Best Dog Ear Wipes for Yeast

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1. Cleaner Bulldog English Wrinkles Anti Itch

Cleaner Bulldog English Wrinkles Anti Itch

It's easy to use wipes. Their dog ear wipes are great for keeping your dog's ears clean. They're made with 100% cotton wipes that are soaked in their formula which contains Aloe Vera to help soothe and protect your dog's skin. Their wipes have a diameter of 2 12 inches. They are ideal for small to medium dog breeds. For a healthy nose, use nose rub. Their bundle also includes their nose rub. Their Nose Rub is made with natural oils and butters such as coconut oil to cocoa butter and vitamins E and K to help your dog's nose heal. It's perfect for dogs with sensitive skin because it's made with all-natural ingredients.

Brand: Barkos Pet Supplies

👤I rescued my girl from a long road and she's doing better now, but with her breed ear infections are a real problem. I will buy these again because they clean her ears and make them fill with water, and the free ones will definitely be buying and keeping them on hand for great value.

👤Frenchie's ears get gross. I was able to clean them quickly with wipes. My dog wanted to eat the nose rub. He liked the scent. Products were sealed. Customer service is -5 There was no negative feedback about the products.

👤I let Alba Girl stay still for five minutes and clean her ear. She loved it. Thank you Barkos Pet Supplies!

👤This was the first time I used this product. She had a very dry nose and her ears were hard to clean, but with the 2 amazing products she has a clean nose and her ears smell great.

👤The nose stick helps my dogs keep their noses from getting dry in FL. My dogs didn't mind the ear wipes at all. I have used cotton balls to clean my dogs' dirty ears but these wipes do a better job of soothing them so they don't mind it.

👤This company and product is very good. I received these dog ear wipes very quickly and they were neatly packaged. I used them on my male dog, who is not very fond of being groomed. The pads were moist. I was able to clean his ears effectively without my dog running away or covering his ears with his paws. I will purchase these again.

👤She has really sensitive skin, but it didn't bother her at all, and it was very gentle. I rubbed a bit on her nose after trying the nose rub on my Yorkie Pomeranian mix and it worked well, her nose tends to get a bit dry in the cold, but it's much more moist now. These products should be recommended.

👤My dog has a bad snow nose. I have never been able to find a product that could help him, but this cleared his nose up in a few days. The ear wipes are great, we go off-roading a lot, and our dog's ears always get dirt in them. It is nice to have something that is safe to clean up his ears.

2. MISTER BENS Original Care Wipes

MISTER BENS Original Care Wipes

The best way to stop itching, scratching and head shaking is with a few treatments. Almost immediate relief from infections, inflammation, swelling, redness, and irritations will be noticed. One of the most effective treatments for dog ear infections is this one. The Tonic,Wash and Wipes are available separately on Amazon. The unique dog ear care kit and cleanser has six active ingredients to treat and protect ears against the root causes of most infections. Works for all dog breeds. One of the best treatments for itching and odor. 100% cold pressed organic alem helps soothe irritated ears and is also a natural and effective cleaning and healing agents. Don't use anything but the most effective dog ear cleaner and treatment. No more earaches. Don't use when your dog is having issues. For long term use, their formulas are safe. Keep your dog's ears healthy and pain free for the rest of his life. Every Mister Ben's Pet Product you purchase, you will get a free eBook on Dog Ear Health and a donation to Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Brand: Mister Ben's

👤We have been dealing with yeast on our golden retriever since March 2020. He got neutered in May and had a procedure to clean out his ears as well, we were in and out of the vet. We thought allergies change his food. Due to covid and other reasons, the nearest allergy vet doctor is 3 hours away. Mister Bens popped up when I was researching other things. Told. I need to try it with my husband. I am very pale. Look at the difference after only 2 days. I wish I would have found this months ago. He has not scratched. He didn't fuss or cry when his ears hurt. I can not wait to continue this. Y'all are seriously. It is worth the purchase. I was curious and skeptic at the same time. This product doesn't compare to anything I have bought before. The vets stuff doesn't work. To the creators, you are a genius! I will be buying more when I run out. There are my before and after pictures in just a day. I will put an update in a couple weeks.

👤Our Newfoundland has had yeast infections in his ears. We used a vet prescribed ear wash that didn't work. We used every variety of Zymox but didn't take care of the problem. We saw a huge improvement after trying Mr Bens. The wipes, tonic and ear wash are used by us. It has only been a few days, but there is an improvement. His ears are no longer red and his discharge is minute. He doesn't resist his treatment and his ears look better than they have in years. After each dose, he gets a treat. We are so happy that he is all around happy. Thank you.

👤This product is not Refundable. I couldn't return. A boxer had an allergic reaction to this stuff. I tried it for 3 days and his ears became red and inflammation and he was scratching his ears because of the pain on the outside of his ears. I felt bad for him. While I waited for the Zymox Otic to arrive, I only used the ear wipes to clean his ears. His ears were red and irritated. I stopped completely. His ears cleared up in a few days with the help of the drug zymox. If you notice redness in your ears, please stop using this product.

👤I have been using expensive vet products, over-the-counter expensive things that tell me to buy, and my dog has an allergy to the medicine that stops her from being allergic to things. I've tried thousands of dollars in vet approved items. I spent thousands of dollars on her skin irritation and ear yeast. They don't know why she was tested for everything under the sun. The next day my dog's ears were not bad. I was skeptical of this product because I only have to flush her ears once every three days instead of three times a day. She's not rubbing her entire body on the floor because her ears are on fire, she's only using it once every three days, and it's not going to affect her. Thank you.

3. Virbac 003108 Epi Otic Advanced Cleaner

Virbac 003108 Epi Otic Advanced Cleaner

The solution is non-irritating. It's a good idea to use it during the routine cleansing of sensitive ears. Removes wax and debris from the ear canal. It is recommended for pets with chronic otitis externa. It shouldn't interfere with other ear preparations because it has a low pH.

Brand: Virbac

👤Don't buy. I am pretty disappointed in this product. I am a vet and I recommend this product to my clients, but I am not sure if this is a good product or not. My Golden's ears blew up after we used it. He has allergies which make his ears gunky so we clean them regularly. They are never dirty. After using this product, they are red and itchy. I have had to give him some drugs to fight the itch and keep him calm because he is shaking his head constantly.

👤Before using this, make sure to consult a vet. I learned from a vet that the dog needs to be sitting and someone else needs to hold its head still, because when you put this in the ear, the dog will shake its head. Make sure to flood the ear canal with this ear wash, massage the lower ear canal to loosen up any wax and debris that's in the ear, tilt the head to drain the ear, and repeat one more time to get the loose stuff out. Unless the dogs middle ear wall is torn, fill the canal. It's not dangerous for the ear to use this stuff.

👤It was easy to use and work well for cleaning my Golden's ears. I got an antibiotic solution from the vet because he had an illness. He had black gunk in his ears a few weeks after we stopped using antibiotics. I did research on how to treat at home after I refused to go to the vet. The solution was recommended by ear wipes. He isn't shaking his ears anymore. He had a checkup at the vet and they said his ears were great. Absolutely recommend.

👤I have two dogs, one who is lucky to not have any ear issues but still needs occasional cleanings, and the other who has suffered from constant ear infections her whole life. I use this on both, but it's used the most on the other. The cleaner works very well. I use this a lot when my dog gets ear infections, where I have to clean the ear and then put ear drops in to treat it. She doesn't like getting her ears cleaned and definitely fights it, but I don't think that's the fault of the cleaner as she has reacted the same to Zymox in the past. The only thing I dislike about this cleaner is that it has alcohol in it, as my dog scratches her ears and often creates wounds by the time we are able to get ear drops, so the alcohol obviously burns and hurts. To get the debris out of the ear, it's important to flood the ear canal and massage the base of the ear. When you're done, wipe the ear flap with a towel to remove any debris that came out during the cleaning. When you're done cleaning, stand back and let your dog shake so they can take off and shake.

👤A trip to the vet is required for a cat with recurring ear infections. My cat has been away from the vet for several years because of this weekly use. I used it on my dogs as well. I keep a weekly reminder on my computer calendar. Highly recommend this.

4. Nutri Vet Cleaning Medicated Pads Count

Nutri Vet Cleaning Medicated Pads Count

It is easy to remove dirt. Removes wax build up from ears. Well suited for dogs with floppy ears.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤This is a great product. It is easy to use and doesn't cause any irritation. I use these to clean my cat's ears, my Newfoundland's ears, and my Boxer's ears. My Boxer is very sensitive to smells and any substance that we try to use on him. He sees us coming and will try to get away. These wipes are very gentle on the skin. He doesn't like to have his ears cleaned, but he doesn't wipe his face off on the furniture or floors after. The product has kept my pet's ears clean. I highly recommend!

👤There are some good and some bad reviews in my family. Some say the dog smells horrible when I apply the pads to her ear. It's like a cucumber smell and it's fine. The smell doesn't linger anymore. The jury has been out on this one. I think it helps clean the ear canal. It's not meant to stick into the ear so don't expect these pads to solve all of your dog's ear problems. Let's just say it's a maintenance product. Can't hurt? Good price. The cut in the pads make them look like someone took a bite out of them. Give me a full pad. This was cutting corners. They are worth a try.

👤This stuff works. Most of the ear cleaning wipes I have purchased irritated my dogs ears. I gave up on most of them and just did the best I could with the cotton balls and solution from the vet. It's expensive to say the least. When I saw this product, I gave it another try. I am happy to say that my dog's ears are not red with irritation and he doesn't shake his head for hours after cleaning. They are small compared to other wipes, but they work and work well, so that's all that matters. He's happy to have me clean his ears. I have a dog who loves the water and is in it every weekend. I usually dry out his ears with a small towel and let them air out a bit. I'll use the wipes the next morning to get the wax out. I had to wipe his ears because he used to slink up slowly with his head down. The old wipes made him feel uncomfortable while I was cleaning. He isn't so hesitant to finish this task. I believe whatever solution they are in is working and not causing more irritations since he hasn't made any noise since using these wipes. I'll be getting more when the four tubs are gone. They are about 2 inches in diameter and work better than cotton balls. I haven't gotten one stuck in the poor dogs ear like the cotton balls do. I hope that Amazon continues to carry this product for a long time. Thank you for the product that works on my dog's ears.

👤I bought the ear cleaning pads to make it more comfortable for my dog. He is prone to ear infections due to excessive drainage and it is difficult to clean his ears because he is a large dog. I like to fight a mammal. I used them for the first time on him and was so impressed with the results that I decided to use them again. He was trying to be difficult at first, but he let me clean those big floppy ears without much hassle. Couldn't believe how well they worked. It was a little gross at first, but he's not shaking his head around like he has before. The smell isn't bad but it is a little stronger than I would prefer.

5. Curaseb Cat Infection Treatment Wipes

Curaseb Cat Infection Treatment Wipes

Ear Flaps and Crevices of Foreign Visitors are treated and cleaned. It leaves behind a pleasant cucumber melon scent. The best way to treat Ear Infections is with a Ear Flush. No Sting veterinary strength formula. Quality and safety are assured in the small batches made in the USA.

Brand: Curaseb

👤My morkie has infections in one of her ears. She scratches her ear when she has a flare up. The smell was terrible. I would have to give her a bath to get it all cleaned out. I think it will help between baths. The first time I used it, her ear was bad and smelled bad. I did it before I went to bed, and I couldn't believe the scent was gone without a bath. She stops scratching when they soothe her ear. I use them frequently and they are so good. She has a chronic issue that won't go away, but this has made her happier and I don't have to give her baths when she doesn't need them. I wouldn't be surprised if it cut the flare ups down significantly over time.

👤The top was not sealed and the liquid spilled into the bag. I would like a closed seal on this product for my pet's safety. If I can get a replacement for what I bought, I would give a better review. I've always been told not to use open products. If all the liquid came out, the pads wouldn't dry up.

👤We use a drying ear solution a couple times a week to help clear out ears, then we use ear wipes in between. If your dog has dirty, moist, troubled ears, please use a combo of products. A pot of ear wipes is large and damp. Really does a nice job of grabbing gunk. I use these to clean my lab's dirty ears. He looks at a tissue box when his ears itch. We use wet ear cleaning pads since dry tissues aren't always enough. We use an ear cleaner to help dry out the ears. We have been using it from our vet. After a course of prescription ear drops, we keep our boy's ears clean with a drying flush and regular cleaning. Keeping up with the cleaning and flush makes a difference. The best when used with these wipes.

👤I have used a similar product on many dogs. I rescue and foster dogs so I purchase different items frequently and up until now I have never had an issue with this product. The wipes were larger than I had expected. I am disappointed that something in the antiseptic wipes caused my dog to have an allergic reaction and cause his ears to become red. I used wipes on all six dogs and only saw two dogs with severe reactions. One dog pawed at his ears until I washed off the antiseptic solution with a damp cloth. Three dogs were unbothered. The other two dogs had redness, irritation, inflammation, and stinging inside their ears. * I clean my dogs ears frequently. Two cocker spaniels get ear infections if not cleaned. I also have a lab mix, a spaniel mix, a yorkie mix, and a dog mix. The cocker spaniels had reactions to the itchy ears of the yorkie. Be cautious, read the ingredients, and watch your pet closely after using this product.

6. Dechra MiconaHex Triz Wipes Horses

Dechra MiconaHex Triz Wipes Horses

Treatments for cats, dogs and horses. There is a wipe format. Contained in this container are ingredients to aid in repairing and restoring dry, damaged skin. 50 wipes are included.

Brand: Dechra

👤This formula is not the original one. The dog is burned by this formula. Why would you put perfume on something that is supposed to treat wounds and skin problems? It smells terrible. I'm so upset that it hurt the dog. The formula was good. It did not smell like this and it never hurt the animals. Please stop putting perfume in things. Common sense would go a long way here.

👤I don't know who thought putting perfume into a product that deals with skin contact allergies was a good idea. I am sneezing because of the strong perfume smell that I am getting from this perfume. Their product is odorless. Nothing offensive. My dog doesn't have to get shots or take pills for her allergy because it works so well. She is protected by the shampoo alone. I thought about something else. This is a wipe. It's smelly liquid isn't washed off like the shampoo is. It is meant to remain there. I don't want to leave a product on my dog. Stay away. The reviewer said it burned her dog. I put it on my dog for the first time and am going to wipe her belly with water to take it off. It used to have no smell. Why put perfume in it?

👤The dog we adopted from the local shelter had major skin issues. We used the skin wipes as part of her home treatment. She used them on her paws, underarms and other areas. They were much better the next morning. This was part of a treatment that included medical baths and vet visits. We use these when she starts licking again because she is doing well now. It's better to wash your hands after using two at a time for a big dog. The scent is overwhelming.

👤Two dogs, a brother and sister. The boy has skin problems. He gets red patches on his body. Apoquile and baths were prescribed by the vet. We bathe them once a week, but these are life saving.

👤My dog is allergic to almost everything. A vicious cycle begins when he takes meds daily but still has flare ups. These wipes give him instant relief when he starts getting red. He hates anything that "smells good" except for these, and he's a nervy little dachshund. It's the only time he's willing to stay for me. I think the smell makes his skin feel better and he allows me to wipe him down.

👤I am a little concerned about why this has a perfume scent. The spray has the same ingredients and product, but no scent. It is alarming that these wipes have a smell to them because they are going on skin that is inflammatory. The spray is clear and the pads and liquid are orange.

👤I was hoping that these would help our dog, as all the vet visits and medications have not. It seems to have made his paws bigger. They are the size of an oven. We had to use one pad per paw. Maybe his condition is too advanced for this to help.

7. Zymox Otic Ear Solution Hydrocortisone

Zymox Otic Ear Solution Hydrocortisone

Ear care for pets of all ages is important. The formula is gentle and does not cause irritation. The solution provides a safe, natural alternative to oral medication. It's not necessary to pre- clean painful ears - fill the ear canal and let the solution work. Clear ear secretions and promote healthy ears can be achieved with the patentedLP3 Enzyme System.

Brand: Zymox

👤I didn't think twice about the safety or toxicity of this product because of the positive reviews. My dog had black hair in her ears. She was functioning well and sleeping a lot. After using these drops for a few days, she got very sick and died suddenly after only 4 days of using these drops. I feel terrible for giving her eardrops because I didn't know they would hurt her. I'm happy that she's in heaven and not suffering anymore. Do not give these drops to older dogs or sensitive dogs. I would not recommend them for any dog, if you see any side effects even small, please use natural gentle treatments on your pets that will not cause harm or death, and stop immediately, and seek treatment if you see any side effects even small. I can't change what has happened to my dog, but I can at least save someone else the grief and agony of losing their dog from these eardrops.

👤I was hoping this was what everyone said it was. This drop has changed our lives. My 1 year old has had ear infections for at least 7 months. Just like everyone else, there are multiple different treatments. There was no relief. It appears to go away, but comes back quickly and bad. She scratched it until it was dirty. I was very excited to receive these drops. I started treating her after they arrived. She has made a lot of improvements. She wouldn't let me look at her ear. Her ear was swollen and bloody, now it looks like the other one. She is happy now. Will use this product to keep my baby happy and healthy.

👤We bought this ear cleaner because of the great reviews. The last time we went to the vet for our golden retriever's ear infections, it cost us over $100 and we already knew she had an ear infection. I thought I would give it a try because it was under $25 and claimed to clear up ear infections. Our golden retrievers ear was completely healed up after 3 days, and it was absolutely amazing. She was no longer scratching at her ear and the smell went away. I bought the ear wipes to help clean her ears as well. I could tell that the ear wipes and ear cleaner were soothing because she had scratched her ear open from all the scratching. I recommend this product for dogs with floppy ears who are prone to ear infections. We will be buying this product more often to keep our dog's ears clean and healthy. If I could, I would give it 10 stars.

👤I have a stray cat. I took him to get his vaccines. The vet told me that he needs to go to the vet clinic for an ear drop prescription, that would be another little fortune. I read reviews and gave this a try. I saw a big difference after 3 days. I realized that he wasn't scratching his ears as much when the dark gulp dissolved. After a week there is almost nothing to see. The cat is also happy.

8. Advanced Medicated Antibacterial Antifungal Wipe

Advanced Medicated Antibacterial Antifungal Wipe

There are anti-biotic substances that can be used to treat common skin issues. The wipes treat and eliminate skin infections such as yeast, Fungus, Bacteria, Mange, Ringworm, and Pyoderma. Don't put more medical substance on your pet than is necessary. These pads are wet, small, and thin enough to fit in any crevices without being uncomfortable. There is a new packaging. Same formula. If you've given your kitten or puppy expensive prescription drugs with no relief, try these wipes. Send them the remaining pads and they will give you a full refund. Made in the USA, these wipes are produced in local and federal regulated facilities. They can guarantee the best treatment for common skin infections for your dog or cat. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They make this stuff up. Try the wipes and see if they work. They will let you keep your money and product if you still don't agree.

Brand: Smiling Paws Pets

👤Fantastic product. My pit bull is prone to infections on the skin and I recently found wipes. They take a few days of using to notice a big difference, but they completely took away the infection, which is much less expensive than a trip to the vet for an antibiotic! Thank you for the product! A blessing.

👤10 stars out of 5 My beloved basset hound,Penny, has been dealing with a number of health issues throughout her life. The vets said that she kept getting allergies because she rubs on everything and was so close to the ground. We gave her everything they recommended, from "Hot Spot" treatments to expensive pills, but it only made things better. I finally found a product that I could use and we are so happy that we did. My wife used 3-4 of the pads and within 3-4 days the rash was gone, not better, just GONE! We wiped her down once every week since then, and the rash has not come back.

👤I think they do what they are supposed to do. They have a bad smell. I like Thyme Out for Pets more. One can use cotton balls or makeup pads to apply it, but it is a liquid with no pads. I will not put my cat through these wipes again.

👤It's perfect for around eyes, cheeks and ears. There are places you can't spray.

👤This product is a lifesaver. My pups' skin was clear up within 3 weeks. There was a change within two to three days. She has a healthy pink skin and hair. I love this product. The smell is not offensive. Quickly, theabsorbs quickly. Would use again. Definitely recommend this product. Already have!

👤I used this on my dog and it worked for a while. The more I use it, the better it will be. Let's see what happens.

👤These wipes are small and smell like rotten fruit, so don't waste your time. The good wipes from your vet are garbage if you pay the extra money.

👤There is a possible ringworm on the cat.

9. TrueBlue Super Easy Wipes Count

TrueBlue Super Easy Wipes Count

It is necessary dog early care. The 50-count Jar of Super Easy Dog Ear Wipes is a must have for your dog. They use textured pads and an all-natural cleansing formula with Lemon & Marigold to help remove dirt and debris. Clean ears are good for you. All-natural botanical ingredients. They use Organic Lemon to clean and promote healthy blood vessels and Organic Marigold to soothe the delicate skin in your pet's ears. Lemon and Marigold Super Easy Dog Ear Wipes are essential for keeping your dog's ears clean, because they are developed by veterinarians and expert botanists. TrueBlue products combine the best of Nature and Science. The safest and most effective botanical ingredients were picked by the University Veterinarian Experts. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Trueblue

👤Okay... The trick is here. None of the eye wipes work. I have a mortgage. Who's eyes are terrible... I was told by my groomer to only give her distilled or filters water. It took about 3 months. Absolutely clean. She has no more eye drainage or dark marks under her eyes. She said it was because of the chemicals in the water. I have a jar of wipes that will never be used. It's a miracle, but it works. The results are amazing if you give it time.

👤December 30, I've never written a review about any of the hundreds of products I've bought on AMAZON, but I felt I needed to write about TrueBlue Safe and Secure Eye wipes. The container says "CAUTION: Not for use in the eye" If there is accidental eye contact, flush immediately. What? . My question to the company is, if I bought your product as a'safe and secure eye wipe' to be use to clean around the eye, how in the world do I avoid contact with the eyes? It is impossible to avoid contact with the eye because of the moist pads. I love my dogs and will return this immediately. Is that correct? SMH!

👤These work better than anything else I have tried. The price has increased since I ordered it last time. I cut them in half to use in my dog. It works well, but they tend to slip off my finger if I don't hold them tightly.

👤I got the wipes for my dog because he wouldn't open his mouth for a toothbrush. They are completely natural. They are a lot easier to get into his mouth when I use them. Our vet says that he has the teeth of a dog that is 3 years younger than him. I use them all the time. This product does not disappoint and I have been researching it for a long time. It is worth the money for pet owners to care about what they put into their furry family member.

👤I wanted to show the results of the review so I waited to write it. I have been too inconsistent to do that. My use of these wipes has been noteworthy. What is the bottom line? 1. They don't smell, but it's not my face that matters, it's hers and my English dog who has the smellers of a Bloodhound, so that's a win. 2. They don't sting or burn like others I've tried. She doesn't move her head away when I wipe her tear stains/folds... another win. 3. I capped that because I often order similar wipes from AMAZON that arrive dryer than a Sahara dessert, rendering them useless. The fact that these arewipe worthy is a huge win for me. I will update this review at that point, but only time will tell. Good luck!

👤I use these on my dogs. The dogs don't seem to hate them like they do with chemical ridden formulas. I can see a big difference in their gum and teeth health when they use them daily. My dog used to have swollen, red gums, but once I started using these regularly, his gum health improved immensely. These are recommended for pets that don't like brushing. It keeps plaque from building up.

10. Pet MD Cat Dog Cleaner

Pet MD Cat Dog Cleaner

This soothing pet ear cleaner helps cleanse, deodorize, and dry the ear canal to help stop itching and help prevent further ear issues. The pet ear cleaner is formulated by veterinarians to be safe for pets 12 weeks and older, so it gently cleans the ear. Cats and dogs can use a scented ear cleaner. The mild sugar cookie scent helps eliminate ear odor. Use daily or as needed to clean cat or dog ears. The cat and dog ear cleaner solution is a great way to clean out the ear canal after swimming. It's great for hunting or working pets. Pet MD has a blend of effective ingredients for your pet's ear cleaning needs.

Brand: Pet Md

👤It is a good ear cleaner. I wish I didn't wear it.

👤I probably spend 80% of my time petting her and giving her rubs. She really gets into them, digging her head into my hand and groaning with pleasure until my hand and her head are both on the floor and we return to square one and start over. She doesn't like me getting inside her ear, even though I know she would love having a clean ear canals. The squirt bottle makes it much easier to get salt water and peroxide in. A quick shake, a quicker squirt, even more quickly followed by a good hard ear rub before she could reflect on the startling sensation of foam in her ears too much, and I'm satisfied that her ears are on their way to being happier, hopefully also less itchy ears. The bottle says to apply liberally, but I think I applied a little too liberally, as it got all over her hair outside her ears, and had to be cleaned up. The scent of sugar cookie is so strong that it can linger on my hands even after a wash. It doesn't seem like it would appeal to a dog. I'm happy to have this addition to the pet meds cabinet and to know that my dog's ears are clean. The bottle should last a long time even with regular use because it only takes a small amount of liquid to make a lot of foam. My dog's ears still smell strongly of this stuff, which makes me sad as I absolutely love the smell of the inside of my dog's ears, but it's like the top of a baby's head. That is completely overshadowed by this artificial sweet smell. If you don't have a weird thing for your dog's natural ear smell, you might like it.

👤We want to try this on our Pit Bull because he is prone to yeast infections in his ears if we don't use the cleaner during times of need. The cleaner is just as easy to use as our other product, but it smells better. Our other stuff had a strong scent. I'm glad I didn't smell the other smell again, this smells like a light sugar cookie scent. If it doesn't keep him from getting an infection, I'll update. I would recommend it to anyone that would like to try it.

11. Dechra 100 Count MalAcetic Wipes

Dechra 100 Count MalAcetic Wipes

MalAcetic Wet Wipes can be used for hot spots. Assists in treating infections. For dogs and cats, use for skin conditions such as hot spots, chin cysts and stud tail. Relieves itching on your pet's skin.

Brand: Dechra

👤A 6 year old English bulldog has a tight pocket tale. I mean tight. He was having to go to the vet every 2 weeks since he had allergies when we were stationed in San Diego. He tried to sit and spin in a circle to scratch his bottom. He asked the vet what was going on after he scratched it and it was bleeding. They say he has an illness in his tail pocket. Ok, no big deal? Wrong. Steroids, antibiotics, and some type of cream were put on him. Nothing was working. He gained a lot of weight after being on all this medication for 3 years. He is going to die if he doesn't lose the weight. I did nothing to help. In October 2015, I drive from San Diego to Arkansas to visit my family. I bring my dog. We are sitting in a vets office a week into our visit. He broke the news to me that he was too heavy to take the medication and that he needed the cream to fight the infections in his tail. I started lowering his dose of the steroid very slowly because I didn't want him to have horrible side effects from it. No problem with the anitbiotics. I was told by the vet that once I get the under control of the infection, I'll get these wipes. I thought of baby wipes. It's horrible. I started researching on the removal of his tail after I got online and I was not liking what I was seeing or reading. I began to see what I could do to help. I was researching about the tail infections. I came across the same thing. MalAcetic wipes. I ordered some to see if it would help. This is now June 2016 and you were in October. I use these wipes to clean out his tail from time to time. Boric acid in the wipes helped dry it all out. He hasn't had any medication in over a year. I am happy with the product. I was able to clear up something that wouldn't touch my medications.

👤The results were good enough to leave a review. My 5 year old white/fawn frenchie has had tear stains on and off for years. They were pretty bad as of late. I had tried a few other brands prescribed by the vet, but after researching I decided to try these. I use the purple hair product for hot spots and was happy with the results. The smell is strong. His eyes have healed completely after he wiped his eye folds with wipes and then wiped the fold dry with a tissue. It's easy to wrap the wipe around your finger to keep it out of your pet's eye. I use this product for tear stains.

👤These wipes are meant to killbacteria and they include a broad-spectrum preservative that should have kept them from growing anything, yet somehow these wipes had black mold growing on the top of them sealed in the package. If I had used these wipes, they may have introduced illness to my pets, but I can't tell. I will be avoiding this product and the company from now on, I can tell you this is a fraudulent product. I encourage anyone who cares for their pet to do the same thing. Before buying a pet, please see the pictures.


What is the best product for dog ear wipes for yeast?

Dog ear wipes for yeast products from Barkos Pet Supplies. In this article about dog ear wipes for yeast you can see why people choose the product. Mister Ben's and Virbac are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog ear wipes for yeast.

What are the best brands for dog ear wipes for yeast?

Barkos Pet Supplies, Mister Ben's and Virbac are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog ear wipes for yeast. Find the detail in this article. Nutri-vet, Curaseb and Dechra are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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