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1. Retriever Roll Extra Thick Chews

Retriever Roll Extra Thick Chews

These are handcrafted products of animal origin. There will be some changes from the measures, color and picture representation. Like any other natural product, rawhide has differences in color, thickness and density. All natural dental chews are made from free-range, pasture-raised cattle. These dog bones are made from dog bones and have a soft texture. There are no artificial colors orPreservatives. The new packaging image. Since they have stock with the old labeling, you may still receive their previous label image.

Brand: Cowdog Chews

👤Dogs love it. They don't mind this brand with no upset. One must be prepared to grab any potential choking size pieces if they watch them and be in the same room. I just throw in the trash and get a new one when they get small. Do not leave your dog alone with this. When they chew on raw hide, be very close. The next room was the location of most of the dog deaths. If you don't want them to chew on raw hide retriever rolls, don't let them. Before you leave for work, do not leave any remnants around. There are dangers to rawhide dog chews. Take the risks. I love my dogs.

👤None are thicker than 1 to 1 1/2. As you can see in the picture, the rest are thin. Will not order again. The product was from Bolivia.

👤These are cheap, paper thin and easy to unroll. Don't buy if you're warned. My dogs get choken when they swallow sheets like this. This is a very dangerous hazard.

👤I wanted the chews to be quality rawhides. Over the last 3 years, I have bought expensive rawhides from a online pet supply company. I was happy to see these rawhides for a reasonable price. You get what you pay for in the case of these chews. The price and fast shipping are pro. There is a I don't know how long they last because I took them away as soon as the sneezing started with the dogs. From the moment you open the bag. * They splinter and cause my guys to hack them up. * Two of my dogs have started sneezing a lot. One of the two is sneezing. Both are taking antibiotics. I have never had an issue like that before. The rawhides are the only new thing. I was hoping these would be a hit. They are definitely a miss.

👤These chews are great. We have used many different brands and these are the best. We have found that less expensive chews are more expensive because they only last for a short time and are often purchased multiple times. The Cowdog chews are 2 1/2 times longer than less expensive chews. These chews will be the first purchase for a long time.

👤I bought these because they were cheap. Our dog got violently sick after eating one of these. She had to take antibiotics for two weeks after the vet diagnosed her with a stomach bug. She only had rawhide bones in her diet. They have poor quality control standards and are not inspected by the USDA. If they inspect their products, we shouldn't have a bad batches. $200 in vet fees for a sick dog. Thank you Brazil. At the World Cup, you deserved your loss. The company is probably a Chinese subsidiary. This product gave my dog an infectious illness that was diagnosed by a vet. If you want to save money, don't buy these.

👤These are not as hard as some retriever rolls my dogs have tried, but they are in one piece, no small pieces falling out or choking our dogs, the only problem I have with these is that they seem to be bleached and are a little softer, other then that I will buy.

2. GoodNFun Triple Flavored Rawhide Twists

GoodNFun Triple Flavored Rawhide Twists

It is made with mouth watering beef, pork and chicken. The perfect snack for all dogs. It's a great way to satisfy your dog's urge to chew. Made with no artificial binders. The age range is young-adult.

Brand: Good'n'fun

👤This item has been recalled because it was designed to clean with. It has caused death and serious injury to animals. Our dog was sick.

👤The chews are made in China and should be a red flag. The seller states that they have been approved by the FDA and the USDA, but they don't monitor foreign food products. The bag has been exposed to irradiation, if you look on the back of it. That means that the treats you will give your companion have been exposed to radiation. If you love your pet, be careful. The laws passed in 2010 gave foreign manufacturers the freedom to do what they please, and that's why you're likely feeding your children and pets chicken nuggets, fingers, and other items made in the same countries. Jeff Bezos put money first.

👤My two Shitzus go crazy over these treats, after buying them for a year or more. They started having stomach problems over the last 2 months. On days when I gave them more than one stick, there were issues. I was reassured by the manufacturer that the treats are only intended to be a treat and that I should only give them one or two per day, because my dogs love them. If I keep it to no more than 2 in a 24 hour period, there have been no tummy problems. I feel better about the product after the manufacturer replied back to me.

👤I didn't see the bad reviews and focused on the 4.3 star rating. If I gave my puppy one and a half, he would become ill from it. He has been having a bad day. I am good at going through all the reviews, but I don't know what happened this time. I feel bad. Don't make the same mistake. Several reviews stated that this product was recalled by AMAZON. I don't understand why people are allowed to sell this product. Being upset about the situation.

👤The product was recalled because it was poisonous. My dog started vomiting and was unable to stand on her own. The vet says her kidneys are failing and her weight has dropped. Beware!

👤I gave these to my dogs and they were recalled. Not happy about it. They are still for sale on the site if they are dangerous.

👤After giving my dog a couple, I found some small shards on the floor. My dog is in danger. I'm through the rest. I didn't read the bad reviews, but I ordered this based on the favorable reviews. It was a bad buy.

👤I bought a bag that made them so sick that they almost died. It was very frightening for the vet to inject fluid. I only buy treats made in the USA. Pet n Shape is the only exception. These treats are not made in China.

3. Smartbones ButcherS Long Lasting Mighty Large

Smartbones ButcherS Long Lasting Mighty Large

The dog chews are easy to digest. There are long-lasting geishas. There is a chicken-flavor chew surprise center. VITAMIN AND MINERAL ARE COMING. The chews are easy to digest. Helping maintain healthy toenails. SmartBones chews have all the benefits of a rawhide chew without the rawhide. Two small bone-shaped chews dogs love.

Brand: Smartbones

👤I give both of my dogs bones and sticks from Smartbones. I decided to try this product as it was different. It had a strong smell from the packaging. She went through it in 10 minutes after I gave it to her. She was eating next to us on the back porch. She ran to our back yard after 10 minutes of eating this. It took several days for her stomach to get back to normal after we took away all her treats. I threw the other bone out and wouldn't give it to either of my dogs again.

👤I know they're supposed to be long lasting, but not for a real dog. My dog destroys them in a matter of minutes. A small rat dog could make them last, but a big dog kills them. It's alright. They don't stand a chance with her. She was back at my side 3 minutes after I gave her one. Oh my gosh. She can't wait to get one, I gave it less than 5 stars, but they don't last long, she can't wait to get one. That's right.

👤The bones are long lasting compared to other SmartBone products. It's still not long. I was surprised by the rate my dog finished his initial SmartBone in Large. I was expecting the time of consumption to be comparable to a traditional rawhide bone. I don't think they are supposed to be. They don't have any products in their line that will keep your dog busy as long as a traditional rawhide bone; which is frustrating when it's 5x the cost. I've had the most success with these large butcher bones. I have a dog that is 35 lbs. and a dog that is more aggressive but not as powerful. My dog is 7 months old. They hold up better than I would expect, because they both try to get them finished in the Olympics. I would give them 15 minutes of chewing enjoyment. It's a no-brainer for the price. Other stores are 4 times the cost. Both dogs got sick of the "doubletime" rolls, which is odd, but even when they did eat them they didn't last as long. You would need to be leaning over them to smell it, and it wouldn't linger if you left. SmartBones are not intended to be compared to or compete with Benebones or durabones, those are not food. Unless you understand how quickly they'll be gone, these probably aren't going to be a good brand or fit. A dog over 60 lbs will have this down quicker than a pig ear. A few minutes. I would like to see them have more durable bones, but given the ingredients, that's not possible. These are great and keep the picky dogs interested over time.

👤I have five dogs. I have five children, four small and one large. I can't give my big dog one of the chews I give my littles because it would be a half second and gone. She still got some chew out of the pig ears I gave her. When our youngest started teething on our other dogs and us, I pulled out the old trick book and got the things I got for my others, even though I didn't know if it would be okay. I didn't want my big girl to watch her little sisters while she was done. I saw this and thought it would last a long time. She has missing teeth. She polished it off in ten minutes. The puppy looked in her corner of goodies and I thought she had the guts to steal it. Nope. I tested the theory today. The puppy was outside in less than ten minutes. My senior dog chose couch cuddles over her chew, and my big ended up with her chew. I haven't paid attention to her poop, but there have been some interesting textures that make me think this treat may have upset her tummy, after reading some of the other reviews here. There is a I don't know if that's the case, but they aren't long lasting for an aggressive chewer. There is a This may be great for a dog that takes a lot of time. I don't recommend for a big girl who went through some stuff before we rescued her. On the plus side, they are inexpensive. I am not sure about her tummy. If you have a dog with a sensitive tummy, you should read some of the other reviews.

4. LuvChew Chicken Glucosamine Turmeric Non Rawhide

LuvChew Chicken Glucosamine Turmeric Non Rawhide

The first ingredient in the dog chew sticks is cage-free chicken jerky, which is good for your health. There are only 10 simple ingredients. Chicken cheese soft dog chew sticks are rawhide free, wheat free, no artificial colors, and are healthy and safe. Low in fat. It has the same benefits as a rawhide chew. The Non-Rawhide chicken dog treats are very easy to digest. Dog bones contain Glucosamine and OrganicTurmeric. It supports your dog's hip and joint care. It helps maintain healthy teeth. Consuming chewing aids in the promotion of healthy teeth and gums.

Brand: Luvchew

👤Thank the lord these are back in stock! There is a My minischnauzer loves them. I got them for his birthday on a whim, and I am so happy I did. He just goes nuts for it. My little guy refuses to eat any supplements or vitamins mixed in with food, so they have both of them. It's nice to get a supplement. My only complaint is that they are soft and I wish they were harder. Doesn't matter. It's a perfect treat for sleep. My dog is 13 lbs and can get through a stick in about 3 minutes. They have a chicken strip wrapped around them. I'm getting them set up for auto order. It's a good thing.

👤My dogs were hesitant but eventually decided they liked the taste and one of my boys had hours of AWFUL sulfuric gas - which means he wasn't able to digest it. It started up again after he ate, after he tried to see if he had the same issue. He's been clingy for the last 2 days so I will stop feeding him immediately.

👤My dog would go crazy for these. These are made with chiken and real cheese and Glucosamine andTurmeric. It is delicious, healthy, safe and easy to digest. What else could you ask for? We found our treats. Highly recommend. Love it.

👤The dog chew treats are made with cage-free chicken. I think it's delicious, just to see him eat it all. My dog loves it. It comes with a supplement that helps with their hip and joint. It's good to have those ingredients. Thumbs up!

👤Do not buy these if the price goes up. If you dare, you can look through the chews or spit them. 3-4” long. My dogs are in size from 7.5# to 60# and all have left in less than a minute.

👤My baby fell in love with the chicken sticks. She was kept occupied for a while. She immediately came back for another stick after finishing one. We were almost through half of the bag. She doesn't have an issue with these dog treats being like other rawhide treats. Very happy.

👤My dog likes these! These are rawhide free and have a soft texture. The wrap of chicken is very soft and flexible. These are great because my dogs have gotten choke on those chicken rawhide strips. The piece of chicken that is wrapped around is soft and becomes even softer as they chew. These chews are great for dogs with squishy faces who don't have a lot of hard palate. Always under supervision! My only complaint is that he only gets one bag at night as I only buy two bags a month. The price has gone up a couple bucks. I know that everything is going up. It's disappointing.

👤It's well made and packed. My dog likes it. He gets one or two for happy hour.

5. Pet Factory Artificial Preservatives Resealable

Pet Factory Artificial Preservatives Resealable

Their treats and chews are made from free range cattle or lambs which can be easily eaten, unlike other treats which are loaded with sugars and Additives. You can trust quality. American Beefhide is the gold standard for the quality of beefhide. Corn-fed beef in the U.S. is a high quality chew. Premium bones and chews can be found in American beef-hide. All-natural dog food. Natural ingredients make up the long lasting retriever beefhide rolls. Their dog chew is a quality product that is produced without artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals. These natural dog chews are low in fat and high in calories and have thicker fibers that result in longer- lasting chews. The ultimate concierge experience is provided. These dog chew sticks are good for you and your dog. The beefhide dog chew has more and thicker fibers. The result is a chew with a great American bred taste that will not only satisfy your pets, but also help promote great oral hygiene by removing plaque. Dental health is supported. This is a product that can provide hours of chewing experience for your dog. Long hours of chewing action scraper away the plaque, controls the build-up of Tartar, and maintains gum health. It is a great dog exercise for the mouth, jaw, and gums. The purpose of the beefhide rolls is to satisfy the dog's chewing urge. It was delicious in taste. The beefhide dog treat is very appealing to dogs, it's natural flavor and delicious taste give them what they want. The smell and taste of the rawhide stick make it a delicious dog treat. Pet Factory's rawhide treats are more easily digestible than other rawhide treats. These natural beefhides are great for your dog. It's great for dogs of all sizes. It was delicious in taste. The beefhide dog treat is very appealing to dogs, it's natural flavor and delicious taste give them what they want. The smell and taste of the rawhide stick make it a delicious dog treat. Pet Factory's rawhide treats are more easily digestible than other rawhide treats. These natural beefhides are great for your dog. It's great for dogs of all sizes.

Brand: Pet Factory

👤There is a lot of information about where rawhide comes from, where it's processed, what is in them and so on. We tried several brands. Small chips were in all of them, which we didn't like. Or they gave our dog. Well... It's like it is. These have been great. Our dog loves them because they are American rawhide. They are made with thick material and rolled without the chip filling in the middle. I've seen reviews that say these things smell. If your dog chewed it and you put it up to your nose, it won't smell like peaches and cream, but other than that, no issues at all. Our dog is about 90 lbs and can tear through one in a day, but we only give her a chew in the evening and they last for a few days. She loves them and there are no poop issues with them. These were the best combo of product, price and American made we could find and after 4 bags we're all happy!

👤My masticating monster has met his match. These chews are the best I have found so far. He has been carrying the same roll around for a few days and sleeping with it tucked under his chin. Cute.

👤At the recommendation of our vet, I got these for my Golden retriever, Dublin. Dublin has good health but his teeth are dirty. My vet recommended raw hides because we were hesitant to put him under anesthesia for a cleaning. It was important for me to get quality raw hides that are made in the USA. For most of the time, these are very similar in size to each other. Dublin loves his hide bone. He will chew on it for an hour. I don't let him be alone with it. I have not had any concerns with these. He has a sensitive stomach and I haven't had any issues with it. This wont be a quick fix, but it will definitely help in cleaning Dublin's teeth.

👤My dog is not sensitive to food, but I noticed that when I feed him these, he will have horrible scurvy for several days afterwards. Like puddles. Not soft stool. The first time it happened I thought he caught a bug, the second time I realized it was related to feeding these. A sixty pound dog leaving a lot of poop around the house is not fun. Unfortunately, won't be buying them again. The smell of rawhide when it's being chewed is the only odor. My dog goes through a rawhide in about an hour or so, but it takes a couple of hours for him to get through it. He is a heavy chewer. They are heavier and more compressed than a typical rawhide. This company seems to source only American beef, which is different from most of the "american" products. Not brazilian or chinese beef, which is usually preserved with questionable items, and has a severe ecologic impact, since Brazil has been deforesting the Amazon to make more room for cattle pasture. Will buy them again.

6. Nutri Chomps Twists Rawhide Free Assorted

Nutri Chomps Twists Rawhide Free Assorted

100% poison free. A safer choice for your dog. This delicious treat is very easy to digest and very delicious. Your pup will love them. Minerals and vitamins are essential. Natural quality ingredients will support your dog's bodily functions. The dog chews are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog happy. There are delicious treats. These bones are great to eat. Real Chicken, Peanut Butter and Milk are great for picky eaters. Your dog will want more. It is easy to manipulate and perfect consecration. It is specially made to satisfy your dog's urge to chew. They created a consistency that was perfect. These treats are easy to digest. The Cary Knives are PREMIUM BRAID STICK. Their dog chews are made with chicken and pork skin, along with real milk or peanut butter, and are a great snack for your dog. Small, Medium, Large and Giant dogs are suited for the size of the braiding. The bag makes it easy to preserve freshness.

Brand: Nutri Chomps

👤I bought this with another. My puppy has always been given directly from Pet Co. I decided to buy it on Amazon because my friend said he saw it for a better price on the site. I think this is a trend that Amazon is starting to have towards consumers, they don't give a sh*t about their products anymore. I've read many reviews of dog food being recalled from Amazon. Consumers have found rotting items at the bottom of their bags. The Nutri Chomps have been the same. My puppy vomited in the middle of the night. She's never thrown up with anything we've given her before, and we're particular with what we feed her. TWICE! The bags smelled like a mixture of sweet and sour from the left over chew sticks. There was some questionable growth on the rest of the chew sticks. I wish I'd taken a picture of it and made a bigger deal out of it because Amazon's practice is horrible. We should get a partial refund on the food. Amazon should be paying for the vet visit. If your product causes puppies to be sick due to how your company stores and takes care of the food, it is only right that you pay for the vets to come and look at it. I'm writing this as a public announcement, don't buy any pet food on AMAZON, PERIOD!

👤After two hours of feeding my dog, he was crying in pain. He was constipated after a lot of trips outside to go potty. Fast forward a few hours. I can feel a lump in his stomach. I let him outside to see if there was anything productive after he was restless. He vomited the contents of his stomach late in the night. He had a lot of blood in his stool. This product is intended for you. Was it mold? What type ofbacteria? Unknown ingredients? I am not sure. My dog does not have a sensitive stomach, and after reading many stories like mine, I am here to tell you that you should never buy dog food or treats from Amazon. There are no rules for recalls. Don't buy this and keep your pet safe.

👤Our 8 year old dog was in need of a new toy to chew and his previous toys were causing him problems with his stomach, so we searched for something that wouldn't cause him problems. We stumbled on these braids and cow, you would think they were made with dog food. He loves them. To keep the entertainment going for longer, we found a chew toy that would fit the Nutri Chomp and it's now his hands down favorite. He ignores everything else in the toy basket. In my opinion, these have never caused him any stomach upset, so in my opinion, it's a 20 out of 10. A happy dog. That's right.

👤I'm pretty sure these are making my dog sick. I have a three month old English dog. On Wednesday afternoon, these arrived. I gave her the milk flavor. I have never seen an animal barf like that before. It makes me sad. She finally got her appetite back for dinner after she didn't eat for a few hours. Since she is either a cute bug or a demon, it's hard to gauge her energy. She pooped once in the house, which is par for the course, but I noticed is was a little softer than usual. There were no incidents on Thursday. She doesn't want to eat on Friday. I don't force it on her, but she is hanging out with me outside. Her bowl was not moved from 7:30 AM to 11 AM. She finally ate some, but not as much as she normally takes in. She peed in the house when I lost sight of her. She didn't try to get my attention or whine to be let out. Then she disappears. I'm running around the house. We go back to the main level after I find her in my room. She doesn't indicate that she wants to go outside. When I make a phone call, I find myself looking for her again. She is at the top of the stairs in the hall. It's even softer than it was Thursday, and I don't have to scrub the fecal stain out of the carpet. I've given her rawhide, dream chews, organic biscuits, and many other things without affecting her. These are the Nutri Chomps? I'm pretty sure they have caused me to use three rolls of paper products since they arrived. The rest of the pack will be thrown away.

7. Pur Luv Kraves Rawhide 84723

Pur Luv Kraves Rawhide 84723

Chicken is the first ingredient in Pur Luv Peanut Butter K9 Kraves dog treats. The peanut butter is made with real peanut butter to make it even more delicious. The rawhide is free. The mini-bones are free of rawhide. Pur Luv treats feature limited ingredient decks so you know what you are feeding your dog. The K9 Kraves Hide Free Bones are easy to digest.

Brand: Pur Luv

👤My golden retriever loves them. It takes him about 5 minutes to eat one of them. I was worried about giving him something that was small. I was worried about him but he has not had any issues. I think they would be even better if they were a little longer.

👤As soon as I opened the Amazon packaging, my poodle tried to grab the treats from my hand, even before I opened the actual treat packaging. It must be a strong scent. My dog loved these dog treats. She was busy for several minutes as she tried to tear it apart.

👤My dog loves treats, but not all of them. She flips out for something. She couldn't control her excitement. These are small, and they probably won't entertain your dog for a while. My girl is a 35 lbs mix and eats these in under 5 minutes. The peanut butter smell is very strong.

👤The peanut butter smell was tempting to me when I opened the bag. My dogs loved the treats and the kabobs that Pur Luv has. The quality ingredients and value of the treats make me a big fan. I give my dogs treats all the time, but they deserve it for all the hard work they do. Try these treats out. My pantry is always in stock because my dogs made me subscribe and save to them.

👤My dog loves peanut butter and chicken treats. I wouldn't call it a typical treat as my dog didn't eat it in 10 seconds, but it is not a typical bone that takes him hours to chew through, grinding down his teeth. He spent some time playing and eating and was done in about five minutes. It is rawhide free and the whole ingredients are what I love about it.

👤My dog loves them. He is very picky when it comes to his food. It helped him through the teething months because they kept him busy when he needed to calm down. Definitely recommend!

👤My dog liked them so much that they vanished. I like that she likes the taste, but I don't like the longevity of them. My dog destroys bones, treats, and toys in a matter of minutes.

👤I have a pit bull mix and she can get through sticks and remote controls. These treats were thick enough to last a few minutes. I put one out of the bag and left it on the counter. She went for it. As dog treats go, they are a little expensive. They work.

8. Castor Pollux Good Buddy Rawhide

Castor Pollux Good Buddy Rawhide

The Good Buddy Dog Treat has a Rawhide Bone with Natural Chicken Flavor. The USA has the world's best ingredients. The beef was cooked with a natural chicken flavor. There are four sizes available in the 888-666-1846

Brand: Castor & Pollux

👤The leather industry left behind rawhide. After reading about the horrible chemicals used in the leather industry to preserve the hide as it is shipped and chemicals used to split the hide which eventually make into rawhide, I set out to find a US made product which offers a bit more protection over products made in China and Mexico. Some labels claim that the animal is from the US, but you will see that the rawhide was made in other countries. The only brand that I have found to be 100% US is Castor and Pollux.

👤Please be careful. My dog had an allergic reaction to this product. She was so addicted that she couldn't think of anything else besides going to the bathroom. She got really weak after her pupils began dilating and then she began shaking. She's a very healthy dog and she's never had a reaction like this before. The product was thrown away. Stayed up all night with her. Thank goodness she's fine after taking the medication. After seeing her with it for a short time and what it did, I'm so glad I didn't trust her and just leave it with her. I'm not sure if I would have come back to an alive dog by the end of the day. It was very bad...

👤Correcting your item's description is necessary. I assumed it was a pack of four. I only received one. It was a great price for just one, and I thought I might be catching a great sale on 4. I don't think anything will last long with him. He is like a mosasaurus. It is all made in the USA. A very happy dog!

👤I have never had an issue with the brand of rawhide chews I buy. My dog loves them. He mows them. The braided variety I purchased was spoiled when I opened it. They smelled bad and were gray in color. They should not have shipped them. They are not eligible for return or exchange. Just wanted to let everyone know that there is money. Before you give them to your dog, make sure they are not spoiled. The color and smell are important.

👤I thought the pack of 8 was not true after I got 2 single bones. The dogs liked their bones.

👤They only ship you one pack of four, even though the headline says it. False advertising. Will not purchase products from a company that betrays customer trust again. It is a shame it is American.

👤The package only contains one rawhide and the headline states that it has a low price. You can either buy one 2 pack or two 2 packs, but that is not the case according to what you see. One of the labs I own is very disappointed. Beware of the buyer. I won't order again.

👤People seem to dislike rawhide. I am one of the people who didn't like rawhide. I like this brand. They seem to have a limited amount of junk. My chewer lasts a long time. They clean her teeth very nicely. Here is how I use them. I monitor her chewing time and give it to her. I usually allow 15 minutes for her. Pick up the rawhide stick and put it away for another day. If only for fifteen minutes, one stick lasts days, cleans her teeth, and entertains her for days. I throw it away when it gets short because I worry it will be swallowed. There is a If you need something to remove plaque from your pups teeth, this is a good solution and it won't break the bank.

9. 5 6 Retriever Roll Skinny Livestock

5 6 Retriever Roll Skinny Livestock

These are handcrafted products of animal origin. There will be some changes from the measures, color and picture representation. Like any other natural product, rawhide has differences in color, thickness and density. All natural, dental chews made from free-range, pasture-raised cattle from South America. Chewing keeps dogs' jaws strong, teeth clean, and breath a bit fresh. Tartar build-up on teeth can be reduced by dogs chewing on rawhides. There are no artificial colors orPreservatives. These are handcrafted products. There will be some changes from the measures, color and picture representation. Like any other natural product, rawhide has differences in color, thickness and density. The new packaging image. Since they have stock with the old labeling, you may still receive their previous label image.

Brand: Cowdog Chews

👤Bailey, my Border Collie, loves them. They are smaller and skinnier than I expected. They are advertised as being white, thick, round and large. The ones I received were not that. The bones are close to 6 inches long. 13/22 were less than an inch wide. It would be better for the seller to have said the dog chews are half an inch wide and uploaded an image of the actual product sold. They are not what I thought they were. My dog will fly through these boys. Two whole inches had already been chewed away when I took the picture at 4:57pm, as you can see in the images. I will not purchase through your company again if this matter is not resolved.

👤Twelve years ago, I gave one to each of my dogs. I have two dogs that are very good at chewing. Do you get rawhides from the dollar store? My dogs are gone in 5 minutes. But these? I don't know what makes these last so long, but my dogs have eaten two hours each time. My dogs chewed on them all the time. I didn't rate the flavor since I haven't tasted it myself.

👤Mydane is extremely picky, I'd like to start by saying that. People who own a great dane know how sensitive their stomachs are. She had the "runs" for the first 2 years of her life, until we found a dog food that she liked. The pack I bought has 50 bones. Whenever we ask her if she wants a bone, she gets super excited. I would recommend these to all dog owners. Your dog will like them if my dane likes them. They didn't cause her to get sick. Which is very rare. Major plus.

👤These chews are great. I have been buying rawhide rolls from this company for a while now and I am very pleased. My dogs are happy. It is FDA and USDA approved, though it is not an American product. These went quickly because I have two golden dogs who are chewing. The next size up is perfect for my dogs. I have tried three different sizes of this brand and the only problem was a Goldilocks situation. We use the middle size because this was too small and the largest was too big. I would recommend these to anyone who gives their dog rawhide rolls.

👤The delivery date is =4 days. There was no reason given. They just hold back the "your order just shipped!" 2 days and pay for shipping. Emails are cheaper than paying priority. 2 stars for a delay. There are 6 inches. It's 6 inches x 1/3. There is a point for not going low side. South America. mine came from a country called Bolivia That is in South America. My 3 Boxers all approved. They tasted all 3 of them. They switched for a while and decided which was the best for them. Curly walked into the kitchen the next morning and found a Boxer in his mouth. They stay for about an hour and then go back to it.

10. Jungle Calling Snacks Peanut Cranberry Sandwich

Jungle Calling Snacks Peanut Cranberry Sandwich

The dog chew bones are made with more than 5 ingredients. Peanut bones butter in cranberry is a great source of nutrition. Your furry friends could benefit from the help with their teeth and bones. Their peanut butter bones can help reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Dog bones can help with dental health. The dog chews bones have a design that is suitable for grasping and biting. Their chews are easy to digest. An alternative to rawhide dog bones. The cranberry flavor of their treats will get your dog's tail wagging. Take your dog for a walk, hiking or travel and have fun.

Brand: Jungle Calling

👤China sells unsafe pet foods and medicines. I would not have ordered it if I had known where it was made. This company will not allow a return. That's a lot about this junk.

👤I'm responsible for the fact that I can't return them. I don't buy treats from Amazon. I'm used to retailers standing behind their products so I clicked before doing proper research. My dog won't lick them. He is a bit of a picky eater but he always tries something before he knows he doesn't like it. I expanded to Amazon for different brands because he gets bored with the same flavors easily. He doesn't like peanut butter treats and won't be able to get them at these. I took the first one out of the package and he walked away. Dogs are aware. There has to be something in it. They are 27% Cornstarch, I read the label closer. How did I miss this? This might be it, because he is rarely, if ever, given afiller. It's hard to know but the ingredient list is vague. They have a great product posting. They are made in China. I would avoid all costs. The NO RETURN policy is the icing on the cake. I almost forgot... I noticed a sticker on the front of the package and wondered what was underneath. I mostly peeled it off. The sticker says no rawhide, healthy teeth, and fiber. The original packaging has a message on it. At some point, they either got caught with grain in them or they switched to cheap fillers and just covered it up with a sticker. They are trying to save more money by not printing the packaging again. Guys, business is shady. Don't think twice, avoid, and choose something better.

👤We have a GS. They last about 4 minutes for her.

👤I have a grown adult husky, a chihuahua, a medium mixed lab and a dog. I thought they would only be adequate for my medium and bigger dogs, but they were soft, easy to chew, and good for all three of them. I was pleading. My dog chewed his bone without any issues. The appeared happy after. That made this mom happy.

👤The chews were advertised as an alternative to rawhide, but they didn't last long, having the consistency of a fruit roll up, just thicker. My dog got sick after eating one. I looked at the back of the package and saw that they were made in China. I will not be buying these again.

👤This was my first purchase for my two fur babies, and I am very happy that they love them. They took them after they took a few seconds to smell. They chewed on them for a long time before they left. I will be buying these again. My babies love a non-rawhide alternative.

👤I ordered these from a deal and after they arrived, I realized they were made in China. The first two ingredients make up the majority of the ingredients. This is garbage. I didn't see a return policy, so they went straight into the trash. I wouldn't feed my pets this mess. Shame on Amazon for promoting a poor quality product.

11. Pet Factory Beefhide Digestible Resealable

Pet Factory Beefhide Digestible Resealable

EXCLUSIVE dog care The Pet Factory Beefhide is made in the USA. Beefhide chips are very healthy for dogs. These chews are gentle for sensitive stomachs. This treat is good for dog's oral and behavioral health. These Pet Factory 78138 hasBEEFHIDE CHIPS to keep dogs happy. Beefhide Chips are good for you. The chews will keep your dog busy. They are made from natural material. They are the best chews for pets. Natural Flavored Beefhide Chip chews are a treat for the dogs. The Beefhide is a quality product and follows a strict food quality standard. Beefhide chews are of the highest quality. The beefhide chews have thicker fibers that result in longer lasting chews. The Beefhide Chips are free of artificial ingredients and chemicals. MAINTAINS dogs' health is a safe, natural and certified product that helps your dog in improving dental health through brushing and flossing. The purpose of the chews is to satisfy the dog's chewing urge. The dog can chew for many hours with the help of Your Pie of Mind. If you keep these chips ideal, your dog will be more likely to chew the rawhide treat and you will not get disturbed by his activities. The Beefhide Chip chews are safe to be used indoors and outdoors.

Brand: Pet Factory

👤So delicious! It's hard to chew so it gives you something to do. It's fun to catch with the mouth. It was fun to hide in sheets. Oh and. Our dog loves them too.

👤I was terrified of giving my small dog beefhide, so I loved this product initially. Hopefully, the problem will be avoided in the future. I found a small sharp object in a package of Pet Factory beefhide chews that I had just given to my small dog. My dog swallowed the object that I found. I bought a "Made in USA" product. I am very disappointed. Pets should be alert about this danger.

👤My dog likes these. They are thick and last a long time. These are perfect because he is teething. I think he is a life saver as he is almost 6 months old and still teething and loves to go for my toes and fingers. I don't worry much about a piece getting off. I researched and found that USA beef and produced in country are the safer rawhide for my puppy and it is so easy to digest. He hasn't eaten much because he's still going at the same 2 pieces. The thickness and longevity of it.

👤These don't last very long, but I have given them to a Boston Terrier and an American Bully Terrier and they are both obsessed with them. The Boston is the only dog bone/hide that he will actually chew on as opposed to just hiding/carrying around, so I have to watch it.

👤My dog can make it disappear in a few hours. I would like them to be a bit thicker. I think they taste good because he eats them and then asks for one as soon as he eats the first one. I buy them from Amazon for the convenience, even though the price isn't better than anywhere else.

👤I have not tasted them, but I gave it 4 stars for flavor. It's funny. My dogs love them. The small knitted bones are preferred by my chihuahuas, but they are not always able to chew them. Some are perfect size and some are cut in half. My dogs like them either way, they are too thick to cut in half.

👤The chips are a bit thicker than my older boy likes. He loves the thicker ones so much that he chews them down after a day or two. He used to scarf these down in 5 minutes, now it takes 30 minutes. I'm glad to have something that I'm safe giving him. No worries about the Chinese.


What is the best product for dog bones rawhide?

Dog bones rawhide products from Cowdog Chews. In this article about dog bones rawhide you can see why people choose the product. Good'n'fun and Smartbones are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog bones rawhide.

What are the best brands for dog bones rawhide?

Cowdog Chews, Good'n'fun and Smartbones are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog bones rawhide. Find the detail in this article. Luvchew, Pet Factory and Nutri Chomps are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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