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1. My Doggy Place Washable Microfiber

My Doggy Place Washable Microfiber

Refetone earned customer's spurs and have been a trusted brand for unsurpassed quality and style. They want to make you completely satisfied with this purchase. They will give you a solution that is reasonable. The Chenille Microfiber is Thick and High-Pile, Which Makes It A Warm And Soft Mat. The Super Absorbent has a 5X absorption rate of normal mats and it protects your floors, bathroom, and bedroom. Double Stitching is a safe construction that lasts longer. "No Slip" rubber backing is used for better grip. The water is fast from the mat. Large Mat Measures 36 X 26 Inches and Is Machine Washable. Shake and use a mild detergent in cold water. You can use them all over your house. You can use a doormat with your dog or pets, a winter boot mat, a shower mat, or a kitchen sink mat.

Brand: My Doggy Place

👤I love this mat! So far, we have bought 3. It's easy to clean. It lasts forever as well. A photo is attached. The navy is large. Brown is medium in size.

👤The company claims that its product is "magic" but it isn't. When I lifted up the rug to clean the floor, I found that it was soaking wet. The water exposure has made ripples in my hardwood floor upgrade. The rug went all the way through after I tested it manually. I have to put a garbage bag under the rug to keep the water out. I spent a lot of money on this rug. If I knew that this company was advertising false things, I would have bought a cheaper rug and put a plastic bag under it.

👤The rug was a perfect size when opened. The smell was terrible. I washed the rug as I was told. It came out with the gripping part all bunched together and the layer between that and the actual rug all clumped together and small white bits coming out over me, the dark brown rug, my dark brown puppy and the floor. I can't believe the mess the gripping material is in. It would be great if this didn't happen, but I would like to return it. The smell is better after washing.

👤This rug does what it is supposed to do. Dust in dirt as they dogs come inside is a great way to catch water. There was a noticeable difference in one day. I don't know what it is that the dogs love about this rug. It is now the preferred crash pad in the house. I will be ordering more.

👤If you need it for muddy paws or wet feet, you will be happy, but my pup loves it for his bedding as well. It's one of the best items I've ever ordered that actually met my expectation, and it shakes out nicely. It is worth every single penny. If you get the red one, do not wash it with white unless you know it will be pink. HAHA! I would like to wash separately a few times. It's a good thing.

👤I bought this mat because it is absorbent and I have dogs running around in and out of the house all the time. I would have washed and mopped twice a week before I placed this rug, because it picks up the water and dirt from the dog paws very well. I decided it was time to wash the rug. I shredded this after washing it in my machine. I had to get rid of the rug because it was all over my washing machine. I would buy a rug like this one again, as it was very convenient for the dogs, but maybe not wash it or take it to the dry cleaners.

👤These puppy mud rugs are adorable. There are two at front and back doors. I would have bought sooner.

👤I bought this because we have been having non-stop rain for the past couple weeks and I'm trying to keep the dogs paws from getting mud on the carpet. This is great! I got it in oatmeal. The color matches my carpet and it is about the size of a door mat. It absorbs all the water and mud off her paws, so I have to walk across it and sit on it while I take off her leash and collar. Highly recommended to anyone with dogs.

2. Dog Gone Smart Pet Products

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products

It is made from absorbent material that can absorb up to 7X its weight in water and mud. The Advanced Microfiber Technology strands are 50% more than the competition. The door mats are not as fast. You can feel the difference. It stays in place with the backing of the Gripper.

Brand: Dog Gone Smart Pet Products

👤Two years ago, I bought one of these rugs. I wanted another one to increase the coverage because our yard gets particularly muddy in the winter. I have been impressed with the rugs. They are thick and absorbent. They are soft to stand on, a good spot for bare feet. One of our dogs likes to sleep. Are they a miracle rug? You still have mud or water, but they help a lot. They are easy to clean. I have washed mine many times and dried it in the dryer, but I noticed in the packaging for the new rug that you are supposed to hang it to dry. The dog is standing on the old rug and the new one is behind her. The rug is in great shape. The backing and fibers are still strong. The non-slip backing works well if you are standing above it and trying to move it with your foot, but my dogs can move the rugs if they want to. I recommend. I don't recommend having 4 dogs.

👤My puppy seemed to like the mat and I was very happy with the purchase. I used it for about a week when I noticed that my dog was digging at the net underneath the pile. A search of her mouth revealed two small plastic balls, the size of a small pin head. I rubbed the mat net and found another 1/2 dozen plastic balls. At least three more small pellets were found around the wood floor. I called Amazon customer service to see if there was a problem with their stock because I was afraid that other pets would eat it. They asked the seller to investigate the remaining stock, issued me a refund and advised me to discard the mat for safety reasons. I offered to return the mat with the offending material, but Amazon said they had it under control.

👤If you get the Runner size, it's the best mat ever. The runner and the regular doormat size were purchased by me. The regular rug slides around all over the place. The runner is the best thing since sliced bread. I have had the maroon color for over a year now, and the bottom of the mat keeps it in place even after a year of wear and tear. This mat has been damaged. You name it. I have washed it many times. The red color of the rug is still vibrant and it does its job of reducing the amount of mud tracked in through the dog door, even though the backing has 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. I am buying two or three more today to add to the house.

👤The yarn that makes the paw prints is falling out of the carpet. It took a while to figure out that there were short pieces of blue yarn near the rug. This was an expensive piece of rug, and now it looks shabby, and won't buy again until they offer it without paw prints. I feel like an idiot because I spent money trying to protect my wood floors from my dog's wet feet. The hall runner is large enough that the dogs can't avoid walking on it, and there are less wet paw prints after they've used it. I wish they would make one without the paw prints. I don't like cutesy.

3. Gorilla Grip Original Waterproof Low Profile

Gorilla Grip Original Waterproof Low Profile

Premium construction is 100 percent natural rubber border and backing. Absorbs dirt and mud: the rubber border helps to form a retention dam to trap mud and other debris from tracking into your home, and the slightly raised fabric helps to trap dirt within its patterned grooves to prevent everyday wear and tear. It's versatile, heavy duty, soft and flexible; it's perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and it's stylish to complement any decor. The mat is 35 by 23 inches with a.25 inch slim, low profile design ideal for low clearing doors or entryways. It's easy to clean, just vacuum, sweep, shake off, or wipe the mat with a damp cloth, or use a garden hose to rinse the mat outdoors.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I liked this product. It was in place and trapped the dirt that would have made it into my trailer. I lifted the mat to clean my floors and I thought it was the best trailer mat ever. The floors in my trailer have been ruined by a chemical reaction. It was nauseatingly sad. I've tried everything to remove the stain, but it's still there. I am upset because my trailer is brand new.

👤I didn't mind the smell, but it didn't stay put very well, and there were some flaws in three of the corners, but the main reason I am not happy with it is the fact that it didn't lay flat. It was rolled up for shipping and has not recovered. I tried reversing it and putting it in the sun, but it wouldn't lay flat making it a trip hazard. I should have paid attention to the review that said the same thing.

👤This is the perfect size for my side door. The pattern/color choices make it look like it is part of the room. Heavy-weight rubber keeps it from sliding. I waited 6 weeks to review because it takes a long time to see if a product lives up to the description. It definitely has! The seller sent a follow-up email. Thank you.

👤I placed this doormat at my door a week ago, but it became a puddle of water after a rainy night. I don't understand why this doormat doesn't drain water. It is suppose to be used outside. I don't recommend it for anyone to use outside. I need to buy something. After rolling it out, one side was still not flat, even after a week at my front door.

👤I have a big yard and a dirt driveway. It rains a lot here. I have tile floors that are always covered in dirt. The floormats I've used don't trap the sand, or the dogs jump over them as they run inside. My floors have been a million times cleaner since I got this rug, I got one of the wider ones and turned it into a runner. I was able to spray it with the hose and let it dry on the patio because one of the dogs pooped on it. It has a strong rubber smell at first, but I think that's normal and it didn't bother me. You can leave it outside for a day or two. Even though it was rolled up for shipping, it was still flat when I opened it.

👤If you have an old dog, the rug is great. On occasion, my old dog pees by the door. The rug has rubber backing. It grips to the wood floor perfectly and a breeze to hose off with garden hose, scrub up with detergent and a plastic scrub brush and let dry in the sun. Cleaned up well and didn't fade. I'm very pleased with this rug.

👤I didn't read all of the previous buyers comments before ordering two mats. The mats were considered for use on the floor of the engine room. I could not help but notice the smell of the mats. I left both mats outside. No change. I returned the mats. I feel that these mats are a health hazard because they emit a terrible odor.

4. EXPAWLORER Doormat 30 Inch Microfiber Absorbent

EXPAWLORER Doormat 30 Inch Microfiber Absorbent

The face is highly absorbent. The microfiber surface with simple paws design traps mud, dirt, and stuff from dirty paws. It can be used as a dog bath mat. Non-skidding backing. The heavy backing keeps it in place. It's place in cars, under crates, as a pet mat, and as a rug for use around dogs is endorsed as a doormat. Pets will love it. It's best to keep the floor clean and dry with a door mat. The microfiber doormat traps dirt and mud from your pup's paws quickly and dries fast to keep your floors cleaner. Easy care. It is possible to machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. It was tumble dry. Do not use bleach, iron or dry clean. Don't use dryer sheets or fabric softeners. It is best to use a wash bag in the washing because of the large size. DIMENSIONS Your dog will find the rug to be a soft and comfortable place to lie on while they keep an eye on the door. It is also a place for your dog to rest.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤About 2 years ago, I bought a smaller version. I loved it so much that I bought another. They tend to hold a lot of debris and dirt, which helps from it being tracked around your house, but also means you have to figure out how to clean it best. I beat it against concrete like a rug beater. You can vacuum the rest if you get a lot of debris out. If you put it in the washer, it will be loud to unbalance it as it holds so much water, and when it spins out the load, it can really get the washer rocking. Even though I have had two or three pet accidents, I have made an effort to keep it because it is very durable and very easy to wash.

👤We bought this rug at a dog sport event. The rubber skid guard was peeling off and we needed to replace it. We had it by the door. There are 7 dogs. I washed in on duty. This price is 50% and we wouldn't be without one. A good one.

👤IA loves these rugs. This is the 3rd one I have purchased. With 5 active dogs in my home, I quickly tire of cleaning their paw prints. These rugs cut down on the muck and mud that comes from a farm. The dark color hides anything that is Badin. The dog print design is great but over all function is what sold me. Highly recommended.

👤I love the rug. The majority of dirt and mud is trapped by it. It does a great job of keeping my floors clean, with two big fur babies and gray laminate flooring. I took the rug to a friend for a demo. After a significant rain, we had four 60lb+ dogs in and out of the house. Even when the dogs paws were covered in mud, the rug held its own, keeping most of the mud off the floor. A friend bought a rug the same day. A friend bought it for her three dogs. The rug doesn't stay in place well, but I think that's easily fixed. I am very happy with this rug. It does a great job.

👤I have two dogs with another dog. I needed a rug to replace the towels I was using when they entered from their dog door. This rug has changed my life. It's big enough that they lay on the rugs and absorb the water off my dogs, but only on rainy days or snow days. Each dog now has their own rug to lay on after I purchased two in the last six months. I love this rug.

👤When my dogs come inside wet or dirty, this rug is amazing. The rug is absorbent and holds a lot of dirt. Sometimes the dogs migrate to this rug on their own. The rug does not have a non slip backing on the bottom side, which is my only complaint about it. I have to fix it so that it doesn't slide around and move a lot, because without it this rug tends to slide around and move a lot. The non slip option is more expensive than the cheaper one if you want it to stay in place.

5. My Doggy Place Absorbent Microfiber

My Doggy Place Absorbent Microfiber

The Clean House Chenille Microfiber Doormat has a higher absorption rate than normal mats. It's like Magic when you soak up water and dirt. The construction has a "No Slip" Backing. The doormat measures 36 x 26 inches. My Doggy Place is a brand.

Brand: My Doggy Place

👤I ordered two mats. I already have two gray ones, but have been unable to find the exact company I got them from, which is why I wanted a couple more. I ordered them on January 10 and they just arrived today, so it was quite a long wait. When I opened the box, they looked like navy blue instead of charcoal gray. I'm trying to find a different company that doesn't have gray. So disappointed. Also, note: My ratings are based on the two I already own. They're perfect to put under my dog's water bowl or in front of a door. She needs something absorbent and easy to clean because she likes to drink a lot. The mats are perfect for that. My overall rating is for this company only and the fact that the color isn't at all as described and the fact that it took them so long to deliver.

👤I love this rug. The rug is a lifesaver. It stops muddy paws in their tracks when they just walk in the door and step on the rug. I'm trying to get a charcoal colored one for our other door. It's still not available. It's really bad. I can't say enough good things about these rugs. My mom bought one after seeing how amazing my work is. They are cute and hold up great in the washing machine.

👤We had a rubber backed mat from a department store by our back door to try to reduce the amount of mud my pups track in from the yard. We ordered one because my aunt recommended it and we bought one. I'm surprised at how absorbent it is. We ordered another to keep the garage door. I have washed it a couple of times and it is still holding up, even though I haven't had much time to think about it.

👤I bought a large red rug to use near my sliding glass door. Our three dogs take turns sitting on the smaller black version that we have. I noticed that the red rug stained my floor pink after a couple months of use. We can't use it anymore and are using baking soda and peroxide to try and remove the pink stain from our floor. This was an expensive rug and I was very dissatisfied.

👤I put this on the inside of the doggy door after waiting for a few months. I have to mop the paw prints at least once a week. I might have to mop once a month after several months of use. It was worth every penny spent on it.

👤Our dogs love this mat. It is soft and absorbent and keeps dirt out of the house. It has a good grip on the bottom to keep it from sliding. We keep ours on the back porch, but it's nice inside. It's perfect for our sliding door. I will buy another one.

👤This is a great rug. It is very absorbent and thick. It cut down on wet paws all over the floor. We put it by the door. We give our dog a treat when he comes in. His feet are drying. It works well. This has been a lifesaver, we just had a huge snowstorm.

6. Lifewit Absorbent Low Profile Washable Entrance

Lifewit Absorbent Low Profile Washable Entrance

The TPR backing is used to prevent shifting and skidding and it is perfect for entryway. The anti-skid effect will be weakened if the bottom is wet or dirty before use. Absorb Dirt and Water is made out of absorbent soft piles. When it is snowing or raining, you just need to step on the door and keep the house clean. The doormat is 0.4" thick. The low threshold design makes it easy to open or shut the door. The mat is not suitable for bathmat use. To prolong the service life, they recommend rinsing under the water in the cold water, not the hot water. It is normal to lose hair during washing. Do not use a dryer. Since this mat is designed to be a doormat, please watch your pets, don't let them play with it, they used strength to keep the fiber stuck to the bottom, however, it will still shed if pets use it. Since this mat is designed to be a doormat, please watch your pets, don't let them play with it, they used strength to keep the fiber stuck to the bottom, however, it will still shed if pets use it.

Brand: Lifewit

👤I had an interaction with the customer service from the seller that led to the change from 3 stars to 5 stars. I thought this could work for the garage door. It was not what I had thought it would be. It was a bit small and not as durable as I thought it would be. I was contacted by the company after writing my first review and they offered to send me another mat for free. They went out of their way to make sure we were happy and satisfied.

👤It's a great door rug, it grabs dirt from shoes just by walking on it, no need to wipe your feet. Light weight but heavy enough to stay in place. The rubber backing doesn't oxidize from washing. The rug fibers are completely clean from one wash. I bought them for every door. There is a Simple design doesn't stand out.

👤We needed something that would help us with our dog's access to the back patio door. This helps keep the rug moist and dry. It was delivered in record time. I appreciate that it's not a busy rug, so it just blends in and helps keep our house clean.

👤The mat is the best ever. It's easy to clean.

👤I bought this for my front door. I wanted to use the purchase to wipe muddy shoes at the entryway. This rug is easy to clean. My dogs like to lay on it. I used a guard on the rug. The rug has remained its original color and texture through a snowy winter and a rainy spring. I bought a second one because of the weather and having puppies. I use one in the wash and the other in the dryer. Just rotating them! I wish this rug came in larger sizes. The front door is small. If the rug came in larger sizes, I would buy it for the mud room. The family room is most likely it.

👤I'm very sad. When I bought 3 of these rugs, I loved them, but they started coming apart with normal wear and no washings. There is an update. Customer service is wonderful. I received 3 new rugs. I want to give them 5 stars after I see how they are holding up. Customer satisfaction gets a A+.

👤What is the use of a mud rug in the washer? The latex backing came off in the first wash, completely leaving the fabric part. I waited too long to wash it, so I can't warn other people that it's cheaper than other mud rugs.

👤Since we have kids, I decided to use it by our kitchen sink, since we would like to reduce the amount of water drips. It is soft to the touch and I enjoy stepping on it. It is very durable, and has done its job in Absorbing, especially when my littlest dropped a cup of water on it. It dried quickly as well.

👤I never thought I'd be waxing over a door. This is the first time I've ever seen a doormat that does what it says and absorbs water completely. Even after wiping feet on a mat, no more cloth by the back door to wipe up the wet footprints. I'm waiting for another one to be delivered today so I can open the door.

7. Doormat Backing Absorbent Entrance Washable

Doormat Backing Absorbent Entrance Washable

The material ispolyester and the backing is thermoplastic rubber. There are absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents and absorbents Their door mat can absorb and remove dirt, water, dust, sand, sleet, grass, slush, rain, snow from your shoes, keeping floors clean and dry. Dirt trapping door mat, anti mud rug, mud mats, interior door mat, door mat indoors, clean step mat, and so on are all work. The anti-sLIP and low PROFILE are related. Their mats are made of 100% high quality Non-Skid rubber backing, which will stay in place on a dry floor, and will keep water and moisture out. Please place rug on clean dry floor only. Water under the rug can cause it to slip. The bottom of the rug should be dry. The low profile design and reinforced overlock edges ensure that doors won't get stuck. Eco-friendly, safe and healthy for you, your kids and pets. Refetone indoor microfiber door mat has a dense microfiber weave and is stylish in color. Their indoor doormat is made of fine sewing technology and TPR rubber backing. Perfect for homes with pets or kids. It is easy to clean and strong. The microfiber strands are five times faster to dry. The problem of large amounts of hairfalling in machine washing has been solved by the upgrading technology adopted. The door mat is still as good as it was when it was new. Just shake or hose off the machine. Refetone earned customer's spurs and have been a trusted brand for unsurpassed quality and style. They want to make you completely satisfied with this purchase. They will give you a solution that is reasonable.

Brand: Refetone

👤I was not sure if this rug would work but it does. I used to have puppy paws through the house when I had three dogs. I have none now. I have told my friends and family about this. It doesn't slip around 60% of the time. I wouldn't call it a slip. I will definitely buy another one for my other door. Don't dry it in the dryer for future buyers. I ruined another rug by putting it in the dryer.

👤This is the fifth one I have bought for the kitchen. The dog and everyone else come in with wet feet, but also look nice. The mats that are water traps are thicker than this one, so you can throw them in the washer/dryer and it will look new. It looks good after a couple of months, but I'm not sure how long it will last.

👤The bathroom door is in front of the entrance to the shower so we needed a thin rug. The door does not catch the rug when it is opened. It looks nice.

👤I ordered a rug for the front door of my travel trailer. My family likes to go hiking and we often come home with muddy shoes. The description of the rug sounded good, I needed a heavy duty rug to trap the dirt. It is very thin and looks like a bath mat. It's not good for muddy boots or hiking shoes. If you're looking for something that's durable and good quality, look elsewhere.

👤The colors of our RV match this one. When we camped, we couldn't tell that the RV had collected so much dirt until we shook it out. It's nice to not have to clean the rug during a camping trip. I was glad I bought it.

👤The front door mat is more of a bath mat. I put it in the baby's room because it looked ridiculous in our entry. It's soft and doesn't pile. It's not a door mat.

👤The rug is very poor quality. The strands that make up the rug are not attached well and fall out, which is what the word shed means. It is slippery and does not stay put. My rugs work better. This rug is not used much and has not been washed. I don't recommend this rug.

👤The rug is small and soft, so it would do well anywhere you want to plant your feet. It's a no-brainer for anyone with sloppy kids or people who come to the door with muddy feet. I am happy with my purchase, it saved me a lot of trouble looking for the right rug. This is it!

👤I arrifato un po diverso da quello ordinato ma. ha voluto mio figlio vicino a letto dato. Un bel prodotto.

👤The Fumatte ist gut. Ihren Qualit ist und ist die hochwertig aus. Sehr ist das Kauf!

👤The doormat is soft and works well. The Dyson is easy to shake off. Her dog loves it, he can look out the door on a soft doormat, which is one of the sweetest things.

8. Entrance Welcome Indoor Outdoor Doormat

Entrance Welcome Indoor Outdoor Doormat

The entrance mat is machine-washable and works great as a dog mat. It comes in large sizes and runner sizes to fit the foot traffic of every part of your home, like the kitchen, patio, entry way, and pet area! The material and low-profile design of their home doormat is what makes it so durable. It is designed to be soft. The door of the low profile doormat is easy to open, so forget about curling or getting stuck. CAPTURE DIRT is easy to clean. The raised edges and embroidered letters on the mat help it catch dirt more effectively. This runner helps to absorb the rain and snow from shoes. The indoor entrance can be cleaned by spraying water over the outdoor rugs or by hand with a vacuum cleaner. Their door mats will be remained in high-traffic areas, because they have a powerful eco-friendly natural non skid rubber which is safe for your floor. The mat can be used for a long time. The funny doormat is a great gift because it is not fade and long lasting. The welcome doormat is a great gift for friends and family. The heavy duty entrance rug carpet is widely used as an indoor outdoor mat, home carpet front door mat, outdoor rug welcome mat, farmhouse mat, kitchen rug, garage floor mat, dirty dog mat and patio rug.

Brand: Hlfmvwe

👤I'm crazy that the "i" in "wipe" doesn't have a dot.

👤This is not a rug outdoors. It must be used indoors. The stitching is beautiful.

👤These are nice, but cheap. They are not as durable as the ones you can buy at Walmart, in my opinion. They're cute, but our dogs chewed on them for a second and all the threading came apart. We moved them to other places where the dogs couldn't get them, but with general wear and tear, they're not holding up very well.

👤Cute. I put it on my backyard patio so my dog can get some of the dirt off his paws before running inside. It's the perfect fit for any house with pets.

👤It was what I was hoping for. I am glad I went with the larger size as it fits my doorway perfectly. It's cute as well. It helped prevent me from tracking in so much snow and salt during the winter.

👤The inside-the-door mat is more lightweight than the outside mats, but I have mats in both places. This is very cute, well-made, and looks great inside my sliding glass door.

👤There is an update. The rug is slippery when wet. The buyer should beware. It's cute, but it shows a lot of dirt. I thought it was larger than it was.

👤The design of the mat is great. It slid at first because there were no real grips on the bottom. I needed something to hold it in place.

👤I love this mat! The material is very good. This picture was taken after our German Shepherd got his fur all over it, so don't worry, it doesn't come pre-fur-covered.

👤Es una funcional para espacios interiores. Es el recibidor. El cocido hasta el da. No se a daado ni deshilado.

👤No tiene mucho uso, pero no se resista el trfico pesado. La imagen bordada es.

👤A very good bonito. The pelo de tu mascota is elegante.

👤It has been easy to clean with the vacuum. I haven't gotten anything too stubborn yet.

9. Sierra Concepts 2 Pack Striped Floor

Sierra Concepts 2 Pack Striped Floor

Large dogs that have flea and tick collar that help treat and control sarcoptic mange. Two heavy duty ribbed door mats (30" x 17") that will be perfect for the everyday home are included. The 2-Pack Steel Gray/Black Color is amazing. Cleaning and maintaining an outdoor rug mat has never been easier. Shake the mat, sweep the rug, or hose off and dry the entryway mat. The large mats are made of high quality recycled and recycled plastic and have a non slip backing which prevents the mat from getting wet. Any location that sees a good amount of foot traffic can use the ideal mat. The ribbed material helps keep your floors clean. The entryway of your door step has a front door floor mat.

Brand: Sierra Concepts

👤I warned in my review that the mats are not for outdoor use. I didn't know what to do with the water in my house. I received a letter and mats. I received more than the letter said these mats should be of a higher quality. We were sent 2 mats to try that are better suited for outdoor use and a lovely indoor mat as well. I am confident that the improvement will be noticeable because I have dispersed these items throughout my home. I knew that the mats they sent would work better than what I had chosen. This is one of the most amazing customer service experiences I have ever had and I am still in shock. Sierra Concepts is a great place to purchase from.

👤Sierra Concepts sent me a larger size, free of charge, and an amazing note, and these are tiny. Excellent customer service! The rugs are easy to clean. We need something that wouldn't soak through and would trap the mud because we have two rescue white German Shepherds who are all day in rainy Oregon. The best part is that they vacuum. It wasn't expected but it was appreciated.

👤This is a great product. It is wonderful to have value for money. They arrived yesterday. The box was left in the rain. I found it this morning. The rugs were well wrapped and dry. They were rolled up and have already been flattened. It took maybe an hour. Some smell bad, but they don't. They don't smell at all. They are large enough for under the litter box so they can wipe their toes. They are carpeted on top of the rubber and it seems like they will shake out. I don't know how long they will last, but it's not like they will be trampled on all day every day and there are 2 in the package. The other one can be moved under the kitchen sink. The girls should be fine for a while.

👤I was concerned when I got the mats, but I used them anyway. I cleaned the floor before putting them down. A small amount of water got under the door mat after it rained a few days later. I stepped on it and it flew out from under me. I kept myself from falling by throwing my back out. I don't know what the rugs are meant for, but it's just a tile floor. If you have anyone at risk of serious injury if they slip on it, I don't recommend this product.

👤This is what I was looking for. There is a mat with a tread to help remove debris from entry doors. It's easy to clean with a vaccum or hose down outside. It lasted for a few weeks, but it seems to last a long time. Would buy again.

👤I was tight on money and needed basic mats for my house, but they were delivered quickly, and my basset hound got one of them. I contacted the company to make sure they honor the "no questions asked warranty" and they did! They asked for my order number and address and sent me new ones. Thanks so much to this company!

10. Gorilla Grip Original Absorbent Low Profile

Gorilla Grip Original Absorbent Low Profile

The soft pile of the Chenille helps soothe tired feet and keep toes warm on the cold floor, it's the most luxurious and plush of all the Chenilles. Ultra Absorbent: the thick fabric helps save your floors from dripping water while you are stepping out of the bath, shower, or getting ready in front of the sink; the rug's deep pile allows the rug to dry quickly and cleanly. The heavy duty, strong rubber backing won't break down even after a long period of usage. Enhance Your bathroom is perfect for nearly any space in your bathroom; it works in front of your single or double sink, shower, bathtub, or anywhere else; a beautiful and functional enhancement to any home. Simply machine wash on cold with mild detergent and tumble dry low, as often as you need, because it's machine Washable.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I have washed and used several of them at inside entryways and am very pleased. I bought more to put my dogs outside on top of the snow and ice. I have been able to offer my dogs the best thing I can. My dogs use them as a point of reference when they are outside. They are willing to stay outside a bit longer in the cold. The rugs are easy to place and dry quickly. Will never be without them again. Our lives have been made better.

👤We wash the rugs according to the directions. The rubber began to crack and fall off after a few months. We have had these for a year and this is what they look like now. Be warned. They will not hold up very well if you wash them frequently. They said they would replace the rugs. I received my money back. The price went up to re- purchase them. I have to pay an additional $36 to replace both rugs. Customer satisfaction is a priority but they didn't uphold the warranty.

👤Needed a large mat for the winter. The perfect size is 60 by 36. There is plenty of room for two dogs to come in and get their feet dry and for us to take our boots off and not get soggy socks. The mat was supposed to stay in place. That was the best thing to happen. Our smaller mats would slide all over the floor as dogs ran up to the door.

👤I bought this for our back door. Every time he goes out, our German Pointer urinates on his paws. I needed something to help with the mud on his nails. I didn't think this would work at first. It looked like a bath mat. After shaking it out to throw in the wash, it was full of tiny rocks and dirt. It is doing it's job. I have washed it 3 times and it is holding up. It takes a long time to dry. I think it is because it is so absorbent.

👤I needed a rug for my sliding door. My dog tracks in the yard. The rug catches everything. There is no more dirty carpet. This rug is so cute.

👤This is for our dog to sit on while we wipe his paws. We have been having a lot of rain this year and since he is learning to potty train he is in and out all day. He learns to sit on the rug right away when he comes inside and the rug helps to absorb the water he brings in. The pile is dense so we throw treats in the rug to reward him for going to the bathroom.

👤I love the rug. I bought a few for my doors and my dogs always lay on them. I move to vacuum or clean and it's being used by one of my pups. It is very soft, shakes out easily and my roomba cane go over it. It catches a lot of dirt before it hits the house.

11. HOMEIDEAS Chenille Washable Entryway Absorbent

HOMEIDEAS Chenille Washable Entryway Absorbent

The microfiber is solid and practical, not easy to fall off, and can be hand wash and machine wash. It is easy to clean and dry. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem with Klyfar. Homeideas absorbent door mat indoors helps to trap dirt and moist from boots and paws. Keep your floors clean. It's a great choice for a door mat, entrance mat, entryway rug, floor mat, door rug. The thickness of this indoor doormat is 1 inch. It is soft enough for bare feet. The pile helps protect your feet and your pet from the cold. It's suitable for dog cage, dog bed mat, dog feeding mat, cat litter mat. The inside door mat with a TPR rubber bottom has a strong grip that helps it stay in place and doesn't slide away. Please make sure that there is no water or dust on the floor while using the inside mat and that the mat is flat before you use it. Can be used all year round. The entryway rug is perfect size and versatile. With so many colors and sizes to choose from, decorate with your house's style! The door rug is available for the hall, balcony, staircase, yard, patio, garage, kitchen, laundry room, and high traffic area. It is easy to clean. If your doormat gets dirty, shake it off outside or over the garbage bins. Simply machine wash on cold water with detergent. Do not use bleach. Before use, dry on low heat or air drying. The entry rug is new.

Brand: Homeideas

👤I love the absorbent rug at my door. I bought this rug to catch the mud and yuck on my dog's feet as they go inside and out during a particularly muddy, rainy, and snowy season. After reading some reviews that said that this rug will be great for your pets, I must say that my dogs enjoy laying on the rug and watching the sun set. The picture shows that my little pig, Joe-Joe, has endorsed this rug. It can catch mud and dirt which can be shaken free between washes. The color matches my floors. It is a great weight and size to handle a lot of foot, paw, and hoof traffic.

👤I use these rugs on my patio because my dogs go in and out of the house a lot. The puppy thinks it's a game to catch her when her feet get dirty, and she doesn't want to hold still. I put the rugs out on the patio so the dogs could run across them to enter the house. They have done a good job cutting down on the muddy paw prints. I didn't think they would. They seem to be holding up well outdoors. I'm happy with them.

👤A pretty rug. I used it in the bathroom. It's not comfortable when I stand on it without shoes. I wouldn't put where people would be walking if I bought it again.

👤The winter season will tell because it only had a few weeks. I showed my wife the item information I had shown her, and she thought I had bought an entryway rug. So. There is a deck with a hot tub, a basement and a foyer. I kick off my sandals and shorts and walk through the foyer with no dirt, leaves, or water. It needs a season to fully evaluate but so far it's better than I expected.

👤The color was perfect and the ad read exactly. The texture is soft. It is easy to wash and not fade. I use it as an entryway rug because it gets a lot of traffic.

👤I thought the box was going back when I opened it. I gave it a try. The rug is very comfortable and very well made. It's weight is likely due to the shag and well made backing. I use it for two larger dogs. They walk in and stand for a minute and their feet are clean enough to walk through the house. They seem to like it. People are saying the backing falls apart. I don't think that will happen. Those people don't know how to wash their clothes. I'm going to buy another one for the back door. This rug works so well that I'm over it. I think that's correct.

👤I've tried many absorbent rugs that claim to work for messy drinking dogs. They don't work or fall apart after the first wash. So far, so good. These are 10 times more absorbent than the others. If you have a pet, you know that they stay wet, get a bad smell, and start cracking after the first wash. Not these. These have been great so far.


What is the best product for dog door mat?

Dog door mat products from My Doggy Place. In this article about dog door mat you can see why people choose the product. Dog Gone Smart Pet Products and Gorilla Grip are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog door mat.

What are the best brands for dog door mat?

My Doggy Place, Dog Gone Smart Pet Products and Gorilla Grip are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog door mat. Find the detail in this article. Expawlorer, Lifewit and Refetone are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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