Best Dog Door Replacement Flaps

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1. TRIXIE Natura Vinyl Flaps Cottage

TRIXIE Natura Vinyl Flaps Cottage

It is clear, weather-resistent vinyl. It fits a door opening. It's 14.25 in. It protects against wind, rain, and cold. It keeps the dog house warm. Installation is simple, flap to the inside door frame, all hardware included. All life stages are described in the age range. All hardware, including a vinyl flap.

Brand: Trixie

👤The measurements are correct. If you want this to be the opening you want it to be, you should measure it because the opening to my door was taller than any plastic door out there. The plastic for this door is thick and flexible, so that the dogs can go in and out comfortably. The plastic door keeps out most of the rain and makes the dog house a little more warm at night. You can also trim this plastic.

👤Maybe if I owned bigger dogs. The plastic is heavy duty. It won't bend in cold temperatures. I can't bend it because my dog can't get through it. I tried to make it easier to bend open by cutting more slits. No luck. It is pretty much worthless to me.

👤I thought it was a plastic cover when I saw it, but it is foggy on some parts and looks dirty. It was not cleaned with soap or windex, but nothing seemed to get rid of it. I almost cut my finger when I ran my fingers through the middle edges of it, it is very stiff, and if you have a small dog, it might be too stiff for them to push it.

👤It would be easy to install the product. I bought this but it didn't work for what I needed. I would buy from this company again.

👤What I was looking for. The sulcada tortoises needed some sort of closure for their dog house to keep the rain out. It is perfect. We bought another one for our farm doghouse.

👤Really thick plastic. It was easy to install and hang up. This was purchased to be used on a homemade shelter. I bought 2 and hung them side by side because our door was wider than the plastic one.

👤Would not buy again. The size and length were wrong. The dog hated it. If you try to adapt the holed to fit the dog house and realize it doesn't work, you won't get your money back. If you see the holes, return your money immediately.

👤I bought a dog for my puppy. It isn't tall enough. It's wide enough. Very disappointing. My dog has to get on her knees to get in the house. The dog size is not advertised correctly. Since I designed the opening around the "XL dog door flap", I will have to buy a larger door flap and cut the hole. This is costly and takes me a long time to re-design the door larger. Jim is a man.

👤I built a wooden frame around it and screwed it in after my dog's kennel was too big. It's thick and good quality. I thought my dog would rip it to shreds, but he hasn't. I think he likes the shelter. It tastes bad to dogs. One of the two.

👤I bought this as part of a package deal with a dog kennel, and it is a little short, but adequate. It is thick and has 3 screws. It would be better if it had 4 screws. I had to attach it to the outside of the kennel because it was too short and the design was restrictive.

2. PetSafe Classic Replacement Large 700 416

PetSafe Classic Replacement Large 700 416

Refer to the measurement diagram to measure and select your replacement flap. There is a replacement flap for the old version of the Large Wall Entry aluminum pet door. A flap made from soft, tinted vinyl with a magnetic closure. A large flap is about 10 W x 15 H and has 4 bumps at the top and 3 magnets at the bottom. The flap part number 4-0113-11 is the manufacturer's replacement flap. PetSafe Brand is an industry leading US manufacturer of pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle products. The frame is 12 1/2 x 19 1/2. Extreme Weather - 12 1/2 x 19 7/8" is made of plastic. The bottom of the flap has a black weather sweep.

Brand: Petsafe

👤A built-in PetSafe dogie door is in the screen door I purchased years ago. The plastic dogie flap was chewed up by a puppy. I looked into purchasing a replacement flap from PetSafe, but they wanted a lot of money for it, and I think it was around $80 at the time. I've been making my own flaps from plastic stair runner material, but it doesn't work very well or last very long. The replacement PetSafe flap on Amazon was $30, which is still a lot of money, but it was better than the original one, which was $80. I was able to push the flap into place with a wide flat-blade screwdriver, despite the fact that my 13 year old door doesn't come apart. Hopefully it will last a few years.

👤The metal framed dog door was perfect, but for the flap. The frame of the old door was stuck and it was hard to switch to the new flap. I think I used caulking back when the door was made of metal and it could have stayed there for 25 more years with the screws out. A few breaks and a lot of cursing. The frame was moved and the flap was removed. The new one was too short. It needs to fit since the magnets are at the bottom. I found an old curtain rod that my husband cut to length and we put it on the bottom of the frame and hammered it with a mallet until it flattened out. Two old people are very happy with it. Our dog zooms in and out. The flap didn't fit perfectly because our dog door is discontinued, but we were led to believe it would. Still happy.

👤The quality is the same as original. I had a brand name that was 25 years old and it was listed as a compatible replacement. It took me a couple of tries but it works now and is resistant to wind. I was worried about replacement. The rubber on the older one was cracked. It occurred to me that I could look for a replacement on Amazon if I got the correct size and brand name stamped on the old one. The size of the replacement was concerning. The size of the opening and the actual size of the flap are two ways to measure. I can't remember which dimensions I used, but my intuition was confirmed once I began assembly. Highly recommended.

👤This is for my old style sliding glass door. Our dog loves the sliding glass door. The flap was easy to replace. It was very easy to replace, it took maybe 3 minutes, and there was no need for instructions. Just slid in and was put back up. If you're looking for a different product, make sure you check the number on the top of your flap. Is my review missing something? Sometimes reviews are forced to take the place of personal experience when online shopping. I try to return the favor as best as I can, and I have always appreciated the help I've received from reviews. I hope you found this review helpful and if there was anything you didn't know, leave a comment and I'll do what I can to fix it.

3. Baboni Telescoping Aluminum Durable Medium

Baboni Telescoping Aluminum Durable Medium

Give your cats and dogs the freedom to go out and play on their own. The dimensions and spacing of things. The wall thickness is 4 1/3 - 7 1/3 in thick. The opening is 8 1/4"W x 12 1/4"H. Easy installation. This pet door is easy to install in all types of walls, it has a cut-out template and step-by-step instructions. The Pet Door frame is made of 100% metal laser welding process and high-quality steel aluminum alloy oxidation to ensure it's safe and energy efficient. The double-flap helps protect against air drafts and protects against extreme weather. The flap opening is designed for pets up to 40 pounds.

Brand: Baboni

👤The pet door we purchased through the wall flap double door was designed to be used in a patio sliding door. The product is adequate but the unit's fixed glass is not insulated and the insert is too narrow to make usable space. The view is impacted by the insert. There is a The instructions for the Baboni pet door are detailed. Our home has 6 inch thick walls. We were worried about how the cat would respond. Looks like that is progressing well. This door unit will soon be a single flap door, so it's not important. The magnet stuck to the exterior door flap when he pushed the interior flap back. The door flaps are ajar, open to the great outdoors, insects and cold drafts. We have the cat's box on the screen porch if he uses the door in the middle of the night. We need the flaps to work so that we don't expose our Montana household to the great outdoors this winter. There is a We have a perfect alignment and the B side fits into the A side. This issue may be more common with taller walls. I think a narrower space might not have an issue. Vendor contact information can only be found in the back of the instruction booklet. It seems like it's one flap for us. We can't send it back and leave a large hole in the wall. Attempted to contact the vendor through email. The email which appeared to be improper was returned. Take the above into account before purchasing.

👤I was happy that the product was made of metal and that it was sturdy since it had to be thick enough to go out a wall. I took out instructions and proceeded to install the unit, but the flaps are warped and not long enough to reach the magnets on the door frame, thus leading to the problem. I hope the company will read this review and contact me to send replacement flaps that are long enough to reach the magnets at the bottom of the door. If the company contacts me, I will update my review. I will update review if I have to replace a dog door.

👤The front panel of the Pet Door was bent. It was damaged in a box. The replacement door was in good condition when it was shipped by Amazon. The new door works perfectly and our dog is very happy with it. It took him about 3 days to master it, and now he goes in and out many times a day to do his business. Baboni the manufacturer of the door apologized to me after I posted my original one star review. I received a picture of the shipping supports added to the door. I believe that this will eliminate future rough handling and shipping damages.

👤The old pet door was falling apart and we had to replace it. The original one we installed was a name brand and was installed about 5 years ago. It was made of molded plastic and did not hold up well as the screws that held it together in the wall were busted and the bottom between the two doors was almost completely destroyed. Our two pups, a chihuahua and corgi, use it many times a day. It was great to find this one that is all metal. It slipped right into the hole after being purchased the same size as the existing one. It is flush with the wall without any modifications needed. It is more pleasing than the previous one. This will be my choice if I ever have to buy another one.

4. Replacement Compatible PetSafe Freedom Doggie

Replacement Compatible PetSafe Freedom Doggie

The door frame is sold separately. The replacement flap is 10 1/8" across and 16 7/8" from top to bottom. It has holes at the top of the flap that are compatible with the PetSafe Freedom pet door. Installation is quick and easy with only a screwdriver. You will be kicking yourself for not replacing that old door sooner. It is weather tight and weather resistant. This flap is weather resistant and made from flexible materials. The magnetic strip at the bottom of the flap is connected to the magnetic surface at the bottom of the dog door. The PetSafe Plastic Pet Door, the PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door, the PetSafe Wall Entry aluminum Pet Door, and the PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door are all compatible with theEvergreen Pet Supplies. The replacement flap number is PAC11-11039 This product is produced by a company called Evergreen Pet Supplies. They don't have an endorsement from any of the other manufacturers. Their replacement flap is better than the original product. Based on in-house testing.

Brand: Evergreen Pet Supplies

👤It was a perfect fit. It will be more durable than the PetSafe flap. I think so since my flap already tore off at the bottom corner of the edge, creating a nice little passage for scorpions and spiders. The flap lasted 9 months. I think this one will surpass the original in terms of lifespan and durability. It's a better price.

👤Not sure how long plastic flaps are supposed to last compared to the original flap that warped and tore, but it did last 16 months. I have a door that has two flaps through the wall and will be ordering a second one. The plastic snaps into place firmly. Hopefully this one won't twist out of shape like the other one. I have two big dogs that just blast through the door and they were very hard on the old flap. I'll let you know how it's holding up after a few months.

👤This is not a door made of plastic. The smell when you open the box is the first thing you notice. It has been installed for 2 weeks and still has a strong smell. This is much stronger than a Pet Safe door. It doesn't want to close all the way. As it gets cold, the issue gets harder. The first time the dog went through, the frame broke due to the flap getting so hard. It might work if you live in an area that doesn't get below freezing. I would stay away from the north.

👤The new door is a good match for the old one. Quality looks good. The design of the original door can make the installation difficult. There are a few bits of advice. There are five small screws that the flap hangs from. 2. The plastic bar on the inside of the door holds the flap. If you are replacing the flap the bar may get a bit brittle. I broke mine when I tried to squeeze the small pegs on the bar through the holes on the flap. Glued it back together. 3. The hardest part is trying to align the screws while holding the flap up. I used painters tape to hold the screws in the metal frame and guided them through the holes in the flap and into the plastic bar. A helpers would have been better. It looks like the original.

👤I can't sense much difference since I've had less than a week. 3 of 5 screws were pulled out the first time the dog went through the hole. I found some washers around the house, and that seems to have done the trick, but they should probably just start including these with their product or make the holes a bit smaller.

👤Good reviews and a small savings made me order this. I'm okay with it. I believe it is slightly taller than the PetSafe, but it doesn't hurt the function of the door, you just adjust it to hang higher. I put the far left corner together first and held it in place with my left hand, even though others said they needed someone to hold the brackets from the inside. I did the far right after I had that screw start. It was easy to do that way. Go ahead and save some money. This is a little darker. The difference in weight was noticed by my dog, who wasn't sure if she wanted to push through it. She knows she can go through it.

5. PetSafe Replacement PAC11 11039 Tinted Magnetic

PetSafe Replacement PAC11 11039 Tinted Magnetic

The weather is changing. The magnetic closure on the flap helps keep your home protected from the outdoors. Easy installation. The only tool you need to replace the flap is a screwdriver. The doors are comparable. PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door, PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door, PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet Door, PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Door, PetSafe Freedom aluminum Pet Door, PetSafe Plastic Pet Door are all Flap fits. It was designed for large pets. There are 5 holes at the top of the flap for adjustment. PetSafe customer care can help you with your questions on Mondays through Saturdays.

Brand: Petsafe

👤They are not kidding when they say a replacement flap. There is only one replacement flap. There is nothing else in the box. The cheap, flimsy, wafer-thin, two-piece plastic mounting brackets are not included. Why don't they include this? I am asking you why you don't include this piece. I'm guessing because it's got to be a lot of product, and it doesn't grow on trees. The old hinge-bracket snapped apart when I removed it, which is shocking because it is a cheap, flimsy, wafer-thin piece of plastic. Why wasn't it made out of metal like the anchored hinge? I'm glad I asked that question. This is just a guess, but it's probably because that could have been two pennies each. I can't even get the flap that didn't need to be replaced to come off because of the huge hole in the door caused by the wind. We are going to have to hang some fleece blankets over the opening so our three dogs and four cats can go outside and do their business, until a permanent solution is provided by the manufacturer. Scoffs. This entire situation would have been avoided if plastic with the replacement flaps was included. I spent $150 on the original door and $600 on a new one that could accommodate the dog door, and I paid to have them both professionally installed. I am your customer and you owe me. Make it right. It looks like you have a lot of other customers as well, judging by the reviews. You don't like PetSafe. Have a great day!

👤I have a one flap door. The wind kept blowing it open. I tried to buy more magnets to hold it on the bottom. That didn't work at all. I added the second one to the other to make it close to one side. The one that doesn't Buckle keeps the cold air out and the one that does Buckle keeps it from blowing open. There is no issue with my dog because he doesn't notice its two. It was hard to straddle the door and keep everything lined up so you could put the screws back, so I would suggest having a second set of hands. I did it by myself and it took longer.

👤Over the years, I've had to get replacement flaps for my wild dogs. My guys are particularly hard on dog doors as Saint Bernards don't understand the concept of "one at a time". Result? The edges of the flap are torn. It can take well over a year from first tear to replacement, so it is tough. It's easy to install. You're good for a few more years if it takes about ten minutes. I get the large door flap. It's large enough to fit a 35" tall Saint Bernard, a 120 pound bloodhound, and a very round Golden Retriever. This is the only door and flap that will fit them.

👤Can I not like a product that I have to purchase because I chose the wrong door? I don't think that's fair. I'm rolling with 4 stars. I regret putting it in but I need to deal with it. My dog chews up the doors, so I am replacing one that fits and does what it is intended to do, and the flap on the door that I regret installing. My solution this time was to purchase some thin aluminum stock, cut it to the width of the door and drill and rivet into the plastic of the replacement flap-One side was sufficient. It has worked perfectly so far. The plastic and aluminum are hard to chew on. The flaps are working well after this. The flaps can still function if you only put about 8 ounces of metal on the bottom. As she passed in/out, I used rivets. The screw plate on the door is terrible and it takes some time to put the screws into place and adjust the door to work with the magnets, but it's doable.

6. Dog Mate Large Doors

Dog Mate Large Doors

Large dogs up to a shoulder height of 630mm (25”), for example: Labradors and German shepherds, are suitable. Also used by cats. A robust two-way-locking panel makes it clear to your dog when the door is locked. It's ideal for all doors and walls and requires 2mm (3/32”) thick plastic sheet for lining walls over 50mm (2”) thick. The cut-out is 391mm tall and width is 12 1/2. The overall size is 361mm (14 3/8”), height 431mm (17 3/8) and width 368mm (14 3/8). The warranty is for 3 years.

Brand: Dog Mate

👤I know about dogs and doggy doors because I live in the Pacific Northwest. I've tried many different brands of dog doors in different homes. Some broke. Some of them got chewed. The flapped in the wind. Some were very expensive. Dog Mate is my favorite brand because it's cheap, easy for dogs to run in and out, takes a beating from rowdy mutts, and the fuzzy insulation around the perimeter of the flap keeps out wind, snow, and rain. It's not easy to install, but I figured it out so you can. I had a new back door installed and traded up from medium to large size. The medium door was installed 7 years ago. I gave it away because it's in good shape. The large size can hold larger dogs. I'm watching a cocker spaniel, a puggle, a tiny boston terrier, and a large labradoodle and all of them use it with no problems at all. Dogs will ram themselves against the protective pegs when I lock them outside. None have broken through yet. I have never written a lengthy review before. The dog mate is a better door.

👤This is a real pain to install. It is one of those items that says you only need three tools, but by the time you get it, you're using about ten different tools, and you're not sure if the parts they packed with it work or not. It requires a hacksaw to cut the bolts to the correct length so that it fits your door. Good luck with that. If you have a hacksaw, you need a vice to hold the bolts while you cut them. How many people have a work bench with a vice? I went to Lowes and bought bolts that were the right length and didn't require cutting. It took about 30 minutes to find one that would work. I would have paid $1 more for the product if the company would have thrown in an additional smaller set of bolts instead of wasting 2 hours trying to cut the long bolts and then going to the store to get new ones. This wasn't the first time I've worked with these types of doors, and it was frustrating as hell. The lock portion of the door must be taken off when not in use. There isn't a lock switch. Attach it and put little pegs in place. The locking mechanism was built into the door. I wanted to give you a heads up on that. It's not convenient to have to take the cover from wherever you have it stored and put it on to keep the opening locked. I wouldn't buy something else.

👤An excellent buy at a good price. The door is made of a hard plastic that won't warp or curve out of shape after a few months of use by the dogs. It is easy to wash after the dogs get it dirty because it is a hard plastic door. You will see what I mean if you wash the traditional pet door that is soft plastic. The door action is very smooth and it seals well. The locking mechanism works well. This is a really good pet door. Look no further. It's one third of the cost of other pet doors. Installation is easy. Follow the directions. A young child could do this. My dogs love it. I have bought many pet doors over the years, and this is the best yet. It arrived on a Sunday. Imagine that. I was impressed. Thank you for your business. As promised, you were on it and delivered.

7. Ideal Pet Products Replacement Plastic

Ideal Pet Products Replacement Plastic

The new style has something on the bottom bar. The flap size is ideal for a large pet door. The Flap has a round logo with Rivets on a metal bar. Product purchased through Amazon Warehouse Deals are not covered by a manufacturer warranty. Need help? E-mail customer care specialists at Ideal Pet Products seven days a week.

Brand: Ideal Pet Products Since 1979

👤Check your door flap. The flap won't fit if the logo is rectangular. The new style is not compatible with the old style because the design was changed. The dimensions are correct, but the screw holes are different so it doesn't fit. It's clear on the box that it's for the round logo, but it's not clear on the Amazon posting. I'm not sure if I'm out of luck because I can't find the old style on Amazon. Need a new door? It won't be this brand.

👤This replacement flap is perfect. The door I bought was the original one. He used to use it for a little over a year, but it started ripping and went from bad to worse in two weeks. This was the cheapest replacement flap I could find. The first and second worry were different manufacturers. My husband measured our door flap, but they're not the same as the ones on the package of this flap, and if you scroll to the bottom of the manufacture's page, it has the measurements. The Extra Large had the correct measurement. It fits like it was made for it. Happy at $16.00! Hope this helps someone.

👤The mount area along the top edge was not the same as the old one. It's the correct brand and the correct size, and the description says it's a replacement for plastic or metal framed doors. The company has changed the plastic frames since we bought them. They need to explain how to figure out if this will fit the one you own in the description. I changed the mounting area of the frame and the flap. I had to grind off one side of the ridges at the top of the flap, drill new mount bolt holes in the frame, and create new bolt sleeves to replace the ones in the mount brace which were in the wrong locations. If you receive a flap that isn't an exact replacement for yours, I would suggest you return it and buy an updated pet door. Our frame is showing its age with cracks from the mount holes. It wasn't the best design. The picture is attached.

👤This is a great replacement for the original pet door. A low speed screw driver is all it takes to replace it. Make sure the larger holes are on the outside of the door. There is a clear plastic door, a plastic bar and screws in the kit.

👤The item is advertised in a way that is not true. The flap only fits newer style Ideal Pet dog door frames, which is correct. The circular logo of your existing Ideal Pet flap will fit. If you have an older style logo, your flap won't slide into your frame. This difference and issue is clearly mentioned on the product box, but not in the Amazon listing. It was misleading in my opinion.

👤My dog door came with fur and I didn't know what was on the other side. They were looking at something. Being a different brand, I didn't find the size I wanted. The box was heavy and I was worried what would come out. I said all I could that Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Flute and all I could say was yes. If yours is greasy or light weight, buy these. It is easy to replace the pet safety fencing. The foliage was removed before the opening opened. They stayed in and out with no problems for a week. When I put the two clear gloves on a little coaching, I just get use to the pressure of the gloves against their heads. The treats they liked were extra re-endurable. My phone number is 406-850-4385. I don't have to wake them up.

8. Baboni Replacement Flap Doors Large

Baboni Replacement Flap Doors Large

Be sure to use your credit card in your purchase. The Endura Flap pet doors are made in the USA with a high quality aluminum frame to ensure longevity and security, the patented flap is non-toxic and recyclable, and the pivots on a rod to prevent cracking and tearing, all of which make the Endura Flap pet doors an excellent There are 5 holes at the top of the flap for adjusting the large pet door. Installation is easy with a screwdriver. Weather tight and weather resistant are made from flexible, durable materials. There is a magnetic strip at the bottom of the flap. There is a replacement flap and 10 screws.

Brand: Baboni

👤This is the perfect replacement for the Petsafe flap. The Petsafe was $38. Quality is as good as Petsafe flap. I received the Baboni through the wall door with the order to replace the Petsafe through the wall door once the weather gets nicer. The door is made of plastic. The pass through has broken pieces and still has life left in it. There is a The Baboni is through the wall door. It is made of metal. The pass through. I know that it will last a long time compared to the Petsafe door, so I can't wait to install it. Plastic Petsafe vs metal Baboni. It's a no-brainer.

👤My dog door flaps began to break. I decided to purchase a replacement after other alternatives didn't work, so far it's holding up.

👤He was replaced by a flap. It was very hard to adjust and there were no instructions. It worked fine once installed correctly.

👤It was a perfect fit for my PetSafe door.

9. OWNPETS Lockable Magnetic Self Closing Function

OWNPETS Lockable Magnetic Self Closing Function

There is a pet screen door in two sizes: inside and outside. The pet screen door is designed to let your pets in and out. They can get indoors or outdoors on their own. Lockable and self-closing. Their dog screen door has a built-in magnetic feature that will keep it closed when your dog leaves. Pets can go out at night or when you are not at home if the door is locked. The material is high quality. Their pet screen door never fell apart because of the screws reinforcement. It can last a long time. The dog screen door is easy to use. You can do it yourself. It is easy for your pets to push or close. The pet screen door can be used to install a screen door, window, or any other screen area. It is suitable for all pets.

Brand: Ownpets

👤I just installed it and it seems to work well, so I can't say anything about durability. It's hard to connect the two halves without the help of an assistant. It would be helpful to make pins that click/lock together. It's hard to thread bolts onto nuts that are long. The pet screen material is slightly thicker than the opening size would have liked. My brother's Great Pyrenees won't fit in with our dogs because of it's smallish opening. The photo of the dog in front of the opening is not an accurate depiction of the product. I like the design and hope to live a long life. Handy Dad.

👤I just had a few screws to screw in, and then you just cut out the screen. Simple! It was effective! We have a dog that is 70 lbs and she fits right through. I don't have to fix that screen anymore because she stopped pushing it out immediately.

👤I don't write reviews often, but this door is great for our screen door. We have two golden retrievers that are about the same size as the two huskys. The dogs love the large size door that I installed in our screen door, it's not the best screen door, but it comes off the tracks and the dogs love it! Installation was easy. I bought a screen cutter. The swing door was kept off for the first week so the dogs could get used to it. After I put the door on, I kept showing them how to use it, and they love it. The screen door is a cheaper option than a more expensive door because it never comes off the tracks. It's worth the money.

👤My dog needs to learn how to use and install. It's easier with 2 people.

👤I was hesitant to buy this for my two dogs as I was not sure if the door was large enough for my golden retriever to go through. We were surprised that our two dogs were able to fit through the door after we trained them to do so. It's a good thing. I believe that the key is to put the door at the right height. I think this door is the best solution for our dogs. Please watch a video for proof.

👤This looks to be what I wanted. I didn't want to put a screen guard on the door. This one is mounted on the screen. The frame is made of high quality materials. The bolts with nuts are the "screws". The two panels are held together. The instructions were easy to follow. The dogs were able to use the door quickly with the help of some tasty treats. We have three dogs and they will give the door a good test.

👤It was perfect for what we needed. We rescreened our porch to keep the mosquitoes out and the dogs had to stop jumping through the newly screened panels. The door was left off until the dogs got used to it, and now they do very well with it. We have a retired police dog and a dog. A golden retriever. It does the job and I wish there was a bigger size. Sometimes they both come running in too quickly and the door part goes off the hinges, but they can come back together.

10. Replacement Compatible PetSafe Freedom Doggie

Replacement Compatible PetSafe Freedom Doggie

The door frame is sold separately. The replacement flap measures 13 34 in width and 23 34 in height. It has holes at the top of the flap that are compatible with the PetSafe Freedom pet door. Installation is quick and easy with only a screwdriver. You will be kicking yourself for not replacing that old door sooner. It is weather tight and weather resistant. This flap is weather resistant and made from flexible materials. The magnetic strip at the bottom of the flap is connected to the magnetic surface at the bottom of the dog door. It is compatible with the PetSafe Replacement Flap. The product is produced by a company. They don't have an endorsement from any of the other manufacturers. Their replacement flap is better than the original product. Based on in-house testing.

Brand: Evergreen Pet Supplies

👤The rating was reduced to 1 star. The flaps are not straight today as mosquitos are coming in through the opening along with heat. We only had these for 3 months, so I will have to order new ones. This time, name the brand. I buy 2 and hang both at the same time to help insulate and prevent gaps. The material seems the same thickness and weight as the name brand, and it is less expensive. It works perfectly and has a strong bottom magnet. It's easy to clean wipes. The flaps are hard to clean and there is no raised lettering. The name brand seems to be warping more and sooner. If I didn't have 2 flaps up, I'd be returning this because the inside flap has warped enough to leave a large gap. This would allow mosquitoes and other bugs and be very energy efficient. There is a I have 2 flaps and the outside one is warping in a different place, but it isn't an issue. I'm not sure if I would buy them again, I have to see how durable they are and if the warping gets worse. I usually have a set of flaps for about 2 years.

👤The Pet Safe PAC 11-11040 replacement flat is worse than this. It is a perfect length and doesn't require much adjusting. I have had several Pet Safe replacement flats that were not wide enough. This is perfect. I was not happy with the panels. They would slide down after a few uses if it was adjusted perfectly. There was still a small gap on the sides even after it was adjusted well. This product is very good. It costs less. I tried 2 flaps. The cost is ridiculous.

👤The flap is very strong and sturdy. I like that it's thicker but it's tight in the opening so it doesn't close all the way on the sides after my dogs go through it. The wind doesn't make it flap back and forth like the originals. It was easy to take out the original flaps, but it was difficult to install them on my own. I needed someone to hold the flap up while I screwed it in. I tried taping the flap in place and putting nails through the holes to hold it in place, but I couldn't get the screws in. This didn't work out so well, but I was able to get two flaps replaced by myself.

👤It was a perfect match to replace the flap in my storm door. There were reviews that said there were problems with some flaps. The replacement is still new. It is easy to replace and not complex. I had to apply pressure from outside on the inside door. It was quite a challenge since I was alone and our doggy door is the largest available. I wonder if they are installing correctly when people complain about tearing. It seems very sturdy if the flap is installed along the original bar.

11. Medium Replacement Compatible PetSafe Freedom

Medium Replacement Compatible PetSafe Freedom

The door frame is sold separately. The replacement flap is a medium size. It has holes at the top of the flap that are compatible with the PetSafe Freedom pet door. Installation is quick and easy. You will be kicking yourself for not replacing that old door sooner. It is weather tight and weather resistant. This flap is weather resistant and made from flexible materials. The magnetic strip at the bottom of the flap is connected to the magnetic surface at the bottom of the dog door to keep the outside weather out. The PetSafe Plastic Pet Door, the PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door, the PetSafe Wall Entry aluminum Pet Door, and the PetSafe Freedom Patio are all compatible with theEvergreen Pet Supplies. This product is produced by a company called Evergreen Pet Supplies. They don't have an endorsement from any of the other manufacturers. Their replacement flap is better than the original product. Based on in-house testing.

Brand: Evergreen Pet Supplies

👤It was not easy to install. Came without instructions. Is too wide for the hole. Isn't very flexible. A dog pushes through and sometimes doesn't close properly. I'm hoping that with continued use and warm weather, it will become more flexible and the sides will wear better. We had to remove the old frame with the 6 long screws and nuts to get the flap with the 4 screws inserted. We managed to make it simpler than we thought it would be. I hope that in time I will be happy with the flap. Good price.

👤I decided to replace my flap after watching a video. My flap has screws and a bar on the inside to screw into, and it doesn't just slide in and out. I had to put the screws on the other side of the door in order to hold the bar in place. A second set of hands would have been helpful. I was straddling the door trying to get to both sides. It took longer than I thought it would. I don't think this flap fits as well as the original. There is a small gap on one side that allows cold air in.

👤It's easy to install. Since it is a replacement, it is assumed that the hardware used on the original flap still exists. I wonder if it needs to be a bit heavier since I often have to kick it shut so the magnet catches. It's too expensive.

👤Don't waste your money. The replacement flap didn't last an hour. The screws at the top are not reinforced, so the thing fell off after being installed. What a waste.

👤The PetSafe version works just as well and is a lot cheaper. I would like to see a stiffener piece on the top of the flap. I added an aluminum strip to keep the attachment straight. I don't know the longevity so I don't give it 5 stars. It will get 5 stars if it lasts a year.

👤The logo is not the same as the original. Not sure why some people think it isn't sturdy, or you need to use washers or extra hardware for a proper fit. The flap is the same as the original one. The backing bar that came with the original was used. It's a perfect fit. It feels as if it's as sturdy as the original. A dude is being honest. A little salty about the price but would definitely buy again.

👤I couldn't start a screw in the back piece. I suggest you use longer screws to start, this way you have enough for the threading. It's not hard to start the others after you get one screw. After you get all the moving parts stable, you can use the short screws. A screw like the one you get with a light switch will work.

👤The replacement door was exactly what we needed. Installation took about 10 minutes. Our dogs are having to relearn how hard they need to push the flap to get in and out, but they are doing just fine. The new flap seals better and we don't have to keep the A/C on. Will purchase this again.


What is the best product for dog door replacement flaps?

Dog door replacement flaps products from Trixie. In this article about dog door replacement flaps you can see why people choose the product. Petsafe and Baboni are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog door replacement flaps.

What are the best brands for dog door replacement flaps?

Trixie, Petsafe and Baboni are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog door replacement flaps. Find the detail in this article. Evergreen Pet Supplies, Petsafe and Dog Mate are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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