Best Dog Food Container with Scoop

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1. Geyecete Storage Basket Organizer Handles

Geyecete Storage Basket Organizer Handles

The dog Apparel Storage /bin is made of high quality Linen material. 2. The design saves spac and is foldable. 3.Effect neutral colors Their products are designed with neutral colors which would match most of your home decoration styles. The Linen material with two handles is cute and keeps the dog Apparel mess manageable. It is durable and long- lasting. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Brand: Geyecete

👤I wanted it to hold dog toys and leashes, but it has a closed mechanism so the dog can't get into it. I have no problem with the sturdiness, but it doesn't seem like it will last forever, so I gave it a 4 stars. It's the same for resilience.

👤It was perfect for my needs. My pitbull can't find my pugs toys because of the large lid. There is a cute addition to my living room. Would recommend.

👤The material is of good quality and the stitching is good. Large enough for toys, leashes and sweaters.

👤The box for my dogs coats and leashes is very cute. It works great for us.

2. RYPET Dog Food Scoop Set

RYPET Dog Food Scoop Set

The material is safe for pets. There are 4 clearly marked spoons in the standard measuring sizes. Measure pet food portions or even ingredients while cooking or baking. It can be used for dry or liquid measurement. The base is flat so it can lay upright. The cups can be held together by a rubber plug or seperated for easier use.

Brand: Rypet

👤If you don't want to use the ones you have for cooking, this is a great set to have. We are using this to make sure we are measuring the food for our puppies. It has been helpful to measure the ratios of food when moving from one pet food to another. The bright colors are good quality. Through the puppy growth stage, these will be useful. Once your dog is a full adult and the food portion is constant, these probably won't be as useful.

👤The color advertised is not what I received. I wanted the blue cup so I chose the set of cups. The 1/2 cup is blue, the 1/3 cup is pink, and the 1/2 cup is orange. The green 1 cup is the only color that is advertised. I am not happy with this purchase because I consider it false advertising. I expected a better quality sturdy, even though some wrote that they are sturdy enough. These are not intended to last.

👤I love these so much. It is very easy to use. Since the handles are not strong, I use a dog food scoop and put the food from the large bag into a ziploc bag and then scoop the food out of the bag using these measuring cups. It helps to not over feed. The colors are cute and the amount on the handle is clearly stated. My dogs are small, so it goes up to 1 cup. I use 1/3 cup and 1/2 cup scoops. The little scoops help me measure the amount correctly. I give 1/3 cup since I like to give a little extra, but I try and not over feed since it's not healthy for them to over eat.

👤The set of measuring cups was bought for a new puppy. As his needs change, having different sizes was going to be useful. The clip that holds them together is easy to remove/reattach, cups have flat bottoms so you can set them down when full, and they have a halfway line in it, which is helpful when the vet says to feed him 1/2 cup. Can't think of anything not to like about them. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤After our last visit to the vet, our furbabies had to go on a diet. I ordered the RYPET Pet Food Scoop Measuring Cups to make it easier to give the right amount of food to each dog. The set includes 4 different sizes. The quantity is marked on the cups but they are a bit bigger so the food doesn't fall out as you carry it to the bowl. The cups are made out of plastic, have a clip to hold them together, and are bright colors. I would recommend this product.

👤It's amazing when you realize how many calories it has. I've been able to help my dog lose weight by being more precise with his food. My previous scoop was not as precise as I wanted it to be.

3. IRIS Quart Airtight Food Container

IRIS Quart Airtight Food Container

The ideal solution for storing pet food is an airtight container. Pet food bins have seals on them to keep out pests. The container design fits into tight spaces. Rolling storage bins come with wheels for easy mobility. The dimensions are 18. It's 13L x 10. W x H.

Brand: Iris Usa, Inc.

👤I bought a rolling container for my pet food after an outbreak of pantry beetles. The 16lb cat food bag has plenty of space to spare, while the 30lb bag of dog food snug is held by 47qt. The label on the 47qt says up to 32 lbs, which would be great information to put on the Amazon page. I think it could hold up to 20 lbs. I don't plan on emptying the bags into it, but I will slide the whole bag into the container to help retain freshness. I can't say if the seal is bug tight, but it's definitely tight.

👤I bought this because it claims to hold 50 lbs of dry dog/cat food and it's on wheels. I thought this would make feeding the dog easier for my son. It was returned on time and in great condition. Couldn't wait for the delivery of my new dog food. I excitedly opened the bag of dog food to pour it in, but the container held only 35 lbs of dry dog food. I was able to put some of the bag in the container. I was disappointed that I couldn't pour it all in. The container is easy to open and close. I was not held as much as I thought.

👤I was excited to get this product because I am sick of the large dog food bags that are half open and invite mice and other creatures. I wanted to keep my girls' food in a container on wheels that I could easily wheel whenever I wanted it to go and still have access to their food on a daily basis. There were no wheels. The purchase was completely defeated by that. I sent it back after I boxed it up. I will not use this product again. I decided to use Buddyeez. I'm very pleased with Buddyeez. It can hold more food and has a food vender scoop.

👤I immediately filled it with a 22 pound bag of cat food. It is sealed tightly and it fit perfectly. It's quite versatile because of the wheels. I like the fact that it is fairly narrow in width, so I was able to fit it into the space I had anticipated. This is a great recommendation for all pet lovers. I will be ordering another for my dog. There is room for more after adding 22 pounds of cat food.

👤The 50 pound bags of dog food were left over in the bag and the storage bin was perfect for it. I didn't want to place the garage where the mice could get at it or crowded the closet floor with stuff. I use the product and have to scoop deeper, so I roll out the bin that I bought. Adding food to the shopping list is a good reminder to clear the product viewing area. This container is recommended by me.

👤55 lbs of dog food is not stored in the product. I bought a 50 pound bag and was left with 20 lbs. It does not seal tight. Very dishonest.

4. Kytely Airtight Container Measuring Dispenser

Kytely Airtight Container Measuring Dispenser

SMALL & PRACTICAL CAPACITY- Depending on the density of the pet food, the container's capacity is 3L, which can hold 3.5 lbs of dog or cat food. It's convenient to fit your refrigerator and pantry organization. Their cat food container works well for regular food, like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, and cereals. It's made of food grade plastic and silicone, and it's Lead- Free, so it's very safe for you to use. The large pour spout opening and measuring cup design make it easy to pour. The transparent body of the container makes it easy to see what is inside. AIRTIGHT DESIGN The dog food container has 2 Silicone seals and 4 buckles on the lid which are better for dry food storage and keeping out water. The measuring cup needs a screw on over the pour spout. The container bottle has a design that is easy to grasp. The small dog food container is made of all design.

Brand: Kytely

👤This is a small container. It is too small for our three big dogs, but it is great for smaller animals. I could use it for my pet. It is locks for no spills from the measuring cup. It's nice that the cup slides to lock on. Food is easy to pour out. I like it.

👤I have a chronic illness. My hands are numb and painful, which makes for less strength and dexterity. It is very difficult to scoop and pour dry cat food. I end up dropping the whole bag when I pour or scoop or spill from the bag on the way to her bowl with many other containers and the bag itself. I can turn a container upside down and measure food as it falls into a cup that is easily held. I can open the measuring cup with food and bring the container upright by 90 degrees. I put dry food in a measuring cup. It was easy. The container keeps the dry food fresh and tasty. I thought the container was too small given the amount of food in a bag. I realized that it was more important to give easy measuring and easy dispersal of food. The smaller size helps the buyer. It works well for both healthy and disabled hands. It allows for larger hands. I wear a glove with my spouse.

👤The container is very sturdy, easy to use and perfect for small dogs. The pour spout and measuring cup make it easy to fix meals without having to open the entire container. It was difficult to get the lid on at first, but we figured out how to do the short flat side first. When it was knocked over by the cat, it was sealed and intact. It has been a great container for us and we may even use it more for our human food.

👤There were conflicting reviews on how much food this held, but nobody put pictures up to back up their claims. It should be settled by this. I didn't think it would hold the whole bag when I put it in, but it did and it gave me enough room to hold the whole bag. I wanted a container with a good seal and this is the one I found, it has a measuring cup that screws down on the lid and a good seal. Don't forget to wash it thoroughly with soap and water before filling it up. I'm 100% happy with this container, it's the perfect size for a 3 pound bag of gourmet cat food.

👤If you buy food bags for 2.5 lbs., it will work.

👤I bought this for cat food, which the listing says would fit about 3.5 lbs and it's got alb left in the brand new bag. I have to take up more space with this thing. I measured the amount of food in my regular scoop and then on the container. The measurement is between 14 and 12. It's too small and it gives an incorrect amount. I would end up underfeeding my cat if I relied on this. I already have one like this for rice and love it, but I should've known it's for smaller grains. I'm going to wash it and send it back.

5. Van Ness Pound Container Wheels

Van Ness Pound Container Wheels

It's ideal for pet owners who want to store a lot of food. The freshness of your pet's food is ensured by the fresh-tite seal. Food and drug administration approved plastic for food contact.

Brand: Van Ness

👤I had the same experience as another reviewer. We put the containers in a location where they are never moved and put less feed in it than it can hold. The container was not rough with us. We noticed feed was piling up around one of the wheels after 2 months. There was a huge crack by the wheel, which is hard to seal with duct tape. We may as well have thrown the money we spent into the fireplace because we can't trust the container to hold feed anymore.

👤We love using it for bulk rice storage. It helps us to save money when we buy a big bag of rice at a store like Costco because we can store it in a safe place. And the fact that it is on wheels? Forget it. Just purchase this bun.

👤I don't think this product would hold up well with 50 lbs. We use it to hold 25 lbs of popcorn, which seems to be the max limit. The plastic isn't hard durable. The lid does not stay closed. At all. The next time I opened the hinge, it would pop out again. I snapped it on without it being hinged, and it's no longer a complete seal. I'd keep looking if that matters to you. The wheels are nice but I wouldn't expect to haul long distances like a trolley. It's more for the convenience of movement in a small or medium room. It serves our needs. I don't think this will be a lifelong product. Within 5 years, it will have a landfill.

👤The unit is under the shelving in the pantry. Dry goods like rice, pasta and dog food are stored here. It keeps out the bugs. We have about 5 of them. They work well with the locking snap closure and foam seal in the lip area.

👤My son was told that the 55lb bag of dogfood may not hold the entire bag after he purchased it for him. He sent me a picture of the bag of dogfood and told me that the company mislabeled it because there was room left to add more if needed. He keeps it because it has wheels so he can easily pull it out of an area. It seems durable. Time will tell.

👤The bottom of this item cracked when I took my pictures. I don't move this thing. I only fill it up with 30-40 lbs of dog food at a time. I noticed food on the floor near the base and saw a huge crack. It was too late to return after having it for a couple of months. I was sad to have wasted my money on a cheap unreliable product.

👤The container works well and does what it is supposed to. I had to smack my own forehead when I opened it because I was an idiot. The container is larger than I needed. I buy 45 pound bags of dog food, and this container would hold more than that. It is large if you need it, but I don't.

6. Airtight Container Foldable Plastic Green

Airtight Container Foldable Plastic Green

Before purchasing, please check the capacity and size. Please understand that different brands of pet food have different capacities. The product's capacity is only for reference. Their customer service team is always ready to assist you if you have any problems with the purchase. A container for dog food. You can change its capacity from 35 to 55 lbs. It's ideal to change its size based on its food storage and appetite. It's suitable for both large and tight space. Air tight seals and 4 snap lock latches keep food fresh and prevent dust from entering the air. Desiccant is put in the box on the back side of the cover to make sure food stays dry. Non-toxic plastic. Not only for dog food storage container, safe to store other items. High-quality promise is given by high-duty material and decent thickness. Lift and close easy. You can scoop out food through the window. You can see the leftover food through the window. Attaching a flip window makes sure you won't lose it. You can control the amount of food your pet eats by measuring cups and graduated spoon in the dog food bin. Two wheels at the bottom of the container help you move it. You can control the amount of food your pet eats by measuring cups and graduated spoon in the dog food bin. Two wheels at the bottom of the container help you move it.

Brand: Nooing

👤It holds up to 35 lbs of food. Maybe it had 20 lbs in it. It is so cute that I am disappointed.

👤I bought a 35lb bag of dog food 3 days before I bought this bin. I didn't have enough food to put in it. I have 15 lbs in the bag and the bid is stuffed to the lid so I can't fit the scoop in it. Positive reviews for this come from people who aren't using it at full capacity. Be careful with the buyer.

👤The product does not hold what it claims to. It claimed to hold up to 55 lbs. It won't hold 36 lbs of food, which is disappointing. I am not sure if the air is tight as the lid comes off. I like the scooper.

👤I was hit with a strong chemical smell when I opened the box. How could this be good? It's not good to put food in your home to absorb the chemicals. Returned right away.

👤Our dogs food is in a good container. The scoop is too large to fit through the quick access door. I had a small scoop so it was not too big of a deal. 35 lbs of food is not held by Defiantly.

👤I don't think it holds up to 35 LBs. I bought a bag of dog food but it wouldn't hold the whole bag. It wouldn't deter me from buying this. It is collapsible and comes with a scoop.

👤I thought the color would be mint green. The color of the scoops isn't match. I thought it was better than good bins, but I have seen worse ones. I think it will work.

👤Is the scoop gray? It is green. That is alright. It serves the same purpose, but it's a bit odd. Can't wait to use this for our two cavaliers!

7. TIOVERY Container Dispenser Graduated Measuring

TIOVERY Container Dispenser Graduated Measuring

The container can hold around 3.5 pounds of dog food. The small shape makes it easy to handle or take with you when travelling. They use 4 Seal Buckles to make it airtight. It can keep the smell out of the home and keep the food fresh. It also keep away from bugs and mice. The Measuring Cup with a scale can be used to keep your pet's diet steady by measuring the same amount and not over feeding. You can use the spout if you don't worry about giving your animal a full cup of food. It was produced by safe high quality materials which can keep food fresh. It's safe and healthy to have no smell or pollution. The shape is easy to clean. 100% SATISFACTION is guaranteed. If you don't like it, please contact them on your order page. They will give you a free replacement or full refund.

Brand: Tiovery

👤My dog's food has hard and soft pieces in it and the softer pieces stay moist, so this container seals wells and keeps the food fresh. I would only give this 5 stars if there were two things. I have a bag of dog food that won't fit in the container and the spout isn't big enough for it. I fixed this by removing about an inch of the spout. The dog food storage solution was fixable and I would definitely recommend it.

👤I like the container because it keeps cats food fresh for her. It holds a large bag of cat food. The spout is made in a way that it doesn't let a lot out at once and spill all over the place. The twist-off cap is a measuring cap, so you can pour it into the cap and get the same I'm out every time. The top snaps on different sides. I've considered giving another one of these and using it for dry cereals for my teenage kids who are terrible about leaving boxes open. This results in old cereals and wasted money. I think this product is very good.

👤This pet food storage container is gorgeous. It's easy to use and durable. The measuring cup is screwed onto the pouring spout for airtightness, and the top clasps securely on all sides. This container makes measuring and pouring exact amounts quick and easy, it's perfect for storing my pomeranian-poodle's hard kibble. The rubber collapsible water bowl can be clipped onto your clothes or leash for on the go hydration. The price is good for the quality.

👤I ordered this container to keep the cat's food press and the cup to measure it. The design is not good. The idea is that a pet owner will put the cover back on the container and serve the king/queen food. At least six times per day, the cover is twisted off. This container is not a screw cap container. The cover is locked with a single thin piece of plastic that slides into a small grooves on each side. The problem is that the cup becomes warped and bent when you slide it into the two grooves, so you can't lift the cover right away. Unfresh food is when air is allowed into the container. The measurement indicators have rubbed off the cup after about a week of use. Have you ever had a stain on your hand that made you wonder where it came from? That was me. When I went to fee the cat, I saw why my hand had red spots. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

👤I don't think it's believable that all of these reviews are real. The container was small and had a strong plastic smell even though it was made of safe plastic. It is difficult to close the entire container and the part where the cup connects to the top of it. It is difficult to pour from the container because the food gets stuck on its way out. If you have a small pet, the measuring cup isn't easy to use. I don't like this thing. I wish I had gone to Walmart to buy the food storage container.

8. Collapsible Container Containers Airtight Leakproof

Collapsible Container Containers Airtight Leakproof

The pet food storage container is made of a tough and durable plastic. The middle part of the folding is made of TPR material. The smell of plastic is not harmful. You can keep your pet's food out of sight. The collapsible dog food container can be adjusted to fit the size of your friends' dry food. It is suitable for storing 35 pounds of dog food or 55 pounds of rice. It's easier to take out dry food with the folded size, which can hold 13 pounds of dog or cat food. They designed a box inside the lid to keep pests and rodents from eating your pet food, and they used the airtight seals with snap-lock latches. Lock food away from the elements. You can quickly check the food remaining amount with the transparency lid. A container with a bowl for your dog's food is a must. The bottom of the bins are easy to move around in. A multi-purpose container can be used to store pet food, as well as flour, rice, nuts, grains, snacks, sugar and other foods, enough to hold any kind of pet. Do you love your pet, choose a container that can hold a lot of pet food. Excellent after-sales service. If you have any questions, please contact them in time, they will solve them, please rest assured to buy.

Brand: Gropecan

👤I was skeptical about buying this because there were no reviews, but I did anyways. I like it. It is so cute. I put a brand new bag of food in a dog food that has chunks of chicken in it, and it wasn't all of it's size. It would only hold a 25LB bag of dog food. The clear plastic opening is very convenient. It would have been better if it came with a scooper.

👤I didn't want to spend money on this item. Our previous brand of dog food had a zip lock on the bag, but when we switched brands, our new bag just sat open in the laundry room. I didn't like the smell in the kitchen. The container is well made. The food is easy to access with the lid on top. The wheels are nice, but they need a handle to really be useful, and I'm not moving it around anyway. I can't say if the lid would keep animals out if it were kept outside. I emptied the 26lb of food into the bin. It's a nice container and worth a try.

👤I wanted something to conserve space and keep my cat from eating his food. I have had issues with faulty lids on other models. This doesn't have anything to mess with. The seal around the main lid seems good but the smaller clear hatch doesn't seem to be sealed at all. The main lid seal of the hatch doesn't seal. It stinks for pet food freshness. I went ahead and paid a lot more for a smaller Rubbermaid storage container because this is the best of bad options. It is probably worth about 15 dollars. $43 is steep.

👤We don't have a lot of storage space, but I like how it can collapse if needed. The dog food we keep on our porch is air tight and very sturdy for being collapsible.

👤This is a great container for traveling because it can hold up to 35 pounds of food and is very durable. I use this all the time when I travel with my dogs because I know they won't get in to there food until I am.

👤It should have been done sooner. It is easy to open, easy to close, and easy to move. Super happy!

👤I was disappointed that the amount I paid was not enough because Lip snaps don't actually snap closed and look like they will bend off if I keep using them.

👤I wanted something stylish and functional to hold my dog food, and this is it. It looks good and does exactly what it says on the tin. I stumbled upon this container and it was everything I could have asked for, I was tired of rolling up and clipping the dog food bag every day. It has a clear window to see the level of food in the container. It has a desiccant slot which is helpful in humid climates. It has wheels on the hind part of the container, but I don't think it's helpful, but it could be nice if you moved it around a lot. The foldable feature makes it easier to get to the food when levels are lower. The plastic latches that keep the lid on seem a bit flimsy, the only problems I could see. If you open the container frequently, they may not hold up as well, but I have had no problems as I only open it once a month to clean and put more dog food in. It is advertised to hold 35 lbs of dog food or 50 lbs of rice. I buy a bag of dog food that is 25 lbs and it fills the container up nearly to the top. If you buy it, you will be disappointed because you will not be able to fill it with enough dog food. It is a great product and works well for me, but it is false advertised.

9. Van Ness Pound Food Container

Van Ness Pound Food Container

It's ideal for owners of small dogs and cats who want to store their food. The freshness of your pet's food is ensured by the fresh-tite seal. Food and drug administration approved plastic for food contact.

Brand: Van Ness

👤I knew we had a problem the morning my cat, Peanut, didn't cry for breakfast and scramble over me in bed. I thought she might be sick, but I discovered that she had opened the bag and fed herself after weeks of pawing and nuzzling it. I sealed it up and didn't think much of it until she repeated it the next morning. I knew we needed a solution since Peanut's diet and exercise program doesn't mesh with unlimited feeding times and amounts. After researching a variety of options on Amazon, I selected the Van Ness 10-pound Food Container, which has successfully held her 11.1 pound bag of kibble. I can say that she has not opened it yet, though she has tried. It's a good idea to use a great container at a great price to determine the amount and times you feed your pets. There is an update. If my review is knocked over by your cat, I will reduce it to 4 stars. Don't put this container on a shelf.

👤I was hoping for a sealed container for my puppy's food, and I've read reviews that said ants could get into it. As soon as I received the container, I inspected it. It's not sealed as it's stated in the listing, you can see through the container in two spots, both at the edges of the hinge side. I'll be returning it because it's too good of a deal to be true.

👤If you get ants, this is not a good container for your pets food. We get ants in the house when it rains. I opened the container today and it was full of ants. It doesn't keep pest out. 40 dollars of food is now garbage.

👤The cat's bag of food was kept on the floor in the pantry. She would tear open the bag when we forgot to close the door. I bought a container to keep her food in. It can hold 11 lbs of cat food at once, with a little room to spare at the top. I can't say that we've had any issues with bugs because the seal on the container is tight. It fits nicely in our pantry, taking up less room. We left the pantry door open more often.

👤I use these containers for sugar, flour, pancake mix, rice, beans, pet food, they keep pests out and food fresh. I'm ready!

👤Do not use it for pet food. It is not tight. My cat's food is full of ants a couple months after I purchased it. The container is good for storing non-edible items.

👤I bought this container to store my own dry food. I don't own a pet. I wanted to store both foods separately but with simultaneous and easy access to both types, rather than having to screw back two separate containers. I like the container's sturdiness, the hinged lid, and the singlelatch to open and seal it. There is a The lid gasket seems to seal very well. So far, so good. The bottom of this container should be as deep as the top. Otherwise, a good container.

10. Citylife Containers Container Measuring Dispenser

Citylife Containers Container Measuring Dispenser

The small dog food containers are designed with a better airtight lid. All of the dog food is stored in an airtight container. Two dog food containers are included. The small and lightweight portable shape with enough capacity is ideal for traveling, camping and other outdoor activities. Their pet food storage containers have a measuring cup and pour spout, which makes it easy to pour out. There are multi- functions. This container is ideal for pet food storage and can also be used for other things. This clear case makes it easy to view contents. Made of high-quality PP5 plastic. No harm for your pet.

Brand: Itylife Citylife

👤I am obsessed with these. They are small and not take up much space, and I love the colour. I use one for bird food and can get about a week's worth of puppy food in the other. It was very well made.

👤If you order two containers, it comes with one cup. I had to wrap the other one in plastic to keep it from spilling. A small Hills Science Diet bag is taken by one container. If you have more than one animal, you should look elsewhere. I will be buying another container.

👤A container holds about 4 lbs. There is either 64 ounces or 1.8 kilograms of epsom salt. The bag is 8 lbs. I put half of it into a container. I have two bathrooms and there are two containers in this order. The plastic is of good quality. They were initially too small but they worked out perfectly. My family and I use salt in the bath. The bags it comes in are hard to pour and leak-prone. I was looking for a container that was good. There is a bathroom cabinet under the sink. Spout is great for pouring and cup is good for measuring. The gray ones look beige to me. Sharing the information didn't matter to me.

👤I bought this to hold our baby's food. The spout and kibble are both small. The food is easy to get into the bowl. The measuring cup has a seal that keeps food fresh. It was difficult to get the lid off. I discovered that I have to push the top to one side and it will come off. Good purchase.

👤I like to have my dogs food in a container. The cup is easy to see how much I need to feed him. I added a line to confirm. You don't get your hands full of oil if the measure snaps back on the top. It would work well for rice or small pasta.

👤I was surprised that the measurement cups are not standard and that there is nothing to seal the inner open area of the cup. I wouldn't buy them again. I might use them for a bag of Cheez itz or something similar.

👤I thought the dimensions were larger. I wanted to give them to my dogs. They are small. It's suitable for cereals or a grain. They can be put in your cupboard. The measuring cup is difficult to remove and they keep it air tight.

👤These don't have a gasket to really seal everything in fresh, but they do keep the food fresh for a couple of weeks, which is great for our pets. An enhancement is something that clicks into place.

11. YUEJING Plastic Measuring Injection Dishwasher

YUEJING Plastic Measuring Injection Dishwasher

Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, and other furry friends. Food Measuring Cups have clearly marked spoons in standard measuring sizes. The disc can be slid up and down to choose the right capacity for your pet. The flexible scoop is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean after feeding. The measuring cups and spoons set is suitable for all kinds of solid particles and can be used in kitchens, farms, etc. The plastic measuring cups are easy to use, they are built to last a lifetime with a sturdy handle. The plastic measuring cups are easy to use, they are built to last a lifetime with a sturdy handle.

Brand: Wingpet

👤This is used to feed our dogs. It was easy to feed them at the same time. A 1/2 cup snack in the afternoon is what our Vizsla needs. An extra scoop would cause him to gain weight. There is a I like to give him a small snack. It was difficult to get a 1 cup measurement because you have to scoop it in and adjust it to 1/2c and just a small bite. I bought them. The bottom of this cup is pulled out with a little pressure, and then it slides up the rail on the back rail and back into the measuring cup with ease. I have a perfect measure in a few seconds. The only downside is that the slits are small and there is no room for play. It's not an issue if you exercise a second of patience. Clean-up is easy, in my opinion. I get a bowl with a touch of soap, drop the cups in, fill with hot water, give it a scrub and then rinse off. I would recommend.

👤This item is flimsy and awkward to use. It's made out of plastic and has a divider that slides up and down. One has to line it up perfectly in order to get the divider to slide into place, it has a mind of its own and doesn't want to cooperate. The arm and divider will break during this process. It is only in 14 c, but not for one of my rabbits that is fed in 13 c.

👤The measuring cup is the most accurate I have ever had. I always recommend using a scale to give the same amount of food every day, but this helps to maintain consistency. The small holes for the different options of measurement allowed the dust off the food to come out, but it's fine.

👤This product is amazing. Is it wet? Absolutely not. Is this good for dog food? Absolvley! The large dog food scoops with the small lines are garbage.

👤The handle broke after being used for a long time. The selection feature is fine. It worked but ended up leaving it on the 1/3 setting and buying a separate scoop. I'm sure that mechanism would have broken if I continued to use it. One morning, I went to feed my dog and the handle snapped. Would not buy again. I'm going to 3D print something that will work better.

👤The scoop did well for the first few months, but the handle broke off in the 6th month and the scoop is no longer usable. Dry dog food is the only thing it has. It's pretty flimsy.

👤This is a cool pet food scoop. I like how easy it is to change the measurement. My dogs have been waiting for me to rise and shine to feed their bellies since they think they are going to starve, even though I am barely awake at 6 in the morning. It's a good product, but I wish it was made in steel to make it stronger.


What is the best product for dog food container with scoop?

Dog food container with scoop products from Geyecete. In this article about dog food container with scoop you can see why people choose the product. Rypet and Iris Usa, Inc. are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog food container with scoop.

What are the best brands for dog food container with scoop?

Geyecete, Rypet and Iris Usa, Inc. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog food container with scoop. Find the detail in this article. Kytely, Van Ness and Nooing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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