Best Dog Food Dry 40 Lb Bag

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1. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach

A 41 lbs. There is a bag of dog food with sensitivities for dogs. Oat meal is easy to digest and gentle on the GI tract. The first ingredient is real salmon. Fortified with live probiotics for health. FOCUS Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon and Rice Formula was once known as FOCUS.

Brand: Purina Pro Plan

👤The dog food is amazing. Our dog had sensitive skin and would react to everything from grass to flea treatments. We tried many different brands of dog food and finally found the one that worked best for us. The difference has been amazing, he no longer has red hair, he no longer starts itching when he is in a new environment, and all of his hair has grown back. We didn't think he would make it to 7. He is almost a puppy at 7 years old. Thank you, Purina!

👤The same as in the previous update, my TLDR is still the same. This food is not available from Amazon. You can get it from Chewy. They did not skip a beat with delivering food for anyone who had an existing subscription. It is easy to change subscription timing, unlike subscribe and save which only comes once a month and cannot be ordered on demand. We just switched our dog. I would rate this brand and flavor of dog food five stars, but I am not sure if Amazon is the best place to buy it. I have only bought it locally since we switched. We moved to save time and I ordered it via Amazon. The food inside the bag looked good, even though the seal looked off to me. I have a border collie who eats all of the food and non food at the same time and he doesn't finish his breakfast because he has been at the ER for eating socks and rocks. He has never stopped eating. I thought it was just him being nervous. He didn't finish his lunch either. He ran out of the room when I tried waving it under his nose after I poured dinner in his bowl. He had a bad case of food poisoning. When I called a bunch of pet stores, I found one that was still open and one that was still selling one bag for only $1. I poured it in his bowl and he ate it. I don't know. I took the entire bag from Amazon and threw it away. I was a bit weirded out because we just switched to Purina after our old brand was flagged in the FDA stuff. We have had a dog for 18 months and have ordered all of his food from Amazon, but will find a different way to buy it. My dog eats inedible things, like it's an actual recurring problem we are navigating constantly in order to keep him safe, and I couldn't get him to eat this.

👤My dog has been eating this food for the past 5 years and I have not had any issues with it. His coat is beautiful and he doesn't have any issues with the stool. The company that makes the products at the factory in my state backs them with objective data of their efficacy, and the staff has visited. There is no reason why a dog should eat a grain or a raw diet if he/she has no GI issues or signs of allergy. It's great if your dog is doing well on this diet. Whatever works. I am too busy to argue on this post. It's a good thing.

2. Love You Naked Essentials Bison

Love You Naked Essentials Bison

Always rain free. They are serving lentils, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes instead of grains, because you are not invited to this dinner party. All love, no fillingers. No by-product meals, wheat, corn, soy, rice, artificial Preservatives, flavors, or colors. The first ingREDIENT is REAL MEAT. The first 3 ingredients in this dog food are meat, fish, and poultry. Please gradually transition your dog's food over 10 days. Every 3 days, add a little more of the dog food and a little less of the old food. They are all for tummy rubs. For all life necessities. It is perfect for small breed, large breed, long-haired breeds, short-legged breeds and everyone in between. BENEFITS: They add prebiotics to promote happy tummies. It is time for your close-up, Mr. Snuffles, because it is time for your coat and skin to be healthy.

Brand: I And Love And You

👤I think this is a good food to switch to with thecontents/pre and post biotics, based on a review site 5 star rating. My dog loved it at first. I changed her in August. She started to exhibit odd behavior in the late summer. I thought it was the heat. We started the second bag after she finished the first. She collapsed in the middle of August. She started a new med after we rushed her to the vet. She refused to eat the food by the end of August. I came across the FDA study ramping uptying gran free diet and chf in dogs while researching new foods. Alice had a heart murmur her whole life. She was at the vet for six months for a booster shot so she was monitored for it. She was ok on the med for a while, then collapsed again. She was just nine years old and a medium breed foxhound when we lost her. If your dog has a heart problem, please don't feed it a grain free diet or consult your vet first. If you are like me, your pup is part of your family. I am still in pain. I hope I can help someone else. Again, a good meal. Please speak to your vet first. I can't replace Alice. I wish the FDA study was more widely known. It might not have changed my outcome. I'm stuck here wondering.

👤Feel deceived. There was no mention of chicken or turkey on the package. There is a picture of lamb and bison. lamb is the first, followed by chicken and turkey. Number 10 is the name of the animal. The dog can't eat chicken and turkey. It's not mentioned because they are the number two and three ingredients. There is a change to be made. The ingredient list is all the way down. The pictures, generap description, and everything but the ingredient list were all in one place. Chicken and turkey are the 2nd and 3rd ingredients and yet they are only mentioned in the ingredients. bison is the 10th ingredient and when chicken and turkey are more prevalent, they don't advertise it.

👤This food has lentils, garbanzo beans, and sweet potatoes. The FDA warns of a possible link between food and canine heart disease. According to an alert to pet owners from the Food and Drug Administration, peas, lentils, other legume seeds or potatoes may be linked to cases of canine dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs. I don't want to say it. It is a big disappointment to know this and not be sure if these ingredients cause this. I will not order this food again after ordering it several times in the past year. I can not risk my dog. I'm going to try a new food listed on the clean label project. I give it 2 stars for trying to be healthy but I have to stop buying it until more information comes out.

👤I noticed a pattern in my dog's behavior and began shopping for new food. She would wait by the door many times a day so she could go outside and eat grass. She wanted that grass even though she vomited every now and again. She had a lot of gas. She wouldn't normally skip a meal, but at the time she was eating the highly reviewed "Taste of the Wild Roasted Bison & Venison". Things have changed after she switched to "I and love and you Naked Essentials". She eats twice a day, she has less gas, and she hasn't eaten grass in a month, which is a big deal. To go from one day to the next, 3-4 times a day, makes me so happy. This brand works for my dog's tummy. I don't think it's fair to give a dog food 1-star only because it's picky. I trust their ingredients and they don't use any of the drugs that are used in other countries. I'm happy! The price is the only thing I would change. I got 30 pounds of her old dog food for a cheaper price than the 23 pound option. I guess you get what you pay for.

3. Purina Smartblend Natural Large Formula

Purina Smartblend Natural Large Formula

31.2 lbs. Puppy food in bag, SmartBlend Formula. This recipe for a large breed puppy food contains real chicken. Large breed puppies are supported by their puppy food. Natural sources of Glucosamine help support his growing joints. It is recommended that you use Purina ONE.

Brand: Purina One

👤Don't buy it from Amazon. It sounds like I'm not the only one, my puppy ate the same brand for months, and we bought it at Walmart. We decided to buy two bags off of Amazon and had trouble with them. The food looked different without real chicken chunks, but they are more like balls. We tried it for a week and the bag from Amazon made our dog sick. He was switched back to the same brand from the store. I threw away a whole bag from Amazon because I didn't bay the extra $1 at the store.

👤Our dog loved the dry dog food that I bought from the local store. I bought four of the same looking bags from Amazon after putting a couple of bags through him. The dog didn't like the new stuff. He was afraid of the bowl when I tried to get him to eat. I've never seen an animal do this before. We tried putting it in different bowls to make sure he was not being mean. I bought a bag from the store and he is very excited to eat again. I will have to destroy the remaining bags. I'm afraid that it might be too poisonous to donate to the shelter.

👤Very disappointed. When we brought our puppy home, we ordered a bag of this brand on Amazon. He wouldn't even touch it. He wanted nothing else to do with the small pieces. We gave him a week to adjust to his new home and make sure we gave him other things to eat so he wouldn't starve, so we thought maybe he was just adjusting to a new home and didn't have much of an appetite. I decided to check reviews on here to see if other puppies like it, after a week of wanting nothing to do with it. I decided to read the reviews after I saw that it had four stars. The first hand reviews said that the bag from Amazon was terrible and their puppies wouldn't touch it, but once they got a bag from Walmart or similar stores, their puppies devoured it. We went to Petsmart and bought a small bag to test it out. Our puppy ate a bit at his bowl and then went back to get more. It did not sound like it was as hard. He sounded like he was eating gravel when he heard the Amazon food. The Petsmart one has soft pieces. Amazon is sending terrible bags. I don't like to order dog food from Amazon. It is not a bad batches if multiple people have the same complaint.

👤A bag of dog food nearly killed my dog. When we started feeding it back to her, we had the same issues again.

👤Do not buy it. I just fed my baby this and he is puking and pooping everywhere. You can see what's in the photo. You can tell by his behavior that he feels horrible. He is shaking. I feel terrible giving him this. Do not buy it.

4. Purina Smartblend Natural Small Formula

Purina Smartblend Natural Small Formula

The bag is made of Purina One Smartblend Natural Small Bites Beef & Rice Adult Formula Dry Dog Food. Real beef is the most important ingredient. Antioxidant blend to support a strong immune system Natural sources of Glucosamine can be used to promote joint health. Omega 6 Fatty Acids help support the skin and coat.

Brand: Purina One

👤Poor quality... I opened the bags and put them in the bins, but it smelled bad and I saw clumps of food at the bottom. My dogs are having a hard time with their anal areas. They've seen a doctor. I would have liked to return them. I put it with the high quality kibble in the bins. I have had issues with their soft food in cans and will never buy this brand again. Itchy thighs.

👤This is either an error on the part of the seller or on the description. I wouldn't have paid that much for a bag. It was an ok price for 4 bags of dog food and the box that came would fit 4 bags of dog food. There was only one bag of dog food. What a rip off.

👤I bought this for my teething Portuguese Podengo Pequeno puppy who was on a small breed puppy chicken formula. I wanted to try a food without chicken but still with grains and no beans because she is very itchy. I tried a duck and rice formula from a premium brand, but it was hard for her to eat. It is difficult to find small-breed food. The mixture of small triangular kibble and irregular tender jerky bits is the same size and texture as the puppy chow. She likes the beef flavor and can easily eat it. If this food is on the left, her previous puppy chow on the right and the two balls of the too-big/hard duck kibble on the far right are attached. The soft bits of the jerky can be larger, but they don't bother her. A good diet for a puppy. The price is very reasonable. It is a 14 of the price of the F&D ancient Grain Lamb puppy small breed, which I would have ordered from Chewy. The lamb flavor will arrive today. I think there are only two flavors. I like that Amazon offers a smaller bag size. The local pet stores only have a giant bag. Small pups only eat a small amount of food. We will see how her tummy and skin respond to it, but so far we are both happy with it. I didn't get any incentive to review this product, but I wanted to share this info with other small breed pups who are looking for a decent food.

👤I only received one bag of 4 lbs. $30 for a bag. I'm upset. This is not a real advertisement.

👤My Maltese has an eye problem and has a couple of scabs. Even though he gets an allergy shot each month, I and the vet thought it was scratching and allergies. He would pick out pieces from the bag and barely eat. He ate the bag that he bought from the grocery store. I caught him looking at his food and that caused a red flag. He realized it was the food that was making him sick. He has an eye infection that he has never had before. It seems that there are other brands and expensive brands as well. Some people thought it was related to Amazon, but it was not. I don't know what they did, but many people have dead or sick fur members. Research. I boiled his food immediately. He was hungry. My husband and I are almost at war because he thinks he needs to buy food. I don't trust any of them. I am going to the vet to buy something to keep the peace and hopefully my marriage. I don't like placing his health in someone else's hands. This world is terrible.

5. Amazon Brand Food Salmon Brown

Amazon Brand Food Salmon Brown

Sustainably raised salmon is the #1 ingredient, and it helps keep your dog running. No added salmon by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives. Added calcium and phosphorus for teeth. Added to support immune system and brain function. Glucosamine and bones are supported. The formula was made in a family-owned facility in California. Gradual transitioning helps avoid upsets. Instructions can be found on the bag. A bag of dry dog food.

Brand: Wag

👤I don't know if it's food or not, but it's clearly not! My dog will throw it up after eating. The picture is included for 5 hours after eating. Sometimes there's a lot. He never had a problem with his old food.

👤Don't buy. There are 3 rescue dogs. They are from age 1-24. We have used different dog brands. The online ordering interface for a local pet store made it difficult to order. We put our old dog food in the new dog food. Our dogs kept vomiting after we gave it over three weeks. The picture of the dog food bag is modern and easy to order from Amazon, but it's not worth it. Even though I have four children, I left this review to spare other dogs and dog owners.

👤It smells like TotW, and feels like TotW. My dog didn't notice a change. Other dogs already digest napkins, wood chips, and food. The rules are different inside the bowl. We are picky. I don't like dog food, but this Amazon product seems to be aiming at the taste of the wild. TotW has a good reputation and is an excellent product. We will see where this is going. I would hate to see a smaller company lose sales because of a giant going for market shares, but it's always good to raise the bar. If a coexistence makes dog food more affordable for some who wouldn't buy a quality brand, that's fine with me. I think I'm right to put these two brands next to each other.

👤My dog ran after this. I tried this product multiple times to make sure it wasn't something else. The dog didn't like the product and didn't want to eat it. I had to give her different things to eat. I am afraid there might have been something wrong with this group.

👤Amazon's "Wag" chow came out on top after a little research. You'll be surprised by the difference between the ingredients and dog chow. Excellent nutrition for the price can be found in the "Wag" brand from Costco and the 4health label from Tractor Supply Store. My understanding is that some ingredients, like Taurine, can only be purchased overseas for those who want everything made in the USA. Everything else is manufactured in the U.S.

👤The back story is that I have a husky and a shiba inu that will eat anything. I try to keep my dog entertained. A 30lb bag of dog food usually lasts 35 days, and neither dog takes more than a day to get used to it. For the first two weeks, my dog had a lot of poop, and my shiba had a lot of vomit that smelled like food. The second two weeks have been better than the first, however their food consumption is down by 40%, and I have had to add eggs, meat, and veggies to the food to encourage them to eat. I won't be coming back to Wag if it's a bad batches or just an ingredient that doesn't agree with them.

6. Diamond Naturals Premium Pasture Protein

Diamond Naturals Premium Pasture Protein

Real beef is high in nutrition and taste. There are levels of vitamins E and selenium. Omega 6 and Omega 3 are found in the skin and coat. Enhanced with vitamins and minerals. No corn, wheat, or soy.

Brand: Diamond Naturals

👤The FDA released a list of food brands and ingredients that are likely to cause DCM. A serious heart condition can be fatal. They must have treatment for the rest of their lives after being diagnosed. The second offending ingredient is within the top five ingredients in this food. It is believed that these ingredients are decreasing the levels of Taurine in dogs. I went to my dog's vet today for a checkup and to have a heart echo exam to make sure she doesn't develop DCM, since she is one of the top breeds on the list of dogs who have been diagnosed with this illness. A friend of mine has a dog who developed this illness on a brand on the FDA list. I'm worried but I'm hoping for the best. The data on the breeds who developed this illness and the food type and ingredients that were present in the foods connected to cases of DCM are attached to this. The FDA website has more information. I would like to see the removal of these ingredients and the proof that their food is providing the proper levels of Taurine to prevent the death of dogs. The three month supply of Diamond Naturals I purchased have been discarded. Since the FDA released their statement yesterday, our local shelter has thrown out the food they had with these ingredients. I hope the company removes this ingredient from their formula. It was the best food for the price, but not worth the life of my dog.

👤My dog, my husky, died in September of last year. I had been feeding him Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dog, Beef and Rice Formula, 40 pound bag for about a year when he was 12 years old. I bought the last bag on June 18th. I assumed that he had a tremor in his hind legs because of his age. He started walking like he was drunk. I took him to his vet, who said it was probably Vestibular Syndrome, but gave me a run of antibiotics just in case. He had an illness because he was warm. He was having issues with his bowels. I gave him something to eat. He lost weight quickly when he got to where he couldn't stand or walk. I checked to see if there was a recall on his food. I started adding canned food to his food to get him to eat, but he continued to lose weight rapidly, and he would only eat a half a can of wet food a day. He couldn't even move his legs and was dragging himself around. I put him down because he was not getting better and he was suffering. I didn't think about it being bad food. I gave my son's dogs a bag of food that he had been slowly introducing to them, but now they are acting strange and have been for a week. I'm pretty sure this was a bad bunch of dog food. My son did not save the bag so I don't have any control over it. It was purchased the same day as other complaints. I never thought the food was bad. I didn't see any mold, but I thought I should mention it in case anyone else had it. My dog deteriorated very quickly and it may have been the food that killed him. I didn't think it could be his food. He liked the brand in the past. I feel terrible because I probably forced him to eat the bad food. Multiple people are complaining about bags being opened and taped shut. Was Diamond aware of the mold complaints and the fact that some bags were still containing toxic spores? If you suspect that this food killed your dog, please speak up.

7. Iams Proactive Health Adult Food

Iams Proactive Health Adult Food

There is a bag of IAMS Adult Dry Dog Food. Premium lamb is the first ingredient. Promotes healthy digestion with a tailored blend of wholesome fibers. Promotes skin and coat health. Strong muscles are built with quality-sourced protein. IAMS is recommended by veterinarians.

Brand: Iams

👤Don't eat this food. I opened a new bag of Iams and found my dog dead. Initially started as vomiting and then became unable to walk. The dog was in perfect health until he ate his first bowl from the new bag. I will be having testing done after I have saved the bag and food. I can't believe it has happened.

👤I love dog food. My dog has a sensitive stomach, and my vet recommended this brand and flavor years ago. I found the only food that didn't upset him. I've given it to my best friend for a long time. Would recommend.

👤My husky has a sensitive stomach and gets sick when he eats most things, but his previous family had him on Taste of the Wild and he did ok, but his stools were almost always loose and yellow and so much as a piece of grass would make him sick. The food my vet suggested made a huge difference. His stools are normal now, and his stomach isn't as sensitive when he eats things he shouldn't, so I don't have to worry about him getting sick the next day. My vet said that iams is a good food for huskies who have sensitive tummies. It's cheaper than Taste of the Wild, so that helps the wallet.

👤For most of my dog's life, she ate either this or Naturals and she was happy. She liked the food. She refused to eat the last bag I got. My dog is a Pibble and she has never refused food. She will eat anything you put in front of her. But not this bag. I'm going to get the other food. I don't know what happened to the last bag I got, but I've lost my trust in this brand, so it's not likely I'll buy it again any time soon.

👤I couldn't get my usual food during the show. I tried to give this to many dogs. None of them wanted to eat it. They will eat anything. All of them stopped eating within a couple of weeks, and then got sick. I mixed old food with newer ones so as not to shock their systems. I switched back to norm after I was able to get my norm again. They are like new puppies again. Their energy is back up.

👤I've tried everything with my dogs. They have had stools that are not straight since they got them a year ago. You can imagine how big they are. Their stools have returned to normal since they switched to IAMS. I'm so thankful! The only problem with this order was that it arrived with the top torn and looked like it had been taped shut. This could have happened in the plant as it is a heavy bag. I was not happy with the package. My dogs love the dog food. They get it dry each day and eat it as soon as they get it.

👤I switched over for 2 months to this for my Lab mix because I needed a larger bag to get through the month. The other Salmon option was more appealing to my dog. He has never skipped a meal, even with the other brand. I stopped ordering this food because it has increased my dog's gas. Gas happens, but it is now obnoxious and scares the dog a bit too. I tried this out for 2 months to see if he needed to change his diet.

8. Nutro Ultra Proteins Chicken Salmon

Nutro Ultra Proteins Chicken Salmon

There is one bag of the adult dry dog food. Chicken is the #1 ingredient and is specially formulated for adult dogs. Premium dog food is made with high-quality ingredients and provides complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs in every bowl. Their dry dog food is made with high-quality nutrition and contains 15 vibrant superfoods. Made with no chicken by-product meal, corn, soy, or wheat. Quality ingredients are used in the making of the dog food.

Brand: Nutro

👤I had high hopes for this dog food. I was excited to try this higher-protein variety of dog food because my dog has liked it in the past. I noticed that my dog was laying down when I tried to get him to come out, but he wasn't interested in getting up. His stomach was upset later in the day. I could hear his belly rumble and he had his tail limply hanging after he had suffered horrendous gas. I offered him the same food for dinner, but he refused. There is a I offered him a bowl of dog food again just to see if he would eat it, but he refused and I was pretty sure his behavior was related to the dog food. There is a I have had no issues since I returned to feeding his food. I know that every dog is different, but I don't think Nutro Ultra was a good match for my dog. I would love to get a refund.

👤My dog immediately liked the dog food and no need to add wet food to it. I feel like she has lost some weight and is eating better. She had issues with her CCLs in her knees and was a couple pounds overweight. We're only halfway through the large bag, but this food seems to be helping her in many ways. Will purchase and use this brand. I switched from Purina One Smartblend to this one.

👤Both of our dogs have had issues with throwing up. We did a slow transition from their old food. We thought our dog was having a stomach acid issue, but she is throwing up daily and we can't keep feeding her 3x a day. She had never had this issue before. There is something really bad with the new brand of formula that she was on. We are back to square one as I can't keep feeding my dog what is making her puke. This company was bought out, so beware. All their dogs are getting sick from this food and they have buried all the 1 and 2 star reviews.

👤After my dog was in this for two years, I switched her diet and she lost 90 percent of her weight. I think that uno is one of the dog foods that is causing heart desease. Search it. This wasn't a good fit for my dog. I wish I'd realized it sooner.

👤Have two dogs and a golden one. Since puppies, they have been on this brand. My oldest dog will be 10 years old. The golden doodle 9 and other dane 4 were present. I buy the soft food. I don't feed them anything else. Is high in calories. I might need to change my dogs' food. Dogs have lympomas, which are not cancer, but may be genetic pre disposition as they get older. I would feed any new dogs this food.

👤Our dogs prefer this food. Our store stopped carrying this type. Our cocker spaniel was having trouble jumping and running. We found the food on Amazon and received it. Our dogs were eating better. Within a week our dog was jumping, running and catching people. We would be very receptive.

9. Iams Proactive Health Mature Large

Iams Proactive Health Mature Large

IAMS Chicken Dog Kibble for Senior Dogs is 30 lbs. There is a bag. There is a bag of IAMS healthy aging adult large breed dry dog food. This dog food is made with real farm-raised chicken. It is formulated to support healthy bones and joint health with a balance of key nutrients for large aging dogs. A blend of fiber and prebiotics promotes healthy digestion. It supports a strong immune system. IAMS is recommended by veterinarians. A senior dog needs food that is formulated to fit their specific needs.

Brand: Iams

👤Our dog is 8 years old. Clear the room! The problem seems to be getting worse with age, so we needed to find a food that kept the demons at bay. This stuff works. No more embarrassment when we have company. She won't be kicked out of the room for fear of death. It is great! She loves it!

👤Chicken is the first ingredient in this formula and it promotes muscle support in aging dogs. I keep buying it as long as my dog eats it. There is a As far as the flame. My dog doesn't. Talk. If I ever get the chance to taste it. I will leave another review if it doesn't tell me it's raining. I paid for this product because I found a lot of reviews on AMAZON. Chicken By-Product Meal, Chicken, Ground Whole Grain Sorghum, Dried Beet Pulp, Ground Whole Grain Barley, Dried Egg Product, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols) and Dried Brewers Yeast are included.

👤I couldn't find a place that was good for this. I thought this review would be a time stamp for future purchases. We received a bag on 8/6 and immediately started feeding ourselves, tossing the bag into our container. Our dogs started getting sick that night because of stress from travel. Our second dog started. We did all the treatments recommended and still the food came back. For 2.5 weeks. I went to the store on Monday to buy a fresh bag and haven't had any issues since. There was something wrong with this round of food. Be aware!

👤My dog developed cancer. I took him off the food and threw it away. I started giving him vitamins, chicken, pumkin puree, and Alaskan wild salmon. The cancer has shown signs of regression after this diet change. He has tumors on his skin and anal gland. His stools are not as black as they were. Several skin tumors seem smaller. He had stopped jumping on the bed because it hurt, but now he is jumping on the bed again. I was told by NBC that vets nationwide were finding negative results from some commercial dog foods, so I should change his food.

👤Very good value for money. It is a good quality food at a good price. It's convenient to have it delivered as a subscription, so we don't have to carry bags around the store, and we never forget dog food until the last minute. The dog for whom this is intended, who is a senior, seems to prefer the puppy food that our other dog has. Our puppy is very fond of this food and will steal it even though she knows she can't have it. I can't vouch for which dog has the better taste because I haven't tasted it. My wife thinks that the puppy has a better taste than the other one, but since I am not sure, I think this is a four out of five. I don't know. I like how the bag looks. I can pour the food out of it. I don't need it to do that. The bag is purple. I don't know what Amazon wants me to base my presentation on.

10. Purina Smartblend Natural Healthy Formula

Purina Smartblend Natural Healthy Formula

40 lbs. The bag is made of Purina ONE Natural, Weight Control Dry Dog Food. The number one ingredient in dry dog food is turkey, which is high in quality and good for your heart. Natural sources ofGlucosamine and four other Antioxidant sources in the wholesome dog food support a strong immune system for dogs. A premium dog food that supports strong teeth and healthy gums can be found with delicious, tender bites and tender meat. Adding vitamins and minerals to a dog food can help with a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Brand: Purina One

👤My pupper is getting up there on the age front and with age related decreased activity and coworkers succumbing to her adorable puppy dog eyes at lunch time, she was verging on a monkey. We tried a low fat/weight loss brand that was pricey, but it was worth it. She ate it for a little while and then for about a week she wouldn't touch it unless I hand fed it to her, and she is the opposite of a picky eater. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. It's great! She loves it so much that she's going to gobbling up the whole bowl before I put it down. She lost all the weight she needed to and is back to her ideal weight. She doesn't have tummy troubles, and doesn't have those crazy monster poops that happen with foods that are all filler. I wanted to get all that out there first, because I got a bad bag out of many orders and I only put 4 stars. I didn't notice anything wrong when I opened the bag. I keep her food in a sealed metal container that I clean out when I get a new bag. After opening the new bag for breakfast, I saw a little larva eating my baby's food. I slammed the lid back on after screaming and scaring my pup and probably the larva. I ordered a new bag after we had homemade noms. I got the sealed canister because bugs love dog food and I don't hold the company against them. Stuff happens. I had never had a problem before, and I was too lazy to try to get a refund, so that's all on me. If I blame anyone, I blame the parents of the moths for not raising them right, because the suckers get into everything. It was just rude.

👤Our dogs have eaten this version of the one line for years and have been great with it. They love the taste and eat it well, but they don't gain weight, one of my goals in buying this for them. I have fed my dogs Purina brand food for decades. I have confidence in the research and development of the products and recommend them to my clients and friends. I have found the one line options for my pets to be very pleasant.

👤I went to buy another bag of this at Petco. The sales associate said that the stores stopped carrying it because it had artificial ingredients. I think it's hogwash, because it's an excuse for Petco to carry all over-priced "premium" brands, taking advantage of pet owners' love for their dogs. I would take my vet's word over the marketing department of Petco if they recommended this food. Some of us can't afford premium foods. I have heard from other owners and the vet that some dogs can't tolerate Blue Buffalo, and I tried it before, but it gave my dog a bad reaction. My dog is a pit bull, she is made of iron, so it takes a lot to upset her stomach. Premium brands are not for all dogs. My dog has been on this formula food for a year and doing well, and I can afford it.

11. NATURAL CHOICE Chicken Recipe Kibble

NATURAL CHOICE Chicken Recipe Kibble

A 40 lbs bag of Natural Choice Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken and Brown Rice recipe for dogs 1 year and older. No chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy are included. The top ingredient in the dry kibble is high quality. Formulated to support healthy immunity and digestion with natural fiber. It helps promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. The finest ingredients from around the world are used in their food.

Brand: Nutro

👤I have been buying nutro for a while now. I thought I could save a little money by using my prime account. Gwen's food looked different the first time I fed it. Blue Buffalo and other pricier dog foods have a sort of oily feel to them, but this felt dry like cheaper brands and the pellets looked different. I was a little concerned but didn't see why there would be anything wrong since it looked legit online. Gwen started heaving violently after she finished eating. I began checking to see if her air ways were not blocked, because I thought she was suffocating. She was in pain for 5 minutes before throwing up. She started drooling, trying to eat anything that looked like grass. I thought she might have eaten something sharp earlier in the day. I took her outside and she was eating so fast that she was almost suffocating on the grass. She was sweating so much that she cried. I dragged her away from the grass and rushed her to the nearest emergency vet. She acted like she had gotten into something toxic when they told me she didn't seem to have a block. She must have gotten into something outside that I have not seen. They gave her an anti nausea shot to get her to lay down. I took her home and she was fine. I fed her a small amount of the food the next day, unaware that it was the problem. She didn't eat it until the evening and then puked it up. She kept her other food down, which led me to believe it was related to the Nutro. I tried to give it to her one last time the next day. I had to buy new food because I was out 120 bucks for the visit with the vet. I am going to take some of the food to my primary vet to have it tested. I will never order it again from Amazon because of the good brand of Nutro.

👤I've been feeding my dog food since we got him. I usually get this product at a pet store. I used to subscribe and save on Amazon. The first batches were different than the others. He had a lot of problems immediately. I decided to go back to the food he used to eat because I thought I was due to the change inprotein. I bought him a small bag from the store. I bought the big bag again from Amazon. He had a second case of diarrhea. I took him to the vet as I wasn't sure if it was just the food or not. I've concluded that the culprit is the batches from Amazon after the vet bill. He has gone without his scurvy after holding this food and trialing other samples. I don't think the brand per-se is the same as he liked the food he got from my regular supplier. Be careful. I would recommend keeping a close eye on your pups BMs. Save your money.


What is the best product for dog food dry 40 lb bag?

Dog food dry 40 lb bag products from Purina Pro Plan. In this article about dog food dry 40 lb bag you can see why people choose the product. I And Love And You and Purina One are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog food dry 40 lb bag.

What are the best brands for dog food dry 40 lb bag?

Purina Pro Plan, I And Love And You and Purina One are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog food dry 40 lb bag. Find the detail in this article. Purina One, Wag and Diamond Naturals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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