Best Dog Boots for Winter

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1. YAODHAOD Protector Comfortable Skidproof Reflective

YAODHAOD Protector Comfortable Skidproof Reflective

Size 3: 1.5" x 1.3" (L*W);Size 5: 1.9" x 1.5" (L*W);Size7: 2.3" x 1.9" (L*W). Measure your dog's feet before ordering. Pick the right size to buy. The inside of the shoe is the size in the page. When the parameters come out, please match the size and choose a measurement that is larger than you. Your dog will wear it more comfortably. The dog shoe uses a hard non-slip sole to provide stability and protect the paws from many elements that may be harmful to dog paws, such as sharp rocks, broken glass, burrs, ice, snow, salt and many other elements. The dog boot has a soft fleece inside that provides extra comfort, keeps paws warm in cold weather, and keeps the cute dog clean when running outside. The dog boots have reflective straps to make sure they are safe during night walking. The strap is easy to wear and take off. The dog shoe is not waterproof, but it is more suitable for walking in sunny days. The beads on the shoes can cause your dog to swallow them.

Brand: Yaodhaod

👤I wanted to give these 5 stars. The most comfortable boots I have ever found are the ones I use on my dog. He loved them, but I didn't want to walk him when it was raining. When they say the feet are wet, they mean in 30 degrees walking on snow or next to snow, where these shoes soak through. The lining of the fleece? The shoe is soaking wet in the cold. My fur baby started to hurt his paws when it was wet. If I took them off, the apartment building would be ruined. These are close to being perfect. Unless you live in Florida or Las Vegas the temp only drops to 50 in the winter, they wouldn't work. I am pretty sure we didn't have that in mind when searching for winter dog boots.

👤I like the cinched tie because it stays on my chihuahua. I have bought different pairs of boots for her before, all claiming they stay on, but her legs are so small that they never stay on. These were on for hours. These boots are very good.

👤I love these boots! They are easier to get on your dog with. My girl's feet are always dry when we come in. She wouldn't go to the bathroom before I bought them. She would sit down and protest the cold and snow in Michigan, refusing to move or do her business. She is playing like a crazy woman. She is a toy poodle. I got the pink ones. I ordered another set of these just in case they ever get wet, I am so happy with them. These boots are very good.

👤I've tried other boots on my Jack Russell/poodle mix and they don't stay on well because she has thin poodle-like legs or they are hard to put on. My dog and I are in love with this pair. She doesn't mind having them on. They are easy to put on and tighten. They walked a mile in the snow. They came off after my dog was off leash and running around like a crazy dog. I didn't check to see if they loosened up. She walked on wet ground, but they were not saturated even though they were not waterproof. I plan to protect them. I will be buying more.

👤These are boots for a dog in the winter. When the temperatures go below zero, it's usually. My dogs have a hard time getting their work done outside. They can get their business done with the protection of these boots. I have tried other boots that have more of a soal or more rubber on them and my dogs refuse to walk with them. My dogs aren't so freaked out by these because they allow their feet more freedom.

👤These are the easiest to get on and off my dog. I put them in the dryer to make sure my dog doesn't get cold paws. They should have the fleece material on the paw part. I bought a few pairs to change between days.

2. FLAdorepet Leather Waterproof Non Slip Retriever

FLAdorepet Leather Waterproof Non Slip Retriever

Soft Fleece fabric inside keeps your dog warm and protects the claws, making your pet comfortable. The leather and rubber bottom will keep your pup's paws clean, dry, and safe from ice and snow. It is easy to wear but difficult to slip off. The shoe expands with a wide split seam opening and two straps to make it snug. Protection from cold, hot asphalt, sharp objects, rocks, and wet surfaces will keep your pup's paws clean, dry, and safe. How to measure? Your dog should be standing on a piece of paper. Lift the dog's paw onto the paper. The length and width of the paw should be marked on the paper. The width should be smaller than the boot size chart. Measure paw width for the best fit. Pick the large size if the paw is in between two sizes.

Brand: Fladorepet

👤Finally dog boots that stay on, finally dog boots that are made for big dogs. Awesome! My dog walks for miles off leash through the brush, he chases balls at top speed, and these boots do not come off. He does not prance when wearing them like the other boots I have tried, as they are so comfortable for him. See the video. I have my dog standing on the bottom of the boot to make sure he doesn't get hurt. The leg needs to be straightened to make it easier to use. I had to order a bigger size as he was a size 9 and I needed a bigger size for him when he put the weight on his foot. Make sure you have about 1/2” extra when you look at the sizes. My dog has had to wear the boot on walks for 2 weeks now, trudging through snow and rain, they become so much easier to put on correctly after they have been worn a few times. If you don't get them on right, your pup will walk out the back of them because their paws are not on the bottom of the boot. If you pull up the Velcro on the paw, it will locate correctly without the zip being undone. He drags his rear paws and knuckles over, but he doesn't knuckle over while wearing the shaped boots. That is a bonus.

👤Fantastic! I've tried a lot of different dog shoes for my big guy. He has a gimpy back leg that needs protection from dragging. I've tried all kinds of shoes that were larger than they really were, but the ankle part was too narrow to get the actual paw through, and the paw part looked larger than it really was. The shoe solved it all. It's large enough for a big paw. The best way to get the zip on is to have enough room to put it on. When there is some inevitable dragging, the shoe doesn't work its way off because of the extra snugness of the straps. My dog is walking with it rather than dragging it. Thank you!

👤I have an old german shepherd that has some spine problems and I have to use a wheelchair to get him to move his rear legs, but in spite of the chair he drags his rear legs, I bought at least seven different protections.

👤My dog was ordered large. They wouldn't stay on. We had to keep watching him so we could pick them up. I have a service dog that I can barely pick up. We had to worry about losing gear since we had to have him walk in the salt and all the other chemicals. He would have to pick them up, I don't know how you test, but you should know about this problem. I had these in the middle of winter. I can't get that back. Time is important to me. Something is running out for me when your 70 1/2 with agent orange poising it. The next guy needs boots for his dog. You will keep your customers that way. If you want everyone to be happy, only sell top of the line. You probably make more that way. I'm not angry.

3. Mushers Secret Pet Protection 200 Gram

Mushers Secret Pet Protection 200 Gram

It's like some paw wax made with low quality ingredients that just don't work or make your poor pup sick, over 3 generations Musher's Secret has always been made with only the highest quality 100% Natural Food-Grade Waxes and Oil. Their dog lotion acts as a barrier against sand, hot pavement, snow and salt, so your dog can play in any conditions. On Good Morning America, NY Times, People, and The Dog Clinic, you will find the time-tested REMEDY of Canadian dogs. Their dog paw wax is the best dog paw or cat paw cream for hot, rocky terrain. Before heading outdoors, apply to pads and between toes. A dog's pads can dry out and crack. Their paw protection for dogs with VITAMIN E & BEESWAX conditions relieves dog paws. Their dog paw protection is semi-permeable and allows for perspiration to escape while keeping the pads strong. Also works well on other hot spots. In snowy conditions, apply paw cream for dogs 3 times per week. Their paw balm dogs don't have to worry about stains on carpets, floors or clothes. It's great for dog hiking gear, dog care, and duck hunting. Give your dog, cat, or other four-legged friend the love he deserves with Musher's Secret Paw Wax for Dogs. Their family-owned 3rd generation recipe for Slender Dogs was developed for Sherman's Secret. Their wax was developed with their furry friends in mind, and their well-being has been and continues to be their priority to this day! They will bring their secret to you and your pets. If you don't like their paw butter, reach out and they will make it right.

Brand: Musher's Secret

👤My dog developed sensitive paws over time. He started to limp after one of his paws had an open wound. I believe all of his paws were the same color as the one that was injured, even though they were in bad condition. He never had this problem before, so it came with age. It was a major issue for us, besides the fact that he needs to relief himself, he loves his walks and goes "Ape" whenever I grab the leash. I was concerned until I found this product. It's all natural, that's always a plus. He was confused at the first application, but when I applied it he was happy and relieved. I put it on before our walks because his paws got better and stayed that way. He lays down when I grab the jar. I have to keep an eye on him for about 10 minutes after he wants to lick it. Thank you guys for providing this, I don't know how much of a struggle it would have been if not for this wax.

👤I bought this to use on my dogs' paws, and it does exactly what it says. Another use that I have found is amazing. My dog has something on his nose. He has excessive skin growth that gets dry and cracks on his nose. I tried Musher's Secret on his nose and it changed his life in just 2 days. The extra skin is being softened by the Musher's Secret. The before and after photos are only used for 2 days.

👤This works great on my dogs paws, it protects the pads from the hot pavement when we walk. It has worked miracles on my cracked heels. I applied the Musher's and used a pumice on my heels. My heels are almost healed after a week of using this. After I get out of the tub or shower, I treat the heels.

👤It's supposed to heal your dog's cracked foot pads and protect their feet from the elements. If you are like most people, you have at least a small amount of non-carpeted flooring in your house. When my dogs come down the carpeted stairs to meet me at the door, they look like puppy food commercial dogs because they slow- motion hit the food bowl and the food flies everywhere. I have a three year-old and a six year-old dog, so we didn't have any broken hips, but man, oh man! Someone with older dogs or more stuff in their house could be paying a lot of vet bills. If you have hard floors, you should use this if you have a strictly outdoor dog, but if you have a musher, you should buy some cream or booties for him.

👤I want to warn other dog owners. My dog is very allergic to the product. I gave it a 1 star because it seemed to help my other dogs, but I won't be applying again after going through this nightmare! She was fine until the next morning when she applied a secret. She spent the night licking her foot and we had no idea. They had broken out all her paws after checking them. I followed the directions. She went to the vet and they said she was allergic to this product and that it was bad for her sweat glands. The picture was taken a week after seeing the vet. There is a long road to recovery. I am afraid. There are rubber boots and socks. Breaks my heart.

4. Winter Booties Adjustable Straps Anti Slip

Winter Booties Adjustable Straps Anti Slip

The design of the big opening closed by velcro on the front and two straps on the back makes it easy to wear. It's easy to put on and take off. Soft Fleece fabric inside keeps your dog warm. Protect your pup's paws from ice and snow, sharp objects, rocks, and wet surfaces. It's ideal for cold weather and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. The quality waterproof material keeps dog paw dry and clean on a rainy day, just wipe it up with wet clothes, you can reuse again. It is resistant to wind while remaining soft. Dogs will not slide when walking on wet roads because of the durable rubber anti-slip sole. The fabrics are high quality. They have a great experience for your adventure. Measure paw width and length for the best fit. Pick the larger size if the paw is between two sizes. How to measure? Your dog can stand on a piece of paper. Fix the dog's paw with a piece of paper. Measure the length and width of the paw on the paper. Tell them the length and width of the paw if you don't know how to choose the right size. They can help you choose.

Brand: Dociote

👤4.5 stars! I have tried 9 different dog shoes for my bears this year. I have a video of them doing a busy walk when they watch cats. The main velcro closure allows for a more custom fit for each dog, and each paw. The smaller straps are great to keep the boot on the ankle and prevent it from twisting. Thank you for not using loops for the straps. If they aren't on the non dewclaw side of the leg, those are annoying. Some brands make each show the same. If your child has dew claws, be careful not to wrap them around, or secure them snug, but not too tight. Bandaging under and on top of the dew claw is how you can cure this. The toddler tube socks will cushion the dew claws from above and below. You can either cut off the foot or keep it whole. The range of sizes for the boots is what I like, they are both large enough for my big guy, but have longer laws than most big dog shoes can cover. One's paws are 3'x4's. The other's paws are not very big. 5" We ended up keeping the XL that she took. Fit: The boots are a little loose. They become more stretchy with time since this material is less foamy and more felting inside. I usually put socks on the kids. If you plan on walking through the winter, you should have socks. Very excited. The material might get away with being loose if it had some of the neoprene cushion. There is a I'm glad these don't fall off when we break into a sprint or step on each other's shoes in a little excited tangle of leashes and cat chasing. If you want to try on a few sizes, order a couple of sizes. I like the tread on these boots. The big guy is clumsy and sometimes will trip on flat surfaces, but also on the painted lines of the crosswalks when it's wet out. I would like to see the material used for the outter rubber sole be tougher since there is wear in the tread already. The material is well-bonded to the sole. There is no sign of peeling yet. I would like to see a thicker material for the upper for a better winterized footwear, a tougher rubber sole, and a more accurate fit in future shoes. This is from a big paw footwear enthusiast.

👤The sell did a great job getting back to me in a timely matter after I contacted them. The new sizes fit my fur babies well. This is difficult. I can tell you that they are good quality shows and that there is a sizing issue. They did not fall apart immediately. They are soft and warm. They go up a bit so the chance of my dog getting their paw wet is limited. I bought the red pair for my smallest dog, but they were too big for her. My dog is medium-footed. The dog that I bought for her and my big footed dog did not fit on the chart that I bought it from and slid off. I contacted the seller to see if the issue would be fixed, but if I need another pair, I would buy them again. We have dogs, so don't mind the dog hair.

5. EXPAWLORER Waterproof Reflective Booties Medium

EXPAWLORER Waterproof Reflective Booties Medium

Size 3 is 2.36"x2.05" Before purchasing, please measure the size correctly by watching the video guidance. To measure the distance, place the paw on a piece of paper and mark the width and length. Follow the video guidance carefully. They recommend to choose size according to the width of the boots. If you have a measurement between 2 sizes, please choose the larger one. The reflective material and skid resistant design make it possible to see at night and keep the paws of your pet dry in the rain or snow. The shoes are easy to put on and take off because of the two straps, and they give your dog better control as well as better protection.

Brand: Expawlorer

👤What a great product! Sammy, our golden retriever, has a hard time walking on the wood and tile floors in our house. He slips and freezes at certain spots because he doesn't have confidence in himself. After a few minutes in these boots, I was shocked to see him walking around the house without a worry in the world. Talk about how to melt hearts! The boots are easy to put on and have been the best purchase we have made for him. I got a size 7, and they fit well. He is a big dog. They work in the snow and ice. When you put them on, make sure you tighten the straps as they fell off the first few times. Highly recommended!

👤The product is great for the price. They are sturdy and have good soles to protect the pups feet. They have a wrong size chart on display. That is for their harnesses? At the top of the picture, it says that. I bought a size 5 for my lab but it was too small and I looked on the box. The dog's foot was put on the size chart box because the size 6 was different for labs. He's a small lab/pit mix around 55 lbs but his paws are larger due to being a pitbull. I had to buy a new pair for $20, but it was worth it.

👤We got these boots for her to protect her feet from the chemicals and ice. Why should your dog go barefoot? When the boots were removed, her paws were dry. Success! We ordered the size 6 for our baby girl because of the reviews. It took a few weeks to train your dog to wear these, it took about 5 minutes each training session with treats to make them happy. She now knows that boots are for fun. Her paws are protected and dry. Thanks for making these affordable and good quality. There was an update on 1/5/18. The second winter season. These are the best dog boots I have ever had. I did not adjust them as snug as needed when we got them. If you are not prepared to invest the time to make it a good experience, your dog will not be happy with having foreign things on their feet. I used treats to get the boots on and off initially, but now they are a reward. She knows it is a positive experience when you get your boots on. They protect her paws from the winter weather and chemicals. We are on our second season with them and they have been a great buy.

👤I ordered size two because these boots fit perfectly on my 22 lbs maltipoo. The recent cold weather did not go well with his paws. I won't have to worry about his paws being torn up because of the weather. The inside is very soft. My pet has never worn shoes before. He was walking funny at first, but he went on his first walk and became a pro. I don't care if you can see where glue was used, as long as you are comfortable.

6. WINSOON Australia Antiskid Skidproof Protectors

WINSOON Australia Antiskid Skidproof Protectors

Size 1 is 1”(L) x 1/3”(W) for 1-2 lbs, and Size 2 is 1”(L) x 1/32”(W) for 3-6 lbs. Size 3 is for 1-2 lbs, Size 4 is for 3-6 lbs, and Size 5 is for 4-7 lbs. Follow the size chart to find the correct boots for your dogs. 4 Pack shoes made of soft PU leather material, anti-slip rubber soles, and durable paw protectors can keep your puppy warm and dry in cold weather. Their dog pet shoes are lightweight, look cute and can be easily put on and off, protect against heat pavement/sand and keep paws clean all season around. These running shoes for dogs don't get kicked out because of the tight fit. WINSOON Dog boots are made of fleece lined and conform to the paw shape of your pup, providing a natural feeling of traction. The dogs will feel safer with their shoes on. Fashionable puppy shoes are useful when walking the dog. Keep the paws flat to fully open, then measure from the bottom of the big heel pad to the tip of the longest toe nail. If the paw is between two sizes, choose the larger one.

Brand: Winsoon

👤I finally got around to writing this review. I would like to say that these are very cute and awesome quality. I have to get different pairs of shoes for my dogs. I bought large because of what the reviewers said. I measured the feet. Even though that sounded too big, I felt like my dog would need a large one. She had a hard time walking in them because they were too big at the bottom. I bought medium ones. They are a bit big, but not bad. I got a few small ones. They fit my dogs. I decided to use them for each dog's front paws and small paws for their back paws, since I already have the medium. It seems to work out. I am working on a chart that will show the different sizes of my dogs paws so you can get a good idea of what works for them. I will add that photo soon. Measure their paws with their nail lengths in mind. I love these boots after all is said and done. They are cute, keep my dogs feet dry in the snow, and encourage them to stay out a bit longer during cold/wet weather. I could not be happier. The company was very helpful. I took pictures and video. The large pair are the first photos. Videos and last photos are used as medium. Zoey is a dog. I think she has something in her. She wears mostly size medium clothing. Lexi is a chihuahua/min pin mix. She wears small and large clothing. I highly recommend you get them.

👤The seller is just great. A very nice person and great communication. The second most important thing is that the measurement on the ad is incorrect. I sent a detailed email to the seller. Maybe you won't have that problem in the future, because he said he will fix it asap. I bought these to take my dog up to the mountains, where it's cold and snowy. The title is warm, skidproof winter boots. They are as warm and skidproof as they come. There are better boots out there, but be prepared to pay a lot of money. My dog has a low cold tolerance. I took him to Mt. Baldy when it was snowy and in the 50s. He did well. He skid once but it was uphill. These boots don't have the traction of a $100 boot. They are a good deal for $17. I have included photos to help you measure your dog's paws. You should put a piece of paper on a hard floor, then put your dog's paw on it, then lift the paw next to the paper to mark it, and then measure the marks. The pink card has a size that is appropriate. Ignore the measurement on the ad.

👤These are shoes for your dog. The sole is soft and fabric lined. They seem to have been constructed well. A warm leg portion. It is easy to use if you are with the dog. Measure your dog's feet. If necessary, multiple times. I don't think all dogs feet are round, but these seem to fit okay. Our chihuahuas feet are very long and they flop around. Her legs are very skinny. I think these would work better on a dog with thicker legs and more round feet. I think she will have to get used to these, but she will keep her feet warm in the cold for a few minutes when she is out to potty.

7. QUMY Waterproof Reflective Velcro Anti Slip

QUMY Waterproof Reflective Velcro Anti Slip

The weight can only be used as an additional reference, size 2, size 3, and size 4. It is secure and accessible. It's easy to put on and off. These dog shoes have a wide split seam opening and two reflective straps to make your dog safe at night. Drugging: The sole of the dog boots is tough and protects it from thorns and hot pavement. Quality: Excellent. The dog boots have a rugged sole and high quality fabrics that are sewn together to ensure they are ready for your adventure. FASHIONABLE: The paws side is soft and hand washed.

Brand: Qumy

👤I bought these about 2 weeks ago and wanted to write a review to see how they hold up. I bought a size 6 for my pit bull because they don't come off his feet even when he runs fast. He loves wearing them because they protect his feet from the hot pavement. When I put them on, he gets so excited that he gallops around the house in them. I would definitely recommend these to anyone. I put them on him for the first time.

👤Awesome shoes. The babies stay on. She runs, jumps and does everything she normally does, except she can't scratch if needed. Just gonna have to wait. I bought a size 6 for my pitty. She's small but strong. You can live in theburbs of Chicago. We walk a few miles a day. There are no side walks in our neighborhood. Road salt can be an issue when it sleets or snows. She likes to off road it, so it's in the snow, on the street, repeat. She can't get her paws packed up with snow and salt. It gets easier after a while, but initially it's a hassle. If you buy them, put them on your dog and figure them out. And strap them down.

👤Hank likes his shoes. I need something to help him walk. He has arthritis. We've tried everything. I would like to get these a long time ago. He's a good boy. The instructions are very good. He was using them with ease after receiving treats and encouragement. They fit well and have straps. If you put them on snug, the top strap will keep them from falling off. His sister tried to pull 2 off, but they stayed on. I don't have to have towels or rugs everywhere because the old man can walk with confidence.

👤I noticed that some of the shoes had paw embroidered on the right and left side, and that my dog was more comfortable with the shoes on. They recommend that the dogs paws be embroidered on the outside of their feet. I thought I would let everyone know, but I wish it was more obvious. I have tried many things to help my 15 year old eskimos grip the tile and wood in our house, but the great shoes don't slip off his feet. The baby used to get stuck on his belly when he tried to get up all the time.

👤Great for dogs with arthritis. My dog is wearing boots on his back legs. His back legs are weak and he struggles on slick floors. He is walking everywhere after wearing them for a few hours. He has walked more in a few hours. He does not struggle to get up or stand on the floor.

👤I got these for the winter to keep my golden retriever's feet warm and dry in the snow and rain since the grass is usually muddy or wet most of the season. These seem to be the perfect solution for Fluffy dogs who get yeast infections between their toes if they aren't properly dried. The bottoms are made of a thick rubber and have two straps that can be adjusted. She has a grip on the wood floors if she's wearing them inside, because they are short enough to allow free ankle movement. I took her out and there was no water in the material, but for $20, these things are wonderful. These fit her like a glove. She has golden retriever sized feet. I bought a size 6 and she has enough room hat to fit right on her hooves, I wouldn't go lower than that. She liked them when she was outside. I would recommend these for the price, especially compared to a retail store's selection. I think these will hold up. If you're using them at night, they have some reflectors on them.

8. ZEKOO Australia Skidproof Wear Resisting Protectors

ZEKOO Australia Skidproof Wear Resisting Protectors

It's easy to clean, waterproof, and keep paw dry, as rainy or snowy weather wouldn't bother you and your dogs. If it's dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth and it will look new. The dog boots are easy to put on and take off. It is easy to wear and many pups tear things up. Their products reduce the risk of injury to pets. It's easy to adjust magic tape and it's less likely to fall off. Soft thick plush lining, wind resistance and warmth, let your lover dog feel soft and comfortable. Soft and elastic rubber sole, not prone to breaking, wear-resisting, prevent slipping, protect the weak paw from sharp thorns, hot pavement and salt during winter. If your dog's feet length and width is in between sizes, select the larger size. If you don't know how to choose the size, you can tell them the width and length of the paw, they will come to help you choose, if not fit or not like.

Brand: Zekoo

👤The dog was out of the house. He would have to stand on his back feet to get his paws out of the snow. He was running around the block with my daughter after a few tries.

👤I have tried several brands of dog boots, but these are the best. They are easy to put on and keep secure. They are warm on the inside. Our baby loves them. When it was cold and the ground was wet, we tried to take our girl for a walk. She doesn't like having wet feet. She was ready to go and walked like a champ. The boots stayed put and did not slip off. She was a little awkward when we put them on her, but she got used to them quickly. I highly recommend them.

👤I love these shoes. I followed the instructions to measure my pup's paws, but it was too big and I had to return it to the store. The suggested weight seems to be off. I read the reviews and decided to go with a size 4 dog because I thought it would be the perfect size for my dog. I am giving the first set and gift to a friend.

👤It's a relief for the pups not to walk on salt. It's funny at first because they're not used to it, but eventually they get used to it.

👤She didn't want to go outside in the cold because she was too large. I am really happy I got these boots, they are super warm.

👤I can't wait for the snow to fall so that we can wear these boots every day. They are very soft and warm on the inside, but sturdy and strong on the outside, so that the dog's paws are protected from the harsh elements. The straps are tied around each paw so you can attach them firmly. Prompt customer service and a great product.

👤The fit of my min pin is nothing bad. She was able to walk in them.

👤It's amazing... Yes. My dog tried on the boots and he didn't understand what was going on. He can only go out for a few minutes at a time in the cold weather in the province. He is running in a china shop with his legs flailing. It's amazing. These boots are very high quality. They have rubber soles so they keep his tootsies off the ground, and they are easy to put on. They seem to be very sturdy. It would be 100/10. For the price I paid, I want to buy boots for my entire neighborhood of dogs.

👤My dogs love these little boots. They are easy to put on. My dogs ran crazy after they were on and they didn't fall off. Both pairs of my dogs paws were perfect fit. I have two dogs, a yorkie and a shorkie. These are more like boots than socks. I can leave my dogs outside without fear of them freezing because of the cold Montreal winter weather.

9. Waterproof Protectors Winter Medium Anti Slip

Waterproof Protectors Winter Medium Anti Slip

The temperature is stable for cold weather. The material keeps the paw warm. It's great for walking in the cold. Dog boots protect paws from dangers. Good PAW PROTECTIONS. Sometimes the ground is so cold it can hurt your dog's pads to walk on it, and for dogs who walk on a sidewalk, salt can get stuck between their toes. Salt can accumulate between his toes and between his paw pads, so dog boots prevent that. Tough anti-slip sole provides stability and traction, protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement or snow. The design of the strap helps fit better. Light and soft fabrics help dogs to move and keep walking. It's easy to put on. It is easy to clean and waterproof. It is hand washed. Keep dogs safe. The dog boots have a rugged sole and high quality fabrics that are sewn together to ensure they are ready for your adventure. These dog shoes have a wide split seam opening and two reflective straps to make your dog safe at night.

Brand: Dolebean

👤The boots are great, but I gave them a 4-star rating because the size is a little off. I should have ordered a size 6 for my American bulldog. The boots are easy to use, but the straps are too long and there is too much material, which prevents them from being completely tightened against his legs. The size 7 May works differently for another breed of dog because it has large paws and thinner legs. The boots are warm, thick and water resistant, but because there is so much fabric at the top of the boot and the inability to tighten completely, snow gets in the boot. The boots protect my dogs' feet and nails. He is prone to breaking his nails and getting cuts and tears on his paws.

👤We bought these boots for our dog. It can be very hot in Tucson. The roads are very hot. The boots don't bother her. They are easy to put on. I had to tighten the wraps. They are tight, but that doesn't seem to bother Millie. We take her for a short walk each day. I don't know how good they would be for a dog that does a lot of running. There is a size. We measured her paws using the size chart suggested. The suggested size was purchased by me. It seems to be a good fit.

👤I take my dog on a one and a half mile walk a day and these boots stay on for the entire walk, even with an occasional short sprint or jog, aside from them shifting sometimes, which requires me to turn them because I noticed they were almost rolling over to the side. The boots did not come off. I don't know how waterproof they are, but I will not use them in the rain because the inside will get wet if the boot doesn't go all the time. The boot is great.

👤The paws are always wet. My pet ran around in the rain. His feet were dry when I took them off. There are no marks on his feet. My neighbors asked where I bought the shoes my dog wore. I told them to do it.

👤The size chart is not accurate, that's the only complaint I have. I measured my dog's front and back feet. They are a bit bigger than the size they are supposed to be. He slips off his feet after a quick trip to the bathroom. The material's quaility is great. I ordered a size 3 for my corgi with the measurement of 2 inches W. I need to find a pair that has the same size as the quaility material. I'm staying in an area with a lot of sticker burrs and he needs good foot protection. I need a smaller size ordered so these will work for now. I would give this product 4 stars if it offered a smaller size. I'm really disappointed that I have to find another brand that has a smaller size because the product itself seems to be well made and just what I need for my dog.

10. PawZ Rubber Booties Waterproof Protection

PawZ Rubber Booties Waterproof Protection

There are 7 sizes of PawZ rubber dog boots. If you have any questions about which size would work best for your pup, please reach out to them. Their dog booties are the perfect all weather dog accessory, they are waterproof for winter snow, heavy rain, pavement heat and muddy terrain, and come in packs of 12. They are the perfect hiking boots for dogs. They make great rain boots and keep your home clean. They offer heat protection for paws. The rubber booties are durable and last for multiple wears before they need to be replaced. Each pack comes with 12 dog boots and a preventative slip dog sock. Before purchasing, please consult the SIZING CHART. The dog shoe size chart is for dogs. The sizes tend to be small, so you should go the size up on a purchase. Their disposable dog boots are made from natural rubber from a rubber tree, which is 100% eco-friendly. When a dog boot wears out, you simply toss it, and the waterproof dog shoes are easy to clean.

Brand: Protex Pawz

👤I bought these for my elderly tri-pawed lab mix to give him more traction. I bought the large hoping they wouldn't be too snug. They are balloons. The opening of the shoe was not wide enough to fit my dog, even though the size was supposed to. The balloon part was much larger than my dog's paw. I put them on for the first time and took them off five minutes later. We left them on for a few hours the next day because they seemed to help his traction. I will never forgive myself for not checking more often. My dog's paws were swollen to twice their size when I took the shoes off. We spent a sleepless night getting my dog medical attention. The shoes were thrown into the trash. I couldn't justify any dog wearing these for more than five minutes because they are too tight. This product is dangerous. This product would be recalled in a heartbeat if my dog had been a baby. Do not buy.

👤My dog has been wearing paws for 12 years. She protects her feet from salt and ice. They keep our floors clean. My dog has good grip with them on and no issues slipping unless it's a major ice storm with icy side walks and I slip, but she does better than I do. We live in a condo and she wears her paws 4 times a day. She is 10 pounds and wears X- Small. They can be easily stretched with room for the toes. She never had an issue with her nails. She gets her nails done every few weeks. I put them on by holding her "belly up" in my lap and giving her a belly rub after putting her jumper or sweater on. I open them wide and stick them on. The belly rub method is recommended for big dogs. She has traveled to the Aspen Mountains many times with us. When they get dirty or start to wear out, simply dispose of them. Even though they look like balloons, they are not. Best product ever!

👤These are not the same as the ones I bought at the store. They slipped off twice in one day. I lost the first pair because they slipped off. They are the same size. They are not like the ones I bought. The PAWZ logo is not as pronounced on the rubber as before. It looks like a bad knock-off. I wouldn't recommend it. I bought the legit PAWZ product at the store. I expected the same quality. The top and bottom of the picture are the ones I received from Amazon and the one I purchased at a pet store. The shape, color, and PAWZ logo are different.

👤For the price, I figured it out. Salt and sand are spread on the roads in the winter in order to keep them safe. I was worried that my fur kids wouldn't wear them because I would spend a lot of money on them. I bought these in hopes that my fur kids would tolerate something on their feet. I don't know if I ordered the right size as the booties are a little snug. They are not the easiest thing to get on the paws, but once they are on they stay put. My dogs seem to like them. I had someone help me put them on, and then we let them walk around the house to get used to them. They were fine once they got used to them. My dogs go off a little bit into the woods when they walk on the street, but they are thick and durable. No tears after the second walk. Their paws were clean when we got home, which is a plus.

11. Mushers Secret Pet Protection 60 Gram

Mushers Secret Pet Protection 60 Gram

It's like some paw wax made with low quality ingredients that just don't work or make your poor pup sick, over 3 generations Musher's Secret has always been made with only the highest quality 100% Natural Food-Grade Waxes and Oil. Their dog lotion acts as a barrier against sand, hot pavement, snow and salt, so your dog can play in any conditions. On Good Morning America, NY Times, People, and The Dog Clinic, you will find the time-tested REMEDY of Canadian dogs. Their dog paw wax is the best dog paw or cat paw cream for hot, rocky terrain. Before heading outdoors, apply to pads and between toes. A dog's pads can dry out and crack. Their paw protection for dogs with VITAMIN E & BEESWAX conditions relieves dog paws. Their dog paw protection is semi-permeable and allows for perspiration to escape while keeping the pads strong. Also works well on other hot spots. In snowy conditions, apply paw cream for dogs 3 times per week. Their paw balm dogs don't have to worry about stains on carpets, floors or clothes. It's great for dog hiking gear, dog care, and duck hunting. Give your dog, cat, or other four-legged friend the love he deserves with Musher's Secret Paw Wax for Dogs. Their family-owned 3rd generation recipe for Slender Dogs was developed for Sherman's Secret. Their wax was developed with their furry friends in mind, and their well-being has been and continues to be their priority to this day! They will bring their secret to you and your pets. If you don't like their paw butter, reach out and they will make it right.

Brand: Musher's Secret

👤I will warn dog owners not to use this too much. Dog's need their pads to protect their paws from things that could hurt them. It is a good thing to have a rough texture. Having tough paws helps protect them from the cold and hot pavement. Don't use this to make your dog's paw pads soft. They wouldn't have soft paws in the wild. A light layer applied before a summer or winter walk can help protect against some temperature issues. You will be doing more harm if you apply too much. When it is over 100 degrees for your pups paws, don't make your dog walk on the pavement. If you're unsure, always test the pavement by putting your foot on it and holding it there for 10 seconds. If it's not comfortable for you, you better get that dog back home. Let people know that you're spreading the word. I see a lot of idiots walking their dogs. Don't be stupid. This has a nice smell and heals paws overnight. When he plays hard and hurts his pads, it helps heal my paws. I don't have to worry about him licking it off. The couch and anything else I own has not been stained.

👤I ordered this for my dog's paw pads because of the majority of positive reviews. I ignored the review that stated that his dog had an eye infection after using this product. If you have this on their paws and they rub their eyes, you should expect an emergency trip to the vet and it will cost over $250 for medication. It goes in the garbage.

👤I will give it a try, but I don't know what I can add. The last three dogs I have had have used this product. I deal with snow, salt, ice, and pavement in the summers in the Northeast, and this product is an absolute miracle. I bought three more containers for my dog to give to her friends. It is very good. I put it on her paws 2 to 3 times a week in the winter so she can tolerate the cold and salty walks. I put it on her paws in the summer so she can walk on the asphalt. If your dog is slipping around inside, you have put too much on. You need to put this in the pad between the toes and wipe it off with a paper towel. I have dark hardwood floors and have never seen paw prints. If you love your dog, you must use the musher's secret to protect their paws.

👤The product says it is safe, but my dog got it in his eye. I had to take him to the ER. I could not return the product because it was not a good purchase, and my poor guy had to suffer.

👤I am confused by this product. I couldn't find a true ingredient list. After applying it to my dog's paws, I felt like her paw pads got redder and maybe slightly swollen, but I didn't think of looking for one at first. I wanted to give it another try after not putting anything on her paws for a few days. I applied it to one paw. I applied to both paws yesterday. They are worse off than the back paws. There is more cracked, swollen and red. My dog is scared when I try to put something on her pads.


What is the best product for dog boots for winter?

Dog boots for winter products from Yaodhaod. In this article about dog boots for winter you can see why people choose the product. Fladorepet and Musher's Secret are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog boots for winter.

What are the best brands for dog boots for winter?

Yaodhaod, Fladorepet and Musher's Secret are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog boots for winter. Find the detail in this article. Dociote, Expawlorer and Winsoon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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