Best Dog Crates for Small Dogs

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1. AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Crate

AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Crate

The soft-sided crate is easy to store. Made with durable material. Multiple screened panels for your pet to look out of, well-ventilated. The pet bed has a plush fleece covering. There are accessory pockets on the sides and top. The shoulder strap has carrying options. Medium sized breeds such as Blue Heelers and Golden Retrievers are recommended.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This was easy to get up from the box. To unfold the cross supports, you have to open the top panel. They will come with rubber banded down. This crate has a good sized pouch that can unhook, another pouch on the top flap, and a water bottle holder and ID card holder on the back. The flaps on the front and top can be rolled and held in the rolled position, which I like. It seems well built. Time will tell. If your dog is a chewer, it will chew through this. It is not made of Kevlar. My golden puppy is 50lb and fits perfectly with room to grow. I was considering getting the 42” as she is only 6 years old and still has some growing to do. I don't think she'll be able to keep up with this.

👤I wanted to swap my kitty's carrier for something larger as she has two sore legs and a benign tumor. I realized that she would have pain because her carrier was too small, after she tried to get into it in a tornado warning. I am very happy I bought this. It took a couple of minutes to build this and make a perfect carrier for my cat. She is a very large cat and this was a big deal for her. She immediately entered! I think the black colour makes it feel darker and more protected, because she doesn't have to stand up or stretch out. Sturdy and foldable! What a great purchase! She is a suspect of anything new. She was sleeping in it for 4.5 hours this morning. I knew I had to write a review. There are pockets for things like food, water and wipes. The front flap can be attached to stay open. If she needs to be taken out of the top at the vets, the top is large. I put it with her favourite blanket. The mat it comes with is too thin and would do in a pinch, so I stacked hers high. It helps with her injuries. It looks like an easy clean. Don't hesitate to buy- it's a great value. I bought the 26 inch size for her. It's so roomy!

👤I still recommend this crate for all of the reasons listed below, but our dog ended up pawing and leaning on the zip to get out, which is a shame because we still watch out for chewers. I still like the idea of a soft crate, but I don't want her to be too comfortable in it. Our new fur baby would be comfortable and have her own space if we had this crate. The crate is big and looks like it! There is plenty of room for our dog. The crate was easy to assemble and take down to pack away. One less thing to forget to buy or pack was the benefit of having the crate come with a crate pad. The pockets are nice. We have yet to use the crate because it was too big for our trailer. We used it in the car for a while, but when we put it in the house for our dog to get used to, she went into it more than her traditional metal crate, and we were concerned that she would try to chew through it. It is packed away and ready to use. If our house was larger, we would use this crate as her sleeping crate in the bedroom and the traditional crate for when we leave. Hopefully this is helpful to someone. I would recommend it and buy it, just keep in mind your chewers! If something comes up in the future, I will update.

2. 30L Inch Comfortable Bolster Maintenance Warranty

30L Inch Comfortable Bolster Maintenance Warranty

Medium dog beds are ideal for dogs weighing up to 26 - 40 pounds, and are not ideal for excessive chewers. Turn your dog's crate into their forever home. To entice your pet to use their crate, use a pet bed with it. The pet bed has a padded bolster cushion around the perimeter for dogs to lay their head on. The ideal dog bed is for folding metal dog crates, dog carriers and dog houses.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤My parents will be upset that I'm using their computer, so don't tell anyone that I'm writing this. I don't want to lay down without this bed. I used to lay on my elevated bed without this soft and fluffy wonderous creation, but now I refuse. I would rather lay on the hardwood floor than do that now. I was told by my parents that I had to eat my treat on my elevated bed. I protested until they took the bone out of the dryer after washing it for the fifth time. The 42" bed is large enough for me and my favorite toys, but I'm a big boy. The bed has not lost its shape in the washer or dryer. It is great! Let me tell you a story about the neighbor's cat. I hear my dad coming. P.S. The slobber on the keyboard was here before I started typing.

👤Wow! These are terrible! I was so appalled! I ordered 4 of them. This is fraud. It is the smallest bed I have ever seen. The actual measurement is 18 x 12 inches, not 22 x 13 as stated. All of my brothers, my uncle, and myself came up with the same measurement. The size of our cat bed is 24 x 18 inches, and the two of these can fit inside it.

👤Amazon only allowed me one review after I purchased a Midwest Bolster Pet Bed for a second time. I gave a five star review for the 24" bed. The 22" inch bed is only a three star review. The description page states that the bed is 22" in size, but other reviewers have noted that is not the case. It is not as well made as the 24". I have to give the bed a three star review. Purchase the 24" Pet Bed and not the 22" bed. The Midwest Bolster Pet Bed is not heavily padded in the "Bed" area, but I expected that. We wanted this to go into one of the dog houses because the floors get cold. We'll put a blankie on it for him, but it has water proof material on the bottom to keep it dry. Even if the rain falls between the floorboards, it won't get him wet. It is a large size and appears to be well made. We have a much more expensive indoor pet bed that he loves and wouldn't like it to be moved from " His Spot." Animals are very controlling. Maybe we're pushovers. These are a nice size, and I recommend this at the price. They don't have the same smell as some pet beds. I don't know how I got my 20 pound cat a pet bed that was so expensive, but he walked over to it and sniff it and PEE all over it. GASP! If you found the review helpful, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

👤Parma loves his bed. He sleeps on it. He likes having a place for himself.

3. Explore Land Durable Polyester Universal

Explore Land Durable Polyester Universal

The dimensions are 42L x28W x 30H inch. Most brand 42 inch standard wire crate have a universal fit. The cloth is made of durable material. The portable handle is easy to remove. Two entrance doors can be used together or separately, and mesh window flap can adjust visibility. The wire crate needs to be fixed with 5 switches at the bottom. The wire crate has a 1 year warranty.

Brand: Explore Land

👤This works well for our dog. The room where the crate is is very airy. He gets cold. He wouldn't keep blankets on him so he wouldn't be rolled up in a ball. Even though the crate door is open, he relaxes and doesn't want to come out in the morning. I was going to make one. I am glad I found this one.

👤The cover is designed to cover a dog cage. It's nice that it has a way to expose either side door, it's the only one that I could find that did that. My dog only uses the long side door on his cage because the others only exposed the skinny side door. I had a blue tarp covering the cage until this point, so as far as appearance goes, this thing is great. In the winter, my dog needs some wind protection. I think it will hold up well because it will not be exposed to the weather. It clips to the cage so it can't blow off in the wind. Some people left bad reviews because their dog chewed it up, but that's not the fault of the company. My dog is out of the puppy phase and hasn't bothered it. I love this thing more than the tarp, and it was only $30.

👤I bought this for my dogs' crate to use in place of a thick blanket. My two dachshunds like to sleep with their crate covered because it gets cold in the winter and the surrounding months in my basement apartment. The crate cover became necessary because the thick blanket would get dirty and smelly. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to all my friends with crates. When it's new, it does smell, but in my case, I felt it was more like a new plastic smell than a foul smell. P.S. I put the front zip up so they can see through the corner.

👤I had it for about 6 weeks and it is starting to get torn up. I ordered another one. I don't know of a better alternative, so I'll try again. I hope the tan one is cooler for my pup. I have been using this for about a week now. My dog would chew at the crate wires before I covered it with a blanket. This has only got one poke hole so far. The black one is so dark that the light can barely see it. I like the fact that it is attached to the crate and can roll up.

👤I bought two because I overlooked the toggles at the bottom, and my dog ripped them open. The seller was very understanding when I reached out. I secured the item to the kennel the second time I bought it, but my dog ripped it up again, despite my efforts. It's the best looking cover I've found so far, but if your dog has separation anxiety, it might not last very long. 4 stars for great design and customer service, but not very durable.

4. Stainless Training Included Lockable Removable

Stainless Training Included Lockable Removable

Their heavy duty dog crates are made out of STAINLESS STEEL and have all parts welded so they can prevent aggressive dogs from escaping. It helps the crate stand up to the elements, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Safe and non-hazardous dog cages protect your pet's health, so you don't have to worry when it chews and licks. The front door can be used for pets and the top door can be used for interacting with your dog. You can lock the wheels of the crate and move it anywhere you please with the help of the rotating locking casters. It's easy to clean, and you can use it outdoors. It is easy to assemble, all the hardware pack is included.

Brand: Confote

👤This crate has worked better than any other crate I have gotten, but still it is not worth the price. My dog has an anxiety problem. He finds a way to get out of every crate we have gotten him when he is left alone. We try to be with him as much as we can, but sometimes we have to leave him alone. We have tried a lot of different crates and I have bought a lot of them in the past 6 months. I was hoping that this one would work. I was expecting to get my money's worth but it wasn't the case. The first day we got it, my dog got out of the crate. When we left our dog in the crate to test it out, we made sure all the locks were set in place. We have a live video camera in the dogs room, but it only lasted 20 minutes. He was out of the crate. The crate was very flimsy when he broke the latch. We have had to buy padlocks to reinforce it. If you have a dog like mine, then I suggest buying multiple padlocks and placing them around the cage because my dog is very persistent. The build of this crate feels very cheap. The wheels on the bottom don't lock as they should, and the latches are flimsy. It isn't worth the money you spend on it.

👤My boy is 95 lbs, and has tore through every kennel we have gotten him in. He gave up on the first day. He knows he is not leaving. He can spread out all the way in this giant kennel. I know my house is safe while I am at work. It was so easy to put together and it took about 10 minutes to put it together, it came with everything you need to put it together, and it was easy to grab his bed for cleaning. It is heavy, be careful. You will need to put it in a room that you want it to stay in. It didn't fit through my doorways for me. I would purchase again. I don't think I will need to. Just buy it!

👤The product was not in great condition when shipped to us. The box was damaged and the crate inside was not protected at all. If the only issue was shipping damage, we could still use the crate for our dog. The crate was put together and we found a lot of issues. The places where the crate was welded together looked terrible. The wire piece that went on top of the crate was so flimsy that it moved around with a few centimeters of free space on each side. The damage from shipping was small, but it made a big impact on the crate and caused a lot of damage to the bottom of the crate. I thought I would give the seller another chance because I tried to chalk the issues up to the damage from shipping. I offered to send this one back after I asked for a replacement. I think they would give me a small portion of the cost, but they didn't send it back. I was shocked by the offer as I hadn't used the crate yet and saw many red flags of poor craftsmanship. I have been using these crates for many years and usually buy a new one every year or two for my 8 year old dog, but I switched back to the other brand because it seems more reliable and safe.

5. Prints Personalized Anti Slip Machine Washable

Prints Personalized Anti Slip Machine Washable

The top material of 3 layers is a 100% polyester surface for ultimate comfort and a high density middle layer with anti-slip gel bottom. Your pet cat or dog will be very cute and adorable with the unique and fashion little star pattern print. The lovely pet mat will let your pet stand out. The dog crate mat is anti-slip, non-skid, and works great on hardwood floors, will keep your dog safe when nap on the mat, and is low maintenance and long lasting. It is machine washable. The dog mat will keep its shape after being washed. It can protect your furniture from dirt and fur. Moonsea guarantees the product quality so you can buy it at ease. If there is a problem with the dog crate mat, please contact them and they can replace it for you or give you a new one.

Brand: Moonsea

👤I own a pet care company and board clients dogs for vacations. I buy extra crate mats and dog beds. These are great! They were on sale when I bought them. I didn't have the highest expectations because the price was so low, but they have become my go-to crate mat because they are flat and don't slide around the crate. I love them! I wash them as well.

👤The map was nice until the 11 mo GSP chewed it up. I was in his kennel. This is for you if your dog is destructive when he is bored. I think a nondestructive pup is useful for what it is.

👤I use this for my dog to sit on the couch. I don't believe it would be chew proof.

👤The black lab likes a thin bed. She has always preferred a bed that was thick and soft like a mattress. The bed has enough padding to be better than a folded blanket, but our girl doesn't use it. The padding and thin material make washing it very easy.

👤Not a bad product. He doesn't chew on his bedding so it's holding up well, and we are using this in our dogs kennel. It is easy to wash and tumble dry. Not too thin and not too thick. It slips and slides and doesn't grip in place.

👤The dog's chair has a cushion. It seems well made. My dog isn't a destructive chewer so it should be safe. Hope it holds up for a few washes. It would make a nice mat for the pup. I would buy this again.

👤A traditional pet bed would be destroyed by my dog. My dog chewed one seam the first night, but since has left it alone. It gives him a soft spot on the floor.

👤The bed is too thin and it slides around. My dog likes to lay on the hardwood floor while sitting on the mat.

6. DWANTON Furniture Nightstand Vintage USDF003VV

DWANTON Furniture Nightstand Vintage USDF003VV

The furniture can be used as a pet crate, side table, end table or night stand. The wide top has enough space to put some decorations such as small/medium plant, magazines, family picture frames and night lamps. The double door design makes it easy for your pet to go in and out. The side table can be kept stable if the floor is not flat. Particleboard and wire construction is safe for pets. It gives a full view for the pet to see you and you can enjoy watching them. If you want to install the product correctly, you must download the latest version of the installation guide on the web page.

Brand: Dwanton

👤We were looking for a better solution than the portable plastic crate. Despite a few bad reviews, we picked this one up despite reading a lot of reviews. The package arrived with no visible damage. Our 11 year old son was assigned assembly responsibility and he went at it. He has a knack for Lego sets since he was 5 years old. He was able to assemble the crate table despite the very minimal instructions, however, he accidentally tightened the bolts too much. The pieces are screwed together using bolts that are embedded into nuts. The nuts are pulled out of the plastic piece if the bolt is tightened too much. He was trying to tighten the bolts when he did this. I had to hammer the nuts back into the plastic end pieces, then we carefully crewed in the bolts. The instructions were not all that helpful and would have been better if there had been a warning or clue. We had no issues with the product once it was assembled, and our klee kai loves her new home. The design should allow for the side door to be installed on either side. We have a crate table on the left side of my work desk so the side door is facing away from me, which would have been better if we had the side door on the right side. If the doors could be installed to swing either to the left or to the right, it would make it easier to get to the table.

👤The crate looked nice and had some good reviews, but it is cheap, unstable, and worthless. Do not waste your money on this! The crate fell apart in the middle of being put together. The fake wood was removed so that it could not be put together with theaterials. I bought larger screws, wood glue, and epoxy to save this. Nope. This is not a good use of money. Do not buy.

👤Is that shimmer on there? That is a lot of fiberglass. Imagine coating a product with loose fibers and not putting a warning on it if you had ever installed fiberglass insulation without gloves. It's not right. All of it is in your eyeballs. It was a joy. I will have to throw out a nice carpet after this. It doesn't say you shouldn't buy this. The company said this was not fiberglass shredded, but Styrofoam. I don't know much about industrial processing, but I don't think many people have to get sharp Styrofoam fibers removed from their eyes or have severe skin irritation after handling it. What are you doing to make this? Styrofoam was used as a packing material. This is the first time a company has shipped something with shredded fiberglass. It looks like shredded fiberglass. You don't want to open a box full of stuff in your living-room.

👤The crate looked great when we moved it. We noticed that one of the metal braces on the bottom was missing the proper threading to attach the screws. There was no information on where to contact the manufacturer if the parts were faulty. Since I can't get replacement parts, I packed it and returned it. I'll try a different manufacturer.

7. Petsfit Travel Design Collapsible Indoor

Petsfit Travel Design Collapsible Indoor

The top and bottom of the portable dog crate are made of memory metal rods. It is good for carrying animals with you. The sizes of 16Lx19"Wx16"H, 19Lx26"Wx20"H, and 22Lx30"Wx25"H are suitable for dogs under 28 lbs. They have put a huge net on the side of the dog crate and front door so that you can see your pets at any time, they pay attention to the feeling of pets staying in the dog crates, they have reserved a huge net on the side of the dog crate and front door so Your pets can see you outside at any time to increase their sense of security. The portable dog crate has enough height so that your dog can lie down and stand in it. The fleece soft mat on the bottom can make your dog more comfortable. The cover is easy to clean. The back of the soft dog crate has a large storage pocket that can be used to store dog snacks, garbage bags, feeders, etc. The bag is sealed with fabric-magic tape, which can be used to store items. The dog crates are portable. The crate has a handle on top that is easy to fold. The dog kennel can be folded completely flat for storage and still fit in a car or house.

Brand: Petsfit

👤There is a lot of room for two mini weiner dogs and their favorite bed. They are open for daytime access and a quick zip to tuck them in at night.

👤We're very happy with this. It's very easy to put together, and easy to collapse. It's very easy to use. The transparent sides make my puppy happy. Everything is going on around him. Our puppy is very comfortable on the mat sitting on the floor. The cover to the mat can be washed. It's great that this is portable. It can fit in the back of our SUV. We have it under the dining room table where he can get some privacy when we're not using it for travel. It's like his little hideaway. I would recommend this for anyone who needs a travel crate or a crate to use in the house.

👤The dog crate works great. It's pretty big and roomy. It is easy to set up and use. There is mesh material for windows. The crate and pocket are in the back of the suitcase.

8. ICrate Starter 24 Inch BREEDS Weighing

ICrate Starter 24 Inch BREEDS Weighing

The perfect starter kit for the new dog owner. You can enjoy more time with your new family member if you get everything in 1 carton. The small dog breed kit includes everything you need to get started: a dog crate, a dog bed, a crate cover, and 10 Ounces of pet bowls. Small dog breeds with an adult weight of 13 - 25 pounds are ideal for a starter kit. It was designed to fit and be user friendly. The Fleece pet bed and the 2 inch fit dog bowls are machine washed and dryer friendly. The dog rate is full. This kit has a divider panel, 4 roller feet, and a leak-proof dog tray.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤I bought this for my two pitbills, they love to be together. I didn't expect the cage to be so big. They have a lot of room, it comes with a bed and two dog bowls.

👤The 48 inch was huge for us. My husband is 190 lbs. Both dogs could get inside with room to spare. We ordered the 36" instead of returning it. It's much better! The crate is easy to put together and take apart. The bed pad, bowls, and cover are all very nice. We are very pleased with this. The hotel requires dogs to be in a crate when we aren't in the room, so we purchased to use during our upcoming trip. Our little girl is liking it and seems okay with it.

👤This is a nice item. I ordered the 42" for my puppy. I bought this size so I could grow. The divider panel is a great feature. The bed in this kit is very comfortable. The feed and water bottle have a good weight. The nylon tent cover is great for use with Velcro. My puppy is going to be a big girl and grew out of the small size in the first month. It takes up a bit if there is room. She is going to be a big girl. We don't have to buy another crate for her. She can stand and stretch out when laying down. The kit is worth the money. The quality is good. You won't do better for the price for all you get, because I did a lot of research. It's a good thing.

👤My dog likes it. The cover makes it more like a cave for her and the pad is very nice. I have a 75lb Lab/Golden mix and the 42" is the perfect size. She was laying on her side in the evening because she had a small room to move around in. We are very happy with this.

👤I love it! I got in it without asking. There is one small thing. The bowls have stickers on them. They won't come clean. I have tried many things... come on! Why did you do that? That annoying thing is not included. That is it.

👤I expected more based on price and reviews, but my 8 month old German Shepherd doesn't seem to open the upper latch, so I'm not sure if I'll come back.

👤It's a good place for my dog. When I need to leave the house, this crate is a great place to put my dog. He feels safe. The bed and cover are warm. Highly recommended! The product is easy to assemble.

👤This is a good deal for all of the things. Delivery was fast and the items were good quality. It arrived a day early. I am very happy with the purchase. I put a picture of it with my 70 pound Pitt inside.

👤The crate is falling apart after less than 6 months. Our dog is very unsafe because the wire is sticking into the crate. Will be contacting customer service to get a refund. The original post was about the crate we got for our golden retriever pup. It was easy to assemble and came with accessories. We can't use the cover because he pulls it through the bars and into the crate with him. There is a He's been able to break out of the metal many times. carabiners are required to keep the door secured. The crate scratched our baseboards. It would be nice to have a bumper. It's an ok product for the price, but not up to the job for a large, strong pup like ours.

9. Midwest Homes Pets Crate Cover

Midwest Homes Pets Crate Cover

The privacy, security and comfort that dog's need and desire is recommended by veterinarians, breeders and trainers is provided by the Teflon protected dog crate cover. The crate cover is gray and fits most folding metal dog crates. The crate cover is Teflon protected. The dimensions are 30 L X 19 W X 21 H. It will fit most standard 30 inches long dog crates as well. Teflon fabric protects against stains and oils. The dog crate cover allows easy access to front and is compatible with rear and side door dog crates. The dog crate cover can be held in place with hook and loop tabs to convert it into a cozy place to sleep in. Blending your dog crate with home decor is a stylish way to compliment it. The dog crate cover has flaps on the front, sides, back and top panels. The crate cover does not include a bottom panel, mat or rug. There is a warning about cancer and reproductive harm.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤We had draped towels over his crate to give him some peace, but it didn't look very pretty. The crate cover is what I needed. The cover is easy to put on and looks great in the living room. It will be easy to wash when it needs to be cleaned. Before I bought this crate cover, I did a lot of research on the internet to find a cover that would do what I needed and not cost more than $60. I don't think it's necessary to buy a cover that has all kinds of designs. Solid black got less than 14 bucks. If you find this review helpful, please click "yes" below so that I know I'm not wasting my time writing these reviews.

👤When I got the crate and cover for my dog, I thought it was a goods set up. Not much. If you have a chewer, he will pull at the cover and it will tear easily. This isn't the biggest problem. My chocolate lab grew from 6 weeks to 5 months, and so did his breath output inside the crate at night. I was going to take him for a 3am walk when he came out of the crate, and he smelled like Milk. I thought he got into something and was dirty. I dried him the best I could after giving him a bath. I washed his bedding as well. It never really left. He had a red rash on his body in the next couple of weeks. We went to the vet to get antibiotics and she asked if he had gotten wet. I did the math after that. This cover is not a betrayal. In the early 80s, you would wake up in the morning with condensation on the inside of your tent. The cover creates a sauna. The skin infections started because of this. It's good for short periods, but not for nightly sleep. It did not break! It makes the problem worse if he spills his water bowl. I use a cotton sheet. Be careful!

👤Very nice. Love the flap in the front. I don't always make my dog sleep in his crate, but when I do, it instantly calms him and gives him the privacy and environment he deserves. The product is very durable and will last a long time.

👤The reason this is only getting 3 stars is because there should be a tie down on the cover to make sure it doesn't fall off the crate. Although my dog loves her crate, she pulls the cover into it with her. The cover has been ruined and I have to stitch it back together. The cover wouldn't be able to be pulled into the crate if there was a tie down. I can either order another cover or find another manufacturer that builds a similar crate cover.

👤The cover is well made. It is perfect for our 36” Midwest creation. The corners have something to hold them in place. There are covers on each side so that you can decide if you want to cover the front or not. The cover is in our living room, so I like it. The cover is clean in the machine. The only thing missing would be ties or something to hold the cover up. It would be great to have an option to roll up the sides and hold them, especially when we want the sides down but not all the way.

10. Double Two Door Matching 30 Inch Medium

Double Two Door Matching 30 Inch Medium

The perfect starter kit for the new dog owner. You can enjoy more time with your new furry family member if you get everything in 1 carton. There is a dog crate, a gray dog bed, and a dog crate cover in the medicine dog breed kit. The dog crate is 30L x 19W x 21H inches. The starter dog crate kit is ideal for small to medium dog breeds. The New World dog crate has rubber rolling feet and a waterproof tray. The dog bed and crate cover are designed to fit your dog's crate and will make him feel at home.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤I don't agree with others. The material is thin and the smell is chemicals. Stitching doesn't look like it will endure a tug from a dog. The cushion has a stronger smell and is easier to pull out. I can't believe this is sold for dogs. My pup is teething and he will be consuming too much fiber, so I will not be using the cushion. Too bad!

👤I love this crate. It has a very comfortable bed and a door that doesn't swing wildly. To close it, push it gently. I didn't know I would appreciate it at first. There is a door on the short side. I was able to change the position of the crate to fit my space. The cover fits perfectly and my puppy is now inside of her crate.

👤The crate was easy to assemble. It looks like it is well made and sturdy. The smell of the pad and cover for the crate is nauseating. The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the smell. I washed the pad with detergent and then without it. The pad was thrown in the trash. The cover of the crate was the same as the rest of the room since it's not clean and the smell is so bad. The crate is fine, but one has to pay for a cover and a pad that is not usable. I wouldn't recommend buying this crate.

👤I bought this for my GoldenDoodle because he was getting too big for the previous one. It's huge first off. I love it. The bed looks expensive. The cover of the crate keeps it classy, as Remi doesn't like to be able to see out when he sleeps.

👤Set it up and take it down. I bought this for a puppy. She likes the security of the cover and the comfort of the cushion. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a strong crate.

👤I bought this to put my two small dogs in while I was at my daughter's house. It is easy to fold down. If I have to crate my dogs for an extended period of time at home, I put this crate in the other two crates so they can move around more freely. It takes a little rigging to get the gates adjusted, but it can be done, I like that there is a second gate on this crate to let the dogs in and out. It was a good purchase.

👤The crate set up looked great, but I found black fuzz everywhere. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. The fuzz was all over the puppy's food, water, and even in her mouth. The fuzz came from the crate cushion. The fabric is not suitable for a dog. My puppy was able to shred it in a day. The crate seems to be in good shape. The cover has not been used by me.

👤I am so happy that we got our crate yesterday. The pad and fuzz in their puppies food bowls was something I noticed in the review. Unless it is waterproof or chew proof, don't put a pad in a crate. The construction of the kennel is really good and the cover and pad was a great deal. It was easy to set up. I am looking forward to crate training our puppy with this new kennel.

11. AmazonBasics Heavy Stackable Kennel 36 Inch

AmazonBasics Heavy Stackable Kennel 36 Inch

A 36-inch heavy-duty pet kennel with a pull-out tray is easy to clean. Made of sturdy iron and polypropylene material. The top opens for easier in/out access of pets and supplies. Most parts are assembled for a quick setup. It is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The door came off on the second day.

👤The door cannot be fixed and the lower screw is falling off which is a hazard. I cannot recommend this product because it has the same issue with the same part twice. We had to return the first crate. The durability is something we love about this. The door seems to be an issue. If the door doesn't work, what good is a crate? The bottom screw fell out on the first one. It should not have happened because we fixed it. The screw was on the floor and the dog was in it. The knob fell off again. This could not be fixed since it is spring loaded. The door was stuck and I was without a crate which was a mess. It was difficult to package and ship a 50lb crate. We received the new one quickly after doing this. Guess what? The screw to the door was in the floor when I let my dog out. What the heck? This is not a cheap piece of equipment. I am waiting for the knobs to fall again. I am not going to be happy if this has to go back a third time. This is a safety issue and since it has happened more than once, it is a manufacturing problem.

👤The kennel is ok. Bars are a little thin. There were bent areas and heavy scratching. There is a change to be made. The lock handle came loose from the gate after the hinge fell. The one year warranty is only for current listing and was not present before. It was present before. When I noticed those bent areas, I asked and double checked. Hate being lied to. Do not buy it. Better aftermarket support can be found locally.

👤The door has broken after less than 2 months of use. Not worth the money.

👤We give up! We have ordered several times, trying to get a crate that is in good shape. We give up! We have received broken crates four times and the boxes are in good shape. I think they are packaged and shipped that way. We have ordered this crate six times and have two that are usable, all the others have had to be returned. I like how the crates look. I have two, the 48" and the 42" ones. I need a second crate. I will be getting a second Doberman in the spring and will put her crate next to the other one. I ordered them one at a time and I like them. They could be better. The screw that falls out of the door is broken. That needs to be fixed by the manufacturer. My husband put a lock on the screws that hold the door in. The puppy we have now is a Doberman, he is strong and still a puppy, with all the energy a puppy has, but he is fine in his crate, because we spend as long as it takes to train our dogs to love their crates. If you plan on having the door come off your crate, you can take proactive steps to fix the problem. We want to lock the screw tight. I asked my husband if he wanted to cancel the one we have been waiting on. He wouldn't wait for the door to fall off, instead he would prefix it. They take a long time to ship out so plan ahead and order way before you need it. They would get 5 stars because they look nice and the dog is standing on a plastic tray. I won't put my dog on a wire floor, so I will only buy dog crates that are plastic. My dogs are well trained so it is very rare that they would have to potty in a crate. Some people like the dog on a metal wire floor because of that. The tray is on the floor. My dogs are trained to accept the crate with no problem, so they are not doing anything that would cause it to fall apart. I don't think this crate would stand up to a dog that didn't want to be in it. If you have a dog that is going to try and get out of the crate, it will fall apart. I have two now and hope that one day I will get the last one. The replacement for my bent crate is missing screws that fell out of the unit. If you want this crate for your puppy, you should order it in advance. I will try again. We will keep trying to find a dog that isn't damaged because our next dog won't be coming to us until next spring. They are poorly packaged. It's inconvenient that you can't just get the missing screws. They don't look like normal screws. Sending a big heavy item back for missing screws is not a good idea.


What is the best product for dog crates for small dogs?

Dog crates for small dogs products from Amazon Basics. In this article about dog crates for small dogs you can see why people choose the product. Midwest Homes For Pets and Explore Land are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog crates for small dogs.

What are the best brands for dog crates for small dogs?

Amazon Basics, Midwest Homes For Pets and Explore Land are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog crates for small dogs. Find the detail in this article. Confote, Moonsea and Dwanton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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