Best Dog Fences for The Yard Large Dogs

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1. FOCUSER Containment Waterproof Rechargeable Container

FOCUSER Containment Waterproof Rechargeable Container

WIRELESS BOUNDARY Creating a dog park and keeping your dogs out of your yard is easy with the Focuser Wireless Dog Fence System. Most sizes of dogs are supported by the focuser receiver collar. The Focuser Wireless Electric Containment System will create a Boundary with different levels. There are 25 to 500 meters. The collar is waterproof and recharged. The receiver collar has a built-in battery. This water-resistant collar receiver is rated at 67, which means your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler or play in the rain. Four levels of correction are used in the design of theFOCUSER wireless dog fence. You can adjust the levels according to your needs. There is no more over-correction for small puppies. The built-in safety chip prevents the Over-Correction to your dog and the backup battery from being lost. A wireless dog fence will allow you to keep your dog in the yard.

Brand: Focuser

👤The fence works well. I put it on the wall in the backyard. Our dog enjoys most of the land in the back yard. We had to get an electric fence because he kept digging under our fence. The dog is supposed to be trained to come back from the collar. We let our dog get shocked once and he knows the means come back or else. The boundary has kept me from running through my neighbors' yards at night. 5 stars.

👤It was easy to set up by following the User manual. I set the receiver and measured the perimeter with a collar. When my dog approached the orange flags, I took him outside without leashes and said "no" loudly. He only had to go beyond the boundary once or twice. The most important thing to remember is to turn on the transmitter. I turned on the collar and it began to sound, then it shocked my hand. It was so awkward. After a few hours of training our 8-month-old dog, he was able to learn his boundaries in less than 48 hours and was able to remove the flags a few days later. We made this purchase to keep him out of harms way.

👤I have tried a lot of pet containments. I can't stay at my home for so long with my dogs because I work on the weekends. I tried to build a woolen fence around my yard. They dug down under the fence and fled to my neighbor. I can't bother my neighbor again because I was so upset with the fence. I tried the wireless containment for the first time, but it was not compatible with this system. That was not desirable since the collar was so hard that it pulled off the hair around kiki's neck. I am so sorry that I didn't notice it. I picked this containment system after it went through so many products. The training was long but they will return to the safe zone as long as they are near the fence.

👤My dog is protected from running into traffic by this system. If my dog walks on the busy road to the left of my house, it will be very dangerous. I bought a traditional fence to keep my dog away from the road. It cost me a lot of money and time to put it together. I found my dog could jump over the fence with its growth. The fence was 5 feet. It was hit by the top of the fence when crossing it. I decided to try this product under the recommendation of my friends. This product was easy to set up and I only needed to follow the instructions to chasten my dog. My dog quickly learned what shocks mean. The problem was solved by my dog not crossing the flags.

👤The waterproof function is really good. I built a small swimming pool for myself and my dog at the corner of my yard. During the hot days, Coco likes to play balls in the pool. I like to read near the pool after swimming for one hour or less. The products that I bought before they failed to support my interest and the most durable one just lasted 1moth. The most durable one is this one.

2. Wireless Electric Fence Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collars Underground Pet Control HQ

Wireless Electric Fence Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collars Underground Pet Control HQ

Any yard can have a custom fence wire. A combination of a wireless pet training system and custom above or below ground wired design gives pet parents peace of mind that their best friend has up to 10 acres of safe roaming. The safe zone is outdoors. The benefits of a dual zone pet container system include an easy-to-layout dog wireless fence system, plus 492 feet of 20 AWG inground, above ground or underground electric dog fence wire. The heavy duty solid copper core wire is strong enough to stand up to any weather and can be tailored to stop your dogs digging, jumping and end complaints from neighbors. Break Born Habit is fast. Their wireless dog training collar with remote can control up to 3 separate shock collars with a beep and vibration mode levels 1-10 that works wonders to quickly perimeter train your dogs, and the electric shock collar with levels 1-10 get attention and stops stubborn and nuisance behavior fast. There is peace of mind and long life. The 12-hour Electronic Ecollar has a safety shut down switch that stops the shock for humane reasons, and a rapid charging battery station that charges batteries in 2 hours or less. There are safe and effective electronic stethoscopes. That works for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The collar-receiver is waterproof, lightweight, and can be adjusted to fit different dog neck sizes. Dogs weighing between 11 and 154 pounds are suitable. The perimeter shock scollar responds with a warning tone, vibration and 3 levels of increasing shock intensity to stop your dogs. A dog trainer and electric dog fence solution.

Brand: Pet Control Hq

👤There was an update on 7/09/18. I am still pleased with the product, but I have noticed a few things. The bottom half of the remote's display is visible on the screen. This began a month ago. The collar is not consistent with the weather. The settings on the collar response can be changed by heavy rain, clouds, and strong wind. Sometimes a poor thing gets shocked. The dog knows how to charge through the line on weird days. I wish there was a way to strengthen the shock through the transmitter. The dog goes across the line when it seems as if it is weak. I keep the remote at a 5 so that I can correct his behavior. Wondering what level of shock he's getting from the fence. Every 3rd night, the collar and remote are charged. I had purchased another 2 systems because I didn't know this system had a training remote and a fence. I saved $80 bucks by moving to this system. I will update around June after we have had our system in working order for 3 weeks. There is a little background on my dog. He's been around for about a year and a half. Rescue. 60 lbs. The mix is a lab/Pitt mix. Came to us with bad manners. If my kids left the space for it at a doorway, the barking wouldn't stop and I would have to use the bathroom again. We are very responsible owners and have the same food, bathroom, and play routine. I was at my wit's end after 4 months. 4 kids, the youngest an infant, are gentle when they make contact. We have a bit of land, but I didn't know anything about these systems, so I doubted my skills as a responsible pet owner. Back to the product. Training. The system was charged for 8 hours. It does have to be charged on every 3rd night, but it's not a big deal since I'm also plugging in phones and tablets before bed. I read the manual and saw improvement in Ruce before I went to sleep. By day 3 he was more obedient, jumping 75% less, and wouldn't cross the threshold of a wide open front door, even with his favorite 8 year old boy playing in his view. The barking took a while. I gave 2 chances on vibration before shocking. It makes me feel bad, but the improvement our dog has shown is remarkable. He heels at my feet and I have to warn him by vibrating. I did not teach him to do that. On to the fence. I spent that week watching videos and reading the manual. I need to research and read the manual. After laying the fence with yard staplers, we tested the collar around the entire yard before burying it. I only had to spend 40 bucks on another 500 ft roll of wire. Only one was used to connect it. It's easy. It wasn't hard to twist it at the connector. The only challenge was burying the fence. It was taxing even though it wasn't hard. We used a flat shovel. He would dig, I would bury, and then switch over and over for about two and a half hours. It worked. The perimiter was set at 2 ft, but the back wall of the fence made it difficult to see. The collar went off at about 6 feet. The problem seemed to have been fixed when I lowered it to 1 ft. I began walking the dog around the perimeter after dropping the flags. It only took 2 20 minute sessions of this before Ruce learned the flags and was off the leash, fetching sticks with the kids, but not bolting after them, strangers, or animals beyond his fence. I apologize for the long review, I just wanted to make sure it was accurate. My dog is free, my family is happy, and I would spend twice as much time burying a fence to have order and freedom in our pet and family time. I will recommend this to anyone who is in the market.

3. SportDOG Brand Rechargeable Ground System

SportDOG Brand Rechargeable Ground System

The kit can be expanded to cover 100 acres with more wire and flags. The collar has two-hour quick charge and one to two month battery life. The technology of the dryer. Contain an unlimited number of dogs with more than one collar. And up. Tone and vibration are given by the collar before moving to one of seven static stimulation levels.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤Don't expect the dog to learn on their own. The dog will learn quickly if you put it on a fence. If you put it in the yard, it's confusing to the dogs and they might not use the full area. Don't use 24/7. Instructions say to not use more than 12 hours a day. If you don't take these off, the dog's neck will get sores and you'll be out of use until they heal. We know from experience. We try to give them more nights without them than with them, but we don't always take them off at night. They get a break. I'm sure they don't land on the same spot when we put them back on. Our dogs come into the garage at night. If you use a shock collar, I recommend you consider the same plan. There are many settings. If you don't know how to use these, you may return them thinking they don't work. How to turn them on, how to set the shock intensity, and how to set the boundary space are some of the things to learn. Depending on your yard size and dog attitude, you'll want to find the right setting for those things. When I need to charge it, I like the flashing green light and red light. The batteries last a long time. We're very happy with our purchase. We have two big dogs that work great at less than 12 the intensity. If you get these, read the instructions and start at the lowest level. My dog jumps up in the air and barks at level 4. Don't assume your dog needs full intensity, it's not the highest setting. These are great. The older version is better for size and functions, but they are smaller.

👤An 18 month old Doberman requires a lot of exercise. It has been a challenge to prevent him from disappearing into the woods. We take him to the dog park to blow off steam, but that's not always an option. We'd like to provide him with a lot of free space, but it's expensive. I ordered this product after researching the invisible fence. Installation was easy. The yard is large and surrounded by woods. We used up all the wiring. I picked up another 500' of invisible fence wire from the store. We looped 1500 feet of wire around the yard. We had a crack running across the driveway at around the halfway point between the house and the road that we filled with driveway repair goop. I used the edger attachment on my weed whacker to cut trenches and bury the wire in the rest of the yard. We used landscaping staple to secure the wire under the bushes and around the perimeter. Nature should do the rest. I used a drill to twist the wires that cross through the containment area and put them in the garage. The collar was set to be triggered by the transmitter at 5' away from the wire. The collar is set to the lowest level, which my wife and I tried on our arms to see what it felt like. It was time to train after everything was tested. We walked the dog around the perimeter. We would stop at random flags and say "no!", walk past them and then walk close enough to the wire to cause the static. That's all it took. I thought we'd be following the training guide for a month but he won't go near any of the flags if he's chasing birds, rabbits, balls, the kids or our other dog. He's on a leash. We get close to the flags and he stops and lays down. We couldn't recommend this more because it's a game-changer for us and our active boy.

4. Freedom Distribution Enterprises Invisible Containment

Freedom Distribution Enterprises Invisible Containment

It's safe first. When the pup goes out of the range you set from the transmitter, the receiver collar will sound a warning and then a static electric shock. The transmitters will sound if they are shut off. TRANSMITTER PLUGGED IN at all times when not training. Safety instructions are included in your set. Environmental factors can affect your signal. Read the instructions. Refer to your safety instructions manual if you want to follow safety set up video. Two sets of Silicone sleeves are included. The collar should be selected according to the length of the dog's hair. If there are any signs of damage, inspect the collar periodically. The grade is waterproof. It's safe in humid environments. Require which dog to train. The number 1 will be displayed on the screen in training mode. The collar of the dog is represented by these numbers. You can use one or two of their systems, because they come with two collars for two dogs. The keys are "+" or "-". Ensure to train your dog on the new boundary and test to make sure it is safe. The transmitter shows the distance in meters. Press the blue buttons to select the appropriate size. There will be variation because of other obstacles. Follow the instructions for safe use. The sound, vibration, and shock buttons are on the right side of the transmitter. The higher the number, the longer the function will run. Your new dog fence adopts a 2.4 GHz frequency without interfering with your other devices. It must be tested and set up according to the instructions included in the book. The system includes a transmitter and two receivers for each reflective stripe dog collar. This will save you time and money. Your dog will thank you for the freedom and time spent with you.

Brand: Freedom Distribution Enterprises

👤The training collar has a battery in it. If the power goes out, the backup battery will run and the dog won't be shocked. It should last at least a few hours.

👤It says it would go 300 meters, but I wouldn't even go that far without lighting my dog up. If you ever lose power, your dog will be shocked until it's restored, there is no safety feature to tell it not to.

👤So far, so good. I hate that my dogs will go under our fence. When the recall fails, we bought this to help. It's so far worth it. My pups love it because they get to run without being tied up. When we add the other two dogs, I will be interested to see how it works. Sometimes it sounds like it should, but I don't know if it drops the connection. I am not sure what is happening when I hear the beep, it stops when I hear it. 11/26 - We bought a new collar because we liked it so much. It won't pair. The other collar that came with it has unpaired so it won't pair so much.

👤We tried this with our 9month old puppy and it didn't work, he would sit at the boundary line until the battery died, then he would dart off. It would shock us when we tested it. We decided to send it back and get a second one in case it was the device. After receiving the second one, it was delivered very quickly and I didn't have to return the first one. It seemed to work for the first day, but then it wouldn't work anymore, even on high level, because the "shock" wasn't affecting our stubborn dog. We went to petco about a month ago to buy a dog collar and have not had a problem since. I am waiting for a refund because I am not sure if it was the device or the dog that caused it.

👤The company and their customer service was excellent. I don't know if the amount of trees and instructions on our property were the problem or if we were doing something wrong. We tested the system in multiple places. We weren't getting the results we needed. I hope more people try it out. We will be burying more wire because of the concept of not having to bury wire.

👤There are too many dead spots in my yard to make this work well. I don't think I can let my dogs out with this. It's too late to return it. To make sure it works for you, be sure to set it up and test it right away.

👤There is a variable signal from the base to the collar. The signal is easily blocked by walls. After a few months, one collar stopped working. When the collar is charged, it does a great job of keeping our dog in the yard, but it runs down very quickly. Our fog tests the boundaries and that contributes to the short battery life. I have been pleased with the product.

5. My Pet Command Underground Containment

My Pet Command Underground Containment

It is an easy cost. It's a safe way to train. Your dog. The dual function electric dog fence and training collar system is a quick and cost effective solution that allows you to train your dog to stay in the yard and also train your pet when you are out for a walk. The 1 kit has 2 uses. When your dog approaches the electric dog fence, you can use high quality bristled and waterproof IPX7 WIRELESS COLLARS which will send an audible tone warning and send a safe static correction and vibration in an auto sequence to safety train. Dogs quickly learn to stay away from these boundaries. Their kit comes with extra thick High Quality solid copper core and Robust Polyolefin 13 AWG wire, which is better for above or below ground and on existing fences. The kit has a drum. Adding more wire up to 10 acres will expand your dog fence. Their COLLARS are designed to be sued. Most small,medIUM and large dogs weigh from 5 to 70 grams with a collar. If you have more than one dog, up to 3 collars can be used with the 1 remote for manual training and unlimited collars can be used in fence mode. There is a shock collar with a remote trainer, a drum of heavy-duty 13 AWG outer core, a door/wall mounted transmitter, and ausb wall.

Brand: My Pet Command

👤When I ordered this, I was very excited. The transmitter box isn't working anymore after a few months. We have tried to restart it. No luck. We paid a lot of money for this unit. I contacted customer service and they responded quickly and sent me a new transmitter box.

👤I had some doubts about doing this, but so far it has worked. The dogs have begun to learn boundries even without the collar on. It was easy to install. We did it in a few hours. We used garden spikes to hold the wire in place after we ran in along the yard. We wanted to use the shocks. Our girls were getting it, but still needed more reinforcement and didn't want to use the shock. The company responded to my email and said I needed to switch out the metal prongs for the plastic ones. I think I threw the box away. The company immediately offered to send replacements. Excellent customer service.

👤This is a great dog tool. It can be used for both a remote training collar and an auto dog fence. It comes with 492 feet of high quality polyolefin fence cable, which was more than enough for my needs. The cable can be used for making borders. I am getting out of my collar in training mode and fence mode before I need to replenish my batteries. The remote's battery lasts for over a week before needing to be charged, and is very easy to use. You can buy additional collars that can be used with the single remote, and you can use as many as you want within the fence, if you have multiple dogs. I have a black lab that works great and I am using this on it. I don't have to worry about her leaving because she can roam around the yard. It was worth it to save me from having to put up a wooden fence.

👤The dogs tried to dig near the fence when they ran through it, but realized it was not a good idea.

👤I had some issues setting up the system. I received a phone call after I had sent my concerns. The operator was very friendly and patient while walking me through the process after I made a mistake. My system was working perfectly after my one-on-one training. Excellent customer service is what I appreciate.

👤The system we bought was purchased because my puppy would easily bound over my garden fence and eat any plant that was available to her. She quickly learned that she was not allowed into the garden. It was easy to install, gave plenty of wire for a long boundary, and has worked for us. We purchased a second collar after a year and were able to pair it with the same controller that came with the system. I would suggest a closer look at the video for the second collar. I called customer service when I was stuck on the instructions. The controller's antenna has to be very close to the collar to pair it. Customer service was helpful immediately. This is a sytem that I would recommend.

6. North States Metal Superyard Freestanding

North States Metal Superyard Freestanding

Same great brand, new name. The Toddleroo by North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard can be used as a portable playpen, a baby gate, or a safety barrier. Works on carpets, tile, hardwood floors. CONVENIENCE: safety and safety. The enclosure is free-standing, and the swinging walk-thru door panel has a child-proof double-locking system. The bars are 2 14” apart. Modern features for modern homes. The mounting hardware can be used to mount baseboards that are extra tall, and can be extended with extension panels to span extra wide areas. CONFIGURABLE FOR A VARIETY OF SPACES. The 3in1 Superyard has locking panels that can fit any space. Hardware package sold separately by the manufacturer may be required for some barrier configurations. The baby is safe. The gate is certified by the JPMA. Babies 6-24 months are safe. Peace of mind for you, it's fun for your child. The baby is safe. The gate is certified by the JPMA. Babies 6-24 months are safe. Peace of mind for you, it's fun for your child.

Brand: Toddleroo By North States

👤We have porcelain tile floors. Our first toddler was surprised when she banged her head on the hard floors when she was upset. We knew there were foam head helmets available. As a first time parent, I was traumatizing because I never observed this behavior. She is older now and reads better than her age, so no permanent damage was done. With the gift of our new baby 6 years later, I decided to take no chances that she would like to head-bang on the tile. I was looking for a solution that would allow our baby to have fun while allowing me to do laundry, start meals, and work on computers while I am with the girls. I first saw the plastic play fence made in the USA when I was searching for gates with Prime shipping, and then the other brand of metal baby fence that is white and may be made in Mexico was also sold on Amazon. I chose the North States superyard for its off-white/ pale sand taupe color, and its Prime shipping availability at a fair, because of the many other reviews I've read and watched. Prime cost. To create a play area that would last several years as a baby grows, I decided to use a standard rug size. To make sure the play area was safe for our daughter to play in, I ordered two thick gymnastics mats from Amazon Prime. The 8X10 base is safe for falling. I searched for a lightweight, non skid rug that would fit on top of the gymnastics mats to make the area soft for crawling. It took 4 full sets of the gates and 2 sets of extension panels to make a perfect 8X10 play-yard. If you have 1-2 free walls to attach to, you could do the same play space with 2 sets and 1 set of extension panels. Measure first. The non-gated panels and gated panels are approximately 24 inches wide. We don't have any walls, so it required a lot of investment in the fence and gates. WalMart sells a bundle of the fence with gate and 2 extension panels for less than it would cost to ship it. I bought some of my gates from both Amazon and WalMart. They are the same. The completed 8X10' play-yard required 18 panels to complete. There are 4 panels on each end and 5 panels on the other side. There is plenty of room for my husband, myself and our 7 year old daughter to all be in the same place. My husband likes to nap on the gymnastics mats beneath the rug while the baby plays. Our daughter loves playing with her baby sister. It was quite an investment to create an 8X10' play-yard with the North States fence/ gates and gymnastics mats. It's an investment that I feel great about, because the baby will be able to play in the area at last age 3 without her head ever coming in contact with our tile, because our family is enjoying playing in the area as baby learns to spread her wings. The pale taupe color of the fence/ gates is attractive in our main living area. My husband put the 4 sections of fence together in a short amount of time, so you may want to plan out the gate placement before you install it. If you're a working at home mom or dad, you should have multiple young children with a full day of home care, hard floors, or all of the above. My solution for an 8 X 10 play area will be helpful for your family.

7. DCSUIT Dog Tie Cable Stake

DCSUIT Dog Tie Cable Stake

What is a dog tie-out? There are no places that you can hold your pet when you are playing with it. This dog tie-out is used to prevent pets from running lost. You can use the stake, just insert the stake into the soil and connect the pet with a rope, then you can see the pet's movements within your own line of sight. It can be used in a lot of places. GEART WORK STAKE: The 8.7" spiral design of the Chrome Plated Anti Rust Stake makes it easy to drill the stake into the soil and keep it firm. The o-ring that was bolded than other o-ring, which will not break due to the sudden sprint of the pet, was upgraded. The 30-ft long silver-reflective wire leash is very eye-catching and can be seen even at night. The leash with a rotating spring clasp can be used without breaking the tie outs. You can try to pull the dog tie outs and stakes if you place them on the ground and hold the red handle. The dog or cat can be given a range of motion by wearing the leash into the o-ring. Dog tie out cable and stake, a great dog tie out cable and stake choice for your pet, great for play/training in the yard/camping/garden,traveling outdoor. They want to make a quality item, so you and your pet can use it.

Brand: Adcsuitz

👤I don't like having to put one of my dogs on a leash, but he left us no choice. We rent an old farmhouse and are surrounded by working farms, and our Joey dog found ways to escape the fenced yard and find random snacks in the cow fields, but the chicken co-op, and along the crops, which were bait to keep other. This allows him to run and do his business without getting into trouble or eating something that requires an emergency trip to the vet. Hopefully we will be able to retrain him to stay in the yard and he won't need this at home anymore.

👤I use this product when my dog goes outside to pee. I don't leave her on it other than for her to do her business, so I haven't tested its limits. This product is great for my dog. She hasn't pulled it out of the ground when she tries to walk out of the chord so it's sturdy enough for some resistance. I can't say if it would work for a dog that is on it more often than my dog, or if it would work for a larger dog. I have had it for about 2 months and it works great so far and has not shown any signs of damage.

👤The item is not worth ordering. It claims to be able to hold a dog over 150 lbs. The metal clip sheared apart and I had this item for 2.5 days. The dog is 22 lbs. My fence was blown down by Laura, so he is only outside on this tether. His time on the tether was short. My son was able to catch the cable before the dog entered the yard because the clip broke when he was outside. The items are a piece of junk. The ground tie is strong. The cable attachment was not made equal strength. It was 22 lbs and it was bad.

👤I have solved the problem with a little ingenuity. It works now. I think I solved the problem with my edited idea. My dog, my wife and all concerned are happy now. Take a 5 gallon bucket and a 40 pound bag of fast setting concrete insert screw and let it dry for a couple hours in the sun. You can take wherever you want and know my dog is safe. Everyone is happy.

👤Was able to get this into the ground. In Michigan! It's funny. I needed the length for my golden retriever because he is getting bigger and needs more room to roam. Rope is strong and sturdy.

👤The stake portion could last longer. I have a puppy that can work it loose. The quality is good.

👤I can't believe how well this worked. I was not sure if it would work with my two dogs, especially being tied to the same one. Wow... Wow... They were held even when they charged at the fence. We would have already seen it if they dug it up. The ground must be very hard. No dirt that is soft.

8. My Pet Command Wireless System

My Pet Command Wireless System

The gps dog collar is easy to setup. This latest Wireless electric dog fence uses standardGPS radio signals to setup and position your boundary containment hidden fence for dogs. Unlike their competitors, their wireless dog fence system doesn't require a box or wire to setup the containment boundary. Setting up your Boundary is easy and simple. This portable electric dog fence wireless system can be used for outdoor use only in areas up to 3281 Ft radius and Max 0f 776 acres. The collar is most suitable for open field areas or farms that are small. There is a Min 98 Ft Radius. The latest model has full memory function, no need for daily setup, but weekly reprogram is recommended due to the gps drift. With ours, you won't face interference issues, unlike the traditional wireless dog fence system devices with a transmitter box. If your pet stays outside, the collar will keep working, so you won't have to reset it all the time. Medium Large and X Large dogs have neck sizes of 6 to 26 inches. The Hidden Electric fence for dogs with advanced training has three levels of Tone, Stimulus and vibrate. There are levels on the collar. The Collar uses a safe and effective way to warn and train you dog not to cross boundaries and keep them contained in the safe zone that you setup and require. Includes a necklace with an orange neck strap, a pair of long, short and plastic Prongs, and a test bulb. The user and instruction manual has contact support. They give you a bonus Ultrasonic Dog Training whistle for your trust.

Brand: My Pet Command

👤I have had a lot of dog barriers in the past. The in-ground fence is what I started with. Those work well, but are expensive if you have a large area. The in ground is not a feasible option for me because I just moved to a new property with a lot more space. I didn't want to use a traditional wireless fence because I didn't have the best luck with the ones I tried in the past, and they would get too much interference from my cellular towers in the area. This is the first time I have tried a wireless barrier. It uses a standard gps device. It is very easy and works well. The collar is adjusted at the center of the circular boundary. The invisible circular boundary will be created when the collar locks onto the gps signal from the satellites in space. The advantages of this collar are: - Easy and quick setup, which took me less than 5 minutes to set up everything, - Relatively inexpensive effective, especially when compared to ground fences. If you have more than one dog, you only need an extra collar. It is a reliable and accurate boundary because it is using gps. I have not had any interference issues. Completely portable. It can be taken down and setup in a few minutes. It's perfect for me when I want to take my dog to a farm. It's great for a large area. If you have a large farm, I recommend this. If you have a weird shape yard or small area, this is not an ideal collar for you. If you go to a different place, you never need to re-set your location because it's in the built in memory. You can re-set your location with a simple video. I would buy the collar again.

👤My pyrenees love being outside. He tends to wander. I can call him on the gizmo watch I attached to his collar a few weeks ago. He will return home once called. We were hoping that his being called back would break his habit of leaving the property. This did not happen. I purchased this device because I have a 5 acre parcel and I was able to give my dog a circle with an 80 meter radius. I think it's about 4 acres of my property. My dogs are no longer wandering off the property because of this collar. He gets to stay outside and not worry about being hit by a car because he is outside. The device is easy to program, requires nightly charging, but does what I had hoped it would do. It's less expensive than many devices that use gps. I have attached pictures of my dog wandering off before and after the device was used. The images show the effectiveness of the device. Thanks.

👤I already knew about the short battery time and having to reprogram it every time you turn it on, but I have some other complaints about this product. The minimum range for this collar is too large. I have a small house in the center of a small lot. To keep my dog out of the street and out of the neighbors yards, I put the collar up right outside my back door. The shortest range available was set up by me. My dog still makes it into the yards next to me, the yard behind me, and she can roam into the street, usually without issue. Which leads to my biggest complaint. It is not consistent. I was able to walk into the street before the collar started to sound, after I tested the collar and set it up. Sometimes my dog is able to go across the street without a sound, other times it goes off when she is in my back yard, and sometimes it goes off while she is still on my driveway. It will go off at random times when she is in the house. I have to keep an eye on her while she is outside, and I have to take it off when she comes inside, because I never know when it will go off.

9. Earlyhights Underground Invisible Electric Containment

Earlyhights Underground Invisible Electric Containment

The Advanced Pet Fence kit includes a powerful transmitter that can cover up to 5 acres and 500 feet of wire that can fence up 1/2 acre of land. Excellent SPECS. The waterproof dog collar can be fully charged in 2 hours and then be off for 500 hours. Your dog will not outgrow their training collar. It was designed to work as an extra large, medium, and small breed dog. Quality first. The advanced electric pet containment system ensures that you don't have to worry about your dog digging up your garden bed or running off to the road. It's never been easier to give your dog space and freedom to run around in your area.

Brand: Earlyhights

👤The fence system was delivered quickly and I was happy with it. I used a trencher to create a full loop around my yard and then 888-609- The control was mounted by my back door and the display showed the complete loop. It took 888-349-8884 Only one of the 2 collar systems will work correctly. The other charges and powers on, but it does not recognize the fence and allows my dog to roam outside without being reprimanded, but then twice shocked him in the middle of the yard without warning. I have removed this collar from use and now have to let my two dogs out separately while using just the one good collar. I would be happy with another good collar. Delivery speed, instructions, simplicity, and faulty collar are positives. The collar doesn't work. The dogs run through it. They killed a cat. There is an update. After speaking with customer service, I was able to reset the collar and get a free replacement. My review is going to be upgraded from a 1 to a 3. There is an update. The whole unit was replaced by customer service. Don't leave it on the dogs. I'm going to upgrade to a 4. Customer service is a 5.

👤It has been updated. The phone line wire gauge is 22 gauge. It's advertised as 18 gauge, which is big wire. It was only about 800 feet. It's advertised as 1000 ft. I needed about 970. I am an electronic tech. I know how wire works. I need more wire to hook it up. The seller sent me a roll of 1000 ft. The new wire is correct and there is more wire on the roll ad than the original. The seller is going to work on resolving the problem with their manufacturer. They were concerned about the quality of their product. If you are looking for 800ft of wire that will probably work with the system, then this may be ok for you, but the packaging will not support 1000ft of 18guage wire. See the picture. I bumped the rating for the care the seller has given but can't give a 5 star because it was not good to go when I got it. It hasn't been hooked up yet. The new wire made the distance as expected.

👤The product is a great value. You don't need to spend a lot of money for an effective product. The product works great for medium size dogs. They were able to help with an Isuzu after a lighting storm. The advice I would give was 1. The box says it comes with 20 gauge wire. I bought a 29 gauge line from Home Depot because I wanted a thicker line. 2. Surge protectors are needed to protect the system.

10. Blingbling Petsfun Containment Waterproof Rechargeable

Blingbling Petsfun Containment Waterproof Rechargeable

It is suitable for 1 dogs system. Plugging in a Transmitter and connecting to Receivers without digging and burying wires is all it takes to create a dog park. When dogs jump over the boundaries, the training mode will start. The waterproof COLLAR is 100%. Petsfun's Collar Receiver is water resistant, which means your dog can get wet in the grass, or play in the rain. TheRADIUS is up to 984 feet. Petsfun's Wireless Electric Containment System will create a boundary with 16 levels to set up a large safe and free zone for your dogs to play in. For all dog sizes. The receiver collar has a high capacity battery. Extra-large, Large, Medium, and Small Breed dogs can use the collar. It can be used for the dog neck from 7 to 26 inches. Stable and safe. The signal transmission is more stable and accurate with the advanced 433 Hz Frequency Technology. The dog receiver collar is easy to set up. The receiver is powered by static electricity and has a voltage of 3.7V. Their dog fence is not harmful to their family members.

Brand: Blingbling Petsfun

👤A Western Highland puppy is notorious for getting into trouble. A puppy that likes to run and is nearly impossible to catch is very problematic for a home where fencing is not allowed. We were at our wits end after several incidents of him escaping. I purchased this device in desperation and we couldn't be more pleased. When we put the collar on him, he is aware of his freedom and is happy to be outside. Our hope is that we can take the collar off and he will stay in the area. This device has been everything we could have hoped for and we love it. Plug in and use the dial to change the size of your circle, without digging or installing a real 888-353-1299 I warn you to be careful with your pet with the device on. I took our puppy into the garage and front yard and when my wife came home he jumped into her car to greet our girls. I think the metal and mass of the car blocked the device, and he got a little shock, even though he was within the permitted area. If you are patient, this device will work with any size dog and you and your pet will find new freedom and peace when your pet is running free.

👤Our lab is 16 months old and I bought this collar for him. She would run through the standard collar correction as soon as the kids played outside of the area set up for her and would "take the punishment" until the collar timed out. She would run away for an hour at a time and cause problems in the neighborhood. The collar has worked well. I don't think she will ever stand up to it because she has only been corrected a couple of times. The Rechargeable option is better than the standard batteries.

👤My puppy was always going and trashing their flower bed. I was not sure about wireless containment systems as my pup is too young, and I couldn't lay down a fence. I saw this product in my friend's home and was so impressed with his dog that I ordered this the very next day. The strap could be adjusted to fit my small dog and the warning tone was enough to stop him from wandering far away.

👤If you don't want to mess with burying the wire, this is a great alternative. I trained my golden retriever in less than two weeks. Within an hour, I had this setup and operational, which included setting the desired range and placing the flags. Keep that in mind when you decide between a wired system and this. It was easy to take this along on a weekend trip and use it in a strange location for my puppy. I can't comment on the battery life yet, but if your dog does not test the boundary and the collar is not activated, the battery seems to last a lot longer. There is a Most people were very skeptical about this product. I am very happy with the decision to try it.

11. Tespo Playpen Portable Plastic Transparent

Tespo Playpen Portable Plastic Transparent

The upgraded version is: Anti-slip pieces and cable ties were added. A playpen can be made suitable for any environment with cable ties. There are anti-slip pieces on the floor. Make qualified translucent white material panels into different shapes to present different combinations to the room layout. The maximum space is 20 square feet. For small animals. This fence is great for animals to have fun in. It's easy to keep an eye on them. The easy assembly is easy to put together with the included mallet. Use cable ties to achieve more features. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't wait any longer, they are always available to provide professional customer service before and after your purchase.

Brand: Tespo

👤The pen is almost a dream. I have fostered kittens from one to 12 weeks of age. I have tried many different enclosures and when I saw this one, I almost cried. It is transparent, so I can see the cute little fluffies getting into trouble. It can be configured in many different ways. The plastic is strong enough to hold up against multiple kittens rolling against it at the same time. This pen is sometimes a lifesaver because it can be used to make an extra pen if I need one. I can double the height when the kittens are large enough to jump out of the pen. It is easy to clean, which is a necessity given how many problems kittens have with illnesses and little slobs. It's seriously. A clear vinyl shower curtain or tablecloth is easy to clean. It doesn't get easier than a machine-washable floor mat. The transparent walls and floor make the largest configuration blend in with my living room, something metal or garish fabric pens can't do. If you don't use the zip ties, this thing will fall down like a house of cards. My 1.5 lbs runt can easily push any panel out of any connection and leave a gap large enough for my cats to eat their kitten food. Hammering the panels does not help. The wires need to be hugged rather than just put in place. The walls should be slightly rounded so that a little pressure is needed to insert and remove the panels, and you can hear a click as you snap them in and out. Zip ties are good for stabilizing the panels, but they are a pain in the neck and I don't like having to buy more. One should not have to buy more accessories to use a product like this. Zip ties are absolutely necessary at the top and bottom of the panels for the pen to be resistant to being broken. If the zip ties were no longer necessary, this product would be one of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases.

👤The greatest product ever was discussed. The panels were delivered last night. It took me less than 10 minutes to assemble all of it. I am in love with the product. While you are putting the panels together, you can make a separation between the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. You can watch my video and see my pictures. It must be an animal lover who created this product. The stickers were a great surprise. Thank you.

👤I was afraid to buy this for my ferrets because many of the reviews had negative things to say about how it snapped together, how the panels were thin, and how the wire wasn't metal. I bit the bullet and bought it. I am very happy that I did. The manufacturer heard the complaints and included a small wooden hammer, zip ties and instructions. I don't need the zip ties or hammer yet. It was easy to snap together into several different shapes if the shape is all 90 degree angles. The pen is pretty and they put a cute sticker on it. I gave them to my kids and they were cute. I was worried that my ferrets would be able to open the panels. They haven't yet. They can't climb out. I will update my review if something changes. So far, so good. My ferrets love to escape anything that contains them so they will challenge this pen.


What is the best product for dog fences for the yard large dogs?

Dog fences for the yard large dogs products from Focuser. In this article about dog fences for the yard large dogs you can see why people choose the product. Pet Control Hq and Sportdog Brand are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog fences for the yard large dogs.

What are the best brands for dog fences for the yard large dogs?

Focuser, Pet Control Hq and Sportdog Brand are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog fences for the yard large dogs. Find the detail in this article. Freedom Distribution Enterprises, My Pet Command and Toddleroo By North States are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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