Best Dog Fence Barrier

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1. COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

The old version of boundary wire was 650 feet long, but this new version is more flexible and thicker, so you can cover up to 1/3 Acre. You can put wires in any shape you want. Dog training is effective. The signal from the wire is what creates the boundary. The receiver sends a sound as your dog approaches. The closer your dog is to you, the more intense the shock will be. Support multiPLE RECEIVERS. The receiver is waterproof and can be used for all kinds of dogs. You can have as many pets as you need at the same time with the purchase of additional compatible COVONO receivers. There are more amazing features. The fence system allows you to change the signal strength. The function of the speed detection is that the stronger the shock intensity, the faster your dog runs. There is a wire break warning as well. There is a lifetime warranty. They take good care of their customers. If you don't like the item, you can return it and get a full refund within 90 days. Lifetime warranty is also available.

Brand: Covono

👤The installation was very easy. The wire is easy to snap and could be a bit thicker. The warning is loud enough to keep my husky in check after the first shock. I had to trim my dog's neck all the way around because it was hard to get to him. It worked well after the trim. It was worth it to keep my escape artist.

👤Two months ago, I bought a 12/2020, but it was broken. The support department shipped me a brand new email address. Next day! It is amazing. My dog, my wife, my son and I are all happy.

👤I just installed it and it says there is a break in the line and it is brand new out of the box. I was able to test about 20 feet of cable at a time. I woke up this morning to a machine that said there was another break. When the cable was working, my dog would pass it and it would stop allowing him to go outside, because it was cheap. This isn't a big backyard. I am not happy with this.

👤We are excited to try it. Our little girl thinks that she doesn't have to follow the rules like the other dogs. After buying new furniture for the backyard and a new stain on the cement, I decided to build a gated play land for our dogs. They have a mini pond and an outdoor cooler. She won't have it. Nobody puts a baby in a corner. I think so.

👤This product is packaged with something that could be described as 28AWG wire. The glass fiber core helps prevent breakage, but the wire is too thin for this application. The smallest wire in a car is half the size of this wire. This is about the size of one of the 8 wires inside a cable. Imagine how small the wires are in your ethernet cable. That is what these wires are similar to. The break in the wire is pictured. The warning and shock are almost simultaneous. The dog doesn't have enough time to reverse course before being zapped. I will uninstall the product.

👤I bought this for my pitbulls because it was cheaper than having a fence. It was set up fairly easy. The collars would shock them randomly. They wouldn't be close to the wire and would be getting shocked on a constant basis, even though they couldn't cross the line. I'm glad this product has worked for others and I'm not sure if we have received a faulty one, but we have 2 very skidish babies.

👤The system was installed correctly. Couldn't get the collars to work. When they were 50 feet away, they shocked and beeped near perimeter wire. In fact, shock/alarm happened randomly. One of our dogs was hurt. Sending back!

👤When our power went out due to a storm, this device shocked our dog so much that he was crying out his life when it came back on, because it was on the highest voltage possible. We thought he was crying because he was scared of the storm, but it was actually because he was being shocked. If you love your pet, you shouldn't waste time with this product. Never buying it again.

2. Homarden Garden Cat Scat Mats

Homarden Garden Cat Scat Mats

Customer satisfaction or your money back? If you're not happy with their landscape, then you can return it for a full refund. 100% customer satisfaction is their goal. Many people love their stakes and they're sure that you will too. Order now to get the best landscape and garden items. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! The plastic spike solution is meant to keep cats and dogs out of your couch. Cats and dogs can be kept off furniture if it is used as a cat or dog deterrent. Cats and dogs can be wrapped around poles to prevent climbing. Pet-friendly alternative to Mace is cat and dog repellment. Each strip is 19.25 inches long and 5.5 inches wide.

Brand: Homarden

👤Ok. They don't work for my cat. Why are you 5 stars? They would work with any other cat. Not my cat. I put them on the stairs to keep her from attacking my cat. The mats stabbed me in the foot as I tried to balance on the edges of the stairs. I told her that her days of going upstairs were over. My evil cat looked at them and saw the challenge on her face. I found her upstairs an hour later. The mats were not moved. I moved the mats to the top of the railing so she could get up there. I told her to go ahead and jump up. You're going to get stabbed on your feet. You will not be doing this anymore. I found the mats on the floor when I got home from work. If you need to stop normal cats. Cats that don't feel the need to do anything just to be better than you would work just fine.

👤I bought this to keep the raccoon from coming on my deck. The first night I installed them, you can see from the video that he didn't really care about them. It was nothing at all when I walked over them. He didn't care that I had a video of him coming down after he was evacuated from my deck. Just walked on top of them.

👤My neighbor has cats and uses my flower bed as a litter pan. The cats never came back after I put the mats around the flower bed.

👤I don't know how I ended up buying these, but I was looking for something to keep the dogs from getting on the couch, and I found them. I put these along the edges when I leave the house or when no one is in the house. I don't have a single strand of fur on the couches. They don't like them. I've tried other matts, and I'm not a fan of the whole shock-your-pet thing, so this has been an easy solution for us.

👤I put them down and listen for the thump. As a surly cat jumps off the counter, it comes into contact with theIPS! There is an observatory. I have a lot of cats that are being neutered. I've tested ALARMS and ALUMINUM FOIL, but these splinters are the most effective. There was very little activity by the 3rd morning. I ordered 3 boxes to put all over the house. I will have to use pantyhose to make the "PEG" part of the sculpture because some of the plastic is not kiln dried. 100% SATISFIED!

👤My cats own every seat in the house, the beds, the dining room chairs, and their own cat condos which take up most of the game room. The board should be mine. I can make a sandwich without cat hair. Leave a cup of water on the floor for 5 minutes. The boy cat decided that the cutting board was his new lounge spot. A boy cat is not paying attention to smells, sounds, and bribes. The spike mats are effective. I made this thing and put it up. I didn't want him to step on the mat because I didn't think it would hurt him, he's old, and holds a grudge, so this was enough to let him know he needs to move on. Is it worth the money? Did you eat cat hair? How much would you not pay to do that? I may move them outside after the boy gets the hint. It's a good alternative to "snake fencing".

3. PetSafe Ground Waterproof Static Correction

PetSafe Ground Waterproof Static Correction

Purchase additional wire to fence in up to 5 acres to secure a 1/3 Acre Yard. There are four levels of correction. A tone-only mode and 4 levels of static correction help keep your dog safe in his play area. Do it yourself installation. You can create a fence that fits your yard on this weekend project. The collar fit is. The UltraLight In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar is waterproof and can fit up to 8 pounds of dogs. For dogs 6 months and older. All your pets should be protected. If you have more than one pet, you should buy as many collars as you need. The PetSafe In-Ground Fence receiver collar will work with this fence system, you can purchase different style collars for every pet in the family. Their pet product experts can help.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The dogs will wear the collar consistently and sometimes they can walk over the wire and not be shocked. I don't trust the system as much as I should, and it's frustrating when we make sure the loop is on aND high, but on the other hand the line is close to our garage and the house. I will use it and test it to see if it works. It was bought in December of last year. I can't put my faith in the system when I know my dog's life is at risk living near major roads. It will never be sure if it will work.

👤Customer service made me tighten the collars even more. They had to care for the holes in their neck for weeks. I went to work on the area after buying some wooden stakes from Home Depot. I staked out the entire area I wanted to fence in. I put the wire around the stakes. I plugged the flags in and put the collar on. It worked for three months. My dog was always out of the yard. I bought new batteries after I ran out. Nope. Tightened the collar. Nope. Upped the strength. Nope. Everything looks good. There were no breaks in the wire. When I test it, the collar emits a sound. My dogs are no longer allowed in the yard. It stops working after three months. I am going to call customer service tomorrow to see if they can give me any advice, but I am sick and this happened during a holiday week.

👤I live on 3 acres in the Sierra foot hills and have had a fence for about 5 years. It recently gave me indigestion and has been fixed with a new transmitter. It really made financial sense to change systems with 3 collars investment. I have a take on the system and some hints. 1) Dogs are not the same. The huskies are persistent with their thigh prey response. Maybe the collars work 80%. Although costly, the gps collar has proven helpful. The Golden/Chow is fence compliant. The wire loop is a weak point for water penetration. Securing wire tightly to other fences can cause stress if less rigid structures are used. You can afford the heaviest wire. Shrink tubing can be used for solders, but mostly not. A wrap of tape holds up wire nuts. After 5 years, the Petsafe supplied caps begin to degrade. These were not reliable. Animals break the wires when buried or tied to fence wire. Settling earth can cause buried wire to be under a driveway. Allow some slack in the wire by placing it in a conduit. The 1/2” Irrigation tube protects the garden areas where you might be digging around. The collar unit is waterproof but has a heavier collar. The plastic snap is broken by dogs. It's hard to find the collar when it comes off. There are four The Model 300-1310 transmitter is my third replacement. The original was destroyed by a lightning strike. They didn't design in surge protection and fuses for this unit. Petsafe cost for a surge protection unit is ridiculous. The aftermarket has worked well. The second unit seems to have an electronic failure. A real pain to fix, even with an electronic tester, because you have to physically inspect thousands of feet of wire and splices with escaped dogs. Reliability and product robustness are only part of the story. Depending on your dogs, it works well. The start-up can be expensive and it can take a long time to fix it. Replacement batteries, lost collars and failed transmitters are maintenance costs. Some relief is offered by aftermarket suppliers. Petsafe could offer more help. Petsafe has always been quick to reply when I have contacted them for customer support. It's not so much replacing reasonably priced replacement parts. It is functional and no better alternative than I have found. It offers some measure of insurance, rather than having to think about replacing lost, stolen or fatally injured pets.

4. PetSafe YardMax Battery Operated Ground Fence

PetSafe YardMax Battery Operated Ground Fence

Waterproof, battery powered transformer, and other similar things. 10 D cell batteries are not included in the YardMax Cordless In-Ground Fence Transmitter. There is more play area for your pets. Adding an unlimited number of pets with additional collar purchases is possible with the YardMax Cordless In-Ground Fence. The roofing material is recycled and waterproof. The receiver collar charges in just 3 hours and can last up to 3 months depending on collar use. There are adjusted COLLAR levels. The YardMax Receiver Collar has a tone-only mode for training. The coverage is CONVENIENT. The YardMax In-Ground Fence has enough wire to cover up to 1/3 of anacre, but can be expanded to up to 1.4 acres with additional wire and flags. COMPATIBILITY: The YardMax collar can be used with PetSafe Pawz Away Mini, Threshold, Indoor and outdoor pet barriers to help you personalize your containment areas. If you have a question about installation, training or anything else, their pet product experts are available Monday through Saturday.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The wire was laid out around a small part of the house. The 16 gauge PetSafe wire was much stronger than the 20 gauge wire. We tested the system before burying the wire. I read the entire manual on how to set up the system after watching many videos. The signal was not consistent in YardMax. Sometimes it corrected when crossing the boundary, but in other places it didn't do anything. It didn't give any warning in the traditional mode. It started to correct near the boundary wire. We were still getting inconsistent results even after moving out fence wire away from theirs, even though our neighbors have an in-ground fence that runs off an FM signal that interfered at some parts. The most important aspect of an invisible fence is consistency, and this system is not consistent in either setting. If you buy this system, make sure to test it all around your yard before burying the wire. I left a review on the PetSafe website. I received an email that said my review was live, but it was not on their website. They admitted that they took down my review because they wanted to trouble shoot the issue with me. It should be easy to make your own kit out of the box without having to call a company. Negative reviews are dishonest to remove.

👤Two other brands did not work for us. We should have started with PetSafe because we had friends that used their units well. They give the dog more "zap" for being stubborn. This one has an infinite "zap" zone that goes beyond the wire, so if a dog is willing to put up with a few seconds of "zap" to get out of the fence, this one keeps zapping. Our dog was kept out of the yard by this unit. We got a portable unit because we took this camping. It worked well, but you have to read on. Sometimes the unit would randomly zap our dog. It got him good when he was close to the yard. We took the collar off. We had to return the unit because that can't happen. It is the best system out there. Maybe the non-battery powered unit works better.

👤I had a fence at a different house. If you are not confident, the professionally-installed service may be nice, but it is not necessary in my experience. This is not expensive. The system is battery powered. It's possible to install a transformer indoors without having to put a hole through the side of the house. It also means you can lay it out as a true loop without having to worry about a long twisted wire connection from the transformer to your actual loop.

👤It was simple to install. It took us 2 days, 3 sessions and 10 minutes to train our dog. He did a complete loop, twisted wires under the deck to make sure he didn't get hit going in and out of the house. It works perfectly. I had to double loop it after I was told it wouldn't work. Not true. A lot of time was saved.

5. Extreme Dog Fence Grade Electric

Extreme Dog Fence Grade Electric

The eXtreme Dog Fence MAX GRADE KIT covers up to 25 acres with the widest signal field possible. The wire can be run above ground or buried. Most other inground dog fence systems claim to be water resistant. The eXtreme Dog Fence Collar Receiver is waterproof to 10 feet. The Max Grade Fence Kit includes: 14 gauge-plus 60 mil wire, 16 gauge twisted wire, digital transmitter, collar receiver, training flags, and 10 staplers. The Underground Dog Fence comes with a 10 year warranty on the electronics and a lifetime warranty on the eXtreme Dog Fence Wire. This fence will protect your dog. They will guarantee it. The fence has been manufactured for more than 25 years and has a reputation for reliability and performance. The electric fence for dogs are made in the United States of America. They are standing by to help you set up your fence, train your dogs and puppies, or deal with any issue that comes up.

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence

👤The COLLAR SUCKS are the most important part of this package. The most brittle plastic you will ever see is used to secure the prongs. The battery was almost dead before mine broke. The battery life isn't convenient and they don't sell replacements. You can get a replacement dog collar for $125. It comes with a new battery. The 2nd collar just took a dump on me, that's 2 in less than a year! My dog almost got eaten by someone else's yard. I'm going to get sued if I do. I followed all the instructions the second time. Double checked.

👤The Max Grade 1000 Ft system was installed. The system is nice, the cable is good, and it is all made in the USA. I was docked one star for the lack of directions in the box and the crappy power surge protector. For my complete review, keep reading. The Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Ultimate came with 14 AWG fence wire with a 60 mil jacket, and 50 feet of 18 AWG twisted wire, which is fancy for saying it. The products shown in the picture were all free of defects. The box didn't have complete instructions on how to use the product. Thank goodness for the internet. The manufacturer's website has a nice "manual" with tons of info. It would be great to have that in the box. The box had a few pieces of paper that had spelling issues. They are lazy to proof read and from the USA. The collar I got was perfect. If you are buying a system, be sure you get the correct one, there are three different types and "Active" is the best for 86 percent of dogs. The wire I got was of great quality. The jacket was tough and free of defects. Great wire. The panel is small and easy to remove. If you look online or at their drawing, you can figure it out. If you use their surge protectors that come with the Ultimate system, there is no need for ground wire. One of the reasons I took away a gold star was because of the surge protectors. It is a joke compared to the rest of the product. They could have spent a bit more money to make this thing better. If anyone breaths on them, they will fall out, so be sure to use wire ties and other things to remove all pressure or you will find some wires out. These things are worse than bad, they want to leave rather than stay. The size of this unit is large for its own good. It is what it is. The collar has an electronic thingy. It is ok. It takes a 6v battery. If you want to buy another brand, don't do it because they will include documentation about how they make special ones for it, so you can jack the price up. Again, it is what it is, just know it. If you follow normal battery methods, the negative goes in first with the positive on the cap side, even though the collar is not marked. The battery is in the box. At least it isn't hard to figure out how to install. Either it works or it doesn't. Attach the battery negative side first with a flat head screwdriver. They will lose the other half of the gold star after you get everything hooked up, no instructions on how to program the collar. His system allows you to program an unlimited amount of collars for different pets. I can't weigh in on that because I haven't died yet, so I'm not sure if the battery retains this info if it dies. If you want to program a collar, you need to have the collar in hand and be next to the panel, choose your level and hit the button. It's possible that your collar ships with the highest shock level. I thought it would come on the radio, but who knows. It takes half a day. It depends on how long you run, the terrain you are going across, and how good of a job you want to do. It took me 7 hours a day. I used a shovel to burry 750 feet, so I could not use a machine. I knocked a hole in my foundation to get the twisted wire to my basement where I installed the panel and power. If I had just thrown the cable on the ground, it would have been a lot quicker, but I am so paranoid that things need to be right that I don't care. You know what's best for you. I am happy that this is over, but it works very well. Would I recommend this to a friend? I would like to see the manufacture correct their spelling errors on the few papers they give you and include the real manual rather than making people go online for it. The paper should say that you can go online to see the manual. Please, spend a few more pennies to give us a surge protector with real wire connections. The consumer is not directed at the supplier.

6. PetSafe Solvit Tubular Barrier Vehicle

PetSafe Solvit Tubular Barrier Vehicle

Driver distraction is a condition that has beenEASED. The metal dog barrier keeps your dog out of the passenger seats so you can concentrate on the road. You don't need tools to assemble the metal barrier. Simple to set up. The metal barrier has a tension that keeps it in place and rubber caps that keep it from sliding. It's possible to adjust susceptibility. The dog barrier can be adjusted to fit in the backseat or cargo areas of your car or SUV. There is a back seat view. The metal barrier allows you to see into the back of your vehicle. When you don't use the barrier, it quickly disassembles so you can store it in the included pouch until your next adventure. PetSafe brand has been a leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years, and they help pets and their people live happily together. For example, the packaging of the former Solvit brand may be different.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I was a little skeptical after reading the reviews. I read the issues and took a chance on it. There is a It's a cheap divider. It's not that bad once you fix its issues. The threads on the rod are cut badly. There are a lot of burrs that make the height adjustment very difficult to spin. The feet that secure it against the headliners will leave marks. There is a * The tubing is wobbly once adjusted for length. * The receiving brackets are too small for the quick connect brackets. There are pros and cons. It's not that bad once you re-engineer it. You'll need electrical tape and Blue Locktite. * The pain part... Everything is connected. I used a black marker. Remove the vertical supports from your vehicle. The threaded rods will be inserted into the tubes with electrical tape. This will stop the rattling. The thinner horizontal tubes should be covered with electrical tape. That rattle will be stopped by this. Wrap the quick connector brackets with electrical tape. That rattle will be stopped by this. The receiver brackets are attached to the vertical tubes. They will not be able to slide down. * Use the blue Locktite on every bolt once you get everything lined up. They will not be able to loosen up. It is a complete PAIN to have to do this. Since I figured out how to fix the flaws of the thing, I thought it would be easier to just do it and get another one that was better. It only took me 20 minutes to apply the fixes, and I stopped to drink a beer halfway through.

👤When we got a puppy, I bought this for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. The package arrived on time and undamaged. I was surprised at how much was needed. It was easy to figure out, but it seemed like a lot of it could have been pre-assembled. It worked well once it was installed in the back of my Jeep. I noticed a rattling from the back of the car after a week. The clasps that hold the horizontal bars onto the vertical bars were coming loose after inspection. I took another drive after I tightened the bolts. The rattling was still there. I had to shorten the horizontal bar to make it stop rattling because I found that the bottom left bar was causing most of the rattling. Since I have the barrier, I check the bolts every week to make sure they are not loose and the horizontal bars move down. I drive around town on the paved road. I don't drive on dirt roads or off-road, so there is no excuse for it's constant looseness. I can't recommend this barrier due to the fact that it needs adjustment/tightening.

👤I needed a barrier with at least three panels going across. The assembly and installation was easy but after a week or so the rattling from the barrier was getting to the point where I was ready to package it up and send it back. I took a good look at it and realized that most of the rattling was coming from the bottom adjustment threads. The metal on metal rattles when the adjustment rod slides into the frame. I wrapped electrical tape around the threads that are slid into the frame and now the rattling is not a problem. There was an update on 1/11/2018. The barrier started to rattle again after a few months. I noticed that one of the tubes was snapped in half. I contacted Solv-it customer service to inquire about getting a replacement part since the glue didn't work out and they offered to send a replacement part right away. Solv-it takes care of customers. Barrier is still working well and is rattle free.

7. New World Pet Products B552 30

New World Pet Products B552 30

Medium dogs up to 20 inches tall are ideal for the Playpen, which has 8 panels connected to create a 16 square feet living area. The portable exercise pen has a black rust-preventive e-coat that protects it from the elements and ground stakes that keep it anchored to the ground. There are no tools required. Simply unfold, shape and connect the dog playpen together; exercise pen can be set up in seconds and folds flat for easy storage or travel. The puppy playpen can be used with a metal dog crate to expand your dog's living area. The exercise pen can be used as a puppy playpen or as an exercise area for non-climbing small animals.

Brand: New World Pet Products

👤My new dog is still being trained and cannot be let loose if I am not home. Attaches right on to her kennel and gives her more than enough room for her pee pad, toys, food and water. I have used outdoor and it was stable on its own without the extra tools. Well worth the money!

👤I bought the best thing for a puppy. I have a puppy and 2 large dogs. I need a safe place to put her when I'm not in the same room. I can change the size. When I visit my mom, I can fold it up and take it with me. Its not very heavy. I would put pads on the corners if I were you. The puppy is safe and her house is not destroyed. The puppy tried to bite the bars, but her jaws got locked onto it. My husband bent the bars to release her. This is a good place to put a small dog. I wouldn't leave them alone in the house all day. If your dog bites the bars of the kennel. I love it and I would recommend buying it.

👤It says you can use for small dogs and rabbits. It's not suitable for small pets because my rabbits can squeeze between the bars.

👤Our two small dogs need a large, inexpensive, non-permanent, outdoor dog pen. It took 15 minutes to set up the entire 160 ft thing. You don't need a gate, just unhook a section to make an entry or exit. It's perfect for our purpose. Love it.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. We got 2 pug puppies that run around me from 5 am to bed time. I needed something to keep them out of our backyard. I ordered a set to see if it works for us. It is easy to take it down, just fold the panels down. I ordered 5 more of them so I can put them all together for a larger area.

👤I bought a pen. Our two small pups needed an indoor barrier. I feel bad having to crate them for that long when they are home alone. This is a great place to give them a bigger space to move around, get some sun, and have access to their toys and beds. For a small investment it's a blessing. It was perfect for my needs.

👤I wanted the pen to be used as a fence to keep my dogs out of the pool. It is easy to assemble as it is already connected. You only have to use the clips to hold it together. I can easily move them after purchasing three of them. The metal stakes that came with it are useful to keep the pen sturdy in the grass and gravel area. The fence is holding up. I haven't seen any peeling or fading so far, so I'm pretty sure it's holding up to the California weather. I had purchased a thicker fence. It's a great product for my intended use. The weight is a useful tip to look at when comparing pens. The heavier the weight, the thicker the material. Hope this helps.

8. Amagabeli Decorative Garden Rustproof Ornamental

Amagabeli Decorative Garden Rustproof Ornamental

Keep furniture and other objects out of your dog's reach to prevent tangles. TheDecorative metal garden fence has a single panel size of 32" high x 10" wide and 7" connecting rod. The decorative green iron garden flower bed fencing is made of rustproof and weather resistant metal material and will allow you to use the garden fence outdoors durably. The set-up is easy to use and use-friendly, each piece of temporary border fencing can be easily connected by interlock and folds flat for easy storage, and no additional tools are required to install this patio landscape edging barrier fence. You can extend the metal fence panels to different shapes according to your special use of the path edging fence. Amagabeli patio steel picket folding fencing is foldable and easy to store. The garden barrier fence is changeable. There are no additional tools to remove the temporary wire garden fencing for pets. Pull the spiked feet of the flower garden border fencing out of the ground and stick the vegetable garden fencing back in. The arched iron arts make this ornamental steel garden border fence itself a decorative element for your garden and add more delights to your life, accent border with classic rod iron design to fit any decor, and stylish look of this flower garden border fencing will add a modern touch to your garden. The garden wire fence is made of vinyl rustproof coated and is an architectural structure that is durable and sturdy. They offer premium products and thoughtful customer care. Feel free to contact them if you have a question.

Brand: Amagabeli Garden & Home

👤Exactly what I wanted. I was looking for some fencing to keep out the bad guys and keep my holiday lights on. Discreet is correct. These are not very noticeable. The pieces are 18 inches in total, but only 12 inches above the ground. I wanted a thin, easy to bend metal because of my soil. There is a lot of rocks. A lot. They are impossible to avoid. I was able to bend the legs to go in the ground without having to move the whole fence piece or mess up the line. It's perfect. The pieces are pre-attached. They can be difficult to separate depending on the piece, but I appreciated the pre-linking. It took less time to put them up. The thin wire can be bent to make/ follow a curve or bypassed an obstacle and cut without power tools, which is a good thing. Do they work? For my simple purpose of stringing holiday lights through them. Are they strong? Yes and no. They went into the ground without any issues and are standing up. They are not "sturdy" in the way that they couldn't be bent up by a toddler. Is it possible for animals to get past it? Yes, of course. -- What kind of animals? The size of the animal is a factor. It's not a privacy fence or a security fence. It's mostly used for flowerbeds. If the animal or person is able to step or push over the barrier that's as thick as a piece of cardboard, they can go past it. If the spaces are too far apart and something small is getting through, line up 1 row of fence, then line up another directly behind it and offset the pieces to close the gaps. You're good if you zip tie the rows together. Is this a long-term border? Possibly. The legs will weaken over time if the amount of dirt is too much. The fence is heavy and will start leaning. If you want your fence to last longer, you can double up your fence pieces and add stability. Zip tie a second row behind the first row. Most of the negative posts on the reviews are from people who didn't pay attention to the measurements that are given in the title, product info, and then again for all the customers asking "what are the measurements?" People expecting professional border fencing for little money in the questions section. That's not the fault of the seller or the product. The metal is thin in the pictures. You can tell by the info given, which is taken with a grain of salt. If you're not sure after reading the product info, seeing the pictures, and reading reviews, look at the price. You're paying for cheap fencing and you're getting cheap fencing. It is easy to shop online. Don't make it hard.

👤I bought this to protect my garden. One inconsiderate neighbor made it necessary and I hoped I wouldn't need it. It works well. Push it into the ground and it will be easy to install. The green color makes it blend in. I'll see how it holds up.

9. PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Cats

PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Cats

If you want to keep pets out of the house, place a barrier near the area you want to protect. When your pet strays into an unwanted area, the receiver collar will tone to remind him to leave the off limits area. Only transMITTER is allowed. The YardMax, Ultra Smart and PawzAway collar are not compatible with PetSafe Wireless Fence collars. An audible range is an electronic barrier that protects areas up to 10 ft. You can increase your system's range with additional transmitters. PetSafe brand's Customer Care experts are based in the U.S. and will be happy to help.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The delay is too long. The cat runs past the dog door and doesn't get shocked. The time period to return passed when the cat realized this. You think the time limit is set for returns?

👤I have a cat that is food crazy and she will break into cabinets, recycling bins and open packages of food to get food. I give her 3-4x a day. She is 800-273-3217 I had to do something to stop her from getting into the kitchen as she was creating unsafe situations for the dogs, who would get to the kitchen before me and eat whatever she had gotten into, ie, the pasta, cooked chicken bones, etc. The battery pet safe system only lasted a month or two, and it worked inconsistently. The batteries were usually dead when we heard her in the kitchen. We got this version so we wouldn't have to worry about batteries, and the collar we got is light weight and designed for cats. I only have this system for 24 hours. I am very happy with her response so far. I moved up until I saw her getting a correction after I started her on level 1 on her cat collar. She tested the system at least a dozen times. Trying to get in. She tries to go around either side of the kitchen island because we have an open concept main floor. She got corrected and left quickly, even though she tried to get into the recycling. I think this will work out well. We'll always be prepared, I bought a pack of replacement batteries. I will update in a month or two.

👤We tried everything to keep our dogs out of the kitchen and trash. The large dog would eat out of the trash can and the small one would jump up on the tables and the counter. We put one of these in the doorway and used the same collar from the invisible fence to keep them out of the kitchen. Finally! Dogs are not allowed in the kitchen or trash.

👤I would definitely recommend it. My little sweetie loved jumping on the counter, desk tops, sewing machine cabinet, table and anything else that needed to be explored. She would knock something over or to the floor on the counter. She doesn't make sure to groom her feet after a trip to the potty pan. She has not tried to test the collar again since she tested it twice. I bought a few smaller receivers that helped, but I need a couple more as I keep having to move the little ones around. It is expensive. I have spent a lot of money on other things so I wish I had done this in the beginning. One of the cat trees is taller than I am. I tried the sticky cat tape and it didn't work and it messed up the finish of my furniture. I tried foil, bubble wraps, emergency aluminum blanked, medicine bottles filled with coins and nuts and bolts, and tied them together at the same distance. I have some cans of ssscat cat and electric pads. She was able to avoid each product. She lets me put the collar on in the morning with no problem. I no longer have to chase her off things has made her happier. They asked me if it was water proof, but I gave it 5 stars. It's all you need to keep your cat or small dog off the tables.

10. NOAMOO Vehicles Adjustable Universal Heavy Duty

NOAMOO Vehicles Adjustable Universal Heavy Duty

Enjoy safe and clean driving. The heavy duty dog barrier keeps pets out of the cargo area of the vehicle, so it's safer to drive and avoid scratches, paw prints and pet hair. The extendable size up to 66.5" is large enough to fit all SUVs, Vans, Jeeps, Hatchbacks and Truck. The measure size of the Main Panel is 38", the side panels are 18.7" and the height is 12.2". The stability of the side panel is what determines how difficult it is for the dog to get into the front seat. Only a clip for each side panel is needed for other mesh barriers. Two clips for each side panel, double stability of side panel, and double guarantee for safe driving are provided by NOAMOO dog car barrier. The mesh barrier is made of the highest quality steel wire. Even if a dog bites the steel wire, it will be fine because of the Exquisite welding process. Smooth steel surface prepared by excellent surface spraying technology will not scratch car seat covers, passengers or your pet. To install the dog barrier, you need to extend the length of the barrier, use 4 clips to fix two side pannel, then mount the barrier tightly to the back headrests with nylon straps. It's convenient for the process of dismantling. There are no tools needed for the entire process.

Brand: Noamoo

👤I am not happy with this barrier. It was difficult to install by myself. I had to get someone to help me. Regardless. The plastic pieces that hold the two parts together were cracked. I didn't think about this before buying, but I'm afraid my dog may chew through the straps that hold out to the headrests.

👤It fits well in my Jeep and is strong enough to keep my dog out of the back. It gets in the way of the Jeep's seatbelts. It will be difficult to fold down the seats. It's a good price, so I'll probably keep it and find ways to modify to make it work, but you may want to think about the seat belts and folding seats if you're thinking about buying this for your car.

👤The instructions are not clear but it is easy to assemble. I would recommend two tackles together. I installed myself. The gate is sturdy and sits flush to the ceiling and windows so it creates a complete barrier between the cargo and passenger areas. There are no sharp edges for your animal to hurt themselves. The install is difficult to complete alone.

👤It does its job. The car barrier works for me, but the clips are cheap. The one that was broken was delivered. Customer care was excellent by the seller. The broken clip is being replaced. It was shipped to me in a few days. I only needed 2 of the clips. I made it more rigid by adding the other 2. The barrier keeps my dog in the back, without the cost of a custom barrier. I have an English pointer and a GSP mix. This contains him because he can be a destructive ball.

👤My son in law was able to substitute the stripped out screw for the item. I kept the item because I needed a barrier for my dog's surgery. We did our best to fix it, since it would take too long to get a new one. I asked for a return before I knew it could be fixed. Someone needs to know this.

👤This works well in my Jeep. One of the plastic round pieces was broken during delivery. We used plastic glue to fix it. It kept our lab mix and French bulldog mix in the back during our recent trip.

👤Every piece was broken when it was received. The box was undamaged so it didn't happen during shipping.

👤I figured out how to install after reading the pamphlet 4 times. You really need a second person to hold things in place. The Barrier works well after installation.

11. PetSafe Rechargeable Waterproof Receiver Correction

PetSafe Rechargeable Waterproof Receiver Correction

Keep as many pets as you need safe in your yard with this add-a-dog receiver collar. YardMax and UltraSmart are not compatible with PetSafe In-Ground Systems. It's permissible. Quickly charges in 2 hours with each charge lasting up to 2 months. Waterproof: For all of your pet's outdoor activities. AJUSTABLE: with 4 levels of correction plus tone only, it fits dogs up to 26 inches. When is the right time to charge your collar? Single plug receiver collar charger is the only way to charge one COLLAR at once. They are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions at PetSafe.

Brand: Petsafe

👤Not happy with the collar. The PetSafe fence had to be replaced several times. The first product was easy to clean and didn't fall apart. The first collar had a louder tone for the dogs to hear. After only 8 months of use, one of the contact points on our boy's receiver collar fell out. We tightened it after putting it back in. The collar is the only thing left after he comes inside. The receiver is in the yard after the contact points came out. It's a warm 6 degrees and trapesing around the 3 acres out back is not fun. If we don't find the receiver, we will have to purchase another one for $120. The alternative is to purchase a brand fence which would cost $300 or more, and this is smart on the part of PetSafe. It isn't something that the manufacturer considered, so it's a good idea to keep the receiver attached to the collar. Maybe it was and that's how they sell more collars. The collar is still not ok. It has been in use for a year and the contact is broken. The portion that screws into the receive is severed from the portion that makes contact with the dog. I can't replace it with a new one because it's still in the receiver.

👤I bought the entire system and an additional collar. It worked well for the first couple weeks. My dogs were smarter than the sytem. The system is not functioning at all. I'm left with "call customer service and trouble shoot some more" after a number of emails with petsafe, doing everything they said to fix it, and my own test of running a new line. One of the collars became sensitive than the other and now neither collar works. I'm not getting upset. I can't use a system that costs big bucks. Would not suggest wasting money.

👤The collar holds a charge for about a week, which is acceptable, and it works just like it should for the price. The all weather 18 AWG wire is cheap and thin and could easily break from ground shift, so I bought a heavier duty wire. I buried my 18 AWG wire because I had no problems with it breaking. I have had to replace the main transmitter unit and two of the PetSafe collar because of the broken tips. I guarantee you will end up paying the same amount or more in the end if you go with a DogWatch system. PetSafe equipment is cheap in my opinion.

👤I got this to replace my dog's heavy SportDog electric fence collar, which I thought was too heavy for my cockapoo mix. This is better and lighter, and it has a blinking light that makes it easier to find in the dark. The online support and chat help that I got from Sport Dog was amazing. I learned that this model works with my electric fence and is a lot cheaper than the Sport Dog model, which wasn't even in stock.


What is the best product for dog fence barrier?

Dog fence barrier products from Covono. In this article about dog fence barrier you can see why people choose the product. Homarden and Petsafe are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog fence barrier.

What are the best brands for dog fence barrier?

Covono, Homarden and Petsafe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog fence barrier. Find the detail in this article. Petsafe, Extreme Dog Fence and Petsafe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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