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1. Vivifying Adjustable Lightweight Elizabethan Puppies

Vivifying Adjustable Lightweight Elizabethan Puppies

Protect yourself and your pets. Pets can bite and lick wounds after an operation. It provides a good protection while taking a bath, trimming the nails, and general body care. The Elizabethan collar is suitable for puppies, cats and small dogs, like Teddy, Poodle, Corgi and so on. Customers have different opinions about the size of their pet, so they suggest they measure their pet's neck before ordering. The pet cone is easy to lay on and off, and can be adjusted to fit your pet's neck. It's more stable because of double snaps. The Elizabethan collar is made of high quality material and is light, which will not make your pets tired. The soft flannel rim will give them a sense of comfort. The small dog and cat want to stop smoking. If you don't like their dog cones for small dogs and cats, please let them know and they'll give you a refund. They are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Brand: Vivifying

👤I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. I got it for my cat. The cat's fur is growing again, but it licks the cone all the time. You don't understand how that rasp-rasp-rasp sound can cut through the quiet, slither down into your brain, and start frightening you. Rasp-rasp. Not trying to bend backwards like he was doing. Just. licking The cone. You can't fix a leaking faucet and you can't help but hear it. Rasp-rasp. GAAAAAH.. It's sturdy, easy tofasten, and he hasn't licked a hole through it yet, so it's held up well.

👤My cat was able to remove it. Video uploaded. Had to return it. The smallest size was too big for my cat to use, and there are preset sizes that you can't use. An improvement would be to have a way to secure the bottom of the cone to my cat's collar, which he is unable to remove on his own, or offer more sizes that you can adjust the cone to.

👤I used this on my Mean Kitty, who had a very bad case of ear mites. I found a good product that treated his ear mite issue. The cone helped keep him from scratching his face and the area on his neck that was open wounds from too much scratching. I keep this on hand just in case. I put it in the laundry with bleach and put it in the dishwasher. Didn't lose its blue color. I would hold it up and the cat would come up to me and put his head into it. That was quite surprising.

👤I have a 7 month old Yorkie. He was prevented from licking his wound. I tried a lot of things but nothing worked and I was at my wits end. I bought this product. 1. It's easy to put on 2. It's easy to adjust the size of your pet with the snaps. There is a padding around the base. Your pet can see it. Your pet can eat with it. Your pet can drink with it. Your pet can sleep on 8. I recommend this product because it keeps your pet away from the wound.

👤I like the idea of a soft collar, but it folds! As the length of the cone shortens, you don't want your pet to reach whatever it is. It was cheap and not worth the hassle of shipping it back. I wouldn't recommend it. You can learn from my mistake and save money.

👤The traditional hard plastic cone is better. The soft fabric at the neck allows you to turn it down so that his face isn't squeezed against the plastic. The cloth was bent back towards the shoulders and the pictures were worn in the traditional way.

👤The alien kitty was unhappy and could only walk backwards while wearing an e-collar. She went to the emergency vet Friday night because of a bad neck. She had to have the collar on for 2 weeks. She hated the one they gave her because it wasn't fashionable for the little diva. I read a lot of reviews before choosing this one. The recommendation to push the collar down towards the shoulders was made by one reviewer for this collar, it works well with this type of collar. My cat is not really happy because she's still broken but she can move around a lot better with the e-collar. She can't remove it herself because it snaps in place. I would recommend them to others.

2. Katoggy Inflatable Protective Elizabethan Scratching

Katoggy Inflatable Protective Elizabethan Scratching

The inflatable collar is designed to protect your pets from injuries and will prevent them from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site. There is a strap on the opening of the dog collar that can be adjusted to fit your dog's neck. The plush material design of the Inflatable PVC inner and soft outside skin-friendly plush material will allow your dog to wear it comfortably and does not block your pet's vision. The dog cone collar will allow your dog to eat, drink, sleep and play normally. They recommend to clip the pet's nails or put on socks if the first time you use the inflatable collar it will be uncomfortable. Their products are not suitable for dogs with long snouts, long legs, long tails and long body, such as Afghan hound, Dashounds, Dalmation, Dobermann. You can deflate it and store it in a small space when you don't use it, and there is a zip on one side to allow you to take the bag out and wash the cloth.

Brand: Katoggy

👤When my dog was snoozing, she had to wear a plastic cone, and she hated it. We needed a cone to keep her from licking the broken nail while it heals. She loves wearing it because it is perfect for preventing her from messing with her paws. I'm not joking. When we stopped putting the cone on her, she cried and rubbed her nose against it. She was very excited when we put it on her. It's like a pillow. It is easy to take off. She is able to drink water and lay down. I would recommend this.

👤I'm very satisfied with this product, but only for one thing. I had a mouthful of blue fuzz when I tried to inflate it. I had blue fuzz in my mouth no matter how I positioned it. My solution was to put packing tape around the inflation valve so my lips were against the tape. It worked out well. The product keeps my dog from licking at night. He doesn't mind wearing it. I believe it acts as a pillow for him at night. He is 20 lbs. I wouldn't want to go smaller with the collar. I love how it's adjusted with velcro. I put 2 fingers under the collar after each placement to make sure it's not too tight.

👤My fur baby has a hot spot on her foot that she would not stop licking. I don't like the cone collar. I decided to try it. It's the best thing going. If you pinch the base of the stem as you blow, it inflates very easily. I got a medium size for my shih zhu and it fits perfectly. She is 15 lbs.

👤It works well except on a husky. Within 5 minutes, he gets it off. If it was husky proof, this would have been 5 stars.

👤A French bulldog needs a cone after leg surgery. The problem with a cone is that it's hard for dogs with no snouts to eat or drink with it. The cones are not comfortable to sleep in and they end up bumping into things. They have a plastic cone. The donut works perfectly. It's soft, elastic and acts like a pillow when they sleep. He can reach his food and drink easily, but he can't reach his leg, and he isn't hitting it on everything in the house. I am very happy that I got this for my dog, since it might not work for longer dogs. Very happy.

👤This was not a good purchase for my puppy who just got neutered. She did not need a donut collar when she was heavily sedated. She is still waiting for the anesthetic to wear off and she has pictures of her with it. She was on the drug for 10 days. She was either too tired or sleepy for the first 2 days. My husband said she seemed uncomfortable when she made a snoring sound while wearing the donut collar. We took it off when she was unconscious. She was back to her normal rambunctious self by the 3rd day, but we had to give her a sedative every 12 hours for the rest of the day. We had to keep her away from the sight. We bought this donut collar and a surgery recovery suit for this purpose. She learned that she could slide her paw off her head by putting her paw inside the donut. It is easy for dogs with longer legs to do this, even if it is not possible for English bulldogs. We played the game of "on and off" 50 times because she was too small to hold and chew the peanut butter filled Kong and marrow bones that were around her neck. She could get to the end of the incision sight with this collar on. If she was not wearing a recovery suit, this would have been an issue. I was checking on the laundry when she took it off while in her crate and destroyed the inflating hole. She came out of her crate with a dead donut in her mouth and ran around the house trying to get away from me. She is wearing a satellite dish from the vet's office. They insisted that I take it, because it was inclusive in the kit. They were correct. I don't recommend this product for rambunctious pups. I never had to unfasten it on top of her head or by her ears, but the sound of it is very loud, and I can only assume that it was done by her ears. She did it herself and I never had to take it off of her. The collar did not scare her because she was heavily drugged when she first saw it and everything in the world looked like a donut. She could eat and drink with it, but she is a slobber mouth queen when drinking water, and she made the donut wet and slimy. She thought it was the greatest chew toy of all time when she was back to her normal self. She went after it hard. She always puts her percentage of the chewriminals at 120%. It never moved around her neck. When she fell asleep with it, I thought it looked comfortable, but my husband disagreed. She made a funny sound through her nose. I will not buy this product for our other dog since it didn't serve its purpose this time around and I hope she won't have to go through a surgery again.

3. Ccypet Pet Adjustable Recovery Collar

Ccypet Pet Adjustable Recovery Collar

The recovery cone is designed to protect your pets from injuries and post surgery wounds, it will prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site and promote recovering from surgery or wounds. The cat protective collar can be used for a number of things. The stress-free design and soft outside material of the lovely colorful sunflowers cone will let your dog wear it comfortably and it won't irritate pets skin, it does not block your pet's vision, they can eat, drink, sleep and play normally. It is a soft and lightweight collar filled with recycled polystyrene beads, which is more absorbent than cotton, and will not be affected by weight. The recovery collar is easy to use, it will not mark furniture, and you can insert your pet's everyday collar through the inner ring loops for stabilization. Please note. Pets can still lick their paws with this cone. It's only useful for wounds on the upper part of the body. Please confirm the location of your pet's wound before placing the order.

Brand: Ccypet

👤I bought a medium for my yorkie based on the other reviews. It was easy to put on and adjust it on the neck. She refused to climb the stairs with it. She would find ways to mess with her stitches. She was the smartest dog when I adjusted a bit tighter. She would wiggle her way and eventually her front paws would squeeze in, the collar moved around her waist, not very useful down there. I don't recommend leaving the dog unattended with this collar on. I had to switch to the old plastic cone of shame because her incisions looked angry.

👤I use this to keep my 10-lb male chihuahua. He can still lick the tips of his paws if he tries, but he rarely does. He escaped once in 2 months. I'm not sure if its because her neck is less fluffy or if she's smarter, but my 8-lb female chihuahua-mix escapes every time I put it on her. He developed an athlete's foot-like rash on his paws because he licks his front and back paws so much. I've been giving him treatments and creams for 3 months, but the rash still persists. He was in a plastic cone for the first month and was miserable because he couldn't eat or drink on his own. He can eat and drink now that he has a new cone. He sleeps on his stomach or side. He is on his stomach and it provides a pillow. Sometimes it makes him snore loudly, but I just adjust his head a little bit and he quiets down.

👤I like the idea of a cone. He was well after neutering when he was sleepy from anesthesia. It was comfortable. And what he needed. He was able to lick his stitches later in the day. We had to change to the regular plastic cone. The cone is best for dogs with short legs. He was able to reach even with the pillow cone because of his long snout and body. The cone is nice. I took off one star because it didn't work for him, but still four stars because of how great the cone is. It is soft on his neck and he doesn't have to worry about his peripheral vision being blocked. And it's super cute too.

👤I had the worst experience with this collar because it doesn't stay on with the plastic clasp. My cat got her head stuck under the couch, and panicked. The collar was sliced by a metal rod as I lifted the couch. The balls are pouring out. A Contact pill spilling out is about 50 times the volume. There is a I began vacuuming and sweeping after getting her situated with another collar. I will never be done seeing those little balls. They've been all over the house, from the cracks in the floor to the furniture. Its hard to understand!

👤My dog scratched her eye and we went to the vet. He could see a scratch on her eye. The vet gave her the cone of shame because she was uncomfortable and kept trying to scratch and clean the eye. She was miserable in the clear plastic collar. She loves her flower collar. She doesn't even try to scratch her eye. We were happy to get her pretty colored collar.

4. KittyStar Inflatable Protective Adjustable Recovery

KittyStar Inflatable Protective Adjustable Recovery

It is possible to prevent biting and stinging. The inflatable collar can help prevent your pet from biting or licking their wounds after surgery. The cone can be used for nail trimming, pet grooming, and medical appointments. There is more competition. The dog cone is more comfortable than the plastic collar. The fabric material can be used for a long time and there is a zip so you can wash it. The inflatable dog collar won't block the pet's vision. Cats and dogs can eat, sleep, and play if they wear a cone. Highly recommended by veterinarians. The inflatable e collar can be used to prevent dogs and cats from biting other items. The dog neck donut is easy to use. Put the cone on your pet's neck by blowing into the air valve. deflate the gas and store it in a small space when you're not using it. There is a strap at the opening of the recovery collar that you can adjust to fit your pet.

Brand: Kittystar

👤Our girl went through hell after the surgery. She got caught in everything because of the giant plastic cone of shame. She couldn't potty because she couldn't smell the grass. Couldn't walk in the house without being stuck. The flower shaped soft fabric cone worked better. She got stuck by furniture corners because of the flared out flower petals. I bought this donut. It's better. She was able to smell the grass and the time was good. She kicked the donut when moving forward, even though she bumped into the ground, but it didn't stop her. The donut was clean after. Our girl can chew on her toy. Our vet loves the donut. The cover can be washed and dried quickly. Highly recommended!

👤My little girl was over the plastic cone. She fought with it for 3 days. I knew I needed to find a better product since we were told to keep it on 24/7. I tried a post surgery outfit. She was too small for all of them. I put this on and she was very comfortable right away. She is only 3 lbs so this was a little big for her but I was able to thread her regular collar through the inflatable cone to keep it in place. I would recommend this to anyone. She was not able to reach her surgery site while this was going on. It took 3 seconds to inflate. Highly satisfied customer!

👤This was better than the cone and our dog was able to sleep after the surgery. I think it's a great purchase and well worth the price, it's easy to take on and off, and it attacked to collar, so I think it's worth it. We had to switch back to the cone at night because our husky was able to twist it around and get her face under the strap. We couldn't close it all the way because it was too small. We chose the smaller size because it was larger than the large, but it might have been better if the larger one had been chosen. I hope that helps.

👤The product is great for pet lovers. When my dog was recovering from surgery, I used this product. The product is better than the plastic cones. It was very comfortable for my dog. My dog was able to eat, drink, walk, and sleep with this product. It is easy to use.

👤A pet's lifesaver. We got our little one fixed, but that crazy cone they put around her neck was a problem, she couldn't hardly eat or drink, she was vomiting due to have issues eating properly, I found this and it is a life saver, she could scratch her wound or get to. We were so happy to buy.

👤This is perfect because my baby has been licking the fur off her knee. She loves to wear clothes and puts her head in the opening of the collar. She just puts her head down and rests her chin on the pillow, which makes it comfortable. She doesn't knock anything down because it is very soft. She can eat and drink with it. It looks like she is wearing a life preserver. It is perfect!

5. HAND Adjustable Anti Bite Practical Protective

HAND Adjustable Anti Bite Practical Protective

The dog cone is a safe and humane method of preventing healing wounds. It helps to overcome the cycle. It ends self-Inflicted wound aggravation. It's convenient and a avoid a challenge. The fabric edge material is lightweight and soft. It can prevent your dog from feeling anxious because it does not block your pet's vision. The cat cone can be used in a wide range of ways. It can be used in a wide range of activities for pets, such as pet bathing, pet trimming, and pet surgery to prevent licking wounds. The button closures are easy to tighten or loosen. The soft cat cone design with the plastic snap closure can be used to keep the collar secure and prevent it from falling off. If your dog's measurement is close to the maximum, please order the next size up.

Brand: In Hand

👤The pink medium cone collar arrived two days ago and we replaced the hard plastic one today. The fit was perfect for our female Schipperke. She can fit around her neck with the help of the soft fabric neck fastening. The plastic cone section has nice plastic snaps for closing and the outside has a fabric border. Since the plastic is firm, she can rest better since she can be compressed by the dog. Very happy with the device.

👤My 5 year old German Shepard is 70 lbs. Her long snout is accounted for. The buttons don't hold as strongly as we would like, and the edges flop a little. The buttons will snap off occasionally when she bumps into things. She sleeps well without having to worry about it. There are several dozens of marks on the plastic material, which has been a few days. Otherwise, good for the price, and I would recommend it for your pet.

👤It was pretty accurate and my dog was not too tight on his neck. Feels good with soft materials. My dog is not a fan of the cone, but it does its job well.

👤The product we were sent had blood and pus on it. There is more blood on the other side. If you buy this product, be aware that the buttons are almost useless. It looks like this could be a nice item to use as the fabric parts are soft, but it's just disgusting that someone used it and then returned it.

👤My cat is able to get out of it even at the smallest of openings. The soft fabric on the cone makes it easy for the cat to get out. I don't recommend this cone for animals that can kick it off of them.

👤I was nervous about using the cone with our puppy, as she was deathly afraid before surgery. We put it on her and she adjusted very well, as she is normally very nervous about everything. The way the E-collar was made a huge difference. The material around the neck was soft. It fit her well and has held up well during her recovery.

👤I bought this cone because my kitten had an operation. He liked to wear it because it is soft and he didn't have to stop doing his normal activities. This cone stopped him from biting his stitches. I would recommend it to all pets.

6. GLADOG Flexible Recovery Adjustable Elizabethan

GLADOG Flexible Recovery Adjustable Elizabethan

GREAT PROTECTION- Dog cones can protect your pets from injuries. Pets can bite and lick their injured area. Recover from surgery or wounds. The recovery process should be more pleasant. There are 3 PCS for the right size in each set. There is no fear of getting the wrong size. Double the value if you have more than one dog. The soft cone can also be used for nail cutting. The lightweight fabric edges allow your dog to wear it comfortably with less stress on her neck. Your pet can lie down, sleep, eat and drink normally, because it has transparent plastic that doesn't block their vision. The dog surgery collar is made of high quality material. Extra soft fabric edges provide your pet additional protection and comfort. If your dog's measurement is the higher end of the range listed, they recommend one size up for comfort.

Brand: Gladog

👤My dog Heeler mix is 35 lbs. He's a small dog. The vet put a big cone on him. The tar was being knocked out of everything. The Karelian Bear dog is 45 lbs and there's no way this would work on him. My dog was happy to be a small bucket head. I'm not sure if this would work on a border collie. These are just over 8 inches. It makes a small cone. It is not a large. It's a medium. I have been raising dogs from Grand Champion Shepherds to cattle dogs and Karelians for 55 years. We used to cut out a bleach bottle to make a cone. We could tie it to a collar or harness with duct tape on the inside neck hole to make it softer, if the handle was cut off. It would fit snug if you put it over their heads. The dog that has one on the smaller cone doesn't want to tear it off. The X- Large is over priced and they could sell 3 at this price, one of which would work on my Karelian.

👤It's strong for a thin piece of plastic. The dog has been trying to get it off. The velcro is hard to clean because it gets filthy very quickly. My dog has a cone that needs to be washed out, wiped down, and rinse off. It gets sticky. If you're trying to watch your dog, you don't have a lot of time to clean the tread around the neck because it stays wet. I would buy two dogs for one dog. My problems with the cone wouldn't stop me from buying it again.

👤My dog is over 80 lbs. I followed the guide and bought the correct size. He is miserable if I connect the cone with the velcro. I know dogs don't like wearing cones, but it hurt my heart to watch him stop and stand between his legs, just because he was frustrated, and just because he didn't like wearing a cone. I wound the collar a little tighter than allowed and used packing tape to join the edges together, but I noticed he was getting a callus on the bottom of his chin, so I took it off.

👤I got these to break my dog's habit of licking her paws. She realized that the material bends so she can get to those feet. The only thing that was done was to make her walk around the house look like an idiot. It's pretty amusing.

👤No se quitar an, pero estoy perrito con una infeccin.

👤The vet-supplied cone had a sharper plastic than the one we used, but the trim on the wide opening came off after a single day. Replacement is on it. Way. Replacement came quickly. My pointer was able to remove the cone completely.

👤I got this for my dog so he wouldn't lick his wound. I was measured as suggested before buying. These cones are easy to clean. They are flexible so that when he runs into things, he doesn't hurt humans. The cone doesn't bother him and he has been working great.

7. WONDAY Inflatable Protective Scratching Replacement

WONDAY Inflatable Protective Scratching Replacement

The dog cone is large and effective. Dog cones prevent large dogs from touching and biting their wounds, and dog e collar promotes recovery from surgery or wounds. The dog cone pillow allows the dog to eat, drink, play and sleep, it won't affect the dog's sight during the wearing process. This is a great alternative to the large dog cone. The dog cone pillow has a metal Buckle which is resistant to wear and bite. The soft dog cones for large dogs can be adjusted to the perfect size. There are three connecting buckles on the inner side of the dog surgery collar, which can be used to pass the cone for dogs through, so that the e collar for dogs after surgery will not fall off. The dog inflatable e collar for large dogs is very durable and is made of a very eco-friendly material. The dog recovery collar and dog donut cone are made of pure polyester material. The dog neck pillow has pet hair that won't stick to the dog cone alternative. The recovery dog cone is very easy to use and store. It can be stored in a cabinet after use. The dog neck donut has a zip opening on the outside that can be removed for the dog inflatable collar and taken for the outside cloth cleaning. Dog Cone for Large Medium Small Dogs is a soft collar for large dogs. Measure your pet's head and neck before buying and refer to the size chart. If your pet's size is between sizes, go for the bigger one. This is a great gift for your puppy. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Wonday

👤My dog needed a cone after he injured his foot. She was turned into a bulldozer by the traditional cones. The first inflatable we tried was too small for her. The picture made it appear wider than a traditional donut collar. It is not thicker. She was able to see and movement while protecting her foot. No issues with eating or doing other activities. It didn't take long for her to learn how to use it as a pillow and she was laying on her head. After 4 weeks it was still inflated. The cover held up well. She was disappointed that her travel pillow was going away. Highly recommended.

👤Rogan is a very rough child. He is a 65 pound bull terrier and even Kong toys only last a week. We used this cone and he loved it, he slept in it all the time, no licking, no chewing, no dents, no noise. He learned quickly that the plastic cone was his punishment if he did something wrong. He has a huge neck. The outer cover is washed and ready to use again. 5 stars from us.

👤This is something that I love. Since there are loops for the collar, I was able to tighten the collar on the 61lb GS. I tend to keep the collar loose so that it doesn't slip over her head.

👤I use two because my dogs neck is long, but it works well. He licked the hotspot and got every other cone off.

👤This product is great in theory, but it doesn't work as well as the standard plastic cone. The material is nice, the price is great, and the pets can eat, drink and move about without issues. My dog was able to get a hold of the strap and metal because she pulled hers off very easily. There needs to be adjustments made so that your pet can't access the strap. Medium is said to be 11-14” but when ordering it is said to be 12. If you decide to purchase, order down. I will stick with a cone.

👤I am very disappointed with this product. I would return it. I bought this for my dog after he had his neuter surgery. The page description recommended that I buy the large size. I bought the extra-large just in case. He was able to reach any part of his body, even his shoulders. He was not crazy to damage the product because we had our GSD on sedatives. He was down for a week. The neck pillow was deflating by the end of the day. I was hoping it would be used for my other dog, but it wasn't up to par. It was a disappointment. I have heard good things about this product, but I will never buy it again. Is that true?

👤I bought this for my dog after his surgery. He couldn't get comfortable in his crate and was miserable with the cone on. It was almost like a pillow to him. He could easily get to the food bowl with it. He did some damage when he got to his surgical wound for about 20 seconds. I was right around the corner when it happened. We went back to the cone. It was easy to fit the product. I had trouble blowing it up, but my husband did it. His lungs are stronger than mine. It looks good, it feels good, and it's well made. I didn't get to use it for more than a day. Will keep it as it might be useful someday. It didn't work for what I bought it for. It might be fine for dogs with less flexibility.

8. Zeaxuie Inflatable Enhanced Anti Licking Unrestricted

Zeaxuie Inflatable Enhanced Anti Licking Unrestricted

The blocking area was increased with a transparent soft baffle. It enhances the function of anti-liking but is still comfortable. It prevents pets from biting and licking in their injured area or the surgical site better than the traditional one and promotes recovery from surgery or wounds. The U shaped of the collar and the transparent soft PVC baffle is different from other products because it enhances the anti-licking function without affecting the dog's sight and daily activities. It is more acceptable for dogs. Soft plush material makes dogs feel comfortable. There are five satisfying size options for any dog. The collar can be adjusted to fit your pet's perfectly with the sticky strap. The inner ring loops of your pet's collar can be used for stabilization. It's very easy to use. Soft outside cover can protect the bag from chewing. Dog hair will not stay on it. You can store the collar in a small place after deflating. You can wash the cover. To deflate the collar, you need to take down the hose cover, pinch the bottom and squeeze the collar. Measure your pet's neck circumference and compare it to the size chart. When your pet's neck circumference falls between two sizes, they recommend buying one size up. If you have a question, please contact them. It's a good idea to keep it on your pet's neck.

Brand: Zeaxuie

👤This was what we needed. My dog is 92 lbs with a big neck and there were some mixed reviews. This works perfectly. He licked his stitches after being neutered. He was given the biggest cone they had from the vet and it made him depressed, restless at night, and he couldn't see around himself. He can eat, see around himself and still stop him from reaching his wound with this. The room to spare is thanks to the velcro, I got the XL. We used a thin collar that came with his plastic cone because his collar was too large to fit through it.

👤It's a good idea for most injuries. My dog has a paw injury and could easily get it with this. We were going to get him out of the cone. The cushion around the neck holds the dog's head high. Something else to think about. Returning.

👤This worked well for our dog. The collar held air well for the entire 2 weeks of use, my dog was not able to reach his sutures, unlike the traditional Elizabethan cone. There are pros and cons. When I tried to sleep with it on, my dog seemed uncomfortable, and he was able to chew holes into the clear plastic shield that was attached. To inflate, pinch the valve while blowing it up, and be sure to thread your dog's collar through attached loops on the inner side of the inflatable collar. Your dog may pull it off if you don't.

👤The opening of the small one is the size of a triple A battery, and I have a picture of it, but I don't think I'll post it right now. That is not going to fit what they say it will be. The packaging said small. If I tried to put it on her neck, it would choke her, because she wouldn't go around her leg. It fits fine after you ordered a large and returned the other. I'm not sure who measured what, but how about this, inflate on, put a ruler under it, and post it for each size so we can see what it really fits? I hope it holds up. She can get it in her mouth through an act of flexibility. I think she can bend her head backwards and bring it back between her hind legs, so no way this is going to make it. She ate the plastic arm from the lounger. She will chew her way out of the collar. It only has to last 10 days.

👤I got these for my Anatolian, who just got fixed. He liked it more than the cone, as he destroyed four of them by catching it on table corners and door jambs. I put his collar on and inflated it. He acted like there was nothing on him. I was let go. I put him to bed in his pen without any sharp corners or anything that could hurt him or the inflatable collar. The collar was still on his neck when I let him out at 4 am. There are no marks on it that show why it went flat. The plug was not open. I will return this as soon as a replacement arrives, and he will no longer need the collar. This looked to be a nice item and it's sad. I bought the second collar in order to get an appointment for his sister to be fixed in April. I'll be returning that one because a medium is smaller than I thought, and who knows how large she will be in two months. I will revisit this product at that time. If it's appropriate, the donut collar is more comfortable for your dogs than the e-collars. These types of collars are not effective if their nose is not long. If they have long noses, you'll have to find a bigger inflatable or an e-collar.

9. ARRR Water Resistant Adjustable Protective Elizabethan

ARRR Water Resistant Adjustable Protective Elizabethan

The 2nd edition recovery collar has been upgraded to allow 3 different shapes and angles. Depending on your pet's post-operation condition, you can easily adjust the shape and angle. The 2nd edition has been made with a stronger water-resistant fabric, and a new shade of unique color "Misty Rose" has been added to your option to match your need. The ARRR comfy UFO recovery neck collar is the best solution for recovery. The collar can be tailored to fit your pet's body type, so it won't hurt a healing wound or injury. The collar does not block your pet's vision, which will allow your pet to eat, drink, sleep, and play as usual. The soft recovery UFO recovery neck collar is made of water resistant fabric and has a strong water repellency textile which makes it much easier to manage. The collar is made of 100% poly which will allow easy removal of pet furs and dust. The noise-free lightweight microfiber cotton will protect your pet from getting irritated when wearing the collar. The collar can be used as a cushion for your pet to sleep on. The neck collar has a soft drawstring at the center that can be adjusted to keep it from slipping down or being taken off. You can either loosen or tighten the rope. Refer to the product's size info image before purchasing. Measure your pet's length from neck to front paws while standing upright. Take the measurement and compare it to the E-collar's radius after adding 2 inches. The length from neck to front paws should be the same as the product's radius. If you feel like your pet is small, choose the bigger one.

Brand: Arrr

👤I didn't know which size my dog would fit in, so I ordered both small and medium. My dog is a 5-pound Maltese and this was for her post-spay recovery. Both fit her well. I returned the small and kept the medium because I wanted to be sure that she wouldn't be able to lick the incision site. It worked well. The product was light and comfortable. My dog wore it for 7 days, even when she was eating and sleeping, and it didn't bother her at all.

👤I can't tell you how great this product is. It was a life saver. My dog had a wound on his foot and needed to wear a cone. He didn't have to wear the hard one from the vet because we had a black soft cone from a previous pet. When I put his black soft cone on, he sat in the kitchen and refused to move. For over twenty minutes. He sat down. The crying began. He couldn't eat or drink with it, he couldn't jump on furniture with it, and he fell on his face trying to jump off the couch. We had to fix things because he was miserable. We found this cone and tried it out. He was very happy with it. It's light, soft, and he can see so he's happy. His neck is about 15 and a half inches. I think I got him a medium that was just over 15 inches and he fit great. He was so close to the top measurements that I didn't need to adjust the drawstring. It would have been easy to do. It worked great because he was so happy with it. He tried to get his foot, but couldn't reach it. He used the cone as a pillow. I might buy more for gifts. This gave our dog peace of mind. We waited for this one because he was so depressed by the other version. You need to buy it now. I didn't get anything from this review. Please excuse his wild hair, the groomers in our area have been closed due to the virus. There is a It is a soft lightweight cushion.

👤I love this for my baby girl who just got shirred. I used to use a soft cone and donut with my dogs when they had surgeries, but they were still miserable. I was looking on Amazon. She is very long, so I ordered the XL. It works perfectly. She is more comfortable in a cone than a donut. It's like a pillow around her neck. It's easy for her to eat and drink with it on because it moves with her body.

👤The 7 month old Cavalier was neutered two days ago. The calm cone was a disaster the first day we tried it. He couldn't lift his head because it was heavy. I went to the vet and got a plastic cone. That worked better but not great. He wouldn't move or walk in it. The Aarf cone was delivered this morning. Popped it on him. He is a happy camper. The large is the best for his size. I knew he would be able to reach the site because the diameter of the cone wasn't wide enough for his size. He is sleeping and looks comfortable.

10. Care4U Anti Bite Elizabethan Translucent Reusable

Care4U Anti Bite Elizabethan Translucent Reusable

How to choose the size of the dog. The neck's circumference is 10.2''-13'' and the depth is 5.1''. Please measure your dog's neck circumference before placing your order. If your pet's size is close to the maximum, please order the next size up, but also look at the exact specifications, it is recommended that dogs with long beaks choose one size up. Carefully measure your pets. The dog cone collar is a good way to prevent your pet from getting injured. Itch-scratch cycle helps to overcome lick-bite. If you end self-Inflicted wound aggravation, you can prevent your pet from biting others. The cone collar for dogs and cats is made of high quality material which is light and safe for your pets. Extra soft fabric edge provides your pet with additional comfort and protection. The collar is easy to clean. The cat cone collar has two wide strips of Velcro that make it easy to wear, and can be adjusted to make the pet more comfortable to wear. The soft dog cone can fall off if it is not protected. The pet soft cone is translucent and does not interfere with your pet's peripheral vision. Your pet doesn't feel anxious about wearing a cone collar. If you have a question about the product, please email them. Within 24 hours, they will solve you.

Brand: Care4u

👤The cone is very well made and very cheap. I use it around the base of a large potted plant to keep my cats out of the dirt, but I'm not actually using it on a dog. I have not done anything to keep them away from it. This will definitely do the job and won't cost a lot. I think this works well for a large dog. I bought a large one. There are two problems with this collar. The sticker is not necessary. The sticker is very sticky. I had to use Goo Gone to remove it. It's ridiculous to put a sticker on a cone. Attaching an insert in the package would be a good idea. The cone comes tightly rolled so you can't unroll it to use it. It snaps back to the curled position. If you're using for your pet, be aware that you may want to try to relax the roll before putting it on the animal. It's a well made cone. I gave it 5 stars and would buy it again if needed for other plants or pets.

👤My dog had a tumor removed. I bought a large cone and a donut for the surgery as I didn't know what to expect. Product arrived quickly and as described. I've used cones before and they have been extra long where I would need to trim the edge so my dog's nose could at least smell the ground and access the food bowl with assistance from humans. The cone is too short for a large dog. The quality is great. The black polka dots on the velcro portion are placed sloppily. I pulled back a small corner because it would be hard to remove with a sticky mess, and this odd, wrinkly sticker will block some visual part for the dog. It is not as clear as I thought, and it looks like you are looking through a heavily fogged up window to get an idea. Can't tell what is on the other side of the cone. There is no way to attach this to the dog collar. You could punch a hole through the part to attach the collar. If a dog catches a cone on something and it gets jerked around, I wouldn't recommend punching a hole in the plastic, foggy portion. Best for large dogs.

👤The item is good for money. You can see it on my picture. The label sticker is difficult to remove. It will be easy to remove stickers if they spend a little more money on that. I used packing tape to remove the sticky messes after using polish remover.

👤Chinese junk is cheap. Large white stickers that don't come off easily, not good quality, and too flexible, make it difficult for a dog to bend it. It was intended to be sent back, but Amazon just refunded it. That was nice.

👤This was sob because of the description, it would fit my dog. No way. The photo makes it look like you have a lot of cones.

11. RENZCHU Protective Inflatable Recovery Adjustable

RENZCHU Protective Inflatable Recovery Adjustable

SCRATCH AND BITE RESISTANT: The inflatable collar is designed to protect your pets from injuries and post-surgery wounds, which will prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site, and promote recovering from surgery or wounds. COMFORTABLE: You won't worry about it blocking your pet's vision, they can eat, drink, sleep and play, they are more comfortable with inflatable design and soft outside material. It's accessible. You can put a strap on the opening of the collar to make sure it is perfect for your dog. You can deflate it and store it in a small space when you don't use it and there is a zip opening on one side to keep it fresh. Each product size is suitable for different pets, so please be aware of this. The picture shows the effect. Refer to the size chart for the measurement method.

Brand: Renzchu

👤3 stars. It is easy to inflate. It's easy to apply. Can be attached to a collar. After she got fixed, the Large worked well for my lab. She seemed to like having it on. She used it as a pillow and fell asleep. The issue arose when I put the XL on my Mastiff. She had full access to her incision area, but she hated it being on. That defeats the purpose. One worked and the other was a complete waste of money. I will try to return it asap. My dog can eat and drink with the donut.

👤I used this for my dog after she had her surgery. The original cone did not allow her to use her paws to hold anything, and it bumped into things around the house. She was able to reach her feet and paws with this. It was more comfortable. She only had two small surgical scars on her abdomen. I don't know if this would work for a neutering because the incisions are lower.

👤I had to return it. The chart is not correct. The color was very small. It didn't fit around my dogs neck, but it was supposed to.

👤I bought this as my dog licked his paws. I bought the correct size. He can still lick them. There is a photo added. It's nice and maybe it has to do with the dogs. Not sure. He can reach the front paws.

👤It was easy to use and my dog slept well. My dog was able to lick her surgery wounds because it was not wide. It would work better for a breed with a shorter snout.

👤My dog was neutered to prevent him from licking his wound. He put it in his basket as a toy. He likes to flip it around. Has not damaged it. I wouldn't recommend a toy with a big dog. My dog can't hold the straps.

👤The plastic cone of shame is better for our furry little chew monster. After a few days, it loosened a little but there were no punctures or leaks.

👤The first day was nice, but my puppy's teeth deflated and it was ruined.


What is the best product for dog cone?

Dog cone products from Vivifying. In this article about dog cone you can see why people choose the product. Katoggy and Ccypet are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog cone.

What are the best brands for dog cone?

Vivifying, Katoggy and Ccypet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog cone. Find the detail in this article. Kittystar, In Hand and Gladog are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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