Best Dog Ear Infection Treatment Wipes

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1. Nutri Vet Cleaning Medicated Pads Count

Nutri Vet Cleaning Medicated Pads Count

It is easy to remove dirt. Removes wax build up from ears. Well suited for dogs with floppy ears.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤This is a great product. It is easy to use and doesn't cause any irritation. I use these to clean my cat's ears, my Newfoundland's ears, and my Boxer's ears. My Boxer is very sensitive to smells and any substance that we try to use on him. He sees us coming and will try to get away. These wipes are very gentle on the skin. He doesn't like to have his ears cleaned, but he doesn't wipe his face off on the furniture or floors after. The product has kept my pet's ears clean. I highly recommend!

👤There are some good and some bad reviews in my family. Some say the dog smells horrible when I apply the pads to her ear. It's like a cucumber smell and it's fine. The smell doesn't linger anymore. The jury has been out on this one. I think it helps clean the ear canal. It's not meant to stick into the ear so don't expect these pads to solve all of your dog's ear problems. Let's just say it's a maintenance product. Can't hurt? Good price. The cut in the pads make them look like someone took a bite out of them. Give me a full pad. This was cutting corners. They are worth a try.

👤This stuff works. Most of the ear cleaning wipes I have purchased irritated my dogs ears. I gave up on most of them and just did the best I could with the cotton balls and solution from the vet. It's expensive to say the least. When I saw this product, I gave it another try. I am happy to say that my dog's ears are not red with irritation and he doesn't shake his head for hours after cleaning. They are small compared to other wipes, but they work and work well, so that's all that matters. He's happy to have me clean his ears. I have a dog who loves the water and is in it every weekend. I usually dry out his ears with a small towel and let them air out a bit. I'll use the wipes the next morning to get the wax out. I had to wipe his ears because he used to slink up slowly with his head down. The old wipes made him feel uncomfortable while I was cleaning. He isn't so hesitant to finish this task. I believe whatever solution they are in is working and not causing more irritations since he hasn't made any noise since using these wipes. I'll be getting more when the four tubs are gone. They are about 2 inches in diameter and work better than cotton balls. I haven't gotten one stuck in the poor dogs ear like the cotton balls do. I hope that Amazon continues to carry this product for a long time. Thank you for the product that works on my dog's ears.

👤I bought the ear cleaning pads to make it more comfortable for my dog. He is prone to ear infections due to excessive drainage and it is difficult to clean his ears because he is a large dog. I like to fight a mammal. I used them for the first time on him and was so impressed with the results that I decided to use them again. He was trying to be difficult at first, but he let me clean those big floppy ears without much hassle. Couldn't believe how well they worked. It was a little gross at first, but he's not shaking his head around like he has before. The smell isn't bad but it is a little stronger than I would prefer.

2. Natureland Dog Ear Wipes Controlling

Natureland Dog Ear Wipes Controlling

The cleaning pads are larger than the standard dog and cat ear cleaner wipes. It is easier to clean large ears with these wipes. 150 pads per container was added. Premium dog and cat ear wipes help you gently remove dirt and wax from your pet's ears before it becomes a problem. Natureland ear wipes for dogs and cats are made with natural aloe Vera and no alcohol which makes them more gentle on sensitive ears and helps keep skin and ear flaps better. Relieve itch, itchiness, and odors, their kitty and doggy ear wipes can be used after irritation sets in to help cleanse the ears and reduce smells, head shaking and scratching. These ear wipes for dogs and cats are safe, effective, and won't dry out or irritate sensitive skin, which is why Natureland cares so much about your pet. Pets are important for keeping them happy and healthy.

Brand: Natureland

👤They are not that big in the photo. They don't smell. I use them for my dog's ears.

3. Stuart Pet Supply Co Formulated Veterinary

Stuart Pet Supply Co Formulated Veterinary

Ear Infections, Inflammation, Redness, Itchiness and Head Shaking are treated with their dog ear wash. Anti-Fungal Anti-Yeast Anti-bacterial properties help to deodorize and flush your pets ears. No Sting veterinary formula is safe for dogs, puppies, and cats. The solution for dog Ear Cleaner. Made in the USA. There are small batches for quality and safety. 100% satisfaction guarantee If you are not satisfied with the product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Stuart Pet Supply Co.

👤This stuff works better than what I got from the vet because my dog had an ear mite return. He has been free of ear mite since I used this antiseptic.

👤Our boy Tank, 215- 220# is a mixed Mastiff that I have had issues with around his neck. Pressure marks and skin issues were more difficult to manage in the breeds our vet treated him in. He is 6 years old. He looked AWFUL when he wore a genuine leather collar in early 2018, but it didn't hurt. He was kind of oblivious to the fact that he looked bad. I believe that it is because of the folds of his skin. We put him back into his harness after taking it off of him. The healing was very slow. It is difficult to deal with a dog that is so large. We have been using your ear and skin cleaner on his neck since June and it works, unlike everything else we have used in the past. The photos are less than 2 months apart. As a specialist in canine genetics, I am very conscious of what I put in my dog's food, toys, treats, bedding, and detergents. A small American owned and operated company that sells products that work well and are priced well is finally here. Our working dog program is now recommended by Stuart Pet Supply. There is a When starting something new, owners should always consult a Veterinarian. I think this is a great product that works better than its competitors, as well as or better than prescription products. *

👤It was much cheaper than some other brands. I was happy to find something that worked. If you don't want to get treated, take precautions, because after you put this stuff in their eyes, they will shake it all over you. It's funny. Good stuff.

👤It worked well. Immediate relief was given.

👤I bought this for my two german shepherds, who are constantly in and out of the water. They mess with their ears after swimming so I know there is water in them. They always get the yeast smell when I clean it out. I have tried many ear cleaners and none have worked like this one. The yeast ears are kept GONE and cleaned as well. It is easy to squeeze in their ears because it is very easy to use. If you need some clean doggy ears, I recommend this product.

👤This works well. My dog is no longer flapping her ears because of it. The pain she was having is gone.

👤I used the product according to the directions I purchased. I used it in both of the ears. The other ear gave him problems as the infection got worse. My daughter told me that it smelled like hand sanitizer. I had to agree. Wonder if they used it for animal use. I am upset that this item is for sale. Don't buy.

👤My vet recommended the Ketoconazole for my chronic ear infections, I ordered this to use on my 2 dachshunds. The product was delivered on time and I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the bottle. The scent is pleasant. My dachshunds ears are free of infections and they have stopped shaking their heads. This ear cleaner is great and I will be a repeat customer. Thank you!

4. Antifungal Antibacterial Medicated Wipes Dogs

Antifungal Antibacterial Medicated Wipes Dogs

Anti-depressant: There are special wipes for the management of skin problems. Your Jungle Pet should not be scratched or itching. Fight hot spots, itch, and ringworm for healthy skin. There are skin irritations. Pets with skin infections such as ringworm and hot spots don't stand a chance against these wipes. The process of healing skin infections, superficial cuts, and insect bites can be sped up. Don't forget to cleanse hard to reach places such as face folds, finger folds, underarm and groin areas. These areas are important to keep clean. A string of qualities help to dry out the affected areas. Fight the problem. The types of skin infections that are most commonly associated with in dogs and cats are the ones that Formula is designed to attack. The most important time of the day is bath time. Ensure your Jungle Pet is getting the care it deserves by using quality, American-made products formulated in the best controlled and regulated facilities.

Brand: Jungle Pet

👤I have a dog. I don't know how or why. He gets jock itch, a poor dog. In the past he has had to use antibiotics. His skin issue came back. I took matters into my own hands with this product and a cream combination and it worked. He hasn't run for about 4 days. I'm going to clean his ass with the pads.

👤Not wipes! These are small pads. The make-up removal pads are larger. It's nearly impossible to get any coverage on my dog's allergies before they dry up. Very disappointing. I'm not sure what's going on with the tiny container. I can't even read the package. This is a failure.

👤This one is scented. Never use scented stuff in allergy areas. It was too harsh. A nasty rash was made. It was made worse. Horrible can't use.

👤My dog licks her. The vet suggested a wipe. There were prescription drugs at the vet. I showed these to my doctor. I have been using these for a week now and can see a difference. Great price!

👤These wipes are easy to clean and take away the infections. I'm very happy!

👤I received a jar of dog chew supplements and ordered wipes for dogs ears. The jar was labeled with wipes on the top and dog chews on the side.

👤I got these to try because the wipes I was getting for my dog from the vet were too expensive. They help her with her infections. She doesn't like being wiped, but they don't burn her skin. They don't have a strong smell of chemicals. I use them at the first sign of an illness twice a day, and it clears up within a few days. Definitely recommend!

👤My dog had an issue near the top of his nose that was ugly and swollen. Within a few days, the color has changed and is back to normal. My dog doesn't like the smell or the burn, but this stuff works and he is almost back to his old self. If he blows on it for a few seconds and it is not painful but it heals his wound, we are happy with this product.

5. Dog Ear Cleaner Formulated Cleansing

Dog Ear Cleaner Formulated Cleansing

Their otic cleanser supports cats and dogs with ear infections and keeps them free of itching, scratching, head shaking and irritation. Removes wax build up, debris, dirt and unpleasant smell to keep ear infections at bay. It is easy to administer drops to clean your dog ears. Dog ear powder is an alternative to dog ear cleaner. Their formula is made to clean, dry, deodorize and acidify pet's ears and create an environment in their ears that is unfavorable for most ear villains to thrive. It is a liquid ear cleaner that is gentle on the ears and can be used on a regular basis or when needed. Cucumber and melon smell good. The highest quality and safety are guaranteed by the dog ear cleaner solution you can trust.

Brand: Mighty Petz

👤I've never purchased a medical supply that didn't have a product label. The bottle should have listed all the chemicals in it. The product looks like it was made in someone's basement. I wouldn't put something in my dog's ears.

👤It is the best smelling ear cleaner I have ever used and it really cleans the wax and dirt out of the pup's ears. I didn't think it would be much of a difference, but it is. I didn't clean the inside of her ears until about a month after we picked her up, because she's been kept indoors mostly due to not being able to walk outside. The last ear cleaner that I used was a bad one, and the reason I didn't buy it again was because of the smell, which lingered on your fingers and hands. I will definitely keep buying this product for as long as it is being produced and sold, it is one of the few ear cleaners for dogs out there that is intended to thoroughly clean the ears, and it smells good as well!

👤After a few weeks of thinking our 12 year old sheltie was going blind, we used this ear cleaner three days in a row to clean his ears. He seemed to hear better each day and by the third day he was hearing again. He has been hearing well ever since. I can recommend this product.

👤The product was not labeled. The item came with no label at all. I was expecting it to arrive like a stock photo. I didn't use the item because of this.

👤This product is amazing. My dog had a small ear problem with black wax and blood. My dog's ear healed nicely after I used this along with ear drops. When you think there is no wax, it cleans the ear. The smell is pleasant. I will purchase this again.

👤The cleaner has a great scent. It is long lasting too. My pups entire head smelled fresh for at least a week. It was gentle and didn't sting her eyes or burn her ears. After a cleaning, she shakes her head and the solution goes in all directions. We do it outside even in sub-zero temperatures. This is typical for all dogs since the sensation of the solution running into their ear is most likely tickles and is most likely quite the shock for those who have never cleaned a dog's ears before. Love the scent, love the effectiveness and love the cost to quantity received.

👤I got this two days ago to try to get my older dog and my new puppy. The dog had black wax all over her ears and wouldn't let me clean them with a wet wipe. My older dog has some wax. I rubbed their ears with a decent amount of squirt. 1. The smell is strong, but it does smell clean and like cucumber melon. 2. I checked their ears after 6 hours after application and almost all of the wax had fallen off. 3. It did its job well and even though neither dog cared for me squirting product into their ears it was easy to administer.

6. Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes Aloe

Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes Aloe

Extra Large Wipes are larger than the regular ones and have more coverage per Pad. Even in the hard to reach places on your dog, cat or horse. 2% Chlorhexidine Medicated wipes work to help eliminate the major causes of skin problems like Infections, Growths, Acne, Cuts, Scrapes and Rashes. No Sting Medicated Wipes are used to treat skin conditions and wounds. Convenient wipes are great for travel, keeping an emergency kit and keeping your pet healthy. Quality and safety are assured in small batches in Federally regulated manufacturing facilities.

Brand: Pet Md

👤My cat did his own grooming after I gave him ringworm treatment. I was responsible for not being cautious enough. The bottle should be made very clear that the adverse reactions could cause serious problems. I'm afraid that this could hurt my cat. It should be clear when ordering that this should only be used by a vet. I thought it was an over the counter product that could be bought online. Very wrong. The company is at fault for not making clear the danger of the product.

👤If you're complaining about the wipes being dry, turn the container upside down for 24 hours and keep them upside down. I think it would be better if the container was designed to be stored this way. The container has a slightly rounded top, so it won't stand up on its own. You have to prop it up to keep it from falling down. If you store it this way, the wipes are moist and ready to use. I haven't used them long enough to tell you how effective they are. It's been a few days and they seem to be helping with his itching and scratching. Here's hoping.

👤I had to move the sheets around more to get the solution I was looking for on my cat's skin. It got further down on her neck. I washed her chin and neck after I saw her licking herself there. She lost her voice and now has cat laryngitis. It did not help her cat. I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow because of this. I don't want this product on my fur baby again.

👤I have bought the smaller wipes before and thought I would try the larger ones. The larger container smells like the smaller one, but the ingredients and percentages are the same. The smaller wipes feel wet and greasy, but these wipes are greasy and get on everything. My dog doesn't mind the wipes from the smaller container, but he hates the wipes from the larger container. It's very difficult to open and pull out wipes, and you have to find the first wipe to put everything back in. Very disappointed.

👤I have a dog that is allergic to a lot of things. He has an allergy to grass, dust, trees, etc. He would get chronic skin infections after we rescued him. Each time he comes inside, we use this wipes and they have helped so much. He still gets a skin infection occasionally, but not as often. They are a lifesaver.

👤If you want to let your pet lick this stuff, you have to read the fine print, where it says don't let your pet lick it until it dries. It is a problem for cats. I used it to clean my cat. There should be a giant warning on the front of the store. My cat is still messed up from this after a $500 vet bill. Neurological issues can be caused by it. My cat is not himself after he did not eat for three days.

7. Curaseb Infection Treatment Infections Veterinary

Curaseb Infection Treatment Infections Veterinary

Ear Infections, Inflammation, Redness, Itchiness and Head Shaking are caused by foreign visitors. It deodorizes the smell of Wax, Dirt, Sticky Discharge and Accumulated Biofilms. It's perfect for Ear Cleaning after swimming and baths. No Sting veterinary formula is safe for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Quality and safety are assured in the small batches made in the USA.

Brand: Bexley Labs

👤I only write reviews when it's really good or terrible. Thankfully, Curaseb is the former. Since we brought him home at 8 weeks, he has had problems with his ear. He is 18 months old. We have been trying to find a solution for over a year. The little guy was shaking and digging. There was a lot of debris coming from that ear. The vet gave us an antibiotic to go in his ear, but it gave little relief. We used common household ingredients to make variations of the remedies discussed on the internet. The discharge would return in a week and this offers some relief, but never really rid him of it. I went online to find out what others were using. The reviews are mostly positive. I was willing to do anything to help him. I applied the bottle twice daily in the morning and nightly. Not much was happening at first. He was still scratching and shaking his head for a week. This must not be working. The change happened in the 2nd week of treatment. I let him dry out for a few days. Voila! No more shaking and scratching. This was two months ago. For the first time in his life, he has been problem free. I give him a squirt of maintenance and work on his ear once a week. I am very grateful for this product. It's the real deal. The result in our case was not instantaneous, but we kept at it and it worked for us. I showed this product to our vet yesterday and was told I did well. I give this recommendation because it was used to treat a seemingly impossible issue, and it came from someone who doesn't usually give reviews. The best of the best.

👤I am very pleased that the product provided by Bexley Labs did what it was supposed to do. Max has had ear problems for the last two years. I took him to two different vets who cleaned his ears and gave him a prescription to treat yeast infections. The first vet charged me $30 for it, and the second charged me $20 for it. The container held about two ounces. I couldn't afford the prescription and the office visit when Max's ears became infections. Both vets refused to sell me more stuff without an exam. I needed an alternative that was safe for Max and not going to send me to the "Poorhouse" because of ear problems. The answer was curaseb. I tried other products at big box stores and pet supply stores, but none of them gave Max more than a couple of days of relief. He shook his head and scratched his ears with his paws. Max's ears don't smell and he's comfortable with an application of Curaseb every three days. Max and I are happy with the price of 12 ounces. Thanks for a great product!

👤I was satisfied with the cleaning mixture. I was going to order the same solution as last time but the price was more with less mixture. The solution is liquid. Some people have the feel of oil. It's a very large bottle. The dog didn't notice the harsh smells. I noticed an increase in head shaking and whining as the days went on. There was a large amount of dirt. The worse it got the more I used. My dog's ears are not a good place to clean this product, she is allergic, and the liquid isn't drying out properly. She is creating more debris for whatever reason. Use caution when buying. I'm sad that this is not working because I'm going to return to my favorite product. The company contacted me via email. I told them what I went through and they gave me money back. Excellent customer service.

8. BEXLEY LABS Infection Treatment Infections

BEXLEY LABS Infection Treatment Infections

Ear Infections, Inflammation, Redness, Itchiness and Head Shaking are caused by foreign visitors. It deodorizes the smell of Wax, Dirt, Sticky Discharge and Accumulated Biofilms. It's perfect for Ear Cleaning after swimming and baths. No Sting veterinary formula is safe for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Quality and safety are assured in the small batches made in the USA.

Brand: Bexley Labs

👤My dog had a dirty, itchy, red, hot ear for a long time. We contacted our vet and he gave us antibiotics and ear drops, thinking it was an ear problem. I found this product after researching and reading reviews, and decided to give it a try because the vet's medication didn't take care of the issue like we had hoped. It was very easy to use and my dog found some relief when we put a squirt in his ear. I noticed a large amount of hair and ear wax in his ear when I looked in it one evening, it had been there for a long time. This product was able to remove it. The discovery was the reason for the trouble the pup was having. I cut his ear with a small scissors and a tweezer and I am confident that it has healed completely. This product is very good. It was easy to apply and our dog found relief from the smell. I would be shocked if it doesn't work for you, but I think this product is a winner. Thank you so much!

👤This product is amazing. My dog has had ear infections for 2 years. We've tried everything. She has kept us up at night by rubbing her head and ears on the carpet. This is our 3rd day using this product and it is amazing. Since the first day, she has slept all night. She is so happy and has her appetite back after head shaking reduced greatly. I was surprised by how much dirt and debris had come out of her ears. Will use weekly for maintenance.

👤When I got my puppy, he had ear mites. 3 weeks ago the vet washed his ears and applied medication. His ears were still smelly and there was some dark stuff in them. The vet would charge $200 for an exam, flush and medicine. I thought I would try it first. I watched videos on how to wash a dog's ears. It was very easy to use. I wiped the debris off with cotton balls and gave him a bath. My dog hated the bath and didn't like the ear wash. It has been a few days. Puppy's ears are all pink, no more stinky smell, no more scratching!

👤I have a dog. I deal with ear stuff on the regular because they have little cauliflower ears. I ordered this stuff because my angel pig was miserable and her ears were hot and I was desperate to find something that worked and didn't stink to high heaven. This stuff is amazing. I followed the email suggestions to massage ears. Things were coming out within hours. It was amazing the next day. Her ears are clean and she has no hot ears. She was trotting around and flipping her ears. She loved the treatment. Her ears are clean three days later and she smells great. You will be happy using this product.

👤Our dog got his first ear infection when he was almost 14 years old. I believe it was caused by his bath. He has some chronic dry skin issues and I applied a treatment to some of his dry spots. I think the water caused it. I felt terrible. One night, the next day, ear infections. We have come a long way with his skin, using a supplement and changing food, so the treatment is for the trouble spots as they pop up. I panicked. My dog has never had an ear infection and this was bad. I don't like taking him to the vet because it causes him so much anxiety and it ends in expensive bills just for walking in. I went to Amazon to find an affordable and effective treatment for his ear infections because he was so out of sorts and not himself. I found this. He has sensitive skin so I was cautious despite the reviews. It was in great condition when it arrived. I was going to clean our little guy's ear. After one application, we saw results, but he hated me for it. Less inflammation, less swelling and less drainage were seen. He is almost back to normal after we cleaned his ear twice a day. The first time was the worst because I had to clean his ear and make sure everything was wiped down with this stuff. He let me look at his ear again without shaking and hiding, and last night he let me wipe it down and we were done. I can't praise this enough. I used it to clean his other ear to make sure we didn't have another ear infection. The odor is very light and it doesn't seem to cause any sting. I apply a cotton pad to him and gently wash him. My parents have two dogs with long ears, so I recommend my mom to them. This is a miracle product. He is doing much better, we saved money and anxiety. The best pet purchase I have ever made. We were out of our realm of knowledge when we had a severe ear infection. Highly recommend! We have a senior dog with sensitive skin and no previous issues. It's not true. We can use this as a preventative cleaner because he is finally feeling like himself again. Buy it. You will not regret it.

9. Arava Natural Ear Mite Treatment

Arava Natural Ear Mite Treatment

TREAT PAINFUL EAR MITE INFECTIONS and keep your dog or cat clean and healthy. The Arava premium dog ear mite treatment contains 9 all-natural ingredients and 26 Dead Sea minerals in order to effectively eliminate mite infections and keep your pet's ears clean. Cats under 13 lbs should not be used for surgeries over 9 months. Cats, puppies, and small breed dogs can be given up to 3 drops per ear. You can see results in 10 days. All you have to do is use their pet ear mite cleaner for at least 10 days in order to eliminate painful ear infections. Make sure to apply their natural ear mite medicine if the symptoms are more serious. The treatment with the Arava PET EAR WIPES will give you the best results. 100% clean and healthy pets, or your money back! That is their 30-days guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you don't like their treatment.

Brand: Arava - Dead Sea Pet Spa

👤I am very happy to have found this product. I took my cat to the vet to get her shots and asked if they could check to see if she had ear mites, since she was constantly scratching her ears and they stank. They said she did not. A year has passed. She was still having the same problem and the gunk would come out of her ears. I bought this product myself. I made a huge difference right away. She was scratching less and her ears were not stinking. I have been doing it for two weeks because it hasn't all cleared out. This product seems to work and it smells good.

👤My cat was scratching at his ears and shaking his head. I searched Amazon and found a cheapo product. It had warnings about poisons and skin contact precautions, so enter this product on my search page and it will work. I am very happy with my purchase. The scent is very pleasant and Kitty has stopped shaking his head. This product was made and helped make this condition easy to treat without harsh chemicals.

👤After trying this and having a cat that smelled like clove and looked like a junkyard kitty, I saw some of the more damning reviews. I was thinking about how many people on here thought that I should have taken the blue pill. I thought that I should return it and get something else, but everything else has so many chemicals. She had relief by the end of the day. The smell isn't strong. Here's the thing. It works and it doesn't need a lot of terrible chemicals. I used to own a dog and used Hartz flea meds on it. My dog seized for 7 hours straight because of the Hartz flea meds. They said it was bad. Hartz is one of the major alternatives for ear mite meds for dogs and cats. I'm going natural if I can. My cat had an oil mark on his face for a few days. The oil did not get on anything else. I made my cat scratch at the back of her ear, but not to the point where she was bald, but to remove a few light tufts of hair. It wasn't perfect in looks, but it did work amazingly well and brought almost instant relief. The whole thing was over in about 4-5 days, and many fun jokes were shared about her appearance. It was a great experience. I received a note from the company as well. I didn't know they donate to charity. That was a nice surprise. John Fisher is back! I would like to thank you for being a part of our charity. Our company is committed to the safety and protection of all animals and as part of our vision, we donate a portion of our profits to various organizations. You help us do it. Find 23 homes for stray dogs and cats and buy 950 pounds of food by joining us. Pay for 37 veterinary treatments this month alone. Cool. Great product. Works a dream.

10. PetArmor Mite Tick Treatment Dogs

PetArmor Mite Tick Treatment Dogs

It kills ticks and ear mites. It is in relief of itching.

Brand: Petarmor

👤She didn't seem to like it when the dog couldn't talk. She kept shaking her head. The mites are gone. I'm going to take that as a victory. They're gone, which seemed to be a problem in the first place. We're good!

👤My dog was digging in his ear. He stopped messing with his ear after I used 5 drops the first night. I will use as directed. There were no directions in the review, but they do exist on the label. The label on the back is blue and white.

👤If I just put a few drops in each ear, it would show a difference of up to 5 days.

👤It worked perfectly on rabbits.

👤No more shaking my dogs or my pockets.

👤My dog had an allergic reaction after two days of use. He has mites and almost got an illness. Don't buy this product if you don't consult a vet.

👤I will have to look for a better solution for my dog's ears, this did not work for him, I applied it to both of his ears, but it did not work, he shook his ears after using it the third time. I've been using peroxide and it seems to work better, but I can't recommend it because it smells like oil and is only oil in the bottle.

👤The directions are hard to find, and you have to peal the label to expose them, but that's fine. But! It requires 5 drops twice a day. Don't do it! If your dog is like mine, she will freak out when she sees something in her ear. I fought my dog when I tried to do this and she hated it. I don't like doing things that my baby doesn't like. It's like a gel after I applied it. If you just put it on your fingers and massage it into your dog's ears, it's very easy. She doesn't mind that at all. If your dog's ears are hurting as much as mine, then you should not worry. I give my dog an ear massage every time I apply it.

11. Forticept Antimicrobial Antiseptic Infections Scratches

Forticept Antimicrobial Antiseptic Infections Scratches

First-aid solution forOUND care. Blue Butter wound treatment gel is a must have for your pet's first aid and skin care needs. Forticept uses unique technology to power Blue Butter anti itch gel for the best way to treat cuts, scrapes, and various skin infections. Blue Butter is a wound treatment. Blue Butter hot spot treatment gel is an effective way to promote healing. Blue Butter dogs wound care is used to prevent skin infections. It is safe to use on the skin. After the first application, starts working. Blue Butter is a safer alternative to antibiotics and steroids for wound management. It is safe to use around sensitive areas like ears, nose, and mouth, as well as the entire family, because of the non-toxic formula. There is a grooming regimen for hair. Blue Butter has no alcohol, Iodide, or any other ingredients that would cause burning, stinging or irritation. Dogs should be treated for ringworm and wound care. The treatment for wounds is effective. It's recommended that you consult a urologist and cardiologist. Blue Butter uses the same active ingredients that are currently being used in veterinary clinics and animal hospitals to help manage complex skin and wound infections.

Brand: Forticept

👤Let me know if you are on the fence about buying this for your pet. I bought this Blue Butter for my dog because it is the most amazing stuff I have ever seen. Even if you can't see it anymore, this stuff will still work and keep the wound clean, even if you can't see it anymore. There is a I have a confession to make. I wanted to try it on my toe to see if it worked. It worked out. I have had a toe fungus for 16 years. I've tried everything to kill it, from herbal remedies to over the counter drugs. I lost half of the battle and no longer have a toe nail. I used this product on my bed. I would put butter on my toe and then put a band-aid on it and let it air dry for about 5 hours. My toe nail is growing back after all the fungus died on doing this. I'm excited to have a healthy toe nail. This stuff has become a part of my first aid kit because it can be used on humans and animals. I promise that you will not regret buying it.

👤This was bought without much expectation. I was blown away. A female stray cat had a bad injury and I acquired her. It was swollen and bleeding, but she was not submissive. I couldn't get close enough to treat it. I was on my own to help this little girl during the shutdown. She had a litter of kittens next to my house. I tried to befriend this cat so I could bring her and the babies inside a safe environment. She allowed me to pet her and handle the kittens. I was able to lift her up after getting her inside. I realized the leg was not healed and looked very sick. She had been limping for weeks. I was worried and started looking for things that I could use. I put it on her leg. She would only allow that once. I thought she'd try to lick it off. She did not. It gave her immediate relief. The swelling went down and the sore stopped draining. The fur grew over the scars and there was no sign of injury. She is now my best friend, sweetest, friendliest cat around, completely trusts me and adores being the focus of my full attention. Sorry for the long story. I wanted to explain why I was amazed at how beneficial this product was for this injured, once-feral cat. I will keep this around on a regular basis. Highly recommended.

👤I was skeptical of the claims that this cream could do. What a pleasant surprise...! I found this and I am very happy. I have a pit bull who is very bad for allergies. She gets immunotherapy injections but still gets bad flare ups. I put this cream on after she had a bath and she had a hot spot and a lot of bumps on her groin. She was healed in 3 days. It made her fur grow back and the bumps did not get infections. I was surprised at how well this works. I have tried many of the creams that are out there, all of them prescription and OTC. Blue butter is the best I have encountered. Thank you! I would like to know about it sooner.


What is the best product for dog ear infection treatment wipes?

Dog ear infection treatment wipes products from Nutri-vet. In this article about dog ear infection treatment wipes you can see why people choose the product. Natureland and Stuart Pet Supply Co. are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog ear infection treatment wipes.

What are the best brands for dog ear infection treatment wipes?

Nutri-vet, Natureland and Stuart Pet Supply Co. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog ear infection treatment wipes. Find the detail in this article. Jungle Pet, Mighty Petz and Pet Md are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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