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1. All Absorb Disposable Dog Diapers Small

All Absorb Disposable Dog Diapers Small

Even in hot climates, your dog can be protected. Their disposable diapers are made with a breathable outer layer for added comfort. All-Absorb diapers have leak-proof protection barriers and a super absorbent core which prevents spills. All-Absorb diapers are Fur-safe and provide a secure fit. To make sure you tuck her in just right, you can use re-adjustable fasteners. The lifting corset is a leg-lifting corset. The All-Absorb disposable Diapers are made of stretchy fabric and will fit your little girl perfectly. Wetness inDICATOR When your dog pees inside the disposable diapers, you can know when it's time for a new diaper.

Brand: All-absorb

👤I have a Yorkie who has incontinence. I decided to try them out. They remind me of actual baby diapers. She can have a bowel movement with the stretchy waist, velcro tabs, and a hole for the tail. I like the fact that they don't leave her fur wet, unlike other diapers. I left photos for a visual. If you have a dog with urine incontinence, I recommend these diapers.

👤My Himalayan was very happy when these came today. I've been trying to find a diaper that fits and is economical after his stroke. The 2T/3T pull up kid's undies fit cats. The tabs wouldn't hold some of them. The ones with sticky tabs would catch his long fur or not. The diapers have tabs so you can change them. My tip is to take the diaper out of the package and open it. Tabs will be on the belly. Attach the tabs with the tail through the hole.

👤She has problems with continuance, tried another diaper, and 888-282-0465, and they kept falling off and would not hold the urine. Gave these a try despite the reviews and found them to be excellent for the price and how many you get. The back of the diaper has a rough grid area where they work the best to grip. They look like they are falling off when she walks, but they have to be lower on her hips because she is a female dog. I will keep ordering them but wish they had the medium in case she gains weight. There is plenty of room to go around her waist, but not really stretchy.

👤I bought these for my girl. They fit well and are absorbent. I didn't think the issue of absorbency would be a problem with her tiny body. She doesn't mind them so they must be comfortable. I've seen people complain they weren't long enough on prior reviews. I'm wondering if they buy them for males instead of females. The cost was very reasonable. I paid 16 bucks for 50 diapers. I'll order again.

👤I love these diapers for my Yorkie mix. The best price on Amazon is for these. I will keep buying. Size S is perfect for her.

👤I have a small dog. I buy her xs in another brand. I ordered xs from this brand as well. They were too small. I ordered size s instead of returning them. The size s is too small. Something is seriously wrong with the product, and I should have known that.

👤These are done and dusted. Don't put them on and then take them off. The brand uses plastic that is hard to remove and can't be adjusted or taken off with out ripping the material.

👤The little diapers are working well for my dog. She doesn't like having to wear them, but she can no longer control her bladder, so there isn't much of an option beyond doggie diapers. I'm happy things like this exist. These help give my little girl dog more freedom when she wants to walk around the house, which is less often now that she is older, but this gives her an option. My girl is 5 years old. She likes pomeranian and these work well for her. So happy. Highly recommended!

2. Langsprit Washable Female Diapers Pack

Langsprit Washable Female Diapers Pack

The 3 Pack of Female Dog Diapers come in a variety of sizes. Measure the dog's waist. And. It is a good idea to check the size chart before making an order. A heavier dog will go up a size if you factor in their weight. A dog goes down a size. The diaper has a wide range of adjust. The female dog diaper inner layer is made of soft and absorbent jersey, perfect to keep the dog dry. The middle layers of fleece absorb the liquid and stop leaks. The diaper outer layer is made of smooth and soft-to-touch leak-free material to keep the floor and bed dry. The special button design is. Extra snap buttons at the back, snap left and right to adjust the size of the diaper, give the dog a great fit, and shorten the diaper for better comfort. Female dog diapers are great for pups with excitement urination, elderly dogs with incontinence, travel and for house breaking. Langsprit diaper for dogs design is machine washable and durably built so it can stand up to everyday use and frequent washing. tumble dry on low heat or air dry if machine wash below 30C.

Brand: Langsprit

👤Our dog was scheduled to be neutered, but she went into heat before her appointment. It was not our plan to deal with a dog in heat. We initially used disposable dog diapers from the local pet store, but we didn't like them very much. 1. We were 800-273-3217 Our dog didn't seem to like them. It's not really a green thing to toss all those diapers. I found these after a couple days of disposables. They are amazing. I love that they are 1. They are very economical and friendly. 2. They come out of the wash like new. 3. My dog doesn't mind wearing them. 4. The designs are cute. I feel like these run small. The dog we have is Extra Large and is a Basset hound. Measure carefully and use the size chart on the listing to make sure you get the right size.

👤I bought these for all my females and they were shocked to find out they have dane size diapers. I bought a new car. The buttons make it easy to adjust the diaper. I like to use panty liners for my medium size dogs and my dane because I like to use women's pads as liners. The pad would move if I used peroxide to get out the stains. Absolutely amazing product! I will not buy another brand. Thank you for your hard work!

👤These are the diapers that I like the most. We have new flooring after moving. I don't want my floor ruined while my dogs are adjusting to their new home. All of my females range from 8 to 15 pounds. I would have to buy different sizes for my fur babies. All of them fit in a size small. My little Pomeranian has a nervous bladder in the morning and this diaper will be soaked but not leaking. They are easy to wash and look new when dry. I would purchase this brand again after 2 weeks.

👤The patterns on the diapers are adorable. The size fits my dog perfectly. I am very pleased with the product. The Velcro is absorbent and wash up great.

👤It's hard to rate comfort, I rated 5 stars. I don't know if my dog finds them comfortable. They are cute and I only warn you to watch the size. I measured my dog's waist, which is 22 inches, and put her in an XL according to the chart. She is a short dog. I bought the L because she doesn't need the larger size, I love the option to make it smaller by using the snaps, but she doesn't need it. She is a chonk.

👤These were what I needed. The print is cute. Our little girl has forgotten to hold it until she is let out. These diapers keep our floors clean and dry. The diapers are easy to clean and the outer fabric keeps her dry, making sure no urine is transferred onto us or the furniture. They were comfortable for her and she liked them right away. I was pleasantly surprised to see these were good for urine.

3. OUT Disposable Female Diapers Absorbent

OUT Disposable Female Diapers Absorbent

The corset fit has a channeled core design for comfortable movement. It is possible to fit Sure Seal technology for added comfort and more leak protection around the legs or waist. The EDGE GUARD has extra absorbent edges. ODOR CONTROL: 2X. Baking soda was added for odor neutralizing power. For best fit, measure your dog at the narrowest point around the waist and pick the coordinating size from the size chart. For dogs that are in between sizes, they recommend getting a size up.

Brand: Out!

👤The dachschund was no longer asking to go outside to pee. She has forgotten her manners and isn't incontinent. I tried gating and covering my kitchen and back porch with potty pads, but it wasn't a good solution since she would then walk around stepping in things, and I would have to replace most of the pads - an expensive solution that went on for quite a while. I tried diapers. She was able to get the ones from the big box store off about half the time. She could easily get the cheaper ones off. I searched the internet and found a comment on a post about a diaper harness solution. Voila! I recreated the harness as I imagined it to be, after buying a step-in harness, suspender hooks, and elastic ribbon. I use the cheaper version of these in the daytime, which is less expensive than the pet store version. The harness works great with the size of the XS - S. It is important to get a good catch with the suspender hooks, but otherwise I'm happy with the solution. I take my dog out several times a day so I can reuse the diapers if they are not dirty. There are two more She is able to poop out the back, which is not a problem on my wood floors because the pellets are easy to pick up and the floor is wiped. There are 3 more I was still using the expensive diapers even though they were thin for night use. I have her bed and blanket in a downstairs shower stall just in case. I began experimenting with baby diapers because I wanted to reduce my costs further. The size two RIte Aid Tugaboos are the same thickness as the pet store brand. I made a hole in the diaper for her tail. The poop stays in the diaper because they fit in such a way. The cost of pet store diapers is much higher. After spending hundreds of dollars for a few months on potty pads, diaper bags, paper towels, etc., I am now able to manage this problem frugally. I didn't give these diapers 5 stars because I wish they were a little thicker. I posted a picture of my dog in the harness in case someone wanted to try it out. Good luck!

👤I ordered a small dog. The fit and the absorbency are great. The only thing that I don't like about this diaper is the tabs. They are cheap quality tape for the tabs. They won't stay with the diaper for long. I have a baby with me. I guess I had a certain expectation about the closing. I used packing tape to fix this. I stick a small piece over the closures. It would be amazing if they could change their diaper to have the same closures.

👤You could put a picture of a cat on the package. My 11lb Himalayan has a brain tumor and is being treated by his vet. "Jet" became incontinent and these "cat" diapers made a huge difference for us. He can be left to walk around the house as he pleases. He will never use a cat box again. I think. The product does the trick and it doesn't matter what the jokes are about diapering him. The cost is 50 cents when we change it. It is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is A buck a day keeps my sick cat happy.

4. WICKEDPUP Booster Disposable Reusable Washable

WICKEDPUP Booster Disposable Reusable Washable

The premium booster pads for both male and female dogs are designed to absorb excess water from your pet diapers, so you can enjoy the moment without having to worry about pee leaking. These diaper doublers are perfect for long distance driving, overnight use, and getting to your friend's house or public place. Keep doing what you are doing. These are simple daily care solutions for dogs in heat. They are great alternatives to feminine hygiene products. The dogs urinate many times a day. If your baby puppy or kitten was not house trained, you need a lot of diapers. Replacing a single pad helps you cut your monthly expenses. Check out their Size Guide to help determine the best size for your boy and girl pups. Petite is available in 4 sizes, Regular for S to M, Long for M to L, X- Large for L to XL diaper holders, waist belts, underwear, pants, overalls, surgical recovery suit.

Brand: Wickedpup

👤I have a dog who is 13 years old and has started having incontinence issues. I ordered medium size disposable diapers to fix the problem, but they aren't very absorbent or leak proof. I was looking for a solution to the problem, and I found it! This worked well for my dog. There is a I would advise my girl to get diaper insert pads even if they did work for her, because they would slide off her rear. The absorbent layer inside cloth diapers isn't absorbent enough. If your dog has a waist, I would recommend trying on diaper with booster pads. My girl was happy and dry because of these. I highly recommend this product.

👤The poodle's diaper pad is too large for her. I cut it in half. The problem is that it only has two thin strips in the center, so you only have a small amount of glue to hold on to one side of the diaper. There is an area that urine escapes. I wouldn't recommend this for small or toy breeds.

👤I use a couple of sets of dog diapers that seem to have no issues with the back of the strip. It doesn't stick like glue, but it sticks well enough that I haven't had any problems with it getting out of place. I used to have to go through three or four diapers a day, but now only use three or four of these pads. They seem to make the diaper more snug and comfortable for her but at the same time add a lot of absorbency. She must have voided her entire bladder today, and the diaper was full of it. It was a record amount if it wasn't her whole bladder. If it gets worse, I should be able to use the combo to get her throughout her days and nights. I'm pretty happy with these. One would think that this would be a strange product to use, but after you use it many times a day, you begin to appreciate the small things. There was an update on 6/23/21. I'm pleased with these. The regular sizes were getting smaller, with the large one becoming quite large. I use the Regular during the day and the XL at night when my dog has a higher chance of voiding her whole bladder. I don't have any diapers that can hold the amount of urine these can hold, so these are an absolute necessity.

👤I used to cut incontinence pads in half. This is messy because absorbent material falls out, which is worse when it's full. These pads are the perfect size for my dog's belly bands, which he has to wear 24/7. These pads are soft, flexible and absorbent, and haven't caused "diaper rash". The small strip of glue is enough to keep the pad in the belly band. The band is not as snug as it should be, and the pad has never come loose despite my active pup's high-energy playing. It would not be unreasonable for some people to prefer a strip that is larger than 2 inches wide by 4 inches long. There are longer pads out there that are better for larger dogs, but these are perfect for my 7 1/2 pound Yorkie. If these pads are changed 4 to 6 times per day, they can be a bit pricey. These are the best pads for my needs. I'm hesitant to recommend them because I'm afraid they won't be in stock once more people discover them.

5. Wegreeco Washable Reusable Premium Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Reusable Premium Diapers

Dog Diapers Medium are great for small dogs. To make a good fit, measure your dog's waist in front of the back legs. The weight of your dog should be taken into account. Go up a size for a heavier do. A skinnier dog should be down a size. The dog diaper is easy to put on and take off. Useful for untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, and dogs that suffer from incontinence. Dog Diapers Female Medium are soft and comfortable for dogs and have no "crinkly" or uncomfortable texture that makes many dogs dislike the ordinary disposable diapers. The hooks and loops are easy to put on and won't stick to your pet's fur. A leak-free outer layer is sewn into the diaper to keep it from leaking and damaging furniture. There are three colors of Doggie Diapers -- one hot pink, one purple and one Aqua. The disposable dog diapers are not as stylish as the washable doggy diapers.

Brand: Wegreeco

👤I didn't know what size would be best for my jack russell, so I bought these in medium and large. She is a jack russell with a medium build. Her waist is close to the diapers. Medium is the right size for her. I bought these for my dog to wear at night as she only has incontinence when she's sleeping. I got the large first. I think the leg holes are too big. The pee leaked out of the leg holes. I slept in pee. Not good! The leg holes were gapped when I hooked the Velcro. I had to put a stitch in the leg holes to keep them from gapping. I ordered a medium. I thought they would be too small. I was able to fit the Velcro on both sides. The leg holes were smaller than the large one. They are still a little behind. I didn't have a problem with pee leaking out. Both pairs easily slid off her butt. She had a tail hole that could potentially leak pee because of the sagging of her tail. I had to wake up all night to make sure they weren't falling down. A lot of lost nights sleep. Grrrr! My girl has short fur and no real waist. I'm pretty sure that played a part. I didn't want them to be too tight as another pair I got at the store rubbed a spot on her tummy. This was my solution and it worked perfectly. If you have a dog like mine, with short, slick fur and no waist, you're better off with these diapers. A baby is wearing a onesie. I got her a pack of onesies from Target. The brand is called Just One You. I bought the Carter brand at Walmart and they were too short. The size of the Carter brand was shorter than the Just One You brand. The Just One You 4-pack is available at Target for $8.99. I also have Depends for women. I have the ones that hold level 5 flow. I stuck the onesie where the urine would come out. This was the perfect size to hold a big puddle. I cut it in half because it fit better and was enough to hold the amount of urine from one round of peeing. The pads absorb all the water so you don't have to bathe your dog every morning. Even if these diapers did work for my girl, I would recommend getting a Depends pad for women and cutting it in half, since it would be difficult to get the diaper off her rear. I think it would be better because the absorbent layer inside these diapers isn't as absorbent as the pads. If you have a small dog that is not larger than mine, I would advise you to wear a onesie. If you have a dog with a waist, I would recommend trying these diapers with a depends pad. In them. Cut the tail hole with scissors. I didn't bother because my girl doesn't like to have her tail up at night. I only use them once. My girl is wearing a baby onesie. I gave these a three star because I'm sure they would work for some dogs, particularly with a depends pad inside. The onesie with a half depends is perfect for my girl.

6. Pet Parents Washable Diapers Doggie

Pet Parents Washable Diapers Doggie

Medium dogs and puppies have a waist size of 14 to 20. To get a good fit, measure your dog's waist in front of the back legs. Three Premium Black Dog Diapers are included in the package. The disposable dog diapers are more eco-friendly than the washable doggy diapers. The diaper wrap for dogs is easy to use. Useful for untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, and dogs that suffer from incontinence. Their diaper wraps are soft and comfortable to use for dogs, which makes them more comfortable and acceptance. It's easy to secure the Velcro closure and it won't stick to your pet's fur. Dog gloves are very absorbent. The waterproof outer layer of the diaper pad is sewn into the diaper to prevent leaks and damage to furniture.

Brand: Pet Parents

👤Lucy Lu is 17 years old and is on "bonus miles". She's a post who sleeps most of the day, but still wakes up at 4am demanding her breakfast and waiting for her dinner. Her only real issue is that she has a condition called "DM", which is a disease that makes German Shepherds hunch down. Though Lucy didn't start pooping all over the house, our "window of opportunity" to get her outside was diminishing and that made for occasional "surprises". Our vet gave us the "Maybe it's time" talk, something we have never had to do with any of our 5 other dogs that have come and gone in our lives, and we sort of said, "Well, Lucy Lu is the oldest dog we have ever had." We did the old Ben Franklin "T" account and the only real entry in the negative column was the occasional "poop-oops". We had to ask ourselves if putting the dog down was the only option. It seems kind of extreme for a dog who has been devoted to us for 17 years and is otherwise in pretty decent health to be using doggie diapers. We thought we would give them a try. We found the Pet Parents dog diaper on Amazon. We got the large size first because we were size-measuring challenged. Even though we cinched them up, we couldn't get them to stay on well enough, and we had to close up the leg openings enough to keep the diaper off. Lucy used to be about 60 pounds, now she's 40, and doing a better job at measuring would have been wise because there isn't a lot of soft tissue on her bones to grab onto. Lucy fell on her crate when she came home after a relaxing dinner, but she didn't have to say "Oh, great, Lucy pooped and walked through it" anymore. "Well, she pooped, but only that one piece escaped..." made the clean up much less involved. Being the rocket scientists we are, we thought, maybe we should try those out. miracle of miracles, they work perfectly! They fit great and do exactly what they are supposed to do, without a rogue piece making a break for it out of the leg holes as happened with the large size we originally ordered. The vet said that using diapers for dogs with fecal incontinence issues was a negative thing. While the problem of poop being all over the floor is addressed, the indiscriminate use of diapers on a female dog can possibly cause other health issues with the dog. Since we know when Lucy last pooped and can fairly accurately know when she is going to drop a deuce, we make certain that we don't leave the house for too long. I apologize for going into so much poop detail, but it's the sort of "stuff" you probably want to know, and that's why we bought these diapers. We asked for a return authorization for the large diapers, but Pet Parents gave us the okay. They are a great company to deal with. I am writing this review in exchange for nothing. I did not receive these dog diapers at a significant discount in exchange for anything, I did not receive them for free so that Pet Parents could get a five star review. We paid full price for these diapers and are writing a review because they work and the company has been great to deal with. If anyone from Amazon is listening, do you think "Top Reviewer" status means anything anymore? The job of researching and buying a legitimate product has been made more difficult by you because of the BS, I was provided this product at a significant discount in exchange for my honest review. If you are going to allow those paid for reviews to appear, how about not including any of those reviews which contain that disclaimer to appear in a merchant's star-rating. Now back to my feelings about the merchant and the dog diapers. Thank you again, Pet Products, for a great product and great service! Lucy Lu said that you are life saver.

7. Vets Best Comfort Diapers Disposable

Vets Best Comfort Diapers Disposable

The large/extra large size disposable female dog diapers are comfortable and fit larger dogs with a 23.5 - 31.5 inch waist. A perfect, disposable solution for managing your female dog's urinary incontinence, excitable urination, and heat cycles. It makes traveling with your pet easier. The best disposable female dog diaper is manufactured with a wetness indicator. When is the right time to change the diaper? Their female dog diapers have Fur-safe, repositionable fasteners to give you the best fit every time, while the leak barrier gives you peace of mind. 30 large/extra large disposable female dog diapers per pack is simple convenience.

Brand: Vet's Best

👤I ordered the diapers in the larger size to protect my house from her heat cycle. I had ordered a different brand in the past, and they were tight, but they worked. I ordered this brand because the waist size range listed on the package was much larger than the first brand I purchased. The brand has a problem with the cutout in the middle of the diaper. The pictures show it closer to the end of the diaper. I can't get these diapers to stay on my dog because they have to be placed according to the tail hole, which doesn't allow enough room to bring the diaper around her rear and to her tummy to then affix it to her back. I tried ripping the tail hole larger, but it resulted in her private areas being exposed. I can't use these, so I would like a refund.

👤These are the only diapers that fit my dog. I use the large size because they are designed for large legs. They hold a lot of urine since Akitas drink a lot of water. Highly recommended for large dogs. My dog is almost 14 years old and weighs 60 pounds. There is an update. The diapers are great when all parts are attached, but I just received two packages and most of them are missing the tabs. I don't like having to alter and tape diapers that cost a dollar each, especially when I use 3-4 diapers per day. I need the diapers to keep accidents from appearing in my house, and I don't want to return as I lack quality control. These diapers work fine when the tabs are present. There is no way to contact the seller.

👤I didn't know that buying doggie diapers could turn into such a dilemma. The products at "Pet Stores" are outrageously overpriced. Do not try to save money and go withDepends. It's a good thing! When you cut a hole for the day, Walmart dumps diaper absorbing crystal sand everywhere. Everywhere. It's a bad idea to try to get your dog to wear panties because Jazzy May was not a fan of Princesses. The Vet's Best diapers are a great price and great product. I can make them last a whole day if I let them, but they tend to slide off when she gets excited. I bought a cheap pair of dog panties and put them over the diaper to fix the sliding problem.

👤My dog has bladder cancer and these work great. I recommend anyone who uses these to also use a diaper cover. It will help keep the diaper from falling down. The furniture and flooring was ruined by her frequent urination, but MzE I wish they were more affordable because I go through quite a few in a day. My dog can live out her golden years in relative comfort, which makes me very happy.

8. Pet Parents Premium Washable Diapers

Pet Parents Premium Washable Diapers

There are small dog bandanas. Small dogs and puppies are best with male dog wraps. To get a good fit, measure your dog's waist in front of the back legs. There are three clothesline dogs in three colors per package. The Gentleman color combo is made up of blue, green, and black. Dog belly bands are more economical and eco-friendly than disposable dog diapers. The dog belly bands are easy to use. Useful for untrained puppies, males spot dog marking, pet diapers, paralyzed dog, and dogs that suffer from excitement urination or dog incontinence products. Dog's dislike the ordinary disposable diapers due to their "crinkly" or "uncomfort" texture, so they created a soft and comfortable diaper for dogs. It's easy to secure the Velcro closures and they won't stick to your pet's fur. Dog gloves are very absorbent. The waterproof outer layer of the diaper pad is sewn into the diaper to prevent leaks and damage to furniture.

Brand: Pet Parents

👤We bought the bands for our Boxer who has lost control of his bladder and can't bend his back legs. We are pleased that they are working well. The size is an issue for us. When I ordered, I didn't see it. I bought L. They fit, but barely. I'm afraid that an XL will allow gaps. When he wakes from sleeping and I take them off so he can go outside, the urine will puddle and spill if I don't hold both sides. I'm wondering if the elastic is positioned so that it doesn't block flow when it does happen. The product is saving us a lot of time, and I think that Butch is more comfortable because he comes to me and stands still to get his Belly Band before he falls down. Since he helped us raise two kids, two kittens, and two puppies, we want to keep him comfortable and keep his dignity, so they are extending the time we have with him. We love him! Thank you!

👤I hate that my dogs have started marking my house. I have had them for 7.5 years and they were neutered when I got them. The male schnoodles weigh 22 and 25 pounds. I can't figure out why they started peeing within the past year. I put a bandaid on the problem by messing with the "why" in the equation. These are the diapers. I ordered the large. Jonesy has to stretch these diapers fully out, whileRufus can attach the Velcro fully. The Velcro is strong and stays on. Did the diaper fall off? Yes. I was able to figure out that it was from them helping each other out of each other. Yes. They don't like them very much. I put them on and they were all sad and embarrassed. Their whole demeanor changed. They need to suck it up. You pay when you pee. I deducted a star because my dog was bursting at the seams. Absorbing is now on the agenda. These diapers seem to have a lot of absorbency. The first day we got them, there was a rain storm. My boys don't like going out in the rain. They don't allow us to go outside. I decided to let them win. The rain stopped in the morning. I let them outside after taking off the diapers. One of the diapers had pee. Neither leaked. The elastic gathering seemed to be waterproof. Score one for me. The cleaning of the diapers is a chore. When this issue began a year ago, I bought belly bands that you put inside a sanitary napkin to avoid the clean up. Worst purchase ever. The pads were never in place. I found Depends pads all over my house, and the Velcro fastening was small and didn't seal well. I had to buy Depends pads. They will always think they are for you no matter what you tell them. I put the bands in the hot water for a few minutes and the pee-odor went away. I foamed up the pads with a few drops of detergent, squeezed it, and then rinse it off. I put the diapers over the sink. It's easy. The diapers were dry. They were very soft and easy to use. I bought a second three-pack. I have one on each dog, one dry and one drips-drying. I'm hoping that this will get them to stop going in the house, since the diapers tend to only have small drops in them. They can wear these forever if not. At least they are going through it together.

9. Surgi Snuggly Washable Disposable Diapers Keeper

Surgi Snuggly Washable Disposable Diapers Keeper

Dog incontinence can be avoided with the use of dog diapers. Keep your pet's diapers and pads in place to allow your pet to be a part of the family again. 1000's of veterinarians, trainers, pet professionals, and universities nationwide recommend it. Fresh protection keeps your pets safe and your family clean. They look at your dogs weight, girth and spine measurements. Keeping your dog's diaper secure and in place will help protect carpets, floors, and home furnishings from damage caused by pet urine.

Brand: Surgi~snuggly

👤I have two males dogs who are 100% house trained, but my younger one started marking their toys after I had kids. I spent a lot of money trying new and different products to prevent my little man from ruining my toys and floor. I've bought every male wrap available at my local pet stores and tried specialty items online, but he's been able to get them all either totally enough or wiggle around enough so he can get his man parts out and still pee on things. This is the only item that has been successful with holding his diaper in place, no matter how much he wiggles on his back to get it off. He keeps the item on 100% of the time, and for the most part he's comfortable with it, even though he doesn't know it's on. My only other issue is how cheap it is. We have had it for a month and it has a huge hole. Will I buy another one? It is the only thing I have found that works well and saves me from buying new toys and damaging my floors. Is it good to buy a new one? They are not cheap. It should last a few weeks.

👤This has been my entire life. One of the Dobermans I have is incontinent and it's hard to get a regular diaper for them because of their short tails. It's cute and it keeps the diaper in place. She is a big girl at 80 lbs and that fits her well. Thanks for the easy to use product.

👤This product is one of the best I have ever purchased. I had a small fur- baby with special needs and I was at my wits end. I tried disposables but they didn't stay on. I tried human onesies and they were very restrictive for her. They would stretch out. I was searching for something that wasn't too restrictive and not too warm when I found these. They are a little pricey but they have been a god-send. The pink ones run a little smaller than the other colors, but they still fit. I don't use a diaper with it because it slips off. I use a maxi-pad and it works well. I have bought about 10 of these onesies. If you're thinking about buying this, you should wash it in a lingerie bag or hand wash it. I wash them and lay them flat to dry. When I take her outside to do her business, I put the tabs under her and put a ball in her back. It's easier to not take it completely on and off with her. The edges around the arm holes and neck are soft. The directions say that you can tie the tabs in a knot to adjust the size. I prefer to shorten them by twisting them. I recommend this product for fur-babies with bladder and bowel problems as well as an alternative to a cone or donut after neuter or spay surgeries. Thank you!

10. Simple Solution Disposable Absorbent Indicator

Simple Solution Disposable Absorbent Indicator

A better fit is the Simple Solution XXL disposable dog diaper with new fit sizes for female dogs with a 22 to 37 inch waist. The female dog diapers are made of a stretchable fabric. There is absorbent and absorbent roofing. Adding leak-proof barriers to the super absorbent core will ensure that mess prevention works. Your girl dog can move around without restriction. The Simple Solution disposable dog diaper has a leak-proof fit that gives your dog freedom of movement without compromising on security. The tail-hole and extra-long wings help them stay put. Attaching and removing a diaper is very easy with Fur-Friendly Fasteners. The diaper stays in place on your dog without her fur getting stuck to the folds, because it was designed with your dog's fur in mind. The superior mobility of these XXL diapers will make your female dog relaxed and mess-free. The indicator will tell you when to change them. Simple solution disposable male wraps are for male dogs.

Brand: Simple Solution

👤The new and improved diapers are not worth it. If you save a few dollars and get their old packaging, you should not buy this brand. I don't like leaving negative reviews but if you enjoy cleaning up your furry babies wet mess then these are for you. The cheaper Amazon brand does a good job. No leaks, ever! At half the costs for the medium sizes. I need them asap and the Amazon brand ones are currently unavailable in the medium. These are the Simple Solution New and Improved. It was a big mistake. The older version was ok, so I thought maybe I should try the new ones. My dog wore it less than an hour and it was leaking everywhere. This brand will never be used again.

👤The same dog breed that caught Bin Laden is in my possession. I have been unable to have her neutered because of COVID. I decided to use these diapers to help with the bleeding after she went into heat for the second time. She didn't seem to care that they were on her after the first 10 minutes. She chases balls and runs around like a madman. A Belgian Malinois is one of the smartest breeds but also one of the most determined and stubborn. She doesn't care that these are on her and this will make the next few weeks of her heat cycle much easier for all of us. My dog is in heat and this is a God send.

👤The diapers we pulled out had only one tab. It's a waste of money.

👤These used to fit my dog perfectly. You changed the size. I can fit my hand through the leg hole with the length of the diaper. It runs out the leg hole if she pees. The waist is the right size. The length of this brand does not work for my dog. She would have to put her tail on her back because I can't pull these up further. I don't understand where you got these proportions. I have three packages that won't work after my monthly subscription was delivered. It was disappointing and frustrating.

👤I am not sure how absorbent they would be for urine, but they work great for dogs in heat. Our dog is over a year old and weighs 100 lbs. We got her a large size. They are a little bigger than they are. They are changeable. It is easy to slide her tail in because the fit is right. I will buy again.

👤My lab is a medium size. The tabs are close to her butt. Not sure how they work. I will update if there is a problem other than the one I am aware of.

👤Will not buy this product again. The hole for the tail on these is close to the dog's body. I have an older King Charles Spaniel. The only way I could make her stay on them was to make them so tight that she would be uncomfortable. I don't think they will ever work, and I will have to modify them by making a different tail hole. I don't want to burn $23.00 I have no choice but to try. I think I should have bought newborn baby clothes and cut a hole for the tail. What a disappointment that the product is a specialty product. What a body part. Live and learn. I won't think about buying this item again.

11. Pet Parents Washable Diapers Princess

Pet Parents Washable Diapers Princess

Dogs and puppies with a waist size of 27 to 19 are best suited for Dog Diaries Large. To get a good fit, measure your dog's waist in front of the back legs. Each of the three colors of dog underwear is included in the package. The disposable dog diapers are more eco-friendly than the washable doggy diapers. The diaper wrap for dogs is easy to use. Useful for untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, and dogs that suffer from incontinence. Their diaper wraps are soft and comfortable to use for dogs, which makes them more comfortable and acceptance. It's easy to secure the Velcro closure and it won't stick to your pet's fur. Dog gloves are very absorbent. The waterproof outer layer of the diaper pad is sewn into the diaper to prevent leaks and damage to furniture.

Brand: Pet Parents

👤I bought a set of 3 diapers that were too big for our Rottie. I made a mistake by purchasing that item. I wanted to order from the same company so there wouldn't be a discrepancy between the size and quality of the set. I was wrong. The difference between an L and an XL was surprising. They wouldn't fit on my dog. I contacted the company to see if this was true or if I received a mislabeled set. I sent a picture with my initial email and they said they needed more photos. They asked for more photos after I sent a few more with the tags and labeling. I thought they were stalling rather than trying to help. I was never contacted after I was told that they had passed my concern to another customer service rep. I tried to reach out to the company again, but always get the same person who is not helpful. I told them I was going to return the items and go with another company. Good luck if you need to reach customer service, but beware of the size.

👤I ordered them on time. Good timing and luck, my 8 month Boston came into heat the day these arrived. I didn't like the idea of disposable dog diapers, so these served my needs. I am using them on a small container. The first day I realized the Boston terrier's tail is not long enough to go through the hole, so the diaper shifted and her girl parts were poking through the hole. I don't know what to do, other than that they stayed on. I put a human panty liner over the hole and it solved two problems. The liner absorbed the Mess and no need to wash it often. If your dog has a tail, you can just put the pad in front of the hole and cut it in half. I like this idea because I can change it whenever I want to walk her. I warn you that the first time a puppy sees these, they gain mega super strength and two people will not be able to put it on. It is an easy solution, keep her harness on, put the leash on it, hold in down with your foot close to her head, and then you have full control. She waited for me to put it on. Here are some pics of what they look like.

👤The diapers are absorbent. The diaper liners don't match what our pup is producing so we've abandoned them. Running the diapers under a strong stream of hot water cleans them up very quickly and every couple of ways we run a wash with soap to get them really clean. We dry them in front of the fireplace, and always have a clean one ready. It's better than having to clean the carpets every time she gets up. The smell in the rooms is gone. The diapers are the best solution so far for an aging dog. The woman is dressed in a bikini and ready to go to the beach. We are very pleased with everything. Thank you so much for the wonderful e-mails. I often skip reviews, but couldn't help but cheer for the vendor that goes to such trouble to communicate and does it with good will. If I ever need to use it myself, I'll remember your approach. Many thanks for a lot of things.


What is the best product for dog diapers?

Dog diapers products from All-absorb. In this article about dog diapers you can see why people choose the product. Langsprit and Out! are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog diapers.

What are the best brands for dog diapers?

All-absorb, Langsprit and Out! are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog diapers. Find the detail in this article. Wickedpup, Wegreeco and Pet Parents are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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