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1. 5 6 Retriever Roll Skinny Livestock

5 6 Retriever Roll Skinny Livestock

These are handcrafted products of animal origin. There will be some changes from the measures, color and picture representation. Like any other natural product, rawhide has differences in color, thickness and density. All natural, dental chews made from free-range, pasture-raised cattle from South America. Chewing keeps dogs' jaws strong, teeth clean, and breath a bit fresh. Tartar build-up on teeth can be reduced by dogs chewing on rawhides. There are no artificial colors orPreservatives. These are handcrafted products. There will be some changes from the measures, color and picture representation. Like any other natural product, rawhide has differences in color, thickness and density. The new packaging image. Since they have stock with the old labeling, you may still receive their previous label image.

Brand: Cowdog Chews

👤Bailey, my Border Collie, loves them. They are smaller and skinnier than I expected. They are advertised as being white, thick, round and large. The ones I received were not that. The bones are close to 6 inches long. 13/22 were less than an inch wide. It would be better for the seller to have said the dog chews are half an inch wide and uploaded an image of the actual product sold. They are not what I thought they were. My dog will fly through these boys. Two whole inches had already been chewed away when I took the picture at 4:57pm, as you can see in the images. I will not purchase through your company again if this matter is not resolved.

👤Twelve years ago, I gave one to each of my dogs. I have two dogs that are very good at chewing. Do you get rawhides from the dollar store? My dogs are gone in 5 minutes. But these? I don't know what makes these last so long, but my dogs have eaten two hours each time. My dogs chewed on them all the time. I didn't rate the flavor since I haven't tasted it myself.

👤Mydane is extremely picky, I'd like to start by saying that. People who own a great dane know how sensitive their stomachs are. She had the "runs" for the first 2 years of her life, until we found a dog food that she liked. The pack I bought has 50 bones. Whenever we ask her if she wants a bone, she gets super excited. I would recommend these to all dog owners. Your dog will like them if my dane likes them. They didn't cause her to get sick. Which is very rare. Major plus.

👤These chews are great. I have been buying rawhide rolls from this company for a while now and I am very pleased. My dogs are happy. It is FDA and USDA approved, though it is not an American product. These went quickly because I have two golden dogs who are chewing. The next size up is perfect for my dogs. I have tried three different sizes of this brand and the only problem was a Goldilocks situation. We use the middle size because this was too small and the largest was too big. I would recommend these to anyone who gives their dog rawhide rolls.

👤The delivery date is =4 days. There was no reason given. They just hold back the "your order just shipped!" 2 days and pay for shipping. Emails are cheaper than paying priority. 2 stars for a delay. There are 6 inches. It's 6 inches x 1/3. There is a point for not going low side. South America. mine came from a country called Bolivia That is in South America. My 3 Boxers all approved. They tasted all 3 of them. They switched for a while and decided which was the best for them. Curly walked into the kitchen the next morning and found a Boxer in his mouth. They stay for about an hour and then go back to it.

2. DreamBone Spirals No Rawhide 18 Count DBS 00345

DreamBone Spirals No Rawhide 18 Count DBS 00345

There is a healthy alternative to heroin. DreamBone chews are rawhide free. DreamBone Spirals support your pup's coat and skin. VITAMIN & MINERAL IS COMING. The dog chews are enriched with vitamins and minerals. There are components that are included in the spiral treats.

Brand: Dreambone

👤I usually don't leave bad reviews on Amazon, but since giving our small toy poodle these bones last week, I feel compelled to write a review as we are forced to go to the vet tonight, as our dog has been sick since we fed her these bones last week. It was surprising to see such a bad reaction to our orders from DreamBones. We started giving the spiral bones to our dog last week because she is a perfectly healthy dog. She got really sick after we gave her a bone. I didn't think about it. I gave her a bone on the second day, and she threw it up the next day. I knew the bone was to blame, as pieces of the bone spirals were mixed in with her bile. She has had a bad case of scurvy since last Wednesday. I don't recommend buying these because they are not easy to digest for your dog and are filled with ingredients that can make your dog sick.

👤This is a review of a product. These are a soft chew. This would not be an acceptable solution if you were looking for longevity. Each bag contains approximately 18 spiral chews. If you are looking for a positive reward in training, these are a wonderful treat. He loves his Cavalier. He went to the corner to get more of the same after sniffing around the kitchen and finding a bag in a ground floor cupboard. The bag is sturdy and the crinkling gave him away. I think these would be good for a small to medium dog or cat with a diversified cuisine. Within 3 minutes, one treat is consumed. I can see this being consumed in less than a minute with a larger animal. We will put this item on Subscribe and Save because I can't see one bag lasting more than 2 1/2 weeks.

👤After only eating 2, my puppy got soft poop. I was not sure if they were the dream bones, but by the next morning it was liquid poop. All the reviews said the damage they did to peoples dogs stomachs was caused by dream bones. I dumped them in the garbage. I had to get medicine from the vet to calm her stomach after a few days because it was still messed up. She is getting her stomach back to normal. I wouldn't recommend these to people that care about their dog.

👤My dogs love Dreambone products. They were flaky and didn't smell right. The product was not good because it was from China. I am not giving it to them. I would let my dogs have it if I could find it in Vietnam.

👤My dogs like this treat, it comes in a variety of flavors. My dogs are picky eaters and they like the spirals. I can't buy them often because they are expensive. If you want to give your dog a half rather than the whole spiral, you can get eighteen in a pack for $11.00 dollars. They don't last very long.

3. Smartsticks Rawhide Chicken Vegetables Peanut

Smartsticks Rawhide Chicken Vegetables Peanut

The dog chews are made with wholesome ingredients. A real peanut butter is made with a vegetable and peanut butter outside. It is easy to digest and delicious. Helping maintain healthy toenails. SmartBones chews have all the benefits of a rawhide chew without the rawhide. Dogs love the stick-shaped chews. It's made in Vietnam with real peanut butter and chicken. Enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Brand: Smartbones

👤I assumed these would work for my Miniature Pinscher since there was no weight limit on the package. I bought 3 packs of rawhide free because they were advertised as easy to digest and because of the great reviews. I gave one to each of my pups and the next morning I noticed that my MinPin was not pooping. I gave him some natural laxatives and Miralax, but they didn't help. The small amount of blood that came out of the stool was something I noticed on Sunday. I took him to the vet on Monday. $200 later. I had a lecture from the vet about buying treats off Amazon that aren't made in the US. This could have been a huge mistake. I will be more careful in the future. Shame on me for choosing a cheap alternative. I'll be buying an animal. No-Hide rawhide free chews will be available from now on. I've never had a problem with them, they're made in the US and sold by my local natural pet food store. I could have bought a lot of them for less than $200. I threw away the 3 packages of SmartSticks that I received from Amazon.

👤I was excited to get these because it said they were easy to digest. When my dog tried to get through his system, he started crying and pooping out shards of bones. I wouldn't recommend these. He was able to pass them without surgery.

👤Do not buy them. Sorbitol is one of the first ingredients. There are side effects of sorbitol. My dogs stopped eating and screamed in pain when their abdomen was touched. Adding these sticks to their diet was the only change. We were lucky to stop and return before they got sicker, because I saw that sorbitol was an ingredient in these. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤These are less than an inch in diameter. Where did the 10 x 7 x 3.5 inches product dimensions come from? They are overpriced for the size. You are better off with pork chews. I like to try new snacks for my dogs because they love them. I am more annoyed by the grossly false advertisement than anything else.

👤These dog treats are made in Vietnam. My preference would be to have them made in the U.S.A., but at least these aren't made in China. My experience has been that products made in Vietnam are usually made better and are of higher quality than those made in mainland China. The product quality out of Vietnam is usually better than those made in mainland China, even if the product is mechanical. There are exceptions to every rule. I wouldn't have bought them if they were made in China. I thought I would give these products a personal look. My review is done. Treat experts, my k9 kids are absolutely right. My K9 kids have achieved a level of expertise that Rodger Ebert hopes to aspire to. My kids aren't really good at reviewing movies. We will leave each reviewer with their own category of expertise. The package smells like peanut butter when you open it. You know how peanut butters smell? These treats don't have that smell. It's possible that you would bite into one of these treats if you weren't paying attention to what they were doing. I took a small bite to try it and it was intentional, because they smell so good. How am I supposed to relate issues about flavor, longevity and such without having a personal taste experience? My experience with dogs treats is limited. I don't want to try a lot of dog treats. I don't have the depth and breadth of personal comparative experience on this subject. The authorities pictured above are the ones I will defer to. I give the Smart Sticks credit because I have tasted less appealing things which were intended for human consumption. I would leave them to K9 consumption. They smell like peanut butter. My K9 kids like the taste of them. My comments are not relevant in making a purchase decision for your dog. There are some things that are specific to the dogs. Some are more appealing to me. I will focus on your dog's opinion of the treats as it's more important than yours and mine when it comes to the dog treat taste category. My K9 kids are very picky, which comes after years of being spoiled and getting just about anything they have ever wanted and usually, many of the items they prefer. They will often smell a new treat from end to end, give it a cursory lick for a tiny taste, and then they appear to be more careful about the item. This is usually a well placed and executed ruse. They don't like it if they don't like it. Rarely is a dog hungry for the control mechanism. They always seem to find room for more of the things they like. Sometimes, they will just take the treat and drop it on the carpet and then eat it, hoping that their options will increase and other preferred treats will present themselves in the meantime. There is a high level of suspicion associated with this action. If the item I gave my K9 kids has a "gooey" or "sticky" side, that is the side which will land face down on the flooring material, which is 99% of the time. Anyone who has given their dog something that it wasn't really sold on, will know what I am talking about. They will consume it if it is sticky side down. They would almost certainly walk away from the item if it landed on its side. The dog treat rule is related to probability. You can bet on it. The treats were taken from me and immediately consumed. This tells me a lot. They liked them first. They liked them so much that they behaved properly, but in reality, fewer. The general concept of corrective punishment is that. If you act like a brat, you will be rewarded, and if you are a K9, you will still be rewarded. It's hard to remain unhappy with your K9 kids when they forget their manners. They didn't want to risk losing the treat to their sister so they didn't want to wait to get other treats. That is both logical and rational. I would like to see more human adults form logical behavior responses to matters that affect them. Maybe I should put peanut butter on the people. These treats seem to meet all of the objectives of my K9 kids. I had hoped they would draft their own review, but they are staring me down with intense focus and intent on getting another of these treats. How do I know? They refused to take any of the other treats I gave them. They didn't take the other treats because they wanted their preferred choice to be offered again. They refused to take the other treats and then grabbed the new peanut butter chews when they were presented, which appears to be a smart decision. Two people are very eager to try more chews from SmartSticks. Four paws up and a full tail wag with a bark. That's the highest rating a dog treat can achieve. I should add these to my monthly auto order as it looks like I will be getting a lot of peanut butter smart sticks delivered for my K9 kids. I hope that they are made in the best interest of the dog and that they are made to the standards that I would expect of a product made for consumption by domestic dogs.

4. LuvChew Premium Ingredients Delicious Digestible

LuvChew Premium Ingredients Delicious Digestible

The rawhide free dog chew bones have less than 11 wholesome ingredients. It is packed with real chicken and vegetables. Chicken dog chews are hand made. Low in fat. This chicken dog bones are safe and easy to Digest. There is no hazard. The dog chews can be broken into smaller pieces. It is easy to digest. No wheat, antibiotics, chemicals, growth hormones, or steroids are allowed. A healthier alternative to rawhide dog chews. The dog chews to clean its teeth. It helps with plaque control. Dog bones can help with dental health. The U.S. Patented Products, Innovative and Unique formula cannot be copied.

Brand: Luvchew

👤My dog had trouble eating these, but they looked like a good treat. He was able to take off large chunks of the treat after he started working on it, because it was soft and soft. He tried to swallow too much at once. After having one of these treats, he passed a little gas and looked a little bloated, and then had some vomit later in the day. He passed the rest of the treat the next day and his stool was white like the bone, and before that it was healthy and regular. We only change one thing in his diet at a time to keep an eye on how he does with each food, and this is the only one he has had trouble with so far. His bicyle is strong and has had many different items without any problems until this one. Get something better if you miss this.

👤I have two dogs, a chihuahua and a bulldog. They both eat these. They smell great. I've been looking for a dog chew with limited ingredients. The other products on the market right now have too many ingredients that are not good for you. My dogs love the clean and wholesome ingredients in this product. Highly recommend it!

👤I would like you to not buy this product. It smelled terrible. I was assuming it was all natural and my dog went in 5 minutes. He was acting funny for a period of time. Gas constantly, ears tucked back, overly needy, and also constipated. I gave him this treat on Wednesday and he vomited up the pieces of bone on Thursday. I broke the pieces in half, and they sounded like Rube Goldberg. I took a picture of the vomit after I cleaned it up. Don't buy these for your animal. The whole pack is thrown away. Money was wasted.

👤Also bought because of good reviews. They made my puppy sick. She had poop that looked like garlic cloves. They gave her a bad case of scurvy. These are made in Thailand. I am not sure if the quality is better there than in China.

👤My Westie ate the chew enthusiastically and then acted like her tummy was upset. She spent the evening "bunched up" in the middle and asked to go out often. It took 10 hours for her to bring the whole thing back up, and it was like a pile of wood chips. I don't know what this product is made from, but I wouldn't recommend it to a dog owner. The base material of the chew isn't safe, even though the flavor is good, and she wouldn't have eaten it. Half a dozen chews cost $17, which is quite pricey. Hope this helps someone else.

👤We have been looking for a rawhide type treat for our Yorkie for a long time. It's all natural and safe. We are very happy with the product.

👤My dog is free of rawhide and it gives me peace of mind. Kira can finish one bone in 6 minutes. The sound she makes is very soothing.

5. Canine Naturals Natural Peanut Butter

Canine Naturals Natural Peanut Butter

peanut butter chew sticks are free of rawhide and are safe for your dog. Reward your pet with chews that are easy to digest. lab tests show that chews made from rawhide are more efficient than chews made from other materials. They only use real peanut butter to coat their chews to make them taste better. Their all-natural recipe is safe for your furry friend. All natural chews are made with care and integrity and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy. Their chews won't stain furniture or carpets. The long- lasting chew helps clean your dog's teeth while satisfying their natural chewing instinct. The 5" chew sticks are a great daily reward for larger dogs and make a great chew for dogs up to 20 lbs.

Brand: Canine Naturals

👤Our dogs love them. They are basically inhaling them. They are not for chewers. The dogs eat them as a snack. A puppy with Jack Russell and Pomchi. I bought a Jack Russell for our family to not feel left out when the other two get bully sticks, but she was done in 3 minutes.

👤My dog has been sick for two days after eating peanut butter chews. Not able to eat. Vomiting and vomiting can happen. I wouldn't recommend them. There is something bad in these chews. My vet said they are bad. If I could help one dog owner.

👤I had been giving him and his sister 10 to a pack sticks, but I wanted something bigger. I'm not sure, but he liked it but polished it off quickly.

👤I wish they came in a smaller size, I have to take out a few and see them in 1/2... Two of my fur kids love them, but the other two will take them if nothing else is offered. The rawhide free and peanut butter combo is one of my favorites.

👤I was looking for chews that would last for a long time. They loved the sticks, but they only lasted a short time. I've thrown the remaining sticks away because it gave them very loose stools. It's a pity.

👤We have two dogs. They like chew sticks and peanut butter. The size of these is too thick and long for a chew stick and if cut in half it is less of a treat. If they come out with a thinner one, I will reconsider buying again.

👤My dog loves the sticks. If I pull one of these out, he will do anything. It is a treat that is devoured quickly and will be bought again soon.

👤I would not buy this bag again because it is very small and the ingredients are great. That is a reason not to be expensive. The dogs really liked it.

6. SmartBones Chicken Chews Calming Sticks

SmartBones Chicken Chews Calming Sticks

High quality and wholesome ingredients. The age range is for adults. It was made in Vietnam. Real Chicken and Vegetables are in this product. Enriched with vitamins and minerals. Maintaining healthy teeth can be done with chewing.

Brand: Smartbones

👤The dog got very sick after he ate the chew. I don't know if it was something in the ingredients or if he was able to chew off a big chunk and swallow it. They state that these are unlike rawhide. Big chunks can be swallowed. I took my dog to the vet after he vomited and had a bad night. $700 dollars later, he is doing fine. An X-ray showed that it wasn't lodged in his colon. Do not purchase this product if your dog is a big chewer.

👤My advice: do not buy these, mine arrived today and I immediately gave my dog one, looked at the back of the bag...made in Vietnam... I don't buy anything from overseas. I think Amazon should put a photo on every item they sell, they are going to the trash. I pulled it out of his mouth and teeth because it was a soft mess after the dog chewed them. What is the blue stuff made of? Is it extreme? I was home when this happened, so please, if you do buy them, make sure your pet is well cared for while you wash it. Within a half hour my fur baby was throwing up some type of mucous and had loose bowels. I am grateful for Amazon, but please take this review seriously, I am not one to leave negative reviews.

👤I am not sure how this product has five stars. All of them are bad when you read them. I just looked at the stars and thought it was fine. I lost my mind when one of my dogs was panting very hard and drooling out of his mouth almost like he was about to faint. I am throwing them in the trash.

👤I decided to try to see if the lavender would help my dog's separation anxiety. These are my dog's favorite things. They calm her down and put her in a state of mind where she just stares at the wall and has a goofy grin on her face. She really does smile. Until the effects wear off, her separation anxiety is gone. She is now addicted to Dreamstick and we have to seal the bag tight and hide it high so she can't get it. We accidentally left a bag of these on a coffee table. We couldn't find them or the dog. We found an empty Dreamstick bag, surrounded by small fragments of chewsticks, after a search of the house. The dog was two feet away and looked happy, although a little embarrassed. She can crunch through these pretty quickly, so they're more like ganga crunchsticks than chewsticks. Magic grass and crunch. Dreamstick I guess.

👤My dogs love them. I think they can help with storms. It depends on how upset your dog is. I have a dog that can finish a dog in about two minutes. My dogs take about 5 minutes. He loves the Havernese the most as he has trouble chewing hard things. It takes about 15-20 minutes. The other dogs won't steal his if he drops while chewing. I was surprised that the dogs love the smell of the product. When you think of what it is, it doesn't sound like they would. They would love to have them every day. I am glad I was able to find them on sale because my rescues need them. Even if the dogs are not afraid of storms, one can start a chain reaction of barking if they don't have some type of calming product. Many calming products have the same ingredients. The smell of the chews makes the two dogs that I have dislike them. I have to add something to get them to take those types of products. I don't have to do anything to get the dogs to eat these.

7. Pet Factory Beefhide Digestive Rawhides

Pet Factory Beefhide Digestive Rawhides

EXCLUSIVE dog care The Pet Factory Beefhide is made in the USA. Dog chews on Beefhide chip rolls. These chews are gentle for sensitive stomachs. The beefhide rolls are very small and safe to chew on. This treat is great for dog's oral and behavioral health. The Beefhide chip rolls from the Pet Factory are good for dogs and good for you. These chews will keep your dog busy. They are made from natural material. They are the best chews for pets. Natural Flavored Beefhide Chip Rolls are made of natural ingredients. The Beefhide is a quality product and follows a strict food quality standard. Natural flavor is provided by beefhide chews. The beefhide chews have thicker fibers that result in longer lasting chews. The Beefhide Rolls are free of artificial ingredients and chemicals. MAINTAINS dogs' health is a safe, natural and certified product that helps your dog in improving dental health through brushing and flossing. The purpose of satisfying dog's chewing urge is met by Beefhide chip Rolls. The dog can chew for many hours with the help of Your Pie of Mind. These rolls are great for keeping your dog busy. The Beefhide Rolls are safe to be used indoors and outdoors.

Brand: Pet Factory

👤Disappointed at how small they are. dachshunds are small dogs and they chew on bones for a long time. These are too small. The ones I buy at Target are twice the size. These lasted less than an hour. Large breed dogs are shown in advertising as large bones. No, no. Don't buyung them again.

👤My dogs like this product. It was just passing the word.

👤These are too small for a large breed. I thought it would be the same as the ones I usually get at the store. I should have looked at the length in the description. My dog is not happy with them.

👤The lab is a year old. I don't like what I give him. As puppies, labs need something to chew on. I have a few dental chews that are great, but he needs something like a rawhide to keep him occupied. I wanted chews that were made in the US. These fit the bill. We went to visit relatives several weeks ago. They shared their rawhides with our lab. He vomited after chewing on the bark box chews. There was never a problem with the factory chews.

👤I don't like to feed the dogs rawhide. I feel better giving them rawhides. Not big and bulky, but large enough for our dogs to get their teeth cleaned.

👤I was told by my vet that rawhides are great for dogs. He said to avoid products from China. He said rawhide from the US and Mexico were safe. There is a I spent a long time looking for a company that I could trust. I have been buying rawhides from Pet Factory for over a decade. I think that Pet Factory uses Mexico rawhide and then makes products in the US, or they have other products that are US rawhide. My vet said that both are fine. Product quality and safety have never been an issue for me. I've had dogs that have loved them. No one has had a problem with them. My dog, a chocolate lab mix, had a thing where he'd basically inhale everything. He would choke a bit and start over. I would try to save him, but he was fine on his own. We never give rawhides to our babies without supervision. He was a special case, in that he would do that with just about every meal or treat. He lived a long life and was never in danger with these rawhides.

👤I bought these because I wanted to give my senior dog and my puppy something that they would enjoy. These have been great for my dogs. My dogs can get through these in a day or two, but when they chew them, they are kept occupied and entertained for hours. I highly recommend these for any pet parent, they have been vital for me during the past few months.

👤The dog could chew on bones all day long. These keep her busy and are not messy.

👤Me gusto porque los perritos se mantienen.

8. Dreamsticks Vegetable Chicken Rawhide 15 Count

Dreamsticks Vegetable Chicken Rawhide 15 Count

DreamBone chews have all the benefits of a rawhide chew. Real chicken is made with real chicken and vegetables that dogs love. Enriched with vitamins and minerals. These chews are a good alternative to rawhide. Helping maintain healthy toenails. Consuming chewing aids in the promotion of healthy teeth and gums. Dogs love the fun-shaped chews. Real Chicken and Vegetables are made in Vietnam.

Brand: Dreambone

👤These chews are very small. The picture is larger than the one shown. It's perfect for small dogs. It will be gone within five minutes. I see people complaining about the ingredients after they buy them. The ingredients are listed in the description and in the pictures. If you cared so much about your dog, you would have read the description. These treats are not good for you. Corn and other bad ingredients are in them. They have artificial colors in them. They are very red. You think that is normal? Gah. Give me a break. There is a Dogs love them. At the end of the day, that is all that matters. They should not be given these treats constantly. Feed them high quality food. Shut up.

👤Don't give your dog these. I gave my dog a toy. He was violently ill and dehydrated. $400 was spent on emergency vet bills. If you search for the maker of Pet Matrix Dream Bones, you will find false advertising claims. They have had lawsuits against them. I reported this to Amazon and they only had to report it to the manufacturer. There are five in a package, but this only came with four. An emergency vet trip was necessary after my dog ate one and got so sick.

👤There is a huge difference in the quality of the product. The 15 stick bag is what we're used to getting, then the last 10 bags of 5 stick bags is of such poor quality that my picky eater won't touch them. The chihuahuas love them so much that I started giving them the 5 stick package. I put it in the bottom of my jar because I was so disappointed in the last batches. The chicken part is very hard. What happened to the add on supply? The wrap color is thinner. I love them because they are healthy for my little crew. I will be writing again today to add more substandard product photos. Deformed, discolored, and extremely waxy. I have subscribed to the 5 pack. My dog doesn't like to eat them. I am disappointed again. What is happening with quality control?

👤These are not good for dogs. They don't DIGEST properly. These have cost my family a lot of money in vet bills due to the many illnesses my dogs have. I can go on, but I hope you understand the point - don't buy these, and if you did, throw them out. They need to be pulled from all the store shelves. There are better treats for our fur babies. It's not supposed to be the case that treats are given to dogs all the time. That's what dog food is for. Please let other people know that the entire brand of Dream products are making our dogs sick and in some cases killing them. They are not fireproof. They can cause serious OBSTRUCTION and death.

👤There are two small terrier mixes in my possession. These are the treats I gave them. My little girl loved them so much that she went to work on them. My little boy was a little reluctant but he went for it. He shouldn't have. It made him throw up. I thought he might have had an upset stomach, so I tried again a few days later. My girl liked it and did well. My boy had a lot of vomit all over the carpet. I will not be giving either of them any more. Although my wife thought they were wonderful, I didn't want to risk it. I don't think I'd recommend them to friends at 50% success.

9. Purina Busy Bone Tiny Treats

Purina Busy Bone Tiny Treats

The dog bones are made in the USA Facilities. The center is made with real meat.

Brand: Purina Busy

👤"ReMOVE" This product is amazing. This product has killed my dog. She is sick. She can not keep any water down. I am going to take her to the vet this morning because she is so sick. Her gas was bad as well. Don't buy them! It is like poison to your baby. I gave her a bone after she had a firm bowel movement. She was deathly ill after eating the bone when we got up. We are on day 3 of no food or water and we have over $500 in vet bills. My dog is still very sick, even though she vomited the treat and it turned into a gel substance in her gut. She isn't keeping any water down. Please spare your children. I was mad that I didn't research better and pass on these.

👤I don't know how to rate a product. This packaging is not found on Purina. A totally different dog is used on all packaging. I've been buying this product for a long time and it's not the same. The bones are usually lighter in appearance. The bones look a bit darker. My dog likes busy bones, but won't give them a second smell. I will be contacting them.

👤After reading the ingredients, I threw them in the garbage. They have a lot of things that are bad for dogs. A lot of the food and treats from Purina are loaded with bad ingredients. I won't buy it anymore.

👤This is a good treat for dogs. I did not order these or if I did, it was a mistake. I don't have to return these, thanks to the kindness of Amazon. My dog is only 8 lbs. One year old. She loves them but has a hard time chewing them. I will give them to my daughter's dog who is larger and older. I will use the credit given me to purchase a different treat. There is nothing comparable to AMAZON's treatment of customers. I always check AMAZON before buying anything. How can you beat their Service, fast delivery, pleasant credits and pleasant returns, and most of all prices are excellent? Amazon, you are amazing.

👤When my college closed, I stopped my monthly subscription to this item. I was working from home, my state was in lock down and many businesses were closed. When I leave to go to work, I give my two dachshunds one bone each. I was not giving them these bones very often because I was not going anywhere except the grocery store for a few weeks. I realized I was down to my last three bones a week ago when I returned to the campus. I panicked and ordered four bags, but they all arrived on the same day, which was too late for the last week of work. Each morning, I am escorted to the back door by my Doxies, who will block the door with their little long bodies until they are given a bone. They love the bones. These bones allow me to leave the house whenever I want. I had to substitute Milkbones when I left in the morning because the Busy Bone Tiny Chews did not go over well. I was out of the door when the Dachshunds looked down at the Milkbones, then back down and I imagined back in my direction. I was pained to see their faces. They are blocking doors until they receive their Busy Bones, then they go to the Living Room to eat their bones. I am able to leave without feeling guilty.

10. Hartz Oinkies Tender Natural Chicken

Hartz Oinkies Tender Natural Chicken

It's perfect for senior and small dogs, and it has the Irresistible flavor of chicken that your dog will love. 18 tender chews are wrapped with real chicken breast meat. There is no rawhide in this. The texture is great for senior dogs with sensitive teeth. You can check out all of their varieties.

Brand: Hartz

👤My dog vomited after eating these. She only had one new item on her diet. She threw them away.

👤I subscribe to receive the twist for my 4 indoor dogs. Gave them one twist to each dog, and the next day, all 4 of them had a big appetite and vomited. No new food was introduced. The food and water are the same except for this twist. All the dogs got sick.

👤The product got 4.5 stars and should not be able to be sold. My pit has been sick with symptoms that look like food poisoning for the last 24 hours, she hasn't eaten anything and hasn't moved much. I didn't think about the snacks until I saw that she was throwing up. I didn't read reviews because I thought the 4.5 stars said it all. I know my baby isn't doing well and I'm going to the vet.

👤My dog will not eat dental bones that are high quality. I have spent a lot of money on high quality brands, but she wants the Dental Stix that are full of not so healthy ingredients. I think it's a kid's version of candy. The local pound has been very happy with the donations of dental bones they have received from me. She needs something to keep her teeth clean, but I don't want to feed her chewing materials. I brush her teeth because her teeth were in a bad shape when I adopted her. My solution was to give her one of these. Occasionally she will eat part of the stick, but she only eats the chicken jerky off. I'm not particularly fond of Thailand where they are made, but this was the best compromise I could come up with for her. There was no rawhide. She gets some chewing satisfaction from eating off the jerky part of the stick, even though it contains undesirable ingredients. I can't find this size at Walmart. Thank goodness for Amazon!

👤I should have read more about the reviews. Shame on me for trusting the 4.5 stars. My dog had a bad reaction to the first try. I thought it was something else that caused it, but the next two tries proved it was this snack that made my dog sick. I missed the return period. Do your dog a favor and skip this product.

👤I have a 6lb chihuahua that only has a couple of teeth left, so it has gotten harder for me to find a treat that he can chew on, even though it's too hard or rubbery for him. I've wasted a lot of money trying products that other people think are soft. Some reviewers have mentioned that my dog only eats the outer twisted portion, which he seems to enjoy. It's a waste of money to throw out the major part of the chew. I will not be buying this product again. If you have a dog with all their teeth that can chew through anything, then these could be a good treat for you.

11. Jungle Calling Snacks Peanut Cranberry Sandwich

Jungle Calling Snacks Peanut Cranberry Sandwich

The dog chew bones are made with more than 5 ingredients. Peanut bones butter in cranberry is a great source of nutrition. Your furry friends could benefit from the help with their teeth and bones. Their peanut butter bones can help reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Dog bones can help with dental health. The dog chews bones have a design that is suitable for grasping and biting. Their chews are easy to digest. An alternative to rawhide dog bones. The cranberry flavor of their treats will get your dog's tail wagging. Take your dog for a walk, hiking or travel and have fun.

Brand: Jungle Calling

👤China sells unsafe pet foods and medicines. I would not have ordered it if I had known where it was made. This company will not allow a return. That's a lot about this junk.

👤I'm responsible for the fact that I can't return them. I don't buy treats from Amazon. I'm used to retailers standing behind their products so I clicked before doing proper research. My dog won't lick them. He is a bit of a picky eater but he always tries something before he knows he doesn't like it. I expanded to Amazon for different brands because he gets bored with the same flavors easily. He doesn't like peanut butter treats and won't be able to get them at these. I took the first one out of the package and he walked away. Dogs are aware. There has to be something in it. They are 27% Cornstarch, I read the label closer. How did I miss this? This might be it, because he is rarely, if ever, given afiller. It's hard to know but the ingredient list is vague. They have a great product posting. They are made in China. I would avoid all costs. The NO RETURN policy is the icing on the cake. I almost forgot... I noticed a sticker on the front of the package and wondered what was underneath. I mostly peeled it off. The sticker says no rawhide, healthy teeth, and fiber. The original packaging has a message on it. At some point, they either got caught with grain in them or they switched to cheap fillers and just covered it up with a sticker. They are trying to save more money by not printing the packaging again. Guys, business is shady. Don't think twice, avoid, and choose something better.

👤We have a GS. They last about 4 minutes for her.

👤I have a grown adult husky, a chihuahua, a medium mixed lab and a dog. I thought they would only be adequate for my medium and bigger dogs, but they were soft, easy to chew, and good for all three of them. I was pleading. My dog chewed his bone without any issues. The appeared happy after. That made this mom happy.

👤The chews were advertised as an alternative to rawhide, but they didn't last long, having the consistency of a fruit roll up, just thicker. My dog got sick after eating one. I looked at the back of the package and saw that they were made in China. I will not be buying these again.

👤This was my first purchase for my two fur babies, and I am very happy that they love them. They took them after they took a few seconds to smell. They chewed on them for a long time before they left. I will be buying these again. My babies love a non-rawhide alternative.

👤I ordered these from a deal and after they arrived, I realized they were made in China. The first two ingredients make up the majority of the ingredients. This is garbage. I didn't see a return policy, so they went straight into the trash. I wouldn't feed my pets this mess. Shame on Amazon for promoting a poor quality product.


What is the best product for dog bones rawhide free?

Dog bones rawhide free products from Cowdog Chews. In this article about dog bones rawhide free you can see why people choose the product. Dreambone and Smartbones are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog bones rawhide free.

What are the best brands for dog bones rawhide free?

Cowdog Chews, Dreambone and Smartbones are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog bones rawhide free. Find the detail in this article. Luvchew, Canine Naturals and Smartbones are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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