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1. Antifungal Antibacterial Medicated Wipes Dogs

Antifungal Antibacterial Medicated Wipes Dogs

Anti-depressant: There are special wipes for the management of skin problems. Your Jungle Pet should not be scratched or itching. Fight hot spots, itch, and ringworm for healthy skin. There are skin irritations. Pets with skin infections such as ringworm and hot spots don't stand a chance against these wipes. The process of healing skin infections, superficial cuts, and insect bites can be sped up. Don't forget to cleanse hard to reach places such as face folds, finger folds, underarm and groin areas. These areas are important to keep clean. A string of qualities help to dry out the affected areas. Fight the problem. The types of skin infections that are most commonly associated with in dogs and cats are the ones that Formula is designed to attack. The most important time of the day is bath time. Ensure your Jungle Pet is getting the care it deserves by using quality, American-made products formulated in the best controlled and regulated facilities.

Brand: Jungle Pet

👤I have a dog. I don't know how or why. He gets jock itch, a poor dog. In the past he has had to use antibiotics. His skin issue came back. I took matters into my own hands with this product and a cream combination and it worked. He hasn't run for about 4 days. I'm going to clean his ass with the pads.

👤Not wipes! These are small pads. The make-up removal pads are larger. It's nearly impossible to get any coverage on my dog's allergies before they dry up. Very disappointing. I'm not sure what's going on with the tiny container. I can't even read the package. This is a failure.

👤This one is scented. Never use scented stuff in allergy areas. It was too harsh. A nasty rash was made. It was made worse. Horrible can't use.

👤My dog licks her. The vet suggested a wipe. There were prescription drugs at the vet. I showed these to my doctor. I have been using these for a week now and can see a difference. Great price!

👤These wipes are easy to clean and take away the infections. I'm very happy!

👤I received a jar of dog chew supplements and ordered wipes for dogs ears. The jar was labeled with wipes on the top and dog chews on the side.

👤I got these to try because the wipes I was getting for my dog from the vet were too expensive. They help her with her infections. She doesn't like being wiped, but they don't burn her skin. They don't have a strong smell of chemicals. I use them at the first sign of an illness twice a day, and it clears up within a few days. Definitely recommend!

👤My dog had an issue near the top of his nose that was ugly and swollen. Within a few days, the color has changed and is back to normal. My dog doesn't like the smell or the burn, but this stuff works and he is almost back to his old self. If he blows on it for a few seconds and it is not painful but it heals his wound, we are happy with this product.

2. Pet MD Cleaner Cleanser Eucalyptus

Pet MD Cleaner Cleanser Eucalyptus

It is designed to clean, deodorize and dry your pets ears. It's safe and gentle for regular use which prevents Ear Infections, reduces Wax build up and removes debris in and around the Ear. 100 disposable ear wipes for dogs. Dogs over 12 weeks old. Reduce Foul Ear Odor to keep your dog healthy and happy. Quality and safety are ensured by manufacturing in the USA.

Brand: Pet Md

👤My coonhound has smelly ears. I'm hoping to use these as maintenance, rather than having the vet charge every other month. The wipes make cleaning easy. I washed his ears with a paper towel to help dry them off after the cleaning. I haven't seen him shake his head like that before, and he didn't seem to mind at all.

👤There is a possibility of an allergic reaction. You may be trying to prevent, but you may be creating a worse situation. I was skeptical of the reviews but the positive reviews made me want to try and help my fur baby be happy. I regret that it hurt my girl. She has yeast infections in her ears. I have tried many things but nothing like this. The first night I cleaned it, everything seemed fine. I was very excited. I thought the ears were looking up. She woke up the next day with greenish yellow cysts coming out of her ears and other spots getting a clear watery liquid over them. I use these on her ears. It must be something that happens to certain dogs, since I read a similar review. I am going to the vet tomorrow. This product is costing me more money. I wish I wouldn't have tried these because I hurt my dog and put her in more pain. These are either amazing or horrible, and they were terrible for me.

👤Ear wipe came quickly. The smell is clean and pleasant. There is a lot of product on pads, they are good for wiping out the ears. The wipes soothed the dogs ears. I haven't seen the head shake since I wiped them down. The pads are small and thin, and I struggle to clean my ear without scratching it. The pads work for the littler dogs, but seem to get lost in my Labs ears.

👤Great product! My Pibbles, a pit bull with floppy ears, gets yeast infections in her ears on a regular basis. She starts shaking her head when they start. It's time to schedule an appointment with the vet when she starts scratching them. I was browsing the offerings on subscribe and save when I noticed the ear cleaning wipes. It's going to be a long day! Maybe these would help. They sat with the Princess' supplies for a while. She started shaking her head last week. The shakes stopped after I cleaned her ears with these wipes. I was impressed. They also have a pleasant scent. It's not a straight eucalyptus scent, but it is a good smell. There is a scent that is not on the label, but I would be happy to know what it is. It's a pleasant scent. ibbles wanted to lick the pads Silly dog... She likes nice smells and not-so-nice ones, as noted in my review of NaturVet Coprophagia Stool Eating Deterrent. I use these wipes for the purpose of cleaning and prevention of infections. She hasn't had another episode of head shaking since I had them about a month ago. I'm a fan. These little wipes help prevent yeast infections in Pibbles' ears. I have been cleaning her ears with these and she doesn't get the infections that she used to! Excellent product. I don't work for the company and I don't get any bennies for saying so. They are a great product.

3. Chlorhexidine Ketoconazole Antiseptic Antifungal Antibacterial

Chlorhexidine Ketoconazole Antiseptic Antifungal Antibacterial

Veterinarian Formulated and Recommended: Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole. Skin Infections, Conditions, Hot Spots, and Acne can be quickly treated. Convenient spray is hard to reach areas to stop the most common causes of skin infections. Itching and Discomfort can be stopped with the help of clean cuts, bites and abrasives. Every piece of dog food is made in the USA and tested to make sure your dog stays safe and happy.

Brand: Vetwell

👤Our pitbull was getting a lot of skin eruptions. She started biting herself. She chewed at the foot pad that was torn off and left punctures in her foot while we were at work. If you touched the sores, hair would squirt out of them. It was horrible and very sick. She was allergic to chicken and grain after food trials. I changed her diet and washed her down with a product called Ketohex. She used to get these often and this product would heal her up quickly. I used multiple products to clean her cuts, and also to treat her rash on her feet. You still need to treat with other products and change your food diet even though the zymox cream removes inflammation over night. For her ears, she uses zymox oil and ear cleanser twice a month. Feet, ears, coat and stomach are also cleaned out with Qtips. She took a long time to heal her feet. She doesn't get a rash anymore. We make sure that she doesn't lick herself constantly because that causes irritation to her skin. She seems to be happier.

👤Our dog was saved by this. A beagle mix could not stop scratching. He scratched so badly that he sounded like he was losing his mind. The vet suggested everything as the cause and the cure but nothing worked. I wondered if we were cruel for not considering how badly my dog was hurt when I saw him sit and scratch one evening. I decided to try another spray since he's pretty healthy and happy, and I couldn't bear the thought of him being sick. I noticed a review that said a dog was suffering the way we did and thought it was worth a try. This spray saved our dog. He seems less agitated and his ears perk up. He doesn't lick his paws as much. His ears are looking better. He doesn't make those sad frustrated whines when he'd scratch but the itch wouldn't stop. --- Purchase this for your dog. This wasn't paid for or requested for review, but our honest and personal experience. I wish you and your family member the same success. It's woof!

👤The vet couldn't clear Lucky's allergies. It healed in two days. This product is very good.

👤Lucy is an Old English dog. She was 8 weeks old when we got her. She has a small vagina. She is prone to chronic urinary tract infections. She may need a vulvoplasty if she starts getting infections like the ones we were told by our vet that she will probably get. We thought we'd try this product because we'd rather not have to have surgery. We use baby wipes to clean her twice a day. There are two sprays on each wipe. Lucy doesn't seem to mind how long it takes. Lucy is eight months old. Cleaning with Ketowell has been a 100% success in keeping her free from infections. Our vet is impressed that she hasn't had an illness. Lucy doesn't need a surgery due to Ketowell. This product is very good.

4. Arava Dead Sea Pet Spa

Arava Dead Sea Pet Spa

A set of 300 cat and dog ear wipes is a great way to keep your dog's ear clean and prevent it from getting irritated from insect bites. 3.5”X5” The measurement is 9X12 cm. All natural puppy wipes are made with skin-safe ingredients such as Chamomile, Mallow, Liquorice, Burdock, Vitamins E, D, and B5 and are coated in a healthy formula for dogs, cats and pets of all breeds. The skin and coat of your puppy, kitten, or horse can be touched with your ear wipes, which are free ofalleges. A spa-like experience is what your pet will get. Their puppy wipes are designed for small ears, so they won't cause a problem. They back their pet cat dog wipes with a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee to help you buy with confidence. Your satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Arava - Dead Sea Pet Spa

5. MISTER BENS Original Care Wipes

MISTER BENS Original Care Wipes

The best way to stop itching, scratching and head shaking is with a few treatments. Almost immediate relief from infections, inflammation, swelling, redness, and irritations will be noticed. One of the most effective treatments for dog ear infections is this one. The Tonic,Wash and Wipes are available separately on Amazon. The unique dog ear care kit and cleanser has six active ingredients to treat and protect ears against the root causes of most infections. Works for all dog breeds. One of the best treatments for itching and odor. 100% cold pressed organic alem helps soothe irritated ears and is also a natural and effective cleaning and healing agents. Don't use anything but the most effective dog ear cleaner and treatment. No more earaches. Don't use when your dog is having issues. For long term use, their formulas are safe. Keep your dog's ears healthy and pain free for the rest of his life. Every Mister Ben's Pet Product you purchase, you will get a free eBook on Dog Ear Health and a donation to Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Brand: Mister Ben's

👤We have been dealing with yeast on our golden retriever since March 2020. He got neutered in May and had a procedure to clean out his ears as well, we were in and out of the vet. We thought allergies change his food. Due to covid and other reasons, the nearest allergy vet doctor is 3 hours away. Mister Bens popped up when I was researching other things. Told. I need to try it with my husband. I am very pale. Look at the difference after only 2 days. I wish I would have found this months ago. He has not scratched. He didn't fuss or cry when his ears hurt. I can not wait to continue this. Y'all are seriously. It is worth the purchase. I was curious and skeptic at the same time. This product doesn't compare to anything I have bought before. The vets stuff doesn't work. To the creators, you are a genius! I will be buying more when I run out. There are my before and after pictures in just a day. I will put an update in a couple weeks.

👤Our Newfoundland has had yeast infections in his ears. We used a vet prescribed ear wash that didn't work. We used every variety of Zymox but didn't take care of the problem. We saw a huge improvement after trying Mr Bens. The wipes, tonic and ear wash are used by us. It has only been a few days, but there is an improvement. His ears are no longer red and his discharge is minute. He doesn't resist his treatment and his ears look better than they have in years. After each dose, he gets a treat. We are so happy that he is all around happy. Thank you.

👤This product is not Refundable. I couldn't return. A boxer had an allergic reaction to this stuff. I tried it for 3 days and his ears became red and inflammation and he was scratching his ears because of the pain on the outside of his ears. I felt bad for him. While I waited for the Zymox Otic to arrive, I only used the ear wipes to clean his ears. His ears were red and irritated. I stopped completely. His ears cleared up in a few days with the help of the drug zymox. If you notice redness in your ears, please stop using this product.

👤I have been using expensive vet products, over-the-counter expensive things that tell me to buy, and my dog has an allergy to the medicine that stops her from being allergic to things. I've tried thousands of dollars in vet approved items. I spent thousands of dollars on her skin irritation and ear yeast. They don't know why she was tested for everything under the sun. The next day my dog's ears were not bad. I was skeptical of this product because I only have to flush her ears once every three days instead of three times a day. She's not rubbing her entire body on the floor because her ears are on fire, she's only using it once every three days, and it's not going to affect her. Thank you.

6. SynergyLabs Ear Therapy Fl Oz

SynergyLabs Ear Therapy Fl Oz

The veterinary formula clinical care ear therapy is medically formulated to help relieve infections in dogs and cats. Dog and cat ear drops can be used to clean and deodorize the ear canal. Daily care maintenance for a healthy pet includes ear infections. This bottle of pet ear drops is alcohol-free and gentle enough for frequent use, it has a mild scent and is completely painless for your pets, and you can clean and dry their delicate ears as frequently as needed. For dogs and cats, Clinical Care Ear Therapy can be used to prevent ear infections and for daily care to keep your pet healthy. They know dogs and cats are more than just pets because they are pet parents too, so they created a premium medicated product that is affordable and effective.

Brand: Veterinary Formula

👤My cocker spaniel has been dealing with chronic ear infections her whole life. She has used a lot of antibiotics under the sun. Thousands of dollars have been spent on allergy testing. Yes, you read that correctly. I said it could be allergy related. She should live in a bubble because she is allergic to every animal. She was on a strict vegetarian diet and it didn't help her ears. At the beginning, apoquel helped, but now it doesn't anymore. The doctors have given up and recommend a total ear removal. For those who don't know what ear canal removal is, it's total ear canal removal. Look at the pictures I posted. The photo was when it was starting to get bad. It smelled like something was in her ear. She was itching it so much that it was swollen. I just took the second picture. There was a total difference. She doesn't itch as much and it doesn't smell anymore. What did I do differently? This could change your dog's life. 1. We sleep with a fan. My dog has floppy ears and the lack of air ruined her life. It has helped to dry out her ears since we got major air flow into our room. She says the top thing that has changed her life is. If you can't sleep with a big fan, get a small one. I swear, it works. 2. I clean her ears every week. The doctors told me to clean her ears twice a day, but I noticed it made things worse. I use this product and I can tell you the difference it has made. The fan dries out her ears. I think it's a yeast issue because it smelled like Cheetos, but this cleaner cleans it all up. Her ears have not looked good in a long time. I use a q-tip to clean her ears. Squish. You clean the gunk that comes out. It has worked well. This stuff is very gentle on her ears and it's coming from a dog. 3. I shave the inside of her ears to keep the area clean and I don't get her head wet when I bath her using room temp water. I don't wet her head because it causes a humid environment and keeping her ears hair free helps keep it dry. Buy this. It has made a difference in her ears.

👤I have a dog and she was shaking a lot. I have a little experience and have many dogs. I noticed what she was doing and ordered this. What was bothering her was gone in three days. She loved when I'd massage her lower ear cable so that it could reach all the way in. I'm going to use it to keep her ears clear.

👤I recommend this product, but be careful if your pet has bad ears. My cats got ear mites from a stray. I've lived all around the country and have always owned cats. California ear mites are the worst in the US, and none of my cats have had them. My cats have very sensitive skin because they are all Siamese blends. The standard treatment for ear mites is toxic to cats, so finding a safe product is difficult. I've learned to use mineral oil or olive oil instead of taking cats to the vet for ear mites. I switched to olive oil for my cats' sensitive ears because they didn't like mineral oil. The problem was so bad that it had spread quickly. When I used oil, I saw a great improvement, but it didn't get rid of the last bit of yuck. I decided to try it. Two days ago it arrived. I decided to do a patch test because of their sensitive skin. I only used a q-tip to treat one of their ears, so as not to cause irritation if they had an issue. I got too much in his ear, but he was the only one that acted like it bothered him. His ear was so raw that the product caused a swelling. One cat had some inflammation. I felt like I was abusing a cat. The oil missed some ear mite and the product killed what was left, but there was more of them the next day. Better out than in! I used a dry Q-Tip to make sure no moistness remained after I cleaned their ears. Duffer came in to wait his turn when I set up the stuff for him. He looked better, and a bunch of coffee grounds came out, but after his ears were cleaned, he felt more comfortable. I use a head lamp to make sure I don't go further than the outer ear. If you shove a Q-Tip any farther into their ears, it could puncture their eardrum. I've had medical training and seven years of working at animal shelters, so I know what I'm doing. If the cat starts to shake its head, jerk the swab out quickly. Tizzy has no sign of ear mites this morning. The inflammation is almost completely gone, just a small area of redness. She let me scratch her ears for the first time in a month. I did not use it as directed, by filling the entire ear with the product. I took a picture of Tizzy's ear so you can see how much has changed. For the first time in months, I was able to scratch her behind the ears without her head shaking or flinching. It will probably be all better tomorrow, because the puffiness is almost gone. Since my sis let them out before I got up, I haven't gotten a change to check the other two yet, but if there's no improvement or worsening of their condition, I'll add those details to the review. Assume it all went well. If your pet has a bad infection or has sensitive ears, start slow. I would only do one ear at a time, and try to build up their tolerance. It will cause inflammation if their ears are badly irritated. I'm going to try it again in a few days to see if they do better after their ears heal, because it looks like it's doing the job. Nothing else I've tried has worked as well as it has. I don't think it's a bad thing that it's getting rid of California's Super Villain, because it's working when nothing else works. The product caused a lot of pain for some of the reviewers. My guess is that the animal's ears were so irritated that it was painful. If your pet has a bad infection, go slow with this product. Chemo can save your life, even though it sucks. This stuff seems to be saving my cats from a long-term problem. Don't let the claims of horrible pain put you off. If you see any redness in the ear, just use it lightly and allow it to heal. My sister's cat has ear mites, so she's trying it next. I'll add her response after we see how it goes. If you're dealing with ear troubles in your pet, you deserve a little bit of "Awwww" because she's cute and you deserve a photo of her.

7. EXPAWLORER Dog Ear Wipes Cleaning

EXPAWLORER Dog Ear Wipes Cleaning

Dog Ear wipes are designed to clean and dry your pet's ears. Ear wipes for dogs and cats. If your pet is puppy or adult, you can use pet wipes to reduce earwax and prevent stains. Soft dog wipes make it easy to clean the area around your dog's ears. Measure capacity, overflow solutions, cheap pads, and unhappy puppies. It's more convenient to use disposable cat wipes than it is to use a dog ear cleaner solution, because they're 2.15 inches around and you can take it with you when you go to the beach or walk with your pet. Natural Material: The pet wipes made with natural and safe ingredients, eliminate the odor and leave a pleasant smell while reducing the discomfort caused by shaking the head, scratching, claws and yeast and other bacterial infections.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤My dog's ear became irritated quickly and it was the same as many others. There is a green swelling and ear bleeding. What a mess. This product is not good for animals. Even if it works for some. The distributor can't decipher which dogs can use and which can't. The product should not be sold. This is not the way people should find out if it works. Is it a month long ear and ear infections? Sorry, no.

👤The pads are thin, but they work well for both cats and dogs. Before doing cats ears, it is advisable to squeeze some of the liquid out. They will not like it if a drop of water enters their ear. The animals love the feeling of their ears being cleaned when the cloth is just damp.

👤The ear wipes were easy to use and fast to clean out the ears of a 2 months old frenchie. When time is needed, you will definitely order more from this product. I waited until he was asleep to distract my puppy. He doesn't seem phased by something in his ear when he uses the wipes, because I rub his ears when he falls asleep. It's simple to use, easy to clean, and fast when he's sleeping.

👤Try it out and see how happy your pup is. It's satisfying to see how much comes off when you use one. It's safe for cats as well.

👤Cats will still run if they don't have their ears cleaned. It's easy to get a good wipe with these. It leaves no smell and looks healthy.

👤The ear wipes were completely dry when I opened them. I don't know if they were bad or not, but they were not usable.

👤It is difficult to hold onto and use effectively on a squirming pup.

👤These wipes are okay. I have to use them a lot with my dog. These are not the ones I need.

8. Curaseb Chlorhexidine Wipes Antiseptic Antibacterial

Curaseb Chlorhexidine Wipes Antiseptic Antibacterial

It helps relieve skin infections, hot spots, paw licking, and allergies in dogs, cats, and horses. No Sting Alcohol-Free Formula Relieves Itching and Hot Spots and Soothes and Illustrates Redness and Dry Skin. It's perfect between baths and easier washing. Wrinkles, face folds, and arms are deodorized and cleansed. The veterinary strength formula is for animals. Quality and safety are assured in the small batches made in the USA.

Brand: Bexley Labs

👤My dog Norman gets hot spots and weird allergy sores from time to time, but in the last 2 weeks he's gotten a sore on his face, which is in his folds. It's caused by fluid from his eyes. I've tried all the usual remedies, but nothing worked and it was getting worse. After just the second wipe, I noticed a significant difference. The smell is similar to Ketoconazole and the price is fair. Thank you for the product!

👤These work are amazing. My dog was not sleeping. His licking and snorting woke me up at night. His rear legs began to lose hair. He was not comfortable. He had hot spots and his skin turned black. Allergy pills were not helping. I'm shocked and amazed that he has stopped almost completely after only a few uses. The wipes are small and wet, so they should be covered. My dog is 100 pounds and just 1-2 do the job of covering his big belly, groin, and inside of his rear legs. If your dog is small, cutting them in half is a good idea, but into quarters seems too small to use effectively. The smell is clean and great. My boyfriend likes the smell all the time. The smell doesn't linger after you wash your hands. They don't bother the dog. I can get up in his business and wipe him clean because he's unbothered. I would keep an eye out for it because my dog doesn't try to lick it off. Playing a game, doing trick training, or giving him a kong will distract him for 10 minutes. I would recommend this to anyone with a loud licking dog. It worked well for my dog, and was a good price point.

👤My fur baby has been saved by the Curaseb ear wipes. I read many positive reviews on your products after dealing with my Maltipoo's yeast infections for over a year. I took medical advice on giving Maltipoo antibiotics, Apoquel and an expensive injection after he had a horrible yeast problem, and the yeast came back with a vengeance. I decided to try and treat him myself. I immediately ordered the Curaseb products after I saw that they had over 500 positive reviews on Amazon. His skin is almost clear and he just ordered an ear wash and hope it works. I find it unfortunate that veterinarians don't recommend your products.

👤My dog has paws that are prone to infections. We have a big problem with yeast. I have been using these wipes for a while. I am happy with them. They help heal the paws, but they are not great protectors. I use them with the pet supply company. This paw balm is good for paw protection and also for dry paw pads. If you want to use both products at the same time, you can find the link to Paw Shield at the bottom of the page.

👤These words are amazing. My min pin has been scratching its paws for eight years. The vet could never find anything wrong with him. A friend on Facebook suggested that he might have a disease. We decided to give it a try. If they didn't work, it wouldn't be a loss. He stopped chewing on his paws after using the word twice a day. He had a hot spot on his tummy. After two days, it was healed completely. Todd's attitude has changed since he isn't chewing anymore. He can sleep all night. 50 wipes is a great deal. I will use them as needed.

9. Petkin Jumbo Wipes Cats Dogs

Petkin Jumbo Wipes Cats Dogs

Petkins Pet Ear wipes for dogs and cats are a quick and convenient way to clean and deodorize a pet's ears. The formula gently removes dirt, wax, and discharge from the ears. There is a pack of 80 wipes. Keeping your pet's ears clean and healthy is possible with the use of Petkins Pet Wipes, which are gentle enough to use everyday around your pet's ear. Natural, non-toxic pet ear cleaner can be used as puppy ear wipes. The ear cleaning wipes are made with witch hazel, aloe Vera gel, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, and botanical extracts. Add these dog ear wipes to your grooming kit. Keep those ears squeaky clean! Petkin ear wipes will gently remove dirt and debris from your pet's sensitive areas, making them feel clean and happy. It is lightly scented. It is easy to use Ear Wipes for Pets, just open the lid, pull out a wipe, and clean dirty spots off your pet without water or rinsing. Thesealable snap-lid canister is ideal for home and pet travel.

Brand: Petkin

👤Most wipes are small. These are great for Newfoundland and the Great Pyrenees.

👤I know what I am getting so they do not disappoint. These wipes are perfect for cleaning big ears of Dobermans.

👤These are essential to our Newf's ear hygiene. I've tried better brands but they don't work anymore. Even on floppy, deep ears, it is easy to use. I wish they would make it easier.

👤They are difficult to get rid of and are a flimsy piece of mesh that doesn't work as well as a cloth wipe. I won't buy these again. It will be easy to adhere to since they are no longer available.

👤The wipes seem to be ok, almost the right size, wet, but not dripping, and don't smell bad. You need to use both hands to tear the wipes out of the container, it's terrible. It's better than useless wipes sold by other sellers.

👤The best product around. My yellow lab is scratching his ears and running when I grab them. He hates liquid ear solutions so he likes to have his ears cleaned. If you're careful, the wipes are big enough to fit in each ear.

👤I know these work well, but if I hadn't noticed they were from Ireland, I wouldn't have believed them. Woah! I don't travel as well as these wipes do.

👤Large breed dogs have an appropriate size. The smell is good and not too dry. It does the job but can irritate sensitive ears.

👤I have used these for a long time and they are good to use, but to start the middle of the roll is a pain and they tend to jam when pulled out.

👤It is difficult to separate the sheets when pulling out of a tub. End up with 1/3 at once.

👤Couldn't get the cap off to get to the wipes, couldn't find the middle, the pulled up wipe goes dry. useless

👤These are very gentle. Also good value. I use these 1-2 times a week to keep my dogs' ears free of grubbiness. I will buy another one when I get to the end of the tub.

👤These are strong and lightly scented. The only problem is the clumps of the perforations.

10. Advanced Medicated Antibacterial Antifungal Wipe

Advanced Medicated Antibacterial Antifungal Wipe

There are anti-biotic substances that can be used to treat common skin issues. The wipes treat and eliminate skin infections such as yeast, Fungus, Bacteria, Mange, Ringworm, and Pyoderma. Don't put more medical substance on your pet than is necessary. These pads are wet, small, and thin enough to fit in any crevices without being uncomfortable. There is a new packaging. Same formula. If you've given your kitten or puppy expensive prescription drugs with no relief, try these wipes. Send them the remaining pads and they will give you a full refund. Made in the USA, these wipes are produced in local and federal regulated facilities. They can guarantee the best treatment for common skin infections for your dog or cat. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They make this stuff up. Try the wipes and see if they work. They will let you keep your money and product if you still don't agree.

Brand: Smiling Paws Pets

👤Fantastic product. My pit bull is prone to infections on the skin and I recently found wipes. They take a few days of using to notice a big difference, but they completely took away the infection, which is much less expensive than a trip to the vet for an antibiotic! Thank you for the product! A blessing.

👤10 stars out of 5 My beloved basset hound,Penny, has been dealing with a number of health issues throughout her life. The vets said that she kept getting allergies because she rubs on everything and was so close to the ground. We gave her everything they recommended, from "Hot Spot" treatments to expensive pills, but it only made things better. I finally found a product that I could use and we are so happy that we did. My wife used 3-4 of the pads and within 3-4 days the rash was gone, not better, just GONE! We wiped her down once every week since then, and the rash has not come back.

👤I think they do what they are supposed to do. They have a bad smell. I like Thyme Out for Pets more. One can use cotton balls or makeup pads to apply it, but it is a liquid with no pads. I will not put my cat through these wipes again.

👤It's perfect for around eyes, cheeks and ears. There are places you can't spray.

👤This product is a lifesaver. My pups' skin was clear up within 3 weeks. There was a change within two to three days. She has a healthy pink skin and hair. I love this product. The smell is not offensive. Quickly, theabsorbs quickly. Would use again. Definitely recommend this product. Already have!

👤I used this on my dog and it worked for a while. The more I use it, the better it will be. Let's see what happens.

👤These wipes are small and smell like rotten fruit, so don't waste your time. The good wipes from your vet are garbage if you pay the extra money.

👤There is a possible ringworm on the cat.

11. Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes Aloe

Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes Aloe

Extra Large Wipes are larger than the regular ones and have more coverage per Pad. Even in the hard to reach places on your dog, cat or horse. 2% Chlorhexidine Medicated wipes work to help eliminate the major causes of skin problems like Infections, Growths, Acne, Cuts, Scrapes and Rashes. No Sting Medicated Wipes are used to treat skin conditions and wounds. Convenient wipes are great for travel, keeping an emergency kit and keeping your pet healthy. Quality and safety are assured in small batches in Federally regulated manufacturing facilities.

Brand: Pet Md

👤My cat did his own grooming after I gave him ringworm treatment. I was responsible for not being cautious enough. The bottle should be made very clear that the adverse reactions could cause serious problems. I'm afraid that this could hurt my cat. It should be clear when ordering that this should only be used by a vet. I thought it was an over the counter product that could be bought online. Very wrong. The company is at fault for not making clear the danger of the product.

👤If you're complaining about the wipes being dry, turn the container upside down for 24 hours and keep them upside down. I think it would be better if the container was designed to be stored this way. The container has a slightly rounded top, so it won't stand up on its own. You have to prop it up to keep it from falling down. If you store it this way, the wipes are moist and ready to use. I haven't used them long enough to tell you how effective they are. It's been a few days and they seem to be helping with his itching and scratching. Here's hoping.

👤I had to move the sheets around more to get the solution I was looking for on my cat's skin. It got further down on her neck. I washed her chin and neck after I saw her licking herself there. She lost her voice and now has cat laryngitis. It did not help her cat. I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow because of this. I don't want this product on my fur baby again.

👤I have bought the smaller wipes before and thought I would try the larger ones. The larger container smells like the smaller one, but the ingredients and percentages are the same. The smaller wipes feel wet and greasy, but these wipes are greasy and get on everything. My dog doesn't mind the wipes from the smaller container, but he hates the wipes from the larger container. It's very difficult to open and pull out wipes, and you have to find the first wipe to put everything back in. Very disappointed.

👤I have a dog that is allergic to a lot of things. He has an allergy to grass, dust, trees, etc. He would get chronic skin infections after we rescued him. Each time he comes inside, we use this wipes and they have helped so much. He still gets a skin infection occasionally, but not as often. They are a lifesaver.

👤If you want to let your pet lick this stuff, you have to read the fine print, where it says don't let your pet lick it until it dries. It is a problem for cats. I used it to clean my cat. There should be a giant warning on the front of the store. My cat is still messed up from this after a $500 vet bill. Neurological issues can be caused by it. My cat is not himself after he did not eat for three days.


What is the best product for dog ear wipes medicated?

Dog ear wipes medicated products from Jungle Pet. In this article about dog ear wipes medicated you can see why people choose the product. Pet Md and Vetwell are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog ear wipes medicated.

What are the best brands for dog ear wipes medicated?

Jungle Pet, Pet Md and Vetwell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog ear wipes medicated. Find the detail in this article. Arava - Dead Sea Pet Spa, Mister Ben's and Veterinary Formula are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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