Best Dog Dental Treats for Medium Dogs

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1. Pedigree Dentastix Dental Original Holiday

Pedigree Dentastix Dental Original Holiday

There is a pack of PediGREE DENTASTIX. There are original flavors for toy and small dogs. A person who has a dental disease. Triple Action works to clean teeth and breath and has a clinically proven texture that reduces plaque and tartar build up. Their dental treat sticks have a unique X-shape design and are specially designed for adult toy and small breed dogs, weighing between 5 and 20 lbs. Feed one pig. Every day, you should get an oral care treat. A person who has a dental disease. The dental chews have a chicken flavor with dental treats.

Brand: Pedigree

👤These treats are not worth anything to you or your dog. My sister gave these treats to her puppy and my 7 year old MAlchi ended up with one and it caused no problems at all. I took her to the vet because she looked like she was going to die. She had no strength and was sick for a week. I was scared so much that I didn't know if the vet could save her, she had to stay at the vet for 2 days and get antibiotics, pain shots, nausea shots and fluids. She was sick for over a week and still wasn't herself for up to 5 more days. I know there are many good reviews of this poison, but I want you to know that the stories of what my dog went through are the same. I wanted to post this so that someone else doesn't go through what I went through. My sister threw the treats out after seeing what happened to my dog and she read horror stories about him. I don't think it's worth the risk to be a fur baby.

👤This is the best treat ever. I use it to get my lil Angel's to take their vitamins, they're tiny and need it year round. My middle fur baby is 5 lbs and my lightest one is 3.5 lbs. They get light headed when they play hard. This has been a gift from the Almighty. Their breath doesn't put me in a coma. I tried everything to fool them, even buying greenies, but they're too small to force the vitamins down their throats, and I only used the vets way they didn't eat at all. I had 5 strokes and 2 heart attacks that day, I hand fed the lil creeps. If you like smelling your dog's sewer,rotten rodents, satan's breath goody for you, this is the answer. I think their bad breath has improved 75% at best. Amazon sells it cheaper than any other place. Even on sale, Amazon beats Wal*Mart. Try it on your dog.

👤I have been buying this product for many years and have no issues, but I'm very disappointed that this is my first time buying the value pack. It is near impossible to break the stix apart because they are packed together in groups. I'm trying to give my dog one treat at a time and by the time I am able to tear one off, I've damaged it and it's in small pieces. Very disappointed and frustrated. I'll go back to buying the small quantity packs. Maybe it's time to give my dog another treat.

👤My dogs need to chew to help clean their teeth and exercise their jaws. You can see them before you break them up. The scissors are used to show the size of the other.

👤I have been buying pedicures for over 15 years. The product was hard, dry, and difficult to separate. I noticed my 1 year old was having a hard time chewing. My other fur baby was also chewing. I took the condoms away from my beagles and threw the full box away. They were going to cry on them. There is a The sticks are not the same quality that I have experienced in all those years, and the box's expiration date is May, 2021. I have purchased the same product from both Pet Smart and I don't recommend purchasing this product from this seller.

2. Greenies Petite Holiday Stocking Stuffer

Greenies Petite Holiday Stocking Stuffer

One Greenie a day is all it takes for clean teeth, fresh breath and a happy dog; these tasty treats are bursting with breath-freshening mint flavor, with a delightfully chewy texture that fights plaque and tartar. The chewy texture helps clean teeth, maintain healthy gums, and make mouths happy. They make GREENIES Dental Treat for every age from puppy to mature, and every dog size from small to large, plus they offer Grain Free, Weight Management, and Fresh Flavor varieties. Greenies dental treats are made with natural ingredients and provide balanced nutrition for adult dogs. These dental treats are made from high quality ingredients and are great for your dog.

Brand: Greenies

👤My dog was killed by one of these. Not high on my list. When we grabbed him and forced his jaw open, the greenie popped out of his throat and into his lung. The vet said he was fine. The dog died three days later.

👤I was unaware of a safety hazard with this product. I bought the correct sized treat for my 9.4 lbs. There is a dog named maltipoo. The treats are hard. The treat got lodged in his throat and he almost died. It took me a while to figure out what was happening. I was able to get the treat out of his throat with my fingers, but he was in a state of panic and I got bit in the process. This could have caused damage to his throat. Imagine getting a toothbrush stuck in your throat. This was upsetting to me and my dog. I will not purchase this product for any of my pups.

👤I have a dog who is about 15 pounds. If you have a small dog, you know that they have teeth problems. I had Timber's teeth cleaned at the vet since he was already being put under. He broke his jaw after rough-housing with my German Shepherd. He was on soft food for three months, and the build-up of Tartar came right back. They tried to sell me teeth cleaning after my check-up at the vets office. I didn't want my little guy to be put under again, even though he was under for 3 hours for the jaw surgery, and was under for the neuter and initial teeth cleaning a few months prior. I decided to give these a try to see if they would help before doing anything drastic and I couldn't believe the results after a couple of weeks. His breath had improved after nearly all the tartar was gone. I like these because they are soft and perfect for my little dog, even though the big ones I give to my German Shepherd are very hard. If you're placing an order for other Amazon things, you should look for the "add-on" version of these which will save you a lot of money. The big box pet stores are more expensive.

👤I've used Greenies before and always wondered if they made a difference. I moved recently and I couldn't locate our dogs Greenies. A few weeks went by. I started to notice that her breath was getting bad. We paid for her to have her teeth cleaned and she had her sedated, so her teeth were not terrible, but I notice a difference when she is not eating her Greenies. Her teeth look cleaner, and they help with her breath. Why 4 stars? There are lots of treats that my dog will eat, but the only way we can get her to eat a Greenie is to make a game of it. I usually run around the house with it playing, then I throw it and run after it to make sure my dog gets to it first. She will eat one in that way. I wish Greenie could make a better treat that my dog would eat, but at least I can get him to eat them.

3. Arm Hammer Original Nubbies Brushing

Arm Hammer Original Nubbies Brushing

As your dog chews, raised "nubbies" remove plaque and Tartar. It's easier than brushing. The power of baking soda and natural chlorophyll is used to improve dental hygiene. Dogs like dogs. The taste. The taste of Arm and Hammer Nubbies is great for dogs. It is guaranteed. Great rawhide alternative is a safer, healthier, tastier alternative to rawhide. It's great for aggressive chewers. Dogs with sensitive stomachs can still enjoy Nubbies dental treats because they are highly digestible. These dental treats are safe for all dogs and puppies and are a gentle and effective way to care for your dog's teeth. If you have a question or feedback, please contact them at info@fetch4pets. All Life Stages is an age range description.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤Nubbies are my favorite snack. She doesn't like new things I bring home for her. This is my second shipment. I answered the phone before opening the bag. When I went back to where she was, she hid the entire bag in her bed. She was laying on top of the bag to say what she wanted to say.

👤The rat terrier liked the taste of these. I got her the chicken flavor, but I didn't like the smell of them. The ingredients list is too long for my liking and has added ingredients that aren't necessary. They didn't seem to help my dog's breath or her teeth's appearance. They are a decent size for a small dog, and are a good density. My dog eats one of these in about 10 seconds, so this isn't something that will occupy him.

👤I'm called Argos. I am a beagle. I have a bad leg. The right one. Steroids cause me to have bad breath, but I take them for it. Steroids allowed me to run with my brothers. The Arm & Hammer treats make my breath so bad that I can't kiss my parents on the face or stare into their eyes. My brother likes them too.

👤My dog had serious problems. They don't digest well. I have a large vet bill.

👤My dog is 9 lbs. Gave him one for the first time. He got a piece of it lodged in his mouth. The dog could not move out for about 5 minutes. I would not try to give him any more of this product.

👤I think this would be a good option since I was able to get my dog a deep dental cleaning. I have a very picky eater who doesn't like most treats and doesn't like dental sticks unless she's eating a meal. She only ate fresh kisses peanut butter. I tried these because I haven't been able to find the same kind at a reasonable price. She loves them! She sneaked away to her bed after sniffing it, but 5 minutes later, I found her going to town on it. I think I have found a winner. Her breath felt better immediately.

👤When she bites off one end, I have to dig it off her back teeth because it gets stuck and I am afraid she will choke. I'm not giving her anymore. Maybe I will return them if they are so cheap.

👤I think these are hard and help clean the teeth. This is not an issue for my pups, they love these, but they are much harder than I thought, so I wanted to mention it.

4. GREENIES Grain Natural Dental Treats

GREENIES Grain Natural Dental Treats

There is a pack of Greenies Grain Free Large Natural Dental Dog Treat. Greenies dog chews have a unique texture that cleans down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar. The VOHC accepted Greenies treats for dogs. These dog treats are made with delicious dried potatoes. Greenies dog treats are made with natural, easy to digest ingredients.

Brand: Greenies

👤I have a dog with severe food allergies. I tried other dental chews but he still had bad reactions. He didn't have a negative reaction to these and he seems to like them! It has only been a few weeks since I fed him these and his teeth don't look great, but I'm hopeful I'll see some improvement soon. Changed from 4 to 5 stars. The vet told me that my dog's teeth look good for his age and that he should keep feeding him the greenies. There are no negative side effects from this treat. I think we have a winner.

👤I don't want my dog to be put through anesthesia to have her teeth cleaned. I initially avoided them because my dog needs to be grain-free and she also gets ear infections when she eats too much potato. I ordered these the first time because I thought they would do more good than harm. No ear issues have arisen, her teeth are better, and her breath is better. I wish they'd improve the thickness. My dog is a big girl but not an aggressive chewer, yet she gets through her morning Greenie in record time. I think a longer chewing process would help close the gap.

👤I'm not happy. The price of these treats has gone crazy. I have been buying them for 5 years and they have always been expensive. My 11 year old dog's jaw is starting to make a clicking noise at the expense of dental benefits, because they get rock hard really fast. The Aging Care option is more expensive than the other two and there is no grain-free option. I would have moved on if my dog didn't love them so much. I have to move on because of the higher cost and the condition of my dog's jaw. Despite thousands of positive reviews, I am starting to think that Greenies are not affordable for most customers and that the company is sinking. If they don't go out of business at regular prices, they will go down fast. It's ridiculous.

👤Greenies came out with a grain free dental chew and I jumped at it. He passed away after trying them. I couldn't find anyone else that had a dog with a grain allergy, so I passed them on. Good quality from Greenies, a bit more expensive than regular. I was expecting this to be grain free. Will look for these when we get our next dog. The Greenies products were always great quality.

👤The dog loves this and he will go straight to his crate to get one and his teeth are clean and white, he has one of these treats. The flavor is good because he likes it. The size is correct and the price is worth it when you compare it to other treats.

👤My boxer seems to work on this particular brand of Greenies grain free, even other cheaper Greenie products that do not cause my Rottweiler to have allergic reactions, are the only brand that works on my boxer. The cheaper made versions of dog food or treats may not cause her to start itching her butt, but it does cause her to start walking on her 2 front paws only. You all know what I'm talking about. We noticed a diff in our boxers gums after using this product. I looked into this and found 888-353-1299 After the first big box, they noticed a positive change in both dogs. It is definitely worth the investment.

5. Fresh Kisses Coconut Botanicals Medium

Fresh Kisses Coconut Botanicals Medium

The bag contains fresh kisses coconut and botanical oils. All-natural dental treats for dogs that clean teeth. A unique double-brush design cleans teeth. All-natural coconut oil, along with other oils, will help your dog's breath. Grain free dog treats made with only 14 ingredients.

Brand: Merrick

👤I had to pay $250.00 to have his teeth cleaned. I couldn't afford that on a limited income as a senior. I saw a small pack of "Merrick Fresh Kisses" for $4.99 at Petco and thought, "Why not?" I was amazed that they cleaned his teeth and got rid of his bad breath. He loved them. I've tried a lot of different things to get his teeth fixed, but none of them worked. He had just one pack that cleaned his teeth and breath. They will be one of his favorites for the rest of his life.

👤These expired today.

👤These treats are great for pets. My doberman puppy loves them because they are healthy and natural. They are easier to digest and work better than Greenies. If you put one of these treats in a glass of water, it will be dissolved in a matter of hours. I recommend going a bigger size than your dog's mouth to prevent accidental swallowing. Happy gnawing!

👤The bone chews were completely changed by the company. My dog won't take them because he ate half of them. I am very disappointed. He loved the big brush bone chews. The small ones were out of desperation. They don't make those. They cleaned his teeth so well that they were his best treat. I don't know what I'm going to do.

👤My dog doesn't like brushing her teeth. She won't let me put my finger in her mouth. The Greenies brand uses 'cleaner' ingredients that work well. My dog doesn't like the smell or taste. She will run away when I pull them out. She will eventually eat it if I leave it out for her. It's nice to know that they are helping with her dental health, because she won't allow a toothbush to happen any time soon.

👤Boxers have gum issues common among large Boxers. Good chew treats are recommended by our vet. It seemed like fresh kisses fit the bill. The large chews upset our dog's tummy. He didn't eat after we gave him the treat at night. We went to the medium treat after cutting them in half and it got better. We have ordered Fresh Kisses 4 times since July and have noticed a big price increase, so we have 2 stars for value. I left 888-353-1299

👤I didn't think my girl would like Fresh Kisses. I am no longer a Dozers customer because I can't find them on Amazon. Most teeth cleaning chews cause stomach problems for my dog. I liked Dozers because they did not cause stomach issues. She ate chews that were so bad that they causedgas. She would hide in a dark corner. It is important that I find chews that agree with her tummy. Fresh Kisses chew are on my list.

6. Nylabone Limited Ingredients Medium Breath

Nylabone Limited Ingredients Medium Breath

The scrubbing nubs help clean teeth. It's natural and very easy to digest. It is a limited-ingredient formula. The treat dimensions are listed. The package is long and wide.

Brand: Nylabone

👤Our dog gets one of the dental bones before bed. When the sun starts to fall, you can see the anticipation on his face. He flies off someone's lap and goes to the pantry to get his treat if they say "dental" If the dog wrote a review, it would be 10-stars. One star was taken off because they don't seem to last as long as a dental chew. It takes 15 to 20 seconds for a tooth to be cleaned. If he's really anxious to finish it off, we have to watch him because he can bite chunks off that gag. Maybe it would be better if they were just a little bit harder.

👤I feel good giving these to my dogs because they love them. I am a dog food snob and will not feed my dogs anything. My dogs are my kids. For me to give my two treats means that they are good. I like that they are made in the US. The ingredients are not bad for a dog treat. They get them twice a day. I leave one in the morning before I go to work so they don't get sad when I walk out the door. They are not sad anymore. They don't care that I'm leaving now and the other one at night. This is the only place I have been able to find a value pack of smalls. Highly recommended. My dogs love me. It's a good thing.

👤This didn't smell fresh orminty at all. It smelled like cooked mushrooms to me. I think it's fair to expect that dental treats that are meant to refresh breath will also smell nice to me, the human who has to live with smelling my dog's breath. I don't know if it's because Amazon has bad batches or if the product is just like this, but so far all the dental treats I've bought from Amazon tend to smell/feel like they're old and outdated from being put away for too long. It was another disappointment to add to the list. Oh, *sigh* I'm going to keep looking.

👤These dental chews clean my puppy's teeth and make him breath better. The chews don't last long, but he loves the taste. They're easy to destroy. He's still teething and is an aggressive chewer, so he has other tougher longer lasting chews. I tried the small and medium sizes and they were gone in minutes. I got a large size for dogs of 30 to 50 pounds. That's right! These are great for him because he's a 9-pound shih tzu pekingese mix with a big mouth. My advice is to get the chews that match the dog's mouth and how aggressively he chews, not his body size.

👤My dog now has a choice of the green and filet flavors to brush his teeth. Each time he chooses the opposite flavor, he gets to choose. I don't think they are very hard, but if he ate them too fast, they would be unsafe. The larger boxes are more cost effective since he gets 2 a day.

7. Purina Dentalife Daily Oral Treats

Purina Dentalife Daily Oral Treats

There is a 58-count pouch for DentaLife Daily Oral Care Mini Dog Treat. It has been proven that a reduction in the amount of tartar build up helps breath. Hard-to-reach teeth are cleaned down to the gumline with eight distinct ridges and a porous texture. The design has a porous texture. There are no artificial flavors or colors.

Brand: Purina Dentalife

👤My dog doesn't like the taste of these and they are too large for his mouth. I get 2 dental chews for him, but they are over twice as large. He will eat them if I cut them in thirds. I get three times the amount for a small chore to cute them up. This is a great value for a product that works. Although they aren't his favorite dental chews, he does like to eat them. Which is the most important thing. I'd been giving him the other chews for a long time, and my vet said they helped. When I took him for a check-up, my vet asked me if I was brushing his teeth after giving him these. After paying $400 for teeth cleaning, I now brush his teeth daily and give him chews, and I know I should have been doing this. The ticket is verified by his most recent vet check-up. She said that his teeth were still very clean because of this duo diligence. 3 times the price and better cleaning is a no-brainer!

👤I am impressed with the dental bones. I've tried to brush off the build up on their teeth with their toothbrush and toothpaste, but it was like they had cement on their teeth. I have 5 dogs and I was thinking I would have to schedule dental cleanings for them. These bones work fast and great, let me tell you that! My dog's teeth look great! After one bag, there is very little left on their teeth. My vet gave me a list of dental bones that were approved by vets and I chose them. When I take the bag out of the pantry, my dogs get excited. I found something that works just as well as these do at cleaning their teeth and it makes it so easy to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

👤These work well and are a reasonable price. My dog likes them, but she doesn't go crazy for them. She is 15 years old and the vet will not clean her tooth since it would require anesthesia, which is a little dangerous for elderly dogs. She had a bad breath. I could smell her as far away as possible. It was terrible. I give her 1-2 of these every day and her bad breath is gone. It's pretty amazing. Sometimes I forget to give her these and the smell comes back. The package always arrives on time.

👤I gave the scent andflavor 5 stars. It is a guess. I didn't eat one and they don't smell bad, but the scale is warped because the dogs lick their butt. I have been giving these to my dog since he was 2 years old. He is now 5. He has a mild breath odor. Both have reversed. I know what can happen from my cats. Theo gets the Dentalife Cat product. They are a joy to have and help keep teeth clean. I usually get multi-packs from, but they are out because of Covid-19. Those are the best value. Amazon always has them. I have them on a subscription. Even if he is asleep, he comes and finds me to get him his toothbrush, which I call them. Thanks for the great products from Purina. Dentalife Sticks are the most affordable and natural oral care.

8. VetIQ Minties Dental Treats Perfect

VetIQ Minties Dental Treats Perfect

One Minties Dog Dental Treat is all it takes to start cleaning and refreshing your dog's teeth. GLUTEN-FREE INGREDIENTS: Minties dental treats for dogs do not contain wheat, corn, or soya. There was no added sugars or salt. Your dog's bristles should be fresh. Minties dog dental treats have five breath fresheners. Minties dog dental treats help dogs chew away plaque build-up. It helps keep your dog's teeth clean. Minties dog dental chews are great for keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy. It helps remove plaque and control the Tartar as they chew. The dental chews for small dogs are made in the USA and are specially formulated for small dogs. Give your dog the mouth-WOWING treat that helps promote their overall health with Minties dog treats.

Brand: Minties

👤Don't make the mistake I did by reading the reviews. I looked at the star ratings and ordered the treats. When I gave my dog the first one, he was very sad. I didn't know that the treat was making him vomit. He ate a second one and then vomited and passed out. I read the ingredients list. Other reviewers have pointed out that these have garlic in them. My beloved dog, who had been my constant companion for nearly a dozen years and was previously active and healthy, died a few days later after suffering balance problems and then severe seizures. Was his death caused by these? I will blame myself if I don't read the ingredients.

👤My dog was sick from these dental treats. She started vomiting after a week on these. I didn't see her first vomit, but I did see the stains on her bedding. She started gagging and throwing up foam as we walked home. She vomited one more time when I was asleep, but I couldn't find the stains on her bedding in the morning. I stopped giving them to her because I suspected it was these, and within one day she was gagging but not vomiting, and in three days she was back to her old self. I got these because I liked the herbal ingredients they used to get the mint flavor, but had doubts about their safety claim regarding garlic. I thought I'd give it a try because it was so economical. I know you get what you pay for. They should not have put garlic in the product, it is unnecessary and poses a serious threat to your dog's health. The scariest thing is that the bad effects don't show up right away but come as a result of the build up after a few days of feeding. You've got it. It has been slayed.

👤The product makes you feel sad. I know I'm not eating it. It is strong. Even in a sealed bag. I am not sure what causes the smell, but I ordered this instead of greenies because Amazon was sold out. It was a great value. So what did you say? They had to be thrown in the garbage. I threw out my money. You learn when you live. You have to be careful when substituting one product for another. I am not misrepresenting when I say it had a very strong unpleasant smell. If there were 500 treats in the bag, please don't waste your money.

👤Over the past few years, I have ordered several bags through Amazon as a healthier alternative to Greenies. They always smelled great. I opened a new bag last night and it smelled like rancid chicken fat. This product now contains yellow and blue dyes. Minties had a green color from parsley, dill and alfalfa. The ingredient lists from my last bag and the new bag have been attached. I called customer service and the woman I talked to was very receptive and said she would pass along my concerns.

9. Purina Dentalife Daily Large Treats

Purina Dentalife Daily Large Treats

Dog treats in the 18-count pouch. It has been proven that a reduction in the amount of tartar build up helps breath. Hard-to-reach teeth are cleaned down to the gumline with eight distinct ridges and a porous texture. The design has a porous texture. There are no artificial flavors or colors.

Brand: Purina Dentalife

👤I stopped my subscription because of my research on the ingredients. There are a number of ingredients that can cause various side effects such as itchy skin, nausea, vomiting, and lung and kidney issues. Some countries have banned the controversial BHT and BHA because they can cause cancer in animals. The toxic ingredients can't be safe with daily dose. I am ashamed that it took me so long to do my research, but I am happy that it stopped me from poisoning my dogs with cumulative daily exposure. I wish the product could be safer with more natural ingredients, as Purina knows how to make very tasty pet products. I'll be looking for the company to make products that are free of harmful ingredients, and I'd be willing to pay more for my dogs.

👤I found out that there are two Preservatives that can cause cancer. The reason I looked closer at the ingredients was because of the smell of my mix. I stopped them for a few days and didn't have gas. The same thing happened when I gave them to him again. I thought he was cold because of his short hair, but now I think he has chews. I will take them away again to see what happens. I don't think I'll ever give them to him again because of these 2Preservatives. He is a very healthy dog.

👤My dog is very fond of these treats. She has noticed a difference in her teeth. She freaks out when I try to get her to sit through a toothbrush, and even if I tried, it would be hard to get her to sit through a finger brush. She had a brownish ring on her teeth. After one bag of these, I noticed that there was not as much brown as before. There is no brown at the bottom of her teeth after I gave her these for about four months. She is 7 years old and her teeth are starting to get brighter with these treats. She can't wait to get these. She runs to eat it after I get the bag out, dancing around and taking it out of my hand. These are highly recommended.

👤As soon as he spots some of the treats, he makes a lot of drooling. He doesn't like them. He runs around in circles until he gets to his crate for his snack. It is a routine he can count on and he adores them. They don't smell like dog snacks, like peanut butter, or meat. They remind me of coral. Two vets have told us that his teeth are in great shape, but we are not brushing his teeth because he allows me to deep clean his ears, but I have failed at brushing his teeth. They only last him a short time, but are twice as long as the other dental treats we have tried. He hasn't been as excited about the other brands.

👤My large dog loves them. I ordered 5 packs of 2 and only received 5 total instead of 10, so beware of ordering through this particular listing. I am not the only one who had this problem. It looks like it may have been an error keying in the pricing, but it must have been listed incorrect for a long time. Since the price was much lower than I could get two packs for near home, I wasn't surprised that it turned out to be an error but I paid more than I would have paid if I had purchased elsewhere.

10. Greenies Original Petite Dental Holiday

Greenies Original Petite Dental Holiday

There is a pack of Greenies Original Petite Natural Dental Dog Treat. The texture of Greenies dog chews makes them fight plaque and the gumline to fight bad dog breath. Greenies treats for dogs are recommended by the vet. Greenies Original Dental treats are great for small dogs. Greenies dog treats are made with natural, easy to digest ingredients.

Brand: Greenies

👤I have a dog. She's cute. My baby is mine. I love her so much that I will cut someone to protect her. I'm probably crazy. Her eyes are very bright and she's very sweet. She is so smart. I've never had a dog like that. It reminds me of a Dean Koontz character. Anyhow. I have not liked her breath smelling like an unmentionable area. There are more than a dozen unmentionable areas. I've tried a lot of things, but she won't drink it and I spiked her water. I tried these Greenies. She loves them. After a week of having one each day, her breath has improved. I don't want to gag when she yawns from the other side of the couch. I don't mind that she woke me up with a puppy kiss. These are great. I'm thinking about giving my brother some to help him breathe.

👤My dog became very sick, bloody stool and bloody vomit, not knowing what to do as I thought I would not have my dog for a long time. I took her to the doctor. She was diagnosed with a very rare disease. Put her on a low fat diet with cottage cheese. My dog was on the mend after a few days. I gave her a greenie because she was eating a bland diet and she was so good. I went to the vet after she was sick for 12 hours because she couldn't loose more weight. She was put on the IV for 12 hours. She came back better than before. My dog has a problem with pancreatitis and I told Lynn about it. Lynn told me that her puppy had been operated on. Also with the same is pancreatitis. Lynn told me that the vet had to operate on her dog. The vet said it was a Greenie. I'm tough. The product that these As'"holes sell can kill dogs. It made me sick. My dog is on the mend. Amozon should not sell such a product. Please read the reviews.

👤I started feeding these to my dog once a day and he started acting weird like he wanted to go out all the time and he started having accidents in the house and my dog is 8 years old and very well-behaved and potty trained.

👤Within 24 hours, my two dogs were violently sick and had to be hospitalized. I didn't know what was happening until I remembered it was the only difference. I read over 100 instances of these treats causing dogs to die or be hospitalized. They are still in business. My dogs are doing well after treatment. I will never give them greenie products again. I hope Amazon will stop selling these.

👤I bought a 60 count Petite Size. There were 2 zip-lock bags of treats in the box. It took my dog a while to chew one up and eat it, the first few were hard. I thought it was a good thing that she was having to work on her teeth more. The chews have become soft even though I have kept the bag closed. I don't think they are doing much for her teeth. I don't know if they have gone bad. Is it safe to give my dog? I went to to inquire about the treats. They didn't bother to respond. If customers don't respond, what is the point of having a form? The lowest rating I can give them is because they have changed in consistency in a matter of days and the manufacturer doesn't have customer support.

11. Greenies Original Teenie Dental Holiday

Greenies Original Teenie Dental Holiday

One Greenies dental treat a day is all it takes for clean teeth, fresh breath and a happy dog. The chewy texture helps clean teeth, maintain healthy gums, and make mouths happy. They make GREENIES Dental Treat for every age from puppy to mature, and every dog size from small to large, plus they offer Grain Free, Weight Management, and Fresh Flavor varieties. Greenies dental treats are made with natural ingredients and provide balanced nutrition for adult dogs. These dental treats are made from high quality ingredients and are great for your dog.

Brand: Greenies

👤I have a love/hate relationship with Greenies. My dog has been eating one Greenie a day for the last 7 years, and I think he has eaten 2,500 Greenies. If I've bought that many, then they must be great, right? Wrong! My dog loves the taste of them and has come to expect one every morning after he does his business. The treats are healthy and don't do him any harm, so he continues to get them. All of the positives are about the same. Greenies claim to clean the gumline to fight plaque. They don't do much in regards to any of these areas. He has a smell in his breath that is related to the food he eats. He has tried many different foods and still has bad breath. I'm not complaining that my dog has bad breath, but the product shouldn't claim to make it better if it really doesn't. It fails at fighting plaque and tartar. My dog is 7 years old and he has lost about a half a dozen of his teeth. A lot of this has to do with some dogs being more susceptible to having bad teeth like humans. Eating a Greenie every single day has done nothing to fight the decay of his teeth. My parents have two other dogs that eat a Greenie as well. Both dogs have a persistent smell. Greenies don't help in fighting bad breath. I keep buying the Greenies because he's used to them and they're just a tasty treat.

👤Greenies were the only thing different in my routine. After a week, she became very tired and acted like she had a problem with her bowels. We rushed her to the ER on New Year's Eve because we were told she was too sick to survive. Her blood sugar was through the roof and her kidneys were full of sludge. I'll always wonder if there's a connection.

👤Here's the deal. I have advocated for Greenies for a long time. I have small dogs. They love them. I broke the teenie size of the greenie treats into smaller pieces for my dog to eat after she went potty, because she really loves her greenie treats. The equivalent to 2 teenie size greenies per 24 hours. Not every day, but often and consistently throughout the week. For 3 years. It didn't seem like a big deal when I noticed some green poop as a result, and healthy happy dogs otherwise. Our other dog is a senior and I give them to him as well. I started to notice some issues in our dog who eats greenies nearly daily, but I didn't realize how bad it was or how to treat it. The bright blood with her poop was alarming. It seemed to be a one time deal. Fast forward a week later. She was restless at night and wanted to bite her back legs, like something was bothering her. I guess it was from the stomach. I didn't realize she was bloated as she was in obvious discomfort, she has a lot of fur. Vomited her dinner. It was bloody poop again. She was having trouble walking when I got her to the vet the next day, she cried out when I touched her sides, and suddenly couldn't jump up on things. She is hurting herself because of the symptoms of pancreatitis. She was immediately taken to the vet. The vet X-ray showed a lot of gas in her gut and inflammation of her poor tissues. It was very painful for her and I realized now that she probably was having a lot of those symptoms over a longer period of time from trying to process the greenies, but since it was not obvious, I missed the signs and discomfort she was experiencing. She had to take medication for relief and recovery of her stomach and bowels. I cut all the greenies out and really scrutinized her diet as a result. She only got one garbage treat that was a "digestible" rawhide called Dreambones, which I'm very suspicious of, as it has similar ingredients to the greenies. No more of that garbage either. I don't give her the treat if I don't make it myself. I have a bag of Greenie's that are worthless. I don't feel like I can donate it. If thry harm some other dogs. My dog's bowels and little system are getting better. A frightening experience and expensive vet too. I thought that these greenies were a relatively healthy, harmless and safe treat to give my dogs, and I always try to buy the very best for my dogs with all foods and products. I will never give my animals these greenies again. kindness on my part. Read the other bad reviews. Maybe something bad will happen to your dog. Why would you take that risk? The person in front of me at the vet was with a dog who was having occasional blood with pooping, and I overheard them say his favorite treat was the Greenies. People like me don't know the potential harm they're doing. So beware. Don't give it to your dog if you wouldn't eat it yourself.


What is the best product for dog dental treats for medium dogs?

Dog dental treats for medium dogs products from Pedigree. In this article about dog dental treats for medium dogs you can see why people choose the product. Greenies and Arm & Hammer are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog dental treats for medium dogs.

What are the best brands for dog dental treats for medium dogs?

Pedigree, Greenies and Arm & Hammer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog dental treats for medium dogs. Find the detail in this article. Merrick, Nylabone and Purina Dentalife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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