Best Dog Dental Treats Large Breed

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1. Pedigree Dentastix Dental Original Holiday

Pedigree Dentastix Dental Original Holiday

There is a pack of PediGREE DENTASTIX. There are original flavors for toy and small dogs. A person who has a dental disease. Triple Action works to clean teeth and breath and has a clinically proven texture that reduces plaque and tartar build up. Their dental treat sticks have a unique X-shape design and are specially designed for adult toy and small breed dogs, weighing between 5 and 20 lbs. Feed one pig. Every day, you should get an oral care treat. A person who has a dental disease. The dental chews have a chicken flavor with dental treats.

Brand: Pedigree

👤These treats are not worth anything to you or your dog. My sister gave these treats to her puppy and my 7 year old MAlchi ended up with one and it caused no problems at all. I took her to the vet because she looked like she was going to die. She had no strength and was sick for a week. I was scared so much that I didn't know if the vet could save her, she had to stay at the vet for 2 days and get antibiotics, pain shots, nausea shots and fluids. She was sick for over a week and still wasn't herself for up to 5 more days. I know there are many good reviews of this poison, but I want you to know that the stories of what my dog went through are the same. I wanted to post this so that someone else doesn't go through what I went through. My sister threw the treats out after seeing what happened to my dog and she read horror stories about him. I don't think it's worth the risk to be a fur baby.

👤This is the best treat ever. I use it to get my lil Angel's to take their vitamins, they're tiny and need it year round. My middle fur baby is 5 lbs and my lightest one is 3.5 lbs. They get light headed when they play hard. This has been a gift from the Almighty. Their breath doesn't put me in a coma. I tried everything to fool them, even buying greenies, but they're too small to force the vitamins down their throats, and I only used the vets way they didn't eat at all. I had 5 strokes and 2 heart attacks that day, I hand fed the lil creeps. If you like smelling your dog's sewer,rotten rodents, satan's breath goody for you, this is the answer. I think their bad breath has improved 75% at best. Amazon sells it cheaper than any other place. Even on sale, Amazon beats Wal*Mart. Try it on your dog.

👤I have been buying this product for many years and have no issues, but I'm very disappointed that this is my first time buying the value pack. It is near impossible to break the stix apart because they are packed together in groups. I'm trying to give my dog one treat at a time and by the time I am able to tear one off, I've damaged it and it's in small pieces. Very disappointed and frustrated. I'll go back to buying the small quantity packs. Maybe it's time to give my dog another treat.

👤My dogs need to chew to help clean their teeth and exercise their jaws. You can see them before you break them up. The scissors are used to show the size of the other.

👤I have been buying pedicures for over 15 years. The product was hard, dry, and difficult to separate. I noticed my 1 year old was having a hard time chewing. My other fur baby was also chewing. I took the condoms away from my beagles and threw the full box away. They were going to cry on them. There is a The sticks are not the same quality that I have experienced in all those years, and the box's expiration date is May, 2021. I have purchased the same product from both Pet Smart and I don't recommend purchasing this product from this seller.

2. Milk Bone Brushing Dental Treats Breath

Milk Bone Brushing Dental Treats Breath

There is a bag with 18 large dental dog treats. Dog chews have a patented design that helps support strong teeth. Patented design helps to remove plaque, maintain healthy teeth, and breath. The veterinary oral health council. The seal was accepted. Fortified with calcium and sealed for freshness. Large dog size 50 lbs. There are 18 treats per bag.

Brand: Milk-bone

👤I usually don't take reviews with a lot of salt because people are very different. It is difficult to determine what I will like based on someone else's experience. Humans are as unpredictable as dogs. We have two dogs, a whippet hybrid weird thing and Pittbull, the greatest dogs ever, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Ask them how many pitbulls they have known. They both love these treats. When I get home from work, they forget about me. They are more excited for these treats than anything else I have seen. The treats really work. Don't get discouraged because it isn't an immediate improvement. It took about a week for their dog breath to go away. I get the large ones and break one in half for the pittbull and give him a whole one. I bet that a lot of the failures are due to lack of giving it enough time. I am not an expert, but it seems like they work by helping the cause of bad breath instead of just covering it up with a scent. These things don't smell particularly good, so they definitely aren't just masking bad breath. They work. Try them for yourself. What do you have to lose?

👤The owner is a cheap sun of a gun because he only gives us one a day. We are going to steal his truck and leave after we fill it with food and treats. Two Malamutes wrote a piece without the knowledge of their owner.

👤I've tried other products that didn't work so I bought these. My dog loves them and would get excited. I watched him every time he ate one. His teeth looked better in a week. He had built up a piece of equipment that was gone. I am sad to say that after a week he started having a cough. It was really weird like gagging but nothing came up. I was told that these are dissolved in their tummy. I didn't understand. He had no problem chewing it. I stopped giving him them because he was coughing. I am sure this is not the case for every dog. I liked them and he liked them. I tossed them because I thought it was an allergic reaction. They did a great job cleaning, but unfortunately for him they didn't work. I recommend these because each animal is different and he never actually chokes on it. I hope this helps someone.

👤I've been giving my two large dogs various dental treats for nearly two years now, and exclusively these milk bone fresh breath treats for the past 7 months or so because I've had such good results. I give each dog one first thing in the morning and they are so excited to eat it that they wake me up. My dogs were older rescues that had some plaque built up, and I've noticed since I switched to Milk-bone that it's gone from both of their mouths. They're big dogs at 70 lbs. We live in Texas in the hot weather, and even when they're panting in my face after a walk, their breath won't have a scent to it, which is definitely foul before. I will continue to purchase from them.

3. Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Small Treats

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Small Treats

There is one 1.59 lbs. There is a large amount of fresh toy and small treats for dogs. A person who has a dental disease. Triple Action is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build up. Their dental treat sticks are specially designed for small breed and adult dogs and weigh between 5-20 lbs. Feed one pig. For maximum benefits, take care of your teeth every day. A person who has a dental disease. Small dogs and toy dogs love the fresh mint flavor of dental chews.

Brand: Pedigree

👤I decided to give my three rug rats a snack that was beneficial because I felt guilty for giving them a treat that was spoiled. I didn't feel guilty. I got these dental chews because I am a good mom and I was happy that they were not so expensive. Their brand is shaped like a toothbrush. I would not hesitate in purchasing the more expensive brand if I had a little monster, but I went for the less expensive brand because we have 3 snack bandits. I was happy to see them get to their destination. My pickiest eater didn't turn her nose up at the green treats. They beg like kids to get their Halloween haul. My husband calls these highly sought after treats "doggie crack". The size is perfect for my 4# princess, my 6# honey badger, and my 13# rowdy boy who all enjoy the Treat. I had to add a subscription to make sure we didn't run out as we experienced "tiny" the first time we ordered and ran out. The value is correct.

👤This product has been used for 12 years. It keeps dental problems from getting worse by keeping teeth clean. I don't have the time to brush their teeth daily, so you can only do it once a day. When we got my 55# husky, it had no dental damage, but the 13# chihuahua had pre existing dental damage. The dental health of the chihuahua and husky is in top shape three years later. It's not hard to get a tiny treat at night before bed. If you want to speed up the cleaning, you may want to give a size appropriate treat. When I bought different packages of different sizes, I didn't notice a difference in outcomes. Now. I have a dog with bad teeth. His parent had to have his teeth removed at a young age. His teeth are not as clean and shiny as his teeth are. Even though genetics plays a role, these can still help.

👤I don't think dental chews help with cleaning, but these seem to be the least bad. I rated it 5 stars. I've used both Original and Fresh, even though she doesn't have bad breath. My 3 year old cavalier is fond of the Original but would be very upset if the ritual ended because she would not want to eat her teeth. I'd like them to have less than 20 calories and leave out the blue and yellow dyes, but at least they show vitamins. Next, try the Beef flavor. I brush her teeth at least 3 times a week but it's a challenge as she only lasts 15 seconds. I use PetzLife oral care gel a few times per week. I'm trying to prevent her from having a professional cleaning.

👤My dogs love these things. I can't say anything about their breath, I think they worked on keeping their teeth cleaner. I can't smell how bad it is anymore because I had the VID before we got them. I was lucky! The oldest dog was dying. On the off chance that someone would walk by and give him a treat, he lay in front of the counter. After 20 minutes of complaining, he was so tired he was like he had just died. He lived for these things. The younger one didn't seem to care until the bag was opening and then he would come tearing through the house to get to them. The older dog got the younger one to whine. He's a little more annoying. He'd suck at your leg, whine and suck until you got out of your chair, and then he'd run down the hall to the older dog. "They like me better!" It's really hard! I told the older dog that it was his fault and cut them off. He thinks there are some on the counter. I'm not giving them to him because I'm an old hag. After a month, he's getting the idea that they aren't there anymore. The family says they smell minty. When you have had bread for a while, I suggest putting a piece of bread in the bag. They get a little hard, but the bread keeps them strong. We put the bag inside another bag to help with freshness.

4. Whimzees Variety Value Small Treats

Whimzees Variety Value Small Treats

For dogs 5-15 lbs, there are dental treats that clean teeth, breath and reduce plaque. The treats last 3 times longer than competitors. Feed your dog a dental chew every day for the most convenient, effective and playful way to clean their teeth. They're perfect for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities because they're made with no artificial colors, flavors, or meat. The VOHC accepted veterinary dental chews.

Brand: Whimzees

👤These dental chews are very good. My dogs work and love them. The vet said it was no longer necessary to anesthetize my Yorkie for a dental cleaning, and I wanted to know what I could do to make it better. The dog's breath is better than the vet's. They are all-natural, grain-free, and great for my allergy-prone pups. Highly recommended!

👤Greenies and most other teeth cleaning treats are not as tough as iwmzees. I thought this was good because my dog can tear through treats in seconds, but it ended up chipping her tooth and will cost me close to $1K for surgery. I'm not buying them again.

👤My dog vomited several times, but I have given him the milkbone brand dental treats with no issues. My dog is a dachshund x miniature pinscher and we get Barkbox monthly so he is constantly getting new treats to try and no of them have ever made him vomit. I gave him one of these in the morning and I made sure I got the right size for him, he is only 25 lbs and the box was for 15 to 25 lbs. It's a pity. Will not give him another one. I don't recommend them as I have seen other reviews that said it made other smaller dogs sick. Amazon was awesome and I received a refund, but I still recommend staying away from these.

👤Finding good hard chew treats for our dog is difficult because she has an extremely sensitive digestion. The main ingredient in these chews is potato starch, which is often added with wheat to make similar chews. Potato starch is the main ingredient in these chews. The full ingredient list is short and doesn't have anything scary on it. They are manufactured in Holland. Our dog likes to eat. They are very hard and provide some serious chewing, but are not prone to causing irruptions like some other products on the market. We usually get a 56 count variety pack for our dog. The package option seems to be the best value most of the time.

👤We love to play with them. I am a dog sitter. I was looking for bones that my guests wouldn't consume quickly. Some of the popular bone brands are made of plastic, and I worry about dogs having stomach irritation, or that they will choke on them. They are perfect! Dogs eat slowly. My strongest chewers take a long time with these. My Bichon is a dog with dental issues and he loves them. They are a fun treat for him because he tends to just lick them or nibbles on them lightly. They don't have much of a scent. I have tried bones that have an overpowering scent in my house and on the carpet after the dogs have eaten them. Not these. There is a variety of sizes and fun shapes. The best deal is these tubs.

👤I bought the "Medium" size because my dogs are 20 pounds. We haven't been using them for a long time, so I can't say how much they improve their breath or reduce tartar. The dogs love them! A dog chews it for 15 minutes. The other dog hangs around hoping the other dog will abandon hers, which of course doesn't happen, as the other dog disposes of hers in about 5 minutes. My dogs didn't like some other dental chews, but these are so good, they're not even a problem. They're an excellent bargain, too, and come in a hand air-tight container. Five stars for sure!

5. Greenies Dental Blueberry Flavor Holiday

Greenies Dental Blueberry Flavor Holiday

There is a pack of Greenies large dog dental chews. The texture of the dog chews cleans down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar. The Veterinary Oral Health Council accepts Greenies treats for dogs. Dogs bark for these natural dog treats. Greenies dog treats are made with natural, easy to digest ingredients.

Brand: Greenies

👤My dog is addicted to these. The dogs in my family have some serious issues with greenies, but I don't know what it is. My dog wakes me up at 5 in the morning. I would like to be wrong. It's part of her routine to get up in the morning. She wants to know when the first thing in the morning is and she chose a time before the sun is up. My family has a dog that tricks his parents. He gets one before bed, eats it, runs to another parent and 888-270-6611 Their teeth look great, they love eating them, they have good breath, and the smell of a berry is pleasant. These dogs are turning into monsters and I'm pretty sure that's why.

👤I took a picture of my 7 1/2 year old dog in the fall. He received a Greenies Natural Dental bone on Christmas Day. He seemed sluggish on Dec 26th. He vomited and collapsed on the kitchen floor. The vet worked on him until he died. He died! A 7 1/2 year old dog was regularly seen by the vet. He died from a puncture to his gut. The only new food he had was a dental bone. I don't want you to feed these to your pets. My family is devastated by the loss of this beautiful life.

👤I don't know how many stars to give them. I bought them to help clean our dogs teeth. I gave one Greenie to one girl and the other to another girl. The first Greenie was gone before I could look back at the first dog, and the second dog chewed and swallowed hers within 15 seconds or less. It is not an item to clean our girls teeth. A few days later, my husband held a Greenie in his fist and it was chewing, swallowing, and swallowing, no chewing it at all. I held one for the second girl the same way and she pulled it out and chewed it quickly. They were a great idea, but they didn't work for our girls.

👤I have two dogs. One is a natural chewer and we keep her teeth clean with raw beef bones. The other is not. When I first adopted her, her breath was not as dainty as she is. After her first dental cleaning at the vet, I spent the better part of a year buying everything on the market, trying to find something that she would gnaw on, to help combat the build-up. She doesn't think chewing is ladylike and turned down everything I gave her. I try and get her a toothbrush, but she hates it and fights it so much, and since she came from abuse in her prior life, I try and keep her distress minimal From the moment we opened the bag, her nose perked up, her tail was wagging, and she grabbed the greenie and took off! If my other dog came near, she'dbury it and snarl, even if she didn't want it, she didn't want her sister to have it. She immediately started chewing and it was gone in a minute. She adores them, in no uncertain terms. After they come in, they run immediately to the laundry room, and every couple of days, they get a greenie. We may be able to stretch her yearly cleanings to every 18 months or two years because her breath is much better. I'm so happy! I will be buying a lifetime supply and renting a storage locker for them if these are not discontinued.

6. Nylabone Healthy Edibles Natural Treats

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Natural Treats

The chew treats are highly Digestible. Natural dog treats are good for the dog. Their dog chew treats are made in the United States. Dogs up to 35 pounds can get medium dog treats. Dogs love bison flavor dog treats. The treat dimensions are listed. The package is 4.5" long x 1.5" wide and 1.13" high out of it.

Brand: Nylabone

👤My 12 week old lab puppy is laying on my lap panting and feverish after I gave her a chew. I can't give her any after reading similar reviews. My usually energetic girl is now down for the count and I'm hoping the worst that will come of this is the negative reviews. I feel bad right now. I thought I was giving her something she would enjoy, but now I'm worried she might need surgery or even die from it. These should be taken off the market. I'm angry that I only looked at the rating and didn't read the actual reviews. I would never buy a product from this company. I want my money back so I can pay the vet bill. She got the diarreah less than 30 minutes after she ate one of these things. Take the reviews seriously. If you love your dog. They all say the same thing and they are not lying.

👤The bison flavor is up to 50 pounds. My 30 pound pit puppy was gone for 5 minutes and it made him sick and gave him bad diarrhea.

👤My dogs became violently ill after eating this bone. One dog had shakes for an hour after throwing up three times. The other threw up once. Both of them threw up at the same time at the same time.

👤Our dog likes these things. She won't stop until the entire chew is gone. This is a good deal. The 2 pack costs $5 and the 10 pack is $7. People have to understand what they are buying. It's not meant to be a permanent bone like the rubber bones. By long lasting, the company means that your dog won't inhale it like a hot dog. The bones and antlers meet there intended use by occupying your dog for a period of time so the get there "chewing drug fix". It will be a good amount of time before your dog starts chewing up your house after one of these. They work and dogs love them.

👤I don't know why I bought this again, the price is so good. It is a serious hazard for dogs of any size. This will not last an hour with my Yorkie. I don't recommend anyone with a beloved family member.

👤Don't give these to your animals. He threw up all over my house a few hours after giving it to him. He wouldn't eat for 3 days. I was afraid he had something terribly wrong with him. The bones do not digest well after 3 xrays, a barium test, and a $600 vet bill. There are pieces of the bone in his stomach that are not being eaten.

👤I have a male and a female poodle. My dogs are bone chewers. I opened the package and they ran after their bone and took it to their favorite spots. I smelled them before I handed them. The bones were gone when I threw the package away. They took about a minute to eat. I want the bone to last a while. I would give it a 5 star rating. I can't afford to buy treats that last less than a minute. Dogs would have given 5 stars.

7. Whimzees Natural Dental Treats Brushzees

Whimzees Natural Dental Treats Brushzees

These dog dental treats clean teeth, breath and reduce plaque. The treats last 3 times longer than competitors. Feed your dog a dental chew every day for the most convenient, effective and playful way to clean their teeth. They're perfect for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities because they're made with no artificial colors, flavors, or meat. The VOHC accepted veterinary dental chews.

Brand: Wellness Natural Pet Food

👤I gave my dog one of these treats and within a few hours it had blood in its stool and was vomiting. Had to go to the ER. After looking at the low reviews for this product, I realized that there are a lot of dogs that are damaged by this treat. Be careful. My dog has no history of this type of problem and only took a single treat.

👤I switched from greenies to these... My Yorkie ate her toothbrush in seconds after she saw the last box of greenies. The lady at the counter at the pet store told us that we were all natural and that we had bought a iwmzee. It took my Yorkie more time and energy to eat after I gave it to her. I threw out the last box of greenies we had at home after researching them online and talking to my vet. From now on, I will only give my dog a name. The store's price was 1.09 for 1 with the Michigan sales tax included. They cost about 24 cents a piece based on 48 bags. I think this is a better investment. My Yorkie is 9 pounds and gets one of these every night to brush her fangs. There is an update. February 15. I had to stop giving these to my dog because she was throwing up large undigested pieces for three mornings in a row. She had orange pieces in her vomit from the chew she had on Monday. I threw out the rest of the bag and the additional bag I bought. I will no longer use this product.

👤This product can hurt a dog's stomach or the colon. I have two dogs, a small Bedlington Terrier and a Medium Goldendoodle. Both of them had problems when I switched from Greenies to Whimzees. The treats formed sharp edges and caused distress.

👤I have a toy dog. She likes it, but she throws up after several hours when I give her a wheemzie. Not for my dog. Won't buy it again.

👤Not for my dog. He vomited on our bed at 5am after I gave him one late afternoon. We took him to the ER because he was really sick and they wanted $1200 to diagnose and treat him. I will not give these to him again. He did not vomit up any of it. He was sick. I watched him eat the chew and make sure he ate it in small pieces. I don't know why it made him sick. Not putting it at risk again. Never happened with him before. He is still young.

👤Dog #1 will only eat natural products. Very picky eater. He wasn't interested in these treats. I wanted to switch him over to whimzees because I feel like they are better for him. He broke it in pieces and left it around the room for me to step on. Dog #2 is not a picky eater. I love everything. He likes these things. He will carry it with him if he isn't hungry for one at the time you give it to him. He took it with him on a potty break. He picked it up again to get inside. He is very protective of them. It was up to my dogs. My dogs give me lots of love and cuddles. The least I can do is give them a treat that makes them happy. For one dog, it is a variation of the dog's name. I would recommend it. It's a good thing.

8. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dental Grain Free

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dental Grain Free

The cleaning of teeth and freshens breeches is done. Grain free dental chews called Blue Wilderness Wild Bones help keep their dogs clean and fresh. Blue Wilderness dental dog treats are free of corn, wheat, and soy. Large size dental tools. This is the size for dogs over 50 lbs. And up. There are dog treats that are free of the rain. Some pet parents choose not to feed their pets grain free treats because of the risk of allergies. There is a bag of BLUE Wilderness Wild Bones Grain Free Dental Chews.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤I don't recommend "Blue Buffalo" dog foods or treats as they contain Chinese supplements.

👤I've purchased these at the Petco before for my dog and have never had an issue, but they are a bit expensive. I decided to purchase it through Amazon. I gave it to my dog because he wouldn't eat it. I broke it in half and my dog ate it. My dog pooped inside of the house the next day. This has never happened to my dog. I wasn't sure what was causing it, but my dog ate half of the bone and threw up a few hours later. I know for a fact that this happened because I bought him to the vet. I don't recommend purchasing this product for your dog.

👤I bought this from Target before and realized my dog wouldn't eat them, which was strange. I started breaking it in half because they are so good. The ones he got from Target were so hard that he couldn't eat them. I feel awful, but I wanted to check the Best Buy Date and it says Jan. 1, 2020. I bought these on February 23 2020. June 6, 2020 is the day. Someone in the distribution center didn't assess this. It is bad customer service to do so regardless of someone else's opinion of a Best Buy Date. They were on that shelf for a long time. I am incredibly disappointed and dissatisfied.

👤I subscribe to get 2 bags every month for our dogs and this month I opened both bags to find one had three bones and the other had five, what a rip off it should be the same amount in every bag! The price for 3 bones is ridiculous. I am canceling my subscription.

👤Even though I don't watch my dog eat this treat, he ended up vomiting 70% of the time later in the day, with a couple distinct undigested bits of it. I will not be ordering this product again.

👤I stopped buying these for my dog a few years ago after I switched to other treats. The bones seem hard, and I noticed a few odd things when I tried this product again. The bones in the bag I got were hard to break in half, and almost like a dried product, since they were supposed to be more rigid. I don't care about mild variations, but these looked like something was growing on them. It is very odd. I thought it was a good idea to give my dog half of a bone to sample. It was not. While she ate it quickly and seemed to like it, bathroom time was not fun as she tore it from her back-end as fast as possible. The good news is that she is very relieved now that she has gotten it out of her system.

👤My dogs loved it. If you want to keep your dog entertained, you should get a 1 star. They are soft bones. I have two dogs. They ate the bones in less than 5 minutes. I should have known that dental chews were going to be soft. If you are looking for a treat, then this should work. This is not a toy that you want to get your pet.

9. Whimzees Variety Value Medium Pieces

Whimzees Variety Value Medium Pieces

For adult dogs 25-40 lbs, these dog dental treats clean teeth, breath and reduce plaque. The treats last 3 times longer than competitors. Feed your dog a dental chew every day for the most convenient, effective and playful way to clean their teeth. They're perfect for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities because they're made with no artificial colors, flavors, or meat. The VOHC accepted veterinary dental chews.

Brand: Wellness Natural Pet Food

👤My 94 pound dog has a stomach made out of tissue paper. I can't give him 99% of the dog products because the majority of them are made with Preservatives. We have to carry him out and hold him up for 5 minutes so he can get better. It is not enjoyable. I had to take a course in dog nutrition because I can't afford to feed him $20 a day because he makes him sick from almost every single dog food he eats. I cook for him. There are things that are loose at the dog head height. My dog snapped one up before I could stop him, he never grabs things in there, he just noses whatever new toy he's picking out, and we leave so my guard was down. He doesn't have the strength to eat during these reactions so I expected 5 days of hell and rice hand fed to him. The dog was fine. There was no reaction at all. I gave him another test a week or so later. Still fine. He gets them on the regular, and he is fine. He is a big dog but he prefers the small ones because he has a small mouth. I put my foot down and stepped it up. It lasts about 5 minutes. It is a long time for him. They don't have a smell, they don't leave a weird smell on your hands, and the dog is very friendly. After his noon walk, he heads straight for the counter, chews his vitamins, and gets his reward for choking down the vile vitamins. I used to have to hide it in a piece of chicken, but now he sucks it down because of "WHIMZEE". I don't know if it helps control tartar. My dog is a social chewer, and he doesn't need dental chews because his teeth are clean, when we are hanging out while I'm reading, or when we're all talking. He doesn't need it for breath control because he only gets human grade home cooked food to avoid Preservatives, which means no doggy breath. If your dog has preservative sensitivities, they will not make you ill. If you have a dog that chews them, they will digest just fine. I don't have that experience so they may digest fine if you have a gulper. They are a blessing for me. It's one less thing I have to make for the dog. 30 treats a month doesn't sound like much work, but when you have a full time job and have to cook the family meals and the dog meals and the human desserts and the dog treats and you have a 90 pound dog, it's kind of a big deal! You have a definite win if you add the lack of vile vitamins on a daily basis. I have considered cheaper options, but this one works. You tend to shy away from what you know works and won't try to kill your dog after $4500 in vet bills figuring out why he was always so ill. I save a bit by doing the subscribe and save plan, with the bonus of never forgetting to get them and run out. These are the healthiest chews for your dog after reading the ingredients. I have read ingredient labels in dog products that contain things I wouldn't dream of feeding my dog, and some of the products contain things I wouldn't want my dog to eat. The ingredients are safe and clear. Adding a bit of ginger for flavor and to give a bit more for aiding digestion and stomach upsets for when your dog is feeling a bit off is what I would change.

10. Virbac Enzymatic Hygiene Chews Small

Virbac Enzymatic Hygiene Chews Small

The small elastic chew bag is made for dogs under 11 lbs and has 30 chews per bag. Dental care can be costly. A dual Enzyme System and abrasive texture help reduce plaque and tartar through dog's chewing action. Highly skilled: The chews are made with beef hide and are popular with dogs. The C. E. T. product line is recommended by veterinary professionals. If you have questions about the product, you can reach out to the support team. The size "New Extra Small" item is discontinued from the manufacturer.

Brand: Virbac

👤After giving my dog some chews for a week, I noticed that he was drinking a lot of water. The. Time. He had to pee all the time. He was starting to have accidents in the house, something he had never done before, unless I took him out in a timely manner. I found that this brand of dog chews has been known to cause problems in some dogs, such as a sudden increase in daily water intake, an increase in frequency of urination, and accidents, because of the brand of dog chews. Within a few days, he was back to normal after I stopped giving them to him. The vet said that he was perfectly fine, but he did not want to use this product again. Most dogs have no problem with these chews according to the Amazon reviews. Every dog is different. I wanted to write this review so that other people would know about the potential risk, but I wouldn't recommend that people not buy them.

👤The product has changed. After giving it to a dog who used to love the product, we decided to read the ingredients, and now will not eat them. The reason for the change in recipe was found by matching them against the old package. Too bad.

👤This is my dog's favorite treat. I give it to him every night before I go to bed, so he remembers. I'm his best friend in the evening when he runs to the stairs. I give him a Greenie, Angels Eyes, and a C.E.T., but he prizes this one the most. He'll whine until I give him the counter or table where I left it. He is most attentive to my treats. We bought a cabinet full of these and have been giving him one a day for 2 years. I like that it lasts him a while. I think it would do more to clean his teeth than a Greenie would. He eats this one for a little while in the video. I like that they don't smell like much to me, it's a good thing. He always wants to smell it before doing his tricks. I put it in a plastic container so I don't have to open and seal a bag every time.

👤Don't buy! These aren't the usual chews I buy for my dogs. I bought the wrong chews. Both my dogs were very sick. They were cautious and hesitant to take them initially, which I thought was odd as they like everything. They had a lot of vomiting and lethergy after a few days. I stopped giving them the treats after I put two and two together. I have a half an unused back plus 4 additional bags that I use to stock up on treats for my fur babies. A complete waste of money. I might get them for something. The carpets were destroyed by poop and vomit. I would have sued if my dogs hadn't rebounded. A mistake.

👤These are not the small that I bought before. My dog wouldn't touch them for two years. I thought I would try again. I don't buy from them anymore, they used to tell me if it was small enough for a chihuahua, but none of it was small. I got these from Amazon. She wouldn't eat them again after three days of no treats. I did this for a month. She was not herself and was getting mean to the cat and didn't want much to do with me. I have COPD and we live in Florida. I can't take her for so many walks in the heat. I noticed that she was putting weight on, just being inactive. I took her out for a walk in the heat and stopped to say hello to a neighbor who asked if Tina was growing. I don't know why I'm not giving her treats. I looked down and was shocked. I can see her panting. We walked four houses after 5 minutes outside. When I say let's she heads home? This is a girl that never wants to stop walking, she drags me around the block. The light finally comes on and she is not happy. She only had to eat the C.E.T Oral chew. I started giving her some milk and string cheese, along with a deep tissue message twice a day. The cat and I are happy because she is back to her old self. I'm pretty sure it was the chews. I will not give her another one. I know you think I'm dumb to take so long for the light to come on. The little girl never throws up or gets the runs.

11. Greenies Original Dental Treats Holiday

Greenies Original Dental Treats Holiday

There is a pack of Greenies Original Large Natural Dental Dog Treat. The texture of Greenies dog chews makes them fight plaque and the gumline to fight bad dog breath. Greenies treats for dogs are recommended by the vet. Greenies Original Dental treats are great for your big dog. Greenies dog treats are made with natural, easy to digest ingredients.

Brand: Greenies

👤The dogs cannot resist these greenies. They don't smell like much, and they're smooth and waxy, so we don't think they would be that delicious. They're firm, but with a small amount of give. If that's true, that's like Starburst candy that has dried out. They only last about 3 minutes. An energetic chewer can get through one of these in under a minute. They are still a smash hit. My parents' German Shepherd will give them a bouncy ball in exchange for a Greenie. If using a bouncy ball as currency is not cute, I don't know what is. The price is okay if you can get the pack for about $20.

👤A small animal vet is weighing in. Greenies are great for people's pets. When I see a pet with nice teeth that are cleaner than I expected, I hear that they are using chews. The VOHC seal of approval is one of the few products labels that have that. An independent panel of veterinary professionals studied the product and found that it does what it says it will do. I have never seen a problem like that. I had a dog that got sick when he ate them, but my current dog does not. People complain that the green color can be hard on the carpet. The cost and that are the only negatives I see.

👤I have a Golden Collie that is the pickiest eater. He won't eat his dog food unless it's well mixed with a raw egg and he has seasonal allergies up to Ying Yang. We tried regulR bones milk, rawhide, and special treats from a cookie bar at a pet store. We tried it all. She walks Henry every morning for about two hours. She started giving him a Greenie after their walk and now it is the treat of choice for this household. He loves them. They are gone within minutes. I am so happy that we found something that he enjoys. We give him one in the morning. Maybe 1-2 through the day. Two 36oz boxes of Large treats last almost a month. I usually buy 2 boxes at the beginning of the month and they will last me until the end. I don't buy any other treats or toys for him because of the price. He doesn't like toys that are soft. We only play with balls outside and one tennis ball with him. It is worth every penny if it is a one-time expenditure on my dog and he loves them.

👤I noticed they were warped from the sun. I used them on my dog. We had to get the poison out by pumping his stomach and cleaning his intestine, which cost me $900. My dog vomited foam when he went into convulsions after being exposed to a highly toxic product. I get Greenies from the store when I use them. I bought these Greenies from this person for convenience. I'm tempted to call a lawyer about this and wonder how many more animals this person is trying to hurt.


What is the best product for dog dental treats large breed?

Dog dental treats large breed products from Pedigree. In this article about dog dental treats large breed you can see why people choose the product. Milk-bone and Whimzees are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog dental treats large breed.

What are the best brands for dog dental treats large breed?

Pedigree, Milk-bone and Whimzees are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog dental treats large breed. Find the detail in this article. Greenies, Nylabone and Wellness Natural Pet Food are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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