Best Dog Diapers Female Reusable

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1. OUT Disposable Absorbent Protection Incontinence

OUT Disposable Absorbent Protection Incontinence

Ready to leave. Female dogs can use disposable female dog Diapers in medium to large size with new fit sizes. Soft, leak-proof barriers keep things dry and stretchy fabric makes for a comfortable fit. The corset fit has a channeled core design for comfortable movement. The fit of the Sure Seal technology is leak-proof for added comfort and more leak protection around the legs or waist. ODOR CONTROL: 2X. Baking soda was added for odor neutralizing power. For best fit, measure your dog at the narrowest point around the waist and pick the coordinating size from the size chart. For dogs that are in between sizes, they recommend getting a size up.

Brand: Out!

👤The dachschund was no longer asking to go outside to pee. She has forgotten her manners and isn't incontinent. I tried gating and covering my kitchen and back porch with potty pads, but it wasn't a good solution since she would then walk around stepping in things, and I would have to replace most of the pads - an expensive solution that went on for quite a while. I tried diapers. She was able to get the ones from the big box store off about half the time. She could easily get the cheaper ones off. I searched the internet and found a comment on a post about a diaper harness solution. Voila! I recreated the harness as I imagined it to be, after buying a step-in harness, suspender hooks, and elastic ribbon. I use the cheaper version of these in the daytime, which is less expensive than the pet store version. The harness works great with the size of the XS - S. It is important to get a good catch with the suspender hooks, but otherwise I'm happy with the solution. I take my dog out several times a day so I can reuse the diapers if they are not dirty. There are two more She is able to poop out the back, which is not a problem on my wood floors because the pellets are easy to pick up and the floor is wiped. There are 3 more I was still using the expensive diapers even though they were thin for night use. I have her bed and blanket in a downstairs shower stall just in case. I began experimenting with baby diapers because I wanted to reduce my costs further. The size two RIte Aid Tugaboos are the same thickness as the pet store brand. I made a hole in the diaper for her tail. The poop stays in the diaper because they fit in such a way. The cost of pet store diapers is much higher. After spending hundreds of dollars for a few months on potty pads, diaper bags, paper towels, etc., I am now able to manage this problem frugally. I didn't give these diapers 5 stars because I wish they were a little thicker. I posted a picture of my dog in the harness in case someone wanted to try it out. Good luck!

👤I ordered a small dog. The fit and the absorbency are great. The only thing that I don't like about this diaper is the tabs. They are cheap quality tape for the tabs. They won't stay with the diaper for long. I have a baby with me. I guess I had a certain expectation about the closing. I used packing tape to fix this. I stick a small piece over the closures. It would be amazing if they could change their diaper to have the same closures.

👤You could put a picture of a cat on the package. My 11lb Himalayan has a brain tumor and is being treated by his vet. "Jet" became incontinent and these "cat" diapers made a huge difference for us. He can be left to walk around the house as he pleases. He will never use a cat box again. I think. The product does the trick and it doesn't matter what the jokes are about diapering him. The cost is 50 cents when we change it. It is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is A buck a day keeps my sick cat happy.

2. Vecomfy Diapers Washable Reusable Leakproof

Vecomfy Diapers Washable Reusable Leakproof

2 layers microfiber pad is sewn into dog diapers, best for female dogs with urinary incontinence, and marking issues,elderly dog etc. The diaper outer layer has a waterproof and leakproof material, which makes your home more clean and dry. The waist is adjusted to the right size, easy to put on and take off, and your dogs will be more comfortable in runing/walking. The soft mesh lined fabric is smooth to the dog's skin, the nylon fabric is soft and comfortable, and the dog nappy is disposable and reuseable. It's best for small dogs, but they recommend measuring your dog's waist in front of the back legs to ensure a good fit.

Brand: Vecomfy

👤This company goes above and beyond. Each diaper is vacuum sealed and wrapped. I reuse the bags when I travel. They are really convenient and come in handy. Not only that. They also have a free tape measure. That is amazing. If your dog gets fat, you can measure him for his next set of diapers to make sure he's the right size. If you ever buy a dog coat or clothes, you can measure them as well. The diapers are thick and absorbent. My dog drinks like a fish, so I put a maxi pad in there for extra protection. I don't have to worry about messes or leaks.

👤Our little princess has accidents at night. She doesn't always wake up when she needs to pee. I put heavy duty pads in the diaper to keep her dry and prevent her from leaking. Miso doesn't mind the diaper, she runs and jumps with it, unlike disposable diapers which didn't fit her right and hindered her from moving a lot. Princess Miso is 20 lbs and looks like a small dog. These diapers fit her perfectly, despite her weird measurements.

👤A corgi has hind legs that are paralyzed. I decided to try diapers because she was having issues controlling herself. I wanted something that was cute, but wouldn't bother her. These are soft and cute, and don't bother her at all. I haven't experienced any issues with leaking since she got them. I bought a second set to have extras in case we encounter a worst case scenario down the road. Will definitely recommend!

👤The diapers were very high quality. They were packed well and they were gorgeous. I need to return them because they don't fit my odd shaped maltepoo. My 18 year old daughter is very skinny in the back and has a slope down on her hindquarters. The leg openings are too large for her skinny legs and they slid off due to her back slope. They fit my other boy perfectly. I buy him wraps because he is male. I would have added a liner if they had fit her.

👤My little boy is adorable and they fit him perfectly. We use them to hold on to disposable diapers when we are not home. We let him be without diaper when we are at work. I don't think that he has any problems with these diapers. We have some that are too small from another brand that we are using. They are very nicely made, seem comfortable, don't shrink, and are adorable. They are a great product for my little man who had a stroke and no longer has control over his toileting behavior.

👤These are adorable. I thought they would be just as cute on my poodle mix. She is a mix and has a stout body shape. I followed the instructions and ordered the large, and the diapers fit fine. They did what I needed them to do and she doesn't seem to mind wearing them. We take them off and put them back on when we take her for potty time, but it's not a big deal since we don't have to clean up after her. I think throwing the velcro in a laundry bag in the future will help with the stuck things on the wash/ dryer.

3. Grecle Washable Female Dog Diapers

Grecle Washable Female Dog Diapers

Their dog diapers are five different sizes to fit different dog breeds. The dog diapers are great for different dog body shapes. Before buying dog diapers, it is recommended that you measure the waist and back legs of your dog. Senior pets, dog incontinence, special needs pets and overnight are all recommended for these dog female diapers. The dog diapers have a sewn-in super absorbent pad to hold liquid in the pad, bird-eye mesh fabric against skin, and a leak-free exterior PUL shell and a snug elastic tail hole to make them totally leak-free. There is a hook and loop. The female dog diapers you choose should be made for your dog. The dog diaper has a Hook & loop design. The length and width of the puppy diapers can be adjusted with snaps. It's Washable and Reusable. The great thing about the diapers is that you can reuse them. The dog diapers are made with high quality fabrics and stitching and can stand up to regular washing and use. Female dogs in heat are not the only pups that are too young to control their bladder. Senior dogs may need to wear dog diapers to avoid accidents in the house. The female dog diaper is washed to help your dog go through this challenge without feeling like they did something wrong.

Brand: Grecle

👤My elderly dog has been needing more and more of these and I have recently been on a buying spree for them. I like to have a decent supply on hand because he can go through multiple a day and I don't want to waste a load of laundry on him. We have cute patterns, a rainbow of colors, but it's good to have a few basic black ones. The quality is on par with the others we've bought previously, and the thick absorbent cottony-feel pad is great for my dog, even when wet. The buttons on the back of the diaper are functional as well as decorative, and I realized that with the handy dandy card they included, I could adjust the width and length of the diaper to my dog's hindquarters. Genius!

👤I can't say enough good things about this product. My Maltese is getting older and less able to hold her bladder, but still not completely potty trained. The dog diaper solved our potty issues. There are many reasons why I love and recommend this product, and why I won't go anywhere else to buy my dog diaper. It is a steal to buy them at such a high price. The material is soft and functional in all the ways it needs to be and the size is exactly as advertised. The inside is soft, comfortable and has a built in pad for extra absorbency, and the outside is leak proof, so that she stays dry and comfortable after she goes, and there is no worry about her laying on the couch or bed and making any mess before removal. I don't have to throw away or buy more disposable diapers because they are Washable and Reusable, which saves me a lot of money and time. The cute patterns, soft material, and elastic straps make it easy to put her in them on her like a dress, and the tail hole makes her comfortable in any position. She has had no accidents in the house since using these, and we can't help but love her because they are so cute, and she is fully potty trained because of it. She has learned to let us know that she has to go and take the diaper off when we are away, even if we don't add any training. These have changed our lives and made us less stressed because there is no longer the issue of accidents and appropriate discipline for it. Thank you so much!

👤I bought this for my dashchund. The fit is a little big in the legs, even though my measurements were right in the middle of the medium size. I think she was made up when I tried to measure her. dachshunds may be a bit oddly shaped... Thanks to the adjustability of the snaps, I will keep them and use them. She was able to get it off, but not like she has done before. I will update again later after she's had her next heat cycle and I'm able to give them a real trial run, but the absorbent pad seems just substantial enough without being bulky, so I have no doubts!

4. Pet Parents Premium Washable Diapers

Pet Parents Premium Washable Diapers

There are large dog burp bands. Large dogs and puppies have the best dog wraps. To get a good fit, measure your dog's waist in front of the back legs. To blend in, to be neutral, and to show off are some of the things that color combo is for. Dog belly bands are more economical and eco-friendly than disposable dog diapers. The dog belly bands are easy to use. Useful for dogs that suffer from excitement urination or incontinence. Dog's dislike the ordinary disposable diapers due to their "crinkly" or "uncomfort" texture, so they created a soft and comfortable diaper for dogs. It's easy to secure the Velcro closures and they won't stick to your pet's fur. Dog gloves are very absorbent. The waterproof outer layer of the diaper pad is sewn into the diaper to prevent leaks and damage to furniture.

Brand: Pet Parents

👤We bought the bands for our Boxer who has lost control of his bladder and can't bend his back legs. We are pleased that they are working well. The size is an issue for us. When I ordered, I didn't see it. I bought L. They fit, but barely. I'm afraid that an XL will allow gaps. When he wakes from sleeping and I take them off so he can go outside, the urine will puddle and spill if I don't hold both sides. I'm wondering if the elastic is positioned so that it doesn't block flow when it does happen. The product is saving us a lot of time, and I think that Butch is more comfortable because he comes to me and stands still to get his Belly Band before he falls down. Since he helped us raise two kids, two kittens, and two puppies, we want to keep him comfortable and keep his dignity, so they are extending the time we have with him. We love him! Thank you!

👤I hate that my dogs have started marking my house. I have had them for 7.5 years and they were neutered when I got them. The male schnoodles weigh 22 and 25 pounds. I can't figure out why they started peeing within the past year. I put a bandaid on the problem by messing with the "why" in the equation. These are the diapers. I ordered the large. Jonesy has to stretch these diapers fully out, whileRufus can attach the Velcro fully. The Velcro is strong and stays on. Did the diaper fall off? Yes. I was able to figure out that it was from them helping each other out of each other. Yes. They don't like them very much. I put them on and they were all sad and embarrassed. Their whole demeanor changed. They need to suck it up. You pay when you pee. I deducted a star because my dog was bursting at the seams. Absorbing is now on the agenda. These diapers seem to have a lot of absorbency. The first day we got them, there was a rain storm. My boys don't like going out in the rain. They don't allow us to go outside. I decided to let them win. The rain stopped in the morning. I let them outside after taking off the diapers. One of the diapers had pee. Neither leaked. The elastic gathering seemed to be waterproof. Score one for me. The cleaning of the diapers is a chore. When this issue began a year ago, I bought belly bands that you put inside a sanitary napkin to avoid the clean up. Worst purchase ever. The pads were never in place. I found Depends pads all over my house, and the Velcro fastening was small and didn't seal well. I had to buy Depends pads. They will always think they are for you no matter what you tell them. I put the bands in the hot water for a few minutes and the pee-odor went away. I foamed up the pads with a few drops of detergent, squeezed it, and then rinse it off. I put the diapers over the sink. It's easy. The diapers were dry. They were very soft and easy to use. I bought a second three-pack. I have one on each dog, one dry and one drips-drying. I'm hoping that this will get them to stop going in the house, since the diapers tend to only have small drops in them. They can wear these forever if not. At least they are going through it together.

5. Vecomfy Washable Diapers Reusable Leakproof

Vecomfy Washable Diapers Reusable Leakproof

2 layers microfiber pad is sewn into dog diapers, best for female dogs with urinary incontinence, and marking issues,elderly dog etc. The diaper outer layer has a waterproof and leakproof material, which makes your home more clean and dry. Your dogs will be more comfortable in runing/walking if you have 3 elastics in your belly and 2 edges of your waist. The soft mesh lined fabric is smooth to the dog's skin, the nylon fabric is soft and comfortable, and the dog nappy is disposable and reuseable. They recommend measuring your dog's waist in front of the back legs to ensure a good fit before ordering it. If the size is between 2, please choose larger.

Brand: Vecomfy

👤My dog died before I could use them. I knew it was coming, but not yet. I took the entire package of diapers to the humane society to be used as a home for dogs. The personnel were very happy to receive these diapers. They were in the plastic bags. I gave each feature a 5 star rating because I think they would have worked well for Joey.

👤I love my dog more than anything and I'm sure all of you do. When I have a bad day, I want my dog to be close to me, but she has incontinence when she sleeps. Here is a list of things that don't work for us. They rubbed my dog's thighs and she couldn't stop licking the sore area. 2. There is no quality. After 5 washes, the seams began to fall apart. 3. I bleached the mother fathers and everything, but they never smelt clean. 4. At night, my dog leaked through them, and she didn't even pee or have an accident. It's always a little dribble. 5. I noticed that they don't fit correctly, which causes a gap at the vagina area, which leads to the leak. These did not work for us, so I hope to find a quality diaper soon.

👤I have a female dog who is going to turn 14 soon. Accidents have increased in the last couple of years. I went to a pet store and was going to buy the throw-away diapers, but they were expensive and I couldn't afford them. Forget that! I was unaware that they made reuseable diapers for dogs. A new world has opened up. It took her a few days to get used to the diaper, she stood there like a statue and wouldn't move for an hour when I first put one on her. These are absorbent. There are a couple of small problems. I have to fold and stuff a microfiber cloth inside to absorb any excess urine that might leak out because the pad inside isn't absorbent. The elastic around the back of the leg needs to be tighter. It seems loose and occasionally urine will leak out. They wash up nicely once I get them into the machine. I don't dry them for too long because I don't want to ruin the elastic. If they are still damp, I put them out on a drying rack in my garage and by the next day they are perfect. I have 8 of them for her, because this is my second set. When I leave the house, I feel confident that she won't pee on the tile or rugs. I was glad to discover these. Highly recommended!

👤I buy these for my pug dog that has an occasional anal glad problem where the area gets impacted and then must drain in order to heal. I have bought multiple brands of these pants, but they seem to fit my pug better than the medium sizes in other brands. They have a lot of padding in their pants. They are cut, good quality and a good price. I think they're a good choice. I think the dryer may shorten the life of the product, so I would suggest that you wash them with the closed loop and hang them to dry. I bought 3 sets to make life easier for myself.

6. Langsprit Washable Female Diapers Pack

Langsprit Washable Female Diapers Pack

The 3 Pack of Female Dog Diapers come in a variety of sizes. Measure the dog's waist. And. It is a good idea to check the size chart before making an order. A heavier dog will go up a size if you factor in their weight. A dog goes down a size. The diaper has a wide range of adjust. Dog Diapers are easy to use. Useful for untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, and dogs that suffer from incontinence. Excellent if your dog has accidents or is training a puppy. She likes to look cute. The diaper pad is sewn into the diaper and has a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks and damage to rugs, carpets, upholstered chairs and sofas. Soft and comfortable. Four-layer stacking microfiber can easily absorb urine. The fabric is leak-proof. The inner liner is close to the skin. Langsprit diaper for dogs design is machine washable and durably built so it can stand up to everyday use and frequent washing. tumble dry on low heat or air dry if machine wash below 30C.

Brand: Langsprit

👤We moved into an apartment that had previous pet stains, and our 8yr old dog was potty trained until then. After fighting that battle. We have moved into a lovely new place that is free of pet stain smells. We decided to try out some protective-wear to make sure we didn't have any accidents and to set our Miss Safia up for success. These are very cute. They fit perfectly and did what I wanted. I was hoping that these would remind her that she couldn't just squat where she wanted, so I knew she was capable of holding her business. It worked. She has not had an accident in the house in the past. I know it keeps liquid out because I was washing some poo off the outer side and the water ran right off the fabric. I washed the accident out of the inside and the fabric outside was not wet or soaking from the inside out, so I think they were fairly absorbent. They have washed well. I would recommend line drying and using a bag that has a zip so the velcro doesn't get caught on other fabrics.

👤This year is crazy to think about, as Chrissy is fifteen years old. I've never had to deal with a geriatric dog before. Her incontinence is her biggest issue, which was minor enough that we just cleaned up the little spots. We knew we needed to find another solution after her constant peeing ruined our flooring. I have upwards of a dozen cloth diapers because this dog is in a diaper at all times. I've tried a lot of brands, but I like Langsprit and WeGreco the most. I like the fit of the Lansprit diapers, they have good coverage around her bottom. These are the first that have a cute little skit attached. I think it's a little ridiculous and a little cumbersome to put on, but once it's on, it's adorable!

👤There are absolutely adorable things in the world. These are perfect for my daughter, who has cancer and leaks when she sleeps. The skirts bounce up and down on her when she walks. I hope they come out with more patterns and maybe even just dog skirts because they are perfect and company's don't really make dog stuff this size or material. She is a rescue pitbull mix that is around 100 lbs and I got these in an XL so they are still very comfortable. I bought their other regular non skirted female dog diapers in an XXL and they fit a bit better but I had to bring the end in to fit her better because they have button snaps.

👤These are the prettiest diapers I have ever purchased. Lucy is wagging her tail in a beautiful way and they are absorbent and fit well around their legs. My dogs have accidents but they work well for potty training. I take my dogs out for a potty break every 4 to 6 hours after putting them on. If they have a poo in their diaper it doesn't fall out. They still look new after being washed. I am saving the tulip for the tatoo artist. It is pretty.

7. Teamoy Washable Reusable Super Absorbent Comfortable

Teamoy Washable Reusable Super Absorbent Comfortable

The 4LAYERS are made of soft and good permeability mesh fabric close to the skin, two layers of super absorbent microfiber, and a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks and spills. There are tips. Before washing, sleight of hand must be put together. Extra-safe. The cloth dog diapers female small with the elastic edges and tail hole will provide extra snug and secure for your dogs, it's easier for them to relax and enjoy. It is adjusted. The elastic belly band with long Magic Tapes is used to adjust the right size for your dog. Your dogs will not struggle out of it if it is strong and durable. Female dog is ideal for urinary incontinence, excitable urination, housebreaking training, and is suitable for heavy-duty, super-absorbent and comfortable puppy diapers. There is a water absorbent FEMALE dog. The dog period diapers are made of superior quality fabric which allows hand or machine wash. More useful than disposal diaper.

Brand: Teamoy

👤I got these for my dog who is old. I read a review before buying that said the purchaser noticed their dog was not comfortable in these. I decided to give it a shot because my dog already has a skin condition, but I was hesitant to purchase because of this. The other purchaser must have ordered the wrong size. My Australian Cattle Dog is perfect for these doggy diapers because they are made of soft, flexible fabric. She didn't try to shake them off, she fell asleep with one on. It did not leak fluids or solids. I suggest rinsing them off with an outdoor hose after washing them. I recommend these if you need a puppy or elderly dog.

👤These are good. I bought these for my female lab. Once I can get her to hold still, they are easy to get on and off. She doesn't seem to be bothered by them once they're on, although you would think she's not happy about wearing them. It's a good thing! They are soft, absorbent, and comfortable. They wash well. I was surprised that they came out clean. I was expecting blood to stain but they did not. The tail hole seems too low, which is the reason I'm not giving them 5 stars. She has more space above the tail than below. The tail hole should be moved up an inch. Maybe labs have tails that are higher than the average dog? The colors are not what they are pictured. The pink is hotter than the purple is. The lime green is bright and colorful. I did not dock points for color. That doesn't matter. The tail hole is too low, that's what I don't like.

👤My 7 month old sheep has neurological issues so she cannot be kept outdoors 24/7. She thinks she is a house pet. sheep don't really go to the bathroom, they just let it all out whenever I didn't have to use disposable diapers on my hardwood floors. I really like these because they don't leak or have stray pellets to be found. If your dog has a round body and skinny legs, these will still hold everything.

👤Some of us have fur kids that are incontinent and we have to find a diaper for them. Our dog is 10 years old. She has bad hips and is incontinent when she sleeps. I bought the diapers in desperation because the doctors were not working for her. They fit her perfectly and I bought the larger size. Some reviewers have added a Poise pad. It didn't work. My dog woke up wet. Her bed was soaked and the diapers leaked out. The solution to this problem was to cut the Poise Pad in half. I put the 2 halves of the pad under the tail hole. The pads absorb any urine. The cloth diaper is very absorbant and sometimes it gets a bit wet. The diapers can be used all day. Most of the time, the pads need to be changed. I am happy with the diapers. They are made well. There are 4 in the pack and 3 in the other packs of cloth diapers. They are easy to clean. My dog does not mind being put on them and stands still while we put them on her. They are comfortable for her. Her big fat Lab tail is not too tight. The hardest part is getting a wagging tail. It is easy to wrap the straps around her waist after that. Diapers for dogs are not fun. Sometimes we have to help the pups we love live a comfortable life as long as we can. Our dog and yours will be able to enjoy the rest of their lives with the help of these diapers.

8. Teamoy Reusable Removable Super Absorbent Comfortable

Teamoy Reusable Removable Super Absorbent Comfortable

Dog leashes with replaceable pads are FEMALE. The mesh fabric is made of soft and good permeability and has two layers of super absorbent microfiber combined with retractable pads to intensify its absorbency. The waterproof PUL outer layer is used for heavy flow and overnight use. There are tips. Before washing, sleight of hand must be put together. Extra-safe. The cloth dog diapers female with the elastic edges and tail hole will provide extra snug and secure for your dogs, making it easier for them to relax and enjoy. It is adjusted. The elastic dog belly bands with long Magic Tapes are used to adjust the right size. Your dogs will not struggle out of it if it is strong and durable. Dog undergarments are super-abSORBENT. Female dog is ideal for urinary incontinence, excitable urination, housebreaking training, and the like. There is a water absorbent FEMALE dog. The dog period diapers are made of superior quality fabric which allows hand or machine wash. More useful than disposal diaper.

Brand: Teamoy

👤I have purchased several different types of dog diapers over the past few months. TeamMoy diapers are my top choice. I have two female senior labs that range in weight from 40 to 60 lbs. I bought disposable diapers for incontinence issues. I tried a few brands. They were a complete waste of money. The only brand that was functional was Simple Solutions. I decided to invest in disposable diapers. I had already bought diaper covers that were pointless. They were used to keep the disposable diapers from falling off. I was worried about washing them. I decided to go with TeamMoy after reading a lot of reviews. I bought 2 four packs of large disposable diapers and 10 pack of diaper pads. It has been a few weeks since I made my decision and I am very happy with it. Each diaper has a pad insert that snaps in place. This works well for my lab. I might add an extra one. I always add two more pads for my lab and have not had any issues with leaking. It is shocking to me. These pads hold a lot. I decided to order another 10 pack of diaper pads because it seems like it's more manageable after the first week. I don't have any residual odors or stains from using baking soda, vinegar, and detergent. I don't put the pads in the dryer. I am taking better care of the diaper covers that I bought before they were torn from the dryer. They don't take a long time to dry because I hang them on the hangers. I am very pleased with the diapers and highly recommend them.

👤These diapers are very absorbent. At night, one of my dogs is mostly asleep, but she is incontinent. I put the Teamoy Reusable over the disposable and large pad that she wears. Her bed is not dry in the morning because the Teamoy prevents the urine from passing to the bed. Make sure you measure perfectly if you order this pack. Try not to go by what the seller tells you. I ordered a medium diaper for my dog, but it was too small for her and she was 55 lbs. I returned them and ordered the large.

👤I ordered large. My dog is a 6 month old husky and she is very small. I would suggest an extra large husky. I just got them and my dog doesn't care. I think they did well. I haven't washed them yet. The sticks are well made with the Velcro. I would suggest them to others. I washed them and hung them dry. They looked great, they did fine.

👤Two dogs are in the house. I use these on two dogs. Both dogs have adjusted well to my praise. They are urinating and defecating outside. When you wash them, make sure to put the velcro on them.

👤The diapers are cute, but they don't stay on my dog. They aren't absorbent enough for her incontinence. She didn't have bulk between her legs, so I added disposable incontinence pads for men. These diapers work well with the added pads. I would like them to stay on. Maybe suspenders or a onesie would help? They are easy to put on. They are of good quality. Fun colors! I tried two different sizes for my dog and neither would stay in place. Not enough. My dog is a whippet/Australian Shepherd mix with a narrow waist and no tail. If she had a tail, it may have stayed put. The diaper would slip and the tail hole would end up at her urethra. I tried to put them on backwards to avoid the tail hole problem, but still had to use the bathroom. Medium was too small.

9. Nuanchu Adjustable Suspender Polka Dot Underwear

Nuanchu Adjustable Suspender Polka Dot Underwear

The package contains 4 pieces dog diapers with suspenders in 4 different colors. The dog diaper is made of quality and reliable material, it is lightweight, comfortable and breathable, suitable for your dogs to wear in daily life, it is machine washed and reuseable, the waist girth is approx. The back length is 12 to 13 inches. It's 8 to 9 inches and can hold up to 3 pounds of dog. The dog diaper is convenient to wear, the strap is flexible, and you can put sticky paper or towels inside the diaper to absorb liquids. The dog diaper are cute to dress up your pet, but also practical, with good ways to solve the problem of puppies urinating everywhere. These sanitary panties can help elderly dogs and female pets with good protection when peeing, help decrease embarrassment and troubles, and help avoid other pets from harassing your pet.

Brand: Nuanchu

👤These are cotton, so they are not absorbent, but my dog would kick off the regular diapers. These help keep her diaper in place. I have a disabled senior dog that has lost her ability to control her bowels and bladder as her Intervertebral disc disease gets more advanced. We want her to be comfortable in her final days because she is not in pain. I am so grateful to have found these diaper covers because they make life so much easier when dealing with a disabled dog. She is no longer using the bathroom on herself or the furniture and they are easy to throw in the washer with cloth diapers. The straps on my pug's shoulders would slip off because of her chubby form. It was easy to wrap the straps through her harness. Very happy with the product!

👤I have a bigger chihuaha. Her harness is small. She was measured and I knew her size. She should be in a medium. I looped the straps through her harness to keep them in place. They are very cute, but that part wasn't a good fit. My pit-mastiff male took her diaper off while she was in her first heat. They couldn't get her out of the room. It was perfect after looping them into her harness. If you're using a napkin or sanitary pad for absorbency, you need to put it in the diaper mesh. These are good for potty training.

👤This is cute for my puppy who is in heat but it doesn't hold on her shoulders and keeps sliding off. I tied it around her neck like a halter top, which worked best since they can't be secured, so it's still usable. The product would work out better if it was more of a onesie.

👤I ordered a larger one because I thought it would fit my dog. I can not get it past her hips. The person who designed these didn't have any dogs who love to tear eachothers clothes off. I was hoping that this would be a way to protect my female from my male and keep the blood out of my body. We have appointments to fix both, but this won't do anything.

👤The concept is great, but the size is off. A female Frenchie is 20 pounds and still small. I wanted to like this for her times when she is in the heat. Didn't get to try it on her. The fabric looked great and I gave it 3 stars. The shipping was very fast. I had to return them. I didn't have to deal with the return. It was a waste of time to return the items with a broken leg. I wish the size would have been correct.

👤It's difficult to get the right size even with the measurements included. These were too big.

👤The material feels cheap and the diapers run small. I was very disappointed.

10. CuteBone Diapers Female Small Doggie

CuteBone Diapers Female Small Doggie

3 cloth diaper packages for female dogs are machine washed, economical and eco-friendly. Dogs that suffer from excitement urination or incontinence, untrained puppies, and dogs in heat are all helped by this soft, comfortable and useful material. Premium materials make CuteBone dog diapers waterproof. The diaper pad has a bird-eye mesh fabric against the skin and a waterproof out-shell with a PUL layer to prevent leaking and damage to rugs, carpets, sofas and so on. There is no need for an extra disposable sanitary pad. M, L, and X are the sizes. Easy to use. The quick and easy way to protect your pet's fur is through the use of the velcro closures. If there is any defects, they will give you a money-back guarantee. They can assure you that your dog will love their diapers. The more you spend, the more you save. CuteBone is a trademark. They design and produce pet clothing as a manufacturer, with full control of every single part of the production, so that they can provide the highest standard products to their customers.

Brand: Cutebone

👤I got this for my dog when she goes into heat. I fell in love with the pattern and they fit her perfectly the first time. It is easy to wrap her in myself. I washed them without a problem. She is a short girl. She was the best fit for the large size. Medium works as well.

👤She needs a diaper that isn't toddler colors and prints. It matches her blue collar better. I wish it was longer in length so that it wouldn't be a problem for Great Danes. I like the slimmer diaper area. I don't think the elastic is rubbing her legs. I would buy again.

👤We bought these for our little girl. They are perfect. We tried 6 brands and they are far superior. She is 8 pounds and they fit her well. They are very easy to get on and off. They are absolutely darling on her. She is doing it in style if we have to deal with piddle problems. It's a good thing.

👤I bought two sets of these because I loved them so much, and they are definitely one of those items that non-dog-owners don't like. My Samoyed has a lot of hair, so keeping her clean and tidy during her puppy period is difficult. We used to use my partner's boxers upside-down and cinching the waistband with a hair elastic to keep it snug. She hated it and it fell off. The elastic in the crotch of these solutions allows for a more tailored fit for your dog. I change them out every morning. So she has a fresh one for the day, rub them down in cool water with a little dish soap in the sink, and then run them through the wash with a load of towels - quick and easy! This item became a must-have item in our puppy period arsenal while we wait for her to finish growing so we can fix her. Highly recommended!

👤The diapers are cute and seem to be good quality. They have washed well, but they are not for holding urine. We bought them for when our dog is in heat. She peed in them when she went outside. It was pouring out. If you're looking for absorbency, look elsewhere. The fit is awkward. The middle part of the dog is very narrow and the flaps come out from the sides. The first photo shows what the diaper looks like. It looks good. The second photo shows what happens when she walks around a little.

👤I bought my dog a toy. It is perfect for the job with a panty liner. They are very precious to her. I bought her a large dog. It's perfect.

👤I am thrilled that these arrived today. Our puppy has a congenital defect that is causing her incontinence. We have been using disposable diapers. The impact on the environment is something that concerns me. The comfort of our baby is something that concerns me. Her health is a concern to me. My stress has been reduced by these diapers. They're easier to put on a wiggling puppy than disposable ones. The Poise pad was suggested as an insert by another reviewer. The environmental impact issue is working for us. These diapers are cuter than disposables. She has regained some of her dignity.

11. SunGrow Washable Reusable Super Absorbent Fastener

SunGrow Washable Reusable Super Absorbent Fastener

These diaper wraps for dogs are soft and comfortable, unlike disposable dog diapers that have a crinkly or itchy feel. Your dog won't feel like they're wearing it. The diapers are soft on the inside and outside. Why don't you use cloth diapers for your dogs again and again? They will come out new if you put them in the washing machine. These super absorbent dog diapers can be used for both male and female dogs, and can be used to save the day if your male dog is suffering from incontinence or your female dog is in the proestrus phase of the heat cycle. They have four layers of absorbent materials and a water-resistive outer layer. Not all dogs will go for wearing a diaper immediately, but they get used to it quickly. Life is easy for you too, with no snaps, or fiddly pieces, just two hook and pile fastenings that are quick and easy to secure around the rear end of your dog. The hook and loop fastening will not pull on your pet's fur. Everyone who sees your dog will smile because of the pack of 3 cute looking cloth diaper. You can change things up day to day with them. The all-around coverage is great for saving your furniture and car seats from accidents.

Brand: Sungrow

👤We have an older female mini dachshund who never let us know she needed to go to the bathroom. When nobody was paying attention, she would just go somewhere quiet. It was difficult to pay attention to the dog to catch her before there was a puddle to clean up. We decided to use disposable diapers for her. She peed in the diaper while I was putting a child down for a nap when she wore them. It was easy to wash and held everything. The outside is impervious to water. We bought elastic mitten grippers that were in a minimum length of 12 inches and threaded them through the soft harnesses we already had on hand because I found that the diaper tended to slip backwards due to her shape. She has no problem walking up stairs and jumping on the couch without the diaper getting in the way. The tail hole on 2 of the diapers was off-center when we received our second set of 3, so we decided to exchange them for the new ones. Something to mention is not a huge issue.

👤I bought a small one for my 10 year old. An old Persian cat is a litter box snob. She is about 6 lbs. Her waist is around 12 inches. They fit her well. I use either a small Poise or a large Midlee liner pad inside that I fold over to double up. When these are put on, she doesn't mind them at all, and she looks so pretty as well. The colors are bright and vivid. The material is very soft. I highly recommend these diapers for anyone with a litter box snob.

👤I know it's jealousy, but my older cat has been peeing on the younger cat's lounge area. I'm not able to watch him 24/7. I have these. I would have peace of mind. He doesn't try to kick or lick them off, he is used to being handled. He is mellow in this way. If he poops, they stay on and I have not had to deal with liquid consistency yet. I am quite pleased with these. Throw them in the wash.

👤These are the diapers that I love. I bought them because I have an elderly chihuahua who is starting to forget where she should use the restroom and get a little incontinent, so I just put one of those on her, they don't seem to leak.

👤There are a lot of good things about this product. It was priced right and it was very durable. My dogs are good at getting out of clothes. This was not coming off. One of my female Boston's 9 months is smaller than her mom right now, but this product fit both of them. It has a lot of adjusting to do. My male 9 months has accidents when he gets excited, and he is currently hiking his leg stage. I put one on him as well. I got my money's worth with this product.


What is the best product for dog diapers female reusable?

Dog diapers female reusable products from Out!. In this article about dog diapers female reusable you can see why people choose the product. Vecomfy and Grecle are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog diapers female reusable.

What are the best brands for dog diapers female reusable?

Out!, Vecomfy and Grecle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog diapers female reusable. Find the detail in this article. Pet Parents, Vecomfy and Langsprit are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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