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1. Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution Hydrocortisone

Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution Hydrocortisone

Ear care for pets of all ages is important. It is possible to use a gentle no-sting formula to ease ear infections. The solution provides a safe, natural alternative to medication. It's not necessary to pre- clean painful ears - fill the ear canal and let the solution work. Clear ear secretions and promote healthy ears can be achieved with the patentedLP3 Enzyme System.

Brand: Zymox

👤It looked like my cat was going to die. It was frightening. I bought this solution online. I squirted it in my Cats ear, he pawed at it and leaned towards it, and I found two pieces of the drank wax stick in his ear. I was able to remove them. I continued to squirt it in both ears because my cat stopped getting dizzy. He seems to be back to normal now. Thanks to Zymox, there is a great effective product. I really appreciate it. If your dog or cat starts to get dizzy it might be because of the wax in the ear. There was no bad smell and my cat had a crust outside his ear. Great product. I am taking the time to write a review. I was able to solve the problem with my dog.

👤Our daughter bought this for her dog who was having a bad ear ache and was leaning his head to one side. She asked me to order the Hydrocortisone Free version, which I did. She sent me an email after I received the product that showed the version with hydrocortisone. There was a bar code sticker on the outside of the box that said "Hydrocortisone Free", but the box and bottle were both with the 0.5% solution. She used the 0.5% solution after I offered to notify customer service. After a few days, she saw an improvement in the itching and leaning of his head, and it appears that things have resolved. Even though this product was labeled wrong, I cannot give the overall purchase any better than a 3 due to the mislabeling that has taken place. I would suggest that all bottles of this non- hydrocortisone version be reviewed to make sure they are not mislabeled. My daughter was lucky in this instance, but some other dog owners may have issues with the 0.5% solution.

👤Good product. I got from the company. I got it by the 22nd after ordering it on the 20th. Very fast shipping. Very happy with the product. I've bought it before from a store that I live by, but they don't carry it anymore. They carry this brand. My dog has been having problems with his ears. We went to the place I mentioned and talked to a lady there because we couldn't afford to take him to the vet. She recommended it and it has helped his ear ever since. He got red when I ran out of it. Sometimes he can go without it and his ear is fine. The other ear is fine. I've been told it was stinky, itchy and red. You have to use it daily until it clears up. For chronic infections, apply once daily for 7 days. I recommend. I have two dogs. The lab is the one I'm having problems with occasionally with one of his ears, but my other dog is a rat terrier, and we have had no problems with him. Ask around, read the reviews, and check it out for yourself. Here's to our fur babies.

2. Pet King Enzymatic Solution Ounces

Pet King Enzymatic Solution Ounces

Ear care for pets of all ages is important. No stinging formula. 1% Hydrocortisone is a natural alternative to medication for itch relief. It's not necessary to pre- clean painful ears - fill the ear canal and let the solution work. Clear ear secretions and promote healthy ears can be achieved with the patentedLP3 Enzyme System.

Brand: Pet King Brands

👤This is a product that will impress you. I've been fighting with my dog's ear mites for months and they would get better than before. I tried a lot of dips and pesticides, but they didn't work. The itching has stopped and the mites are gone after being administered twice a week. They don't pick at tar in their ears. It took about a month to fix the issue and I put this on all of my dogs so they wouldn't be padding it from one to another. If you haven't tried Amazon Prime, you're missing out on a lot. There is an unbeatable video streaming selection and an amazing selection of music. It's possible to give it a try today. If you found my review helpful, please click the button below. It helps my group. Thank you and be safe.

👤Since we adopted her as a puppy, she has had yeast infections in her ears which have spread to her paws due to the itching. We've tried everything; new food, medication, cleaning treatments... We've done it. For a few days to a few weeks, she would head back down the hill. I felt like a bad dog mom. I searched for "dog ear yeast infections" on Amazon and found Zymox! I am a review fanatic. I almost didn't try Zymox because I was a bit skeptical about the many positive reviews, but I decided to try it because my vet told me it was good. Are you serious about not pre- washing the ear? How is a dirty ear supposed to help my puppy? We had tried everything else, but I decided a few more "wasted" dollars wouldn't hurt, and I was done. I am very happy. I met ZYMOX. A chance. I treated her ear every day for two weeks. We didn't notice anything for a few days, but I wasn't giving up hope. I noticed that the inside of her ears was not bright red after about 4 days. She was excited for ear drops after the first day, but after 7 days her ears were a healthy pink and she was running to get the zymox put into her ears. She was no longer licking and chewing on her paws because of the yeast infections and her ears were a healthy pink. We have been using this product for over a year now, and I only use it once a month or less, and then for a few days at a time, when I notice her ears getting a little red. She still comes running over to have her "drops" put in after she recognizes the bottle. If you have a pet that is suffering from yeast infections, I think this will work for you as well.

👤I realized the smell was coming out of his ear after I took him for a bath. After a bad trip to the groomer, I decided to start grooming him at home. I tried to go without plucking his ears because he hated it. His ear hairs were covered in brown goop when I plucked his right ear. I went to the local store and paid a lot of money for the best ear treatment they had, but they had no luck. I bought this product on Amazon. I got the 4oz, but I wish I'd gotten the 1.25oz because I think one small bottle would have been enough. I have more to use in the future. I did the 7 days suggested by the bottle. The day after I used it, a clump of black wax moved toward the ear. The solution was not supposed to be wiped, but I did remove the clumps the next day. After the suggested 7 days, the ear still smelled and didn't seem healed, so I did an extra 7 days and the ears have cleared up nicely. I used the solution in his ears to make sure they were healthy. My dog seemed to like me putting the solution in his ear a lot more during the second round. Maybe he realized it was helping. I was glad I got this product because it healed his ears without the time and energy spent at the vets. My little guy dislikes the vet. Hope this review helps. It's sad to see fur babies in pain.

3. BEXLEY LABS Infection Treatment Infections

BEXLEY LABS Infection Treatment Infections

Ear Infections, Inflammation, Redness, Itchiness and Head Shaking are caused by foreign visitors. It deodorizes the smell of Wax, Dirt, Sticky Discharge and Accumulated Biofilms. It's perfect for Ear Cleaning after swimming and baths. No Sting veterinary formula is safe for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Quality and safety are assured in the small batches made in the USA.

Brand: Bexley Labs

👤My dog had a dirty, itchy, red, hot ear for a long time. We contacted our vet and he gave us antibiotics and ear drops, thinking it was an ear problem. I found this product after researching and reading reviews, and decided to give it a try because the vet's medication didn't take care of the issue like we had hoped. It was very easy to use and my dog found some relief when we put a squirt in his ear. I noticed a large amount of hair and ear wax in his ear when I looked in it one evening, it had been there for a long time. This product was able to remove it. The discovery was the reason for the trouble the pup was having. I cut his ear with a small scissors and a tweezer and I am confident that it has healed completely. This product is very good. It was easy to apply and our dog found relief from the smell. I would be shocked if it doesn't work for you, but I think this product is a winner. Thank you so much!

👤This product is amazing. My dog has had ear infections for 2 years. We've tried everything. She has kept us up at night by rubbing her head and ears on the carpet. This is our 3rd day using this product and it is amazing. Since the first day, she has slept all night. She is so happy and has her appetite back after head shaking reduced greatly. I was surprised by how much dirt and debris had come out of her ears. Will use weekly for maintenance.

👤When I got my puppy, he had ear mites. 3 weeks ago the vet washed his ears and applied medication. His ears were still smelly and there was some dark stuff in them. The vet would charge $200 for an exam, flush and medicine. I thought I would try it first. I watched videos on how to wash a dog's ears. It was very easy to use. I wiped the debris off with cotton balls and gave him a bath. My dog hated the bath and didn't like the ear wash. It has been a few days. Puppy's ears are all pink, no more stinky smell, no more scratching!

👤I have a dog. I deal with ear stuff on the regular because they have little cauliflower ears. I ordered this stuff because my angel pig was miserable and her ears were hot and I was desperate to find something that worked and didn't stink to high heaven. This stuff is amazing. I followed the email suggestions to massage ears. Things were coming out within hours. It was amazing the next day. Her ears are clean and she has no hot ears. She was trotting around and flipping her ears. She loved the treatment. Her ears are clean three days later and she smells great. You will be happy using this product.

👤Our dog got his first ear infection when he was almost 14 years old. I believe it was caused by his bath. He has some chronic dry skin issues and I applied a treatment to some of his dry spots. I think the water caused it. I felt terrible. One night, the next day, ear infections. We have come a long way with his skin, using a supplement and changing food, so the treatment is for the trouble spots as they pop up. I panicked. My dog has never had an ear infection and this was bad. I don't like taking him to the vet because it causes him so much anxiety and it ends in expensive bills just for walking in. I went to Amazon to find an affordable and effective treatment for his ear infections because he was so out of sorts and not himself. I found this. He has sensitive skin so I was cautious despite the reviews. It was in great condition when it arrived. I was going to clean our little guy's ear. After one application, we saw results, but he hated me for it. Less inflammation, less swelling and less drainage were seen. He is almost back to normal after we cleaned his ear twice a day. The first time was the worst because I had to clean his ear and make sure everything was wiped down with this stuff. He let me look at his ear again without shaking and hiding, and last night he let me wipe it down and we were done. I can't praise this enough. I used it to clean his other ear to make sure we didn't have another ear infection. The odor is very light and it doesn't seem to cause any sting. I apply a cotton pad to him and gently wash him. My parents have two dogs with long ears, so I recommend my mom to them. This is a miracle product. He is doing much better, we saved money and anxiety. The best pet purchase I have ever made. We were out of our realm of knowledge when we had a severe ear infection. Highly recommend! We have a senior dog with sensitive skin and no previous issues. It's not true. We can use this as a preventative cleaner because he is finally feeling like himself again. Buy it. You will not regret it.

4. ZYMOX Pre Clean Veterinarian Recommended Hydrocortisone

ZYMOX Pre Clean Veterinarian Recommended Hydrocortisone

Ear care for pets of all ages is important. No stinging formula. There is a natural alternative to hydrocortisone for itch relief. It's not necessary to pre- clean painful ears - fill the ear canal and let the solution work. Clear ear secretions and promote healthy ears can be achieved with the patentedLP3 Enzyme System.

Brand: Zymox

👤I've spent hundreds of dollars on my Boston Terrier's ear infections. He scratches his ears until they bleed because of the red, smelly, and brown discharge on them. It was so bad that he would feel pain whenever someone touched him. We went back to get more medicine that seemed to help, but the problem came back after a week. Desperate, I decided to do my own research and read the reviews on Amazon, so I decided to try it. I applied the drops once a day and his ears were fine after three days. I applied for three more days to kill off any leftover nasty. So far, so good, that was about a month ago. No more gross ears. My dog has a grain allergy and must eat grain free food. I eat grain myself and I don't think it's bad. It took us a long time to figure out that the food he was eating was causing him to get red, irritated, itchy skin. He scratched a lot. The ear problems were not stopped by the grain free food. This medicine is worth trying if your dog is having the same issues. It costs less than an office visit for the vet.

👤My baby is a poodle. She got her first ear infection when she was 5 years old. She had dark wax and a horrible smell. She scratched so hard that she cut her ear. I knew it was an ear problem. I didn't want to pay the vet a lot of money to tell me what I knew about her. I read a lot of reviews and decided to try this one. I chose this one because it worked so well. After the first application she was no longer scratching and for the rest of the week it broke down all the wax and healed her ear. 100% recommend this product. The first picture is after I put in the drops and the second is after 7 days with one treatment per day. The skin is healing but there is no smell or scratching.

👤This is the first time I have written a review. I adopted a pit bull mix that was starving and had cancer. She was named Lucille. The Ancient Cancer Dog was a mess. We had mast cell tumors removed and she seemed happy, but her ears were chronically infections, with scratching, rolling, and shaking. She was still miserable after going to the vet three times, two otomax inserts, pills for yeast, pills for allergies, and hundreds of dollars in vet and prescription costs. I picked it up based on the reviews. One application. One. It's obvious that she's feeling better. I'm hopeful that we're over the hump on the ear infections. Lucy thanks the good stuff from Zymox. She's going to shake that oily stuff all over it, so don't give it to your good bedspread.

👤I don't normally write reviews, but I feel like I have to in case someone else has a dog that is going through the same thing I did. My dog had a yeast issue in his ear for about a year after I adopted him. I took him to the vet for it a couple of times and the response was pretty much, "some dogs get it, it is pretty much random, and there's no cure." That's terrible. It is bothering my dog. He's scratching his ear in the middle of the night and you can hear him crying while he does it. I can tell he's been scratching his ear because he's been bleeding when I clean it. I had been treating it. Multiple times a day. The product I was using was said to be one of the more effective by the vet. I'm not bashing that product at all. It was doing more for him than before. I'll get to the point. I was skeptical when I saw it. I used to have to pour at least 1.25oz into his ear because he didn't like the drops. After the first application, I could tell that it didn't hurt him to have the medicine in his ear. He's not scared of me coming towards him. It used to take a lot of bribes to get him to tolerate it. I bought this about a month ago. After a week or so, it went down to 2/week. As time goes on, less and less. He has not woken me up in the middle of the night from his ear scratching in a while, and you can tell he feels better. I have a small amount of the 1.25 oz left. I drank 2 of the 6oz bottle/month before this. My lazy ass took the time to write a review of this product. That means something if you know me. I don't care what you think if you don't know me or you. If you want your dog's ear to not make you throw up when you smell it, buy this. If you divide the cost by the number of days your dog's ear doesn't want to make you throw up, it's cheaper than the air you breathe.

5. Vet Organics Multi Action Discharge Guaranteed

Vet Organics Multi Action Discharge Guaranteed

Dog Ear Cleaner is used for bad smell, dirt and gunk. In 7 to 10 days, it helps restore dogs' ears to their natural state. EcoEars helps wash away the build up of wax, dirt and grime that can cause ear problems. All natural is made specifically for dogs. Great for sensitive ears. EcoEars is the only product you need if you see signs of dirt, bad odor or discharge. EcoEars is a top-rated product that washes away dirt and other gunk from the dog's ears. Excess wax can cause inflammation and redness, so their natural dog ear cleaner cleans it. EcoEars will keep your dog's ears healthy and clean if you include them in your weekly grooming routine. SMELL, DIRT, and Discharge is a fast help that returns your dog's ears to their natural clean state. It helps break down the build up in your dog's ears and remove debris stuck to the skin. 100% money back guarantee! This applies to all products from the date of purchase.

Brand: Vet Organics

👤My dog had an ear problem. My dog's ears looked like this after he received eco ears. It was too painful to pour the solution into the ears. I put a cotton round under the ear flap and rubbed it for as long as he would allow. It takes 2x a day. I will use it for the next few days to make sure the infection is gone.

👤My dog has had ear infections her whole life. I have spent seven years buying every oily, expensive, messy prescription from Vets without a long term cure. The dog's ears were not cured by getting them irrigated at the vet. The ear infections were always back. The EcoEars product cleaned it up. I have had great results with this product. This really cleans the gunk out of the ears. That is the first step to getting rid of the ear infections. It's not going to cure the infection until the gunk and leftover is out of the ear. 1. If your dog's ear is raw from scratching, I wouldn't put it on the outside raw areas at first. I would apply vaseline or triple antibiotic cream to soothe them. Apply this product to the ears. After a couple of days, I would clean the ear with a warm wet paper towel and apply EcoEars all over the inside of the ear. I felt a burn on my hand when I used it. The dog is saved from further misery. 2. To keep the product inside, massage the ear. She can shake her ears if she puts a big cotton ball in the ear canal opening. If you can, I recommend doing this outside. The cotton ball will catch some of the mess. When your dog is shaking, gently scrub any loose gunk that comes out. The cotton balls need to be out of the ear. 3. If you have a yeasty odor after a few days or even a week, I recommend you switch to ZYMOX OTIC HC 1.0% for a couple of weeks. The Zymox Otic product will help balance the pH and the enzymes will be able to clean the ear. It is a gentle product. 4. As needed, repeat. If your dog has long-standing, reoccurring ear infections, you will have to be vigilant and repeat these steps until the ears are clean and healthy again. I know it is very difficult. As soon as the dog gets relief, I stop. I leave the two products out on the table with a bag of cotton balls so I am reminded to keep them up. The cotton balls that have synthetics added that can irritate the ears should not be purchased. I will never be without the EcoEars Dog Cleaner and the ZYMOX OTIC HC. I can't recommend both of them enough. They have fixed a seven year ear problem.

👤I received this on day 5. I am speechless. The results are amazing. For the last 3 years, I have had to clean my Old English Sheepdog's ear every day. On day 5, my dog's ear looks great. I've tried everything. First picture day, second picture day. 5 stars!

6. Pet King Brands Without Hydrocortisone

Pet King Brands Without Hydrocortisone

Ear care for pets of all ages is important. No stinging formula. The solution provides a safe, natural alternative to antibiotics. It's not necessary to pre- clean painful ears - fill the ear canal and let the solution work. Clear ear secretions and promote healthy ears can be achieved with the patentedLP3 Enzyme System.

Brand: Pet King Brands

👤I read all the reviews. I decided to give this a try because after a couple of years of going to the vet for recurring ear infections and not really getting a permanent cure for my dog, I got tired of spending hundreds of dollars for antibiotics and steroids and decided to have a trial. I followed the directions and applied this to my pet. I noticed improvement in my ears after about 4 days. The ear scratching has become less frequent as the rough skin has slowly disappeared. My pet's ears looked normal after 14 days of treatment. The ears are still good after 2 months. The rough skin has not come back. Absolutely recommend this product!

👤My Yorkie has had a chronic yeast infection in her ear for the majority of her life, which was determined to be from a food sensitivity to chicken, after spending a lot of money on various vet appointments, foods, medications and treatments. After eliminating it from her diet, the yeast infections went away, but sometimes they will flare up, possibly from a treat that has chicken flavoring, fat or yeast in it. This product works. When I see her shaking her head or smell a "cheesy" smell in her ear, I administer this product, and within a week her ear looks, smells and feels great. I highly recommend.

👤When my pets get sick or get water in their ears, I have to clean their ears. Natural cleaners do not solve infections. It's thick and oily, but it does the trick. After a week of treatment, my animals' ears stop itching and the infection will be completely gone. Gets rid of mini mites. If you have pets, you need to have them with you at all times. As soon as you receive it, make sure to check the expired date.

👤Oh my gosh. I like the brand of ear cleaner for dogs. I have used their other products as well. I bought this particular one because my 3 year old had an ear infection when I bought it. I took her to the vet for the first time and the vet wanted to send me home with 2 prescriptions that were more then the cost of this. I found this for ear infections when I was already using another product. I had to try natural remedies for 2 weeks after the vet visit. I use the water mix and the Zymox in week one. This was found in week 2. After returning to the vet, the infection was gone. I was told by the vet to clean once a week. I will use this once a week to maintain. This is love.

👤I bought non-cortisone and cortisone. 5% for the dog. It works well for her ears. After a few days, they are clean, smooth and healthy. She knows that it will help her. My cat has a waxy ear. I'm not good at doing his ears. The product is excellent. The 1% was used for the dog. I loved it.

7. Burts Bees Cleaner Peppermint Ounces

Burts Bees Cleaner Peppermint Ounces

America's #1 pet grooming brand is called America's #1 pet grooming brand. Dog ear cleaner from Burt's can clean, soothe, and remove excess humidity from your dog's ears. The dog ear cleaner solution helps prevent ear infections. All natural ingredients include witch hazel and peppermint oil, which soothe irritation. This gentle ear cleaner is pH balanced for all dogs and puppies. Veterinarian recommended formula is free of harsh chemicals.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I chose this brand because it is well known. He was drooling and running around after I cleaned his ears. We took him to the vet and they gave him an anti nausea shot and did blood work to check his levels. They washed his ears to get the cleaner out and give him some relief. It was called for poison control to be on the safe side. He had a reaction to the oils. There wasn't a warning about this. Sharing is for awareness.

👤The ear cleaner has helped our dogs. Our dog. She has had several surgeries on her ear due to scratching. A cleaner has cleared her ears in a week. We are very happy with the results. She has a pink ear in the picture. She couldn't pull up her ear because it was so bad. We applied a few drops a day. Awesome results so far! The drops will flow out when you hold the bottle down. Just massage their ear and the drops will absorb quickly. A light smell of peppermint. You don't need to pay a lot of money for an ear cleaner, this bottle really works. Definitely recommend!

👤This item is not funded. I now have 3 dogs with me. There are 888-349-8884 It is possible to get oil off of your face with the use of 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. I should have known better.

👤I am very thankful that I found this product because I am too familiar with yeasty smelly ears in my poodles and shih-tzu. My standard poodle has been having an itchy smelly ear for a couple of months now, no matter how often I cleaned his ears, I couldn't get it to clear up. After a thorough cleaning of the ear canal, I applied the Bee Ear Cleaner and within a week my big guy is no longer scratching at his ear or shaking his head. I use this product a few times a week to make sure my dogs don't have any more issues as they live in the pool during the summer. This is an all natural product that works and smells great. Thank you for that!

👤I recommend an otic/malacetic ear cleaner for dogs that are prone to ear infections due to humid/hot weather. The small bottle I got drips out slowly. This is a good product that doesn't cause too much pain or harm the ear, but it takes a long time to use because of the small size. The product is made from good ingredients, but for medical reasons, I suggest a vet visit, and using a otic formula--anything that smells vinegary means it. A canine ear infection is the most common type of infections, and it's not something that women would use a product to cure.

8. Zymox Ear Cleanser Bio Active Enzymes

Zymox Ear Cleanser Bio Active Enzymes

Cat and dog ear cleaner is used to clean ears in pets of all ages. The solution is gentle, non-toxic and non-irritating. The patented LP3 Enzyme System helps to maintain healthy ears. Dog and cat ear cleaner is safe to use to clean ears. It is easy to use and made in a Federally Regulated Manufacturing Facility.

Brand: Pet King Brands

👤I bought this because I was cleaning my pups ears with it. The first time didn't show any results that I was hoping for. After a few weeks my pups ears started itching and I saw they were pink. I used this product again and thought it was from itching. It made them worse because he had a yeast infection. The vet said that products with water or alcohol shouldn't be used for ears. The yeast thrive off of water and alcohol, bad for me, poor pup.

👤The humane society has a cute puppy that my husband and I adopted. His ears were dirty when we adopted him, but after using this ear cleaner his ears are clean. I'm amazed that it was able to get out. Our puppy's ears look better now. I would recommend this product to anyone with a dog.

👤I will never use any other line of products. I got a German Shepherd from a shelter. She had an ear problem when we got her. It came back at the vet. We battled chronic infections for 3 1/2 years. It was never more than a few months before they came back. We started treating at home with natural remedies because we were out of options. Nothing worked. I thought I was just wasting more money when I tried the products. The highest strength solution we could find was the Zymox Advanced Otic Plus. We had treatment for 4 weeks. The recommended length is 7 days or 14 days. We decided to treat extra because we have been fighting infections for a long time. We left the ears alone for 3-4 days and ordered the Ear Cleaner. The ears have never looked so clean. Normally, her ears are dark and discoloured, but they are now pink and normal. We have been using the Ear Cleaner for about 2 weeks now and nothing has come out. I was surprised that her ears were still clean when we got back after I missed a few days. I didn't have enough money to pay for more ear treatments at the vet. Between the two bottles of Otic Plus solution, I spent about $100. I spent the best $100 on this dog. If your dog has suffered like mine, then give this a try. I am not paid to give this review, I just want to spread our experience.

👤I use this product for my own pets at home and for my grooming clients as well, even though we don't carry it in my practice. I sometimes like a light fresh smell, but this particular ear cleaner has virtually no smell. If the ears are dirty and smelly, it doesn't leave a nice smell like some do. It's slightly thicker than water, but doesn't leave an oily mess. If you leave it on the ear hair, it can leave it greasy, so be sure to wash it off with a wet paper towel. I highly recommend the product.

👤In January of last year, we adopted a senior kitty with a cauliflower ear and a severe ear problem that was the result of her constant scratching. Her chin was rough and raw because of the constant wet and dry conditions in her ears. Poor kitty! I used the ear cleaning solution from the pet store for a while, but I wanted to find something better. I found the products on Amazon. I used the Otic 1.0 treatment for 14 days and then used the ear cleanser for weekly cleanings. She had black gunk in her ear every week. I'm happy to report that we are seeing an improvement in her condition since I started treating her ears with Zymox six months ago. Her ears are still dirty, but not as much as before. She no longer cries when I clean them and she has stopped rubbing and scratching. She no longer salivates and her chin has healed up, thanks to some soothing kitty skin cream. I cleaned her ears yesterday after not doing it in three weeks. Oops! I usually do it on a weekly basis, but sometimes it happens. I was expecting a lot of gunk to come out of her ear, but it wasn't bad. After three weeks, they were as clean as they usually are. I don't intend to go that long without cleaning her ears, but I think that sticking to the weekly cleaning schedule is what got us here, so we will continue with our weekly cleanings. I think we now have the situation under control because she will always need help keeping her ears clean. I'm so happy to see that she is more comfortable and happy. I highly recommend this product.

9. Curaseb Infection Treatment Infections Veterinary

Curaseb Infection Treatment Infections Veterinary

Ear Infections, Inflammation, Redness, Itchiness and Head Shaking are caused by foreign visitors. It deodorizes the smell of Wax, Dirt, Sticky Discharge and Accumulated Biofilms. It's perfect for Ear Cleaning after swimming and baths. No Sting veterinary formula is safe for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Quality and safety are assured in the small batches made in the USA.

Brand: Bexley Labs

👤I only write reviews when it's really good or terrible. Thankfully, Curaseb is the former. Since we brought him home at 8 weeks, he has had problems with his ear. He is 18 months old. We have been trying to find a solution for over a year. The little guy was shaking and digging. There was a lot of debris coming from that ear. The vet gave us an antibiotic to go in his ear, but it gave little relief. We used common household ingredients to make variations of the remedies discussed on the internet. The discharge would return in a week and this offers some relief, but never really rid him of it. I went online to find out what others were using. The reviews are mostly positive. I was willing to do anything to help him. I applied the bottle twice daily in the morning and nightly. Not much was happening at first. He was still scratching and shaking his head for a week. This must not be working. The change happened in the 2nd week of treatment. I let him dry out for a few days. Voila! No more shaking and scratching. This was two months ago. For the first time in his life, he has been problem free. I give him a squirt of maintenance and work on his ear once a week. I am very grateful for this product. It's the real deal. The result in our case was not instantaneous, but we kept at it and it worked for us. I showed this product to our vet yesterday and was told I did well. I give this recommendation because it was used to treat a seemingly impossible issue, and it came from someone who doesn't usually give reviews. The best of the best.

👤I am very pleased that the product provided by Bexley Labs did what it was supposed to do. Max has had ear problems for the last two years. I took him to two different vets who cleaned his ears and gave him a prescription to treat yeast infections. The first vet charged me $30 for it, and the second charged me $20 for it. The container held about two ounces. I couldn't afford the prescription and the office visit when Max's ears became infections. Both vets refused to sell me more stuff without an exam. I needed an alternative that was safe for Max and not going to send me to the "Poorhouse" because of ear problems. The answer was curaseb. I tried other products at big box stores and pet supply stores, but none of them gave Max more than a couple of days of relief. He shook his head and scratched his ears with his paws. Max's ears don't smell and he's comfortable with an application of Curaseb every three days. Max and I are happy with the price of 12 ounces. Thanks for a great product!

👤I was satisfied with the cleaning mixture. I was going to order the same solution as last time but the price was more with less mixture. The solution is liquid. Some people have the feel of oil. It's a very large bottle. The dog didn't notice the harsh smells. I noticed an increase in head shaking and whining as the days went on. There was a large amount of dirt. The worse it got the more I used. My dog's ears are not a good place to clean this product, she is allergic, and the liquid isn't drying out properly. She is creating more debris for whatever reason. Use caution when buying. I'm sad that this is not working because I'm going to return to my favorite product. The company contacted me via email. I told them what I went through and they gave me money back. Excellent customer service.

10. Vets Best Enzymatic Toothpaste Formulated

Vets Best Enzymatic Toothpaste Formulated

The vet's best enzymatic dental gel toothpaste is made with a mix of ingredients that are soothing and effective. Freshens breath and gently cleans away plaque. Your dog's dental hygiene is supported between annual cleanings at your vet's office. You can apply with a brush or rub with your finger. Before and after application, no food or water is allowed. A professional cleaning is recommended for your vet. There are natural flowers. Your dog will enjoy the taste. You will love how it makes your teeth and breath look better. The same great Vet's Best dental gel is now available in an easy to use squeeze tube.

Brand: Vet's Best

👤I wouldn't have bought this product if I had known that it contained nim oil. I take no chances with the ingredients that I use in my yard because they can make some dogs sick when they are eaten or used on their skin. I am throwing out this product because my sweeties are too dear to me. The toothbrush design is useless.

👤Y'all should avoid this toothpaste. I spent over $400 at the vet for my dog. My dog was sick for three days because of this toothpaste. Vomiting and scurvy for three days. Do you think you should buy this for your dogs? It is dangerous at best.

👤My dog has been sick for two days after brushing his teeth. He has had terrible poops and has been puking. People should be careful when purchasing this.

👤Don't buy this! My dog vomited all over my house. It made him sick and made him very sleepy. I couldn't figure out what was going on and then I read about the oil. It shouldn't be eaten by an animal. They are going to swallow a lot of it when you brush their teeth. It is a pesticide that is used to kill bugs on plants. If you want to make your dog ill and clean up puke all day, do not buy this. The toothbrush that comes with it is awesome. The brushes connect so it can get all the sides of the dog's tooth.

👤I went to the vet to get a quote to clean my dog's teeth. I have two people. The female was quoted about $280 and the male $252 and I was given a toothpaste that could remove the tartar, but I started looking into a toothbrush that could do the job, because they are the same breed. A lot of people that have dogs have told me that it's not possible to remove it at home if the vet has to remove it. I decided to buy this toothpaste because I was hard headed. I started rubbing toothpaste on my dog's teeth everyday after I bought the toothpaste in October 2020 because they were hard to reach and I didn't really clean them. I started doing a better cleaning after I purchased 10 finger brushes. Yesterday, February 13th, 2021. I was able to get my nail in between the gum and the tartar without a lot of pressure and the tartar came off. I decided to do the same thing with the molars. I was able to remove the tartar from my other dog as well, after I continued to do the same thing. I was happy, but I didn't think rubbing toothpaste everyday would pay off. I don't have to spend a lot of money because their teeth are clean, and I just have to keep them clean. This review will help you.

👤Our senior rescue who never had brushing likes it.

👤I was not sure if the dental gel was right for me. I can't believe the difference after 30 days of trying this. I have a whippet rescue and his teeth were terrible. It's amazing how well this works, the tartar has broken up and come off of his teeth with my fingernails. You have to use it daily or twice a day. It will do the trick.

11. Pet King Brands Advanced Hydrocortisone

Pet King Brands Advanced Hydrocortisone

The dog and cat have ears. Relief from irritations. The formula helps relieve issues. Natural pet ear solution that is safe. Patented system helps clear ears.

Brand: Zymox

👤Since my cat has a chronic issue, I thought it would be a good idea to change the formula of the red label Zymox plus to one without hydrocortisone. I thought it would work the same. I think it's more appropriate for longterm use with pets who just need a basic cleaner. I noticed my cat's ear got bad after 3 days of trying it. I went back to the red label one. That one works great for him. It might be a good idea for Zymox to state what works best. It's a real blessing for pets with ear issues, but I wish they were a little clearer on the details so it's easier to know which one to get. It's not the product's fault that it didn't work on my cat because this product does work when used for the proper issue. He needs the red label one. I would like to know which bottle does what so I don't buy the wrong one. These products are awesome.

👤This has been a miracle for our dog. A senior cocker spaniel rescue dog came to us with horrible dental infections and chronic ear infections. The vet took care of her dental infections and we worked hard to clear up her ear. We went back and forth between infections in her ears for over a year. We tried a lot of different things over the course of a year and a half because we didn't want to do surgery on this older girl after all of her dental surgeries. Within two weeks of starting treatment with this product, the infections were completely cleared up. It has been several months. The product is used 1-2 times per week as preventative. The bottle is small for the price, but it lasts a long time. It is cheaper than vet visits and prescription drugs for dogs.

👤It does a great job. I am happy and angry about it. Hundreds of dollars at the vet, ear cultures and tests, and your dog has nothing wrong with his ears, but take these pills just in case. Is that really true? He's a bully dog, getting older and possibly has a grain allergy, and every time he did he would roll around grinding his head into the rug. He has been NUTS for almost a year. I've spent a lot of money on stuff from stores that never helped, but this stuff I used for a few days and he is getting better. No head shaking, no tilt his head to the side, no carpet grinding. It is worth a shot.

👤My sharpei had an ear ache that lasted for weeks and the next stop was a specialist. I switched from the medication that wasn't working to hydrocortisone first and then toposatex. I switched to this version after 2 weeks and his ears were perfect for 3.5 weeks. He ended up with an ear ache that was much longer and much more expensive than what I had started with. Next time, I'll stop by the vet. If your pet has a bad infection it may take longer than 14 days. They were correct that I stuck with it. A bad person may need more time with the product. Do not clean ears.


What is the best product for dog ear cleaner zymox?

Dog ear cleaner zymox products from Zymox. In this article about dog ear cleaner zymox you can see why people choose the product. Pet King Brands and Bexley Labs are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog ear cleaner zymox.

What are the best brands for dog ear cleaner zymox?

Zymox, Pet King Brands and Bexley Labs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog ear cleaner zymox. Find the detail in this article. Vet Organics, Burt's Bees and Bexley Labs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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