Best Dog Cone Alternative After Surgery

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1. WZPET Adjustable Recovery Protective Surgery

WZPET Adjustable Recovery Protective Surgery

Recovery cone is a great way to prevent your cat from licking or biting wounds. It will protect your cat's health and promote the recovery of the wound. The cat protective collar can be used for beautyPruning. For puppies and kittens. It is adjusted. Cat recovery collar can be adjusted at any time. It is not easy to remove the cat cone. Small can still bite the wound if the recovery collar size is too large. The recovery cone should be longer. Soft cat cone made of cotton is comfortable to wear. It doesn't hurt the cat's skin or interfere with the pet's vision, they can eat, drink, and play. Dogs can use the soft recovery cone as a pillow when they are tired. When not in use, the soft cat cone collar can be folded to store. If there are small stains, they can be washed with warm water and dry. Refer to the size chart before purchasing. The fitted protective cone is more comfortable for puppies and cats.

Brand: Wz Pet

👤This product is easy to use. It was more flexible than I was expecting. My cat was still able to bend the cone and continue biting her fur off. It is not a good product for a flexible cat who is determined to continue chewing fur and skin.

👤Our cat had surgery and she couldn't get comfortable with the hard plastic cone, even if we propped her up with pillows, she would keep getting up to try to find a place to sleep. She went into depression after having the plastic cone. We got her this and it worked out well. She knocked into the wall with it on, not like the plastic hit her. She was more comfortable when she slept. This is a smart buy. This one was a medium and it fit well. I had to tighten it around her neck. It was snug around her neck because the ends did not line up perfectly. The cone was secured even though it was not flat against each other. It did get dirty over time but it was very easy to clean. It would come out brand new if we washed it in a gentle sanitize wash and put it in a delicate setting dryer. I didn't think of this until it was too late, it would have been nice to have an extra one. You don't have to worry if you put the extra on when one is washing. I only bought one because I didn't realize that 2 might have been better and I had to watch her for 2 hours when it was washed to make sure she wasn't scratching her stitches.

👤I was worried that my baby would not like having a cone placed on her during her recovery from surgery. This is her favorite of the three different cones I bought for her. She didn't mind that I put it on her. The cone is very soft and comfortable to wear and sleep in. My cat is 8 pounds and I bought this in a size M. I wish I had ordered a smaller size because it was hard for her to walk in because of how big it was. The only complaint I have is that the velcro area is heavier than the rest of the cone and it falls around her chin area, making it hard for her to lay down. I think that it makes sense that she would be grumpy because the velcro is making it hard for her to lay down or sit comfortably. One of the main reasons I love this cone is that you can place it on a flat surface. It makes it impossible for a cat to lick her incision, but it is more comfortable and doesn't cause depression in cats.

👤My dog has ovarian cancer so she tends to get dehydrated. The vets told me that she would get a cone on her. The plastic one looked uncomfortable when she lied down. Here is her new cone. She doesn't want to take it off. It's a score.

2. Suitical Recovery Suit Dogs X Small

Suitical Recovery Suit Dogs X Small

The Suitical Recovery suit for dogs is a professional alternative to the medical cone and it protects wounds, sutures, bandages, hotspots, skin problems and the environment of your dog. The Recovery Suit is recommended by veterinarians because it is based on the body shape and anatomy of your dog, so it can adapt to the animal and give you a high level of comfort for faster and stress-free recovery. The shirt is made of cotton and lycra, which is light and absorbent, and it is machine washed and reuseable. The large rear opening makes it easy to put your dog's suit on and off, and the hold-up system makes it easy to walk your dog without the shirt on. The distance from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail is an important measurement. You can find the right size for your pet by looking at the chart and video. This item is very small and should be checked before you buy.

Brand: Suitical

👤I bought this suit to prevent my dog from licking the old surgery site after the surgery. It was difficult to get a suit that fit him. I had to return two suits before I could find one that fit him. The breed descriptions on the sizing chart that comes on the packaging would have been very helpful in choosing which suit to get in the first place. The Amazon chart only has the measurement. There is a I assumed the packaging was a previously returned product since it was in very bad shape when I got the third suit. The suit was wrinkled from being crammed in the bag, but I am surprised it wasn't re-packaged. I was very pleased with the quality of the third suit. Still going strong. It keeps my dog from licking his old incision. He had to wear an e-collar every time he was not supervised, which left him with hair loss around his neck and everything. The suit works well despite the size issues. My dog was fitting a small size.

👤This suit is great. My dog was wearing a cone of shame as she couldn't eat, play or sleep because of her depression. I came across these suits after doing a bit of research and trying a soft cone, which was exactly the same as the plastic cone, and I am so thankful I did. It fits like a glove, it's easy to unsnap so that my dog can go to the bathroom, and there is absolutely no way my dog can lick the incision from her spaying while wearing this. Do not spend your money on soft cones. If you buy this first, you and your dog will be happy. It's a sanity saver.

👤I used the Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs as a diaper during heat and as a surgical site protection after a spay. It offered some protection when used as a diaper. They were unable to rub it off, but they could lick it around the outside and cause rub marks. The suit has good surgical site coverage. I am not sure how it will work on an overweight dog because my dogs are fit and don't carry any extra weight. I couldn't get the snap on the bottom to hold when I rolled up the back. I tucked it under and didn't bother with the snap. The suit takes some time to dry. The material can tear very easily. One trip under the shrub caused small tears that widened with use, but it did not stop me from continuing to use the product or from purchasing another to use after the next surgery. The Small-Plus fit my long-legged, svelte 51 pound Bullmastiff/American Staffordshire Terrier/Chow Chow/Great Pyrenees mix. The Small fit my stocky 42 pound, 20 inch long Lab/American Bulldog mix and my very slim 38 pound, 18 inch long Manchester Terrier mix. I like it as surgical site protection after a spay and diaper use at night during heat cycles.

3. MIDOG Inflatable Protective Recovery Touching

MIDOG Inflatable Protective Recovery Touching

The dog cone has a neck circumference of 18” If you want to get a more suitable inflatable collar for your pet, you should measure the size of the everyday collar. The cone for dogs after surgery can prevent your pet from licking wounds, sutures, and other injuries, which is good for recovery. The soft dog cone is easy to clean, it has non-stick pet hair, and it is made of environmental PVC material. The metal buckle connection is stable and can be adjusted to a perfect size for your dog. deflate it so you can store it when you don't use it. If you find the dog cone too large for your dog and easy to fall off, they suggest you put on your usual dog collar first, then put on this dog cone, it have three straps to fix the dog collar, so as to prevent the cone from falling. If their inflatable collar doesn't work for your pet, please contact them in time and they will give you a free return or refund.

Brand: Midog

👤I have to collar my dog when he has skin issues. I have purchased Kong soft collars for $30/ea. They all deflate quickly. I have tried off brands. The Kong cushion collar was useless. I have wasted a lot of money. I had to use something so I ordered 3 different brands of collars. One did not inflate. The Bencmate inflated. I tried the collar first and didn't try it again. I didn't need to try another one. This is a nice subtle grey color and the fabric is not furry so it doesn't get filthy, it stays inflated, and I can't recommend this one enough. Thank you for a reliable product. I know this is a paid review, but it isn't the best inflatable I've seen on Amazon or Chewy.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase. Our dog broke open the cone of shame after being neutered. The Cone limited his movement when we were able to keep it intact. He can carry his sticks and toys with him to his surgery, but he won't be able to get to his surgery because he won't have enough time to get there. I bought two collars just in case, but only one worked for our 11 month old Lab, and I am happy about that. Our dog is able to move around in his crate, eat, drink, walk around the house, and sleep with more ease because of the cone, but still prevents him from licking his incision. I would recommend this product.

👤The fabric of the inflatable collar doesn't attract dog hairs, and it appears to be replaceable for washing. Our dog was really freaked out by his cone of shame, when it hit his wire crate, the ground, or furniture, and it seems pretty comfortable on him. This one is not loud. It is perfect for dogs with short legs who like to walk on the ground. We got a medium for our 22# corgi and it was too large, but with a collar in the loops inside the neck, it is fine. I believe a small wouldn't have kept him from his neuter stitches. Our vet wasn't a fan of this, but it worked out fine. We kept the dog in the cone for 48 hours just to be safe, but have now switched to a more comfortable alternative.

👤I'm trying to figure out why my review of this product has been blocked. This was a sleep saver. The neutered pup couldn't sleep with the plastic cone because he couldn't get comfortable. I had to have my husband use a mini compressor to inflate it because there was no way to blow it up by mouth. Our other dog went flying through the dog door after he was woken up by an invasion in the neighborhood. The pup tried to follow and bark. He tried to push the door out of the house, but it got stuck and he couldn't do anything else. My husband was already in pursuit when this happened and he didn't stay stuck. Make sure you are awake when you put the cone on your pup. We put it on him while we were sleeping. He chewed the stem off, then let it deflate, and then pulled the line out through the hole in the shreds. This is not a fault of the collar. He left his incision alone for this time frame because it kept him occupied. It's funny.

4. Alfie Pet Petoga Couture Waterproof

Alfie Pet Petoga Couture Waterproof

The overall diameter of 21 is the best size for the girth neck. It's ideal for injuries and post surgery. Cats and dogs can work well together. The nylon fabric is water resistant and the foam is hollow. It's machine washable for easy cleaning. The owner should watch in the beginning as the pet may chew. Pets can eat, sleep, and drink.

Brand: Alfie

👤I have a Doberman who had an injury. The collar was a huge help. I am not giving it 5 stars because dogs with long snouts and long legs can reach their feet. It is challenging for them and they are discouraged to do so. I will keep it on hand for the next incident because it would have been a real life saver for him. He liked the pillowy aspect of the collar. If you add tacky material to the collar, it might be more effective. I say this because some large dogs have narrow necks. It is easier for the dog to reach certain areas when the collar slides down.

👤My first review was below. I took a star away because my dog figured out how to reach them. I'm still looking for a collar that is perfect. I don't know if I'll ever find one. A dog can perform miracles to get to his legs. I've tried every style of Elizabethan collar. The ones that worked were not comfortable. My dog was crazy because of the inflatable one. He couldn't sleep or get used to it. Everyone knows how bad the hard plastic ones are. The two styles did work. The collar works better. It keeps my dog from licking his feet. If the collar is a little tight you can't snap the bottom snap closed, but it's not a problem if it's not. If it is too loose, you would have to find a collar to keep it on. My dog has a 13-inch neck and the size that fit him perfectly. The collar would be perfect if it were more flexible.

👤My dog had eye surgery. It has been difficult to find a cone to protect his stitches. This one is good for sleep and lounging. He can drink and eat with it on, but it's not great for him to go outside and walk with his short legs. I wouldn't let him go unattended in it. He ordered the blue/gray but his neck is too big to snap the bottom snaps. It will be too long for him to walk if you order the XXL. It's not ideal for dogs with big necks, but otherwise could have been great. The navy-colored XXL came in! Can snap all the snaps and fit around his neck, but it's too big for him to walk in.

👤Our Persian cat just had surgery and we bought this for him. After trying other alternatives, we love it. A public service announcement should not be wrapped. Our cat ate a lot of ribbon. The emergency surgeon said he came home with a plastic cone of shame after one case. Sad lesson learned! We don't want him to pull out his stitches. The generic vet cone is terrible. He can't eat or drink with the cone because he is flat faced. We had to take it off 4X a day so he wouldn't go for his stitches after eating. It took 5 minutes of sweating and fighting to get it back on. Stressful for everyone. Bring in the Alfie... The trumpets are playing. We are free and our cat can eat. It was a miracle. I was skeptical about the size when it arrived. It looked like it would fit a gerbil. The first button was undone. It is correct. It was nice and snug. It's right for a cat. It took a few seconds to put on and off. He was able to get around the donut style even with his flat face because we bought it. PS- The Alfie is also cool. He looks like an Elizabethan space age explorer. Thank you! You made the experience manageable for us and our healing kitty.

5. Surgi Snuggly Alternative Antimicrobial Protects Bandages

Surgi Snuggly Alternative Antimicrobial Protects Bandages

Dog Cones For Large Dogs are more comfortable than your pets. Scientifically proven to ease post surgery anxiety in pets. Dr. Williams is a Veterinarian with over 40 years experience. 1000's of veterinarians, trainers, pet professionals and universities use it. Their fabric is American made and it's not harmful to your pets. They look at your dog's weight, girth and spine measurements to ensure a proper fit.

Brand: Surgi~snuggly

👤I didn't know if I wanted a dog that was larger or a dog that was smaller. The company recommended the XXL to me. I put the XXL on my dog after she came home from the vet. She walked out of it this morning and it was on the floor. I now have the XLL on her and it's a snug fit, and I've stayed on without any problems all day. My dog is 80 lbs. Her measurements are from where the neck and shoulders meet to the base of the tail and behind the legs. Hope this helps with size reference for a dog. My dog hasn't licked or gotten to the surgical site yet. The edges were cut in the review. This is not the case on this product. The extra seams where there is going to be more movement from shoulder opening to hip/ leg opening is excellent. The plum color is very nice. I am very pleased with the product so far. The two photos show how the two items fit together. You can see that one is not tight. The other is not tight.

👤I purchased this for my Great Pyrenees male puppy because he was having to wear a cone of shame on his head. It is a challenge to get the big dog to be comfortable with treats. He was able to lick the wound after we wrapped between the legs because it did not adequately cover the area from his neuter. I put shorts over the top of the snuggly with a hole in the tail. The wound is more protected with the two barriers. He will sleep in the cone because he's smart. I think the sputum would work well if it covered the wound. She might still want to lick it. I thought "It's okay" was too low, so I rated this 4 stars. It is a good design, but won't meet the needs of a male neuter.

👤A piece of a blanket caused an obstruction after my dog chewed it up. He had to be kenneled while we were at work because I can't trust him not to eat things he shouldn't. I didn't want his incision to touch the crate pan, and he was already trying to scratch it, so I had to stop him. I was worried that he would chew on the booties if they fell off. I stumbled across the Surgi Snuggly while looking up surgical shirts. I decided to give it a try, and was very happy I did. It kept his incision clean while it healed, and stopped him from being able to scratch at his staple. I found a second benefit to it, which is that it keeps him from scratching when he has an allergy flare up. He started peeing in his crate because he was angry about being crated during the day. I thought that if he really was doing it out of spite, he wouldn't have accidents if the Snuggly was on. There are no more accidents. This product is amazing. He may not be happy that we got his dog. He would like the large-long to be made in a more masculine color.

6. VITAL FRI Protective Inflatable Collar Collar

VITAL FRI Protective Inflatable Collar Collar

The inflatable collar helps support dogs with injuries or post surgery. Pets will not be able to bite, lick and chew their injured areas. The recovery cone is made of donut shape with fresh colors and can be used as a pillow after healing. The collar doesn't affect the pet's ability to eat, drink or play. It is easy to adjust to the length of the neck with the adjusted security stiffening. Their size chart can help you choose the right size. This design makes dog and cat feel comfortable. There is a choice of hand and machine wash. You are taking no risk with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Vital-fri

👤The collar that we got for the large husky fit his collar measurement. I was looking forward to him wearing this instead of his cone of shame, but it doesn't work. With this thing on, he was able to get to his neuter stitches. He had to put the cone back on. I would return this, but it's a husky and there's fur everywhere. I think it will be a cute costume at some point. Maybe I can make our other husky look like a coffee. It's cute and wonderful in theory, but it doesn't work to keep them from getting to their surgical bits. It's a pity.

👤After her surgery, this worked well for our puppy. The cone the vet put on was cumbersome. Downright uncomfortable. She was able to roam better when we put this on her. She laid down on it. It prevented her from chewing on her stitches.

👤I bought this for my Coonhound who has a skin infection. I asked his vet if the cone would be worth the money. She thought it would be a lot better since the location of his wound is harder to get to. My coonhound, my lab mix, my house and my legs love this. It is hard for him to roll around in the grass because he can't get at his wound. He knows how to use it as a pillow. He was between a medium and large according to the instructions. I bought a large, but he has yet to slip out, so I will use the collar loops if he does.

👤I am familiar with how these work because I am a certified veterinary technician. I thought I would buy a cute one for my dog, instead of the plain ones at my work. The zip was faulty and wouldn't stay open. I had trouble getting the plug to stay in. I couldn't go to the pet store to buy anything else because the item arrived late. My dog chewed all his sutures out after he woke up the next morning with the deflated collar, and had to have a second surgery. I got one of the plain ones from my work, and have had no issues since. It seems like it was made cheaply. When it doesn't stay together, your dog needs another surgery.

👤This was a great victory. After he was neutered, it kept my puppy from getting upset. He liked that it worked as a travel pillow. We put it on him after the first day. It made him feel better since he wasn't feeling well. Would recommend.

👤My dog had surgery. He decided to take his stitches out himself. He couldn't drink or eat with the cone because it was so large. It was difficult for him to go to the bathroom. A big pain. I had to remove it so he could eat and drink. I want to see if it would work better. I was in the "donut" for over three weeks to allow time for his staple to heal the wound. He was not happy. He could eat with it on, drink with it on and move around better. He could sleep with it on, but he couldn't put his head down and get comfortable. It worked. He couldn't get to the staple. He healed. He is out of the donut after having his stapled. It has a cover that can be washed. I can deflate it and store it easier if it inflates. It was more useful. It was cute on him. It was worth the money to have him not have to go back to the hospital.

7. Alfie Pet Petoga Couture Recovery

Alfie Pet Petoga Couture Recovery

Size Medium is the best size to fit the girth neck at 9.25" to 10.75". It's ideal for injuries and post surgery. Cats and dogs can work well together. The lion costume design recovery collar is light in weight, soft and comfortable, but may not cover all of the pet's body part. The owner should watch in the beginning as the pet may chew. The owner can tighten or loosen as necessary. Pets can eat, sleep, and drink.

Brand: Alfie

👤I did my research and am happy with the product, but I did modify it. I attached two plastic fast clips so I could be certain that the Velcro wouldn't give way and allow me to escape, because I looked at all the reviews from the many animal designs offered. I attached a tiny collar through a canvas loop to the top of the neck opening so that the top stayed at the top and the Velcro stayed at the bottom, no cone rotation. Next, I hot-glued popsicle sticks and sealed the tips nearest to the floor with a piece of canvas "ribbon". He won't be grabbing the ruffle and folding over the cone so much that he can reach his stitches. I am saying that there should be more than just a pair of bolts, that there should be something to keep it on their neck. I anticipate success with these things in place, but I will update this review if I learn something else. If you want to puppy proof your cone, you should see my picks. It took me 35 minutes. I had solutions on hand. The Squirrels in a log toy are a great distraction. He wanted to check it out after surgery.

👤This is hilarious and adorable, but not without its flaws. It's soft and comfortable. She doesn't hit things like a plastic cone because it's bendy. It has heavy-duty velcro that stays stuck. It's easier to get on and off than the cones. Plastic cones are clear for most of the time, but this makes them have tunnel vision, which is unfortunate since they are able to see with their peripheral vision. Our dog runs into a lot of things, but it doesn't hurt. It is bendy. The same thing that makes it a pro also makes it a con. She has been wearing this for a week and it is losing its shape. It is a bit shorter in length because it is collapsing at the first round of stitching. If you have a dog with fur, it can be a con. Our dog is a poodle mix and has little to no shed, her hair is only about 1 inch long, so it's not getting caught in the velcro, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a good idea if we had used it on our German shepherd. The material gets wet. Do you think your dog is a messy drinker? She should not use this. It's been raining almost non-stop and in the morning it's time to take it off when we go outside. Since she has to look down more because of the tunnel vision, the few times we forgot it came back in quite wet. It should not flip back and forth but if your dog slides against something it will turn itself backwards. It doesn't make a difference for our dog, she still can't reach her stitches, but if she had to stay away from a front paw it might be a problem. I like it. I would recommend it. I would buy it again.

8. ARRR Water Resistant Adjustable Protective Alternative

ARRR Water Resistant Adjustable Protective Alternative

The 2nd edition recovery collar has been upgraded to allow 3 different shapes and angles. Depending on your pet's post-operation condition, you can easily adjust the shape and angle. The 2nd edition has been made with a stronger water-resistant fabric, and a new shade of unique color "Misty Rose" has been added to your option to match your need. The ARRR comfy UFO recovery neck collar is the best solution for recovery. The collar can be tailored to fit your pet's body type, so it won't hurt a healing wound or injury. The collar does not block your pet's vision, which will allow your pet to eat, drink, sleep, and play as usual. The soft recovery UFO recovery neck collar is made of water resistant fabric and has a strong water repellency textile which makes it much easier to manage. The collar is made of 100% poly which will allow easy removal of pet furs and dust. The noise-free lightweight microfiber cotton will protect your pet from getting irritated when wearing the collar. The collar can be used as a cushion for your pet to sleep on. The neck collar has a soft drawstring at the center that can be adjusted to keep it from slipping down or being taken off. You can either loosen or tighten the rope. Refer to the product's size info image before purchasing. Measure your pet's length from neck to front paws while standing upright. Take the measurement and compare it to the E-collar's radius after adding 2 inches. The length from neck to front paws should be the same as the product's radius. If you feel like your pet is small, choose the bigger one.

Brand: Arrr

👤I didn't know which size my dog would fit in, so I ordered both small and medium. My dog is a 5-pound Maltese and this was for her post-spay recovery. Both fit her well. I returned the small and kept the medium because I wanted to be sure that she wouldn't be able to lick the incision site. It worked well. The product was light and comfortable. My dog wore it for 7 days, even when she was eating and sleeping, and it didn't bother her at all.

👤I can't tell you how great this product is. It was a life saver. My dog had a wound on his foot and needed to wear a cone. He didn't have to wear the hard one from the vet because we had a black soft cone from a previous pet. When I put his black soft cone on, he sat in the kitchen and refused to move. For over twenty minutes. He sat down. The crying began. He couldn't eat or drink with it, he couldn't jump on furniture with it, and he fell on his face trying to jump off the couch. We had to fix things because he was miserable. We found this cone and tried it out. He was very happy with it. It's light, soft, and he can see so he's happy. His neck is about 15 and a half inches. I think I got him a medium that was just over 15 inches and he fit great. He was so close to the top measurements that I didn't need to adjust the drawstring. It would have been easy to do. It worked great because he was so happy with it. He tried to get his foot, but couldn't reach it. He used the cone as a pillow. I might buy more for gifts. This gave our dog peace of mind. We waited for this one because he was so depressed by the other version. You need to buy it now. I didn't get anything from this review. Please excuse his wild hair, the groomers in our area have been closed due to the virus. There is a It is a soft lightweight cushion.

👤I love this for my baby girl who just got shirred. I used to use a soft cone and donut with my dogs when they had surgeries, but they were still miserable. I was looking on Amazon. She is very long, so I ordered the XL. It works perfectly. She is more comfortable in a cone than a donut. It's like a pillow around her neck. It's easy for her to eat and drink with it on because it moves with her body.

👤The 7 month old Cavalier was neutered two days ago. The calm cone was a disaster the first day we tried it. He couldn't lift his head because it was heavy. I went to the vet and got a plastic cone. That worked better but not great. He wouldn't move or walk in it. The Aarf cone was delivered this morning. Popped it on him. He is a happy camper. The large is the best for his size. I knew he would be able to reach the site because the diameter of the cone wasn't wide enough for his size. He is sleeping and looks comfortable.

9. BINGPET Dog Inflatable Recovery Collar

BINGPET Dog Inflatable Recovery Collar

Please measure your pet's neck girth before ordering to make sure it's the right size. Function: The recovery collar is specially designed for pets to wear after surgery or illness to prevent them from scratching wounds and affected areas. The donut shape recovery collar is quite cute and your pet will love it. It can be inflated through the leak-proof inflation valve for long-term use and you can wash the cloth if you take out the inflatable bag. Soft and Bite-resistant: Made of a material that is soft and bite resistant, this gives your pet a comfortable experience.

Brand: Bingpet

👤I left my puppy in her crate while I ran Christmas presents to the post office. She chewed it into pieces, and then consumed quite a bit of it. She had to have emergency surgery to have the remaining pieces of her body. The pieces of the inflatable part became very hard once mixed with her stomach acids. The product is very cute and comfortable for her, and the shipping was fast, so she didn't have to worry about it. I bought another one because she slept better with it. If you can't be around them, put the other cone back on the train.

👤My dumb vet thought a cone for my 120lb dog was a good idea. Good luck lifting his head up off the ground or walking through a door if you have those edges on your finger. They could have saved me and the recovering pup a lot of stress and hassle by suggesting something like this. I found it, works better than the cone, and gives your dog a travel pillow to pass out on. One of those surgery onesies for dogs is a great way to add extra protection and keep my other pups from bothering the stitches.

👤My german shepherd has a plastic E-collar, but it's not as comfortable as the great size for him. The big boy knocked things off of the tables with his E-collar. He accidentally trapped himself in rooms around the house by shutting the doors with the plastic E-collar. The final straw was when he scratched the paint off of the door with his plastic collar. This one is soft so it doesn't scratch up walls and he hasn't accidentally trapped himself in a random part of the house. He's able to eat food and drink water more easily now that he's more mobile. He has seasonal allergies, so this collar is a must. He looks like a cute little donut in time for Halloween.

👤I got this for our Blue Heeler so he can get used to it before we take his man bits and do this to him. It is perfect. He was calm and adorable with this one. It was so funny. I had to sad face in one of them. He loved our dog but knew he wouldn't do well in a cone and would end up hurting us or going to the vet because he decided to eat it. You made a darn donut.

👤It's easy to assemble and it's cute for dogs. Porter wore it after his neuter surgery and he did better with it than his e-collar. I realized that he could still reach the area he wasn't supposed to reach, because his body was long enough. I think it will work well for dogs that fit it better than mine. He still loved it!

👤I love this product. It fits perfectly and does not make my dog uncomfortable. He didn't mind having the donut around his neck and didn't mind removing it. He is able to eat, drink and move around easily, but unable to reach the area where his neuter will take place, so he will not be able to lick or irritate the surgical site. The'regular' hard surgical cones are cumbersome and uncomfortable, making it almost impossible for the dog to move around without bumping into everything. This product is very good. I will keep another in my emergency care bag. Having this around could be what is needed when something goes wrong.

10. Heywean Surgical Abdominal Protector Alternative

Heywean Surgical Abdominal Protector Alternative

The fabric is high-elastic. Light weight material makes your dog comfortable. The design is easy to put on and take off. The waist and neckline have a drawstring. It is beneficial to keep the dog from licking the wound. E collar is an alternative for dogs. The recovery suits are used for skin conditions, post surgery, road rash, and friction burns. These dog onesies are perfect for after surgery and can prevent the pet hair from falling around in the home.

Brand: Heywean

👤We love this product. My dog is covered well but at the bottom. The butt opening is small. The hole for the male dog was not quite right. Coverage for the arms and body is good. Nice material. The fit is perfect for my dog. I contacted the company and they immediately returned my email and asked for pictures so they could see what was happening. After a few emails, they decided to send my dog something similar that would prevent him from licking his belly. I am very satisfied with the product and the way the company handled my dog situation.

👤My dog had surgery and the medical stitches were protected by the product. I didn't like that the long sleeves got stuck on his feet. The stitching around the circle ripped easily when I cut it out to make room for the male dog, but it remained intact. On the 5th day I owned the product, I heard my dog making weird noises as he tried to walk down the hall. The stitching on the cord used to tighten the neck had ripped, and I realized it when I got to him. The cord got caught on his collar, making it nearly impossible to move. The cord could have killed him if I had not been there. The product looked good, but the stitching defects are very dangerous. I don't know if my particular order was the only one with the shoddy stitching, but I would not order this product again and warn others to be very careful with the cords that may come out of the stitching and cause a tragedy. I hope shoppers and Heywean know about the serious defect, because Amazon refunded my money.

👤My dog is 80 lbs. My dog fit all the measurements of a 2XL except for being a few inches short on the back, based on the measurement chart shown on the product page. The back of the 2XL was too short and my dog was not happy with it. I swapped it for a 3XL and it's just right, my dog is a lot happier, and it's a bit loose in several places. The camouflage print is not made in 3XL. I had to get a gray one, but it still looks good on him. The material is soft and stretchy and the Zipper closes very nicely. I like the idea of using a zip for this suit, as opposed to a pullover design or something. It's useful for obvious reasons, although the placement doesn't line up with where we should be, but hopefully we can adjust it to get it right. It's definitely not heavy duty or for outdoor use. I bought it for being indoors or in the car, which is what it was made for. I'm pretty sure that a determined dog could get through this if this is to prevent a dog from tearing stitches. He probably wouldn't like running in it. I don't know if it's easy to clean or if it's given the material. I don't know how the drawstrings would fair in the wash, and I haven't tried yet. It's likely they'll have to feed them back in.

11. MCHY Inflatable Adjustable Scratching Vision(Pink

MCHY Inflatable Adjustable Scratching Vision%EF%BC%88Pink

The inflatable dog cone collar is designed to protect your pets from injuries and post surgery wounds. The inflatable dog cone will prevent pets from biting and licking their wounds and will help them recover from surgery or wounds. Soft dog recovery collar allow your pet to eat, drink, and sleep normally, which is good for recovery. The small dog inflatable collar is recommended for the cat. Measure your pet's neck before ordering. The inflatable recovery collar is soft, plush and an alternative to traditional pet cones. The outside of the dog cone is made of cotton fabric and it is easy to clean. The soft recovery collar is easy to store and use. For a perfect size for your dog, adjust it. The back of the pet's neck is where the dog can bite it. deflate it so you can store it when you don't use it. You can wash the outside cloth if you take the bag out. If you find the dog cone too large for your dog and easy to fall off, you can use the inner ring loops of your pet's collar to help keep them safe.

Brand: Mchy

👤This is for my 11 pound male lhasa apso. I got him a neutering outfit to wear and I thought I did a good job of preparing for his neutering. I heard they were more comfortable than cones. It was a huge hassle on a male dog. Each time they want to go potty, you have to roll it up. My dog was tired after surgery and didn't give the normal potty signals because he wasn't eating as much. I'd take him out to potty occasionally, but I'd have to go through the effort to get his outfit set up, then find he wasn't ready to go. I tried the normal e-cone on him, and he seemed fine. Not happy, but putting up with it. He was stuck in the grass when he tried to wee because he couldn't put his head down. I think it was bothering him because he'd run into things and he couldn't sniff. He was able to lick himself with the collar on. I finally ordered this one. It was a god send. It's light enough that he isn't too troubled by it, but large enough that he can't turn and lick his wound. He can use the potty without a problem. I've been feeding him by hand since the surgery, but he's able to feed himself and drink on his own. My dog's breed has a short nose, so he didn't have a chance to eat or drink with the vet cone. He was able to get a toy out and play with it. I think this cone is as close to normal life as he can get while still stopping him from licking.

👤I was skeptical of the item's ability to keep my German Shepherd from licking his stitches after his neuter surgery. It worked perfectly. I could have gotten by with a large. The XL is too big. It is easy to use. You have to blow it up because it comes deflated. I used an old balloon pump that worked well, and it can be difficult to get the air tab closed before the air leaks out. Once inflated, simply remove your dogs collar from their neck and run it through the loops on the inflated protection collar, clip the collar back onto your dog, and affix the long Velcro onto the inflatable.

👤I bought this for my dog who just got neutered. He is only about 7 lbs. I put the small size around him so it would be better for him than the plastic cone from the vet. My maltipoo was able to split his sutures. This was just a pillow for him and not something I was looking for. If you are considering buying a Zencone soft recovery, I would recommend you to go to Petco and get it, it is a lot better than a plastic cone and my dog is still able to be comfortable and not bumping into everything.

👤Our dog was neutered. We took the cone off the vet because he hated it. He seemed better, but our puppy was able to reach his wound. He was not deterred from his surgery spot by the inflatable donut device. He had to put the cone back on. Our puppy seemed to prefer the inflatable one.


What is the best product for dog cone alternative after surgery?

Dog cone alternative after surgery products from Wz Pet. In this article about dog cone alternative after surgery you can see why people choose the product. Suitical and Midog are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog cone alternative after surgery.

What are the best brands for dog cone alternative after surgery?

Wz Pet, Suitical and Midog are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog cone alternative after surgery. Find the detail in this article. Alfie, Surgi~snuggly and Vital-fri are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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