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1. Dogii Reduction Professional Stepless Adjustable

Dogii Reduction Professional Stepless Adjustable

The dog hair dryer has the power to dry dog hair in a short time. The dog hair dryer is perfect for both big and small dogs because of the speed that is adjusted by a knob. The noise from the pet hair dryer will not scare the dogs away. The dog hair dryer comes with different nozzles. The wide flat nozzle has the lowest wind noise, the narrow flat nozzle has the highest wind speed, and the round nozzle has the best heat gathering effect. Dog grooming supplies are ideal for home and salon use. The dog hair dryer is easy to install and use. It is easy to connect and disassemble. The pet hair dryer is easy to use, it can be turned on and off with one button. The dog hair dryer has a curve of the handle to prevent it from slipping off during the hand held process. The heat insulation sleeve on the pet hair dryer is flexible to serve a better use. The dog dryer is added with anti-burnt function. The dog hair dryer is easy to carry and store. They provide 24 hours of service. If you have a question about the dog hair dryer, please contact them.

Brand: Dogii Dogii

👤I thought I would be a beginner groomer with this dryer. It works well for my needs.

👤This purchase was the best purchase I have ever made for my business. It is light and powerful. I am so thankful for the purchase.

👤My dog is finally dry and fluffy.

👤I am very impressed with this dog dryer. It's not loud like a normal hair dryer. You can't hear it from the other side with the bathroom door shut. The knob is great for starting out on a low setting for dogs who aren't used to being blow dried. She did great when we turned it up. After using the dogii blow dryer, her fur is soft and fluffier. She loosened her undercoat for brushing out. The heat setting was nice, but it had a plasticy smell when on. It is very well made and a little heavy. It has a nice carrying handle, 4 attachment choices, and an extra filter that will make it easy to clean. I haven't tried yet, so don't quote me on that. Make sure it's completely dry before you use it. The base has rubber feet to protect your floors and a 5ft cord.

👤It can take a while for my dogs to dry after a bath, even with towel drying. The dog hair dryer works well. My dogs were dried in a short time. This is a back saving and time saving dryer that I use with three dogs. I like the nozzles that come with them. I have used the other ones, but not the brush attachment. I was worried it would be too loud and my dogs wouldn't like it. It is fairly quiet. They don't mind at all.

👤The air flow is variable and I like it. There are more powerful dryers out there. This is what gets the job done. It is easy to use. I'm happy with it.

👤The dog hair dryer Quick Dry works well and gets the job done. It is the only thing that I like about it, and it is a little too loud. It seems to be made of good quality.

2. Upgraded Grooming Professional Reduction Adjustable

Upgraded Grooming Professional Reduction Adjustable

Break through: Motor Circuit Isolation to reduce the failure rate, Insulated Metal Casing to insulate the heat, and Mute Inner Barrel to reduce the noise. The air duct of the dog hair dryer is upgraded so that the wind can quickly dry the water. It locks in water and does not hurt your fur baby. The Humanize Design has a handle that is easy to operate,Variable speed,Sealing design, and Anti-skid device at the bottom. Meet Diverse Needs: Up to 73 inches long spring hose, 4 different nozzles are able to blow different areas and make cute hairstyle for pets. Professionals and family are the first choice. Warm wind for 30C/ 85F, hot wind for 60C/140F, can cut your pet's drying time in half in most cases; they offer accessories as carbon brush, hose.

Brand: Petnf

👤An Australian Shepherd is a pretty fluffy boy. He tangled his hair when towel drying. His hair is fluffier and less knotted, he is cleaner, and he has no matting, but small tangles always happen when I bunch up his fur while washing him. The small round one and the comb are my favorites. The comb helps me keep his hair straight. I think the plain circle is the most powerful and fastest for drying. I had a dryer before and it has cut my time in half. If the need arose, I would buy it again. My dog is trained to stay on a small table. This makes grooming so much easier, and always condition dogs slowly to the dryer using lots of treats and praise.

👤My dog loves this dryer. Just did a quick dry to the white husky to see how the air force was. It's working out well so far. My husky likes the flat attachment behind his collar, so he stands there until he decides he has had enough. The switch to turn on and off heat for the air is wonderful. I was excited that my dryer does not have a variable speed option. I have been alternating between this dryer and my professional one for the last few weeks, and I am not sure what type of drying I am doing. This is a great option for not having to pay for a home groomsman. I might get another one for how simple it is. I think the power cord could be a little longer to help with the placement of the dryer, but an extension cord fixed that easily. I am quite happy with my purchase of this dryer, it is a great one.

👤The power cable had a broken strain relief. It looks like they sheared it off. The dome nut has a recommended Torque of 44.2 in-lb and the lock nut has a Torque of 66.4 in-lb. The cables could be pulled too tightly, jeapordizing the connections, if there was no strain relief at the housing. I'm still debating whether or not to return, and I had hoped for better quality. The dryer seems good. I agree that it's loud and powerful, even on the lowest setting. I didn't have to hold her until I told her to sit, so it's not too frightening. It seems like it will work once I put it to the test. The dryer is still serving its purpose over four months later. I am docking my 3 star review to a 1 star review because I was contacted by the company four different times and asked for partial refunds to remove my review. I told them that they needed to know what product and quality they could expect, and that I would not lie to them about my safety concerns. If I deleted my review, they would give me an increased dollar amount refund. It istiful.

👤I like the dryer. It did not have a parts list. I tried to find the product on the internet, but could not. How can you replace a broken part? What are the attachment functions? How can you get the best blow drying if you don't know what you want? Is it short hair? Under the belly? Is it sensitive places? Please include the parts and function list.

3. Pet Control HQ Adjustable Temperature

Pet Control HQ Adjustable Temperature

The Pet Control HQ dog blow dryer has a built in 1100W heater and a quiet yet high-velocity (HV) blow force, which makes it ideal for fast grooming. The K9 pet dryer is 5X more powerful. The Pet Control HQ dog grooming blow dryer has forced-air settings that go up to 1200 grams blow force and can be adjusted to give you the best blow dryer for your dog. The high-velocity force blow dryer is focused on the 4 insulated Polyurethane nozzles that give it a massage-like pressure that blows away dust and debris without burning your hands. AJUSTABLE HEAT - NO BURNT FUR SMELL: Pick just the right amount of heat to give any sized dog a spa-grade groom at home with a heated flow that keeps them warm in winter months without overheating sensitive skin, turning fur. The high-velocity dryer is for dogs. The first thing you'll notice about the dog hair dryer is that it's built for daily grooming use on the biggest of dogs and thickest of undercoats. This dog blow dryer is portable and lightweight with a molded handle that makes it easy to grab and go, and the hassle-free hose extends to a full 83-inches when not in use. Your dog will enjoy dog bathing if you have a professional dog grooming kit.

Brand: Pet Control Hq

👤This was bought a month ago. I have 3 large dogs. Our German Shepherd had clumps of hair on her hind legs and sides, which she loved, but there was always more, and my labs hair was just everywhere. The groomer charged a lot. I thought I would buy one and see. I blow their coat to get the fur out and then dry them after a bath. The shed has hemoed so much. Less hair is getting everywhere. After the initial blow out there was a lot of fur flying. I did it again about 5 days later and it was less fur. It takes 3 towels for the dogs to dry off after playing in the lake. It took 10 minutes per dog. The dog might be a couple minutes less. I paid for one trip to the groomer to blow out 3 large dogs coats, but I hope it keeps working. It is worth it. I would have bought this years ago.

👤Very happy with the unit. It is very powerful and can heat up quickly. The setting is very strong. It was low to Med. You don't really need to dry your pet. Quality is very good. The cord and hose are long enough to reach most areas. Customer service was able to talk with someone quickly after ordering an extra hose. This is a better option than using 3-4 towels to dry my dog off. You really need this in the winter. They can get cold when towel drying leaves them damp. It would be a good idea to buy a dryer for your pet. You will not regret it.

👤My dog hates being washed or dried but she is a Newf so it is not negotiable. The dryer is simple to use and stays cool even with the heating element turned off. She has plenty of wind power to blow through her coat. I was able to start on a slow pace until she got used to the noise and feel. She doesn't like it, but we're managing.

👤I was looking for a dryer that would help dry my pets after bathing. I have tried other dryers but the noise scared the dog. The hair dryer can cut down on the drying process. The unit is easy to use. The materials for the hoses are very sturdy. The dryer is very easy to use.

👤This is the product that you will need if you are looking for a compact pet dryer. I received this product in a timely fashion considering the Covid-19 crisis at hand. This product is perfect for storing because the package is smaller. The product is sturdy. The machine never slowed down or lag while the hose popped off. The air pressure and temperature can be adjusted with the easy to use dials. I would recommend this dryer to anyone.

👤We have a white husky who is very adventurous. Mud and water come with adventure. We used to have to use a blow dry and towel dry to get him dry. The dryer is a treasure. It gets him as dry as possible so when he gets the post-bath zoomies he doesn't have to worry about the water getting all over the house. He blows his coat twice a year, which causes lots of shed on top of the regular shed. The combination of this and a grooming brush will help him de-fluff and reduce the amount of tribbles he leaves all over my house. The product is great. It is easy to use and move. It is dry very well. It helps with brushing. I think it's worth the investment.

4. Flying Pig Grooming Purple Dryer

Flying Pig Grooming Purple Dryer

The motor is made of steel and is hard to use for a long time. There was a 10 ft. flexible hose and two nozzles. The year warranty. Air Volume: 240 CFM/ Air Speed: 28000 FPM/Watts: 1400/Volts: 110V The temperature was 81F to 160F. The motor has a power of 12.72 Amps/V.

Brand: Flying Pig Grooming

👤We used the flying pig on our dog after her bath. We bought a generic one off of Amazon for $79 a year ago, but it never worked as well as we had hoped. The nozzle attachment was broken off and we couldn't use it. When we tried to fix it, it made a loud noise that scared our dog. We used the hose without the attachment. Even though we tried to change it and return it to the dealer, we never heard from them or a replacement. We only bathed her in between 6 weeks of grooming as we kept it. We decided to get the pig because we had to bath her more often. Even though it is double the cost, I would recommend it 100%. Here is a list of reasons. The heat isn't too hot for your pet, the hose is longer, and the power cord is longer, so you don't need it.

👤I've worked as a dog groomer for a few years in a few different shops with a few different dryers, cheapos and the high-end. The Flying Pig has a variable speed dial. The dryer doesn't blast on, it starts slowly, then ramps up to the desired speed. This feature is useful when you're working with a new dog or nervous dog, and you have no experience with them. The hose is wide and I don't like it. It can be hard to hold onto a dryer for a long time, but having that soft acceleration and wide ranging variable speed made it a no-brainer when it was time to buy my own dryer.

👤I learned about my poodle's grooming needs after I got him, something my other dogs never needed. I decided to use our hand held hair dryer instead of spending a lot of money on a more heavy duty one because I thought ours was just fine. If you've ever tried to dry and brush a poodle that doesn't like being washed or dried off, you'll know that using a human hair dryer is a nightmare. I did it 2 times before I started researching dryers, because I knew I wouldn't be able to use the one I had. I ordered one to see if all the reviews were accurate, because it sounded too good to be true. It arrived in record time. It is sometimes questionable to order items from Amazon in secured packages. The quality of the machine was the second thing that got my attention. This machine is very similar to how things were made when I was younger. I think it will last a long time. When handling a wet dog, large switches are helpful. The dryer is so quiet when going full tilt that it delighted me. It is quieter than our human hair dryers. It stands next to my grooming table so my hands are free to hold and brush my dog. I have to hold the hose but that is not as bad as holding onto a human hair dryer. I don't really need the attachment at this time, but the flexible handle makes it very maneuverable, and the attachment is useful. How quickly it dried off my wet dog was the fifth treat. Cut my time in half. I wasn't disappointed on this front either. It is easy to store away when not in use. Replacement parts are available and do not cost an arm or a leg, and the shipping was free, for my order. I am in love with this pig. I hope my poodle will warm up to it one day, and that it will get the job done more quickly than our old hair dryer.

5. Shernbao Velocity Professional Grooming Blower

Shernbao Velocity Professional Grooming Blower

Their dryer reduces time by over 70% and is great for grooming large dogs. The dual motor is suitable for winter. The speed dial is great for controlling noise levels when grooming sensitive dogs. There is a 4 ft to 8 ft flexible hose, 3 nozzles and 2 air filters. The service is top quality and fast. If there is anything wrong with the product, please email them, they can fix or replace it for you.

Brand: Shernbao

👤I was hoping this would be a great alternative to what I usually use, but I had to plug it in to get it going. The parts are hard to find.

👤We used it in our salon for fluffying out dogs but lacked the power to do the heavy drying so we used it at home.

👤I only have this dryer for a few months. I work at a salon and use it five days a week. It comes with an attachment to fluff your dogs, but I feel like it has lost its power since I first used it. I don't think it's meant for constant use. If you only do a few dogs a day, it is a great dryer to use at home. The hose is hot on your hand. The hose is short and wide. I think the motor is starting to go out, I thought I was getting something better, but it still works.

👤I really like this dryer. My grooming salon does a lot of fluffy trims. We did 2 golden dogs today. There are 2 giant labs. This is a great way to test the machine. As things stand, I am very impressed. The water is blowed off. I have used other dryers that are more disturbing to the pups, but this one is quieter.

👤It's a bit Meh. I knew this wasn't going to be great. I wanted a more powerful blower. It takes a lot of work for it to be useful. This may not be powerful enough for a dog with a thick coat. It's okay for the price. It's not much of a value.

👤It was expected to be more quiet. There is a It's not long enough to keep the noise away from the animal. The force of air is too strong to use on the face. Cool air is expected to be made in the USA.

👤It was used once so far. I think I will like it a lot. It seems well built. The metal is easy to use and secure. I only used 1/3 power to let her get used to it, but it dried her quickly, even though I only used 1/3 power. It was blowing cool air for 20 minutes. It was a good thing that I used. I think the motor might heat the air more. I don't think it would be a problem for my dog. I was happy not to get more heat. I was surprised at how quiet it was. A big plus! It exceeded my expectations. Quiet. The controls were easy to use. I will become even more satisfied as I use it more.

👤Have had it for 13 months. There is a 12 month warranty on coarse. The switch has been losing power for a while now. It is very loud. It has been losing power for a while. I have tried to call the company many times, but no one answers their phone. Will not buy again.

6. PGOT Blower Automatic Grooming High Velocity

PGOT Blower Automatic Grooming High Velocity

The new fan has a hot air system that can quickly dry pet hair in all directions. The drum fan has a bladeless design that can provide more wind output and reduce noise. 75L large capacity will allow pets to be more comfortable inside. Different types of pet needs are met. The structure is shock-proof and can reduce noise. A large, smart touch-screen panel, built-in smart thermostat chip can be used to control the temperature in the box. If there is a leak on the side of the box, the power will be cut off. The product is made of white and has no edges or corners, it is very convenient to move at home, and the box has a warm light lamp, which is convenient for night time. PGOT GUARANTEE Customer satisfaction is their top priority. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with their pet dryer box. Return can be made within a month. The customer service team is always here for you. If you're not happy with their pet dryer box mesh, please contact them. They will provide you with the best quality service and the cheapest products.

Brand: Pgot

👤This product is very convenient. I have a dog and a cat. Garfield doesn't like to take a shower, but I really like them. She is afraid of using a hair dryer. She will resist when I try to use the hair dryer to dry her hair. Sometimes I get scratched and hurt. She can take the shower at the Petco, which is where I send her. It will cost about 80 dollars once time plus tips. I got a machine that can fit my cat. My husky is too big to fit in. A small dog should be in the house. I don't need to dry my cat on my own. That is the most exciting part. I just need to put her in the dryer box and start her. You can see what happens inside with the good design. The dryer box doesn't make sound and my Garfield doesn't react. The dryer box saved me money. Definitely. If you have the same problem as me.

👤I've used it twice. My dog is very obedient in it and works great.

👤Drying cages for animals are dangerous and should never be used.

👤I see big vents on both sides for safety.

👤There was no noise during the drying process. It saves me a lot of time because I don't have to clean the room again after drying. My baby used to be terrified of hair dryers and had a stress response, but it's perfectly fine to stay in the box. Very good.

7. Forced Blower Grooming Dryers Professional

Forced Blower Grooming Dryers Professional

The package contains a dog dryer, nozzles, flexible hose, and user manual. If you have any questions after purchasing, please contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, they will provide you with a solution. You can cut the time in half by brushing and drying at the same time. The pet blower is not loud enough to scare the dogs. The forced air dryer for dogs has a drying tube that can be adjusted to direct heated air where it's needed. Ships with a wall mount attachment. Three easy to use touch buttons control -- on/off, fan speed, and heat options. There are three fan speeds and four heat options. The pet blow dryer is manufactured in South Korea. The dog blower has a one year warranty.

Brand: §DUZ∞Premium\Hands Free Dryer\ハンズフリードライヤー

👤I bought this dryer after seeing another post about it. I have used it to blow dry my own hair. I like it. The buttons are responsive, the heat on them is gentle, and they are very quiet. Even though my clients are scared of the blow dryer, they seem to like it. I like how the hose is light and easy to move. It takes up less space than a traditional hair dryer. It is nice to have one hand to hold the dog and the other to brush the dog. A fine mesh filter on the back would be something I would change. If you are grooming dogs. I think hair will get inside the dryer since it's a little metal screen. I would like it to have slightly more air flow. I need to get the dog close to dry before I use it, otherwise it will take all day to dry the dog. It is great for ears and tails. It is a little bit expensive to be a human hair dryer with a hose. I wouldn't buy it for personal use, but it's an okay business expense.

👤The dryer is very light and easy to use. Excellent for small dogs who can't tolerate the loud noise of blowers. We bought 5 for every station. Highly recommended.

👤I'm so excited about this. I was invited to learn how to bathe my puppy when I was in South Korea. I noticed that they were using a hand-free dryer to dry my baby off. I took a mental note of the brand because I loved the fact that the puppy was laying on the groomer's lap while being dried off. I was considering purchasing this for a couple of weeks. I regret not buying this sooner. When I use a regular hair dryer, my puppy does not cry and shake in the corner. The multi-setting for temperature, fan output, and noise level are great. It's easier to groom my puppy. My dog is under 5 lbs so I wouldn't recommend it for bigger dogs.

👤The dryer worked for about 3 weeks and was great, but be careful when using it, it gets very hot very fast, and once hair gets in, it gets very loud. The neck broke after 4 weeks. I treated it like a $300 dryer. The seller was not very helpful when I asked for help. Lesson learned.

👤The small dryer has a warm blower and is quiet. I use it mostly for drying my dogs heads, because I have tall dogs, and I place it on a cart that is higher than my grooming table. I have both hands to hold the head. My big stand dryer has a lot of blowing power and my dogs like it. The small dryer is quiet and warm, which is great for them, as they can focus on the things that are important to them, like showing their dogs and getting their hair groomed. It has three speeds. If you have smaller dogs, I recommend this dryer.

8. Portable Grooming Adjustable Temperature Settings

Portable Grooming Adjustable Temperature Settings

Do you struggle to dry and brush pet's hair at the same time after a bath? iPettie pet dryer is a solution for you, it can easily remove matted hair and tangles from your pet's coat while drying, thanks to the creative 2 in 1 design. Pets are scared of the noise a hair dryer makes. The dryer is whisper- quiet and won't scare your pets away. The dryer has high and low heat. The heat for your pet should be comfortable. This dryer uses a lower heat setting than a human hair dryer to protect your pet from getting burned. * For pets with short hair, theNarrow Gap brush is better. It is designed for small and medium-sized dogs. The slicker brush is made of soft pins and has a tip that is protected from scratching the skin of your pet. When the temperature is too high, the hairdryer will power off. There is a cover to block hair. You can clean the hair by opening the bottom. The hairdryer dryer is portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry and travel with. It is easy to hold and use. A great gift for a pet lover is a hair dryer.

Brand: Ipettie

👤I think this was cool. My dogs didn't like a regular hair dryer, but this one was better for them. There is an update. I have been using this product a few times and my dog seems calmer with it as the sound is not as loud as a regular dryer. My dog allows me to take my time. He likes it.

👤The brush is harsh and uncomfortable for my dog, so I use it as a dryer without the brush. I need to make everyone aware that the seller has contacted me twice with their concern along with a rebate offer, even though I still can't use the brush. I will use them again because of how they strive to satisfy the customer.

👤This little brush is great. It is lightweight and compact, the dryer is quiet, and the brush is sturdy enough to dry my pets in minutes. I used to worry that I would burn my dog with my hair dryer, even on the lowest setting. She loved how warm the brush was while she was drying off. My cat was not ready to model for the camera but you can see how well groomed he looked after using the brush. This has made bath time much easier.

👤The hair dryer was disappointing. The air barely blows and it would take forever to dry my dog. You need to be careful not to burn your animal because it will heat up fast. I went back to my usual routine of blowdrying my dog with my blow dryer. The all in one claim is executed poorly. It would need temperature and air blowing controls to work.

👤I was not sure if this would work on my curly coated Doodle. I bought it because I knew it would be easier to use than a full size high speed dryer. I am surprised at how much I like the drying brush. Our dog is brushed every 3-4 days, and she is used to it. It's difficult to get her to keep her traditional dryers because she is terrified of them. I bought this brush hoping that it would be less scary, and she would just think it's a normal brush. I was able to introduce her to the drying brush with lots of treats. I was able to brush and dry her at the same time because she isn't afraid of it. It does the job despite being not as powerful as a professional dryer. After bathing my dog, I dried her with a towel and used a brush dryer to finish drying her fur. I didn't think it was bad that it took 45 minutes to get her fully dry and brushed out. She is a 58-pound Aussie dog. I think the drying brush is a great tool for when she comes inside after being out in the rain. This brush is very good for drying.

👤I like that it's easy to use and clean, but it's too big to hold for people with small hands. It takes longer to brush and dry than it does with this. I will continue to use it. Once you get used to it. It is easier to handle and you can work faster with it.

9. AIIYME Adjustable Temperature 35°C 70°C Professional

AIIYME Adjustable Temperature 35%C2%B0C 70%C2%B0C Professional

A powerful and stable motor is used in the professional high-velocity dog dryer. The output power is 500W. Their pet hair force dryer is more efficient than handheld hair dryers. The dryer can be used to dry your vehicle. The metal case can help reduce noise. The dog grooming dryer works in a quiet sound. The temperature and speed of the dog dryer can be adjusted. The temperature was 35C 70C. The airflow speed was steppedless. You can choose the wind speeds for your pets with the temperature setting and stepless air flow of this dog dryer. The temperature can be adjusted through the speed button. The dog grooming blower is perfect for all seasons. The dog dryer has metal in it to insulate the heat. The motor circuit is isolated to reduce the failure rate. The noise can be reduced by ombring the inner barrel. The compound hose has been stiffened to resist high temperature. The filter was made to resist dust. The anti-slip device is at the bottom of the water blower. The handle is more comfortable to use. Dog dryer comes with 4 different nozzles to make different shapes for your pets. The pet hair force dryer has a flexible hose that can be used up to 78 inches. The first choice for professionals and families. The package and warranty is 1 x. The pet dog dryer has 4 nozzles and a user manual. They offer a 12-month warranty. If you have a problem with the dog grooming dryer, please contact them, they will solve the problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Aiiyme

👤The power of this dryer is amazing, and it dried my Golden Doodle quickly. I can stand at least two feet from her and still get the job done. The cord is long enough to use your baby on a table. Absolutely love it.

👤The blow dryer is powerful and quiet, but it hasuction power that is rated. It feels heavy and well built.

👤The item was well packed. It works well and is described. Good power is needed to keep the hairs separated while drying so they don't look clumpy when dried. The dog is dried much faster. It takes all day for him to dry off. I would recommend this appliance.

👤The device is great, but it takes a little too long for warmer air, and I am glad I was compared to my personal hair dryer.

👤I bought this because it said it was quiet. If your dog doesn't mind the sound of a rocket going off, then it will work for you. My dog ran and hid after I turned it on. I just turned it on to see if it worked. It seemed like it was made with good materials.

👤The lowest setting is not low enough. My dog is used to using a hair dryer, but this one scares her to death.

10. AIIYME Adjustable Temperature 35°C 55°C Professional

AIIYME Adjustable Temperature 35%C2%B0C 55%C2%B0C Professional

A professional dog dryer has a powerful and stable motor. The power output is 500W-2800W. Their pet hair force dryer reduces time by 50%. The dryer can be used to dry your carpets. The metal case can help reduce noise. The dog grooming dryer is quiet. The temperature and speed of the dog dryer can be adjusted. 35C-55C is the temperature. The airflow speed was steppedless. You can choose the wind speeds for your pets with the temperature setting and stepless air flow of this dog dryer. The high or low temperature can be adjusted through the heat button. The pet hair will dry quicker. The dog grooming blower is perfect for all seasons. Dog dryer comes with 3 different nozzles to make different shapes for your pets. The pet hair force dryer has a flexible hose that can be used to extend it to 91 inches. The first choice for professionals and families. The design dog dryer has an insulated case to insulate the heat. The motor circuit is isolated to reduce the failure rate. The noise can be reduced by ombring the inner barrel. The compound hose has been stiffened to resist high temperature. The filter was made to resist dust. The anti-slip device is at the bottom of the water blower. The handle is more comfortable to use. The package and warranty is 1 x. The pet dog dryer has 3 nozzles and a user manual. They offer a 12-month warranty. If you have a problem with the dog grooming dryer, please contact them, they will solve the problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Aiiyme

👤We've been using our spare hair dryer to dry my sister's beagle since I bought this product. It took forever to dry him that way, so we looked into getting a different way of getting bath time. We found a dog dryer. We love it! If you have a dog with dense fur and it takes forever to dry, and you want to get it over with, it's a good idea to get it.

👤La mquina funciona islas.

11. LIVEKEY Grooming Adjustable Temperatures Settings

LIVEKEY Grooming Adjustable Temperatures Settings

The 2 in 1 pet grooming dryer is a combo of a hair dryer and a brush to help dry your pet's hair after bathing. It's convenient to have a dog hair brush at home. High and low level temperature can help dry your pets quickly, saving energy and preventing pain and burn. It is suggested that the low setting is the most comfortable. The dog grooming is great for dogs that are scared of the blower. It's safe for pets. The safety tips of the pins are made of steel, they won't scratch the pet's skin, and it can massage the pet at the same time. There is a cover on the hair. The sponge should be cleaned after use. lightweight and portable. The pet grooming is easy to carry and store. When you need to dry pet's hair, long power cord gives user the flexibility to move around. Perfect gift. The new pet hair dryer has less than 60 decibels of sound. Efficient grooming and fast drying. A great gift for a pet lover is a hair blow dryer.

Brand: Livekey

👤I was skeptical about this little dryer, but I am glad I tried it. I work in a cage free setting and am a professional dog groomer. There are a lot of head shy dogs that are terrified of our regular drier. Imagine my surprise that they tolerate this little drier being used on them. The air flow is very quiet and gentle. I can give them a nicer haircut if I fully dry their heads and faces. It is not a scary experience for them anymore. It is not the best choice for use on the whole dog, specially large ones. You can't turn it off. The plastic/metal around the nozzle gets uncomfortably hot so you have to watch your fingers, not areas that are in contact with the dog.

👤I've taken to grooming our standard poodle myself and couldn't resist buying one. The brush wouldn't go through my dog's hair because of the little balls at the end of the bristles. I think a dog with regular slick fur is more effective and even pleasant. It's supposed to have two drying speeds, but only one works and is not very powerful. A regular hair dryer and a slicker brush is more effective in our situation.

👤It's really amazing. It was a good thing for my boy. I was skeptical at first because of the heat and the price, but the price was at a perfect level and the bristles have little balls at the tips, now if one of them fall off that is another story, but it is built great, and did not pull the hair. I was tired of towel drying him, and brushing him, and sometimes smelling like a wet dog. His hair looks great. He was dry. He was a bit scared at first, but you should make sure your pet is comfortable.

👤I have a Maltese who hates baths and hates to be dried with a hair dryer. bath time has been made better by this.

👤This is the truth about me being a mobile pet groomer. I originally bought it for the faces of the smaller pups, but it turned out it was a life saver for a German Shepherd by not blowing the hair everywhere.

👤I used this on my Golden retriever, and it dried her out in about 10 minutes, after she did a few shake-offs and a good toweling. The brush did a good job of removing the undercoat as she dried off. The Furminator undercoat brush is recommended if the intent is reduced. The slicker brush was very good at de-tangleing. If your dog's fur is long like my girl's, you still want to start slowly.

👤It took me a long time to groom my dog since he has a curly side and I didn't want to pull on his fur too much. He's scared of the dryer because of the air. He was more fluffy than curly from the pet dryer and brush.

👤It was perfect today, I used it. I have a dog with hair that seems to be too long. I decided to bathe her myself because I normally send her to a groomer. She did a great job with the dryer. She lay down as I was drying her off.


What is the best product for dog dryers grooming professional quiet?

Dog dryers grooming professional quiet products from Dogii Dogii. In this article about dog dryers grooming professional quiet you can see why people choose the product. Petnf and Pet Control Hq are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog dryers grooming professional quiet.

What are the best brands for dog dryers grooming professional quiet?

Dogii Dogii, Petnf and Pet Control Hq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog dryers grooming professional quiet. Find the detail in this article. Flying Pig Grooming, Shernbao and Pgot are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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