Best Dog E Collar for Training

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1. BOUSNIC Dog Shock Collar Remote

BOUSNIC Dog Shock Collar Remote

The bousnic shock collar has 3 modes, which are humane and effective. The indicator lights are green and orange. Help them distinguish the modes you are using. The electric collar for dogs is waterproof. Please let your dog play in the water. The range of dog trainer collars is 1000 feet. Heavy Duty Dog Collars are designed for all sizes of dogs. It fits against the curve of your dog's neck and is lightweight. All sizes of dogs are comfortable with the high quality nylon collar. A dog training collar with a remote can charge in just 2 hours. The shocking collar for dogs can last for 15 days, while the remote can last for 30 days. Both can be charged by phone, PC, and car. The latest color of the year is Ultimate Gray, which is the latest color of the year 2021. Say goodbye to accidental shock with this security lock.

Brand: Bousnic

👤I received the extra collar strap today. I was able to replace the missing piece. The extra length of strap was held in place by rubber pieces. I put them on the strap as well. I am wondering if the updated collar has those. It would be an added luxury. The rubber contact points are a bonus for allergy prone dogs. Most ecollars have titanium contact points. My dog has reactions. The titanium is more expensive than the stainless steel. He has no reaction to the rubber tip. Nice touch. The plastic clasp is easier to use. One and done. You are good if you set it to the right size. No more trying to remember which hole it was. A happy dog that just wants to get out the door is no longer a problem. Just snap and go. I tested it in the rain. We had no issues the other day after a surprise downpour. If that is considered an issue, then being covered in mud is an issue. It would be nice to put the display at the top. I find myself hitting vibrate when I want to use static. I subconsciously tell myself the display is at the bottom even though my hand knows that. My fingers move up and down. I try to flip it before putting it in my pocket. It could be a me issue. Adding a beacon light is a good idea. If the collar had a beacon light like my other ones, I would use it exclusively. The company contacted me about the issues I mentioned. The collar was missing a clip that keeps the strap in place, and the sunlight issue is already being improved for their next batches. They are going to send it to me immediately. They have assured me that if I have any issues with the clip, they will be there to help me. I will change my rating from four to five stars if this is the case. It works for my high drive. It isn't perfect but works just as well as his $300+ collar and has a few quirks that could be improved. When I saw that it only went up to 16 I was not impressed. I instantly remembered my go-to saying, " Sometimes less is more," after trying it. This is more. It's a little bit of a shock. It definitely packs a punch. I would give it 4 stars. The E-collar is supposed to do the job, and it can control two dogs. The strap was not always tight. If you are fully dependent on the collar, it could be a disaster. One should never do that. It isn't a magic wand. It's a tool. Have a backup tool. Training is what it is. Training. Training! You can train for off-lead work with verbal commands. Don't let an untrained dog off their lead if they think the collar will bring them back. You will be disappointed. I give it 5 stars for ease of use. It's very easy to use. Charge it. Turn it on. Put it on your dog. Push the side button to find the right setting. Done. You can see your dog's initial reaction if you find a quiet place. Before you let your dog off lead, you should test that setting in a stimulating environment. A lot of times the setting needs to be adjusted. The battery life could be 5 stars. It has been two days. I have not needed to replenish it. The indicator still shows the bars. I think this will last all week. 5 stars for overall appearance. This is a winner because of the size of the collar and remote. The other collars are big and heavy. Look at me! My dog has an electronic device. It makes ignorant people judge my dog and me. I think this is a more low-profile collar. It's small, so it stands out a bit. It is not like a bullseye to your dog's neck. I have the remote in my pocket. It does not have a lanyard or belt clip, but it does have a wrist strap. You could loop it through and attach it to something. I know I don't have pockets for days. Who makes bottoms without pockets? I will attach it to my pack when I loop it through. The remote doesn't have a lot of confusing controls, that makes it better. It would be difficult to hit the wrong button. There are three. I like that. When I was in the sun, I had a hard time seeing the display. I didn't like it. There is a minor problem. The display light could drain battery life. It cost them nothing. It would bounce the sunlight off of it. It cost them a few cents. I think either one would be fine. The strap is a con that makes me not love this collar. It is an easy fix for them. It is not easy for us. If your dog is full-grown, you can find the right size for them and then fit the strap with a rivet. It should not self-adjusting. It would be a perfect collar if they could fix it. Every collar I've gotten has had issues. If I compare them all. I've gotten a lot of expensive and confusing collars, but this one outweighs them. I'm beyond picky and have yet to find a perfect one. This little beauty is comparable to some of the top e-collars I've gotten so far and for a fraction of the price. With what I've said and the warnings I've given, I feel confident in recommending it.

2. PATPET Training Rechargeable Waterproof 5 100lbs

PATPET Training Rechargeable Waterproof 5 100lbs

3 Training Modes and Security switch are safe humane training modes. The standard "Tone" mode has different static shock levels. The security switch is on. Don't worry about carrying the remote because it won't shock you. If you want to train two dogs through one remote, PATPET can meet your needs. Up to 3000 Ft allows you to train your pet indoors and outdoors. The receiver collar is able to work 30 days after fully charging, and the remote is able to work 60 days. You can see a low battery display on the remote and receiver. It is comfortable for all sizes of dogs. The nylon collar can be adjusted to fit a dog's neck size. Even puppies fit perfectly, the collar is stronger and smaller. If your dog likes to play with water, IPX7 waterproof technology is for you. The IPX7 waterproof collar stays in the water for half an hour, and its performance is not affected. Your dog can play in the rain or chase toys around a pool.

Brand: Patpet

👤The dogs are very barky. They bark at everyone. Going for walks is not fun. One dog is only 11 lbs and has anxiety, so we were afraid to buy a collar. The collars work well. People didn't like that when you turned it on. Our dogs run to put it on when they hear the noise. We give positive encouragement after they follow directions with the beep, which is turning out to be a more positive approach than the constant saying their names and telling them to stop. I think they were well worth the money and encourage anyone on the fence to do it.

👤This is something to buy. It was a good result after only one use. We tried two different bark collar and a bark box that was supposed to emit a high pitched sound, but nothing worked with my barking dogs, who needed to alert me to every single happening outside. I had to interrupt my work calls when I was at home. Nothing worked. Until this. I used in on my barker and he stopped after two buzzes at level 4. For real! I can't imagine needing a 5 or a 6. He is a pit/boxer mix. I'm still amazed. The setting on this thing is so low that neither of us could feel it until we got to setting 4. It wasn't too shocking for us at 4. I started at 3 and he barked, went to 4 and then one more zap at 4 and he was fine. Not a mean look at me like he has done with the buzzing bark collars. He was getting zapped even when the little one was not barking. This product is worth a lot. Don't hesitate. I thought my dog would be mad at me, but he is not. Buy it. I couldn't comment on battery life, but I did give a good review. I will come back.

👤My Yorkie was burned by this thing. I bought one for our Belgian Shephard, but the two constantly bark at each other. I got this one for my dog. I wanted to buzz her. I did not use the shock on her. It started malfunctioning after a week. The button made a noise. I removed it to find her fur was singed off and her skin was burning. I will be making a complaint with the company.

👤I have a dog. He is a spitfire. His name is Patrick. He doesn't have a problem starting a fight. A puppy was brought home by the daughter. He would attack the puppy without warning. I hurt my back trying to get him off the puppy. He was punished. The last straw was when he attacked the puppy outside. I love him now. I couldn't have him attack the puppy. I don't think he would have gone to the pound. I know he wouldn't be adopted. He was on a leash outside and inside. Do love him and he only loves me. My daughter told me that I should try a shock collar. I said no. I didn't want to hurt him with a shock collar. There is a I was looking at shock collars for Patrick. He was on a leash and it was starting to affect him. I found training gear. I had to find a small dog one. I came across training collar for patpets. I'm happy to say that. We are happy. He runs outside and inside. He knows when I call him he doesn't come. If he does something he shouldn't do it and if he doesn't show up he gets a sound. Twice he has been shocked. I'm able to keep Patrick out of situations that push his button. He wants to start a fight. I'm glad I found the collar. I didn't like that it didn't come with an accessory for charging. I don't like to use the same ones that are on my tablets. I went to B.B. I showed an associate what I need. She showed me a simple way to use it. I bought it. I had to buy a new collar. The collar on the harness got messed up. He doesn't wear a harness. There is a The replacement collar I bought from patpet still looks good. I would recommend this collar to anyone with a dog that has behavioral issues. The training collar works well. Just using the sound. Has helped him a lot. I have used the shock a couple of times. I have it set at 4. This is a long review. Patrick has behavioral issues and the training collar has helped him.

3. DOG CARE Training Collar Remote

DOG CARE Training Collar Remote

Dog training collar with remote offers 3 safe modes to educate your dogs, and is designed for pet owners, dog walkers, and professional trainers. Dog care shock collar for small dogs with remotes are designed with security in mind, so they are better for training and the care of dogs. The dog training collar is easy to use and portable, unlike the heavy dog training collar, which is half the size of a palm. The dog training collar with remote has a static level of 10, which is less than other shock collars for small dogs, but it's easier for the dog to feel the difference. The long battery life of the dog training collar is due to the fact that both the remote and receiver are rechargeable.

Brand: Dog Care

👤This is the best of the bunch. The other collars turn off automatically after 4 hours so it's a good feature until you let the dog out. The model stays on. The remote is easy to use. The small collar works well. It's a great way to train our dog to stay out of the garbage bins.

👤The new design of the collar is better for adjusting the shock level. I like to use the minimum level to get the results I want, but only on a few occasions. If either dog is making noise, all that is needed is a sound. We have two animals, a dog and a shepherd mix. The straps on the collar have a lot of flexibility. The collars are chewed on and dipped in the pool and still work. Keeping track of the remote is the hardest part.

👤This dog care collar is very nice. I can control my dog with a button. I haven't used the shock yet. He responds well to the vibrate. It's great for leash training when he starts pulling and it's great for getting his attention when he's doing something he shouldn't. I'm sure it will work as he matures. I like the size, the wheel to increase vibration, and the smaller collar that he can grow in, as well as the fact that it works well on a 2 setting. I would recommend everyone to me. Thanks.

👤I decided to purchase a training collar for my dog after having a lot of issues with him. After just 2 days of use, my puppy is more attentive and I attribute her change in behavior to this wonderful training collar! A useful training tool for your dog. This is the collar you've been looking for.

👤I got a dog care training collar for my boxer on New Year's. The collar is for large dogs. I was hoping it would work on the boxer. It's easy to set up from the box with step by step instructions and from there it's simple to use. I set the settings on the dog to the lowest first. She comes with the sound of the vibrate or the sound of the beep. It's a piece of mind to be able to take her outside and have her listen to me.

👤I bought the Dog Care's e-collar model several months ago, and I've been very happy with it, except for its awkward shock adjustment mechanism. When I was training my German Shepherd puppy, it took two hands to make an adjustment. I decided to try it when it became available. The most significant improvement is that a simple dial has replaced the awkward adjustment mechanism. The remote control is 1 ounce heavier than the one in the TC-05. The stops between the power levels are subtle when the wheel is static. The wheel will not turn if brushed lightly. It is now possible to make on-the-fly static intensity changes with one hand. The button layout on the newer model has not changed, so it was easy to get familiar with the remote by touch. When the intensity dial is turned or the unit is charging, the only time the light comes on is on the remote. The dog's receiver is much smaller than the older model, but still comparable in weight. On the previous model, the strap of the collar was wrapped around thin metal pins in order to attach the receiver to the collar. The nylon collar is secured to the receiver unit with rubbery tabs. I am not sure how the pieces are secured. Glued? Time will tell how durable those tabs are. The newer model's static prongs are a quarter inch farther apart. The front of the unit has a charging light on it. The charging port configuration is the same as the previous model, but the charging port cover broke off, so you won't see it in the pictures. Even if the receiver and remote are turned off, they will still communicate. The remote and receiver don't have an indicator to show how long the battery life is. The package had a lanyard, a charging cable, and caps for the shock prongs. The black/blue lanyard is on the left side of the remote, while the left side has the remote on the left side. The one on top is the one with the beige rubber band. This is an upgrade from the previous model. It is much more convenient to use, and I highly recommend it.

4. NVK Shock Collars Dogs Remote

NVK Shock Collars Dogs Remote

There are three training modes with the Beep. A maximum of 4 dogs can be trained with a shock collar. 1600ft remote and waterproof shock collar for dogs. The security lock prevents the remote from malfunctioning. The training collar takes about 3 hours to charge and will last about 15 days.

Brand: Nvk

👤The device is terrible. I tested the collar on my husband again because the dog has been going crazy when she feels the shock, so I wanted to make sure it worked. He said the shocks are stronger and travel through your body at a level of 1 to 3. Over time, the shocks become more intense and painful. You can test it on yourself or someone.

👤This is the worst remote collar I've seen. Level 1-99 is enough to kill a small dog. Click the button if you put it on your arm. Garbage. Dogtra and Ecollar technologies areReputable companies that I use other collars from. You get what you pay for. You can't feel on your arm at 15-20. I tried 50 with this unit, and always test myself before putting it on your dog. I swore so loudly that the neighbors could hear me. I was zapped with a stun gun. The delay is the next issue. The time from when you click the remote to when the collar goes off is 2ish seconds. If your dog is in a dangerous situation, it could be life or death. I bought this to try. I'm glad I did because it confirmed my suspicions. If you care about your dog, you should spend the money on a Dogtra or Mini Educator. Yes. They're close to $200. Is hitting your dog with a stun gun worth it for barking at a neighbor? Talk to your trainer. Be fair to your dog. Don't put it in this garbage!

👤There is no fence in the back yard. Our dog would run off and ignore the commands to come back. We never use the shock feature with this collar because he comes right back to us. The sound of a sound will get his attention back. We give him a treat when he comes back. He has been doing well so far. The device is easy to use and has been successful so far. We bought it about 2 months ago. Our dog is 100 lbs.

👤I have a puppy that is high energy and likes to chew. I bought this collar because of the situation I was in. My dog has improved a lot, only using the sound and the. This has made my life easier. If you fully charge the battery, it can last for several days. I can tell when I don't use the collar. She still responds positive. You have to train your dog fairly. If she didn't respond, I moved to the mode and gave her 3 opportunities. You can adjust the mode and get a positive response. The lock feature can be used when resting or doing other things with the dog. This review is helpful to me.

👤The batteries are cheap and wear out very quickly, so quit accepting charge after 3 charges. Do not buy this item. The charge design is poor since it doesn't plug in like the remote does. This was a waste of money for me. If I wrote a 5 star review on this item, I would get a $25 Amazon card, but this item was off of Amazon for a while. If you buy this, your pet will be shocked all the time because the button is so large and easy to use, and it will probably start peeing all over when it gets shocked, like I did before. I will spend a bit more and buy a better unit if you pay for it. Be careful! I love the audio and vibrate which is usually all I need, the shock is a lot even at the lowest setting for my pug, I wish the shock buttons were more stiff to avoid accidental discharge. I can't leave it in my pocket because it deploys the shock every time, but it works as long as you are careful and only turn it on when you need to use it.

5. Lu Ba Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

Lu Ba Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

3 training lights. The E-Collar has different modes with color reminders, which will help you when you switch from vibration to shock mode. Silicone covers protect your pet's skin. Lu&Ba Shock Collar for dogs is triple the range of ordinary dog training collar, which allows you to enjoy the training time with your pet in a long distance up to 3000ft and 500ft. It's easier to train your dog outside. The security switch is on. Don't worry about carrying the remote because it won't shock you. Ecological design and materials. The dog training collar is lightweight and stylish. Silicone materials are very comfortable to touch and are used in Lu&Ba remote controls. The lanyard is easy to carry. Waterproof design and long battery life. This receiver collar is waterproof and can be used when your dog goes for a swim, chases toys around a pool, or plays in the rain. In the rain, the IPX4 water resistant remote transmitter can be used. The receiver collar and remote can work for 30 and 60 days, respectively, after fully charging. You can see a low battery display on the remote and receiver. They are Lu&Ba and they are in Germany. The training collar was developed and tested on dogs of different breeds and temperaments. It works in a humane way. The dog training collar has a one-year warranty. If you have any questions about the dog shock collar, please contact them and they will work with you to make it better.

Brand: Lu&ba

👤I have purchased other e-collar systems, but this one works better. I want to use the vibrate/shock function as a tool to correct wrong behavior, but the collar beeps in the vibrate/shock function, which is a problem for me. This confuses my dog and makes training more difficult. I would like to have a way to stop the beeping in conjunction with the shock and vibrate functions. It is a pretty good value. If you want to teach your dog what not to do instead of teaching them what you want them to do, then this is the product for you.

👤The nylon is a bit rough to the touch, but it is athletically pleasing. It was fully charged. I turn it on for about 10 hours a day and it doesn't require a charge yet. While it is on it is not being used often, it does have a few things on it, like a small sound, a small vibration, and a shock. My dog is listening to verbal "no" better now. I've been using this on a 5 month old Great Danes who is hitting toddler behavior hard. We have invisible fencing, so he already knows that a tone is a vibration. He does a great job with the fencing and never tests his boundaries past a tone. I bought this collar because we are having a lot of training and behavior issues. The function I use the most is the beep. It's loud and attention grabbing. We have a 2.5 acre property and the collar works at a distance when he is outside. We have not yet tested how far it will go. He was vibrated once for a bad behavior but has not repeated it. He has had one shock for kitty chasing but has not repeated it. He didn't seem to want to hurt the cat, just play, so we were worried about breaking that urge. His size makes playing with the cat dangerous. The affordable collar is perfect for our big boy. Will update if there are any issues.

👤Buy this! I use this with my two big dogs and it is top quality. Don't buy the collars from China because of the high volume of purchases. They pay their customers for good reviews of their products.

👤This is the best one out there, and I went through a few before finding it. 1. I have two beagle pups and one is more rambunctious than the other. The remote lets you switch between the two in a second. 2. The shock setting uses its own setting so you can set it to 1 which they don't even feel if I accidentally press it. 3. The one level of vibration is fine with me because it doesn't seem to have any setting. 4. The battery life is great. I've been using them for a week and they're still going. I had lasted between 2 and 3 days. I'll probably charge them weekly. 5. The placement of the buttons makes it easy to use. The back cover helps with this. There is a It's a bit expensive compared to the others but I think it was worth the extra cost. My pups respond well to the sound.

6. PetSpy Training Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof

PetSpy Training Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof

Good for dog parents. There are four training modes - continuous shock, 1 second shock, vibration, and beep trainer. All dog breeds from 10 to 140 lbs have a remote collar range of up to 1100 yards. A blind operation design for easy and effective dog training. The collar is waterproof

Brand: Petspy

👤It works well for my dog. I was not a fan of the "shock collar" as I was not sure what they were. They do not "shock" the dog if used correctly. It is a stimulation not a shock if used properly. I will not give my dog anything that I have not tried before, including food and treats. I put the unit on my arm to see if it worked. I felt the stimulation in my arm when I brought the levels up. It wasn't painful at all. I have used TENS units for back pain before. If I jacked it all the way up, it would feel like a shock and it would be painful. That isn't how you use an e collar, you find the lowest level at which your dog reacts to it. My dog's reaction level was lower than what I had. It's high enough for them to be distracted and not hurt anyone. It also has continuous stimulation for up to 10 seconds. I will use the tone instead of a clicker when I am training a new command. I will teach my dog how to sit and then treat him. When I teach my dog a new command, he hears the tone and a treat will follow. I will take him into more distraction-filled environments once he understands what sit means. I will use the vibrate function to hold his attention while giving a command in the distracted environments. He has learned that when I give a command the way to get the vibration to stop is to perform it. As soon as he stops the vibration, I treat and tone. I have never used the stimulation function on him. When he hears the command and feels it, he understands what it means. If you don't use an e collar correctly, your dog won't learn any faster. If you don't know what you're doing, you can do more harm than good. Do some research online, talk to a trainer that uses them, read a book, watch a lot of videos, etc. Before you use an e collar. Before you start using the e collar, your dog needs to know the command. It will not help you or the dog if you just tell them to sit. The collar won't make them understand any faster if they don't know what sit. It can cause agression in your dog. The person using an e collar is the majority of the failure. I think that the issue with a good portion of the bad reviews is that they are not good. The distance for use is pretty good. I am not sure how far away I have been from my dog. It works well for my needs. There is no delay when you push the button on the remote collar. There was a one second delay between button push and collar reaction when I ordered another brand from Amazon. Not with this unit, it is instantaneous. Delay in reaction between remote and receiver can cause confusion for your dog. I am very happy with this unit. It was a great price and user friendly. The collar fits my dog well and it feels great in my hand. If you want to train two different dogs, you can get additional collars. The unit has the ability to have two collars on. You can go back and forth with the switch. Only one collar can be active at a time, so you can't use it on two collars at the same time. Thanks for reading, I hope my review helped.

7. Educator EZ 900 Vibration Sensation Stimulation

Educator EZ 900 Vibration Sensation Stimulation

The most humane and effective trainer is the 1/2 mile range trainer for dogs 5 pounds and larger. The display has a backlight that allows for precise control. The levels of stimulation are displayed on the screen. There are five stimulation modes to choose from. Their only concern is your complete satisfaction. They offer a two-year warranty on registered products against manufacturer defects. For US market only.

Brand: Educator

👤I bought this product three weeks ago and I am having a hard time with the instructions. The collar and remote come with a Quick Start Guide, but in order to have access to the full user guide, you have to work on Windows. The online application for my laptop is not available for a newer Mac. Changing tones and modifying some of the keys are not possible with the product. The basic features only worked for a few days and my dog ignored them. Customer service was friendly, but useless. I was told to borrow a friend's computer or go to the library to use the app.

👤I've been using this collar for many years and it's held up great, the charge still lasts like new, and dirt wipes off the receiver. I swapped out the included strap for a bungee one for a quicker time putting it on. My dog was helped with separation anxiety because of the collar. He has made a lot of progress on recalls using the boost, and now I don't usually need to touch the transmitter. You can change all of the settings, including vibrate and tone levels, by plugging in the included transmitter into your computer. I got this to replace the SportDOG 425. The difference between levels was not helpful to our progress. The model I chose was based on the features available, including vibrate, tone, and boost, as well as the small steps between levels. The "instant" mode allows gradual increase and I like it. I compared the two collars on my leg and the one on the other side was more smooth. The small receiver size and the flashlight are great. I could see it being useful at some point. My dog is allergic to nickel, and I love that he can have nickel-free contacts if he starts to have irritation.

👤I have to say these are very nice. They are easy to use once you have set them up. We have a set of buttons so the color of the button goes with the collar. When setting them up, you have to follow the directions closely. If you read the directions and watch the videos, you will be able to set them up. It's a good thing. I am not disappointed that our dog is working with a trainer. The dogs are responding well. You can set the stim to a training mode and you can also set the mode for each dog. So far, so good!

👤This type of e-collar has a very low stimulation that causes a twitching sensation. At the dog park, I have skeptics hold it in their palm and "zap" them at the level I am using to communicate with my dog, usually 12 out of 100. Many people don't feel it until it's 20 or above. The sound feature can be used for clicker training. I plan on exploring the different programming options as my dog's capabilities evolve, but right now I am very happy with the settings provided. When I had to use the collar at 60/100 because my dog stumbled across a rabbit in the woods, he only yelped once. I don't know if he would have realized he was away from me without the collar. I had no chance of catching him. The remote controller broke after a few months of use and the vibrating setting seems more abrasive than the low electrical setting. I didn't use it because it was twice as vibratey as a large cell phone. I used the locking mechanism to keep the stimulation level at the level I wanted, even though the remote screen slowly stopped displaying. The remote is sturdy and well-built, but I have butterfingers, so I threw it down the stairs, kicked it across the side walk, and knocked it off my desk daily. I would have given this product a 5 if the remote survived. I just ordered a new remote and it's the same one as the one I had before.

8. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

Dog Care dog training collar has three training modes to correct bad habits. The dog training collar can adjust from 1 to 99 shocks. Gradually adjust the shock intensity from the lowest level. The 8-hour automatic shut-off function reminds you to check the collar in time to avoid dogs wearing it for a long time, and the security keypad lock of the dog shock collar with remote for medium dogs prevents accidents from pressing the shock button wrong. The strap of the dog training collar with remote is 27 inches long. The range of the collar is 4 to 27inches. The dog shock collar with remote can be charged in two hours, and it is convenient for travel. Dog Care shock collar is up to 1000ft control range and can be used with large dogs in any outdoor space.

Brand: Dog Care

👤My 8-month old lab is around 65 lbs and he is a very active dog, so this training collar is great for him. She likes to run out of the back yard whenever she can. The bad behaviors were almost gone after 2 weeks of using the training collar. It is a life-changing product. Highly recommended!

👤I have a loud voice. I didn't like to say "No!" whenever she did something. In a strong tone. She can be taken on bike rides in a busy downtown with a leash. There are many dangers to her. She would be hurt by other things. Om'gosh! I'm addicted to this collar. It's changed my life. Teddy used to pull on her leash during walks, but now she rarely does that. I only use the vibrate mode, but it has been enough to break the bad habit. The collar has an auto retractable mechanism that will not cause irritation to your dog's neck. The security keypad lock is used to prevent misoperation on the remote. It's important to build a dog up instead of breaking them down. The collar is supportive and encouraging. A great trainer!

👤This product arrived very quickly. This is the same model as the previous one. There are pros and cons to this item. The previous model had a battery level icon on the remote, but this is not a con for me. I think this collar is worth the money. I haven't had to use the shock yet because my dog responds to the beep and vibrate feature.

👤I think this is the best bang for your buck training collar on Amazon. It's already started to end my mini bull's bad habits after a week of using it. I tried it out on my thigh and it turned my lights on, because the collar shock level was at 43 of 99. I use a collar that lets the dog know to listen, so he doesn't have to look up reviews. There is a The strap used on the collar is good, but for 35 bucks it's still great. The remote is very user friendly.

👤Aggressive behavior at feeding time can be prevented with this training collar. The collar worked well. It only took a few sessions for the collar to work. The strength of the remote was not increased. We will work on barking late in the night. The collar will support this effort as well. The battery charge does not last as long as I would like. The goal is to stop the behavior without using it often. I am happy that the collar and remote charge using theusb connection instead of expensive batteries.

👤Do you want your dog to be more obedient? The dog training device is suitable for your dog. I have a keki, and it is naughty, I heard from a friend that he bought a dog training device, so I bought a whole set, which is a remote and a collar. I bought a separate collar so that I can control two dogs at the same time, after I found that both of them can be used. My friend will put her dog in my house when she is away. They are very cooperative and can know what I don't want them to do. They are not just biting things anymore. I will recommend this dog training device to my friends who have dogs.

9. PATPET Dog Shock Collar Large

PATPET Dog Shock Collar Large

The training collar has three modes, please choose the safest one to train your dog. If your dog is at the back of the yard, you can control the collar from the house. IPX7 waterproof receiver can stay in the water for 30 minutes, no need to remove the collar when swimming. The remote can be used for up to 66 days and the receiver can be used for 11 days on a single charge. The nylon collar can be adjusted for neck sizes of 7.8" to 27" for all size dogs.

Brand: Patpet

👤Polly is a girl. She likes to protect her yard. She barks a lot because she is used to living in the country. We have lived in town for a year. She's still barking. The new neighbors weren't happy about it. I was told by animal control to stop her and suggest a shock collar. My dog is 12 years old. The price was good and the collar had different functions. It was easy to set up. I didn't attach the shock studs because I wasn't going to use that function. I can use the remote when she barks. There are four buttons: a shock button, a vibrate button, and a beep button. Before I put it on her, I tested the beep and vibrated it. The vibrate is loud and you can set it to 6 levels. I set it to start at the lowest point. For the last 24 hours. I told you she barks a lot. I've had to use it a few times. Immediately, she stops. She doesn't like the sound of it. I would encourage anyone to try this collar and start at the bottom to get your dog to stop barking. If you have two dogs, you can use one remote to switch between them, because there is a 1/2 button on it. I would buy again.

👤I got this for my chocolate lab because she kept leaving the yard. I didn't want her to get a shock collar because I thought training her would work She only listens to my husband. He is always at work. I bought this one because of the great reviews, but also because it had a lot of range with the shock and vibration. The low number works great because my dog doesn't need much for her to listen to. I will be able to control two dogs from one remote when I get another one. This product is recommended by me.

👤I bought this for my dog. She is very sweet but will not stop jumping on me. She is around 80 lbs. He almost knocked me over a few times. I think that her previous owners had one of these, because she immediately became a much more obedient dog when I put this collar on her. She responds well to the vibration mode that I have used so far. I don't plan on using the shock feature. The shock mode has two different sizes of metal probes. If your dog has a thick coat, you should only use the long ones. If you don't put the rubber caps on the probes, you're going to hurt your dog. I've seen a few people who have posted pictures of their dogs with holes in their neck, and I'm almost certain that it's because they didn't use the rubber caps and the longer probes. To make sure the dog's skin isn't irritated by the collar, the instructions say to not leave it on for more than 12 hours and to check it every few hours. I've been using it for a week and it hasn't bothered my dog. The battery has half a charge even after I replenish it every two days.

10. PATPET Training Rechargeable Waterproof Control

PATPET Training Rechargeable Waterproof Control

3 Training Modes and Security switch provide safe humane training modes. The standard "Tone" mode has different static shock levels. The security switch is on. Don't worry about carrying the remote because it won't shock you. If you want to train two dogs through one remote, PATPET can meet your needs. Up to 3000 Ft allows you to train your pet indoors and outdoors. The receiver collar is able to work 30 days and the remote is able to work 60 days after 2 hours of charging. You can see a low battery display on the remote and receiver. It is comfortable for all sizes of dogs. The nylon collar can be adjusted to fit a dog's neck size. Even puppies fit perfectly, the collar is stronger and smaller. If your dog likes to play with water, IPX7 waterproof technology is for you. The IPX7 waterproof collar stays in the water for half an hour, and its performance is not affected. Your dog can play in the rain or chase toys around a pool.

Brand: Patpet

👤This is the 3rd training collar we have. If you leave her unattended long enough, she will destroy a tank. We usually have to hit the button to get her running. She knows if we have to hit the buzzer she is in trouble. It is enough to get her attention quickly even on the lower levels, even if we had to give her a taste of the holy ghost. This will work if you need a deterrent for a dog that doesn't like listening. I don't think we will ever need to go higher than 5 on the settings, but if you do, be prepared for a very quick response.

👤The collar is great. I bought this to replace an older model from Patpet because I loved the old one so much and knew the purchase of a new one should be as good or better. I am happy with this one, and I am glad I had a better choice of colors. I bought the pink version. The remote is the only thing I like more about this version than the older one. The clip made it easy to grab the remote when my dog started barking. I think the clip would be a nice addition to the next iteration, since the dog's wake is of paramount importance. The quality of the battery is better, so it doesn't hold less charge as the collar ages, and this one has even better battery life. I was very pleased with this purchase.

👤The electric shock component stopped working. I needed this because I had major surgery and can't walk my dog. I used the shock button to get her not to jump on people at the apartment complex because she is so loving and always wants to play. I can't press the shock button because it has happened 3 times in the last month. She ran to this lady because she was so excited. I was thankful that this woman was a dog person because this product failed me and the shock button did not work, I am not physically able to pull her after this major surgery. I am very upset.

👤I love this product. This fits the bill for a smaller Jack Russell. I haven't needed a charge in 10 days and the battery life seems to be excellent. She dove in the pool with it on and no problems. This product will be of great use to you.

👤I still love the earlier model but this one has control a little bit farther away and I think it charges faster and seems more powerful but I have no complaints about the earlier model. She is the most hardheaded dog I have ever seen, she gets her nose in trouble all the time, so this has been a blessing as well as the other one the earlier model that we have had for well over a year still works great, they are totally waterproof as long as you This is the most effective and easy to use training collar I have ever owned. It charges so you don't have to use batteries, and I really like it. It is great if they want to jump on the side of the car to greet people, but now people have really expensive cars, so this is not as great for training, but our bloodhounds problem is trying to leave the property and also baying at nothing. It doesn't cost you an arm or a leg.

11. Slopehill Training Electronic Vibration Waterproof

Slopehill Training Electronic Vibration Waterproof

A waterproof dog training collar with 5 training modes, Beep, Vibration, Shock, Light and Keypad lock, help you to teach a dog basic commands and solve uncontrollable dog behavior problems. The electric dog trainer collar has a security lock on it. The electronic trainer collar is waterproof. The training collar receiver is waterproof and offers your pet maximum flexibility. The collar strap can be adjusted to fit dogs from 5 to 140 lbs. The package has a generalusb charging cable that can be used to charge the remote and receiver at the same time. The collar can work 15-20 days after fully charging. You can adjust the static level for your dog.

Brand: Slopehill

👤If you're ok with only two features, you may find this e-collar worthwhile. If you want an e-collar that can shock, you will not want this as the rubber stubs are glue into place and there are no metal studs for shock. I'm returning my collar because it can't shock. I docked my rating for a misleading product description and for loose plastic in the phone.

👤The dog is still playful, but is no longer a threat to the house. I am eating next to her and she is chewing on a toy. I could not leave her out of her cage unless I was on top of her. I combine verbal commands with sounds. I haven't tried the shock, and I hope I never will. I don't think it would shock because of the rubber over the electrodes. It is disappointing to see so many people on here who say they bought this because they don't know how to handle their dogs. Do I know how to deal with a dog that is big and stubborn? That's why I got one that fits my abilities. Dogs are hug decisions. Many people need to shop a lot until they find a friend. You can't just pick up a dog at a shelter and expect it to work out.

👤I was excited to get this, but I had to return it because I didn't know if it worked or not, and I need the shock when I need it most. I have already returned it.

👤I loved the product but the remote got stuck and now Amazon is giving me a hard time with replacing it, it sucks anyone who has a dog.

👤The collar worked well. One of the electrode's broke off in a month. The collar was not put on tight. Poor workmanship.

👤My senior dog has an unpleasant habit of cleaning up the yard. I wanted to break her habit with this collar. She ignores the warnings and vibrates them. I tried the static shock warning, but she ignored it all the way up to the highest level. I checked the shock on my hand and did not feel anything until around level 45. I wonder if her fur is too thick because of the dry winter air. It didn't affect her at all so it will be returned. When she had to go out, the collar was only on. There are pros and cons. The green light on the collar helped locate her in the dark. The receiver was working when remote-activated. The collar was easy to assemble and the instructions booklet was very helpful. A reflective strip on the collar is a good feature. A good size remote. I didn't experience phantom activations. It wasn't effective on my dog.

👤The collar I got for my Pyrenees husky has changed the behavior of the dog. I ordered the Australian shepherd when we added him to the mix. They play without biting, they listen when the prey drive to go after a stray cat is high, and they have improved their behavior. We are working on recall off leash and so far it is going well. Would definitely recommend.


What is the best product for dog e collar for training?

Dog e collar for training products from Bousnic. In this article about dog e collar for training you can see why people choose the product. Patpet and Dog Care are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog e collar for training.

What are the best brands for dog e collar for training?

Bousnic, Patpet and Dog Care are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog e collar for training. Find the detail in this article. Nvk, Lu&ba and Petspy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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