Best Dog Ear Cleaner Solution Foam

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1. RUBOLD Natural Cleaner Complementary Hydrocortisone

RUBOLD Natural Cleaner Complementary Hydrocortisone

No more head shaving,ITCHING, and other head-shaving methods can be avoided. Natural remedy that helps to prevent future ear problems. Ear wax build-up, dirt, odor, and debris can be removed with a clean and odorless ear spray. Measuring ear care drops is easy with the Easy Application Nozzle. Measure capfuls and pour liquid on the floor. What could be better than natural? This formula is free of harmful and harsh medication and chemicals. This formula of soothing natural ingredients from Coconut & Palm guarantees the most gentle ear cleaning your Furry Friend has ever experienced. Pets with sensitive ears can benefit from this ear cleanser. It is also suitable for any puppy over 12 weeks. You will love the scent. You can be sure about the highest quality with this non-irritating ear wash. If you're not completely satisfied, just contact them and they'll give you a full refund. When you order today, there's no risk.

Brand: Rubold

👤We used this product on our dog, who was shaking her head and would whine if we tried to look at her left ear. She lay still while we cleaned her ears. Round 2 of 3 will be tomorrow. It seems to be the perfect product. How long it took to reach us is a problem. The ears of Lara are clean and pain free. She is happy again. It is Brandy's turn now. Our next door neighbor's dog has been having ear problems for over a year. She gets antibiotics and shots at the vet weekly. Let's see if Brandy can stop getting shots and have healthy ears.

👤My cat has had an ear problem since I got her, she is eight months old. I went to the vet and got her a medicine to put in her ears. The vet told me to use it for a certain amount of time. It didn't work. She had brown gunk in her ears after using that product for so long. If you have never cleaned out cats' ears before, I can assure you that it is the most gross thing you have ever seen. I landed here after a few months of searching for the right product. Everyone had the same illness as my cat. I looked at the cat reviews to be extra cautious. I received this product on the day it was supposed to come. Today is my sixth day of using this product. Every time I get my cat to clean her ears, she freaks out as much as she used to. The smell of this is better than the chemical smelling ear cleaners. I haven't found a difference from the first time I used this. There is a lot of dirt and brown gunk in her ears. I was hoping for a change in my cat's ears but nothing has happened. This is a review that is honest. I didn't get a discount from this company. I want people to know that sometimes it doesn't work. The picture that I have added is the one that came out of my cat's ears on the 6th day of cleaning them with this cleaner. Hope this helps.

👤My dog has had chronic ear infections since we had her, she was about 5 months old, she'll be 4 soon. It's gotten worse this year. She had only one ear, but her ears would stink so much that they felt flaky. I've tried a few things from the store. They don't work. My sisters ear infection was fixed with an ear infection cleaner she got from the vet, but within a week or two it would come back. The thing is a miracle worker. She was going to be stuck with ear infections for the rest of her life. I will clean her ear canal a few times this week and once a week after that, but I haven't used it in a while. I can tell that she's happier now that her ear isn't smelly, she's not scratching at her ears anymore, and her ear isn't flakiness. Will update when her ear is better.

2. TropiClean Alcohol Free Wash Pets

TropiClean Alcohol Free Wash Pets

Ear wash for dogs and cats promotes cleaner ears. The main source of infections and irritation is debris and wax. Soothes and Relieves helps relieve itching and inflammation in the ears. Cleans ears with a scent of cocoa butter. No-Sting Formula is alcohol, paraben, and dye free. The highest quality ingredients are gentle and safe for sensitive pets. It is made in the U.S.A.

Brand: Tropiclean

👤I took a chance on this product because I am loving this brand. My cat is getting earwax. She was scratching and tearing up her ear. I have been using different brands from Petco. Tropiclean petwipes were bought to help wipe her ears. I bought this earwash from Tropiclean and I am very happy. This product loosened the hardened wax. I took a qtip and cleaned it out. I know they don't use them. I didn't put it in her ear. It was to grab the pieces that were loose. This is the 4th product I've tried from Tropiclean and I'm very happy with it. The scent is clean and fresh, but not strong. It smells like coconuts. Definitely recommend!

👤I bought this because I wanted to buy the alcohol free version. I'm glad I made that mistake. During the summer, this product dries out the ears and is amazing. I use it whenever my dog swims. He pays for pool time and hates it. It's much cheaper than a vet visit. The scent is mild. If the cap is turned on, the top will leak. You should order it again.

👤My cat was scratching his head and ears. He had scratched his head and ears. He improved after a visit to the vet, who said he had a lot of wax in his ears, but he continued to scratch his ears. I put some on a cotton ball to get a sample of his ears. He was hesitant at first but soon realized it made his ears feel better and he cooperated. The instructions say to apply liberally. I modified the application because I knew it would be uncomfortable for him. After 2 weeks of applying every few days, his head and ears are almost healed. This has a pleasant scent and is very relaxing. The product seems to be healing.

👤It didn't seem to kill my dog. It probably didn't hurt the environment. It is a problem. If your dog doesn't have a problem and you just want to wipe out the ears, it's fine. In my case, I found a large clump of dark yuk in one ear. There was no discharge, just a clump at the entrance of his ear canal. I tried to make the clump softer with a few drops. The dog wasn't having it. The clump was wiped with a cotton ball. Nothing was transferred onto the cotton. I wiped the cotton ball with this fluid after I saturated it. The reduction in the size of the clump wasn't changed this time. Grabbed a pair of scissors. That worked. I'll keep working at it as the dog allows, as the clump is much smaller now. I don't know if this was green water or not, but it was 8 wasted dollars on a bottle of fluid. It was not effective.

👤This had a lot of very bad ingredients. My cats had hot and red ears,nothing in this killed ear mites. Boric acid, oats, acetic acid, propelene glycol, fragrance, emulsifier, and alpha hydroxy are ingredients. Cocoa butter was put in large writing.

3. Arava Natural Ear Mite Treatment

Arava Natural Ear Mite Treatment

TREAT PAINFUL EAR MITE INFECTIONS and keep your dog or cat clean and healthy. The Arava premium dog ear mite treatment contains 9 all-natural ingredients and 26 Dead Sea minerals in order to effectively eliminate mite infections and keep your pet's ears clean. Cats under 13 lbs should not be used for surgeries over 9 months. Cats, puppies, and small breed dogs can be given up to 3 drops per ear. You can see results in 10 days. All you have to do is use their pet ear mite cleaner for at least 10 days in order to eliminate painful ear infections. Make sure to apply their natural ear mite medicine if the symptoms are more serious. The treatment with the Arava PET EAR WIPES will give you the best results. 100% clean and healthy pets, or your money back! That is their 30-days guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you don't like their treatment.

Brand: Arava - Dead Sea Pet Spa

👤I am very happy to have found this product. I took my cat to the vet to get her shots and asked if they could check to see if she had ear mites, since she was constantly scratching her ears and they stank. They said she did not. A year has passed. She was still having the same problem and the gunk would come out of her ears. I bought this product myself. I made a huge difference right away. She was scratching less and her ears were not stinking. I have been doing it for two weeks because it hasn't all cleared out. This product seems to work and it smells good.

👤My cat was scratching at his ears and shaking his head. I searched Amazon and found a cheapo product. It had warnings about poisons and skin contact precautions, so enter this product on my search page and it will work. I am very happy with my purchase. The scent is very pleasant and Kitty has stopped shaking his head. This product was made and helped make this condition easy to treat without harsh chemicals.

👤After trying this and having a cat that smelled like clove and looked like a junkyard kitty, I saw some of the more damning reviews. I was thinking about how many people on here thought that I should have taken the blue pill. I thought that I should return it and get something else, but everything else has so many chemicals. She had relief by the end of the day. The smell isn't strong. Here's the thing. It works and it doesn't need a lot of terrible chemicals. I used to own a dog and used Hartz flea meds on it. My dog seized for 7 hours straight because of the Hartz flea meds. They said it was bad. Hartz is one of the major alternatives for ear mite meds for dogs and cats. I'm going natural if I can. My cat had an oil mark on his face for a few days. The oil did not get on anything else. I made my cat scratch at the back of her ear, but not to the point where she was bald, but to remove a few light tufts of hair. It wasn't perfect in looks, but it did work amazingly well and brought almost instant relief. The whole thing was over in about 4-5 days, and many fun jokes were shared about her appearance. It was a great experience. I received a note from the company as well. I didn't know they donate to charity. That was a nice surprise. John Fisher is back! I would like to thank you for being a part of our charity. Our company is committed to the safety and protection of all animals and as part of our vision, we donate a portion of our profits to various organizations. You help us do it. Find 23 homes for stray dogs and cats and buy 950 pounds of food by joining us. Pay for 37 veterinary treatments this month alone. Cool. Great product. Works a dream.

4. Doggie Dailies Formulated Maintains Cleanliness

Doggie Dailies Formulated Maintains Cleanliness

Veterinarian Formulated Pet Ear Drops, Safe For Routine Use, is made from an effective blend ofAloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, and Echinacea that work together to safely loosen and remove dirt, ear wax, and debris from your pet's ears. Depending on your dog's needs, Doggie Dailies ear treatment is safe to use frequently. Dog Ear wash that is easy to use, has a pleasant scent and will not burn or sting your dog. The bottle has an easy-to-use tip that makes administering the ear drops and cleaning your dog's ears much easier. Your dog will love their ear wash because it will not burn or sting them. Their dog ear cleaner is perfect for keeping your dog's Ear Health and Cleanliness. You and your dog have to deal with a lot of irritation and smelly ears. Bring your dog to have an ear treatment. Risk free, order your bottle of Doggie Dailies ear wash now. Made in the USA with ingredients from around the world. When you become a customer, you become part of the family at the Doggie Dailies. If you order their Ear Cleanser for Dogs, you will receive passionate customer service and a money-back guarantee.

Brand: Doggie Dailies

👤This ear cleaner is very good. A lot of scar tissue was left in my little girl's ear after she had a hematoma. There's been a lot of gunk in her ear. I'm not sure what it is. It's not an illness. It's not spread. Her ear is not oozing anything. I have to wipe out the gunk every other day. It starts itching and bothering her if I don't. She'll scratch her ear and shake her head at the same time. Sometimes she will lay down and cry, it will hurt her so bad. I have been wiping her ear clean. I had to dig all the way in her ear canal with the wipe to get it clean because her scar tissue makes it so that there are tons of nooks and crannies for the gunk to build up inside. I would dig and wipe every day to keep up with the gunk. I think digging wasn't the best thing to do because the brown gunk made her ear itch badly, but she liked the relief and the medicated wipes seemed to start making her itch more. The vet had given me drops after the wipe. Drop, wipe, wipe, drop -- This was going to be our life for the rest of our lives. When I ran out of the drops, I looked on Amazon for more and wondered what I was going to do. I was convinced that it was worth a try after reading the reviews. I'm glad we found them. The brown gunk stopped accumulating quickly after one use. I don't want to cheapen the statement with the word "instantly" because it sounds like shyness. It's accurate. Immediately, her ear got better. The scar tissue will always be there. By the time I used the cleaner twice, the brown gunk was gone. It's been four days since I've done anything to her ear and it's still clean. I'll give the cleaner a gentle wipe today or tomorrow. There is no need to dig anymore. She's not shaking her head or itching her ear. There is no more sad dog crying. I like that the ingredients are healthy and smell good. I expect to use these drops once a week. The dropper on the bottle is too large for me. Too much cleaner is coming out of the container. That's not a big deal. I never thought it was possible to make my dog feel better. I will be a customer for the rest of my life.

👤My rescue dog had brown gunk in his ears. I tried everything and nothing worked. I cleaned his ears with cotton and witch hazel, but it didn't work and he had brown gunk on them. I can't believe the gunk is gone. I use this once a week or even every two weeks and it's clean, pink ears. He knows that when I clean his ears, it's not going to hurt, so he just sits there and does it. Thank you for the great product, it really does work.

5. Douxo Micellar Bottle Solution 8 4 Ounce

Douxo Micellar Bottle Solution 8 4 Ounce

Excellent cleansing power for the ears is provided by this. It's suitable for cleansing prior to any treatment.

Brand: Douxo

👤I tried to put in her ears after she's been swimming, but she doesn't like it. I can't do anything because she swims daily and she has floppy ears, so they get really bad if not cleaned enough. I've tried a lot of different products for dogs that swim, but every time she hides from me, I use the product on her ears and she rubs her ears into the carpet for a good 10 minutes to express her displeasure. I've learned that it can be dangerous and cause hematomas in dogs. She hasn't freaked out about this product when I grab it. No more chasing her. After filling the ear canal, I rub it in gently for a few minutes, then I try to remove most of it with a Kleenex. She shakes her head and then goes to sleep. I couldn't believe it! I'm so thankful that my vet recommended it.

👤If used correctly, this is a miracle solution. This is the only solution that worked for our poodle. We spent over $700 dollars in vet bills. When you squirt some dowh inside the ear, make sure you massage it gently at the base of the ears for a minute before shaking the dog's head. If you have a mess, treat it outside.

👤I buy this for my dog's ears and it works great to clean their ears. I was told to use this after baths and swimming in the ocean or pool because my golden retriever got so many ear infections. I can't say enough good things about this solution. Most cell walls are lyses. I put the solution in the dog's ear and hold it closed so it can drain down and then use a cotton make up removal pad to pull it out and wipe it clean. This stuff is great. Life is changing for me.

👤After my golden's first ear yeast infection was eradicated, my vet suggested this product. I use it if there is an odor or I can see wax build up that I cannot easily remove. It is easy to use, just untwist the nozzle, and squirt into the ear canal while holding the ear flap up, and then massage the base of the ear to help remove anything. When your pup shakes like crazy, you should tent him with a towel. The part that is important is getting the build up out. If you have a stone still dog who loves having her ears cleaned, there is always unnecessary waste when you turn the bottle over to get to his ear canal because the liquid will stream out with gravity.

👤Our dog's ear needs to be hydrated. The product is easy to use and I don't think any dog will enjoy it. The bottle is shaped well to fit in a dog's ear. We have ordered it several times and there are no sharp edges on the plastic. The solution is odorless. It's not bad. It seems to get the wax out of my dog's ear. We go through it quickly with weekly cleanings recommended by our vet. Our dog is 90 lbs. and I wish it came in a larger volume. If we are lucky, we can get 3-4 irrigations out of it, but only one ear. That's the only reason I wouldn't take a star. It's a waste of plastic to have to order it over and over.

6. VetWELL Ear Cleaner Dogs Cats

VetWELL Ear Cleaner Dogs Cats

Veterinarian formula to clean, deodorize and dry your pets ears. Daily use of safe and gentle ear cleanser. Won't hurt the Ear Canal. Itching, Scratching, Head Shaking and Irritation are Eliminated by this. Ear Infections are caused by Growths, buildup, and itching. Quality and safety are ensured in the USA with Federally regulated manufacturing facilities.

Brand: Vetwell

👤I just adopted a kitten. She had really dirty ears. I cleaned her ears every day after I bought what I needed from the vet's office. She was getting worse and it soon turned into infections in her ears. After reading reviews about EarWell, I thought it would be my last attempt before I took her to the vet. It was the best decision ever. She is cleaning her ears again. I notice a huge improvement already. Her ears were terrible. The gunk that came out of her ears was so bad that she thought it would never end. She must have felt better after the first tike because she sat like an angel every time I cleaned her. Can't wait to see what she comes up with after a week of cleanings. I regret not taking pictures of her ears before I started using this with her. I'm completely confident that she'll be better soon thanks to this amazing product, because she's been using it for two days now. Thank you, Vetwell! This customer is not paid to leave a review. I wanted to let you know that the good news is that it will help other's debate on buying this for their fur baby.

👤I used this on my cat and it had good reviews. After using it for a few weeks, his ears were still dirty, and they got worse. I took him to the vet because he was getting irritated in his ears so badly that they were bleeding out the eardrum. I'm not saying that this isn't a good product. I'm leaving this review because it might not work for all cats or dogs. If you don't see results or if you see bleeding of the ears, then you should take your pet in. I tried to use this as a home remedy because I had read that it would be cheaper than going to the vet. Be careful.

👤My dog and I have had problems with her ears since I bought her three years ago. I've spent a lot of money on vet bills. My brother-in-law told me that one of his friends recommended this product to him, and I feel like I've tried everything. I can't say enough good things about our experience. I cleaned her ears twice a week after using it, because brown particles stopped appearing in her outer ear. This product works. I will not use anything else.

👤My vet recommended this ear cleaner. My dog has floppy ears which are prone to getting infections, especially after swimming in any body of water. When she got an ear infection after swimming in a river, I used this every day and night for a few weeks. I will probably use this once a week to make sure her ears are clean and to try to avoid any infections in the future. Will try to be more conscious of cleaning after swimming as well.

👤This stuff is amazing. I take my mastiff mix to the vet for ear infections every 3-4 months. I bought this product because of a corgi friend's recommendation and it is amazing. I flushed his ears with this product and they were almost back to normal after one use. I couldn't believe it. The product smells like a hair product. I will be a returning customer.

7. Arava Natural Treatment Antibacterial Inflammations

Arava Natural Treatment Antibacterial Inflammations

Make sure that your pets are healthy and happy by treating chronic ear inflammation. The Arava natural dog ear infections treatment contains natural ingredients and Dead Sea minerals that can be used to treat and prevent ear infections. Natural active ingredients and dead sea minerals will help treat acute dog ear inflammations and act as a barrier against future infections. You can see results in 10 days. All you have to do is use their pet ear cleaner for at least 10 days in order to eliminate painful ear infections in dogs and cats. If the symptoms are more serious, make sure to apply their natural ear cleaner solution. The treatment for the early signs of cancer should be done with the Arava PET EAR WIPES. 100% clean and healthy pets, or your money back! That is their 30-days guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you don't like their ear infections for dogs and cats.

Brand: Arava - Dead Sea Pet Spa

👤I bought this ear wash for my dog. It was used in one ear. His ear was swollen shut and bright red the next morning. He had to be treated with anti-histamines for 2 days to reduce the swelling and then have a burn in his ear. My dog is poor. This product should be discontinued by this company. Absolutely ridiculous!

👤The order was received quickly and the return went smoothly, so there were no poor reviews on customer service. The Arava Natural Pet Ear Cleaner made my dogs ears worse. I stopped using it after his ears became bright red. His ears are all better now that I discovered aholistic option. Some dogs may use this product, but not mine.

👤I wish I had taken pictures of my dog before and after it died. She had an ear problem. She has food allergies. The vet wanted her to have allergy medication. The cost for the medication was over $100. Natural remedies are good for treating sickness. The only thing that made me hesitate was the comments where people said the product didn't work immediately. I wondered if they read the instructions or if they were consistent, because the instructions state that you need to apply it for 10 days to see the results. My dog's ears were so bad that you can see the redness, swelling and shut. She lay down for a day because of the infections and couldn't shake her head. It was amazing how well this product worked after 7 days. I can see that she was relieved after the first day. She is happy again. Excellent product. You have to be consistent in applying the solution and allow the dog to shake his ears and clean the excess in the exterior after. It takes about 10 days for chronic cases to work. The solution has a brown color and is gentle on their ears. My dog ears are almost back to normal, I'm almost at the 10 day mark. I'm running out of time. I need another one to keep handy as I clean my dog's ears. This natural product is amazing if you follow the instructions and follow the treatment.

👤I read reviews that said to be consistent and apply daily for at least a week, but I still thought it wasn't working because my dog still scratched at her ears after a couple of days. She stopped using it after about a week. We are doing an application every few days and she is doing great with no ear irritation. Be consistent for several days. I am very happy to support the State of Israel.

👤My Charlie's ears started to itch. My dog's ears were found to have an infection. It took me a long time to find a solution to the problem. It was important to me that the product was safe, that it did not harm my dog or me, and that it helped to get rid of the infection. My vet approved the Ear Infection Treatment that I found from Arava. I took a chance. It was easy to use and I wanted to avoid stress for Charlie. My pet feels better after the infections and redness is gone. He stopped scratching my ears.

8. Vet Recommended Dog Ear Cleanser

Vet Recommended Dog Ear Cleanser

The overheating should be stopped. Save money on vet bills. It works better than other ear infections for dogs. The vet recommended dog ear cleanser has soothing aloe Vera and leaves ears smelling fresh and clean. It's helpful on your dog's ears. The vet recommended dog ear cleanser is gentle yet effective at cleaning and eliminating the stinky ear odor. There are remedies for eastern infectious diseases. It's a better alternative to regular ear infections for dogs. The dog ear cleaner is a great alternative to prescription drugs. They should get their ear pink and clean it. DITCH. The Stinky Dog Earps. Many ear infections medicine don't always get rid of the odor. This will help with dog ear infections and will help to eliminate smelly ear odor. DIRT & 888-405-7720 It works better than dog ear wipes to remove dirt and earwax. Lift the ear flap and apply a small amount of cleanser to clean the ear dirt and wax.

Brand: Vet Recommended

👤I gave this a month to work and it didn't, so I'm only giving this one star. I took my dog to the vet to have her ear cleaned and she said it was not a good idea to use it because it contains alcohol and causes inflammation. There is a The type of ear infections I had was abacterial. My vet gave me a soothing ear wash and ear drops to kill the germs. My dog's ear infections were cleared up by her prescription.

👤My dog had a lot of ear wax and dried ear wax around his ear, it smelled bad, and he was scratching his ear a lot. I bought this product because we were pretty sure that he had a yeast infection in one of his ears. He is doing better after a day. My only suggestion to the company is to give suggestions on how to use the product, we didn't say how often we needed to use it. We are doing it every day until this clears up. This is the first time I have ever used a product like this and it is working, so it means a lot to me. I'm happy my dog is doing better in one day.

👤This is the best ear cleaner I have ever used. The dogs seem to like it. My girl has an ear allergy. I took her to the vet for a checkup. Doc said he didn't know what you were using but that you should keep it up. I have tried everything but this is the best I have ever used. The only thing I would change is that a lot of product comes out rather than being able to just use drops. Will keep it in my grooming stuff. Thank you for the nice emails from the company and the offers of help I might need.

👤Boxers get yeast infections in their ears. I have been using prescription drugs for a long time. She had her ears cleared in a few days. I wish I'd found this years ago.

👤I have a german shepard who is having problems with her ears and this product is great. Her vet product works well but is very expensive and a small bottle, she has stopped shaking her head, her ears are a nice color again, they smell much better and all the yucky stuff is gone, she was shipped really. I will buy this product again.

👤We have a corgi that gets yeast infections from getting water in her ears. We thought we would give it a try because she loves the water. She isn't scratching at her ears anymore and it seems to be working. We will be repeat customers for this product.

👤The yeast infections were gone in 1 week. It's better to take the dog to the vet to get the medication. This cleaning solution saved over a hundred dollars. Will update if something changes.

👤My dog had bad ear infections, he scratched his ears and shook his head. His ears were red and he only had one week to clean them. The ears are no longer scratching after two weeks.

9. MISTER BENS Original Cleaner Dogs

MISTER BENS Original Cleaner Dogs

The best way to stop itching, scratching and head shaking is with a few treatments. Almost immediate relief from infections, inflammation, swelling, redness, and irritations will be noticed. This is one of the best treatments for dog ear infections. The Wash and Tonic can be purchased on Amazon. The unique dog ear care kit and cleanser has six active ingredients to treat and protect ears against the root causes of most infections. Works for all dog breeds. One of the best treatments for itching and odor. All natural contains 100% Cold pressed organic Aloe, Marshmallow root, Ginkgo leaf and Oregon grape root, which are natural and effective cleaning and healing agents. Don't use anything but the most effective dog ear cleaner and treatment. No more earaches. Don't use when your dog is having issues. For long term use, their formulas are safe. Keep your dog's ears healthy and pain free for the rest of his life. Every Mister Ben's Pet Product you purchase, you will get a free eBook on Dog Ear Health and a donation to Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Brand: Mister Ben's

👤Here's the scoop. I need an effective ear wash and treatment because my dogs are flapping their ears so much that I am surprised they don't have brain damage. I need to get something that works so I can limit the physical damage to myself and the psychological damage that this seems to have on them, because the wrestle-mania like effort I have to employ to do this means I need to. Good stuff, Ear wash. Even though they hate messing with their ears, this stuff seems to calm them down. It has an orange color that will get flapped all over so it's best to wrestle outside. It's got a substance that works well at calming irritation. Ear tonic is good but takes a lot. The tonic hurts my dogs ears. When this goes in, I get a lot of crying and panting. The ear flapping slows down, which is a good sign. The tonic says to use 3-6 dropperfuls in each ear. It is nearly impossible to do after one dropperful of my dogs thinking I'm trying to kill them. It's not possible to hold them for more than 2 more. My dogs are not the fault of the tonics. The bottle will not last long. The dogs love the bag of treats that they receive, at least that's what I received. I wish I could get the response of Pavlov when I used the treats to get them to like the treatment. The company donates to Last Chance Animal Rescue so they have a good soul. I would be a customer for life if they added a tranquilizer to those treats.

👤Our basset was diagnosed with an ear infection. They had tried drugs. They helped, but then it would come back. When we tried to put his medication in, he would review it. We went to the tonic and ate wash. He looks forward to getting the tonic out of his ear. The picture is 9 days after I used the product. The top is before the bottom.

👤My dog's ears had become raw. She was scratching her ears until they bled. She's happy and healthy again after I ordered this product. No more scratching, no more red ears. Will definitely be buying from now on. People have complained about the smell, but this is a natural product. What you are smelling is something. Natural products are not going to be filled with perfume. I prefer a natural product for my pet and myself. We're exposed to a lot of chemicals daily, a few less than I would like.

👤I think we have found a solution to the constant earbacteria in my yellow labs ears. I mean years. I was excited to try this out after reading all of the reviews. The results so far are amazing, but it was only 3 weeks. I found a noticeable difference in her ears after 3-4 days. I'm estatic. We are in lab #2, I own 4 labs. He is responding the same way. I don't think you will be disappointed if you try this. I am very happy.

10. Nutri Vet Ear Cleansing 8 Oz

Nutri Vet Ear Cleansing 8 Oz

Cleanings and deodorizations: Ear cleaner for dogs helps in the removal of wax, dirt and other gunk from the dog's ears. There is a feeling of relief from altering. It stops itching from a variety of infections. The combination of gentle yet effective ingredients that work together to soothe irritated ears is suitable for all dogs and puppies. It was made by veal. The products are made to the highest standards of quality and consistency. Premium ingredients are made in the USA.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤I do rescue and rehabilitate, so I go through a lot of basic care items for animals. I like this ear cleaner because it's a large bottle for the price and it's gentle. I have gotten this all over my hands with open scratches and nicks and it doesn't burn or sting, and you'd be surprised how many do! It's not greasy, which is an issue I've run into with other cleaners, but if you get a lot of it on your pet's fur, you'll probably want to take a baby wipe or washcloth and wipe some of it out. If your pet's ears are dirty, you should do a few cleanings to get everything out, but this will loosen things up over time. It's best for routine maintenance cleanings. If you have a flop eared animal with a lot of hair in their ears, or have a history of ear issues, you may want to use drops for swimmers ear after cleaning. Animals feel like there's a bit of liquid trapped in the debris if you don't get all the wax out. Any other swimmer's ear product will clear it out. It's a good thing. I really like this product.

👤My 4 year oldTerriPoo is allergic to everything. She tends to get an overgrowth of yeast everywhere. The little thing is a hot mess. Her ears are one of the areas that are prone to yeast overgrowth. She has the cute floppy ears, but they come with a price...yeast growth, and the fleas that lay their eggs in her ear canals. I've been cleaning them with a mixture of water and organic apple cider vinegar, which has done the job up to now. There is a The poor thing was shaking her head and pawing at her ears a few days ago. At that point, we were beyond apple cider vinegar. I have been confined to my home for the past 10 months because I am disabled. I can't get myself out to my car with my car to drive myself anywhere. I had to do something about her ears. I wouldn't let her go without treatment. If this didn't work, we would have to go to her vet, so I decided to give this a try. There is a My dog is sensitive to being touched, so I was worried that I would have to shoot liquid into her ear canal, since she hates it. Thankfully, I was able to get her to lay down so that I could massage it in according to the directions. I expected the solution to make her ears worse. She allowed me to massage it in as I was told, and then wipe the excess out with a cotton ball. She shook her head a few times. She has been sleeping peacefully ever since this was hours ago, which is a great relief to her. Will give her a few days to figure it out. This has a slight scent to it. It doesn't smell bad, but I don't think it causes an allergic reaction in my dog. Hopefully, this will allow her to be happy, goofy little self. This will be the best $8 I have ever spent. My dog, Dayzee, says, "Thank you, Nutri-Vet!"

11. Pet MD Cat Dog Cleaner

Pet MD Cat Dog Cleaner

This soothing pet ear cleaner helps cleanse, deodorize, and dry the ear canal to help stop itching and help prevent further ear issues. The pet ear cleaner is formulated by veterinarians to be safe for pets 12 weeks and older, so it gently cleans the ear. Cats and dogs can use a scented ear cleaner. The mild sugar cookie scent helps eliminate ear odor. Use daily or as needed to clean cat or dog ears. The cat and dog ear cleaner solution is a great way to clean out the ear canal after swimming. It's great for hunting or working pets. Pet MD has a blend of effective ingredients for your pet's ear cleaning needs.

Brand: Pet Md

👤It is a good ear cleaner. I wish I didn't wear it.

👤I probably spend 80% of my time petting her and giving her rubs. She really gets into them, digging her head into my hand and groaning with pleasure until my hand and her head are both on the floor and we return to square one and start over. She doesn't like me getting inside her ear, even though I know she would love having a clean ear canals. The squirt bottle makes it much easier to get salt water and peroxide in. A quick shake, a quicker squirt, even more quickly followed by a good hard ear rub before she could reflect on the startling sensation of foam in her ears too much, and I'm satisfied that her ears are on their way to being happier, hopefully also less itchy ears. The bottle says to apply liberally, but I think I applied a little too liberally, as it got all over her hair outside her ears, and had to be cleaned up. The scent of sugar cookie is so strong that it can linger on my hands even after a wash. It doesn't seem like it would appeal to a dog. I'm happy to have this addition to the pet meds cabinet and to know that my dog's ears are clean. The bottle should last a long time even with regular use because it only takes a small amount of liquid to make a lot of foam. My dog's ears still smell strongly of this stuff, which makes me sad as I absolutely love the smell of the inside of my dog's ears, but it's like the top of a baby's head. That is completely overshadowed by this artificial sweet smell. If you don't have a weird thing for your dog's natural ear smell, you might like it.

👤We want to try this on our Pit Bull because he is prone to yeast infections in his ears if we don't use the cleaner during times of need. The cleaner is just as easy to use as our other product, but it smells better. Our other stuff had a strong scent. I'm glad I didn't smell the other smell again, this smells like a light sugar cookie scent. If it doesn't keep him from getting an infection, I'll update. I would recommend it to anyone that would like to try it.


What is the best product for dog ear cleaner solution foam?

Dog ear cleaner solution foam products from Rubold. In this article about dog ear cleaner solution foam you can see why people choose the product. Tropiclean and Arava - Dead Sea Pet Spa are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog ear cleaner solution foam.

What are the best brands for dog ear cleaner solution foam?

Rubold, Tropiclean and Arava - Dead Sea Pet Spa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog ear cleaner solution foam. Find the detail in this article. Doggie Dailies, Douxo and Vetwell are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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