Best Dog Frisbee for Large Dogs

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1. West Paw Zogoflex Durable Indestructible

West Paw Zogoflex Durable Indestructible

The Frisbee is available in 6.5-Inch and 8.5-Inch. Soft on dogs' mouths but hard on the frisbee. 100% guaranteed against dog damage. Made in America, dishwasher safe. It's safe. Non-toxic bpa andphthalate. The FDA is compliant. The components include West Paw Zisc. The age range describes all life stages.

Brand: West Paw

👤Our 3 cattle dogs love the rubber frisbees from West Paw. These do not cause mouth problems like plastic frisbees. I have seen plastic frisbees at the dog park and they can cause bleeding. The are soft and your dog will be more willing to catch it. My 1 year old ACD started jumping and catching at 3 months.

👤I got my first West paw frisbe a year ago. I wasn't happy because I left it alone with my dog and it was destroyed. I only took out the next one and it lasted longer than any other. I have been buying them for 1.5 years now. The best frisbee so far!

👤Our mega-chewer dog has not destroyed this toy in the month that we have been playing with it. The other frisbee-like toys were destroyed the first time he put his teeth on them. His human playmates also love it. All of the West Paw toys are in great shape.

👤I bought this for my daughter when she was a few months old. She is 1.5 years old. It has been my dog's favorite toy since the day it was delivered to me. She drags it around and chews it. throws it and plays tug-o-war with it. It still looks brand new. It's unbelievable. Even though she is now 70 lbs., I got a small frisbee for her. It's easier for her to handle.

👤My dog sleeps with tug of war, she loves it. She doesn't like anyone touching her frisbee, she drinks water from it, when it gets dirty, I toss it in the dishwasher, it looks brand new, and it's chew proof too!

👤This was a waste of money. No one thought this was worth opening. Our dog grabbed it after they had played hard with their other gifts. He chewed it apart in ten minutes. It was thrown away on Christmas night. I look for "indestructible" in descriptions because I have chewers. This one was a failure.

👤I was looking for a frisbee that my dog could play with. I thought I would support the company that I found. The frisbee is heavy and doesn't sail through the air for the dog to catch it. The circumference is small. The only thing this is good for is a water dish. Not a toy. Sorry, but only the truth. The price in the trash. The frisbee from Petco is better.

👤The frisbee is very durable, but it is hard to pick it up, my dog just leaves and doesn't play it because he gets frustrated trying to lock it up. I junked it.

👤I got a 6.5 inch and my dog is very disappointed.

2. Chuckit Paraflight Large Pack 2

Chuckit Paraflight Large Pack 2

On land and in water. The dimensions are.75 inches x 9.7 inches. The floating flyer is soft and flexible.

Brand: Chuck It

👤My Shepard is a frisbee freak and has to play for hours every day. She loves these frisbees, but they are not very durable. They fly great for us, and their soft on her teeth and gums is a plus, but as far asDurability are concerned, they stink. They break down very quickly, with minimal rough play, and are completely shot about a month later. They were half the price earlier in the year. The price doubled in the last month. I will be ordering less.

👤I have a lab that is crazy about these things. She shakes her head a lot when she brings one back. Each frisbee lasts a few weeks with her. She is hard on her frisbees and is insane about them. We play frisbee about four times a day. I love these frisbees because they are light and easy on her mouth, and they stay up in the air for a long time, so my old dog can catch them on the fly.

👤My dogs love them. I've bought them many times and will probably buy them again. They aren't the best for dogs that chew. My dogs shred them to pieces after about a month, so I have to keep buying them. They are my dog's favorite toy.

👤My dog loves frisbees. It flies far, fast, and high and in a breeze requires him to use his brain as it is light enough to change positions quickly. I love it because it's soft and doesn't hurt his teeth when he catches it.

👤The best frisbee out there. It's soft andpliable so my dogs can catch it with ease, it's easy to throw, it's bright, and it's easy to clean. The other frisbees don't hold a candle to this. We have 4 K9 work dogs that destroy most toys within seconds.

👤My dog loves chasing and catching frisbees in the air. The edges are soft. My arm is tired before she does. I started buying in pairs to save a little more, but they are a great price for one or two.

👤This thing flies very well. It soars through the air with little effort and allows for a lot of fun jumps. If you have a herding dog who can jump high, it's important to note that they might pull a leg muscle if they jump to grab the disc from the air. My dog pulled a muscle twice and my vet said it was common in certain breeds. The disc ripped the third time we used it.

👤Chuckit is a brand that we love. These frisbees are not exceptions. It is very durable and flies well. We thought we would give this disc a try because our dog plays fetch with a ball daily. She was a pro by the third throw. She can catch and stand up to her victory chews with these discs. I recommend!

👤Within the first week, our energetic dog destroyed almost every flying disc we had. The ChuckIt Paraflyer is the best. It's lightweight, durable, foldable fabric is not easy to chew. It's light and easy to throw, and it floats in water. Our favourite toy is by him. The 2-pack is a great value.

3. Dog Flying Disc Lightweight Interactive

Dog Flying Disc Lightweight Interactive

No need to install batteries, rare earth light, long duration, waterproof, light weight, can also be used as a dog feeding tray. The dog flying disc is made of natural rubber and is not made of plastic or nylon, which can hurt your dog. A unique personality flying disc. You can play fetch with your pet even in the dark night if you have a dog flying disc, it only takes a few minutes in the sun or light. The design follows aerodynamic principles, making it fly farther and more stable. You can keep your balance no matter how you catch the Ultimate flying disc. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is to support their brand and value customer satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied with their dog flying disc, they will give you a full refund or a one-time replacement. The flying disc is more durable than the regular ones. The flying disc is an interactive toy. Don't let the dog bite it as a chewing toy, because it's a molar stick.

Brand: Tihopar

👤The glow lasts for a long time. The best time is dusk to dark frisbee time. My dog does taco the disc. It's not holding straight to throw. The best one so far. It's soft enough for his teeth.

👤It's not so much for being indestructible. Within 30 seconds, my dog ripped in half. Save your money!

👤I don't worry that my dog or kids will get hurt because it flies well and is soft.

👤Light weight. It flies. Every throw goes straight to the horizion. I am not a professional disc tosser, but my Kong flies correctly. It is working so far for the use of exercising a dog. I received the review on the day I wrote it. Durability is not yet good.

👤It didn't last long. It would have been great if my dog wasn't rough with his toys.

👤It's not the easiest to throw. It made it harder to throw because my pittie chewed on it.

👤The glow was not durable.

👤The description says this product is durable. My dog destroyed it in two seconds. The dog must not chew it. It is a light weight and glows in the dark.

👤The lights are well lit with a flashlight. It flies well. The bendable material is easy to carry and store for travel. It is very durable.

4. Nerf Dog Medium UltraPlush Trackshot

Nerf Dog Medium UltraPlush Trackshot

The NERF-toUGH is. Nerf-quality materials make their toy perfect for fetch and for teaching your dog new tricks. The healthy thigh. The unique design and ridged body texture makes it easy for your dog to massage gums and help keep teeth clean. It's made to last. It's lightweight, durable, and water resistant. The toss and tug ring is perfect for medium and large breeds. Each of their dog toys is tested to ensure endless hours of family fun.

Brand: Nerf Dog

👤This is the second time we have ordered this frisbee for our dog. It is easy for her to carry, and the material doesn't damage her teeth. We love this item and it is the best price we have found.

👤My dog chews on toys. Within the first hour, he chewed through the seems and started unraveling it. Next time, I would choose something else.

👤My dogs favorite toy is outside.

👤A 25lb dog is ripped apart by a few months. This product is usually fetch all it takes.

👤This was bought for a German short hair pointer. He ate it in 2 days.

👤tosses well. It was well made. Not resistant to chewing. Play and remove.

👤My lab loves frisbees. A plastic toy can damage his mouth and teeth, but they are great quality and last a long time. We play with it at least once a day and end up losing the frisbee. Even when broken, the floats in the water are still there. Highly recommend for a very active dog.

👤The product the Lab doesn't destroy is great.

5. Nerf Dog Large TIRE Flyer

Nerf Dog Large TIRE Flyer

The NERF-toUGH is. Their nylon zone flyer is perfect for fetch and for teaching your dog new tricks. High visibility. The bright green nylon zone flyer is easy to track for both you and your pet. It's made to last. The disc is lightweight, durable, and weather and water resistant, making it the perfect toy to take to the lake, beach, or pool. Medium and large breeds can benefit from this nylon zone flyer. Each of their dog toys is tested to ensure endless hours of family fun.

Brand: Nerf Dog

👤I'm not very happy that it only flew 20 feet. It's pretty much the same for the second, third, fourth, and fifth times. The print side was up. Decided to print side down. There is a huge difference. My disk flies better with print side down. This soft disk flies better than any other disk I've thrown for my dog. I've thrown disks for my dogs thousands of times. I need a disk that can throw 40 feet or more. This one works well. It flies straight, true, and very long when printed side down. If not better than my other favorite disk, it probably flies as well. There is a If you have a high every dog and need a long throwing disk, try this one. If it doesn't fly well, try again. A good flying disk. I'm buying again because it's so good.

👤I have a Doberman that loves to play fetch. But never really used a frisbee for much other than fetching a ball. The Kong rubber frisbee was tried. She became bored quickly. She will often fetch the ball once she lays down to chew on it. She will destroy the ball quickly. A relative had a Nerf Flyer and was playing with his dog. My Dobie wouldn't stop going after it once she saw the flyer. Sharing and taking breaks were not allowed. I'm not sure if it's the way it glides or the lighter weight. She loves this thing and will fetch until she is no longer around. She will either return it for another throw or she will be less interested in chewing. I have a way to give her an alternative for exercise that she loves to play.

👤My dogs like to play frisbee. We have many different brands. The Nerf frisbee was great. This is a piece of junk. The ring is not continuous and there is a break in it. This causes the fabric to be loose. It was like that when you opened it. I ordered 2 frisbees from Amazon and they split the order into 2 shipments. I'm hoping that the other one isn't as bad. I will probably go back to chuckit frisbee, it's cheaper and lasts just as long. The second frisbee nerf is a piece of junk. I feel like I was ripped off by Amazon and Nerf. I would give 0 stars if I could. The competitors are playing frisbee. Flys are still better than this piece of junk, that's sad! There is a method for this.

👤It was awful. Does it fly? Nope. Is itdurable? Hardly! The plastic ring broke after my dog caught it a few times. If this had been a 'Dollar Store' item, no problem, but this is a disposable dog toy. Don't use again, savesay

6. Nerf Dog Lightweight Resistant Diameter

Nerf Dog Lightweight Resistant Diameter

The NERF-toUGH is. Their nylon flyer toy is perfect for fetch and for teaching your dog new tricks. High visibility. The bright red nylon flyer is easily tracked for both you and your pet, no matter where or how far you throw it. It's made to last. The flyer is a great toy to take to the lake, beach, or pool. Medium and large breeds are ideal for lightweight and flexible flyers. Each of their dog toys is tested to ensure endless hours of family fun.

Brand: Nerf Dog

👤This is great if you like to throw a sobered disc and your dog likes to chase it. They are tough to catch but not enough for a chew toy. If you know how they can be controlled, they will fly. I let it fly at the park because I threw it up. My lab loves to chase and catch things. He likes to pick it up by the inside of the opening and it's a ring around his face. I will update this with a picture later.

👤I can't give the most reliable opinion because my dog is still a pup and we need to train her how to catch a frisbee. This frisbee doesn't seem to be durable and that requires a durable frisbee. She wants to chew it whenever she can, even though she is not the most aggressive chewer out there. Take it. It is not holding up well to her chewing. I will have to look for a harder frisbee.

👤This is the best frisbee on the market. I have three other frisbees that I bought for my dog, others are too heavy, or if the dog doesn't catch it, it lays on the ground. The frisbee is slightly rimmed and has a hole in the center that can be easily picked up by a dog. I. My dogs puncture it, I wish it was more durable. I would love to own a pile of them. My dog is 16 pounds and Mini Australian shepherd.

👤My dog is very fond of this frisbee. He carries it around like a prize possession on hikes. It is easy to throw because of the weight. My dog loves to chew these up on a monthly basis. There is something about the material and the scent that he likes. I keep one for chew and one for play, and when the chew toy is done, I get a new one.

👤Our dog is a frisbee player. She refused to catch it when we threw it. She jumps to catch it because it hits her teeth hard. She was able to catch this from behind. That is not as enjoyable. She is 65 lbs and mostly a shepherd.

👤I thought I would buy a new frisbee because the old one was getting a little beat up. The first one didn't happen as it was chewed on Day 2. What changed about Nerf?

👤I have boxers that chew on this and play tug of war. It is well-equipped to survive. They can't seem to destroy one of the few toys they own.

👤My dogs have played with many frisbees, but this one lasts longer and is very strong.

7. LaRoo Dog Tug Toy Fetch

LaRoo Dog Tug Toy Fetch

HIGH STANDARD ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS SAFE. LaRoo dog chew toy is made of high quality material. Dog toys that are very strong and durable are also gentle on the dog's mouth and the dog owner's hands. Only 202g of light and easy to clean is needed to clean it. The dog chew toys are easy to clean. Medium and large dogs can use the puppy chew toys for teething. A dog ring toy for all dogs. The LaRoo tough dog toys are suitable for interactive play with dogs. You and your pet can have a great day playing with their dog toys, which can be used as flying discs. The dog teething toys have a ring design that makes it easy to pick up. The dog toys for large dogs aggressive chewers are waterproof and can be played in the pool, water, river or lake. A cute outdoor puppy teething toys that you and your dog will love to play with. The puppy teething chew toys are a good training tool for keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Brand: Laroo

👤The Laroo dog fitness ring is a great toy to use for playing in the pool, it provides hours of fun and keeps my pups active. This is the second one I have bought, the first lasted 2 years.

👤The relationship with my puppy has improved because of this toy. One of the best purchases I've ever made. My 6mo APBT wasn't a runner and didn't really play fetch. He stumbled easily when he ran. He likes tug of war, but he tends to destroy toys quickly. I discovered something with this toy. I play tug with him as a reward for returning it and he's excited to bring it back. He chases it down and grabs it as it rolls on the ground. I can get this moving quickly, with him running at full speed. He returns it and we play a little tug of war and then I tell him to drop it. The smile on his face was amazing. Seeing him go from a dog that was just trotted to a dog that was all out running makes me happy. I don't let him keep this as a chew toy, but he will come a few times a day and walk to the cabinet where I keep it. At the dog park, he now runs with the other dogs and has a lot more confidence when they are playing rough. There are some cuts in the toy after a couple months of daily use. I think this will last about a year if I keep putting it away.

👤The review has been updated. I'm amazed and shocked. It lasted over a week and she loves it. I don't know if it's going to be a long lasting toy, but it certainly lasted for what we paid for, and there are a few tooth marks in it. I don't think it was over fifteen dollars. I don't remember. I like the fact that it is light and she likes to put it in her mouth and run while we play in our yard. She could swim if we went to the lake. We haven't gotten brave with her yet because she's still learning to come back with regularity. I take back every thought I had about the ring not lasting, because it's really holding up. She is not a heavy tour. She doesn't use deer antlers or Nylabones, the last one I bought was a puppy and she already has that down to almost a nub. -- There is a I'll be shocked if this ring lasts a week. Some sort of foam is what it sees. It is very light, but only if you only use it with heavy pets. Disappointed!

👤Our dog is a bad dog. Finding toys that last more than a few minutes is difficult because he bit off the top of an extreme Kong. He's been trying to downplay it for the past two days and so far it hasn't budged. He runs to get it every time someone enters the room. He will chew through it eventually but so far it's been good. These and planet dog balls are the best for heavy chewers.

8. Zogoflex Frisbee Flying Aerodynamic Puppy

Zogoflex Frisbee Flying Aerodynamic Puppy

The frisbee is available in 6.5-Inch and 8.5-Inch. Soft on dogs' mouths. The dog damage is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Made in America, dishwasher safe. It's safe. FDA compliant, non-toxic andBPA- and phthalate-free.

Brand: West Paw

👤I searched for a frisbee for our rescue dog for seven months. We tried a frisbee and he was able to fetch a ball. He became obsessed, which was better than barking and freaked out at random things, and he became less anxious and crazy. We were buying a new hard one every 2 days from our local toy and hardware stores and one strong bite at the back of his mouth on any of them would either snap them in half or he'd end up with a bloody mouth from him biting his own tongue. It was horrible. I bought a fancy one at the store. Lasted 20 seconds. He bit a slice into a frisbee and his tongue got stuck in it. I had to turn into an ER nurse because he was so loud. Don't think about it for too long or you'll get67531. I had no idea a frisbee like this soft Zogoflex existed until I searched for "best dog frisbee" or something. I chose this one because a review said it was soft on the dog's mouth. The thing still looks new seven months later. I don't know how it doesn't get poked from his teeth. I don't know how soft it is to fly like a bullet but not cut his mouth or tongue when he pulls it out of the air. It has been through the winter. It doesn't crack. It's easy to see when we play fetch in the snow because it's bright orange. This has been with us for 7 months and has had 500 hours of fetch and digging. When we're not playing fetch, he drags it to a dirt pile and digs at it, throwing dirt and rocks 20 feet in all directions while happily grunting at it. It still looks perfect. I took a picture of it during yesterday's fetch session, but there's no scratches, tears, or discoloration, even though it's got fresh dirt and slobber on it. We used to leave it outside for weeks at a time. He's less anxious when he can bring it inside. He uses it as a pillow or a cuddle thing, he doesn't get crazy with it. It's weird, but he's not eating furniture anymore, so he's spent money. If you know the person who invented this thing, please give them a hug and a high-five. Thank you.

👤I've tested the large model of West Paw Zisc with my 33 lbs. The Cattle Dog was compared to the rubber flyer dog toys and the dog frisbee for 2 months. Both of these disks are easy to use on a dog's teeth, but the West Paw is more durable. After 350 throws on each brand there is no damage to the West Paw, whereas the Kuorle is cracked and warped. I don't allow my dog to use her Frisbees as chew toys, but she is prone to try to kill it if she is given a break. Her Frisbees get a good workout. The weight of the West Paw Zisk is similar to the Hyperflite Jawz dog disks, which are suitable for competition. It is very stable in flight and can be used by beginners. It appears that stability gives it more drag. Since I don't use it in competition, this is not a big disadvantage. I've tried a lot of soft dog disks, but this is my favorite.

9. Nerf Dog 2864 Flyer Squeak

Nerf Dog 2864 Flyer Squeak

The NERF-toUGH is. Nerf-quality materials make their tire flyer perfect for fetch and teaching your dog new tricks. High visibility. The blue frisbee is easy to track for both you and your pet. It's made to last. The flyer is a great toy to take to the lake, beach, or pool. Medium and large breeds can benefit from this flyer, which is 10 inches in diameter. Each of their dog toys is tested to ensure endless hours of family fun.

Brand: Nerf Dog

👤I bought one of these from another store. It was an easy decision to buy another one because it broke recently. Some reviewers gave bad reviews because their dog chewed up the frisbee quickly. Frisbees are not designed to be chew toys. If you use it as a frisbee, it is great. The KONG extreme chew toy is a good choice if you are looking for a chew toy. I have had one for 6 years and my dog loves it. This is a great frisbee that will last a long time.

👤This is the first thing. Not true. A toy! People who let their dogs have it for extended periods of time and then give a bad review when it gets eaten are misrepresenting the product. It shows teeth marks from my 60 lbs mix. There were no full holes. When this one inevitably falls apart, I will probably buy another one. A frisbee is a great training tool and my boy is using it as part of his service dog training. The cut out part in the middle makes it easy for him to pick it up. I use a purse that fits in my backpack perfectly. We have washed frisbee many times with warm water and dish soap and it is ready to go again. I think this frisbee is great. My boy and I are just starting to get into more activities together and this has been great for teaching him how to place objects directly into my hands.

👤I don't write reviews unless something really moves me. In this case, I am very disappointed. This product is dangerous. You don't want to spend a lot on vet bills. The material can cause an obstruction in the dog's bicyle if swallowed. Take it to Amazon. Shame on you for making this without testing.

👤Not for heavy chewers. This is 30 minutes after I gave it to my dog.

👤My dog was very excited to get this. She was waiting for the package to open. She watched as I threw the frisbee. It went far beyond our expectations. I am not a frisbee champion. Our neighbors yard is over our fence. Right at the feet of Felix. The neighbors have a yellow lab. Felix looked at the frisbee. Looked at us. There is a Felix went back at the frisbee with hungry eyes. Poor Daisy. I looked at him and asked, "what have you done?" It was like throwing a ball over the fence. How are we going to get this? Felix destroyed the frisbee in 2 minutes. Daisy and I watched as Felix destroyed the plane. It was toast before I could even get down the stairs. Finished. My husband saved the frisbee. Which is not a frisbee disk anymore. It still flies!

👤It was great for our large loaf of bread. He is a water dog and plays on our boat all day. The first one lasted for a while. We bought two more and they don't work. We lost one on the first throw when it sank to the bottom of the lake. It wouldn't float the second time we tested it. We can only play with it in shallow water. We have to go on shore for our dog to use it since he wants it as soon as he sees it in the boat. The material used to make these changed between the time we bought our first one and the second one, so it doesn't float.

10. NERF Atomic Flyer Dog Toy

NERF Atomic Flyer Dog Toy

Nerf Dog brand products are designed with your dogs in mind. The toys encourage play between family members. They make their products to last for hours of extended play and their designs and sizes will fit all of the ranges. Take your Nerf Dog toys with you.

Brand: Nerf Dog

👤This is the second Nerf Dog. I didn't keep it put up because she chewed it, but she was still able to play with it. This is not a toy. The frisbee dog toy is interactive. My dog is learning to play frisbee with the Atomic Flyer. The open center seems to help her catch it. She loves prancing around with it. I would recommend this product. It's not a chew toy.

👤It doesn't fly because it's so heavy. I only went to the dog park because I was excited to get this disk. It was a no-go. After only a short time, it rotates 45 degrees and plummets into the ground. My agility dog could not catch it and instead was playing fetch with a disk. Our son is a baseball pitcher, so I asked him to try. He had the same experience. Our dog didn't like this flyer. We gave it to the dog park. I should have brought it home for her to chew on.

👤My German Shepherd destroyed my frisbees after seeing this disc for dogs. We had nice weather today. This isn't working. You can throw this disc a long way. It's so heavy and its ring design makes it fall quickly. There is no chance for many catches. We worked on it. No luck with different angles of attack. She is still looking for a frisbee.

👤Even someone who is not very good at throwing can get this to fly. It can be used as a chew toy, but it can also be chewed into pieces by aggressive chewers. The hole in the middle helps grab it. It has snow and ice. I ordered a second one as a backup.

👤We bought these as Christmas gifts for our two labs. The guys liked them because they were easy to throw. After our first throw and catch session with them, one of these ended up with a chuck bitten off. If they were durable, they would get four or five stars. Not... Unfortunately...

👤This is my dog's favorite toy. We have been buying 2 or 3 at a time to make sure he has one. I don't know if it is chew proof with a German Shepherd, and I don't know if changing the material would cause it to not fly as well. I love how easy it is to glide. It gives my GSD a good workout. It's a good thing. It would last longer if we took it from him. He chews it up when we're not actively playing with him.

👤A great toy. The pupper is loving it. She doesn't bite down on it as hard as other dogs because she isn't a huge chewer. There were only minor marks after weeks of playing with her. Within seconds of a few other dogs playing with it, we saw the first rip. It is difficult for dogs to see orange. I don't know why orange is the color of dog toys, rather than yellow and blue. There is a It's a great toy if your dog isn't a big chewer. Don't leave your dog to play on its own, always watch it. Try to get the blue or yellow version of the frisbee.

11. Kong Rubber Flyer Large Red

Kong Rubber Flyer Large Red

The KONG Rubber makes for a softer, safer catch. It supports healthy exercise and instinct to play. DURABILITY. The natural KONG Classic red rubber formula is flexible and durbale. There are two sizes: S and L. Made in the USA. The materials are globally sourced.

Brand: Kong

👤Just pay the extra 4 dollars and buy a fake item. I ordered online. I had to sit the dog before I got it. Frisbees. I stopped by the store and bought one for 17.95. The one at PetsMart was great, this dog tried their best Breed of dog and she could not damage it. She likes it as her favorite toy. Her owners reimbursed me for buying it for her. When I received the one from Amazon, I thought I would keep it as an extra, but the quality was so different that I didn't have to take it out of the box. This was a fake product from Amazon. If you look at the two products side by side, you will see the differences. I decided not to keep it, I thought it would be torn to shreds. I am a professional dog sitter and I know quality toys. Kong is awesome. This is not a real dog. I returned it.

👤Don't understand the hate on this. I have a 95lb Shepard and have been using this hard for two months. I tested the throw on my first day and said "WOW!" I have to restrict myself or toss it out of my back yard. Maybe over the neighbors as well. It's heavy and flexible and can fly with the help of the g forces. I am a fitness freak as well. My dog's favorite ty is like this, with him hanging on, I lift him half off the ground to do shoulder shrugs, one arm at a time to do bicep curls, and I can do resistance curls. All this time, not a single tear or hole. We've torn deflated basketballs to shreds in the past. I think the key is that my dog will not play with his toys on his own, he always has a fresh goliath bone if he wants to chew, that's where people's problems are. I ordered two more for gifts to someone with a Rottweiler and a 65lb lab, they both love it. I'm not sure why a pack of 2 is more expensive than 2 singles. My "pup" has always loved frisbee, but his problem is flipping it over and picking up standard frisbee and tearing them up with his nails. He picks it up easily because this one flexes. Fantastic product!

👤It was a major disappointment. I have always counted on Kong when we need a dog toy. The German Shepherd is slowing down but still loves to fetch. We have to take it with a pinch of force when she doesn't release her prize. When my husband pulled it from her mouth, it started to tear. She went to shred it. We have had it less than a month. She has played with it several times. A plastic one would have lasted longer. She is not achewer and doesn't tear things apart. Especially at her age. The frisbee was a waste of money. I expected more from the Kong brand.


What is the best product for dog frisbee for large dogs?

Dog frisbee for large dogs products from West Paw. In this article about dog frisbee for large dogs you can see why people choose the product. Chuck It and Tihopar are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog frisbee for large dogs.

What are the best brands for dog frisbee for large dogs?

West Paw, Chuck It and Tihopar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog frisbee for large dogs. Find the detail in this article. Nerf Dog, Laroo and Kong are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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