Best Dog Door for Sliding Glass Door

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1. Ideal Pet Products Vinyl Insulated

Ideal Pet Products Vinyl Insulated

It's designed for only Vinci sliding patio doors. The height can be adjusted from 76-3/4" to 78-1/4". Measure flush at the top and bottom of the frame to make sure you get the correct height. The frame has Energy Efficient dual PANE glass. Everything needed for installation is included in the medium size 6-5/8” x 11-1/4" flexible 3-part Double Wall LEXAN flap pet door with animal lock-out slide. Need help? E-mail the customer care specialists at Ideal Pet Products. Product purchased through Amazon Warehouse Deals or used product sellers are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Ideal Pet Products Since 1979

👤I have had a doggy door for two years. It was easy to install. The weather stripping came apart and the tri-fold door panel flap came off the door frame. I contacted Ideal Pet's customer service today and they said they would send a replacement door flap panel for free after I provided a receipt. Even though I was over warranty, they did this. That is great customer service.

👤The door appears to be well made. Installation was easy to follow. The door did not work with the system included. The original wall plate was bolted to the spacers. It is difficult to re-latch the door after it has been opened, making the sliding door useless. The dogs can get out. The weather stripping that was supplied in the kit fell off after a week. An alternative method will be sought. The door serves the purpose for now, and would not be worth the money again. Prospective buyers should consider the dimensions of their sliding door as the tolerances are tight and the amount of adjustment is limited.

👤The product was very unhappy with me. It didn't fit on my sliding door even though I measured before hand. The installation was a pain. I am unhappy that I won't get a refund back to my card, but I will get Amazon credit? What the heck? I was very annoyed with this. I don't use Amazon enough to get Amazon credit, but I use it occasionally. I would not have bought it in the first place if I knew a full refund wouldn't be possible. This didn't work so I need to purchase a pet door. I won't be getting back the money I spent on this purchase. Do not recommend this company.

👤The dog door is great. I have two dogs, one is 75 lbs and the other is 70 lbs, both fit through this door. I had a dog door that was the same manufacturer as a regular door. The plastic flap allowed lots of dust and bugs to enter. The design of the entrance on this one is better, and the dogs are the only thing that gets through other than the entrance. It looked like it was going to be difficult, but it ended up being quite easy. It took me a couple of hours, but I'm not "Mr Handyman", so you folks who use tools a lot can probably beat my time by a lot. This dog door is very good.

👤For the past 4 years, I have had a pet door for my shih tzu. I was looking forward to another winter with my previous door. I would get rain and snow in the house because it was blowing open with the wind. The flap of this door does not blow open and it has been through several storms here where it was able to stay closed, which is amazing. My shih tzu is 12 lbs and on the first day she wasn't impressed that it takes a bit more effort to open but she got her to go through it a couple times and offer treats and praise. She acted like it was the same door as the other one. Can not praise this product enough. I would definitely recommend it.

2. HAND Scratch Protector Protect Flexible

HAND Scratch Protector Protect Flexible

It's possible to blend a door scratch guard with furniture to provide near invisible protection against cat clawing and scratching. Sturdy and hardy. Industrial grade clear vinyl is thick enough to hold up to the most aggressive scratching. It's flexible enough to cover the door and stop the cat or dog from attacking your furniture. There is a wide scope of protection. Any standard household door, wood, screens, and glass can be scratched. If you cover the scratch spots on your dog or cat, you can save money on repairs. It is easy to install. You don't need sophisticated tools to install the door scratch guard. Simply clean and dry the surface, then apply the glue and paste it onto the surface you want to protect. It is not necessary for pins to fix product with 3M glue. Any door can be protected with their door scratch protector.

Brand: In Hand

👤It protects the door from the dog. It takes a few days for the product to be rolled up.

👤I have the best money. The new storm door was installed. I own a 55 pound pitbull. This has been a dog saver. I recommend to everyone. I'll be ordering more for my new computer. Love, love, love it! Did I say I love it?

👤I no longer have to paint my door every month because of the door protector. It fits my door perfectly. My dog scratched the protectors instead of the door. Definitely recommend.

👤The scratch protector is very easy to install. It protects the door because it is long and thick. We are very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to anyone with a dog or cat scratching the door.

👤It works well on my door. I need another one for my screen door. It is easy to install. It is very thick. Which I enjoy.

👤It's a good idea to put on a painted door. The sticky dots were supposed to leave nothing behind. It ripped the paint off. The ends still rolled over when on the door, even after letting it sit out for a long time. It didn't stick right because of this. It's an ok product.

👤I have a small dog. The sheet was installed yesterday. The sheet was torn down and bitten when I woke up. The door has paint that is peeling. It costs more to fix the door now.

👤The photo that the seller has up of the product makes it look like it will be sturdy and similar to plexi glass. It's a cheap piece of rubber mat type product, with some 3m stickers to place on it to secure it, which won't hold by, like my grandma used to have outside on her screen porch to keep mud from tracking in with the hard bottoms. The product wouldn't stay on the door even after adding more glue. After laying it flat for 2 days and laying heavy items on it to flatten it, this was. We sent it back as quickly as possible. My pug was able to scratch the door despite the protective rubber being moved to the side. The handle is barely covered by the material. I have a shopping problem because this is the worst product I've ever bought on Amazon.

👤The product protects the door from the dog. The installation was not easy. The backside of the 3M stickers was difficult to remove. I had to use my finger nails to remove the peel off tabs because they were tearing off. I was going to use a box cutter to trim the sheet. I could see the 3M stickers on the sheet. The door looks great after a day of drying the 3M stickers.

👤Two hounds enjoy scratching at our doors and we gave them new expensive doors. We bought these six months ago and they are brand new and have no damage. The inspection was done by our installer. He asked where we got these from.

3. Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Modular

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Modular

It's designed for ALUMINUM sliding patio doors only. There are two Easy-To-Assemble sections available. The height can be adjusted from 93-3/4" to 96-1/2". To order correct height, measure flush at the top track and the inside track of the ALUMINUM sliding patio door frame. Everything needed for a fast and easy installation of the Extra Large size 10 1/2” x 15” single clear flexible flap pet door with animal lock-out slide is included. Need help? E-mail the customer care specialists at Ideal Pet Products. Product purchased through Amazon Warehouse Deals are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Ideal Pet Products Since 1979

👤I ordered it twice and it had the same problem. Two of the four screws that were used to join the top and bottom halves were frozen in place and couldn't be removed without stripping thePhillips heads. Send both back! The packager tightened the screws so tightly that they couldn't be removed.

👤This product works as advertised, but I purchased it because I wanted to give my dog the freedom to go inside and out as he pleased, but without doing any damage to my home. Even with the stripping around it, you will never have a perfect, airtight seal, so I recommend running some thermal tape along the outline. The dog door isn't upgradeable with parts supplied by Ideal Pet, which is the biggest flaw in this product. I found a solution to the problem I was having with the dog door that came with it, it was very weak and the magnets were not strong enough to hold the door in place. My dog is a medium-sized breed, so I bought the Extra- Large version. I was able to find out that the Perfect Pet All-Weather Efficient Medium sized dog door fit perfectly within the existing frame of this. The stock dog door has a lot of features. After you remove the frame and drill two pilot holes for the screws, you can open the door. The frame looks like it came with it. If you would like to see what it looks like, I have added a picture.

👤It's too small for large dogs, even though it's marketed as an extra large size. The Ridgeback can't fit his shoulders through the opening. Our Ridgeback is shorter in stature than the American bulldogs I've seen. The seal is poor even with the stripping. The plastic flap is bent so it leaves a large gap outside. The bend won't come out because the flap is stiff. I don't own a hair dryer, so I would use it to see if a bit of heat would make the plastic softer. Since my dog won't fit through it in the first place, I'm not going to buy one to fix it. Since my husband and I agreed that the materials were useless for our dog, we decided to take it down. The screw heads kept stripping, making it difficult for him to take the screws out. Most dog owners don't have dogs as large as mine so it will probably work for most of them, but this is not an extra large size dog door.

👤There are serious flaws in this design. The door was too high for my patio door. The height adjustment panel has been an issue for other customers and I was told to cut it. I took it to a machine shop to have it removed. I noticed the screws that were attached to the door were not flat heads and not hexagonal. I went to the hardware store to buy the correct screws and counter-measure the existing holes so they fit flush with the panel. I was able to put in the pet door after this. The screws on the sides of the door should be flush fitting and not round for a better fit. The weather stripping is not good. I went to the store again to purchase thicker and wider weather stripping. I believe that you should change your design in the height. The door's strength is weakened by having to cut the adjustment panel. I won't recommend this product to my friends.

4. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door White

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door White

The entry door is a selection. Scans only on ENTRY. Your pet can access without letting in stray animals with the help of a radio-frequency identification chip, which can be read up to 32 identities. Simple one button programming. Animals can enter your home. Set time! The door can be locked and unlocked at certain times. Any animal can exit restricted entry only. MicroCHIPs can be used in a variety of industries. If you are unsure of your pet's microchip number, you can check with your vet, pet shelter or animal rescue. The door is open. The opening of the pet door can be installed in doors, windows or walls, and accessories are available from SureFlap. The battery power is diminished. Estimated battery life up to 12 months depends on use, but uses 4 C non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. The low battery inDICATOR is a sign. The light flashes red when the batteries are low. The SureFlap pet door is a great gift for small dog breeds and cat lovers. The warranty is for three years.

Brand: Sureflap Microchip Pet Door

👤The video is from my security camera. I have a piece of plastic in my door which I can only use in one of the "No exit" modes, which is completely obviating the point of allowing my dog and cat to go outside the house to do their business while we're sleeping. The access control is only enforced when something tries to make the door swing inward. The door flap is levered by the raccoons. This is allowed by the design if the door is in a mode that allows your pet to leave.

👤When you read the description or the reviews, it can be difficult to understand what the door does. Hopefully this review will help someone. I am not using the door the way it is intended to be used. I don't recommend using it the same way. I'm using it the way it's supposed to be used. I'm happy with it. The most important thing to understand is that this door is meant to restrict which pet can come in. Pets can get out with this door. Everyone can go out and only allowed pets can come in. There is a tunnel facing the outside. When a pet sticks her head in the tunnel, the tunnel attempts to read the pet's chip or pendant. If it can, it opens the door to let the pet in. The door's basic behavior is unaffected by the other modes, like locking it completely or putting it on a timer. The controls for the door are supposed to be on the inside. If you are looking for a door to not let some of your pets go out, then this is not your door, or you will need to use it in a different way. That means that you will have to install the door in a certain way. The controls are on the outside of the tunnel. Regardless of how you install it, the door can only be used one way and cannot be used both ways. You can either lock one way completely or both ways completely, but only one way. I have a cat enclosure in my backyard. My cats are allowed in the enclosure through a non-restrictive pet door. Some of my cats are senior cats and are allowed outside. I wanted a cat door that only allowed my senior cats out. I am not using the door for its intended purpose. I put it in the frame of the enclosure so that the whole door is outside and the controls are on the outside. Only allowed cats can get out of the enclosure. I put a roof on the control side of the door to protect it from rain. I put tape over the battery compartment on each side as well as put some heavy duty plastic over the controls. The door works great despite the rain. The enclosure is partly under the upper deck. I'm not sure how well the door would work if it were exposed to the elements. I'm really pleased with it. It's easy to set it up. It does a good job of recognizing my pets' chips. I use the pendant to make sure the door works. It looks like it's really strong. I've been using it for 3 months and it has worked perfectly. The senior cats love it and the kittens can't get out. My 'Houdini' kitten has no idea how to get out. I have the peace of mind that the kittens can come back in easily if they ever make it out. This door was worth a lot. Quick update after 5 years. The door started acting weird. I only changed the batteries once in the last 5 years, but lately they have started acting low even when I put new ones in. I will post an update after I call the manufacturer. I had a door on an inside door that I used to stop an overweight cat from getting into my other cats food. I wasn't using it anymore. I swapped the doors and the one that was working is now outside. The door that has been outside for 5 years and went through a storm in 2 years, is interesting. After a year or so, I got rid of the tape and the little roof that I described in my original review, and the door I was using inside is about 5 years old. * If you reprogram the pendant that came with the door, you will have to reset the memory.

5. Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e

Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e

This doggy door is easy to install and remove without tools. If you don't want a permanent pet door, the Endura Flap Thermo Panel is a good option. Strong aluminum frame and light glass... A dual layer magnetically sealed flap and two layers of glass surrounded by heavy duty metal is long- lasting and robust. The award-winning energy efficiency... Their patio panel pet doors keep out the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer, and they keep the energy bills down. A strong security cover is needed when you are away, or when your dog or cat is in for the evening.

Brand: Endura Flap

👤This is a great door and comes assembled, so you don't have to make adjustments based on your dog's size. The price of this door panel is very high. Even though I give it a solid rating for build and design, I have to knock it down a star for the cost. I bought mine from the Amazon Warehouse and it saved me $60. The price was high even with the savings. The panel frame is made of aluminum and has a top piece that can be adjusted to slide in the door channel. The adjustment is locked in place with two nuts. According to the description, the glass is low-e, dual-pane. There are two suggestions for installation. I recommend cutting a short section of the strip to determine the placement on the door frame. I recommend the edge of the draft stop to touch the glass, otherwise it will roll back on itself and cause problems when sliding. To mark the placement, use a pencil and draw a line from the bottom of the door to the top. Place the backing from the tape along your pencil line. There are two more If your door has a protruding catch on the door frame, you can cut out a matching hole on the Endura panel. This makes the installation draft-free. Before cutting out the door, do a dry fit to make sure it fits. It's a good door, but the cost is an issue. The springs in the top adjuster work as they are supposed to. If you leave your dog outside and use the locking cover, I recommend painting the outward facing side in red. When I put the sliding lock cover on the door, it didn't look any different to the dogs, so they kept trying to get through the flap. Pros: Well built, easy install, and expensive.

👤We have three dogs, and live in a second floor condo, so we needed a way to let them out on the back deck, where we keep all the stuff they use to go to the bathroom. This worked well. I have gone to great lengths to insulate and make my house energy efficient, most dog doors that aren't built into a wall or door work to keep an airtight seal between the outside and inside of the house so as to maintain this sort of efficiency. If you have a modern house that is well constructed with an energy efficient heating and cooling system, and don't want to make permanent modifications to your doors or walls to accommodate your dogs, but have a sliding glass door, this is the product for you. It comes with some weather stripping, but I would recommend having some additional on hand to make sure that all areas are covered in case of mistakes, or the need for additional layers. It looks like it's part of the house after it's been stripped. The key to it's success is the fact that the dog door is made of dual layers of plastic, and the lining around it is an aluminum seal, which the magnets inside the plastic adhere to, creating a solid seal around the outside of the dog door. The design requires a little more force to open the door. It's not prohibitive for smaller dogs, even though our 50lb Dalmation was disturbed by the resistance and took about a month to get used to using the door, it worked easily once used to it. The magnets can be taken out temporarily so that the dogs don't cause this problem, and they can be added one at a time so that the resistance is slowly built up. Getting a sensitive dog used to the door will be aided by looking up dog training tricks. If the door is too problematic to increase resistance and weight in graduations, you can use a pillow case to cover the door and shape them. While training the house may not be perfect, once the dog is fully trained, the house is completely sealed if properly built, and there are few products out there that are this easy to assemble, provide that luxury, and don't require permanent house modifications. The door works well, and there are a few tips for owners who aren't getting the fit they want. I highly recommend getting some thick compressible weather stripping for the outside of the door on the right and left, it will allow for a much more airtight seal. Look up the instructions for setting and angling the door, so that it's perfectly aligned with your sliding glass door, and then allow the top spring based compression 'fitting' to do the work for you when you firmly push it against the wall side of the door. If you want to ensure a proper fit every time, you should loosen the hand screws and tighten them when you close the dog door. If you have a dog door that is in front of the window, you shouldn't have to move it after the window is closed. The door is expensive, but if you ever need replacement parts, they are very affordable from their site. When my Alaskan Klee Kai puppy decided that the plastic and magnets on the door made a good chew toy, I figured this out. I replaced the door and corrected the behavior. I think it's ridiculous to hold the manufacturer responsible for any dog product that can be destroyed by a heavy chewer. A solid 5.

6. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Sliding Adjustable

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Sliding Adjustable

It's perfect for apartments and homes with adjusted sizes. You can take it with you if you install the door in 1 piece. If you and your friend move. . The patio panel can be adjusted to fit in your existing sliding door track in two different heights. It was designed for large pets. Pets up to 100 lbs can have a flap opening of 10 W x 16 in H. Security lock and control access. Once the pet door is in place, you can use the closing panel to limit your cat or dog's access to the sliding glass door. It's energy efficient and hardy. The door is made of aluminum, shatter resistant glass, and a magnetic closure. The door has an aluminum frame and a glass one.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The rub is here. It does what you want, but it is very under engineered. It is not as wide as a sliding door. Gapping can be solved with insulation. It doesn't end there. If your door has a useful lock, it will be useless. I used something to make a hole in the edge of the lock so that it could still work, but I have to take care of the other issues, such as the panel being designed to meet the sliding door and the lock being exposed. There will be gaps that will take some ingenuity to close. The sliding door meets the panel. I used a 1.5 inch wide strip, drilling holes and attaching spacers to cover the gap. I used insulation under the strip to reduce the loss of energy. This made it look better. The gap was covered, space was created for more insulation, and the lock was not exposed. The energy loss from the whole panel can be seen in the picture I took. Petsafe should have made this thicker, insulated and put two window panes. Adding a piece of aluminum that can be used to cover the gap made the panel able to still use the lock. It is a great idea but I would have paid more for something more substantial. If PetSafe sees this, I'm willing to give some advice and provide more pictures.

👤I think they call it the Freedom pet door. I don't have to let my two out every five minutes. Our Bernese Mountain Dog can easily get through. If we take out the pet door, we can replace the latch because it was taken off the inside jam. If you screw in the pet door, you won't have access to that area, so you should clean your glass on your old doors. The flap is very solid and there is more room than we expected for people to walk through.

👤I picked this one because the bottom of the door is closer to the floor than the ideal pet one. I have a small dog. The plastic on the flap of the Ideal Pet door was clear and tinted, but my dog had a hard time climbing through the hole because it was so high off the floor. I went to Lowes to see if they had the PerSafe patio dog door that I bought there. I bought it there and it is better for my dogs. Both climb through it. The small one doesn't have to jump and the medium one doesn't have to lift her legs high. The lock is nice, but it doesn't work. The space between the left and right part of the lock isn't large enough to connect the dog door panel and your existing door or frame. I think it's a good idea, I will buy another lock with a wider space between and put it on. I have plants in the front of the door so it's better to deal with the bar. You can see the difference in the photos. The opening of the IdealPet is about 8 inches off the ground.

7. PETFECT Door Scratch Protector Interior

PETFECT Door Scratch Protector Interior

Damage to doors and walls should be stopped. The Protecto Door Protectors are made from extra durable polycarbonate and provide a scratch resistant surface that protects delicate doors and walls from nervous scratching and pet damage. Save your rental deposits and stop repair costs by checking out the pictures and seeing how these Door Scratch Protectors are made from 0.75mm polycarbonate for enhanced scratch protection that stands up to hours of aggressive scratching. It's possible to see and it's low Probability. Customers with upscale decor tell them this wall, furniture and door guard lets the beauty of their panels shine through; The crystal clear, easy clean, dog and cat scratch protection design won't cloud, chip or mark, giving. The deadline is 5 minutes. Fans say this design is easy to apply because it is easy to attach the scratch protectors to wood panels, sliding doors, furniture, and virtually any other scratching spot. There is adjusted protection for any place. You can choose the Protecto dog and cat scratch protectors that are the right size for you, and it's easy to save your walls, doors, and trims.

Brand: Protecto

👤They didn't send the attachment, but from reading other reviews. I had to cut it to fit around the door knobs. If you want to save money, go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy some thin Lexan or Plexiglass. It's a cheap product.

👤Would not recommend using the tabs. I bought double-sided tape from 3M and it is much cleaner and less noticeable. You will still see the tabs even if your doors are black or white. The double-sided tape is more expensive, but you will be glad you bought it. It will do the job for me. I put up the protectors because my dog doesn't like the feel on her paws anymore, so she doesn't scratch at the door anymore.

👤This product is made of thick material. When my painter cut it to size and began to pull the paper from behind, we both thought it was going to stick to the door. It didn't. There is no sticky stuff in the back of this product, but you have to have a baby's fingers to remove the back of the sticky dots in order to stick to it. The product is thick and sturdy, but the clear silicone glue and the sticky squares are garbage. The use of sticky pads was poor. The shield on the door doesn't let the cat or dog get up the door, even though they try to. It's easy to clean. I recommend this product, but you have to use your own glue.

👤It worked well for the first two months. The protector was lying on the ground by the door after the 100 temperatures hit. The glue holding the tabs to the protectors was melted by the heat. I replaced the manufacturers tabs with 3M command strips. The protector is still on my door, and it works great, even though we still have 100 heat.

👤Excellent product. It is easy to clean the mud off when the rains come. The area behind the protectors is clean and unscratched. The size is the only issue I have. It fits a standard single door either vertically or horizontally. It doesn't fit my doors. I like the rounded corners, but I know I can cut it. Do they make other sizes to fit double French doors?

👤We were looking for something that would scratch. Our dog likes to scratch at the sliding glass door when she is ready to enter. Sometimes we have to put her outside when people come over and she doesn't wake the baby up by barking. She will sit at the door. This saved our door. It protects the door because it goes high. If you have a large dog that jumps up, it has been great for us. The inside of the glue doesn't bother us much. I wish I used less glue so that we wouldn't see them as much, but it's not a big deal. This has never come loose even with frequent use and 3 small children. It has held up well. I would recommend this product.

8. Door Shield Pet Scratch Protector

Door Shield Pet Scratch Protector

Protects doors from pets. Non-toxic plastic, shatterproof, flexible crystal-clear, latex-free. It is easy to install with the included glue. It works with wood, metal, or glass doors. It's made in the USA and measures 33 inches by 35 inches.

Brand: Cardinal Gates

👤The reviews were read by me. Most of them are poor, but there are a few good ones. I was hoping that we would like the product. New sliding glass doors were installed. Our lab mix gets impatient when we don't let her back in. The product is clear. I couldn't get it to roll. I propped it up for a few days and it didn't flatten out. I tried to attach it to the doors with the provided tape strips. It was difficult to roll up as it kept trying. I tried to buy glue dots again.

👤I bought a few of these door shields for different purposes. My dog doesn't scratch at doors, but she does spend most of the day on her bed, and the walls around it tend to get a little dirty. Since I'm a renter, I decided to look for something I could use to cover the lower area of those walls and the doors without doing any permanent damage. These sheets looked like they could be a solution. I decided to use thumb tacks instead of using the shields because of the reviews that showed the glue may take off the paint. It worked out perfectly. The only downside is that they roll up instead of being flat, and even after I put one out on the table with heavy books to keep it flat, it rolled right back up. It is not going to flatten out any time soon. I had to do my best and hope that I got it straight, because it was difficult to install without someone else holding it in place. It makes for a perfect protective wall cover that will keep my dog's food and messes off the walls. I'll be good to go now that I have three more to cover the rest of the area.

👤Not impressed at all. It was difficult to position the glue. Being precise on all the laying out is difficult and removing the strips from protective paper is terrible. It would be better if there was a tab to lift off. I finally got it to work and it looks cheap. The door should stay looking nice. It won't because it's cheap plastic and will show every scratch from the dogs, and if take off the door will have to be sanded down. What a nightmare. It will look terrible in a week and the worst thing is that the paint on the door is going to come off. It was a big mistake. I didn't return at the cost of the paint coming off before I could find another solution. It is several weeks now. There aren't enough places that hold it down and dead bugs are caught in between the Shield and door.

👤I bought this door shield because of the poor reviews and the fact that we have an aggressive 70 pound golden chow who breaks out of metal kennels with little effort. It has been in use for a month and has held up well. Our dog has tested it out everyday, and we added a few more strips to make it more secure. She attacked the door yesterday after a rough day. She shredded the weather stripping and put some big holes in the plastic, but the door is still in place. I was pleasantly surprised by this product.

9. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor Automatic Activated

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor Automatic Activated

Tailor your pet's access. The SmartDoor has a variety of options. There is peace of mind. The SmartKey on your pet's collar is waterproof and can be used with the SmartDoor. There are multiPLE PETS. It's great for households with multiple pets. There is a punishment for battery overheating. The SmartDoor is battery operated. Installation of door. The wall installation option is available with the Wall Install Kit. PetSafe brand's Customer Care experts are based in the U.S. and will be happy to help. Since 1991, the PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤This product is not suitable for greyhounds, whippets, or other breeds with long tails. The door is very rigid and the dog can't get through it. This resulted in serious injury and a $100 vet bill. There is no way to modify the door to make it safe for use. The company won't give back the money. The door was ordered on April 30 but it wasn't installed until recently, and the return window for Amazon is only 30 days. I am so.

👤I'm going to try to clarify a few things because there are a lot of mixed reviews. Other people have said there are a couple different versions. The newer version of the original version has a "range" knob while the clear version has a "sensitivity" knob. The older version has been complained about by some. I received the newer version and can't comment on that. There are 3 different versions. This door is compatible with "iris" and is sold by Lowe's. This is a replica of the newer version of the door and can be distinguished by one additional blueLED as the leftmost indicator. I got theLowe's version of the door. Here is my review of this door. Some complain about range, intermittent ID recognition failure, magnet strength, binding, installation, and other things, but not me. RF interference in the area is likely to be the cause of a range or recognition failure. My work works great and I have not forgotten any of the keys. This is the best weatherized model I have had, after experimenting with a number of different pet doors. It doesn't have any problems with binding or jamming. The door is rigid and has flaps. I made sure the hole was square when I installed it, which is probably an issue for some. Installation is a necessity. I can see a problem with binding if the door is not level. The door is insulated. Without the tunneling kit, it would not be difficult to mount this through a wall. The doors frame is plastic and if the hole, level, or square are incorrect, the door could skew. This would cause binding or jamming, as the door slides down into a channel to lock or secure. The door is pretty quiet, except for a loud pop when it opens. He got used to it quickly after it scared him for a few days. The two dogs and cat know that the "pop" means it's time to push. Yeah... If you didn't catch that, I have 4 lbs. The wind does not stop the large version of the door from reset. I will go into the iris part now that the function is explained. I got the "Iris" hub from Lowe's which is a Z-Wave radio home automation controller. This allows you to switch from "Automatic" "Locked" and "Unlocked" modes from a PC or phone, and it also monitors which animal exits or enters. You can see which animal went in through the door or out through the door when you look at the "activity log" in the app or website. Even if you don't realize it at first, this feature has a lot of practical application. It's the case. It's easy to see if the kids let the dogs out. I have determined that the internal radio for this door is not Z-Wave, and that it is a radio from the Zigbee network. It will not work if you purchase it with the intent of using it with a Z-Wave controller. Lowe's doesn't bother to tell you what product you're buying, because they sell both Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. There is a lot of room in the device. I wanted to add an alarm sensor into the door and it was easy to add a wireless reed switch based sensor inside the frame, using one of the built-in magnets as a motivator. They should build this ability into the door, but it would require too many different versions for compatibility, as there isn't a single protocol for wireless alarm inter-compatibility. It was very easy to add a sensor. The door has been running on a cheap set of 4 "D" batteries for the past few months and hasn't dropped a bar on the "Iris" battery monitor. I think the version without the iris transceiver has even longer battery life. I have three cats: a 50lb Dingo, 75lb Siberian Husky, and 4lb Siamese cat. None of them have a problem opening this door. It's made of all plastic and reliable. I am confident that you will be happy with the door if you install it correctly and get the correct version. The door is worth at least $75, $100, or $229.00 if you spend it onversion dependent. It works well and looks clean.

10. PetSafe 2 Piece Sliding Apartments Rentals

PetSafe 2 Piece Sliding Apartments Rentals

It's perfect for rentals and apartments. You can easily take the door with you when you and your pet move, because it is easy to install and detach. It is easy to install in most left or right areas. Sided sliding glass door frames can be up to 80 tall. There is an added locking security. The sliding glass door can be locked with the help of the latch kit and the slide-in closing panel. The energy efficiency isFFICIENT. The door has weather stripping and a magnetic flap to keep it warm. The door is strong and durable and has a 1 year warranty. It was designed for large pets. Pets up to 100 lbs can have a flap opening of 10 W x 16 in H. PetSafe brand has been a leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years, and they help pets and their people live happy together.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I took my time putting in the door. You need to proceed with the installation of the sliding patio doors in mind. I had to modify the installion to fit my door. Extra hardware was provided to allow for different installations. You should be aware that a pet door will create a security breech in your home. There is a compromise in the weather tightness of your door. Over the years, I have installed about ten pet doors. I have never installed a sliding glass door before, but this was the easiest I have encountered. The door flap has a part number embedded in it which is great. My chocolate lab can easily go through the large door. I like the door. If you need to remove the hardware from the door, you need to follow the instructions on how to do it. It doesn't seal as strongly as I would like, and I wish the magnets were stronger as it blows open.

👤When we were on vacation, we bought this door to allow our cat to go in and out. We did not install it permanently, but we are thinking of keeping it full-time. If you're a renter and can't make permanent changes to your home but want to make sure your cat can come and go as they please, this is a great option. The cat door matches my existing sliding glass door. I can pop it out of the frame when I don't want to use it. This door is very good. The lack of insulation between cat door and sliding glass door may be a concern in the winter. I'm thinking about putting some weather stripping on it to make sure it doesn't leak. If you live in an area with a lot of break-ins, this door is not for you. The amount of space I have to get laundry baskets and other larger items out of the sliding glass door is considerably smaller with the cat door installed. There is enough room for a larger person to get out, but it is not as large as normal. I think the trade off is worth it.

👤The first door I received was missing parts, so I called the company and they rushed me a new one. They told me to donate the missing parts to a rescue or animal shelter. It's nice to have my dogs let themselves in and out of the company. It is of great quality. I was worried that the new panel wouldn't seal properly with my existing sliding door, which could cause cold or hot hair to come into the house. That didn't happen. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤I no longer have to listen to our dogs ringing their door bell when they want to leave because they have a new-found independence. It took a few days and lots of treats to convince my shy pups to use the door, but now they are in and out all day long without assistance. The door is well insulated. We had the door up for 6 months. I was happy with the purchase. We can no longer live without the door that I have had for 4 years. Even with my Jack Russell running through it full speed, it is still as sturdy as ever. Humans and dogs love it. He didn't like it and peaked in once.

11. Dragon Aluminum Sliders Medium Flap

Dragon Aluminum Sliders Medium Flap

The two-piece flap design has improved weather resistance than the competition, with magnets and superior engineering to back it. The Dragon Pet Door for aluminum is an economically friendly sliding door panel with a built-in pet door, so don't break the bank to let your pets come and go. Give them the freedom of their own door and stop playing doorman for your pet. The Dragon double flap is better than the single flap in keeping your home warm. Don't trade aesthetic for price, the dragon comes with a sturdy aluminum frame that matches your existing door. The two-piece flap design maximizes energy efficiency by keeping your home sealed, and with the addition of magnets and superior engineering, the Dragon beats out competitors and saves you money. A quick tool-free installation. The dragon panel's spring-loaded design allows for a tool-free installation in your sliding door; right out of the box, the panel is minutes away from a finished installation.

Brand: Dragon Flap

👤Great product. It's easy to install and my BorderCollie can come in and out.


What is the best product for dog door for sliding glass door?

Dog door for sliding glass door products from Ideal Pet Products Since 1979. In this article about dog door for sliding glass door you can see why people choose the product. In Hand and Ideal Pet Products Since 1979 are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog door for sliding glass door.

What are the best brands for dog door for sliding glass door?

Ideal Pet Products Since 1979, In Hand and Ideal Pet Products Since 1979 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog door for sliding glass door. Find the detail in this article. Sureflap Microchip Pet Door, Endura Flap and Petsafe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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