positive features are over. The metal is too light for a gate. The instructions don't explain how to deal with floorboard trim, we don't know if we were supposed to drill right into it or not. There is a large gap between the floor and the gate because the footie doesn't hit the ground. The plastic footie will scratch your hardwood floors. You should be prepared to mount some felt underneath it. If you have small dogs, this is a problem. In an area with heavy traffic, this gate should not be used. A lot of opening and closing the gate door will loosen the brackets and cause the gate to come out of the wall. We used reinforced screws after this happened to us. We are all adults, so it wasn't because kids were playing on it. It's just a piece of metal. It is a very cheap gate. This will be a good choice if you are looking for that. Don't waste your money if not. Get something that is better made. If you have small dogs.

10. Arf Pets Standing Foldable Adjustable

Arf Pets Standing Foldable Adjustable

Free standing pet gate can form gate to block off areas of your home. Sturdy wooden construction is perfect for safely re-stricting your Furry Friends. Flexible connections allow panels to be arranged in different shapes. No installation is required. This gate is great for small pets because it allows adults to step over the barrier if needed. Not suitable for large dogs. The panels measure W - 23.5, H - 24 and can cover the opening of up to 6 feet.

Brand: Arf Pets

👤I got these gates and I love them. The hinges bend both directions so they are versatile and conform to any space. I'm covering a bigger space with two. They are low enough for humans to step over, but braced against the walls so that my big dogs won't push them out of the way. I can try a different configuration if they push them. The gates are made of solid wood and have a white finish. I was hesitant to order them, but I was glad I did. They were packaged in styrofoam and had some damage to the box, but no damage to the gates.

👤We have purchased 3 of these gates. We need to keep our dog away from 3 areas because they were defects. The gates are easy to push aside, even by a small dog. I had to place 10lb weights in my photo studio at each end of the gate to keep the little guy from pushing them open. I put rubber feet at each end of the gate to correct that. It is difficult for him to move, but still easy for us.

👤Mr. Sylvester, a cute little tuxedo kitten, quickly figured out that he could run out the front door and go for a walk in the woods. It's not possible to888-607-3166 and he will come. That doesn't work with cats. He likes to do this before I leave for work or go to bed at night. I was obsessed with every gate online and found this one. I was scared by the reviews that mentioned falling apart. I wanted a gate that looked good at my front door and living room. I am very pleased with it so far. The materials are high quality. At least it looks like it is. I don't know why other reviewers have had problems. When I move it, I am careful. The gate is between me and Sylvester because it is easy to move one of the three sides. If someone rings the doorbell, I can open the door and talk to them or take a package. Sylvester has not tried to go over or around the gate. I reinforce that by banging the gate on the floor.

👤We keep our dogs in the family room area, but also keep them out of the formal living room or dining room when we go on vacation. The hallway entrance is blocked by this. When I am working in my home office, our own dogs sometimes forget that they are not allowed beyond that point, and decide they want to be closer to me. The gate is easy to open and close. It is well made and attractive. My home is victorian in style, but it will work with any decor. The white matches the baseboards. You can use one section as a door, or it can be folded in three sections. You will love this gate!

👤We built a large porch area so that we could keep our dog indoors. There are two access points, one of which is covered by a railing. The main entrance is the most difficult to access and it is a very wide opening. The six foot wide gate is easy to set up, and it couldn't have fit better. It's light and airy but sturdy. My purchase was very clean. It is a little higher than "easily stepped over" but it will work for my dog. Very happy with the purchase!

11. PetSafe Folding Pet Steps Grey

PetSafe Folding Pet Steps Grey

Continuation cuddle time: Use the steps to help your best friend climb up on the sofa or bed, all by themselves, to improve quality time together. Pets weighing up to 200 pounds are supported by 25-inch steps. Light weight: You can carry the pet steps around the house. Nonskid feet, fabric tread covers, and side rails keep the steps from moving and your pet from sliding when using it to get on and off furniture. Simple to store. You can store your pet steps under your couch or bed by folding them down. There are two sizes measuring 24 inch L X 16 inch W X 19.5 inch H and 28 inch L X 18 inch W X 25 inch H. There are two color choices. There are tan and grey pet steps. The PetSafe pet steps are made in the United States.

Brand: Petsafe

👤My dog loves these. I had made a ramp that was more difficult for her to use. I would have thought the ramp would be easier. She doesn't think so, and that matters. I'm happy that she can get up into bed again. She was looking at me until I lifted her up.

👤I am making these stairs work with some extra support but cannot recommend them as they are likely to collapse with little to no weight and the way the support for the stairs clicks on is not reliable. I have a senior kitty who needs to be supported and I will soon purchase another alternative. Only purchase with caution and be prepared to use extra support underneath. I am not sure if the stairs are a safe option for a large animal. My cat is small.

👤It works well and is great value. We have two large dogs, two big trucks, and a tall pick-up truck, and this works just fine. It's about an inch or two short of the back of my SUV and about 6 inches shorter than the back of the Sierra. It is an easy step for the dogs. The dogs don't have any problems getting in or out of the truck if it's folded down nicely. Helping our backs is really helping our backs.

👤I have three dogs. 10 lbs of havanese. A chihuahua mix. The French dog. There are 3 sets of steps. They will only use this type. I bought another type and they refuse to use it. The Solvit Steps have sides to each step that prevent accidents and cause a fall if you step off sideways. In the night, the sides protect their feet and keep them on target. They wouldn't be good for a heavy dog. For little guys, they are perfect. It's easy to unfold from the box. You are supporting American Jobs if you don't put together the best of all Made In America. The price and free shipping on Amazon is unbeatable. The stairs are for the little Fur Children. The little devils run so fast up and down the stairs that you can't see them.

👤I bought the bigger one for my cat because he was finding them hard to use after 2 years. He loves them. I bought him a larger set of stairs and he hated them. I wouldn't use them. My cat is comfortable with the PupSTEPs. The stairs are in the middle. The stairs on the left are the regular sized one and not the larger one that this review is for.

👤My dog loves them. She was able to use them quickly. These were a perfect fit for my bed. It's easy to assemble. No more fear of my dog jumping from my bed and hurting herself, and no more crying at night when she wants to get up on the bed.

👤I strongly advise against purchasing these stairs, despite their positive reviews. My dog almost fell off the stairs when one of the pegs that hold the stairs together popped out, causing a partial collapse of the stairs. My dog made it to the bed as the peg came out. The stairs were already assembled. I assumed the stairs could handle a chihuahua, despite some reviewers saying they were flimsy. I had to put a cinder block in front of the base to stop the stairs from sliding before the peg popped out. It's expensive and time consuming to return the stairs so you're better off just throwing them away. It's a waste of money.


What is the best product for dog gate for stairs bottom of stairs?

Dog gate for stairs bottom of stairs products from Petmaker. In this article about dog gate for stairs bottom of stairs you can see why people choose the product. Lzrs and Mypet are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog gate for stairs bottom of stairs.

What are the best brands for dog gate for stairs bottom of stairs?

Petmaker, Lzrs and Mypet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog gate for stairs bottom of stairs. Find the detail in this article. Summer Infant, Safety 1st and Regalo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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