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1. VANKEAN Reversible XX Large Mattress Washable

VANKEAN Reversible XX Large Mattress Washable

The design is slim and colorful. Their dog mat is stylish and has a decent amount of padding, ideal for large dogs up to 90 lbs. The dog mat is tie-dyeing. The dog mat has a plush top and foam inside. Pets' cages will be jazzed up by the pop of color. The recieved color of the product may be random due to the unique nature of the tye-dyeing printing. Feel free to contact their service team with any questions. There are dog pads for revival. The grey canvas side can be used in the summer. The tie-dye printing side is soft and warm, suitable for air-conditioned rooms or low- temperature environments. Cute rainbow color can make your furniture look better. It's portable for outdoor activities and great for your pet's crates. If you need a well-made and simple mat for dogs that don't require a lot of padding, this is the product for you. This is the product you need to add padding to the crate. This is the dog mat you need if you want a cute and smooth fabric mat. The pet mats are machine washed. This is a notice. If you want the full inflation of the MacDonald pet beds, you need to put the mat aside for about 48 hours. If you have puppies or dogs with excessive teething or chewing behavior, they suggest you put a chew toy on your pet pad so that it won't become a chew toy. Service Assurance and a one year warranty are included. Their mat is not an exception. There is a 30-day free return and a 90-day manufacturer's replacement warranty from Vankan. They recommend replacing the damaged one in a timely manner.

Brand: Vankean

👤The top has a memory foam interior for comfort. It's perfect for a dog crate and can be thrown in the washer to clean. It gets washed weekly and looks brand new.

👤My dog and I love the color of the bed area.

👤The cooling side of the crate is perfect for our furry guy. He's done with his other beds and blankets because he hasn't been able to destroy it.

👤I ordered this dog bed to cover the back seat of my vehicle so that my dogs would be more comfortable. It is the right size, not too thick, and I like that it can be changed back and forth. I have had it for a while and it still looks new.

👤I am surprised by how firm the pad is. It stays nice and flat in the crate. Ready to go another round in the crate after washing it up and drying it off. Very happy.

👤The colors are pretty. It is ridiculously thin. The picture is misleading. It took all of 30 minutes for my dog to shred. If you have a thin house pet, it would work out.

👤My dogs prefer their crate beds over their orthopedic beds. The tie dye is easy to clean and bright. The product is a bargain.

👤This is a very thin mat. Does not provide any support or comfort. A thin mat. It is better than laying on the floor of a crate. If your dog is a chewer or a digger, you should skip this one because it can be very easy to destroy. I will see how it holds up with my dogs.

👤J'avais besoin d'un coussin simple, pas trop pais et qui rentrait parfaitement. There is a Ceci est parfait, ma chienne was 142 lbs. Je recommande fortement.

👤If a guy buys a large size dog, he might need a larger size dog.

👤My Jack Russell loves it and she has not moved off it.

👤It's very easy to clean, just wash in the washer.

2. JOEJOY Kennel Washable Anti Slip 30 Inch

JOEJOY Kennel Washable Anti Slip 30 Inch

The Ultra Soft Pet Bed is made from soft polyester. Use a lot of padding, it's very thick, squishy and will help your pet's joint and muscles. The pet bed is 29L x 21W x 2H - Inches and works great as a stand-alone pet bed for dogs and cats. The pet bed is designed for crates, carriers, vehicles and within your home. You could take this bed with you wherever your pet goes. The dog pad has a friendly design and is great on hardwood or tile floors. Their pet beds are available in a variety of natural colors. They usually recommend hand washing. They will solve the defect for you in the first time if you contact them in time.

Brand: Mixjoy

👤I did a lot of research after getting a puppy and knowing I would need to crate train. I wanted a cheap, easy to clean pad that I could replace as soon as I needed to go up in a crate. I went with the MIXJOY because of the reviews on here. It is easy to clean and has a lot of cushion. We had accidents late in the night, and I added a little bit of Urine Odor Eliminator, and the pad came out clean, fresh, and unmatted. I was worried that the soft fur on top would mat up, and that the pad would fall apart in the wash, after the 3rd and 4th time. My puppy is a chewer when he is not supervised, but he has not been able to tear the pad. It has shrunk after being washed, but that is my fault. I washed it in hot water to make sure it was clean. It still fits, but it has shrunk a bit. I would definitely suggest this pad.

👤We got a bed for our puppy. Since we brought her home, she has slept in our bed with us. It was time for her to move out of our bed and into her own place. I wasn't expecting her to transition easily, but she absolutely loves it. Whenever we give her a bone she goes right to it. I am purchasing another one to keep in the living room and to be her travel bed. It's a good thing.

👤The large pad is perfect for my dog who is 55 lbs. It works well in his crate or the trunk of a small car. Came in a bag that was light and fluffy. Happy about it. Good value!

👤My beagle usually tears up her crate mat, however, this kind is perfect for her crate, it comes vacumm sealed, and I have a smell to it, but it is very flat when you first get it out, I threw it in the dryer and sprayed some. It's always a plus because it's easy to clean.

👤I wanted something soft but not a foam filling because my puppy was eating them all and I was tired of wasting money. She hasn't tried to shred it up, so it's perfect for us because it's just like a soft little mat with a tiny filling. You can just throw it in the washer. And love the grey color.

👤My dog jumps right in this bed, it is soft and comfy, it has a nice swirl pattern on top, and the dots on the bottom help it slide on the floor. I like it if my dog likes it.

👤I got a small crate pad for my puppy because she needed something to sleep in. My crate is 21 by 16 and this pad is 23 by 18. I was a little worried that it wouldn't work, but I was wrong - it has a bit of room at the back that my puppy puts her head on to sleep. I love this pad. It is more comfortable than the bed I bought her. She has chewed and scratched it before and it has held up. It is easy to wash in case of an accident. When you open the bag, massage the pad until all the fluff is out. I found this pad and recommend it to others.

3. VANKEAN Dog Reversible Stylish Mattress Removable

VANKEAN Dog Reversible Stylish Mattress Removable

Customer Assurance and 1 year warranty. Their mat is not an exception. There is a 30-day free return and a 90-day manufacturer's replacement warranty from Vankan. They recommend replacing the damaged one in a timely manner. There are multiple use and size details. The dog bed mattress has a traditional open mat design that provides pets plenty of room to sleep in a variety of positions, which is ideal for just about anywher. There are pet beds in Medium (30"x20"x 2.6"), Large (36"x 24"x 2.6"), Extra Large (42"x28"x 2.6") and XX- Large (48"x30"x 2.6"). Before purchasing a dog cage, please evaluate the size of the dog mat. It is soft and warm, suitable for air-conditioned rooms or low- temperature environments. In summer time, the gray high quality canvas side can be used. It is easy to clean water proof. The foam is covered with a water proof linning to protect it from accidents. The dog bed mattress is made of high density foam, which will give your pets a proper firm support. It is easy to keep the pet bed clean. This is a notice. If you want the full inflation of the MacDonald pet beds, you need to put the mat aside for about 48 hours. If you have puppies or dogs with excessive teething or chewing behavior, they recommend putting a chew toy in your pet bed.

Brand: Vankean

👤My dogs wouldn't get on it. When they first step on it, it makes a strange noise and now they are staying away. It's funny.

👤The waterproof plastic crunch is intriguing to dogs. Like a toy. He has eaten holes through it in a number of areas. It was a good bed, but I wish I had removed the inside cover. I think it would have been great. The cool side is not real. It is a less fuzzy fabric, the same fabric, so nothing cools. It was good for a basic dog bed.

👤The crate of my six month cockapoo was purchased and is still standing. The cover hasn't ripped yet because she is a true digger. To keep it soft, I recommend softener. Puppy likes to sleep and play in her crate. She craves all the comfort that a thick mattress provides.

👤I was looking for a small bed that could stay on my screened in porch and not get destroyed if it got soaked in a storm. It's nice to look at, I think it's good to have my dogs on it if I am on the porch. I can't say how easy it will be because I haven't had to clean it yet. Highly recommended!

👤I didn't think the bed would ever be used because it's not very soft. I bought it for my cat, but he is not using it, my other two cats love it and stretch out on it. The cover can be removed and put in the washer. They seem to like it, even though it isn't something they will sink into.

👤The printed side is soft. The flip side crinkles a bit. There is a A basic crate mat. Super shrink was wrapped and eventually expanded to full size. The dog isn't sure if she likes it.

👤I was not sure if my dog would accept a new mattress as she had the old one for 6 years. She got right into her room and seems to like it. A nice shade of blue. Very happy with the order.

👤I got the magazine. This is what I wanted for my crate. It's the same size as the crate, but it's an inch smaller. It's very comfortable and looks great in his crate.

👤The product was expected to be delivered International. We had to remove the top cover because it was soaked through to the foam matress and it was difficult to clean. The cooling matress wasn't cooling enough. We would open the crate and find the hot air was escaping. He would get hot as well. There are better options for the price.

👤This item fills the bill for the comfort and size of the senior border. It is easy for a senior dog to get onto and off. It is a bonus that you can remove the inner plastic liner when incontinence sets in. She went to the floor. The chew proof of this item and the inability to speak to the waterproof material make it impossible to address.

4. PETCIOSO Fluffy Season Machine Friendly Anti Slip Beds´╝łNOT

PETCIOSO Fluffy Season Machine Friendly Anti Slip Beds%EF%BC%88NOT

The dog bed is finished with faux shag fur, which is similar to a mother's fur coat. The fiber is durable for a long time. The dog crate bed is non-skid and can keep your dog safe when snapping the mat. Working on hardwood floors, standard crate or a stand-alone pet bed is great. Allow both Machine and Hand wash in cold water, gentle cycle and tumble dry on low temperature. The crate bed will be washed many times. Universal used in pet cages and rear seats. In cars, sofa, furniture and seats. This dog crate pad is suitable for all seasons and can be rolled up and taken with you. Please pay attention. Not suitable for puppies or dogs with chewing behavior. 22 for 22 in dog crate, 30 for 30 in dog crate, 36 for 36 in dog crate, and 42 for 42 in dog crate. They shorten the size by 1-2in in order to fit the dog crate.

Brand: Petcioso

👤We bought the 36" for our frenchie. He loves it! He likes to lounge on it. He can stretch out and still have more space. After the first wash, it fluffed up nicely, even better! Update. He loved it so much that it didn't last long. It was worth it for a short time, but he won't put it in his kennel for the winter.

👤I was looking for a nice crate bed for my dog. I didn't want to spend a lot of money for something that could get messed up during these puppy days. I felt bad that my pup was sleeping on plastic, but he seems to prefer the hard plastic over the bed. The bed is made of fleece and doesn't seem to be friendly to the spine. It is flat with no cushion. I like that it is soft. It doesn't look like it's going to last very long and that may be the reason for the $17 price. I wouldn't recommend a large dog. This bed is not clean. It was a good thing that it did well in the wash. If you're just looking for a soft rug for your younger furry friend, this will fit the bill. If you are looking for something padded, higher quality or orthopedic for a larger or older dog, pass on this. There is a picture of a large dog laying on a bed. I couldn't walk the next day if I slept on it. I will get better once my little guy is older. He is small and young. Is it possible that I would reorder now that I know what I know? I would spend more for better quality. Live and learn.

👤Does this look like a dog bed? I included a photo of the item/packaging alongside a tissue box to show that it isn't a bed. It is a toy. I am really disappointed with this. The first photo makes it look like the bed is thick, which is a complete lie. Horrid! Don't waste your money! You can get a piece of fleece at a craft store for a couple of dollars and it would probably have more support than this thing.

👤Very happy with the product. The package was wrapped in a sleeve. I was surprised by the small size but the mat was very soft and fluffy after being vacuum packed. The gray color is very nice and not too light. The mat is well suited for inside the 35in crate. The non-slidedots on the bottom of the mat start to come off after a few washes in a machine. I bought a second for a gift because it has held up well. I was happy with the quality of stitching and the overallDurability of the item.

👤I am not sure if I am impressed with this. I can't say that he loves it. I think he's okay with it. Will probably want something more plush to put under it. I've tried to wash it. Hopefully that feature is good.

5. Prints Personalized Anti Slip Machine Washable

Prints Personalized Anti Slip Machine Washable

The top material of 3 layers is a 100% polyester surface for ultimate comfort and a high density middle layer with anti-slip gel bottom. Your pet cat or dog will be very cute and adorable with the unique and fashion little star pattern print. The lovely pet mat will let your pet stand out. The dog crate mat is anti-slip, non-skid, and works great on hardwood floors, will keep your dog safe when nap on the mat, and is low maintenance and long lasting. It is machine washable. The dog mat will keep its shape after being washed. It can protect your furniture from dirt and fur. Moonsea guarantees the product quality so you can buy it at ease. If there is a problem with the dog crate mat, please contact them and they can replace it for you or give you a new one.

Brand: Moonsea

👤I own a pet care company and board clients dogs for vacations. I buy extra crate mats and dog beds. These are great! They were on sale when I bought them. I didn't have the highest expectations because the price was so low, but they have become my go-to crate mat because they are flat and don't slide around the crate. I love them! I wash them as well.

👤The map was nice until the 11 mo GSP chewed it up. I was in his kennel. This is for you if your dog is destructive when he is bored. I think a nondestructive pup is useful for what it is.

👤I use this for my dog to sit on the couch. I don't believe it would be chew proof.

👤The black lab likes a thin bed. She has always preferred a bed that was thick and soft like a mattress. The bed has enough padding to be better than a folded blanket, but our girl doesn't use it. The padding and thin material make washing it very easy.

👤Not a bad product. He doesn't chew on his bedding so it's holding up well, and we are using this in our dogs kennel. It is easy to wash and tumble dry. Not too thin and not too thick. It slips and slides and doesn't grip in place.

👤The dog's chair has a cushion. It seems well made. My dog isn't a destructive chewer so it should be safe. Hope it holds up for a few washes. It would make a nice mat for the pup. I would buy this again.

👤A traditional pet bed would be destroyed by my dog. My dog chewed one seam the first night, but since has left it alone. It gives him a soft spot on the floor.

👤The bed is too thin and it slides around. My dog likes to lay on the hardwood floor while sitting on the mat.

6. KROSER Reversible Stylish Washable 25lbs 110lbs

KROSER Reversible Stylish Washable 25lbs 110lbs

The dog bed mat is ideal for small dogs and cats up to 25 lbs. The pet mat is made of soft self warming plush, which is perfect for your pets in cold season, while the other side is made of quality canvas, which is ideal for your pets in hot season. The dog mat is made of quality high density foam, which will support your pets properly and always keep the pad in good shape everywhere - in your room, in vehicles, in crates, etc. The dog/cat mat is easy to clean and comfortable to keep clean. When you open the package, please put the mat aside for about 48 hours to allow it to come back to its original state.

Brand: Kroser

👤Not a crate. Does not fit in a crate. Asking to be chewed up this way. It came in a sealed container and will be difficult to return. It grew very quickly in 2 hours. She lays on it. Our heeler is not a fan of fluffy beds so she will have a pad. It is frustrating that I am on the hunt for a real crate mat, if it does not fit flush, don't advertise it as a crate mat.

👤The gray and star mat is very soft and durable. It is much thicker than I anticipated. My puppy has not made a mark on it. The seller was given a negative rating because of the sizes. I thought I was getting the largest one when I was getting the next down because they did not load correctly. The mat was in perfect condition after they delivered it. Highly recommended!

👤The mat is small. It is perfect for my dog's cage, it is soft in one side, and he likes it so much that he pulls it out of his cage and sets it up wherever he wants. It depends on your pup. I got my dog bit into one of the corners and now it is torn and holy. The reason for the 4 stars is that he bit into it. This works great for every day, especially the way this little guy treats it.

👤My dog loved this bed. He would put himself to bed at night with this thing, and sometimes he would chill in there and watch me work instead of curling up on the rug at my feet. It was easy to keep it clean and good looking. Do not buy if your dog shredding. When we crate him, mine didn't do this often. He was crated for about 30 minutes during a contractor visit a couple of weeks ago. He has been without a bed. He has never cared if there was a bed or not. He doesn't want to go in there anymore.

👤These are not thick, plush, which is perfect for my dogs. I like the diff sides, one for warm weather and one for cooler weather. I have a bed in their crates. I would rather have a pillow around the border than theirs. I don't like spending a ton of money in case of accidents, I have purchased other beds in the past. They are a little more expensive than I like to spend, but it seems like a going rate, and their bed size is a bit harder to find. I recommend a simple bed for my easy-going pups.

👤The pad has worked out well. Our dog is very fond of this pad. Lying down and sleeping are important to him. We bought two so we could put them in different places. The pad is light and easy to move. We have a large size that is 36 by 24 inches that is perfect for our portable crate. The pads are well made and are very comfortable for our 75 pound boy. We washed the pads. No problem using normal cycles to wash and dry. If you're looking for a pad, you can easily move to different locations.

7. Maxx Dog Bed Metal Crates

Maxx Dog Bed Metal Crates

Medium dogs with an adult weight of 26-40 pounds are ideal for the dog bed in black. Use a pet bed with a dog crate to get your dog to use their crate. The cushion on the bottom of the dog bed prevents it from sliding on the hardwood floors. Maxx's extra tough water repellent fabric allows you to spot clean for minor accidents and use the washing machine or dryer for larger accidents.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤The previous bed was one of the soft and highly reviewed ones on Amazon, and we have a beagle puppy that destroyed it. This one has some comfort, but is definitely harder. It does a good job repelling liquids if you don't leave them for too long. It's a harder bed to chew on or scratch on. I wouldn't buy a soft bed for a crate again.

👤I was looking for a mat that was similar to the KONG mat. The sizes didn't work for me. I am very thankful I found this one. My dog is picky, but he isn't a chewer. This bumper is great and the material isn't as bad as KONG, but it's still easier to spot clean than anything else I've found. It is also resistant to scratching. It works perfectly in our crate. He loves the bumper and doesn't mind the inconsistencies of the fluffy ones. If he gets a treat it ruins the space for him in the crate because the fabric gets wet. I am going to say that it is good enough for the average user. Good luck!

👤I wanted to love these beds, but they haven't stood up to my dogs who chew their beds and are less than a year old. These were my last resort, but I think they are great. My dogs were able to chew at the seams of the top and get the foam out of the bottom. If you have chewers that want to eat their beds, stay away. If you don't worry about chewing, the crate pads are really nice and an upgrade from what crates come with.

👤A senior dog that sleeps all the time is put in a dog crate for a few days a week. Sometimes she has accidents and we wanted to make it easy to clean. On the second trip in our front load washing machine on the gentle cycle, two of the inside seams on the corners split open and the stuffing that creates the pillowy edge started coming out. It seemed really nice up to that point, but with this quality, it should be half the price.

👤We went back and bought a second one after loving the first one. Also, etc. They fit perfectly in our Aosom dog trailer. They are made of a heavy canvas that is easy to wipe off if dirty. Even if we take them out of the bike trailer, our dogs will lay on them.

👤The bed seemed to be of good quality, but it did not last more than a day with my dog in the kennel. Non-durable mats have lasted longer thandurable mats. If you are looking for something that is more durable, save your money and buy a mat that will hold up better.

👤I was looking forward to this mat as it states it is chew proof, but it turned out to be the same as our puppy chewed through her first bed. This did not happen last week. I tried to see the first corner, but she went on to the other corners.

8. AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed

AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed

There is a big pet bed for crates, carriers, and other sleeping areas. There is a soft faux sherpa cover. Pets can rest their heads on a bolster rim. A loop is attached to the bed to hold it in the crate. The dimensions are 35 x 22 inches. For easy cleaning, the machine is machine-washable. Do not iron, wash in cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry, low heat, and do not dry clean. It's recommended for use in Amazon Basics crates.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I threw out my Amazon Basics Pet Bolster Bed when my dog had bad snot the other night, so I bought this to replace it. I threw out the well-worn one that I didn't feel like I could keep safe because I didn't feel like I could wash it. The bed is white and not dishwasher safe. Why? I didn't want white in the first place, but the beige was no longer available in the correct size. I expected it to be washed because it looks the same. I'm really disappointed.

👤I got this for my couch as my puppies wrestle around and jump on it. The size I ordered was 40 x 26. I added a picture for reference. It's too big to fit on the couch, but it's still good for running and jumping. They chewed on it and it is still intact, but they couldn't tear it up, so they lost interest. Happy with the purchase and it will provide protection.

👤I bought a waterproof pillow cover for the bed because I read that it wasn't dishwasher safe. This bed will fit inside a pillow case. It makes a great bed for my inside cat and I got one to put on my porch for an outside cat that has adopted me. The pillow case will keep it clean. You don't have to worry about washing the bed. I hope this is helpful.

👤I bought 4 of these crate liners and I'm not happy with them. I have a dog in heat that is quite a mess and needs to be cleaned daily. I assumed that the pad could be put in the dryer since it was listed as machine-washable. The bottom fabric dissolved after I ran it through my dryer, leaving a big hole around the edges. The attached label says this has to be lined dried. This is very inconvenient. I can't place damp objects on the top of the crate because it has a finished wood frame, and I have no place to line dry such an item. I washed another mat and left it to dry, but it was still damp the next day. My dogs are the dirtiest part of my home. They get into mud, my girl is in heat, and she's dripping blood in her bed. A dog bed is the most robust and easy to clean in your home. This requires the care of a delicate dress. It is a waste of money that is going to the landfill.

👤This is a great buy, it is a rectangular pet bed. It is wrapped in a blanket and placed in a dog crate. The side bolsters help to keep it's shape and allow for extra padding for the pets to cuddle against, as well as a nice place to rest their heads. The black vinyl on the bottom keeps it in place. This was a nice buy for the money and our second purchase of this bed, the first one was brown in color but otherwise the same. After several years, she decided she needed to see what was inside, so she chewed and pulled out the stuffing. She will leave this one alone now that she knows what's inside.

9. Reversible Comfortable Fluffy Mattress Cats Grey

Reversible Comfortable Fluffy Mattress Cats Grey

There are three sizes for the dog bed. Pets up to 50 lbs. are recommended. Pets up to 75 lbs. are recommended. Pets up to 90 lbs. are recommended for the XL. It can be used as a dog crate bed or a place for your dog to sleep in. Premium material. The surface of the dog mat is made of plush fleece and cotton. The anti-slip bottom has a structure that works well on floors. The pet mat is easy to clean, safe in the washer and dryer, and will keep its shape after being washed. In the summer, the side of the stripe cools your pet down. The side of soft plush fleece can bring warmth to a pet. The puppy bed is lightweight and compatible with vehicles and outside, so you can take it with you wherever your pet goes. The dog bed mat is vacuum sealed and should be put aside for about 48 hours to make it come back to its original state.

Brand: Bajayvovo

👤This is not a bed, but a pillow case to line your crate. There is no support or thickness for padding. I assumed there would be some sponge to give it some fluff, but no.

👤This would have been great if it was the description. This is a pillow case, not a bed. You have to have a dog bed.

👤This isn't a crate mat. It is not thicker than a blanket. It will be easy to wash, but I don't know how it will hold up. It is very soft, but would not change the hard surface in the crate.

👤I received a cheap bathroom rug but I didn't order a dog crate pad. There is no padding. It is a soft blanket and not changeable. Since it was only $8, I can make it work, but I know that what I received is not what was advertised.

👤It's reasonable and it fits. I wanted to be like this. I use a cage for animals. Thank you.

👤My dog likes it. I haven't had time to clean it.

👤Very soft. Not a mat. A piece of fabric.

👤The product washes well.

10. Washable Deluxe Fulffy Anti Slip Sleeping

Washable Deluxe Fulffy Anti Slip Sleeping

Luxurious Padding Support - Filled with 4 premium polypropylene fiber through 6 keyhole fixation, excellent elasticity supporting and long- lasting recovery ability, effectively comforts dogs with strong supports to bony and joint areas, pressure relief, relieve joint pain, body aches, arthritis. Ultra Soft Rose Velvet is a heavy weight plush material that makes it super soft, fluffy, cozy, and not easy to shed, so it helps your furry friend to calm down faster, ease anxiety, and sleep well. The dog crate bed with 600D Oxford fabric waterproof anti-slip bottom is a non-Slip Pad Design and will keep your dog's kennel pad from moving when you step on or off it. The kennel pad can be washed by hand or machine and can remain shape after use. Pets can enjoy a clean and sanitary crate bed. A dog bed is multi-purpose. The dog crate mat is 41"L x 27"W x 4"H and can be used as a crate bed, dog pillow, kennel bed, cage bed, crate pad and even as a dog travel bed in a car or truck. It arrives as a vacuum packed bed in a box and you can either pat it or let it inflate for a day or two before your dog uses it.

Brand: Ksiia

👤I had to order several beds because we needed one for his kennel, one for our room, and one for our living room below the fireplace. He absolutely loves this one we put in the living room. I have learned that he is obsessed with chewing the tag off, nothing to do with the pillow itself. It didn't leave a hole and it's fuzzy! I put the whole thing in my washer and it worked great. It's easy to maintain and I look like that. When the sun comes through the front window, he loves sitting. Great pillow!

👤My dogs don't chew on their beds so I don't know if it is chew proof. It is easy to clean. I would keep the fabric soft by drying it low. The dogs love this bed. It fit perfectly in their kennel, we bought it for them. The delivery was fast and painless.

👤My boy loved it when he got it. It is soft and not crazy thick. Both of my dogs are in the XL size. One is a chocolate lab and the other is small. I highly recommend.

👤As he gets bigger, we wanted it to be big enough. It was well made. When this one is old, I will order another one.

👤I was very impressed with the quality of the package when I opened it. It is soft and durable. The mat is very soft. My dog loves sleeping on it and it fits perfectly in his crate. 10/10

👤I ordered the largest dog bed available for my german shepherd. A small. My dog loves it. It was nice to wash up in the washing machine.

👤The dogs love it, even though it would have been a little bigger. Washed it and there were no issues.

👤My dogs chew, but not very much.

11. Petorrey Orthopedic Washable Removable Waterproof

Petorrey Orthopedic Washable Removable Waterproof

Cooling gel and density memory foam are used. Your dog can benefit from cooling gel. The higher density of memory foam can provide maximum comfort for your pet's body, relieve joint pain and provide support. The cover and liner are easy to remove. The cover can keep the bed clean. The liner protects the memory foam from getting wet. It is important to prevent sliding to ensure safety. The surface is super soft. The surface of the pet dog bed is scratch-proof and made of high quality materials. Size information Pick the right size for your pet. Medium is available in 29" x 18", Large is 35" x 22", X- Large is 41" x 29", and X- Large is 50" x 34" The package includes a memory foam dog bed, plush cover, and waterproof lining. If you click "contact us", they will give you a quick and good response.

Brand: Petorrey

👤My dog likes sleeping under my bed. He would sleep under the bed whenever I gave him a bed to sleep on. I wanted a bed that would fit under my bed for him. I decided to get this bed because it was perfect for my bed. I am very happy so far. The cover was easy to put on and my dog is loving it, the bed expanded fully after I left it alone for a few hours. The bed is strong enough to hold his weight. He is 77 pounds. The bed is thick, but not too thick for under my bed, with enough support for my dogs comfort. This bed is perfect for a dog like mine.

👤The water proof cover seems to be good. The soft fleece cover is not going to last. It separated at the end seam on the 3rd day and now is almost completely open. I am considering buying another manufactures bed for my Austraian Cattle Herder because we are 8 days from when it was recieved. The mattress quality seems to be good but the outer cover is not so good. I am changing my original post to include the following. The company reached out to me and offered a replacement cover, which they didn't have, with no idea of a shipping date. The first cover was not good and they were replacing it with the same one. The next offer was for a 30% discount to purchase another cover and remove my review as a condition for the refund. I can't afford another cover for $12 plus shipping that would be better than the one that came with it. If you intend to use this as a dog bed, be prepared to buy another one in a short period of time because I feel that the best thing I can do is let it be known that.

👤The cover was inside. I was annoyed that it couldn't zip everything. It was going to be a challenge to get the bed back inside. The bedding is ripped before I get the cover off. The bed is warped and has a huge crease in the middle because they compress it down so much. It doesn't feel any better than the blankets I already had. My dog had something more comfortable after surgery and I am very disappointed. It may not be fully fluffed up yet, but the tears in the bed are a disgrace. I went from 1 to 3 stars as the bed inflated more and the company reached out several times. I received a refund from Amazon. My dog still prefers her bee from the store, but this one fits in the kennel.

👤My dog likes it more than the three beds we have in the house, so I rated it 5 stars. I have to look for him because he wants to sleep in his kennel. He is not a puppy anymore. He could definitely chew through this, so I gave it a 1 star for chew proof.


What is the best product for dog crate mat?

Dog crate mat products from Vankean. In this article about dog crate mat you can see why people choose the product. Mixjoy and Vankean are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog crate mat.

What are the best brands for dog crate mat?

Vankean, Mixjoy and Vankean are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog crate mat. Find the detail in this article. Petcioso, Moonsea and Kroser are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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