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1. Pet Magasin Reusable Training Waterproof

Pet Magasin Reusable Training Waterproof

The set of 3 pads with a size of 33” x 20” reduces waste compared to disposable pads making them a better and more sustainable choice. It's made of 100% polyester and needle-punched nonwoven layers, ideal for puppies, aging or sick pets, or dogs without outdoor access. Dog training pads are machine washed and dry, but hand wash and air dry will prolong the product's lifespan. Reusable pads are more convenient to wash than to clean up the mess. Suprerior absorption and odor control: absorbs and retains pee and odors, holds up 4 cups of liquid, and is waterproof and breathable. These dog training pads are sturdy enough to last a long time. The waterproof backing will keep your house clean and free of mess after many washes. These dog training pads are great for housebreaking and potty training puppies, and provide protection to crates and kennels, pet carriers, and house furniture. Also great for dogs with incontinence problems, dogs who have to stay indoors to recover from an illness or injury, and cats with litter box aversion. You can rest assured that you will be safe when you leave your pets home alone. The age range describes all life stages. The dog training pads are included.

Brand: Pet Magasin

👤Two of my senior rescue dogs have no immune system and are completely blind. They got sick at the same time. I put belly bands on them at night for senior accidents, but when they contracted a stomach bug, it was so bad in the living room that I couldn't sleep. One of them has a chronic cough and poop soup would shoot out his little butt when he coughed. I ordered a couple packs of these pads because I thought they might be a more eco-friendly alternative to disposable pee pads. I was wrong about the value of these pads. They are small rugs. They don't look like pads. They are waterproof. I wake up in the morning and they have decided they prefer using disposables. I have washed these pads twice in the last two weeks. They are waterproof and look good. They are easy to wash up. If there is poop, I put it in the toilet or spray it off. Throw it in the washer. I've found that using a powdered oxygen supplement helps with all pet messes regardless of what I'm washing, and these pads are no exception. They don't need to be dried. It takes a few hours before we can use them again if they are hung to dry. My dogs don't need to wear belly bands at night, and these pads saved my sanity over the course of this last virus my dogs suffered, I love the fact that my dogs don't need to wear belly bands at night, and these pads saved my sanity over the course of These pads are perfect for a travel kennel since they don't leak. Put the pad in a bag and wash it when you get home. No smell, no mess. Two of the three pads I put in the travel kennel got used over the course of a busy travel day. When we take our dogs to the vet, the pad is now used as a mat for them to stand on, so they don't slide around on the table. One of the best buys I've ever found on Amazon, and I am so grateful that I came across this product. Highly recommended.

👤I like these. They are used as liners for my cage. I change it every few days. It is easy to hose down. My animals love it. It's better than bedding that creates more waste.

👤The pads absorb pee. After a few times, the dog starts smelling bad.

👤I line my cat's box with pee pads since she has 6 litter boxes, which can be expensive. I am trying to lower my costs and reduce plastic waste by using these pads. It is difficult to detect when she has put liquid on the pad. After 30 years, I feel like I am washing diapers again. Trade offs are a part of life. They are easy to wash and dry.

👤I haven't been able to use them because my cat died before I got a chance to use them. They look great. I thought these would be great for use at the beach or pool, where you can place your car seat on it when you're wet, or even on your beach chair or lounge.

2. Crates Homes Crate Kennel Divider

Crates Homes Crate Kennel Divider

The dog crate has a divider panel and a dog tray. It can be stored in a convenient space saving design. It was made from heavy duty steel, high strength wire and a coat of silver. The folding metal dog crate is easy to assemble and folds flat for convenience. The dog crate door is locked with a heavy duty slide-bolt latch. Their cage is great for your pet.

Brand: N\a

👤I never received my product, but it seems like a great product in the review.

👤This product claims to keep me alive, and I am happy to say that it has. I got this to protect me against my dog.

3. Non Slip Absorbent Waterproof Housebreaking Incontinence

Non Slip Absorbent Waterproof Housebreaking Incontinence

No tools are required for assembly. The exercise pen has a one year manufacturer's warranty. The high absorbent and live saver has a light grey colour that covers any stains on the pee pads and prevents them from leaking or smelling. The non slip rubber backing makes it easy to wash doggy potty pads, they stay on the bed or floor, puppies crawl more easily, and you don't have to worry about stains. It's a must for any kind of housebreaking school for puppies and kittens, it's easy to clean and reuse, and an excellent economic and environmental alternative to buying endless bags of disposable pads. The extra large size 72" x 72" dog pads are perfect for a whelping box, a playpen, and elderly dogs. After puppies are potty trained through pet pee pads, they will feel relieved to leave the dog at home. The floor is still clean after 24 hours. They don't include a cage in the whelping pad.

Brand: Peepeego

👤I unboxed this and set it up so that I can do an updated review in a few days. I bought this mat to help with the dribble and tile grout getting wet and smelly because I have a dog who pours water all across my tile floor every time he drinks. It has a non slip bottom that I really like. It is a large size. Really big! And for those who are curious. The dog bed is a crib mattress with waterproof protectors and a crib fitted sheet that is less expensive than a large dog bed if he chews it up. The pen is from Amazon and it is great! I combined the two sets I bought so I could make my perfect size. I hope he doesn't destroy the mat and drag it all over the place.

👤The blanket did not allow my puppies pee to reach the floor. The engineered hardwood floors in my apartment warp with liquid and scratch easily. This blanket protected my floors from her pee accidents and also protected the floor from the play pen.

👤I have 8 pups that use this all day in their play pin and it is nice and durable, I would recommend buying it, I was not happy with the pads I was using, and my pups would rip them up and eat them, so I decided to try this pad, and I

👤I will not buy anything from them again because the product is not as well made as they say in their advertising. I need to buy more for my dog. The back of the product is different than the back of the ad. The pad was supposed to be 72x72. I feel that it is bad business and that it is misleading.

👤We bought these for our ducklings 2 weeks ago and they have been growing for about an inch a day. We have 6 and all the research says they are bad. They play in their water like that meme of the shark jumping, when you tell your kids not to get water outside the tub. This pad is a lifesaver because of how they eat their food and poo all over. I initially thought it came with a metal exercise pen, but after waiting a bit longer due to Covid-19 delivery times, I felt a little ripped off. If you want to preserve your carpet and/or flooring, I can assure you that this is not a ripoff. We have left the ducklings on it all day and occasionally with standing water, and the floor is dry as a bone, no matter what these guys throw on it. Our washer takes 2.5 hours to wash and another hour to dry, so it's not a short cleaning process, but it is easy. If some of the straw and sawdust gets into the washer, it will cause a problem, but that has nothing to do with the ease of care or the function of this mat. It is large enough to have at least 6 inches of clearance around our pen, which is about 48x 48" or 16 square feet. If you're looking for a quality product for your pets, this is it.

4. MidWest Folding Divider Protecting Leak Proof

MidWest Folding Divider Protecting Leak Proof

The 'All Inclusive Dog Crate' includes a free divider panel, a dog tray, carrying handle, and 4 roller feet to protect floors. The XXS Single Door folding dog crate is ideal for "Toy" dog breeds with an adult weight up to 6 pounds. Your dog's home. While you're away from home, a durable design can be used to create a safe place for your pet. The dog crate door is firmly locked with a heavy duty slide bolt latch. Easy assembly and portable design, sets up in seconds, with no tools required for assembly and folds flat for convenient storage or travel.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤The 11 week old German Shepard puppy tried to get out of the top of the kennel by opening the top latch. He was dead when he was wedged in the cage. We were gone for less than 30 minutes. Our children are distraught. We are no longer present. Our puppy was supposed to be in this kennel. I hope this isn't the case for any other family.

👤This is the same as every other wire crate except for one thing. The sliding lock was shaped like a sideways "L". You slide it over, then roll the bar down, and the door will be locked. The straight bar on this crate is easy to slide over. If your dog is the sort that will try to get out or starts barking and jumping at the door, the latch can be side open. Modification of a part that doesn't work is not a good idea. How much do you save by leaving a piece of the bar off? The price goes up, the quality goes down.

👤There are a lot of bad reviews on this. The blame is evenly divided here. 1. If your dog is not crate trained, you cannot leave him unattended in a crate. It is your fault if your pet dies trying to escape. 2. The dog could possibly get out of the latched door. It is cheap and there is a solution. Click the search bar and type in theranger bands after you add this to your cart. Then buy them. You can use these to keep the crate latched. See the photos in my review. The crate is not made to hold a staffie mix like the one you found on the side road. It can be used to crate train a puppy or keep a large strong dog in it. If your dog is big, strong, and has not been crate trained, you will destroy the crate and hurt him in the process. The crates are not to blame. If this happens, it is your fault. This is the third one I received. Two have been perfect. The last one was damaged in transit. Assembly was a terrible pain because of that. It was fine after the bends were straightened. I am sure I could have contacted the seller and gotten a new one, but it wasn't important to me.

👤I bought this crate for the price and the included divider, but also because the description assured me that it had "rounded corners". I thought it would be safe for my puppy to grow. "corners" only means corners. The crate's wires are not rounded. My puppy cut her nose while in the crate. I found out why after inspecting the crate. The hinges on the doors are made by folding the horizontal wires over the vertical wires at the door opening. The ends of the wires are not rounded or filed down, and they are sharp enough to cut a dog's nose or paw on the end door of a crate. Instructions say not to put a dog in a crate with her collar on, and that a dog could catch her collar on one of the wires. How many people read that? I guess you get what you pay for, but Amazon should stop selling this crate until the problem is fixed, because there are sharp edges inside it. I'm going to the pet store to find a SAFE crate. I don't know if it's worth the hassle to return the one I have.

5. LUCKUP Strong Kennel Playpen Install

LUCKUP Strong Kennel Playpen Install

The frame is made from strong and durable steel, and it is hard to be damaged, so it keeps your dog's health good. The front door can be used for pets and the top door can be used for interacting with your dog. You can lock the wheels of the crate and move it anywhere you please with the help of the rotating locking casters. The tray is easy to clean and helps you catch the fallen dog food. It's easy to assemble, just need to fit it with four wheels and eight screw bolts, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The overall dimensions are 41.5"L X 30.5"W X 37"H and have a metal pipe spacing of 2 and a metal floor spacing of 1.

Brand: Luckup

👤This is not worth the money. I have a dog with a lot of anxiety. I tried kennel training him, but it never worked with him. He destroyed some of the wire kennels. I was able to trust him not to be locked up, but then he became destructive. I started bringing him with me whenever possible to avoid leaving him alone, but that just isn't always possible. This is the exact kennel that a neighbor recommended. The ground is terrible. Any dog that needs this will chew a bed. They are laying on metal slates. I tried to give my boy a thick door mat, but he destroyed it. The locks don't lock. A few body slams. He got out of the carabiners I was using. The top opens up. I have the same thing happen to me. He chewed through the tape and got out. It's hard to even move the locks now that he has bent them. If he can do all this, a large dog definitely can. I'd spend your money on a legit kennel. We are working on the anxiety with a professional for judgy people. We hope we can get him to a place where he is alone.

👤I was able to assemble by myself, even though it would be easier with two people. I have a power chewing pitbull. She has more than enough space. I put the dog bed and blanket in the kennel because her feet would get stuck in between the slats if she chewed.

👤It was easy with two people. My dog is going in. His old wire crate was different. It's easy to lock. I secure the top with electrical ties. I had to do something as some edges were sharp. Check it. I love this crate. The door is secured with a rubber bungee. The water catch is awesome. I am glad I got the extra large because I like the company of a 65lb dog. I'm happy with it. He had torn up three metal crates before this and was confined for three hours. I kennel him because of his severe anxiety disorder, even though he gets rescue remedy for pets. It helps some. He was returned from a rescue 3 times. He is almost 8. A great dog. It's worth the cost. I wish I'd bought it first. It has been 5 months since it was bought. My dog has not tried to get out. He would like to go in! This is still very happy with me!

👤It has been great for my pit bull. The only complaint I have is the latches. They're cheap and painful in the butt. My husband upgraded them and I would still buy them again.

👤My dog chewed out two cages. This one has held her in. The only thing is that they were damaged. I gave the four stars because I thought it was an issue for someone else. It is definitely worth the money.

👤Your dog will get out of the cage. The bars and frame are strong, but the design is not good. My puppy escaped three times and destroyed my house. I paid top dollar for this cage and was expecting better. The design of the safetybuckles that come unlocked is a problem. The dog escapes and destroys your house when the buckles are unlocked. I did an experiment and if I rattle the cage door it will open for the dog. Not good.

6. Popup Portable Collapsible Crate Mesh

Popup Portable Collapsible Crate Mesh

A great concept and design is a frame with a strong yet lightweight steel tube and a rotational button design for quick collapsible. It doesn't look like a jail cage, so they think your puppy likes it. UpGRADED MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP. 170g and 600D Oxfords fabric is great quality and your pets don't chew easily broken. The process to strengthen your pets broke out is difficult. There is a mat and a bowlCONFIGURATION. It comes with mesh isolation for bed mats and a way to avoid dogs urinating in an emergency. The mat showerproof can be used to dispute a dog's flu symptoms. The black folding bowl can be suspended from a crate. The crate is easy to fold up for packing, and it didn't take up room in the car trunk with your other suitcases. It's a must-have when traveling with your pets, it's possible to open it from the side or top. It is lightweight and the mesh makes it very wellventilated. It is easy to clean and very durable. The mat could be thrown in the washer with the nylon cover if you separated it from the insert. There are tips. Their M and XL sizes are available. Survey your pet's body length and shoulder height. The dimensions are L25.6" x W17.7" x H 17.7". Appropriate for Max (H)15 x (L)22.5 inches.

Brand: Oluckin

👤I travel a lot with my dog, and he has an easier time finding a place to stay. When his den is there. I was lugging his metal kennel around for years, which was heavy, bulky, and noisy, and it was also collapsible. The fabric and screen travel kennel is very lightweight and easy to set up and pack down, and I was very impressed with it. The dog loved it and felt at home when we unpack his travel kennel. It is worth the money.

👤I love it! I have a resting place for my dog when I take her for walks. I just need it to fold when she is done resting. They don't take up a seat at home, they only take up a small amount of space when folded. The portable drinking cup is easy to carry and folds nicely. After all the cups are unfolded, there is a lot of capacity.

👤Absolutely love it. It's easy to put up and fold again if you're travelling. It's easy to zip them up again if you need to, and the sides are open. Puppy is happy to stay in it when we are out, she sleeps in it at night.

👤It is good for all pets.

👤My dog likes it because it is very large.

👤The translucent design looks great. It's very easy to install and would recommend it to friends.

👤I have a small cubby hole on the side and hooks on the other side, but I am not sure what you mean. The black part opens to another compartment. It is a little difficult to open. It keeps a few feminine hygiene products for guests so they don't have to ask or look through cabinets. It can hold the cottenelles. Oh yes. The top is formed so you can put something in it. I have found it to be very useful and it has gotten some of the mess out of the way. Hope this helps, I have a couple pics of myself.

👤It was easy to dry up and use. Plastic is easy to keep clean.

7. KELIXU Kennels Crates Outdoor Lockable

KELIXU Kennels Crates Outdoor Lockable

The heavy duty dog crate is made from non-toxic steel and welded parts, which means it can prevent the most aggressive dogs from escaping. It is possible to lock the wheels of the crate to keep it in place. The double door and sturdy metal frame allow you to interact with your dog, but also give you a comfortable environment. It is easy to clean because the tray is slide-out and you can wipe and clean easily. Installation and aftersales service: All hardware pack and instructions with pics included, just takes a few minutes to complete. The dimensions are 42”L X 31”W X 37”H. They will be responsible for the dog cage problem if it occurs within three years.

Brand: Kelixu

👤The most destructive dogs, lions and bears are protected in the cage. My male 95lb Pitbull would use his head to push and bend the cheaper cages so that he could break out. No bending this one. The customer service from Kelixu was outstanding. Minor issues were corrected immediately. They stand behind their products and will purchase from them again. Thank you.

👤The 1 year old mixes breed is contained by this kennel after he destroyed a wire kennel. We are holding the wire kennel together with zip ties, carabiners, and string and waiting for the heavy duty kennel to arrive. It was easy to put this together, but it took two people to prevent the sides from falling. Assembly was easy. There were dents and a broken weld on the same side of the kennel after it was put together. We sent a message to the seller to make sure that the integrity of the kennel was not affected by the damage.

👤I'm looking for a solution for my Belgian malinois. He has been in many other places. I waited to write a review until I saw how it was done. He hasn't been able to escape from this unit. He bit at the bars but so far they have no teeth marks. I was pretty happy with my purchase.

👤When our new rescue had a traumatic escape, we upgraded from our regular wire crate. She gave up and settled in after a few minutes of trying to push, pull, and paw for an escape route, because the bars in the crate were not giving her any give. We have had this for a couple months now and it gives us peace of mind if we ever have to leave. I tried another brand that had hinges on the side panels. The crate is more easily collapsible, but it is not likely to be moved around, and I wanted the option to switch the door swing by flipping the front panel, but that couldn't happen with hinges on. The locks work both ways because they are tight and hold in either direction. The base is barred and you will need a bed or a crate pad since the tray can fit in the crate.

👤I bought these cages for my two dogs, both of whom are over 100 lbs., because the typical pet store cages are too flimsy. I got two of the 46" cages. The cages were undamaged despite the slight damage to the boxes. The assembly took about 20 minutes. All the holes were perfectly aligned per cage. Neither dog has been able to open the latches because they are very secure. The dogs go in without a problem. The spacing of the bars on the floor of the cage did not seem to match the spacing of the dog beds in the cage. The cages lock securely in place and are easy to clean. I would imagine that these cages would be used by vets and pet boarding facilities. They are very sturdy and no joke. These are recommended to other big dog owners.

8. Midwest Crate Privacy Crates Machine

Midwest Crate Privacy Crates Machine

The privacy, security, and comfort of a dog crate cover is recommended by veterinarians, breeders, and trainers. The dog crate cover is gray. It is designed to fit New World and iCrate. Most standard 30" L dog crates will fit. *Note* Measure the outer assembled dimensions of the dog crate to make sure it fits. The dog kennel cover allows easy access to the front, rear, and side doors. The dog crate cover can be used to convert the dog crate into a cozy "den" like atmosphere.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤I was receiving the wrong size. The first one was too large, the second one was too small, and the third one was too small. I think there must be something wrong with their inventory. I have used the warehouse ones and bought brand new ones, but I can't seem to find the right size for it, just a 36 inch crate. I wasn't able to use the product, but if this happens to you, you already know that it happened before. I went to Petco and bought a one that was on sale. This looks nice and it is a good price.

👤My dog is durable, lightweight and yet. The puppy has had the cover for 3 weeks. He tried to chew it. It is still intact. It seems to be resistant to bites from the inside. He knows he can not tear it, unlike the towels and sheets that he has ripped through in the past two months. I anchor my crate under itself with a larger size I purchased.

👤I bought two for each of the teacup puppies. The construction is good and the price is good. We went to a pet shop and it was twice as expensive as a store, but we saved at least 60 percent. We folded it up so it could rebox. The second door was a life saver when the two were together. The handle on top is good for puppies not inside. I don't think it's made as a carrier handle. I felt off balance using it with the pups because it stayed on when they were in. The divider is a great find. The "sold separately" cover is a great addition to crate training. When we had our other puppies, we used a sheet, but it lifted up to where you would use the door, which is great. Our crates have only had one door in the past, but I am glad to have found a double door one in this crate. Thank you so much!

👤The covers are very nice. They are easy to clean and pleasant to look at. They were difficult to put together, but make sure you are not rushing. They are hard to fold neatly. I keep them in a cabinet because they are a slick type of material and I hope they are waterproof. It is difficult to stay folded. If they prove durable, I will do it again. I think they will. However! I received the wrong size twice. I ordered another because I really needed the smaller size. I kept the one I got because I have 2 larger cages that I don't use often. I received the wrong size larger cover for the second time. I needed it that day and the timing would have been perfect. It was not perfect because it was the wrong size again. They sent a bigger one. I might keep it to avoid the hassle of returning, but I don't use larger cages to go to the vet. I will order from another company. I am still a fan of this company and have always been happy with their products. I will order from them again.

9. PUPZO Kennel Resistant Square Install

PUPZO Kennel Resistant Square Install

The dog crate door is locked with four heavy duty slide bolt latches. The dog crate has a plastic tray that helps to catch dog food and feces, making it easy for you to clean up. No tools are required for simple assembly. The dog crate for medium dogs has a lock system and a door that is easy to open. The corners make sure the portable kennel is free of bugs. The dog cage can be set up in seconds with no tools required for assembly and folds flat for convenient storage or travel. They are committed to providing an excellent shopping experience for customers. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Pupzo

👤There are 3 large dogs, a Siberia husky, a German shepherd, and a gerberian Shepsky. The metal cages that we have had numerous dog cages have been bent by the husky and shepsky. The GSD tried to escape and tore up his mouth. These were the large cages you usually find. We bought this cage in desperation. The dogs love it! The extra room keeps them from feeling trapped. We leave the large dog bed in the house when we are home. When they want to be alone, all three of them will be inside. We open the door when we need to put them in the cage. This is a big deal. They can't destroy it like they did the others because it's so solid. It is worth it to keep the dogs safe and have them happy.

👤Remy is a rescue Great Danes and mastiff mix that is not fully grown yet. She broke out of the traditional crate and hurt herself badly. She barked most of the time and would not stop trying to break out. I have not been able to leave her home alone in 5 months. I was thinking that she might have to take anxiety meds as she was abused. She lay down immediately after we put her in this crate and was snoring in minutes. This may be a miracle crate. I will update when she is left alone. The instructions are pointless. The tools it comes with are terrible. You will need your own.

👤When I got this, it was already damaged. Within 20 minutes, my 80 pound German shepherd mix is able to get out of it. I had something to tie it down when she got out of the top. She was able to bust out the front door once I tied the top down. I wouldn't recommend this kennel for a dog that has separation anxiety.

👤A large and strong mystery mixed breed pup is currently 90 lbs and has an adult size estimate of 130 lbs. He chewed his legs off of beds and couches and barreled through metal baby gates. We knew a wire cage would be dangerous. We were searching for alternatives and saw this come up, but we are a little skeptical due to the price and mixed reviews. I am so happy we got it. It is huge. It was easy to assemble and all the pieces were there, but the directions could use some improvement and it would be nice if they labeled which piece goes where. We are going to put something down first before putting him in because the bars on the bottom are a little wide for comfort. He can turn around easily, which was important to me. The locking mechanisms seem flimsy and I wish there was a different way to lock it. I would recommend this crate for large dogs.

👤I liked the cages. They were as advertised. It was not impossible, but I had a little difficulty putting it together. It was mostly user error. It seems to be the most durable cage I have had so far. The German Shepherds have more room to spread out and can stand straight up. They don't complain about being in the cages because there's more room. It was a good purchase. Definitely recommend.

10. Pet Travel Carrier Morpilot Portable

Pet Travel Carrier Morpilot Portable

It is possible to practice and port it. Please measure the size and weight of your pet before purchasing this product. It has a blue bowl and a soft cushion. You can take your pet anywhere with this bag. You have a great trip. Great design. The portable dog carrier is made of a tough material. A support board can be used to keep it in good shape. It has a mesh on all three sides to keep the air inside the box fresh. There is a small pocket on the outside of the cat carrier bag. Simple cleaning. It is difficult to get dirty in this dark pet carrier. You can clean the stains with a soft brush. The soft cushion inside the bag can be washed by hand or machine. It makes it easy to solve all stains. It can be used as a tote bag or shoulder bags. The carrying handles can be made with a glue. It's perfect for transportation by car, train, plane, etc. You can also use it to load other items, such as clothes, shoes, etc. BREATHABLE AND SAFE. Pets can be more comfortable during travel and be less anxious if they are able to observe the surrounding environment well. It gives your pet good protection no matter where you use it.

Brand: Morpilot

👤We are taking care of my grandmother and her dog. I had to sneak my dog out of my apartment for a vet visit so I'm not being shady. This is a gym bag with pockets on each side and has a comfortable strap. I was impressed that it came with a little bowl and a bed that was waterproof, and that it had aremovable and washable bed. There are moments. A 10lb 9in high fluffball has lots of space.

👤The cats are already loving it, jumping in and out, and just hanging around inside, after unpacking it 5 minutes ago. They have started scratching it with their kitty claws, and no marks have been seen yet. I will come back and update if that changes. It came quickly and had a plastic smell, but the babies didn't mind. I carried it around the house and it was sturdy enough that they were not afraid. I like the three openings. This is well made. I think it is a solid purchase.

👤Wow! This is really nice quality. Leather handles, a nice material that looks like fabric but is actually a wipeable material, seems like it would repel water. Stand up right and hold it in its shape. It looks more expensive than it is. Not like a cheap item from the pet store. This looks like a solid piece of luggage. * This was bought for my Yorkie dog. The dog is the only one who poses. He is 15 lbs and fits inside, but he likes snug places.

👤Excellent quality for the price. I was very impressed with the construction and materials, and it was perfect for general use. It's questionable for flying due to the height and the rigid construction making it difficult to squeeze in the ticket agent. I had to buy a different one for Alaska Air, but it was highly recommended.

👤I didn't travel with it until the return window had closed. This is very large for airplane travel and doesn't fit in the parameters for 3 major US airlines. Do not purchase for travel.

👤A good purchase. My cat is 14 pounds and she fits in this perfectly. She is comfortable enough to just walk in and lay down. I use a slit in her back to put her in the car. We've had no issues carrying my cat's size. If we are standing still, my cat is more comfortable if I set the carrier on the floor, but we both like the bag. It's cute.

👤The carrier feels good for the price. It isn't as rigid as you might think. I will be adding a flat rigid board to the included bed to make sure it doesn't move. I have a large ish cat who is 20 lbs and he can sit up and move around with ease. There are three openings, two side flaps and a top flap. It's easy to reach in the bag. The water bowl is a pop up dish with a plastic rim and caribiner. It's the same thing if you've ever had one. I have a box of cheap ones that I give away as promotional items. This carrier is a win for me, other than the bottom being not rigid.

11. Stages LS 1624 Single Folding Crate

Stages LS 1624 Single Folding Crate

Life Stages is a single door metal dog crate and is suitable for small dog breeds. A plastic pan. The dog crate includes a divider panel, a dog tray, carrying handle, roller feet and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. They manufacture the iCrate and the Life Stages dog crate. The Life Stages is made of heavier gauge steel and has a tighter wire mesh making it stronger than iCrate. The dog crate door is locked with two heavy duty slide-bolt latches. The dog crate is easy to assemble and folds flat for convenient storage or travel. While you're away, durable design creates a safe place for your pet and provides for your dog's "den" instincts. Patented rounded corner clips greatly reduce the risk of sharp points in your dog's crate.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤I have bought many crates for my dogs in the past 45 years, I bought the cheapest one and the most expensive one. You used to have to pay up to $200 for standard great at the pet store. Thank goodness for Amazon. I added a golden retriever named Bentley to my stable. He's just a little guy at 12 pounds, but he's going to get bigger. He fits in a small crate. He can get in it, but he can't turn around. I went to Amazon to find a crate for him that I could grow into. Midwest stood by me with crates during my dog show days. They made a sturdy crate out of heavy-duty material that was well engineered and put together. A few things have changed since I bought a crate a few years ago. Midwest was one of the first to offer a folding crate and they did it well, and they still do. I chose the middle size because it is a little bigger than the other manufacturers middle size. The double doors, one on the side and one on the end, are some of the features I like. Each closes and locks with two hasps. The bottom tray is made of plastic and is easier to clean and resistant tocorrosion. I ordered this crate from Amazon and it arrived quickly. I had it set up in less than 5 minutes after it arrived. The location where I was going to use it was against a wall and the doors were not right. It took me 3 minutes to swap the ends by bending back four hooks on each end and squeezing them tight again. To do in my crate. I should say that the crate was ready to leave. I left both doors open when I was going to introduce him to the crate so he could wander in and out at his leisure. I put a few toys and a water bowl in their as well as a wee wee pad and some bedding. He was curious and wandering around. He was screaming and crying for most of the night the first night. He was in a crate for the first time. I put him in a crate on the second night and he was quiet until the morning. I took him out when he started vocalizing when he saw me. As your dog grows, you can change the size of the crate. I'm not using a divider or giving a full run of the crate at this point. The price of these is amazing and I am happy that Amazon is selling them. If you go to a pet store, you will get a crate or imitation for $150. I think you'll be very happy with the quality and operation of this crate, I recommend Midwest. If you're a first-time buyer, you should check the standards of the AKC for how big your dog will be. You will have to buy bigger later on if you buy too small. I love it and give it five stars. I know you will too. If you found my review helpful, please click yes on the button below, I will leave reviews to help others make decisions prior to purchase. I use your reviews to help me with my purchases as well. My reviews are accurate and factual.


What is the best product for dog cage small?

Dog cage small products from Pet Magasin. In this article about dog cage small you can see why people choose the product. N\a and Peepeego are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog cage small.

What are the best brands for dog cage small?

Pet Magasin, N\a and Peepeego are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog cage small. Find the detail in this article. Midwest Homes For Pets, Luckup and Oluckin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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