Best Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

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1. Owlet Home Dog Camera Dispenser

Owlet Home Dog Camera Dispenser

Motion detection smart alarm A built-in motion sensor is needed to turn on the motion detection function. When the motion detector is triggered, the WIFI camera will send an alert to your phone and record a short clip of the event to protect your home from theft and damage. Support cloud storage. Plug in to power outlet and download the app. You can add a device to connect to the internet. Enjoy your new dog camera. Fun and interactive treat tossing is possible with the APP. Do you want to move fun? You could use the APP to record your voice when tossing a treat. While you are away from home, let your dog know you are around. You can see your pet with a camera and auto night vision. You can watch your pet on the go with live HD video streaming. Two-way audio is easy and clear with a high-quality microphone and speaker. Allow your dog to eat or drink with their favorite food or snack. You could use a smart dog camera to watch out for anything that might happen in your home while you are away. The dog bark alert is compatible with the above platforms. The best performance can be achieved with a strong wi fi signal. Only 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz are supported. Make sure the Smart Dog Camera is connected to the 2.4 GHz band. Money back is provided in 30 days, 12 months warranty and technical support.

Brand: Owlet Home

👤I decided to use the Owlet Home dog camera for my dog after seeing a similar product in my friend's house. We love it! It took less than 3 minutes to set up. It takes a couple seconds for a treat to be given. You could record your voice to make it sound different. It is so cool. My dog is happy. When I am away from home, he runs to the camera to look for treats. It is easy to move around the house after you connect to the internet with this product. You could put it on the ground or on the shelf. I use this dog camera to get different views of my dog at different times of the day and night, and I don't have to worry about my internet connection being disrupted. The product only works with 2.4 GHz, not 5 GHz. I have two bands so it's not a problem for me. The Owlet Home dog camera works great if you have an AmazonAlexa device. We love it! If you don't stop it from tossing treats to your dog, it will keep doing it. Unless I move it to a place with poor internet, I have never had a problem with this product. You can save the picture and video to your phone. It is easy to share with your friends and family. We are very happy with this purchase. Excellent customer service and a 1-year warranty are what they provide. It's nice to have customer support from a US based company.

👤When my cat hears a whistle, it's easy to train her to run over to it. Leaving her for the weekend will be a lot easier. I can reward her with a treat when I check in.

👤This thing is great. You can take pictures and video with your pets, talk to them, and give them treats. The furbo has bad reviews for video quality, but I'm happy I went with this.

👤This thing is amazing. Since we got it, it has worked to throw treats. It was easy to set up and we are at work. Our dog is challenged by anxiety separation and this helps him a lot. The video can be slow and it doesn't work to speak through the feeder because my internet isn't the greatest. It still throws treats and that is what is most important to me. If you are looking for something with a decent picture quality and a way to give your pet a snack, look no further! We have had it for almost three months.

👤I love this thing. When my son spent time with his dads, I bought it so he could stay connected to his pets. The camera clarity is amazing and it is easy to use. The app works great to deliver a treat with just the push of a button. It was easy to set up. Plug it in and follow the instructions on your phone to connect to the internet. When I put small pea size training treats in, they shoot out about 3-6 at a time so make sure you pick the treats you want to put in it. I bought mine for over $100 and am very happy with it. I am not sure why some on the market are over 200 dollars. I don't need to know when my dogs bark. I did not need a high definition television. The camera is very sharp. I am very happy with the purchase.

2. SKYMEE Camera Dispenser Remote Two Way

SKYMEE Camera Dispenser Remote Two Way

The magnetic base, power cord and metal plate make it easy to install the home camera. They will provide professional technical support if you have any problems after purchasing. The Happy Treat Dispenser is small and can be used to play with your dog's favorite treats. Set up Plug in to a power outlet using ausb cord. The full free app is Skymee. You can connect the network. Plug in the power supply to an electrical outlet. Night vision has 10 IR LEDs that can see up to 15-20m. You can talk with the pets.

Brand: Skymee

👤I couldn't wait for it to arrive because I didn't know what I would get, but I decided to purchase this unit. It showed up a day early. I opened it and was ready to put it all together for my ankle biters. I was a little worried when I opened it because the area where the treat is distributed looked small and I was wondering if this wasn't going to hold a few treats. I decided to try it out after filling it up and I already knew it was going to be disappointing because the unit was so small. Boy, I was wrong. The treat compartment was just perfect, and it was a piece of cake to set up. The unit it SelF punishes theTREATS every time you try it. It's fun to watch your pets on video as they get excited and you can wait for them to repay you. I love everything about this, it works exactly like it states, and you can't beat the price of it. I didn't have to pay $300 for competitors to compete. This is perfect.

👤If you have a dog that is aggressive, this may not work for you because the tossing mechanism is very loud. It was very scary for my dog when he first arrived and he had to be trained to stay in the same room. I haven't been able to use it when I leave him home alone because he still finds it frightening if I'm not in the room with him. Sometimes you don't get treats on the first try and the treats fall into the chute after it completes the toss, so you have to do it a couple times for the treats to throw. It's not a big deal when you're at home watching it, but if you're only watching it from the app it's hard to tell if a treat has been thrown.

👤When I bought this product, I didn't know that I had to download an app from China. The support and customer service is not in China. I was not comfortable with an app that could access other information on my phone. I am returning it.

👤This was a good purchase after researching. It was very easy to set up. You can download the app and connect to the internet. Done. My pets are excited about the treats when I check in. They come running to catch after it barks and shoots them out. They were scared the first time. They are running now. The picture is fairly good. The camera is black and white. The camera has already shown me that my pet got out of the gate. Great purchase. There were no issues after a month of use.

👤We bought a treat to see our dog. We are happy for most of the time. At times, the item won't give out the treats. You cannot hear at the same time while you speak and listen because you have to press the talk button. You are either listening or talking. We like the product.

3. SKYMEE Automatic Dispenser Full Room Compatible

SKYMEE Automatic Dispenser Full Room Compatible

Night vision has 10 IR LEDs that can see up to 15-20m. The dog video camera lens design has a1080p full HD camera and a 120-degree wide-angle view. 2 way audio and motion detection, smart speaker control, and 180 ptz You can chat with your pets and know what is going on at home with the Petalk AI II. You can play a game with your pets, avoid your love pets getting bored, andRemotely release pets favorite snacks with the dog treat dispensers. One app account can support 8. Photos and videos can be uploaded to your social media platform. Plug in to a power outlet using a power cord, then download the full free app "Skymee", which is not compatible with 5G. The app.12-hour response service is friendly and can be reached at any time.

Brand: Skymee

👤I ordered the Petalk AI II. I couldn't connect it after it was delivered. I was told to order a replacement from Amazon after I contacted Petalk support. I was able to connect it after getting the replacement. The video quality is great. The treats are just fine. Night vision is awesome. The motion detection is on point. The reason for a 1 star review is that neither machine fully works. It's hard to believe that I received two machines that weren't working. I was able to see video through the replacement, but the audio did not work. I try to speak through the app and the sound that comes out through the camera is notexistent or if it does, it's like a single vowels. You can only hear the "ah" at the end of the message if I say her name 3 times in a row. The replacement will be returned as well. I give up.

👤Our pups love it! We set up a schedule to automatically send treats to my girls at certain times while we are usually working and we also send them at random when we walk through the room. I like being able to check in on my pets when I'm not at home. They run to the treat machine to get their snack as soon as possible. The app for both motion detection and the recording with a card is hard to navigate, so we don't use that feature, and the recording with a card is hard to navigate, so we don't use it. It's not intended for security use, but being able to send my dogs treats and peek in on them surpasses my expectations.

👤I was hoping this would be a good product and that it could be. The software and technology is not up to the task. It took hours to connect. My connection was up to snuff. The unit was moved within inches of my computer. I got a successful connection after 20 attempts. Only to see the camera for a minute. Had to reset the unit and there was no connection. I am done playing with this equipment after another 20 or so attempts. $112 is a good price for a phone charge.

👤I like to watch my dog. My dog sleeps a lot. Some of the other products have a monthly fee. The picture is nice. It rotates so that you can charge your cell phone on top of it. It doesn't kick out the treats very quickly but it is enough for my needs. I would purchase again. It was easy to set up. I downloaded the app and used the device about 2 minutes later. It requires a connection to work.

👤I need a small treat capacity for such a large camera, which is just over 1.5" in diameter. The microphone only works for talking, and then switches to listening after. You have to stop talking before you start again. The view angle is too close. Cats can only see half a face, and they sit right in front. Panning is nice, but not up and down. The dogs treat work. If the camera app is open, it reloads. My other cameras are on. For something with better features, send it back.

4. Camera Security Tracking Detection Compatible

Camera Security Tracking Detection Compatible

This indoor security camera supports cloud storage and built-in microSD cards. The server located in the US can make sure your videos are safe and protected. You have to log in to your APP account to view recorded videos. You can add a family member. The dog camera rotates when your child or dog moves, so that the pet camera can see them. Press and hold the talk button to turn on the phone APP speaker. There is a baby monitor in front of you. The indoor camera has a resolution of 1920*1080. The dog camera has a clear picture in the dark because it is equipped with an IR light. The baby camera has a smart detection function. The dog camera will record videos and send alert messages to your phone if your child crawls or cries. If you encounter any product problems, please contact them through Amazon, they will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Zjx

👤I take care of the cats in my back bedroom. I have tried 7 different cameras in the last 3 months. This is the most reliable, easiest to use and accurate camera out there. It is easy to use the tracking feature, the focus is clear, and the tilt rotation covers most of the room. The picture is clear even though it doesn't have color vision. It is the only one that moves at the time you tell it to. I highly recommend. This is a baby/pet camera.

👤I have two of these cameras that work under the app. Even though it is the same brand and model, the camera won't work with the app. I will have two cameras on one app and one on the other because the old ones won't work in the Victure home app. Not productive to use them this way. I will be returning this one and looking for another system that will allow me to have three connected. I would love to return the other two. It's disappointing that products I bought a year ago seem obsolete.

👤The camera is great. It is easy to install a sharp picture. TheVicture PC530 is the camera brand that the listing says is "ZJX". I already have aVicture PC540 and this is perfect. Each requires a different app to run on. Each of the cameras requires a different version of their own app, I was told by Victure. If you want to add this camera to your existing camera group, you should double check the app requirements as you may end up having to run them on different apps. I'm trying to find an app that will run my cameras.

👤Set up a camera in my living room. I added my own card to set it up. 2 way talk is quite but does what it needs to.

👤I use this camera as a baby monitor and it allows continuous live view. After exiting the app, it doesn't work very well. It is difficult to connect the camera to the application. I had to return it because I couldn't establish a connection.

👤The picture quality is very good. The voice quality is not great when I am trying to speak to my dog to stop him from going to my house. It was very affordable and good quality.

👤Excellent delivery. The instructions on how to set up are not very helpful for older people.

👤If you're looking for a simple camera, this is it.

5. SKYMEE Camera Dispenser Two Way Compatible

SKYMEE Camera Dispenser Two Way Compatible

There is a built-in rechargeable battery. Both on the roads and under the roof, you can get peace of mind. You will be able to see your dog clearly with a Full HD camera. Set up Plug in to a power outlet using ausb cord. You can download the full free app. The Happy Treat Dispenser can be used to play with your dog's favorite treats. Plug in the power supply to an electrical outlet. Night vision has 10 IR LEDs that can see up to 15-20m.

Brand: Skymee

👤I bought this for my grandson. My daughter is in the hospital and she has been very emotional not being with her son and he is not allowed at the hospital to visit. I bought this to put in his play area so his mom can interact with him whenever she wants. He can hear his mom say she loves him and he can hear her 24/7. I could have used a nanny cam, but it was so great for my daughter and grandson that she could treat him. They both had fun doing this. I filled it with baby puffs. The first joy my daughter had in a week was when she gave the puffs to her son. It may seem silly to some, but anything that can bring joy is worth it. You can use the built in dog bark or cat meow to record your own sound. It makes a noise before it throws the treats. We recorded saying my grandson's name and he knows he's going to get his puffs. My daughter says it lags. I think that is due to the bad reception she has on her phone in the hospital. My dog thinks it is great, so it is intended use for dogs too. It's definitely recommend for many uses.

👤A clear picture. The camera can be turned remotely. The treat dispensers work. This is the second camera we have. The Furbo was the first thing we had. The Skymee camera is superior in every way. Highly recommended.

👤It's nice to have changeable doors that allow bigger treats to exit or how many smaller treats there are. I didn't get how this worked from the descriptions and reviews, so I'll mention it here. You can fill the cone shaped reservoir with food or treats. When you open a treat with an app, a little scoop rises up from the bottom center of the inside wall and pushes the treats up and out of the door. Spring kicks them out of the front firing chamber when they drop into it. The treat is always sitting in the chamber from the previous cycle. I think it does this because it wants to make sure the treat is ready to leave the floor quickly. I believe there is a senor for it to know a treat is in the chamber, because it will sometimes cycle a few times to make sure a treat is successfully picked up and dropped into the chamber. The night vision is pretty impressive, and the camera and app work well. It still looks great and has a smooth video when using the "smooth" mode. I don't like the image quality of the "HD" and "SD" modes, they are too slow and freeze up. I won't comment on the motion detection because I haven't used it yet. I was able to get a new update for the app, which has a firmware updater.

👤The quality of the picture is amazing. The dog barks when you sling a treat. My dog will hear the bark and run. The treats leave there. She loves it! I can check on her when I am not at home. It is a great camera and the treat dispensers are an added bonus.

6. NETVUE Upgraded Advanced Detection High Efficiency

NETVUE Upgraded Advanced Detection High Efficiency

Listen and speak with anyone in the range of your AC1C with clear, full 2-way audio. The dog camera with phone app has 3MP super high-resolution, much clearer than the standard HD video, and 8X digital zoom, which will help you know what your puppy is doing. H.265 video compression technique and the new high-efficiency video coding technology improves video quality dramatically, it reduces the storage and bandwidth usage, and it also gives you much smoother video and longer recording time. Enhanced artificial intelligence is brought to this camera for home security, which will detect human motion and record it immediately. The pet camera allows you to have a real-time chat with your family members or pets just like talking face to face, and the pet monitor works well with Amazon's devices. You can use the cloud to store up to 14 days of cloud storage or record to an SD card, not included, up to 128GB, and both can replay 20 days or more.

Brand: Netvue

👤I bought the camera to watch our dog. The setup is easy, however I had a few issues. I was connected to an agent right away after I contacted customer service. I was connected to an online agent immediately after I contacted them, because I had another question. I haven't experienced night vision yet because I'm using this camera for the first time. The daytime video quality is very impressive. I was hoping that I could view the live camera from my computer, but customer service told me that they don't have a computer app yet. I hope it comes out soon. The app on the phone works fine. I will update my review when I see how I like this. I'm pretty impressed.

👤I bought it for our restaurant location, which is undergoing a build out phase. I put it up to watch the equipment and workers. I am happy I found this product. We have them at our other locations, so I almost bought them. I wanted to see if this product was right. When I started using it, I was so excited that the quality of the video and function was the same or better than my nest cam. I don't have anything against nest cam, nor am I getting paid by it. This is my honest opinion. I am going to put the camera all over the place because I love it. I ordered 2 more. Due to the privacy reasons of the workers, I don't want to put some pictures up here. I don't want to put pictures here. I am happy. I have a very high speed internet at the location. It makes a huge difference. It was tested at home and it was very sharp and clean, it was provided by the internet company.

👤The camera is set up and working well for 3 days. No issues since setup. There were minor issues during setup. The call that goes into the reset pin is odd. 2. The setup is easy, but a bit different. If you set a setting in general to "daylight only" from the auto, the video could be broadcast. The device was reset correctly after being unplugged for about 5 minutes. Customer service was excellent. Customer service was called back via the phone after live chat. I might have only given this 4 stars if it wasn't for the knowledgeable and help of customer service. Customer service availability is a big plus.

👤This thing is great. I put it in my window to watch my gate. I have had a problem with someone randomly opening my gate and letting my dogs out for 3 years. I decided to get the indoor camera because I don't have power on that side of the house. The night vision doesn't work well because it's shooting through a window. The night vision works well if I turn it around. I love 1. The picture is great. It has motion detection 3. You can mark certain areas as "off" or "on" so the motion detection doesn't go off in that area. Customer service is great, I had a slight issue connecting to my internet at first, but got it figured out quickly with help. When the motion detection is triggered, I get a notification on my phone. 6. You can "share a device" and see the camera and get notifications on more than one phone. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone who needs a little bit of vigilance.

7. Eufy Dispenser 270 Degree Rotatable Tracking

Eufy Dispenser 270 Degree Rotatable Tracking

The best gift idea is perfect for birthdays, Christmas or other holidays. Everyone likes this affordable security camera because of its structure and durable materials. Night vision and a 170 wide-angle lens allow you to see your dog better at night. There is an app for the eufy Pet. Keep your dog guessing with 3-distance and 270 treat tossing. Dog Camera has an anti-clog design that keeps you playing with Rover, not fishing out stuck treats. Your dog is tracked. Keep your dog in the center of attention and the frame automatically. Smart motion tracking follows them after pet detection identifies them. Dog Camera is hot on your pup's tail while you're away. You'll get notifications for every woof and doggy movement that's detected, as well as anything unexpected inside your home. Love is Subscription Free is free to use and you don't have to pay a monthly fee. You can save the best videos with nearly 60 days of local storage. Love is Subscription Free is free to use and you don't have to pay a monthly fee. You can save the best videos with nearly 60 days of local storage.

Brand: Eufy Security

👤I got this for my little multi-pool as a Christmas gift, but I just couldn't wait to use it. He loves it. He would do a happy dance whenever he got a treat. He doesn't like sleeping next to Eufy. The package design is easy to open. The parts and instructions were easy to find. The setup was very smooth. The instructions were easy to follow. The app is easy to use, but the language in the instructions needs to be more clear. Poking around was enough to figure out most of the features. I like the fact that the camera can go from side to side. It would be nicer if you could add a camera that would allow it to go up and down, so that you could take a better picture of the area where the dog is. You can use the device to let you know if the treat bin is low or not. It is nice to know when to add more. The slingshot animation is fun. So far, my dog. I am enjoying the device. I have been able to call my dogs during breaks at work. It took me a while to learn how to point the camera. The video quality is excellent. My living room looks like a magazine spread as the light changes.

👤The camera feels good. It is heavy so that pets won't be able to knock it over. The camera's quality is excellent. The pan on the camera can cause it to rotate. It has features like tossing treats. The camera can report the status of my fur baby when I get outside. I have a new way to care for my pet that is remote. The camera has a nice appearance. It works well in my house.

👤I like the camera and haven't had any issues yet. The app is easy to use. The interface of slingshot feeding is very creative. My dogs like interacting with it. Some dogs might be sensitive to the noise that it makes before throwing the treat. Even if I am not at home, the app will send me notifications when my dogs move around, so I can see their activities no matter where they are. I was able to calm my dogs down by talking to them via the speaker when I wasn't at home.

👤This is the most useful pet camera I have ever purchased. It's easy to use and it has nice appearance. I can chat with my dog when I am away from home. I think that this feature helps my dog. Feeding snack is a highlight for a pet camera. People leave reviews for other products. The snack is easy to get stuck in. Since I have a pet camera, I have a lot of confidence in tossing my dog's favorites treats whenever he wants them. This camera can track my dog when I am not at home, and it doesn't require a subscription. Whenever my dog barks or moves around, it follows me and sends me a notification. The camera is very convenient. I can make sure my dog is comfortable. I highly recommend it.

8. Dog Camera Detection Storage Compatible

Dog Camera Detection Storage Compatible

Financial Encryption Technology and the highest protection of data to ensure the security of your privacy. It supports cloud storage because of the risk of camera theft. You can add a Micro SD card for local storage. No one can access your data without your permission. NETVUE home camera has multi Artificial Intelligence skills including motion detection, pet or animal detection, and so on. Netvue App gives you the option to receive an alert when a person or pets are detected, while avoiding false positives caused by winds or leaves, which helps you focus on what matters. You can set sensor sensitivity levels based on your demand. The NETVUE security camera with phone app has a high-resolution, high-definition, multiple-viewing angle, and digital pan/tilt/ zoom. The NETVUE app allows you to control the indoor cam remotely. The pet camera can monitor your room automatically, so you can see what you missed when you're away. The 2-way audio and app allows you to have a real-time conversation with your family members or dogs. NETVUE security camera that connected with the iPhone for home security works well with the Amazon. Communication with NETVUE security camera is simpler and clearer. NETVUE is FCC and CE certified. The baby monitor has a night vision mode with 10*850nm IR LEDs, which can be switched on when the environment is not being used. This pet monitor that connect with both phones and tablets can view up to 32 feet in high definition even in the dark; With video instructions on NETVUE App, you can easily set up this baby video monitor. NETVUE dog monitor use the cloud to store up to 30 days of cloud storage or record continuously with a MicroSD card. You can save and share videos, and relive sweet memories with your family. This camera will protect your privacy and data storage with bank-level security.

Brand: Netvue

👤I will return this product immediately if you don't buy it. It arrived in one day. I tried to set it up but couldn't. I reached out to customer support who gave me the following excuses: Our server may be down and we may not be able to use it for an hour. I finally connected with my sisters phone after a few more hours of trying. Only to have full access to someone else's home. I was able to move the camera which landed on his family photos, and I was able to call him to warn him. This is very dangerous. I don't know how this could happen. I don't think I'm the first with this.

👤We bought this to keep an eye on our dog. We wanted to know if she had been distressed all the time or only when she heard the key in the door, because she exhibited anxiety when we returned home. You can register the device if you have the 2.4 GHz available. After several attempts to get connected and a lengthy on-line chat with Tech Support, we eventually had to call out internet provider to separate the 2.4 and 5.0 bands. All went well as soon as this was done. We didn't have to pay for cloud storage because we bought a 128B Micro SD Card. There is no way to stop the recording without taking out the card. Not a dealbreaker. The camera was mounted high to avoid being knocked about. The sound and vision are good. It is disappointing that this camera does not have the advertised zoom feature. It is a little frustrating that there is a slight video delay. It is a good product for the price if you are prepared to overlook the minor annoyances. Update... She plays with her stuffed treat and then goes to sleep until we get home.

👤I love watching my pups while I work. It is easy to set up and use. I have added several pictures so you can see from work, I can move the camera around in my living room to see where my pups are. I can talk to anyone in the room. They go to the front door after talking to me, thinking I am home. I have this on the bottom of my entertainment center. It can be placed anywhere. It was easy to set up and I will be getting more because of that. Before plugging in your camera, you should buy a micro SD memory card and insert.

👤I didn't expect the Thai product to be as good as this camera is. Motion detection, night vision, and recording are all great. I get to see my dog having fun. The price is amazing and I recommend this camera to everyone.

👤While we are gone, this is the only thing I can do to watch our dog. After several days of failing to set the device up, support told us to try setting it up with 2 phones. One phone is using its hotspot to connect to the other while setting up the camera. We thought we were good after this. I click on the camera to see what is happening in someone else's living room. With full control of the camera! I have no idea where these people live or how this is possible but my hunch is that the camera on the back of the device is a duplicate of the one in someone else's house. I boxed my device up and sent it back. I will not be ordering from Netvue again. It's really spooky!

9. Rocki Companion Interactive Dispenser Cellphone

Rocki Companion Interactive Dispenser Cellphone

Do you find it hard to leave your pet home alone all day? They designed a solution to provide your pet with someone to talk to while you are away. Simply reward your pet for interacting with you by giving them food or a snack. It can help reduce the sadness, loneliness, and stress of being at home. It comes with a Full HD1080P camera which can let you check your pets status on your mobile phone. It can be a house security camera which provides a panoramic view of your home. Support both systems, but only with a 2.4 GHz internet connection. The Obexx pet camera has a built-in laser dot which can let you play with your pet and talk to your pets at the same time. While it can hear you, your pets voice can't hear you. Let your pets know that you are with them. Four Mecanum wheels allow the device to travel in multiple directions, cross small steps and adapt to different floors. You can use the smart phone application to control the pet companion robot and trace the pet in different places. You can take pictures or videos with your phone and share them with your family, friends and followers on different social media platforms. You can share the code with your loved ones so they can play with your pets from different places of the world.

Brand: Obexx More Than Future

👤I had high hopes for this robot. It arrived with a broken seal box and no feather attachment. Audio prompt were only given in Chinese. I could not move the camera up and down because it did not connect on a hidden network, and it did not move correctly once I got it connected. If it chose to move at all, it had difficulty moving on and off the rug. The speaker was so poor that you couldn't hear anything. I'm pretty sure I got a refurbished unit. My cat and I are both disappointed. I expected better for $300. What a sad machine. Save money. Something different can be found.

👤This is a great product. It has a security camera and functions as a pet toy. The video was set up quickly. There were no connection issues. It can't be recharged remotely like some other srobocams. Plug it in and unplug it. You are sunk if you are away for more than a day. When going from carpet to hardwood, it tends to fall over. There is no way to right it back up. There is nothing more upsetting than having a pet robot cam that is not working. A turtle on its back is useless.

👤The camera is a great tool to have someone with you when you can't. When I have to leave home for the day, I feel bad, but I feel better knowing that they have a robotic companion to keep them company. The cats like the robot because it can give them treats, which is great to watch. I feel better knowing that I can see them with the camera. I like keeping them occupied with the laser. It's nice that they are able to play even when I'm not there. The robot can be used to keep an eye on your home as well, so you can use it to keep an eye on your pets. The way the wheels are designed makes it easy to move on wood and carpet. The camera takes clear pictures and video. Even when you're not there, the audio quality is very good so you can talk to your pets or family members.

👤I've been looking for a pet camera that can drive for a long time. There are many products on the market but not the Owl Camera from 2019. I have found a robot that can look at my dog. I can't buy a Driveable Pet Camera from a seller in Europe. I buy them from the US. Shipping is very fast after just 15 days. Amazon makes the duty cleared for me. I am very happy with my dog and the language they speak is okay for me. After contact official obexx they send me the right Emglish Firmware to flash the Robot Easy, great support and help, it is English. The other was not from Amazon. You can find this in English with only US shipping at We were not disappointed by my standards. The robot is very easy to keep clean. Night vision is flawless and the camera quality is great. If your router supports this, I recommend updating it to the latest version of the software and deactivating the Bluetooth feature in order to achieve better image quality. The best wide range routers are from Asus. The Best and newest robot for Pets Update 14.08.2021 is what we like so we contacted obexx. There is a warning! Before you can change the language, you need to contact obexx Support for a Manual. The device can fail. It was easy for me to change the language file with a note editor. It works well. The support of the obexx was very helpful. It was very much to them.

10. DOGNESS Smart Pet Camera Dispenser

DOGNESS Smart Pet Camera Dispenser

The easy set up is to power up the dispensers, download the HiPet app to your phone, and then connect to the home wi-fi. You can check on your pet and home with a live HD camera in the Dogness APP. The night vision function can keep an eye on your pet. You don't need to worry about your pet when you're traveling or working. You can use this camera to take pictures and videos of your pet. There is a package with a free pet ID tag. Do you think your pet feels lonely when you are not at home? Don't worry about that. Dogness is a best friend for you. You can toss treats for your dog with the Dogness app. You can have fun with your pet no matter where you are. You can enjoy high quality two way audio to talk to your pets and hear them bark with the phone app treat dispensers built in. Useful way to calm pets. The camera will let your pet know that you are around. You can get your new dogness pet camera with treat dispensers ready to use in less than 60 seconds by following the description guideline or user manual. Only compatible with the 2.4 GHz version of the internet. It is required that the operating system be Android 6.0 and higher. Before connecting your phone to it, please open the inner gps location. They don't worry their pet losting anymore because they own their free pet ID tag. The package comes with a free Pet ID tag, which can be used to store basic information. Your pet should not be lost. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any other problem with this dog monitor.

Brand: Dogness

👤The pet camera has scratches on it. The function can't connect to the phone even when using the instructions, it's faulty.

👤It was very easy to install. It works with both phones. Please see the quality in my pictures. You can give your pet a small treat. Comes with an ID tag.

👤My dog loves it. Highly recommended!

👤The speaker and mic are terrible. U can't send vice or hear anything.

👤My dogs like it. They want it to get the treats. Excellent camera!

👤The parents gave this as a gift. It is terrible. The setup was easy and the device worked for 6 hours. Nothing I do will allow me to use the device. I tried setting it back up to the internet, but it didn't work.

👤We received this as a gift, and it was purchased at Sams Club. It doesn't work. The person does not want to connect to the internet. There is no support for what to do when the camera doesn't read the code. We screen shot the qr code to make it bigger, and we reached out to customer support. I can see that I'm not the only one with an issue. This thing is not worth much. It is very frustrating when it doesn't work because it is a cool idea, but it is also a cool idea. There is a reason other, better reviewed versions sell for more.

👤This was purchased at Sams club. Can't get past registration. Several times, different phones will not work. I noticed on the reviews that there was no follow up from the company.

11. Camera 2 4GHz Security Detection Storage

Camera 2 4GHz Security Detection Storage

The indoor security camera can keep a nonstop recording in the cloud, avoiding the risk of losing video footage from a card. To find the specific event quickly, events type or the camera name is used. You can buy a 128GB card. Real-time Human Detection Alert. Netvue dog camera with phone app will alert you when a moving object is detected. Every time there is a potential danger at your home, you will get a motion alert on your phone. The indoor camera and artificial intelligence technology make the alerts very accurate. You can get a panoramic view of every corner of your home with the 1080P FHD for Multiple-view1080P HD puppy camera. The pet camera has a field of view of 100 and rotates around. You can share live stream video with your loved ones. Netvue camera can help you enjoy happy memories with your family. Up to 30 days of cloud storage can be provided byAWS Cloud. This dog camera with phone APP supports local storage of recording and detecting sound and motion with a MicroSD card up to 128 gigabytes. Both can watch 14 days of videos. Netvue indoor camera has the highest level of privacy and protection. The Netvue doggie camera is equipped with 10*850nm IR LEDs, which can be turned on when the environment is not being used. This security camera will allow you to see up to 32 feet in the night, taking the advanced night vision experience to you. A fast 2.4 GHz internet connection is available via a mobile APP on the phone or tablets. A perfect two-way conversation can be created with the help of the 2-way Audio & Work with AlexaPet camera. You can keep in touch with your loved ones from anywhere. This dog camera with audio and APP works well with Amazon's voice assistant, you can ask for a show from the front door, baby room, or anywhere you want, Netvue indoor camera is FCC and RoHS certified.

Brand: Netvue

👤The bad: The quality of the camera seems good. It can be pointed from your phone. Both sound and video are acceptable. There is no way to access camera output on your computer. Only the phone app can do that. It doesn't prepare you for the fact that it limits you to using 2.4 GHz for your phone, even though it is advertised as using only 2.4 GHz. We tried 5 GHz on the phone, but we lost the connection to the cameras in less than a day. There is no way to access the content of these cameras via the internet, even though you can place MicroSD cards in them. The idea behind these cameras is to tie you to their cloud services so that you can use what the camera records. This situation is problematic for anyone who values their privacy. We chose these cameras because we will not use Amazon's Ring cameras due to their willingness to share camera output with government agencies, but without the consent of the camera's owners. Surprise! The cameras use Amazon Web Services for their network. The cameras access, which is owned by Netview Technologies Co. The company is called Guangdong is a state/province with a country. Do you really want your home or office to be accessible by China with video and audio recording capability?

👤I read the reviews before buying this camera. My main purpose is to check in on my kids while I'm away. The camera was within my budget and I am very happy with it. The installation and step by step app is easy to follow. The app is easy to use and works well with the new phone. You don't have to do anything once it's connected, it's easy to use, and the picture quality is clear. I am very impressed with the price.

👤I have to say something. I was not expecting much for this price. I wanted to see what my pets were doing when I was out of the room. I thought I'd try it since it wasn't expensive. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is a great video cam. You need to download the app in order to use it. It has live video, but if you want to record, you need a miniSD card. The camera is clear and bright. I'm thinking of getting a second one for my home. This product is very good.

👤The review has been updated. I used to use the Orb Mini Camera, but I couldn't connect to the internet or stay connected. I believe the problem is the directions, as they don't go in the order that the different events occur with the camera or don't relate to this specific camera period is what I've found. If you're trying to connect during the initial setup process, it's best to use the provided pin to insert it into the small reset button on top of the camera, and then hold the pin in until you hear continuous sound. It never happened for me after I tried many times. When I was interrupted by someone speaking to me as I pushed the pin in, I heard continuous music, but I didn't hold the pin in. Don't do a long press when you want to reset the internet. Simply insert until you feel the reset button push the entire way in for a few seconds. I'm getting ready to install the second one that I purchased that I was also getting ready to return, so I don't know if the directions were wrong, but that was one thing. The CLICKING sound that's a normal part of the process didn't actually happen as it indicated, but at a different time in the setup process. Only a few things matched in the order that the directions instructed, such as entering your name and password and the camera trying to connect to it. I renamed the device, refreshed it several times, and deleted the device from the Netvue app because I was frustrated with it trying to get connected to my home multiple times. I decided to let it sit where I was originally going to install it, because I wanted it to be able to travel throughout my home. After receiving notifications for my 2 full sized orb cameras, I looked at my phone and saw the orb mini camera online showing me video footage. I immediately checked the settings to see what the results were in the "WiFi Analysis" menu and it was 80% or better for a good signal. I was unable to complete the update for the Mini Orb camera because I couldn't get it to stay connected to the internet, so this next part is important. The sound on the mini orb is much better than the full sized one, and I was able to use the controls in the app to move the camera, pan and tilt, and hear it. Since then, it has worked perfectly. Don't give up is the moral of the story. If you can get it to connect to the internet, then just let it sit powered on for a few hours, and then check the app to see if it's working, or if it's not working at all. I don't think the directions for setting up the mini orbs are completely accurate, you just have to fool with the camera and app a bit and then maybe let it sit for a short while and things start to work. I hope this will help some of you with your internet connection issues because it is a very small camera with excellent clarity for the video and sound. I am not subscribed to any of the Netvue security, motion detection, or human alert subscriptions, because I have found both services to work great with the use of a San Disk 128 GB ultra micro. It allows me to go back and forth between the video footage by date and time, and it also allows me to share it via email, text, or phone. I like the fact that this company doesn't try to force you into using their online storage and security services like many other products would. I have a discount on home owners insurance with the home security service from the company, and I can't do much with the cameras, such as moving the camera, pan and tilt, zoom, because they cost $199.99. I thought the price was too good to be true after I got this as a lightening deal. I have 2 of the larger indoor Orb cameras and they work great, even one being at the opposite end of my home as the routers and on a different floor, and it works great... I bought a second Orb mini camera to make sure the first wasn't faulty, but it was the same problem. The set up process didn't follow the instructions. I'm returning the mini cameras because they're junk.


What is the best product for dog camera with treat dispenser?

Dog camera with treat dispenser products from Owlet Home. In this article about dog camera with treat dispenser you can see why people choose the product. Skymee and Skymee are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog camera with treat dispenser.

What are the best brands for dog camera with treat dispenser?

Owlet Home, Skymee and Skymee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog camera with treat dispenser. Find the detail in this article. Zjx, Skymee and Netvue are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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