Best Dog Door for Sliding Door Tall

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1. SURIBIRD Extreme Magnetic Aluminum Installation

SURIBIRD Extreme Magnetic Aluminum Installation

A quick tool-free installation. The dragon panel's spring-loaded design allows for a tool-free installation in your sliding door; right out of the box, the panel is minutes away from a finished installation. Give your cats and dogs freedom to go in and simplify your life as a pet parent, arrange potty breaks or playtime by themselves. The Prime aluminum frame dog door is safe. Don't worry about being bitten easily. It comes with a locking panel and 2 locking pins to keep you and your family safe at night or not at home. The bird dog door is waterproof and will protect your home against air drafts. The magnetic flap design eliminates drafts in the winter and conserves air conditioning in the summer. Installation is easy with a cut-out template and step-by-step instructions. It's suitable for installation in interior or exterior doors. The large dog door flap/Entrance is for dogs up to 120 lbs.

Brand: Suribird

👤It was suppose to arrive. It's easy to install. They came with the wrong size pop rivets. I had to buy the correct size.

👤The door has a magnet on it. It is a basic doggy door. okay The wind and bad weather can be caused by the lack of a magnet.

2. Ideal Pet Products Patio Medium

Ideal Pet Products Patio Medium

The tunnel element extends the depth by 0.75 to 1.25 inches. It was designed to fit aLUMINUM sliding patio doors. The ideal choice for renting. No tools are required to install. The height was adjusted to 77-5/8. To 80" is the measurement from the top track to the bottom track of the sliding patio door frame. Medium size 7 x 11-1/4" transparent vinyl flap. Mill is a patio panel frame with clear safety glass. Product purchased through Amazon Warehouse Deals are not covered by a manufacturer warranty. Need help? E-mail the customer care specialists at Ideal Pet Products.

Brand: Ideal Pet Products Since 1979

👤I like this thing. It has changed my life. My dog doesn't want to leave. He will sneak into another part of the house and go in the middle of the night if I don't let him out. I had to either get up with him or sleep. He is a dog. He learned quickly. I got up in the middle of the night to make sure he didn't choose the dining room, after I threw out treats and let him go. It was the best purchase of my life. I rent an oldish apt, so the sliding glass door may not be level, or it may be the dog door, not sure, but the point is they don't meet nicely together, getting wider as you look up. We have a swamp cooler that is different from the AC system. This opens the door. I wonder if the dog getting back in messes with the cooling efficiency of the house. I found a large lizard in my apartment and was able to put it outside. I'm pretty sure she got in through the dog door. I'm not sure if it would have happened without the swamp cooler on. I wouldn't change my dog door, it has free returns, and I'll keep it. I like that there isn't any installing.

👤I'm a lifelong dog owner and my dogs have always trained me to let them in and out 24/7. Thanks to my work from home routine. I decided to open a door. Why did I wait so long? The freedom for my fur babies is great. The "used-like new" option had a small ding in the frame and the outer package was torn up. I don't mind that it was mentioned in the product details, I paid a reduced price for it. The product inside the box was new, and all the pieces were included to be installed. It took me 30 minutes to install it. I had to make some adjustments after the initial installation to get the old door into the door frame. After installing the weatherstriping, there was still a big gap, but I added weatherstriping that I had on hand to the door surface, and a few pieces of foil tape, to fill it. The issue was fixed by weatherstriping the doogie door frame side and the sliding glass door frame side. The lock on the other side helps to keep it lined up. It was very easy to figure it out as I was trying to install it. He's the main reason I got it, so I was very happy he liked it. My cheweenie is trying to figure it out. I have to close it for him because he is nervous about the flap movement. I have a dog that uses it all day long. The magnetic flap is good at closing when the dogs go in and out. I'm sure it's not energy efficient. It does what I need it to do. It has an inside shield that slides over the flap, so you can close it at night when you're not at home. It's listed as being good for up to 35 pound dogs. My guys weigh in at about 24 pounds. I can't imagine squeezing another 10 pounds through that opening. If you have a larger dog, I would suggest you size up from the suggested weights in the product details. Very happy with it so far. I will update my review if there is a change.

3. Ideal Pet Products Vinyl Insulated

Ideal Pet Products Vinyl Insulated

It's designed for only Vinci sliding patio doors. The height can be adjusted from 76-3/4" to 78-1/4". Measure flush at the top and bottom of the frame to make sure you get the correct height. The frame has Energy Efficient dual PANE glass. Everything needed for installation is included in the medium size 6-5/8” x 11-1/4" flexible 3-part Double Wall LEXAN flap pet door with animal lock-out slide. Need help? E-mail the customer care specialists at Ideal Pet Products. Product purchased through Amazon Warehouse Deals or used product sellers are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Ideal Pet Products Since 1979

👤I have had a doggy door for two years. It was easy to install. The weather stripping came apart and the tri-fold door panel flap came off the door frame. I contacted Ideal Pet's customer service today and they said they would send a replacement door flap panel for free after I provided a receipt. Even though I was over warranty, they did this. That is great customer service.

👤The door appears to be well made. Installation was easy to follow. The door did not work with the system included. The original wall plate was bolted to the spacers. It is difficult to re-latch the door after it has been opened, making the sliding door useless. The dogs can get out. The weather stripping that was supplied in the kit fell off after a week. An alternative method will be sought. The door serves the purpose for now, and would not be worth the money again. Prospective buyers should consider the dimensions of their sliding door as the tolerances are tight and the amount of adjustment is limited.

👤The product was very unhappy with me. It didn't fit on my sliding door even though I measured before hand. The installation was a pain. I am unhappy that I won't get a refund back to my card, but I will get Amazon credit? What the heck? I was very annoyed with this. I don't use Amazon enough to get Amazon credit, but I use it occasionally. I would not have bought it in the first place if I knew a full refund wouldn't be possible. This didn't work so I need to purchase a pet door. I won't be getting back the money I spent on this purchase. Do not recommend this company.

👤The dog door is great. I have two dogs, one is 75 lbs and the other is 70 lbs, both fit through this door. I had a dog door that was the same manufacturer as a regular door. The plastic flap allowed lots of dust and bugs to enter. The design of the entrance on this one is better, and the dogs are the only thing that gets through other than the entrance. It looked like it was going to be difficult, but it ended up being quite easy. It took me a couple of hours, but I'm not "Mr Handyman", so you folks who use tools a lot can probably beat my time by a lot. This dog door is very good.

👤For the past 4 years, I have had a pet door for my shih tzu. I was looking forward to another winter with my previous door. I would get rain and snow in the house because it was blowing open with the wind. The flap of this door does not blow open and it has been through several storms here where it was able to stay closed, which is amazing. My shih tzu is 12 lbs and on the first day she wasn't impressed that it takes a bit more effort to open but she got her to go through it a couple times and offer treats and praise. She acted like it was the same door as the other one. Can not praise this product enough. I would definitely recommend it.

4. OWNPETS Lockable Magnetic Self Closing Function

OWNPETS Lockable Magnetic Self Closing Function

There is a pet screen door in two sizes: inside and outside. The pet screen door is designed to let your pets in and out. They can get indoors or outdoors on their own. Lockable and self-closing. Their dog screen door has a built-in magnetic feature that will keep it closed when your dog leaves. Pets can go out at night or when you are not at home if the door is locked. The material is high quality. Their pet screen door never fell apart because of the screws reinforcement. It can last a long time. The dog screen door is easy to use. You can do it yourself. It is easy for your pets to push or close. The pet screen door can be used to install a screen door, window, or any other screen area. It is suitable for all pets.

Brand: Ownpets

👤I just installed it and it seems to work well, so I can't say anything about durability. It's hard to connect the two halves without the help of an assistant. It would be helpful to make pins that click/lock together. It's hard to thread bolts onto nuts that are long. The pet screen material is slightly thicker than the opening size would have liked. My brother's Great Pyrenees won't fit in with our dogs because of it's smallish opening. The photo of the dog in front of the opening is not an accurate depiction of the product. I like the design and hope to live a long life. Handy Dad.

👤I just had a few screws to screw in, and then you just cut out the screen. Simple! It was effective! We have a dog that is 70 lbs and she fits right through. I don't have to fix that screen anymore because she stopped pushing it out immediately.

👤I don't write reviews often, but this door is great for our screen door. We have two golden retrievers that are about the same size as the two huskys. The dogs love the large size door that I installed in our screen door, it's not the best screen door, but it comes off the tracks and the dogs love it! Installation was easy. I bought a screen cutter. The swing door was kept off for the first week so the dogs could get used to it. After I put the door on, I kept showing them how to use it, and they love it. The screen door is a cheaper option than a more expensive door because it never comes off the tracks. It's worth the money.

👤My dog needs to learn how to use and install. It's easier with 2 people.

👤I was hesitant to buy this for my two dogs as I was not sure if the door was large enough for my golden retriever to go through. We were surprised that our two dogs were able to fit through the door after we trained them to do so. It's a good thing. I believe that the key is to put the door at the right height. I think this door is the best solution for our dogs. Please watch a video for proof.

👤This looks to be what I wanted. I didn't want to put a screen guard on the door. This one is mounted on the screen. The frame is made of high quality materials. The bolts with nuts are the "screws". The two panels are held together. The instructions were easy to follow. The dogs were able to use the door quickly with the help of some tasty treats. We have three dogs and they will give the door a good test.

👤It was perfect for what we needed. We rescreened our porch to keep the mosquitoes out and the dogs had to stop jumping through the newly screened panels. The door was left off until the dogs got used to it, and now they do very well with it. We have a retired police dog and a dog. A golden retriever. It does the job and I wish there was a bigger size. Sometimes they both come running in too quickly and the door part goes off the hinges, but they can come back together.

5. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Sliding Adjustable

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Sliding Adjustable

It's perfect for apartments and homes with adjusted sizes. You can take it with you if you install the door in 1 piece. If you and your friend move. . The patio panel can be adjusted to fit in your existing sliding door track in two different heights. It was designed for large pets. Pets up to 100 lbs can have a flap opening of 10 W x 16 in H. Security lock and control access. Once the pet door is in place, you can use the closing panel to limit your cat or dog's access to the sliding glass door. It's energy efficient and hardy. The door is made of aluminum, shatter resistant glass, and a magnetic closure. The door has an aluminum frame and a glass one.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The rub is here. It does what you want, but it is very under engineered. It is not as wide as a sliding door. Gapping can be solved with insulation. It doesn't end there. If your door has a useful lock, it will be useless. I used something to make a hole in the edge of the lock so that it could still work, but I have to take care of the other issues, such as the panel being designed to meet the sliding door and the lock being exposed. There will be gaps that will take some ingenuity to close. The sliding door meets the panel. I used a 1.5 inch wide strip, drilling holes and attaching spacers to cover the gap. I used insulation under the strip to reduce the loss of energy. This made it look better. The gap was covered, space was created for more insulation, and the lock was not exposed. The energy loss from the whole panel can be seen in the picture I took. Petsafe should have made this thicker, insulated and put two window panes. Adding a piece of aluminum that can be used to cover the gap made the panel able to still use the lock. It is a great idea but I would have paid more for something more substantial. If PetSafe sees this, I'm willing to give some advice and provide more pictures.

👤I think they call it the Freedom pet door. I don't have to let my two out every five minutes. Our Bernese Mountain Dog can easily get through. If we take out the pet door, we can replace the latch because it was taken off the inside jam. If you screw in the pet door, you won't have access to that area, so you should clean your glass on your old doors. The flap is very solid and there is more room than we expected for people to walk through.

👤I picked this one because the bottom of the door is closer to the floor than the ideal pet one. I have a small dog. The plastic on the flap of the Ideal Pet door was clear and tinted, but my dog had a hard time climbing through the hole because it was so high off the floor. I went to Lowes to see if they had the PerSafe patio dog door that I bought there. I bought it there and it is better for my dogs. Both climb through it. The small one doesn't have to jump and the medium one doesn't have to lift her legs high. The lock is nice, but it doesn't work. The space between the left and right part of the lock isn't large enough to connect the dog door panel and your existing door or frame. I think it's a good idea, I will buy another lock with a wider space between and put it on. I have plants in the front of the door so it's better to deal with the bar. You can see the difference in the photos. The opening of the IdealPet is about 8 inches off the ground.

6. PetSafe Universal Installation Weather Proofing

PetSafe Universal Installation Weather Proofing

All-in-one kit for any do-it-yourself pet door installation for a better fit and improved energy efficiency. It's perfect for providing additional water-resistance and weather protection for installations in a door or application with raised panels. For use with other pet doors. The kit includes a drill bit, a roll of weather stripping, and a tube of clear silicone sealant. You can call, chat or email with their expert US-based customer care specialists who are waiting to assist you and your pet. PetSafe Brand is an industry leading US manufacturer of pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤Save your money by buying a cheap kit. The kit consists of about $2 worth of items and is poorly put together. I had my dog door professionally installed, but the contractor advised me to return immediately, complete waste of money, and not need to do a proper install for a through wall kit.

👤This was in the package offer for the sliding door insert that had the dog door attached. The dog door was stripped of its weather protection. I might have read it wrong. It was disappointing and confusing. Why is this packaged with a door insert that doesn't need this? It didn't make sense. I gave away glue. The extra drill bit was useful.

👤Not a bad kit. I found it useless. Extra foam was not needed in our case because the application of the sealant was good and we didn't need it. I already had a drill bit and sealant.

👤If you're installing a pet door in a raised panel door, you need it. I did not have a door in the indoor wall. The way it fits, there is no air coming in through the frame. I use the pet door's panel that came with my purchase to block out most of the cold when it's outside. I removed it to give my dogs access to the dog pen.

👤It is ok that it is not weather proof, but you should just buy some door or window seals from Homedepot or menards.

👤Everything I needed to protect the dog door. No more paying an extra $100/mo on our power bill to avoid another Screaming-as-i-skated-across-the-kitchen-in-the-dark-on-dog-poop+ pee incident. There was a lot of pee after the camel spin. This kit and the Boboni dog door were both excellent.

👤The door should have this kit in it. We needed the weatherstrip when we installed in a wall through a 6 inch interior. We may do without the extension tunnel. The double doors confused my little dog at first, but he got it now.

👤Not long enough to get around a small door. I put it as close to the inside as I could, instead of around the outer edge as the directions say. The silicone gel is messy and difficult to work with.

7. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor Automatic Activated

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor Automatic Activated

Tailor your pet's access. The SmartDoor has a variety of options. There is peace of mind. The SmartKey on your pet's collar is waterproof and can be used with the SmartDoor. There are multiPLE PETS. It's great for households with multiple pets. There is a punishment for battery overheating. The SmartDoor is battery operated. Installation of door. The wall installation option is available with the Wall Install Kit. PetSafe brand's Customer Care experts are based in the U.S. and will be happy to help. Since 1991, the PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤This product is not suitable for greyhounds, whippets, or other breeds with long tails. The door is very rigid and the dog can't get through it. This resulted in serious injury and a $100 vet bill. There is no way to modify the door to make it safe for use. The company won't give back the money. The door was ordered on April 30 but it wasn't installed until recently, and the return window for Amazon is only 30 days. I am so.

👤I'm going to try to clarify a few things because there are a lot of mixed reviews. Other people have said there are a couple different versions. The newer version of the original version has a "range" knob while the clear version has a "sensitivity" knob. The older version has been complained about by some. I received the newer version and can't comment on that. There are 3 different versions. This door is compatible with "iris" and is sold by Lowe's. This is a replica of the newer version of the door and can be distinguished by one additional blueLED as the leftmost indicator. I got theLowe's version of the door. Here is my review of this door. Some complain about range, intermittent ID recognition failure, magnet strength, binding, installation, and other things, but not me. RF interference in the area is likely to be the cause of a range or recognition failure. My work works great and I have not forgotten any of the keys. This is the best weatherized model I have had, after experimenting with a number of different pet doors. It doesn't have any problems with binding or jamming. The door is rigid and has flaps. I made sure the hole was square when I installed it, which is probably an issue for some. Installation is a necessity. I can see a problem with binding if the door is not level. The door is insulated. Without the tunneling kit, it would not be difficult to mount this through a wall. The doors frame is plastic and if the hole, level, or square are incorrect, the door could skew. This would cause binding or jamming, as the door slides down into a channel to lock or secure. The door is pretty quiet, except for a loud pop when it opens. He got used to it quickly after it scared him for a few days. The two dogs and cat know that the "pop" means it's time to push. Yeah... If you didn't catch that, I have 4 lbs. The wind does not stop the large version of the door from reset. I will go into the iris part now that the function is explained. I got the "Iris" hub from Lowe's which is a Z-Wave radio home automation controller. This allows you to switch from "Automatic" "Locked" and "Unlocked" modes from a PC or phone, and it also monitors which animal exits or enters. You can see which animal went in through the door or out through the door when you look at the "activity log" in the app or website. Even if you don't realize it at first, this feature has a lot of practical application. It's the case. It's easy to see if the kids let the dogs out. I have determined that the internal radio for this door is not Z-Wave, and that it is a radio from the Zigbee network. It will not work if you purchase it with the intent of using it with a Z-Wave controller. Lowe's doesn't bother to tell you what product you're buying, because they sell both Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. There is a lot of room in the device. I wanted to add an alarm sensor into the door and it was easy to add a wireless reed switch based sensor inside the frame, using one of the built-in magnets as a motivator. They should build this ability into the door, but it would require too many different versions for compatibility, as there isn't a single protocol for wireless alarm inter-compatibility. It was very easy to add a sensor. The door has been running on a cheap set of 4 "D" batteries for the past few months and hasn't dropped a bar on the "Iris" battery monitor. I think the version without the iris transceiver has even longer battery life. I have three cats: a 50lb Dingo, 75lb Siberian Husky, and 4lb Siamese cat. None of them have a problem opening this door. It's made of all plastic and reliable. I am confident that you will be happy with the door if you install it correctly and get the correct version. The door is worth at least $75, $100, or $229.00 if you spend it onversion dependent. It works well and looks clean.

8. PetSafe Efficient Extreme Weather Aluminum

PetSafe Efficient Extreme Weather Aluminum

Make sure your energy bill is optimal. The most energy efficient pet door will protect your home in any climate by eliminating drafts in the winter and saving air conditioning in the summer. Giving your cats and dogs freedom to go in or out without asking for your help is an exercise in independence. The 3-flap INSULATION is a type of INSULATION. The pet door is insulated to block more thermal energy than a standard pet door, and includes flexible flaps with a magnetic seal to keep the weather outside. A sturdy metal frame has reinforced aluminum corners and is built to handle multi-pet households and keep stray animals out. There are multiple size options. Medium for cats or dogs is 40 to 40 lbs; Large for dogs is 100 to 100 lbs; Extra Large for big dogs is 220 to 220 lbs.

Brand: Petsafe

👤My wife and I wasted our entire Sunday and destroyed a perfectly good door. Why? Instructions and a template were included to cut out the portion of the dog door that was not installed. We watched the instructional video several times before starting. The template on the instruction page shows you how to cut out the door. We measured our dogs and then cut out the door to install the dog door. The screw holes to connect the dog door to the door were all over the open space when we laid the door over the hole. The holes did not sit over the door because it was too large. We used theTEMPLATE they gave us to measure the hole we cut. There is a box that says "Notice" and instructions to cut an inch less than the template on both sides after re-reading the instructions. The template should be the correct size. Is that too difficult? You give a perfectly clear template with the measurements and then tell people in a small notice section that the template is not the correct size. It's really weird. The manufacturer's video doesn't mention anything about this, and the "Notice" should have said "Caution in bright red letters" because it was the most important piece of information to know before starting. I'm so angry that I can barely see. We are trying to save the project by making a bunch of wood pieces on the inside of the hole. If you try to bend the flaps to fit them on the other side of the dog door, the plastic screws will fall into the holes and you won't be able to put the two sides together. If you know that people are going to be doing this at home, why not make it easy for them? I'm sure we're not the only people who have run into this nightmare. The dog door is one thing, but a $500 door that we had to spend hours looking for and picking up and then our entire Sunday trying to put this together with no resolution, I am furious and feel we deserve a serious apology and reimbursement!

👤After having a classic medium, single flap door for 15 years, I finally got around to replacing it. The flap needed to be replaced. It was like having a hole in the wall, cold air pouring in during winter and hot air in the summer. Things get worse when wind is added to the equation. Let's replace the door completely. This thing is larger than the opening of my medium classic door, so it was not a piece of cake to install. There is some work to be done, two sides and the top. It required removing the door from the frame, laying out the hole, and cutting the frame. It is not an easy task to work with a hollow core steel door. Assembling was a pain too. I replaced the supplied plastic screws with a different type of screws that were easier to install, but I plan on using another set of hands to install them. I cut them after the installation. The inside frame was very painful. I had a hard time keeping it in place while sandwiching the two sides with the center frame. The installation manual can be found on line in the lower portion of the description. If you can manage the job or have a professional do it for you, it would be worth looking into. If I had to do it again, it might not have been such a bad idea. It might be easier if this is a new installation. There is a The door has 3 flaps, one on the inside and two on the outside, with a foam flap in the center. Very nice door. The dark center flap makes it hard for light to pass through it and make the dogs think the door is unlocked. It is good to pass after years of being able to see light through their door. A locked door is a dark door. They stare at the center foam flap in confusion because it keeps light out, and then look at me, like my dad, locked in! They don't like it and it is taking some definite work to convince them that it's okay to leave the door unlocked. Poor things. I will keep trying. I am sure they will get used to it, but be aware! It is a great door, but I have to give it 4 stars because of all that I have gone through. After the dogs get used to it, I might update. This door has been in place for a year. I still cringe about the pain in the butt. It's working well. The weather in CA is not bad. Don't let the manufacturer fool you. If you have above average carpentry skills and the tools to tackle the job, then you should go for it. My skills are good. There will be cutting if you install into an existing hole. Unless you're a contortionist, the door needs to be removed. Send your spouse away for a while because there will be cursing. You will need a second set of hands for the install. Don't forget to buy extra long ss steel screws to replace the plastic screws. It's worse to lay it out in a steel door. If you don't have the skills to do it yourself, then hire a professional to do it. You will be happy that you did and so will your spouse. It's a great door and I don't want to discourage the purchase, just buyer beware! On something else. I have two dogs. One has figured it out. The other is still not happy with it and would rather not use the slider. She will use it in desperation.

9. Ideal Pet Products Telescoping Frame

Ideal Pet Products Telescoping Frame

The pet door is durable and energy efficient. The LEXAN flap is made from strong, impact-resistant ABS. For dogs and cats over 90 pounds. It is easy to install and secure in minutes. The flap size is 10 1/4" x 15 3/4".

Brand: Ideal Pet Products Since 1979

👤I bought this before I got a dog, and installed it at the height I thought I needed. I showed him the way in and out of the black lab and he was fine with it. The three little flaps or light boxes are a lot nicer than a plastic flap. They insulate from the weather and make it a little heavier and more sturdy, and so far they seem to be holding up well, even though my dog has a habit of running in and out of the door several times at full speed. In the past three months, it hasn't broken. It has a tight fit and the door is shut with a magnet. I have not had a problem with it blowing open yet and it is on a south-facing door with high winds on a daily basis. It has been a year since I got my dog, and I just replaced the door that it was mounted on. My wood door was coming apart because of a problem with the doggie door. I will save the original for repairs if it ever becomes necessary. I didn't blink at buying another one, they are that good, I thought about the price for a long time before buying the first one.

👤My husband did not want another permanent opening in the house so we made our own in a low window. If his hips aren't bothering him, our large German Shepherd will use it.

👤The door that they sent me is not straight. The flex door hangs so that there is a gap on the left side and too tight against the right side that air escapes and bugs come in. Quality control checks would be a part of proper alignment. I don't advise anyone else to buy that product. I pay $119 a year for Amazon Prime. I only order Prime products. The postal service goes far slower than that of the United Parcel Service, even though they have started shipping "prime" by USPS. It should be possible to get a package from Amazon in a week. I don't like ordering a product that says it will arrive in 2 days and it takes 1-2 weeks. If you place an order and think it will take 2 days, you will be warned. If not 2 weeks, it will be at least a week.

👤We bought our dog door from Home Depot. We have two dogs, a pit and a whippet, both strong and fast. This was our fourth replacement and it has been three years. It lasted one month. The frame was broken the same spot as the others, at the top where the flap is held in. It is not secure and can break easily. It would be a good door for a family with a dog. It isn't a good door for us.

👤The Airseal dog door that I bought to replace it only lasted two years before the weather stripping began to degrade and tear. I think it's because of the high traffic, I have 3 dogs that use the door a lot. I wanted to do a quick replacement for the Pet Save Pet doors that I had installed at my previous house, but I would have gone with a different product. There are a couple things to note. I had to use the screws from the door that was being replaced because the screws that were shipped were a little larger than the holes that were drilled into the unit's frame. 2. If you want to replace a similar sized built in on a storm door, you will need to use your old frame and replace the swinging door. 3. The weather stripping makes it hard for my dogs to push the door open when it's completely closed, I know after some use the weather stripping will become more flexible and allow for easier opening and closing. 4. The door will not come closed if the dogs go through it, so the bottom is a little wedged open. I have to push and pull the door closed. I had a Petsafe brand dog door for a couple years at my previous house, and it seemed to provide more insulation than just the vinyl sheet, but the Petsafe door sealed better, was easier for my dogs to use. I'm going to use this door through the year and either replace it with another brand or get a thicker storm door that will allow for a bigger pet door.

10. Lucky Dog Patented Stabilizers Removable

Lucky Dog Patented Stabilizers Removable

The sliding door system makes it easy for your pet to get to their home. shins and knees are protected from hitting and open crate doors if there is no extruding door. The building is built with sturdy wire construction and rust-resistant e- coating. Pet owners can easily move the crate from one room to another with the convenient top handle. Corner stiffeners help support prevent accidental collapse and excess rattling. It is impossible to open 90 degree safety bandages by your pet. Pets can push the door outward if the latched positioning is not used. The easy-access side door can be used for crate positioning. It is easy to clean the Lehman-PROOF PAN. It's easy to clip on the floor-pronation feet.

Brand: Lucky Dog

👤I needed a crate that could open on the side. It has sliding doors that can be left open. My dog loves her crate so she goes in there to take naps and play with her toys.

👤My beagle has plenty of space in the 30x21 crate that I purchased. This is a good crate for the price. It was easy to assemble, with a divider and tray. The doors are sliding. The only thing that I dislike is that the wire bars on the side door are a little soft. My dog doesn't rub on the crate, so this isn't really an issue. I like to put a piece of plywood over the top of the crate so that my dog can lay on top of it, but it is not very sturdy for that purpose. I will be building a simple table to fit over the crate so she can lay on top of it.

👤I love the sliding door in my house because I am not always bumping into an open swinging door. The 30” size is perfect for dogs that want to sleep together. It's hard to find that size.

👤It is easy to assemble. Love the rubber feet. It scratch the floor and the dual doors. The only complaint is that the divider is a PIA. It is worth the money.

👤The door is not in the way. It gives you a better access to the crate.

👤The slide doors on this crate are great. It is made from high quality materials and protects the floors from damage. The price was reasonable. When we can't take her with us, we use it in the RV. It's more important for her protection and safety when we can't watch her. This crate is very good.

👤I really like the fact that this crate is in a high traffic area of our house. Our dog can go in and out of the crate without a door open or a passageway. It makes a large item less noticeable. Our dog doesn't try to escape so I can't say how it would hold up to a dog pawing to get out. We are very happy with the purchase.

👤I love the size and sliding door. I had to set it up a few times. I have had a lot of issues installing the divider. It would be great if anyone had videos of how to do it. The puppy comes home Saturday. We will see how she likes it.

👤I like the fact that the doors open in my car because it makes it easier. The most important thing is that my dog was happy when he got into it.

11. Lucky Dog Patented Stabilizers Removable

Lucky Dog Patented Stabilizers Removable

Customer service and free replacement. All products are free of cost for a one-year replacement service. Don't be angry and don't worry if you have any problems with the product. They will give you a solution within 12 hours if you need help with anything. The sliding door system makes it easy for your pet to get to their home. shins and knees are protected from hitting and open crate doors if there is no extruding door. The building is built with sturdy wire construction and rust-resistant e- coating. Pet owners can easily move the crate from one room to another with the convenient top handle. Corner stiffeners help support prevent accidental collapse and excess rattling. It is impossible to open 90 degree safety bandages by your pet. Pets can push the door outward if the latched positioning is not used. The easy-access side door can be used for crate positioning. It is easy to clean the Lehman-PROOF PAN. It's easy to clip on the floor-pronation feet.

Brand: Lucky Dog

👤I love sliding doors. A door that could be closed on a puppy is the reason my puppy goes into his crate for a nap. There is a large crate in our bedroom. The crate door is not in the way when I walk around the crate at the end of the bed. The wire is a lighter weight than some of the other crates and he doesn't chew on it. I plan to buy a 36” sliding door crate, which will be lighter than my previous crates. It is easy to set up, and should be easy to fold up. carabiners are on the end door to make sure it stays locked. The sliding doors lock in different directions. A nice feature.

👤My crate was damaged and my pamphlet was inside but I was not able to tear the paper. It was hard for my mom to set up the crate because she was 52 years old, but I was able to assemble it myself, even though I didn't know how to set it up. crate has been through every season The crate is still in place like it was on the first day of purchase. My mother has a very nice house with 3 dogs. I had company over and the internet workers were not comfortable with my mom dogs being out. I had to put all of them in a crate. Since the 6 month dog is getting big as the two older ones, a bigger size may be needed.

👤I bought 2 of this product. I have 2 German Shepherd pups that are comfortable in 1 because of a metal piece that was provided to separate them. They now sleep in their own crates. They are large and comfortable. It is easy to tear down and portable these crates. Definitely recommend this product. They are small so be careful when picking them up.

👤I bought it because it was considerably less. The item I received reflected this. I was very disappointed that all the pieces were not included in the box that was in poor condition. The crate was missing rubber feet, corner stabilizers, and one latch, and the divider panel was not included. This should not have left the warehouse. The wire crate is not as sound as the name brand, and it is thin. It might be a bit more solid if it had stabilizers. It was easy to set up and the door glides nicely. I chose this crate because of the option. Great for saving space.

👤The crate came way earlier than expected and was undamaged. The things metal are mentioned in some reviews. I haven't found this to be the case. I like the sliding gate. If my other dog wasn't so hard on the gates, I would buy another. Highly recommended.

👤I was able to make the crate work, but it was a pain. The tray broke in multiple places within a few months. I've bought many brands and never had this issue before. I'm going to have to spend another $80 to get a metal tray as I don't trust putting another plastic one in this crate.


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What are the best brands for dog door for sliding door tall?

Suribird, Ideal Pet Products Since 1979 and Ideal Pet Products Since 1979 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog door for sliding door tall. Find the detail in this article. Ownpets, Petsafe and Petsafe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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