Best Dog Cones for Large Dogs After Surgery

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1. GLADOG Flexible Recovery Adjustable Elizabethan

GLADOG Flexible Recovery Adjustable Elizabethan

GREAT PROTECTION- Dog cones can protect your pets from injuries. Pets can bite and lick their injured area. Recover from surgery or wounds. The recovery process should be more pleasant. There are 3 PCS for the right size in each set. There is no fear of getting the wrong size. Double the value if you have more than one dog. The soft cone can also be used for nail cutting. The lightweight fabric edges allow your dog to wear it comfortably with less stress on her neck. Your pet can lie down, sleep, eat and drink normally, because it has transparent plastic that doesn't block their vision. The dog surgery collar is made of high quality material. Extra soft fabric edges provide your pet additional protection and comfort. If your dog's measurement is the higher end of the range listed, they recommend one size up for comfort.

Brand: Gladog

👤My dog Heeler mix is 35 lbs. He's a small dog. The vet put a big cone on him. The tar was being knocked out of everything. The Karelian Bear dog is 45 lbs and there's no way this would work on him. My dog was happy to be a small bucket head. I'm not sure if this would work on a border collie. These are just over 8 inches. It makes a small cone. It is not a large. It's a medium. I have been raising dogs from Grand Champion Shepherds to cattle dogs and Karelians for 55 years. We used to cut out a bleach bottle to make a cone. We could tie it to a collar or harness with duct tape on the inside neck hole to make it softer, if the handle was cut off. It would fit snug if you put it over their heads. The dog that has one on the smaller cone doesn't want to tear it off. The X- Large is over priced and they could sell 3 at this price, one of which would work on my Karelian.

👤It's strong for a thin piece of plastic. The dog has been trying to get it off. The velcro is hard to clean because it gets filthy very quickly. My dog has a cone that needs to be washed out, wiped down, and rinse off. It gets sticky. If you're trying to watch your dog, you don't have a lot of time to clean the tread around the neck because it stays wet. I would buy two dogs for one dog. My problems with the cone wouldn't stop me from buying it again.

👤My dog is over 80 lbs. I followed the guide and bought the correct size. He is miserable if I connect the cone with the velcro. I know dogs don't like wearing cones, but it hurt my heart to watch him stop and stand between his legs, just because he was frustrated, and just because he didn't like wearing a cone. I wound the collar a little tighter than allowed and used packing tape to join the edges together, but I noticed he was getting a callus on the bottom of his chin, so I took it off.

👤I got these to break my dog's habit of licking her paws. She realized that the material bends so she can get to those feet. The only thing that was done was to make her walk around the house look like an idiot. It's pretty amusing.

👤No se quitar an, pero estoy perrito con una infeccin.

👤The vet-supplied cone had a sharper plastic than the one we used, but the trim on the wide opening came off after a single day. Replacement is on it. Way. Replacement came quickly. My pointer was able to remove the cone completely.

👤I got this for my dog so he wouldn't lick his wound. I was measured as suggested before buying. These cones are easy to clean. They are flexible so that when he runs into things, he doesn't hurt humans. The cone doesn't bother him and he has been working great.

2. Supet Adjustable Protective Anti Bite Practical

Supet Adjustable Protective Anti Bite Practical

Pets have great protection. The dog cone collar is a good way to prevent a healing wound from getting worse. Itch-scratch cycle helps to overcome lick-bite. If you end self-Inflicted wound aggravation or amputation, you will prevent your pet from biting others. The perFECT fit is a requirement. Meet your different needs for dogs and cats. If your pet's measurement is close to the maximum, please order the next size up. The pet recovery collar is made of high quality material and is light enough to keep your pet happy and healthy. It's easy to clean. The button closures are easy to tighten or loosen. The soft pet cone design with the plastic snap closure can keep the collar secure in place and prevent it from falling off. Supet team has a mission to let all pet owners enjoy their pets. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them and they will help you within 24 hours. Click the orange button if you want to buy now.

Brand: Supet

👤The product looks good. When selecting a size, maybe you should go up one or two... I ordered a large for my puppy. It was too short for her snout. She can get around the length. I would buy it again in a bigger size.

👤Although, no dog wants to wear a cone, my dog definitely liked this one way better than the one the vet gave her. It was much more comfortable. She has not acted like it has bothered her and it has a comfortable cushion around her neck. Highly recommend this product!

👤I was hesitant to leave this on our dog overnight as there was no way to secure it to the animal. After he wore it for two days, I relented and kept it on all night as it seems to be more comfortable than the vet-supplied collar. My only caution is to make sure that your dog's nose isn't too long, because he/she can lick over the collar. Our dog is able to lick his paws, but he can't reach the incision on his leg, which would have made this collar useless. Our boy doesn't seem to mind wearing it because it's easy to detach and reattach. It has some stick-ons. I don't know what they are for. Our dog is 21 lbs, has a 13.5" neck, and I ordered a medium. It's been almost two weeks since we got our dog and he still accepts wearing the collar. How long the Velcro will last is my only concern. I have to remove the collar when I take him out to do his business and when he's eating because he won't eat unless the collar is removed. I'm not sure if it's because the collar is not as sticky as it was in the beginning, or if it's because it's so easy to put it on. If you don't take it off, it should be fine.

👤I wanted to share that this cone worked because our Great Pyrenees is not as destructive as a puppy. It was not splinter, rip, or anything. It was slammed into furniture and walls for a month. It takes two hands to remove the cone from the ground because of the strong material on it. This cone is a must have. It has worked when I didn't think so.

👤I'm not sure how this product has so many 5 star reviews. They must be computers. After my dog was diagnosed with an eye ulcer, I bought a cone from the vet office in hopes that it would be more comfortable. It was rolled up, unrolled and it is flimsy, no way it would be sturdy enough to protect. It looks like it was hand sewed from the plastic sheet material you can buy at the craft store. They don't know how to sell recovery cones. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤When my dog walked the larger and heavier plastic cone my vet gave us, it would drag. He loves sleeping on his back, so he was struggling to sleep with it. We got this cone as it seemed lighter and he could see through it. We got a big pomsky that weighed 55 lbs. If your dog has a longer snout, I recommend getting it measured.

3. MUKSIRON Protective Inflatable Recovery Scratching

MUKSIRON Protective Inflatable Recovery Scratching

The inflatable recovery collar is easy to clean and soft. The pet can eat, drink, sleep and play, even though the collar is inflatable. It is very easy to clean. The inflatable dog collar is scratch and bite resistant. It will prevent pets from biting and licking their wounds. The soft recovery collar is more stable and durable than the regular one. For a perfect size for your dog, adjust it. The back of the pet's neck is where the dog can bite it. The furniture won't be scratched when using the inflatable design. It can be deflated when not in use. You can wash the outside cloth if you take the bag out. The inflatable e collar can be used to prevent cats and dogs from biting other items when in the veterinary examination and treatment, beauty, surgical procedure,shower, trimming the nails and deshedding. If you find the dog cone too large for your dog and it's easy to fall off, you can use the inner ring loops to put your pet's collar through. Dog cones for large dogs are recommended. The golden retriever is recommended. Measure the size of the pet's everyday collar to find a more suitable inflatable collar. The recommended size is not a guarantee in fit as every dog is different. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Muksiron

👤I switched from cone to this donut for comfort. The collar is easy to thread through and it is comfortable for my dog. Our dog doesn't seem to be depressed anymore, it's less hassle than the cone. 10 days is how long it will take to use this donut after surgery. The product is great and would recommend it to others.

👤I tried another inflatable by Kong, which was cumbersome and uncomfortable for my dog, and it was sold by my vet. I thought I'd try it. He doesn't seem to want to lick his incision because it's covered in soft fabric. He hasn't tried to remove it himself, and it actually acts as a pillow when he's lying down. After using it on my pet, I believe it's important to order the proper size for your dog, and not over-inflate it. I've inflated it to 75%, still squishy, and my pup doesn't seem to be bothered by it. It's still good as new, my friend has been wearing it for nearly a week and it seems durable.

👤The round thing was being inflated. She walked away after sniffing it. I tried to put it on her but she resisted and went to sleep. The cone wouldn't let her sleep. She settled on a position that would allow her to sleep and snore loudly. It was just something she had to wear. She figured out how to take it off. She's fine with me making it tight. She gets it over her head when I'm out of sight. Oh well. She didn't know how to take it off. She'll wear it until she's sick of it. I'll find it in a corner once she's done.

👤It seems flimsy and not as durable as others I have seen. It was difficult to blow up due to the short stem. My dog is a German Shepherd. An Austrian. Cattle dog may have a husky thrown in. I don't know. He has a lot of hair around his neck. I got the right size, but it rubbed against his face at the base of his jaw. He had an ear that was swollen and he was irritated by the straps on the inside of the pillow. It wasn't a good design for him. There was no way to bandage his wounds, so they had to be given medicine to heal them. Maybe the Cone would have been better. I am not sure. I like the idea of a Round Donut for him in other ways, for his other needs, and for the future possibilities! Will purchase a more durable one. This will do for now. I want to try one for my cat. Awesome idea!

👤My dog is able to remove it from his head. They say you need to secure it to the collar with something, but why not include clasps or something so you can secure it that way? I didn't have any of the stuff, and my dog slid it off his head in a matter of minutes. I had higher hopes for it. If you look at the back wrong, it will pop off. Returning it.

4. Alfie Pet Petoga Couture Recovery

Alfie Pet Petoga Couture Recovery

The girth neck can be fitted with Size XL, which has a depth of 8. It's ideal for injuries and post surgery. Cats and dogs can work well together. Light in weight, soft and comfortable, but may not cover the entire body of the pet. The owner should watch in the beginning as the pet may chew. The owner can tighten or loosen as necessary. Pets can eat, sleep, and drink.

Brand: Alfie

👤I did my research and am happy with the product, but I did modify it. I attached two plastic fast clips so I could be certain that the Velcro wouldn't give way and allow me to escape, because I looked at all the reviews from the many animal designs offered. I attached a tiny collar through a canvas loop to the top of the neck opening so that the top stayed at the top and the Velcro stayed at the bottom, no cone rotation. Next, I hot-glued popsicle sticks and sealed the tips nearest to the floor with a piece of canvas "ribbon". He won't be grabbing the ruffle and folding over the cone so much that he can reach his stitches. I am saying that there should be more than just a pair of bolts, that there should be something to keep it on their neck. I anticipate success with these things in place, but I will update this review if I learn something else. If you want to puppy proof your cone, you should see my picks. It took me 35 minutes. I had solutions on hand. The Squirrels in a log toy are a great distraction. He wanted to check it out after surgery.

👤This is hilarious and adorable, but not without its flaws. It's soft and comfortable. She doesn't hit things like a plastic cone because it's bendy. It has heavy-duty velcro that stays stuck. It's easier to get on and off than the cones. Plastic cones are clear for most of the time, but this makes them have tunnel vision, which is unfortunate since they are able to see with their peripheral vision. Our dog runs into a lot of things, but it doesn't hurt. It is bendy. The same thing that makes it a pro also makes it a con. She has been wearing this for a week and it is losing its shape. It is a bit shorter in length because it is collapsing at the first round of stitching. If you have a dog with fur, it can be a con. Our dog is a poodle mix and has little to no shed, her hair is only about 1 inch long, so it's not getting caught in the velcro, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a good idea if we had used it on our German shepherd. The material gets wet. Do you think your dog is a messy drinker? She should not use this. It's been raining almost non-stop and in the morning it's time to take it off when we go outside. Since she has to look down more because of the tunnel vision, the few times we forgot it came back in quite wet. It should not flip back and forth but if your dog slides against something it will turn itself backwards. It doesn't make a difference for our dog, she still can't reach her stitches, but if she had to stay away from a front paw it might be a problem. I like it. I would recommend it. I would buy it again.

5. Katoggy Inflatable Protective Elizabethan Scratching

Katoggy Inflatable Protective Elizabethan Scratching

The inflatable collar is designed to protect your pets from injuries and will prevent them from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site. There is a strap on the opening of the dog collar that can be adjusted to fit your dog's neck. The plush material design of the Inflatable PVC inner and soft outside skin-friendly plush material will allow your dog to wear it comfortably and does not block your pet's vision. The dog cone collar will allow your dog to eat, drink, sleep and play normally. They recommend to clip the pet's nails or put on socks if the first time you use the inflatable collar it will be uncomfortable. Their products are not suitable for dogs with long snouts, long legs, long tails and long body, such as Afghan hound, Dashounds, Dalmation, Dobermann. You can deflate it and store it in a small space when you don't use it, and there is a zip on one side to allow you to take the bag out and wash the cloth.

Brand: Katoggy

👤When my dog was snoozing, she had to wear a plastic cone, and she hated it. We needed a cone to keep her from licking the broken nail while it heals. She loves wearing it because it is perfect for preventing her from messing with her paws. I'm not joking. When we stopped putting the cone on her, she cried and rubbed her nose against it. She was very excited when we put it on her. It's like a pillow. It is easy to take off. She is able to drink water and lay down. I would recommend this.

👤I'm very satisfied with this product, but only for one thing. I had a mouthful of blue fuzz when I tried to inflate it. I had blue fuzz in my mouth no matter how I positioned it. My solution was to put packing tape around the inflation valve so my lips were against the tape. It worked out well. The product keeps my dog from licking at night. He doesn't mind wearing it. I believe it acts as a pillow for him at night. He is 20 lbs. I wouldn't want to go smaller with the collar. I love how it's adjusted with velcro. I put 2 fingers under the collar after each placement to make sure it's not too tight.

👤My fur baby has a hot spot on her foot that she would not stop licking. I don't like the cone collar. I decided to try it. It's the best thing going. If you pinch the base of the stem as you blow, it inflates very easily. I got a medium size for my shih zhu and it fits perfectly. She is 15 lbs.

👤It works well except on a husky. Within 5 minutes, he gets it off. If it was husky proof, this would have been 5 stars.

👤A French bulldog needs a cone after leg surgery. The problem with a cone is that it's hard for dogs with no snouts to eat or drink with it. The cones are not comfortable to sleep in and they end up bumping into things. They have a plastic cone. The donut works perfectly. It's soft, elastic and acts like a pillow when they sleep. He can reach his food and drink easily, but he can't reach his leg, and he isn't hitting it on everything in the house. I am very happy that I got this for my dog, since it might not work for longer dogs. Very happy.

👤This was not a good purchase for my puppy who just got neutered. She did not need a donut collar when she was heavily sedated. She is still waiting for the anesthetic to wear off and she has pictures of her with it. She was on the drug for 10 days. She was either too tired or sleepy for the first 2 days. My husband said she seemed uncomfortable when she made a snoring sound while wearing the donut collar. We took it off when she was unconscious. She was back to her normal rambunctious self by the 3rd day, but we had to give her a sedative every 12 hours for the rest of the day. We had to keep her away from the sight. We bought this donut collar and a surgery recovery suit for this purpose. She learned that she could slide her paw off her head by putting her paw inside the donut. It is easy for dogs with longer legs to do this, even if it is not possible for English bulldogs. We played the game of "on and off" 50 times because she was too small to hold and chew the peanut butter filled Kong and marrow bones that were around her neck. She could get to the end of the incision sight with this collar on. If she was not wearing a recovery suit, this would have been an issue. I was checking on the laundry when she took it off while in her crate and destroyed the inflating hole. She came out of her crate with a dead donut in her mouth and ran around the house trying to get away from me. She is wearing a satellite dish from the vet's office. They insisted that I take it, because it was inclusive in the kit. They were correct. I don't recommend this product for rambunctious pups. I never had to unfasten it on top of her head or by her ears, but the sound of it is very loud, and I can only assume that it was done by her ears. She did it herself and I never had to take it off of her. The collar did not scare her because she was heavily drugged when she first saw it and everything in the world looked like a donut. She could eat and drink with it, but she is a slobber mouth queen when drinking water, and she made the donut wet and slimy. She thought it was the greatest chew toy of all time when she was back to her normal self. She went after it hard. She always puts her percentage of the chewriminals at 120%. It never moved around her neck. When she fell asleep with it, I thought it looked comfortable, but my husband disagreed. She made a funny sound through her nose. I will not buy this product for our other dog since it didn't serve its purpose this time around and I hope she won't have to go through a surgery again.

6. WONDAY Inflatable Protective Scratching Replacement

WONDAY Inflatable Protective Scratching Replacement

The dog cone is large and effective. Dog cones prevent large dogs from touching and biting their wounds, and dog e collar promotes recovery from surgery or wounds. The dog cone pillow allows the dog to eat, drink, play and sleep, it won't affect the dog's sight during the wearing process. This is a great alternative to the large dog cone. The dog cone pillow has a metal Buckle which is resistant to wear and bite. The soft dog cones for large dogs can be adjusted to the perfect size. There are three connecting buckles on the inner side of the dog surgery collar, which can be used to pass the cone for dogs through, so that the e collar for dogs after surgery will not fall off. The dog inflatable e collar for large dogs is very durable and is made of a very eco-friendly material. The dog recovery collar and dog donut cone are made of pure polyester material. The dog neck pillow has pet hair that won't stick to the dog cone alternative. The recovery dog cone is very easy to use and store. It can be stored in a cabinet after use. The dog neck donut has a zip opening on the outside that can be removed for the dog inflatable collar and taken for the outside cloth cleaning. Dog Cone for Large Medium Small Dogs is a soft collar for large dogs. Measure your pet's head and neck before buying and refer to the size chart. If your pet's size is between sizes, go for the bigger one. This is a great gift for your puppy. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Wonday

👤My dog needed a cone after he injured his foot. She was turned into a bulldozer by the traditional cones. The first inflatable we tried was too small for her. The picture made it appear wider than a traditional donut collar. It is not thicker. She was able to see and movement while protecting her foot. No issues with eating or doing other activities. It didn't take long for her to learn how to use it as a pillow and she was laying on her head. After 4 weeks it was still inflated. The cover held up well. She was disappointed that her travel pillow was going away. Highly recommended.

👤Rogan is a very rough child. He is a 65 pound bull terrier and even Kong toys only last a week. We used this cone and he loved it, he slept in it all the time, no licking, no chewing, no dents, no noise. He learned quickly that the plastic cone was his punishment if he did something wrong. He has a huge neck. The outer cover is washed and ready to use again. 5 stars from us.

👤This is something that I love. Since there are loops for the collar, I was able to tighten the collar on the 61lb GS. I tend to keep the collar loose so that it doesn't slip over her head.

👤I use two because my dogs neck is long, but it works well. He licked the hotspot and got every other cone off.

👤This product is great in theory, but it doesn't work as well as the standard plastic cone. The material is nice, the price is great, and the pets can eat, drink and move about without issues. My dog was able to get a hold of the strap and metal because she pulled hers off very easily. There needs to be adjustments made so that your pet can't access the strap. Medium is said to be 11-14” but when ordering it is said to be 12. If you decide to purchase, order down. I will stick with a cone.

👤I am very disappointed with this product. I would return it. I bought this for my dog after he had his neuter surgery. The page description recommended that I buy the large size. I bought the extra-large just in case. He was able to reach any part of his body, even his shoulders. He was not crazy to damage the product because we had our GSD on sedatives. He was down for a week. The neck pillow was deflating by the end of the day. I was hoping it would be used for my other dog, but it wasn't up to par. It was a disappointment. I have heard good things about this product, but I will never buy it again. Is that true?

👤I bought this for my dog after his surgery. He couldn't get comfortable in his crate and was miserable with the cone on. It was almost like a pillow to him. He could easily get to the food bowl with it. He did some damage when he got to his surgical wound for about 20 seconds. I was right around the corner when it happened. We went back to the cone. It was easy to fit the product. I had trouble blowing it up, but my husband did it. His lungs are stronger than mine. It looks good, it feels good, and it's well made. I didn't get to use it for more than a day. Will keep it as it might be useful someday. It didn't work for what I bought it for. It might be fine for dogs with less flexibility.

7. Surgery Inflatable Collar Recovery Alternative

Surgery Inflatable Collar Recovery Alternative

You can deflate it and store it in a small space when you don't use it, and there is a bag that you can take out and wash. It was very comfortable. A dog recovery collar is a dog cone alternative. A collar around your dog's neck would prevent them from scratching and biting places they shouldn't. The pet won't be able to break stitches or introduce an lnfеtiоn into the wооd with this collar on. Ensure that the pet is recovered quickly. The dog collar will allow the dog or cat to play, eat, drink, or sleep during the hеаling period. The cover of this unit is soft and skin-friendly and it is not bulky. There is magic tape at the collar opening. You can adjust the collar to fit cats or dogs. The soft outer material is comfortable for your dog. Please measure your baby pet's neck circumference accurately before ordering to get the best shopping experience. Medium is the neckgirth size.

Brand: Vcterfk

👤He weights around 12 lbs. for the size MED. We have put him in cat collars, but the site said to order a medium and it fit perfectly. My dog has issues biting his tail. I shaved him and left his tail fur, but it made him itch. He bites the hair and pulls it out with his teeth. He's on a course of medication, and the vet recommend this to break the habit until all of the hair grows back in. He didn't like it at first, but soon got used to it and uses it as a pillow to sleep.

👤I ordered a medium as the ad said it would fit my dog. There is a I included the next size up on the same order because I needed one to fit. Imported things have been pointed out in a majority of my dealings. Even though the size chart said Medium, the large size was perfect. I will donate the collar to my vet. I don't know if my dog likes it, but it's so much safer than the plastic ones that I like it.

👤My dog is using the E-cone after being neutered. I was trying to find something more comfortable for him. I had to return the collar because he was able to reach his private area. The quality is good, but not what I needed.

👤I would have liked to know about this collar when my dog had an surgery and they had to put him an uncomfortable and hard plastic collar that tortured me every time, it's the best invention for when you dog need to be on skin medication or is licking himself too much.

👤After my boy got neutered, this was a life saver. After surgery, I have a cava 800-381-0266 He couldn't eat or drink with the cone in his mouth. I bought this immediately and he was very happy with it. He was able to move, sleep, eat, drink, and chew on his toys without any issues and without being able to mess with his surgical site.

👤My baby went in for a checkup. I wanted her to be comfortable. This would work better than the cone of shame. She was able to sleep and eat. We kept it for two weeks until she healed.

👤The donut should be a little bigger. My dog is small. He is a chihuahua mix. He can reach his paws with this donut. He doesn't like having his cast on his neck so he doesn't chew it off. He is more comfortable than the plastic cone. I inflated the donut with an air pump.

👤If you could blow it up, you would have issues. I gave up after two attempts. This should be removed from the market. Very disappointed.

8. Protective Inflatable Collar Dogs Collar

Protective Inflatable Collar Dogs Collar

There are two things that are SCRATCH and BITE RESISTANT. The inflatable collar is designed to protect your pets from injuries and post surgery wounds, it will prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site, and promote recovering from surgery or wounds. The soft outside material and inflatable design will allow your dog to wear it comfortably and it does not block your pet's vision, they can eat, drink, sleep and play normally. You can deflate it and store it in a small space when you don't use it, and there is a bag on one side that you can take out and wash. It is adjusted. You can put the strap side at the back of your dog's neck if you want to make sure he doesn't bite you. There is resilience and stable. The premium collar is soft and clean, it won't mark furniture, and you can insert your pet's everyday collar through the inner ring loops for a stabilization. It is not a guarantee in fit as every dog is different. The product doesn't have an inflator. You should still buy products by the pet's neck. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Bencmate

👤I am very happy with my purchase. My dog got neutered and cone was not working. She couldn't sleep and hated it. We came across this product while exploring other options. It is a travel pillow for dogs. She was stopped from licking her incision, but it also looked comfy. I only deducted a point because the zip was not very durable and derailed after a few days of heavy use. You can see below for before and after.

👤I love this product. I didn't like the idea of one of the big plastic e-collars that my dog would have to wear after she was neutered. Our dog could eat, drink, sleep, and move around comfortably with this collar. She would sometimes hit a wall or door frame with no damage to the walls or pain to us. On the inside there are loops that you feed their every day collar through and then you strap it on the outside. She tried a few times to get it off. She didn't notice it was on most of the time. I was worried about her popping a hole because she was trying to scratch her neck and it was getting itchy. It has held up well. I think this product is a great price and quality. It was true to the size chart. I was able to fit all five fingers between the collar and her neck, even though she couldn't get it off, because it was still snug enough that she couldn't get it off. If she had to wear it longer than 10 days, I would have been very comfortable keeping it on her for a long time. I hope I was able to answer any questions.

👤My dog thought this thing was great. It's much easier to lick his neuter incision than it is to have a cone. He was frightened by the cone because he'd never worn one before and he's a delicate, sensitive person. It made us feel bad. He woke us up by scratching loudly on the floor of his crate because he couldn't figure out how to back up with the cone. It was not as intense. I woke up in the morning and found him with a wet, raw incision he'd been licking. He licked off two days of healing. I spent half the day in the emergency vet office, which cost me $260, instead of enjoying my coffee on the patio. I didn't get a full refund when I returned the cone because it was expensive, but I had to pay for return shipping. This thing might work for a dog with a shorter body like a bulldog, but anything that has a longish body will weasel around it. He's not a Basset hound or a Doxie. It didn't block his vision, as promised. This is a great choice if you're looking for a dumb accessory for your dog. Purchase something else if you want to keep the dog from going to the healing area. The cone worked well for us. He just didn't like it when he had to wear it. The donut collar cost me $267.

9. WZPET Adjustable Recovery Protective Surgery

WZPET Adjustable Recovery Protective Surgery

Recovery cone is a great way to prevent your cat from licking or biting wounds. It will protect your cat's health and promote the recovery of the wound. The cat protective collar can be used for beautyPruning. For puppies and kittens. It is adjusted. Cat recovery collar can be adjusted at any time. It is not easy to remove the cat cone. Small can still bite the wound if the recovery collar size is too large. The recovery cone should be longer. Soft cat cone made of cotton is comfortable to wear. It doesn't hurt the cat's skin or interfere with the pet's vision, they can eat, drink, and play. Dogs can use the soft recovery cone as a pillow when they are tired. When not in use, the soft cat cone collar can be folded to store. If there are small stains, they can be washed with warm water and dry. Refer to the size chart before purchasing. The fitted protective cone is more comfortable for puppies and cats.

Brand: Wz Pet

👤This product is easy to use. It was more flexible than I was expecting. My cat was still able to bend the cone and continue biting her fur off. It is not a good product for a flexible cat who is determined to continue chewing fur and skin.

👤Our cat had surgery and she couldn't get comfortable with the hard plastic cone, even if we propped her up with pillows, she would keep getting up to try to find a place to sleep. She went into depression after having the plastic cone. We got her this and it worked out well. She knocked into the wall with it on, not like the plastic hit her. She was more comfortable when she slept. This is a smart buy. This one was a medium and it fit well. I had to tighten it around her neck. It was snug around her neck because the ends did not line up perfectly. The cone was secured even though it was not flat against each other. It did get dirty over time but it was very easy to clean. It would come out brand new if we washed it in a gentle sanitize wash and put it in a delicate setting dryer. I didn't think of this until it was too late, it would have been nice to have an extra one. You don't have to worry if you put the extra on when one is washing. I only bought one because I didn't realize that 2 might have been better and I had to watch her for 2 hours when it was washed to make sure she wasn't scratching her stitches.

👤I was worried that my baby would not like having a cone placed on her during her recovery from surgery. This is her favorite of the three different cones I bought for her. She didn't mind that I put it on her. The cone is very soft and comfortable to wear and sleep in. My cat is 8 pounds and I bought this in a size M. I wish I had ordered a smaller size because it was hard for her to walk in because of how big it was. The only complaint I have is that the velcro area is heavier than the rest of the cone and it falls around her chin area, making it hard for her to lay down. I think that it makes sense that she would be grumpy because the velcro is making it hard for her to lay down or sit comfortably. One of the main reasons I love this cone is that you can place it on a flat surface. It makes it impossible for a cat to lick her incision, but it is more comfortable and doesn't cause depression in cats.

👤My dog has ovarian cancer so she tends to get dehydrated. The vets told me that she would get a cone on her. The plastic one looked uncomfortable when she lied down. Here is her new cone. She doesn't want to take it off. It's a score.

10. TIALOVE Recovery Protective Interior Comfortable

TIALOVE Recovery Protective Interior Comfortable

Pets can't lick their wounds if there is enough depth to prevent them from doing so. A dog collar is great for healing wounds from surgery. The dog cone collar is designed to protect your pet from injuries. Sufficient depth helps to overcome itching. TheERIAL: The interior is made of comfortable plush material and is made of waterproof Oxford cloth. Each product size is suitable for different pets, and the products are in five different sizes. Gave more options. ATTENTION: This is a notice. The picture shows the effect. Refer to the size chart for the measurement method.

Brand: Tialove

👤The elastic loops you are supposed to thread the dog collar through are small. My medium size dog's collar was a P.I.T.A to thread and it was difficult to get through. I am worn out from the hassle and my fingers hurt. Getting the cone installed was not worth it.

👤The 'XS' is too small and the 'Small' is too large. The vet tightened the cone as much as possible after putting on the'Small'. The outer part of the cone doesn't go all the way around because of the velcro. My cat was annoyed by the noise made while the excess was dragged. The tape was wrapped around the cone. It's a cone that works despite being small and not having velcro.

👤A plastic box with no lips, struts, strengtheners or anything else is very simple. Weston boxes are made in the UK, so should be bought over the Chinese ones, as China deserves to be boycotted.

👤I have a lot of these boxes. I put a sticky label on the end of the box to let people know what the bricks are. I put the boxes in the bookcase. I can take the boxes downstairs because they are self contained. Very pleased with them. I have other boxes from the same manufacturer.

👤I put an elastic band on the boxes to make sure they are safe because the lids are bigger than the base. Shame as they are well made and pity about the lids.

👤My daughter received a really sweet gift. I was not sure what she would think of it. She liked it.

👤As a stocking enhancer. I was happy with the quality and price of the gift.

11. RENZCHU Protective Inflatable Recovery Adjustable

RENZCHU Protective Inflatable Recovery Adjustable

SCRATCH AND BITE RESISTANT: The inflatable collar is designed to protect your pets from injuries and post-surgery wounds, which will prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site, and promote recovering from surgery or wounds. COMFORTABLE: You won't worry about it blocking your pet's vision, they can eat, drink, sleep and play, they are more comfortable with inflatable design and soft outside material. It's accessible. You can put a strap on the opening of the collar to make sure it is perfect for your dog. You can deflate it and store it in a small space when you don't use it and there is a zip opening on one side to keep it fresh. Each product size is suitable for different pets, so please be aware of this. The picture shows the effect. Refer to the size chart for the measurement method.

Brand: Renzchu

👤3 stars. It is easy to inflate. It's easy to apply. Can be attached to a collar. After she got fixed, the Large worked well for my lab. She seemed to like having it on. She used it as a pillow and fell asleep. The issue arose when I put the XL on my Mastiff. She had full access to her incision area, but she hated it being on. That defeats the purpose. One worked and the other was a complete waste of money. I will try to return it asap. My dog can eat and drink with the donut.

👤I used this for my dog after she had her surgery. The original cone did not allow her to use her paws to hold anything, and it bumped into things around the house. She was able to reach her feet and paws with this. It was more comfortable. She only had two small surgical scars on her abdomen. I don't know if this would work for a neutering because the incisions are lower.

👤I had to return it. The chart is not correct. The color was very small. It didn't fit around my dogs neck, but it was supposed to.

👤I bought this as my dog licked his paws. I bought the correct size. He can still lick them. There is a photo added. It's nice and maybe it has to do with the dogs. Not sure. He can reach the front paws.

👤It was easy to use and my dog slept well. My dog was able to lick her surgery wounds because it was not wide. It would work better for a breed with a shorter snout.

👤My dog was neutered to prevent him from licking his wound. He put it in his basket as a toy. He likes to flip it around. Has not damaged it. I wouldn't recommend a toy with a big dog. My dog can't hold the straps.

👤The plastic cone of shame is better for our furry little chew monster. After a few days, it loosened a little but there were no punctures or leaks.

👤The first day was nice, but my puppy's teeth deflated and it was ruined.


What is the best product for dog cones for large dogs after surgery?

Dog cones for large dogs after surgery products from Gladog. In this article about dog cones for large dogs after surgery you can see why people choose the product. Supet and Muksiron are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog cones for large dogs after surgery.

What are the best brands for dog cones for large dogs after surgery?

Gladog, Supet and Muksiron are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog cones for large dogs after surgery. Find the detail in this article. Alfie, Katoggy and Wonday are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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