Best Dog Enrichment Toys Topple

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1. Aggressive Interactive Dispensing Indestructible Enrichment

Aggressive Interactive Dispensing Indestructible Enrichment

Large/Medium Breed Dogs To Keep Them Busy with Multi-Function Puzzles. The teeth are clean. A multi-functional dog toy helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs. Your dog can use his favorite dry dog treats with their interactive treat dispensers. The dog treat toys help with chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management and barking. There are interactive and solo play puzzle games. Your dog gets smarter as they play with the toys. Put the dog toys in the holes and watch your dog paw and push the dog toy around to get the treats. IQ treat slow feeders. The nylon design is easy for dogs to carry. Alaskan golden retriever, German shepherd, Labrador and many other large chewer dogs have tested the durable dog toy and it is approved for 20 to 80 pounds of dogs. This one is close to being 100% Indestructible. Play with your dog while they play alone. The cute astronauts look is healthy rubber and won't damage the dog's teeth. They are focused on the health of dogs. The dog toys have milk in them. Stuffing butter or peanut butter will increase interest. After your dog has played with the dog treat toys, please clean up the food and treats in the toy in time. Water is washed and dried after each use. If you have a problem with their dog chew toy, their team will help you solve it in 24 hours, and they can give you a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Doggiemon

👤My dog was able to rip holes into the toy quickly, despite it being cute and heavy. It's hard to find toys that last. It has a strap that will come out if you tug-o-war with it. A good replacement for a kong.

👤The dog chewed the bottom of it and got all the treats out in 15 minutes. I expected her to last longer than a year. I thought it would last. The handle took less time for her to chew.

👤I would like to see a bigger model for my 7 month old dog.

👤The rottweiler broke the black strap handles within 3 minutes and the squeaky lasted 1 minute. He loves playing with it and hasn't been able to completely destroy it. I will keep it, but won't order it again.

2. KONG Classic Durable Natural Rubber

KONG Classic Durable Natural Rubber

The KONG Classic red toy helps satisfy dogs' instincts while providing mental stimulation. It is important for dogs to have healthy play. By encouraging healthy play and satisfying instinctual needs, this treat is able to solve many problems. The KONG Classic's unpredictable bounce makes for exciting games of fetch and other interactive play with your pet. This is a great way for chewers to get exercise. The KONG Classic is great for stuffing when it's filled with bits of food. It's dishwasher safe for easy clean up. For an added challenge, freeze stuffed KONG for 3-6 hours before giving it to your dog. The KONG Classic is one of the best durable dog toys. It was made in the USA. The materials are globally sourced.

Brand: Kong

👤I'll appeal to you with my review since the only people reading it are new to owning a dog. Kongs are similar to Candy Crush for humans. No, seriously. You pull the Kong out and they get a crazed look on their faces, you know the fun is about to start! It doesn't matter, you're dog will go crazy for this toy if they're a chewer or chaser. I like pulling ours out when I can see my dog playing. I'm too busy with housework to throw the same ball over and over. The Kong has a smooth texture and irregular shape. The combination of sheer excitement and a lot of slobber causes the Kong to fly out of your pups mouth, only to bounce back as he tries to pin it down and pick it up. This means a lot more challenging games for him and more time for your dishes and shopping, all while challenging your dog's natural instincts. A Kong bonanza is a great use of this toy. Do you need to crate Fido for the day? Stuff the Kong with some treats and peanut butter the night before. If you're trying to create a positive association with something, this is a great trick. When we got him, my Xander hated the car. He now sees the car as a positive thing after he gave him his Kong bonanza. He loves both the small blue puppy Kong and the classic medium Kong. When he's just 5 months old, he prefers the puppy Kong when he's in the mood to just chew but he's too big to play with. We give this Kong to him to create positive associations and to keep him busy for a while.

👤This is not as big as it used to be. I am really disappointed in this. The other one wore out so I ordered a new one. The old medium size Kong is left and the new medium size Kong is right. I was expecting the same size and quality. It is not. I am sending this back because I don't want to pay double the price for the older one. I will not order again.

👤My dog does not need a bowl. A 9 month old high energy rescue was turned in for behavior problems. He now gets 3 large Kongs and the rest of his kibble as training treats. Kongs are about 90ml. I mix 1/2 cup of kibble with 1/3 can wet food and 1/3 cup water and a bit of raw carrots or the like for crunch and let sit in the fridge overnight to fill the Kongs the next day. Add peanut butter and cream cheese. I freeze occupational therapy if I need it. I pick up the red ones when he is done. There is a Kong extreme that is used to keep him from developing anxiety problems. On the day where he goes to daycare, dinner comes in a Kong wobbler as he is usually too exhausted to deal with a normal Kong. 100 points. Every time. There are no behavior problems between Kongs, training, daycare, leash-off games and long walks.

3. KITTAIL Dog Puzzle Toys Interactive

KITTAIL Dog Puzzle Toys Interactive

Excellent size is 9.1 inches, height is 0.96 inches. It can slow down the eating speed of pets, prevent excessive weight gain, and help with indigestion caused by fast eating. Make your dog smarter and healthier by using this puzzle toy. It can help your dog think and make better decisions. The dog's slow treatment of exercise training can help prevent diseases such as abdominal distension, caused by a fast diet. Great toYS for resilience. The unique design of pet toys shows that mental stimulation can reduce stress and boredom. A flower plate and hidden food cup design can be used to hide food in 10 holes and bring fun to your dog. This toy is great for when your dog is bored. The puppy treatment toy is easy to clean and safe. It is easy to clean with soap in cold water, and then it will be dried naturally. This toy is strong enough to tolerate your dog's energy and is resistant to tearing and aging. Excellent service. They are committed to high quality. They will give professional answers if you have any questions about the purchase or use process.

Brand: Kittail

👤My dog loves the game. It's a good way to break up treats and snacks. My dog has destroyed a few of these types of toys, but this one has lasted a few trial runs. She has grown out of chewing and destroying things, so I love that she enjoys the game and keeps her brain occupied.

👤Exactly as pictured! My dog doesn't chew on this so I can't say for certain if it's chew proof, but she loves it so much! She is an incredibly fast eater so I portion some of her food into this to distract her. She really likes it! It's very hard to get through it now. I might have to find more puzzles. The only complaint I have is that the kibble pieces get lodged in the edges of the slide pockets and you can't get them out unless you tip it. I have smaller kibble so it may not be an issue for everyone. But still a great puzzle for her.

👤I bought this for my dog to do while I am at work. This was his first puzzle and he was able to find it quickly so he ate the food and treats very quickly. He has not gotten bored with the puzzle yet. The medium breed is called Lenny. It was smaller than I anticipated, so I would recommend it for smaller breeds.

👤This breed catches on quickly. He seems to like it. The product is nice.

👤I thought it would keep my 9 month old occupied, but as it turns out he figured out both of them and emptied them in 48 seconds. Right away, he listed interest. No challenge for him. Something more stimulating is what the person needs.

👤My dog loves this and I put his favorite treat in here so he can eat it for a while. It makes him use his head to figure it out. It only takes a few minutes, but it is a great product and cute.

👤I have a dog. He was able to eat all the food in less than a minute and break the center pieces off. 60 whole seconds...

👤This puzzle is easy but challenging to keep the dog busy.

4. PetSafe Twist Treat Food Treats

PetSafe Twist Treat Food Treats

There is wide variability of treats. The two halves have different capacities to hold small treats and kibble. Reward and challenge is a toy. If you want to keep your pet playing longer, you can twist the halves closer together. There is an Interactive Treat Discipline. The Treat Meter is a device that distributes treats randomly while your dog plays with the toy. The two pieces are easy to use.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I have a dog that loves toys with hidden treats and he has to work to get out. This toy is made of hard rubber and is not hard plastic, which is good. You put the treats in and then put it back together. It is difficult to get treats out if the treats are large. The reason for the four stars is that if you screw it all the way tight, the treat opening is too big and the treats fall out. If you don't tighten it all the way. The gaps are staggered so the dog can roll it around. The rubber is so dense that it is not as loud as it would be if it were hard plastic. Once all the treats fall out, it is short lived. I recommend using larger treats.

👤I was not sure if my dog would play with this. It was very easy to use. The hardest part was actually removing the purple contraption from the packaging. I broke up some of the treats and screwed the 2 pieces together to make sure no pieces were stuck. I rolled it in my hand to see if it would fall out. I put the Busy Buddy in the floor and then Mocha came up and started sniffing it. He pawed at it to move it, and sometimes bit it to move it, when it got stuck in the corner against the wall. I was worried that he would chew it, but he tried some and it was very durable. The 14 lbs Mocha doesn't chew things except for treats. I will get another and have it for travel, it is very portable and fun for your dog. Mocha likes it. I haven't tried using peanut butter for his dog food, but I will update when I do. He likes a challenge. Especially if it involves dog treats.

👤These are great for mental stimulation and I have two of them. My prior dachshund loved it and played with it for years, it is interesting to see how he managed the rolling of it to maximize the treats coming out. One of the toys I couldn't adjust between was all the treats spilling out and I had to adjust the cutouts a bit off-center. My current little guy is a hoover-eater, he eats way too fast even with a slow-feed bowl, so this has become a slow-feed tool for him. He gets 1/3 cup in the morning and 1/3 in the evening, and he gets about 30% of his dry food in the bowl, and the rest in the dog toy, and it takes him several minutes to get all the treats out. He gets very excited to see it and spins around in circles in front of me until I put it, but it forces him to eat one or two pellets at a time. It's not hard to get the hang of if you hold it with one cutout at the top and the other on the palm of your hand.

5. LOOBANI Enrichment Interactive Entertainment Adjustable

LOOBANI Enrichment Interactive Entertainment Adjustable

The food puzzle toy is designed to challenge your pet. The slots is a good intellectual development toy for puppies. The mental stimulation toys help to keep your dog sharp through the years. If you have a busy schedule and no time to play with your pets, this can add up to a lot of boredom and loneliness. The food dispensers can offer hours of fun for both cats and dogs. While you are at work, the challenging toys can keep the dog busy. When you leave your dog howls and whines. The interactive entertainment toy can change the focus of the dog to get the treat out of the puzzle toy. The challenging toys help your dog relieve stress and boredom by refocusing her attention to something positive. If your dog is bored all day, she may get so excited when dinnertime comes that she throws up her dinner. To control the dog's eating speed, spin tubes and get the kibble from the leaking holes. The treat toy can force your dog to slow down, which may help prevent her from suffering from GDV/Bloat. The heavy base of this intelligent toy is designed so that it won't be knocked over. The educational dog toy can be adjusted to fit both small and large breeds. The canister is large enough to hold your dog's food. The dog activity toys can be played indoors or outside on a camping trip.

Brand: Loobani

👤My dog loves the product. I want to give them a higher rating, but I had a bad interaction with the manufacturer. They don't have replacements on their website. My dog chewed up one of the caps. I would like to be able to replace parts. I reached out via email to the manufacturer and the person who reached out to me did not have a signature or title in the email and requested that I send him money via PayPal but the link was not in English and had nothing mentioning the company on it. He sent me a link that looked like the company page but was not connected to it in any way and went to a different pay pall account. It was still not clear.

👤He is frustrated on his first attempts. Weimaraner needs a lot of mental stimulation to keep his focus. The toy is doable. He likes to chew things so he will bite the plastic if he can't get any food. He gets his paws working for him after a regroup. He didn't know what to do in the first 15 minutes. This was 15 minutes and he was still trying to figure out a strategy to get his food. The set up was easy to put together, strong, moves around a little even with the sticky pads, but it adds to the difficulty. I want to know how it takes for him to really get it. He has mastered all his other IQ feeders. I like the challenge even if he doesn't.

👤I love this product. The other food puzzles don't take long for my golden retriever to get all the food out, but this one takes her a while to get it all out. I love watching her use it, it keeps her entertained for a long time. She loves it. I can drill it into a larger piece of wood that she would have to stand on to prevent tipping it over if I really wanted, but it's good as is.

👤I would give this dog toy a 5-star rating, but I only received one of the great containers in my video. That seems to be enough for my pitbull. I would still like to have Lexi and the other two. She has been playing with it for two days and she has figured it out. I showed her how to use it by turning it upside down and batting at it with my hand. She tried to get the top off the container by taking the whole thing in her mouth. She decided to try it my way after that failed. She couldn't get it to flip all the way around because she pawed at it. She would get a treat every now and then if I lent some assistance. I didn't want her to give up. I had to fill the cup all the way up with her food after she figured out how to flip the thing. If she only got a part of the way flipped over, something would come out. She pawed at it like a champ after I did that. She gets it spinning so fast that the treats don't have time to come out. I love this toy. It keeps her busy while I work from home or do my chores. I feel guilty because I don't engage her mind enough and she's bored. She seems happy these days. She has her signature pitty on her face and that means a lot to her. Can I get the other two containers? I would be very grateful. Thank you so much!

6. IVIM Puppy Roll Digestion Cultivate Medium Sized

IVIM Puppy Roll Digestion Cultivate Medium Sized

Slow food. The toy has a built-in'maze-like' damping column device. Multiple obstacles can help slow down the pace of food leaking. It's more interesting to eat while playing, and it can prevent your pet from vomiting due to eating too fast. This is a great dog and cat toy because it is also suitable for dogs. Improve mood. By rolling this dog treat container, your pet can get food rewards during exercise, so that they have more sense of accomplishment, stimulation, and exercise volume, which will help alleviate boredom, and promote your pet's physical health. A durable dog toy is what your dog will like. IQ training Learning how to roll the toy to let the food fall out is a part of the process of getting food for your pet. Continue to play and eat so that there is no extra energy to destroy your furniture. Enhanc interaction. You can add food to this interactive dog toy anytime, anywhere, easy to operate, easy to play with your pet, and increase the feelings between you. The dog toy is suitable for clean flat ground. Attention! This isn't a toy for aggressive chewers. The dog toy is made of two safe materials. It is hard and wear-resistant to ensure the safety of the dog. The sides of the dog toy are made of soft rubber, which is soft and helps reduce noise, and it also protects the dog's teeth from harm. The dog toy is tough.

Brand: Ivim

👤We had to take it away because my dog wouldn't eat the plastic. I requested a return.

👤Food can flow through the small baffles. The five steps are not able to get one piece because the baffles are too big. The food falls out one piece at a time after I removed one of the baffles. The configuration provides 30-40 minutes of engagement to eat 2 cups of food, but it does not provide much intellectual stimulation.

👤This toy is complicated enough for my little guy. It takes him a while to get his dinner out. It gives him some mental exercise. It took me a long time to figure out how to get the plastic pieces inside. It needs to be lined up to fit in the tube. It's difficult to get the thread seated to start securing back on the exterior cap. I'm glad I bought it. I'm not sure my dog could handle more difficult toys.

👤Our puppy had a lot of food. She would eat until she was bloated. Everything changed when we started feeding her wet and dry food. She needs mental energy to eat, time to realize she is full and calm after working to get her food. She loves her playpen at meals. When friends come over, we give her a little bit in the puppy feeders to calm her down. Our dog cracked the top of the feeder but it still works and is perfect for a puppy.

👤I have a puppy. He isn't a good eater of food. I put his kibble in this and he loves it. I know it doesn't make sense. He eats his food when the toy drops out, so I keep it full. He is just 5 months old.

👤The toy was smaller than expected. I tried to use some of the blue bits brand treats that are small, but they wouldn't fit through the maze in the ball. My dog won't eat food that comes out of it. If you have a dog that eats fast but is a grazer, this is a great option because it will leave dog food behind on the floor if it isn't a treat.

👤My dog doesn't chew anything. She is not a chewer. She chewed through this in hours. It was destroyed in 24 hours. We have to throw it away because it is falling apart. The other part can't stay on because she chewed off part of it. If she swallowed it, she would get sick. I don't recommend this product for animals. My dog doesn't chew apart. This almost fell apart. Don't buy.

👤A good toy for your dog. It is very durable. It leaves a trail so messy when our puppy doesn't backtrack to get all the pieces. Otherwise a good value.

7. LAMTWEK Interactive Encourages Foraging Washable

LAMTWEK Interactive Encourages Foraging Washable

Dog training toys are a unique dog training mat that allows your dog to find small toys hidden in the mat. It helps to train your dog to lose weight. Keep your dog occupied and avoid him being bored. The thicker hair and the edge guard help to hide the food. A great snuffle mat can encourage dogs to have fun. Pull the sucker and suck on the smooth surface if you tighten the screw cap operation. The pet training mat needs to be stable. The design of the cloth prevents the dog from moving the mat when he searches for food on it. It is easy to clean and supports machine washing. It is recommended to wash it once a week to keep it clean. All material is high quality, non-toxic and odorless to make sure your dog is not uncomfortable. If you have any questions about the products you buy, please contact them, they will try to help you.

Brand: Lamtwek

👤I have tried others and they didn't last. The material was cheap and felt-like. The mat is the best. If I spread the kibble around a little bit, I get 30 minutes of peace. That is a dream with a high energy dog. It is easy to clean, just throw it in the washer.

👤My dog was able to pull strands of the top material off of him. He threw up most of it, but also passed the rest. He seemed to be okay after two days of close monitoring. I wouldn't purchase again or suggest to purchase due to the risk.

👤My puppy likes this snuffle mat. We give him 3 small meals of food a day. It makes him eat slower and it stimulates his brain. He likes to lay on it when resting and chewing on snacks.

👤I used it for the second time today, but it has been great so far. I put the mat on the floor and don't use anything else. The mat doesn't move when he eats, so it's not a problem for me. I would fill my puppy's food bowl with food and then spread some of it on a mat and let him eat the rest. He won't eat his meals without being in his crate and he's trained to eat in it. I will let him out after he has eaten from the bowl and bring his attention to the mat so that he can finish his meal. He eats from the bowl and swallows his food whole. I think that's correct. The mat has slowed down his eating speed and it is also giving his nose a workout when he finds food. This particular mat is good for small dog breeds or puppies of larger dog breeds. There is a If you have a large dog breed, then don't buy this. The mat is small so your dog won't get much out of it. I would suggest buying a bigger mat for larger dogs. There is a I haven't been able to wash the mat yet. I will give an update after I wash it.

👤The bath mats are back! I used our bath mats to help slow Ashla down as she eats. The mat has a better pile. She has to "snuffle" to get it out of the puppy sized kibble. The mat is too small for me. I would like to see a bigger one. I watch her as she eats and "buzzer" to make sure she doesn't get rough with it. The cups are strong. The mat adds to the hunt by scooting on the unfinished concrete floors. It also scoots on the kitchen floors. My glass bistro table was lifted off the ground by the suction cups. I feel that using them could turn it into a game of destructive tug. I will not use them with the mat. I'm thinking of tethering her leash to the shower wall. I haven't washed it yet, but it seems to hold up well. I will change the review if it doesn't work out.

8. West Paw Tough Large Tangerine

West Paw Tough Large Tangerine

Keep your dog busy and entertained with this dog chew toy from West Paw that has hidden treats or kibble he must discover during play. There is an interactive leash for dogs. If you have a dog or puppy who likes to chew on furniture, give him a brightly colored chew toy that will occupy him for hours. There is a way to keep the dog licking toYS safe. The dog chew toy can be filled with food or treats. Use the floatable dog chew toy to fetch, toss and catch once the treats are gone. The design of these dog chew toys poses a challenge to engage and intrigue your canine companion. It's great for freezing chicken soup. The dog chew toys from West Paw feature bright colors that are easy to spot inside or out and are dishwasher safe.

Brand: West Paw

👤We bought the "Tux" for our mini labradoodle puppy. We were excited to find this toy because of the positive reviews and the durability guarantee of Westpaw products. We have yet to find a toy that our puppy can't destroy. A tennis ball will last a while. A Kong will be around for a while. A stuffed animal isn't worth a chance. When we were looking for a new toy, we chose the "Tux" because it was a 5 out of 5 for chewing durability. When we received the "Tux", we were very excited. She could not destroy the product we had. She smirked at us when we handed the toy to her. Within 15 minutes, a huge chunk of the toy had been chewed off and we watched in awe and disbelief as this tiny 10 pound labradoodle put a hurting on this "Tux". I attached a link to a picture of the "Tux" after 15 minutes of use. It's back to square one for us. It's really sad...

👤They said the toy was tough for the most powerful chewers. My Berner loves to chew. She eats ropes in a record amount of time. Is it possible that giant Nylabones could be even giant? toast with this girl I was sick of buying toys that she destroyed in a day. I set out to find some really tough toys from a company who stands behind their product and offers a warranty or guarantee. West Paw's toy did not disappoint. The toy is very tough. She chews it for hours and hours and it looks great after she chews it. It is well worth the price. If I have to pay for the shipping to return the toy, why not just buy another toy? They also offer a great guarantee and you don't have to ship them back the toy in order to get your replacement. This is a big deal to me. I don't think we'll need a replacement anytime soon, but it's great to know there's an option. You can stuff treats or peanut butter inside. I like to put a few kibbles in it, then add chicken or beef broth. For a few hours, freeze it. I think this keeps her occupied for a long time and it cools her off in the summer. It won't be messy, though! Would definitely recommend! I will buy her another West Paw chew toy.

👤I adopted a 45 pound mix. They must have meant a meth lab. The dog is on a crack. I have to keep the windows locked on the first and second floor because he figured out how to open them from the top. He destroyed his crate. He ate a door, window sills and a vacuum cleaner. My house has been safe since I bought this toy. He doesn't put the toy down. I put it in the freezer before I go to sleep. I give it to him in the morning so I can go take my shower without having to come out of the bathroom. After two weeks of constant attempts to destroy it, there isn't even so much as a dent in it. Pricey. I would pay double because Gunner loves it.

9. Potaroma Electric Flopping Realistic Interactive

Potaroma Electric Flopping Realistic Interactive

Every time your cat touches the cat kicker toy, the automatic built-in motion sensor kicks into action, and the cat fish moves in a wiggling way, intriguing your cat to kick and play. Pets are a perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. The realistic fish toy looks like a real fish, an eye-catcher for cats, keeping your kitty on her paws and engaged in real time, alleviating boredom and loneliness and promoting cat's exercise when you are away from home. The battery capacity was increased to 350 mAh so that each charge lasts longer. The mechanism to extend the lifetime of the fish toy was improved. This fish toy is a great christmas new year holiday gift for pet owners or your own pets. The kitty toy is made of soft plush for your kitten to chew and wrestle. Cats love the smell of catnip and can get excited and happy if they have a pouch. Cats could benefit from the use of catnip to get them up and moving. This toy is portable and can be charged from the internet. There is a cable in the package. The plush toy has a chargeable motor that can be removed for convenient cleaning. When charging, the red light comes on, and when fully charged, the red light goes out.

Brand: Potaroma

👤I'm not sure if a new cat toy will be received as well as I hope, but this one delivered! I have to take it away to charge it when my cats are playing with it, but they have been playing with it all day. The other two can't get near it because one of them is hogging it. It took them a few minutes to realize that they had to touch it to get it to move, but once they understood, they were off to the races. I can't say for sure, but I think it will last a long time since the cover can be removed for cleaning.

👤My cat liked it for about 20 seconds. My pitbull came in. My cat was horrified as he tried to kill the fish with his mouth. I tried to tell him to drop it. I was laughing so hard that I cried. My cat is very upset that this monster took his toy. The fish still works after the fiasco, but one of his head snaps, which may have caused the tail to fall off. My cat is not interested in it. My son's cat still likes it, but she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkia I will buy another one. I think my lord can play with it when the dog is in a crate. Please send thoughts and prayers that Lord Logan doesn't eat me in my sleep.

👤I avoided this toy due to its high cost, but have been looking at it for a year. It has an on/off switch, it has an on/off switch that changes the speed and cadence of the tail flapping to keep interest. When the cat is already hard at play, picking it up increases the intensity of play. Multiple of my cats were playing with each other. No regrets!

👤It is amazing. It is wonderful. It's hours of entertainment for me, never mind for my actual cats. If you're buying re: charging it, there are a few things to note: the light doesn't turn green when it's done charging, the red light just turns off, and the flopping motion is activated by tapping the toy. It's probably because if you switch it on after charging, nothing happens. It goes to sleep after a while, but only when tapped. genius Just buy it if you are on the fence. It's already scented in a way that makes it attractive to cats right out of the packaging.

👤The interactive fish toy was chosen because the boy kitty was starting to annoy his sisters. He is smart and has a lot of energy. After watching his sisters play with it, he decided to take on the fish. He strikes it, wrestles with it, and carries it all around. He will play with it for a long time. Exactly what I was hoping for. You can remove the battery to charge it. It lasts for several days. It's so convenient! You can wash the skin. It comes with a great catnip pouch that can be used with the battery pack. The packaging made us crack up. It looked like smoked trout. It's funny. All my cats love this toy.

10. Idepet Nontoxic Resistant Cleaning Exercise

Idepet Nontoxic Resistant Cleaning Exercise

The product is made from extra-tough rubber and is safe for your dog to grind and clean their teeth. It's perfect for fetch and interaction with your dog. Adding food or treats into the grooves can keep them busy for hours. There is a strong tooth. Soft and unique surface relief can help clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy. Intelligence and IQ training can be improved. This dog toy is easy to play with and it is convenient to train dogs. Your naughty active dogs will love it.

Brand: Idepet

👤We have a dog that hates the rain and could care less about toys. We live in the Pacific Northwest. He loves to eat. We have a lot of toys to give him to play with, so he can be lazy on a rainy day. We have had this toy for months and it is still in perfect condition, even though I was skeptical it would hold up. I mix it up with how I use it, sometimes I put sugarless peanut butter into the grooves, sometimes I put cheese into it, and sometimes I just put some of his food in it. He gets excited when I pick it up and it works well as a distraction for me because of my anxiety. I think he likes it when I leave. Spoiled brat!

👤Not for real dogs. If you have an aggressive chewer, skip this toy. It was shredded almost instantly.

👤My dog went crazy after I put food in the ball. The rubber teeth hold the treats when they are thrown. The ball is the same size as a tennis ball so it's easy for dogs to grab. The hole in the middle is the best place to freeze peanut butter. I think my dog will enjoy this ball for a long time.

👤I gave this as a gift to two dogs that love puzzles. They loved it. It helps clean teeth. I broke the dog food into smaller pieces.

👤This is a great treat for my dog. He is occupied when he is left alone. He doesn't chew it up to bits. He will chew and play with it when it isn't full of treats. My dog seems to prefer this over his Kong. Would definitely recommend.

👤These are the best toys we have found. They are awesome. They were set up. You can eat cheese or something in the middle. The dogs are engrossed in something. When they are done, I put them in soapy water to get rid of the grooves. It is great! We bought two more sets. We love them!

👤I love these! It takes our 6 month old Shiba Inu about 20 minutes to get all the pieces out of the puppy kibble. She chews like a charm and you can hear the plastic Brissels against her teeth. When I need her to sit still for a nail trim, I use peanut butter in it.

👤My dog likes this type of ball. I have a boxer pit that can rip up the ball if it's strong enough. She's happy and it lasts a few months. The design allows her to clean her teeth. It's bouncy and makes playing fetch more fun. This is the best toy I've found so far.

👤It provides entertainment for our puppy. I spread peanut butter over the top of her kibble. I was hoping to use this to feed her breakfast, the entire meal, if they were bigger to fit more food. The rubber is very soft and the balls are covered in tooth marks. She would have chewed them to pieces.

11. Dog Chew Toys Interactive Stimulating

Dog Chew Toys Interactive Stimulating

There is a clean and prophylactic over all of the oral health. It's good to clean your dog's teeth, but it's also good to remove food particles and odor-causing germs from their tongue. There is a unique design for treat deficiency. Smart dogs can easily get the food by roll it, it is easy to insert treats or food in the ball, enrichment puzzle toys for dogs reduce boredom and destructive behavior, and the hollow with leaked food on 3 sides can appeal to dogs by smell and food. The food dispersal system is safe and reliable. Milk flavor dogs love natural rubber, it's FDA tested, and it's convenient for dogs to carry; Horn design is convenient for dogs to carry, and it's made of food grade rubber. It's a great way to slow down meal times to improve digestion and prevent bloat, fill the dog treat toy with dog's favorite treats, needed something to keep dogs occupied, and promote active and healthy slow feeding. Dog toys for small, medium and large dogs are ideal for outdoor sports and training, but not for aggressive dogs. If you meet any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us; they will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Wisedom

👤My dog and I love the Robot Helmet dog chew toys for aggressive chewers, Slow Feeder treat food dispensers, IQ Training Ball Interactive durable rubber dog puzzle toys, and Dog Mind Stimulating teething clean for Large Medium Breed Puppy. I ordered this on sale with 4 others because I couldn't get him to eat out of his bowl for days. He picks it up and throws it down for the food and treats to come. He asked for me to refill once he was empty. It's easy to clean, holds a good amount of food, and it's perfect for large breed dogs but compact enough for easy storage. This toy is very good. My dog is entertained for hours.

👤I bought a slow feeder for my corgi. It takes less than 3 minutes to eat with her current slow feeders, but it takes 9 minutes 45 seconds with this one. She seems satisfied and no longer wants more food. I like how durable it is and I like the scent.

👤My son's puppy is a Pittie-Lab mix and is very aggressive. His new favorite toy-slow feeder is this item.

👤I got this for my dog after he had his neuter. He went nuts for it. He won't eat from a bowl anymore because he likes to hunt. It's true! He's a chihuahua mix, but he can grab the horns and chase it all over the house. He has kept his weight gain in check and is happy. Definitely recommend. There were no signs of wear or tear for a month or so. It's easy to wash your hands. This is a good thing!

👤My puppy is teething and has a lot of energy. He was able to play with this toy as he ate and then use it as a chew toy. He played with it for about an hour and then was tired so much that he passed out. He jumped in my lap with the toy because he was so happy with it. Highly recommended.

👤It is very durable and chew proof. The dog lost interest in 3 minutes.

👤He's wagging his tail and having fun.

👤My dog has many toys and slow feeders. She hasn't destroyed this one. It is perfect for big chewers.


What is the best product for dog enrichment toys topple?

Dog enrichment toys topple products from Doggiemon. In this article about dog enrichment toys topple you can see why people choose the product. Kong and Kittail are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog enrichment toys topple.

What are the best brands for dog enrichment toys topple?

Doggiemon, Kong and Kittail are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog enrichment toys topple. Find the detail in this article. Petsafe, Loobani and Ivim are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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