Best Dog Dental Treats

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1. Whimzees Natural Dental Treats Brushzees

Whimzees Natural Dental Treats Brushzees

These dog dental treats clean teeth, breath and reduce plaque. The treats last 3 times longer than competitors. Feed your dog a dental chew every day for the most convenient, effective and playful way to clean their teeth. They're perfect for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities because they're made with no artificial colors, flavors, or meat. The VOHC accepted veterinary dental chews.

Brand: Wellness Natural Pet Food

👤I gave my dog one of these treats and within a few hours it had blood in its stool and was vomiting. Had to go to the ER. After looking at the low reviews for this product, I realized that there are a lot of dogs that are damaged by this treat. Be careful. My dog has no history of this type of problem and only took a single treat.

👤I switched from greenies to these... My Yorkie ate her toothbrush in seconds after she saw the last box of greenies. The lady at the counter at the pet store told us that we were all natural and that we had bought a iwmzee. It took my Yorkie more time and energy to eat after I gave it to her. I threw out the last box of greenies we had at home after researching them online and talking to my vet. From now on, I will only give my dog a name. The store's price was 1.09 for 1 with the Michigan sales tax included. They cost about 24 cents a piece based on 48 bags. I think this is a better investment. My Yorkie is 9 pounds and gets one of these every night to brush her fangs. There is an update. February 15. I had to stop giving these to my dog because she was throwing up large undigested pieces for three mornings in a row. She had orange pieces in her vomit from the chew she had on Monday. I threw out the rest of the bag and the additional bag I bought. I will no longer use this product.

👤This product can hurt a dog's stomach or the colon. I have two dogs, a small Bedlington Terrier and a Medium Goldendoodle. Both of them had problems when I switched from Greenies to Whimzees. The treats formed sharp edges and caused distress.

👤I have a toy dog. She likes it, but she throws up after several hours when I give her a wheemzie. Not for my dog. Won't buy it again.

👤Not for my dog. He vomited on our bed at 5am after I gave him one late afternoon. We took him to the ER because he was really sick and they wanted $1200 to diagnose and treat him. I will not give these to him again. He did not vomit up any of it. He was sick. I watched him eat the chew and make sure he ate it in small pieces. I don't know why it made him sick. Not putting it at risk again. Never happened with him before. He is still young.

👤Dog #1 will only eat natural products. Very picky eater. He wasn't interested in these treats. I wanted to switch him over to whimzees because I feel like they are better for him. He broke it in pieces and left it around the room for me to step on. Dog #2 is not a picky eater. I love everything. He likes these things. He will carry it with him if he isn't hungry for one at the time you give it to him. He took it with him on a potty break. He picked it up again to get inside. He is very protective of them. It was up to my dogs. My dogs give me lots of love and cuddles. The least I can do is give them a treat that makes them happy. For one dog, it is a variation of the dog's name. I would recommend it. It's a good thing.

2. VetIQ Minties Dental Treats Perfect

VetIQ Minties Dental Treats Perfect

Freshens breath: Minties dental treats are free of wheat, corn, or soy. The dog breath treats contain five breath fresheners. It's a vetRECOMMENDED: Minties dental dog bones are recommended for daily dental care. Help clean toilets. Minties dog teeth cleaning treats have a unique shape and texture that rubs teeth clean while your dog chews. Minties dog dental treats help dogs chew away plaque build-up. It helps keep your dog's teeth clean. Good dog oral health is promoted. Minties dog dental chews help promote oral health and refresh your dog's breath. Made in the USA. Medium to large dogs have Minties dental bones.

Brand: Minties

👤My vet has confirmed thatGARLIC is toxic to dogs, just as Onions and scallions are. I tried to contact them multiple times. The manufacturer and I never got back my calls or emails. I contacted the local Action News reporter to get this story on the air before any other dogs were poisoned by this product.

👤My dogs were happy because of this. I said okay the first time. Maybe it was something else. My other dog also died. After viewing this. Each time it was right, it happened for three days in a row. After examining this, every vegetable was green. I was sure it was this product after the trial. I asked the VET to make sure nothing was wrong. I would like to stay away from this product.

👤My dogs were very sick from this product. I had to take them to my doctor. If the product doesn't break down, she said to do a test in warm/hot water to make sure it doesn't accumulate in the animals' guts. A very expensive bill. The test became hard plastic after I did it in hot water. I will never buy them again.

👤I have tried giving my dogs these two different times, and they can not digest them. I have two mixed breed dogs, and both end up throwing them up. I see that these contain garlic which is toxic to dogs. I was kicking myself for not reading the ingredients and trusting that they were made in the US. They put a toxic ingredient in a chew stick for dogs. Will not buy from this manufacturer again.

👤The person who said garlic is toxic to dogs did not do any research. You can feed garlic to dogs, but at a small amount. If you're interested, research it. I love Minties and my dogs do too. It's time for their chew stick, I let them know. That's right. Minties help keep their teeth clean. It's difficult to overcome the smell of salmon because I feed them. I've been using them for a long time.

👤I give these to my dog once a day for the past 2 years. Dogs are awesome creatures of habit. He sits and waits for his breakfast treat bone every morning when he goes outside. The treats are similar to brushing his teeth. They give him fresh air for all the kisses he gives. You can smell the scent after he eats the treat. Don't mistake these for an end to dog dental issues. You still need to brush their teeth at least once a month and keep an eye on them, I recommend these treats for your dog. They have different sizes so be sure to read the product description. Thank you, Joseph P.

👤My dog likes them. He usually gets one a day. The large size ones are about 4 inches long and a half inch wide. I would like to see an extra for giant breeds. The price is reasonable. We make it as cost efficient as possible by having them on a subscription and using the Amazon store card for 5% back. I don't know if they do anything for his teeth, they are a very effective treat, but I don't know if they do anything. Anything they chew on is good for their teeth. I can't say how effective it is because he's been getting them most of his life. There is a They don't do a lot of things for breath.

3. Purina Dentalife Daily Medium Treats

Purina Dentalife Daily Medium Treats

The 40-count pouch is made in the USA. It has been proven that a reduction in the amount of tartar build up helps breath. Hard-to-reach teeth are cleaned down to the gumline with eight distinct ridges and a porous texture. The design has a porous texture. There are no artificial flavors or colors.

Brand: Purina Dentalife

👤For 7 years and older dogs, it's not good. My chihuahua, who is a 14 year old senior, was told by her bet that she has excellent teeth, but she needs to brush her teeth more often. She was bleeding from her mouth by the third day after enjoying the treats. I took them away because she wasn't eating and I thought she might be getting ready to pass away. She got her weight up with soft food. I took her to the vet, who said she needed her right tooth pulled, because it looked like it had been fractured and she would have to have it put under. I wish I wouldn't go by the reviews.

👤Jack Russel and Silkinese are too young to eat raw hides and are too hard on their teeth and stomachs. The porous nature of these chews means that when they bite into them, they sink into the chew at the bottom of the tooth. The teeth are cleaned better than anything I've tried. My dogs love them and I don't see any problems with them. Older dogs who need more help with their teeth would benefit from these chews.

👤DentaLife are the best dental treats around. He likeschewy time. He looks at the bag when he wants one because he knows where they are stored. I don't know if dental protection is any better than other brands. I brush his teeth every day with Petrodex toothpaste from Amazon, but at his last visit there was no plaque. I think it's good that he does it long and hard, so I know they must be cleaning something in his mouth. It looks like a sponge, which is good for his teeth, because it is four countertops. We've tried other brands and they're not as good as this one. I don't know what he likes about these things, but he loves them.

👤These work are done. I'm surprised that you are. Greenies and other dental sticks didn't work for me. I don't like giving my collie lots of treats, but I don't have to give her as many to make a difference. She doesn't bleed her gums because they are a bit soft. Her teeth aren't perfect but they are better and her breath is good for a dog. I only give her a few weeks. You can buy the large. The difference is in length. One of these is enough for a couple of days for a large dog like mine. I haven't seen her having any issues with her food.

👤The texture of these seems to be better for dog's teeth than most of these types of chews. My dog liked the taste. She has a terrible stomach. I've never heard a sytem make noises like that before, but after she ate them she was very sick. I wasn't sure if it was these or a pizzle I had given her, but I just gave her one of these on its own, and her stomach was set off again. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, bear this in mind.

4. Kirkland Signature Dental Chews Treats

Kirkland Signature Dental Chews Treats

Every dog needs to have their teeth cleaned. Dental chews are an important part of a complete oral care program. These delicious chews are grain-free and safe to eat. The chews have grooves and ridges on both sides to help clean teeth and reduce plaque and tartar from a variety of angles. There are 72 dog treats. It helps clean teeth and reduces plaque and Tartar.

Brand: Kirkland Signature

👤The dogs teeth seem to benefit from Greenies, but that brand has become too expensive. The dogs love them as much as Greenies do, and the cost is almost half. A big win.

👤There is a warning. My dog has anal gland issues. I stopped when I realized it. My dog was having trouble in that area. I didn't give these to him for a couple months, but he didn't have any anal issues after the visit to the vet. I bought more of the dental chews for him because he had anal gland issues and had to go to the vet. My dog only eats dry food. Absolutely no food for people. He has a rib bone occasionally. It was easy to tell what the cause of the anal gland issue was. Not to mention the green poop. The green was diminishing from his stool.

👤I was trying to find a more cost efficient alternative to the amazing greenie since they work so well and thought I scored with these... pulled one out and my dog thought I'd lost my mind! He loves his greenies and is usually picky about food and treats. My dog is turned into a puppy. The knock offs did not. He looked more like a punishment than a treat after a couple attempts to trick him. I will be donating these to the nearest shelter since I have a picky dog.

👤A dog is eating them. Doesn't complain or die. Happy with it.

👤My dogs love them more than the name brand. The reason I didn't give 5/5 was because these are not vet certified for dental care. I tried to find proof that they were in line with my vet's recommendation, but was unable to.

👤I bought these for my dog because she loves Greenies, but it was getting expensive to keep buying them. I thought I would try to get the better version because it was more expensive. She gets double the amount for the same price because she loves these just as much as the Greenies. It is a win-win for us. My dog eats the medium 25-50lb Greenie and these are the same size.

👤I started to research other brands after I purchased other dental treats that became too expensive. Some of the best treats are recommended by different vets, and I came across a few articles that said that the Kirkland treats were some of the best. The design of the bones makes my dog chew more. They smell like a dog treat and that's right. I have noticed that my dog has better teeth with these treats and daily brushing. My dog is smaller than the box and my vet said I could give him a whole bone a day, but I have found that since they are more rigid, I can split it in half and give it to my dog. I haven't seen any stomach upset or color messes so far. I think it's important to remember that it's not always a one size fits all when buying food for dogs. What works for one dog may not work for another. I would recommend anyone who is looking for something grain free with no artificial flavors and a treat made in the USA to try these. They have been a great purchase so far.

5. Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Small Treats

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Small Treats

There is one 1.59 lbs. There is a large amount of fresh toy and small treats for dogs. A person who has a dental disease. Triple Action is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build up. Their dental treat sticks are specially designed for small breed and adult dogs and weigh between 5-20 lbs. Feed one pig. For maximum benefits, take care of your teeth every day. A person who has a dental disease. Small dogs and toy dogs love the fresh mint flavor of dental chews.

Brand: Pedigree

👤I decided to give my three rug rats a snack that was beneficial because I felt guilty for giving them a treat that was spoiled. I didn't feel guilty. I got these dental chews because I am a good mom and I was happy that they were not so expensive. Their brand is shaped like a toothbrush. I would not hesitate in purchasing the more expensive brand if I had a little monster, but I went for the less expensive brand because we have 3 snack bandits. I was happy to see them get to their destination. My pickiest eater didn't turn her nose up at the green treats. They beg like kids to get their Halloween haul. My husband calls these highly sought after treats "doggie crack". The size is perfect for my 4# princess, my 6# honey badger, and my 13# rowdy boy who all enjoy the Treat. I had to add a subscription to make sure we didn't run out as we experienced "tiny" the first time we ordered and ran out. The value is correct.

👤This product has been used for 12 years. It keeps dental problems from getting worse by keeping teeth clean. I don't have the time to brush their teeth daily, so you can only do it once a day. When we got my 55# husky, it had no dental damage, but the 13# chihuahua had pre existing dental damage. The dental health of the chihuahua and husky is in top shape three years later. It's not hard to get a tiny treat at night before bed. If you want to speed up the cleaning, you may want to give a size appropriate treat. When I bought different packages of different sizes, I didn't notice a difference in outcomes. Now. I have a dog with bad teeth. His parent had to have his teeth removed at a young age. His teeth are not as clean and shiny as his teeth are. Even though genetics plays a role, these can still help.

👤I don't think dental chews help with cleaning, but these seem to be the least bad. I rated it 5 stars. I've used both Original and Fresh, even though she doesn't have bad breath. My 3 year old cavalier is fond of the Original but would be very upset if the ritual ended because she would not want to eat her teeth. I'd like them to have less than 20 calories and leave out the blue and yellow dyes, but at least they show vitamins. Next, try the Beef flavor. I brush her teeth at least 3 times a week but it's a challenge as she only lasts 15 seconds. I use PetzLife oral care gel a few times per week. I'm trying to prevent her from having a professional cleaning.

👤My dogs love these things. I can't say anything about their breath, I think they worked on keeping their teeth cleaner. I can't smell how bad it is anymore because I had the VID before we got them. I was lucky! The oldest dog was dying. On the off chance that someone would walk by and give him a treat, he lay in front of the counter. After 20 minutes of complaining, he was so tired he was like he had just died. He lived for these things. The younger one didn't seem to care until the bag was opening and then he would come tearing through the house to get to them. The older dog got the younger one to whine. He's a little more annoying. He'd suck at your leg, whine and suck until you got out of your chair, and then he'd run down the hall to the older dog. "They like me better!" It's really hard! I told the older dog that it was his fault and cut them off. He thinks there are some on the counter. I'm not giving them to him because I'm an old hag. After a month, he's getting the idea that they aren't there anymore. The family says they smell minty. When you have had bread for a while, I suggest putting a piece of bread in the bag. They get a little hard, but the bread keeps them strong. We put the bag inside another bag to help with freshness.

6. Whimzees Natural Dental Treats Brushzees

Whimzees Natural Dental Treats Brushzees

For dogs 40 to 60 lbs, these dental treats clean teeth, breath and reduce plaque. The treats last 3 times longer than competitors. Feed your dog a dental chew every day for the most convenient, effective and playful way to clean their teeth. They're perfect for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities because they're made with no artificial colors, flavors, or meat. The VOHC accepted veterinary dental chews.

Brand: Wellness Natural Pet Food

👤I love them! I don't like them? I like these. The brand is all natural. Greenies are made by nestle. Enough said. These are better. It is good to know that your dog treats are from a good brand. Sometimes my dog's stomach can be upset from something he ate in the yard or something, and it makes him cranky. It is not fun to clean up. He usually doesn't have a problem. If your dog has a sensitive tummy, beware.

👤I can't believe that these things actually remove my dog's teeth. They won't let me brush my dogs teeth, so I tried these for a couple months, and they got everything off of my dogs teeth, which were in pretty bad shape. Each week I give them a large size because they are both 100 pounds. They are helping my dogs a lot. Greenies are very soft. They don't do anything. I like buying my dogs treats free of animal products, and I love that these are vegetarian. Thanks!

👤I put a pinch of peanut butter on it and my dog started chewing on it and I didn't need to add any flavors to it.

👤You love your pet if you are like me. Love them with all your strength. A sweet dog comes up and licks your face to give you true love. They breathe after it hits their face. It's like a dead doo that has been in between their teeth for weeks. I just brushed their teeth. Say goodbye to most of the scent by bringing in the iwmzees. I don't cringe when my dogs love me.

👤One of the dogs has a lot of teeth, but is 50 - 60 pounds. The dogs love the treats. My dog with the back molars is able to slow it down. There are no sharp edges to a pig's ear. The jerkies, nubs and treats are gone in less than 4 minutes. The large whmzees keep them occupied for 30 minutes.

👤I needed a solution because my dog doesn't like the plastic toothbrush toys and won't let me brush his teeth. Dental treats were one of the alternatives I looked up. I was skeptical because I had read about the safety concerns. I got these because they were so good. They arrived yesterday. He devoured it in about an hour after I gave him a red one. I gave him a green one. He didn't touch it for a while, but eventually did. I'm happy because my pupper's teeth will be in good shape. Make sure you get the right size. I got the large size because my dog is 45 lbs.

👤A lot of treats don't fit in my dog's stomach. I usually get him a set of bones. I decided to try these because they looked similar to Greenies and I only have one complaint. The seal on the package is easy to open and close with my arthritis. If you're looking for a treat that is easy on the stomach and lasts about 5 minutes of chewing, this is the one for you. It's a good idea to give your dog something to eat before you leave the house.

7. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dental Grain Free

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dental Grain Free

The cleaning of teeth and freshens breeches is done. Grain free dental chews called Blue Wilderness Wild Bones help keep their dogs clean and fresh. Blue Wilderness dental dog treats are free of corn, wheat, and soy. Large size dental tools. This is the size for dogs over 50 lbs. And up. There are dog treats that are free of the rain. Some pet parents choose not to feed their pets grain free treats because of the risk of allergies. There is a bag of BLUE Wilderness Wild Bones Grain Free Dental Chews.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤I don't recommend "Blue Buffalo" dog foods or treats as they contain Chinese supplements.

👤I've purchased these at the Petco before for my dog and have never had an issue, but they are a bit expensive. I decided to purchase it through Amazon. I gave it to my dog because he wouldn't eat it. I broke it in half and my dog ate it. My dog pooped inside of the house the next day. This has never happened to my dog. I wasn't sure what was causing it, but my dog ate half of the bone and threw up a few hours later. I know for a fact that this happened because I bought him to the vet. I don't recommend purchasing this product for your dog.

👤I bought this from Target before and realized my dog wouldn't eat them, which was strange. I started breaking it in half because they are so good. The ones he got from Target were so hard that he couldn't eat them. I feel awful, but I wanted to check the Best Buy Date and it says Jan. 1, 2020. I bought these on February 23 2020. June 6, 2020 is the day. Someone in the distribution center didn't assess this. It is bad customer service to do so regardless of someone else's opinion of a Best Buy Date. They were on that shelf for a long time. I am incredibly disappointed and dissatisfied.

👤I subscribe to get 2 bags every month for our dogs and this month I opened both bags to find one had three bones and the other had five, what a rip off it should be the same amount in every bag! The price for 3 bones is ridiculous. I am canceling my subscription.

👤Even though I don't watch my dog eat this treat, he ended up vomiting 70% of the time later in the day, with a couple distinct undigested bits of it. I will not be ordering this product again.

👤I stopped buying these for my dog a few years ago after I switched to other treats. The bones seem hard, and I noticed a few odd things when I tried this product again. The bones in the bag I got were hard to break in half, and almost like a dried product, since they were supposed to be more rigid. I don't care about mild variations, but these looked like something was growing on them. It is very odd. I thought it was a good idea to give my dog half of a bone to sample. It was not. While she ate it quickly and seemed to like it, bathroom time was not fun as she tore it from her back-end as fast as possible. The good news is that she is very relieved now that she has gotten it out of her system.

👤My dogs loved it. If you want to keep your dog entertained, you should get a 1 star. They are soft bones. I have two dogs. They ate the bones in less than 5 minutes. I should have known that dental chews were going to be soft. If you are looking for a treat, then this should work. This is not a toy that you want to get your pet.

8. Nylabone Limited Ingredients Medium Breath

Nylabone Limited Ingredients Medium Breath

The scrubbing nubs help clean teeth. It's natural and very easy to digest. It is a limited-ingredient formula. The treat dimensions are listed. The package is long and wide.

Brand: Nylabone

👤Our dog gets one of the dental bones before bed. When the sun starts to fall, you can see the anticipation on his face. He flies off someone's lap and goes to the pantry to get his treat if they say "dental" If the dog wrote a review, it would be 10-stars. One star was taken off because they don't seem to last as long as a dental chew. It takes 15 to 20 seconds for a tooth to be cleaned. If he's really anxious to finish it off, we have to watch him because he can bite chunks off that gag. Maybe it would be better if they were just a little bit harder.

👤I feel good giving these to my dogs because they love them. I am a dog food snob and will not feed my dogs anything. My dogs are my kids. For me to give my two treats means that they are good. I like that they are made in the US. The ingredients are not bad for a dog treat. They get them twice a day. I leave one in the morning before I go to work so they don't get sad when I walk out the door. They are not sad anymore. They don't care that I'm leaving now and the other one at night. This is the only place I have been able to find a value pack of smalls. Highly recommended. My dogs love me. It's a good thing.

👤This didn't smell fresh orminty at all. It smelled like cooked mushrooms to me. I think it's fair to expect that dental treats that are meant to refresh breath will also smell nice to me, the human who has to live with smelling my dog's breath. I don't know if it's because Amazon has bad batches or if the product is just like this, but so far all the dental treats I've bought from Amazon tend to smell/feel like they're old and outdated from being put away for too long. It was another disappointment to add to the list. Oh, *sigh* I'm going to keep looking.

👤These dental chews clean my puppy's teeth and make him breath better. The chews don't last long, but he loves the taste. They're easy to destroy. He's still teething and is an aggressive chewer, so he has other tougher longer lasting chews. I tried the small and medium sizes and they were gone in minutes. I got a large size for dogs of 30 to 50 pounds. That's right! These are great for him because he's a 9-pound shih tzu pekingese mix with a big mouth. My advice is to get the chews that match the dog's mouth and how aggressively he chews, not his body size.

👤My dog now has a choice of the green and filet flavors to brush his teeth. Each time he chooses the opposite flavor, he gets to choose. I don't think they are very hard, but if he ate them too fast, they would be unsafe. The larger boxes are more cost effective since he gets 2 a day.

9. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural

There are dental treats for dogs. Blue Dental Bones are dental dog treats that help clean teeth, refresh breath and maintain healthy teeth and gums. They are high in calories and have a flavor that dogs go wild for. These dog treats don't contain chicken. They are free from corn, wheat and soy. They are free from artificial preservatives and colors like red dye. Feed these dental bone dog treats to dogs who are over 50 lbs. There are healthy dog treats. Blue Buffalo natural dog treats are made with wholesome ingredients that your dog will love eating. There is a bag of BLUE Dental Bones Natural Adult Dental Treat.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤The original ones helped my dog breathe and he was able to eat them despite the fact that they were not the same. I ordered new ones because I ran out. I only had these for a few days and he has thrown up every day after. I added photos of the new bag and ingredients.

👤We were looking for something more natural than the cheaper items. I called Buffalo Blue to make sure they knew what the ingredients were and where they were made. It has been a nightmare since our dog has eaten one of the bones. He has thrown up many times. After one day the throwing up stopped but still there is a lot of vomiting. He will be going to the vet if this doesn't stop by tomorrow. We would not recommend this product. Some people had the same experience after reading the reviews. Most were good. We decided to take a chance. The Mini Dachshund had a bad reaction to the product. There is an update to the above. We took our dog to the vet. He was diagnosed with a disease after eating this product. He was given antibiotics. It turned into a $195.00 vet bill from one small bone. The entire bag is thrown away.

👤My dog is not a fan of the new formula. He had relish for the old version, but he didn't have it anymore. This will be the last bag we buy. What a rip off. Corporate bean counters are in action again. There is only one reason to change a successful formula. Beware!

👤I buy these online for my dog and they are the same each time. They are a very red color and smell terrible. I don't know why these are different, but I won't be feeding them to my dog. It's pretty gross! There is a normal bone on the right and a weird one on the left.

👤I went looking for a new dental chew after they changed their recipe and didn't have the courtesy to tell their customers. Not a "new recipe" label on the bag. goodbye to Nylabone We tried different bones. The dogs hummed responses. These Blue Buffalo Bones were the last attempt. The dogs were acting crazy. Run to different areas of the house to eat the bone alone so the other doesn't get any of the "shrapnel" that might beak off before they do. It's funny to watch. They love these. We will be buying more Blue Buffalo Dental Bones. I ordered the bones from the same listing on Amazon and received a different product. The first review I did was about "Blue Bones", which are small and come in the blue package. The small Blue dental chews were in the yellow package. The dogs like the chews but are not crazy about them like the Blue Bones were. I have posted a picture of them. The larger of the two is the Blue Bone. There were 27 small Blue Bones in the 27oz package. There were 46 bones in the bag of the small dental chew. Which one will I order next? I think I will go for the Blue Bones.

10. Merial Oravet Dental Hygiene Treats

Merial Oravet Dental Hygiene Treats

The first and only dental hygiene product for dogs containing delmopinol, these dental chews help keep your dog's teeth cleaner, reduce plaque and calculus, and fight bad breath. Each chew helps your dog break away from teeth by chewing plaque away. Bad breath can be caused by harmfulbacteria that are protected by Delmopinol. Give your pet a chew that is highly dissolvable and tasty. Dogs six months of age or older can get OraVet.

Brand: Oravet

👤I wish I had read all of the negative reviews before buying them because my dog died tonight and it happened again the next day. My dog loved the first few of these and had no problems with them, but then one got stuck in her mouth and she started making choking sounds, she was clearly in a panic. When I tried to help her, she ran away and scared me. She was trying to remove the chew with her paws. It was horrible. She finally got it out. I got embarrassedly stupid because I thought I was giving her treats because she liked them. She had the same thing happen again tonight and it was worse. She had to pry it out of her teeth on her own, because it was impossible for me to help her, because she was scared. She's fine now. Potential buyers should carefully consider my experience. You will see that this is not an isolated incident if you read the one-star review by Faye McCarty. I wish I'd seen her review before ordering.

👤horrible product design! My dog's mouth turned into a sticky taffy like substance after partly disolves in it. The fur baby ran over in a panic after she couldn't chew or breathe because of the treat. The sticky green gunk that will be left all over the dog's mouth, and any carpet where they try to eat it, will be a big problem. Will be returning it.

👤The last time I took Robin for his checkup, the vet suggested these. I have gotten him to let me brush his teeth, but he only allows me to get to the front ones. The vet said they would help get the back ones. When I bought these, I wanted to either give him one every other day or cut them in half and give him a half each day, as the package says, but I was on a budget and didn't want to spend a lot of money. My dog is more of a gulper than a chewer when it comes to most treats, and that is the problem with that. He didn't get the "brushing" action the treats are designed to give when I gave him a half treat. I'm going to give him one every other day, as that's all I can afford. This situation doesn't apply to everyone, but in case you're thinking the same thing, maybe this will be a heads-up. I should mention that the bag says "Do not underdose as this may present a risk of choking."

👤I had to call the manufacturer of the chews to find out the ingredients, which my vet had previously advised against. Our two dogs are unrelated 14-lb Rat Terriers who love to eat these chews which help with their breath. Their stomachs get upset. I tried one every other day, but they still got sick from eating their regular food. I don't purchase chews without knowing the ingredients because the benefits don't outweigh the risk. Many small dogs have bad reactions to these chews, according to an online search. I can't recommend these chews for small breed dogs or for any dog at all.

11. Greenies 10161937 Original Regular 54oz

Greenies 10161937 Original Regular 54oz

The dog dental treat is all it takes for clean teeth, fresh breath and a happy dog; these irresistibly tasty treats feature a delightfully chewy texture that helps fight plaque and tartar. The chewy texture helps clean teeth, maintain healthy gums, and make mouths happy. They make GREENIES Dental Treat for every age from puppy to mature, and every dog size from small to large, plus they offer Grain Free, Weight Management, and Fresh Flavor varieties. Greenies dental treats are made with natural ingredients and provide balanced nutrition for adult dogs. These dental treats are made from high quality ingredients and are great for your dog.

Brand: Greenies

👤My dog has eaten these for a long time and loves them. When I received the latest order a couple weeks ago, he had a couple and began to have loose poops that were loose with blood and mucus. I couldn't rule out anything else, but I wondered about the Greenies. It happened again last week. He introduced greenies to his diet on a regular basis. His gut is ok without them. Has anyone else experienced this?

👤The regular size is too big for a 30 lbs dog. A week and a half ago, one of my dogs had a medical emergency after I gave them a Greenie. I suspected the Greenie had something to do with it, but my vet told me otherwise. I gave another Greenie to each dog because my dog had been getting better. My dog can barely walk after an hour of eating it. I think she stands there because her system is so upset that it's too uncomfortable for her to lie down. I will look into suing the manufacturer if she dies. I've seen reviews from other owners who have had similar reactions to their dogs. Don't give to animals.

👤My dogs have never had any issues with the stomach. I gave both dogs Greenie's the day they got them, and both of them had black, tarry stools within four hours. We were all miserable for about 24 hours. I feed my pups rawhide treats and Bully sticks, and they have never had a problem with any of them before. These treats deserve a review.

👤I have to warn future buyers of this product because I usually don't write reviews. I'm not the first to report receiving expired Greenies, so please check your contents. I have been giving my dogs 1 daily since I received the treats, but I didn't think to check the contents. There are little white worms near the opening when I open the bag today. I dump the entire contents and I see a lot of these guys in the bag. Vendors should take extra time to not send out expired products, especially ones that are designed for consuming. Consumers, please check your bags because you may have sick dogs on your hands.

👤My dog was sick. She had a bad case of diarrheal for 2 days. This is the only thing that could have caused it. The whole package has been thrown away. I will not purchase again. I am not sure if the bones were expired or just the ingredients. My dog has eaten bones and treats but nothing has made her sick. Never again. Please be careful.

👤I used to give my dog greenies only when she had breath from eating. I didn't see any reason to give them to her every day. She hates brushing her teeth because her teeth became stained as she got older. I can do it, but it's always difficult. Last year, I started giving her one greenie every day, and the stains have mostly disappeared from her teeth. I am happy to have found that greenies work well to clean her teeth, as she can be affected by tooth decay.


What is the best product for dog dental treats?

Dog dental treats products from Wellness Natural Pet Food. In this article about dog dental treats you can see why people choose the product. Minties and Purina Dentalife are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog dental treats.

What are the best brands for dog dental treats?

Wellness Natural Pet Food, Minties and Purina Dentalife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog dental treats. Find the detail in this article. Kirkland Signature, Pedigree and Blue Buffalo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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