Best Dog Bones for Medium Dogs

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1. Purina Busy Bone Chewbone Treats

Purina Busy Bone Chewbone Treats

The 10-count pouch is made in the USA. The center is made with real meat. 100 percent rawhide free.

Brand: Purina Busy

👤Don't buy these bones. They are dangerous synthetic product that the dog loves and just like 90% of reviews your dog will do just fine until they don't. My dog is very sick and his airway is partially blocked because of his partially blocked esophagus. It is very scary to clear and have to hold him upright. I am glad my dog is alive. I feel bad for giving him these bones. These bones can cause obstruction. They need to go because they are dangerous and they need to make a buck. The company is not going to protect your dog if you give them treats.

👤The three dogs became unwell for three days. I've heard of negative reactions to this product from other dog owners. The product was not easy to digest and blocked the gastrointestinal tract of three dogs. The three dogs passed the product in the form of a stool. The package had six bones. I gave each one of them a bone. After viewing all three dogs' reactions to the product, I threw out the rest of the bones. This product should be removed from all shelves before another dog is hurt.

👤I should have looked into the problems that pets are having with eating Busy Bones. A day after chewing up one of these bones, my male Boston Terrier started acting strange. I found him staring into space on Sunday. He loves cheese and milk before he goes to sleep. He won't touch anything. He has been my friend for over a decade. He has never done that. I will take him to our local vet tomorrow. Some pet food companies put poison on the market, when will someone stop them?

👤We have two dogs. The beagle has had no problems with these things. They have made our Shiba sick twice. She stole the beagle's twice, the first time we gave her one. She vomited five times after eating the second today. She is laying on a chair. We're going to the vet if she doesn't pass this product out of her system and she doesn't feel better tomorrow.

👤I don't know what the issue is, but these made my puppy very sick. I took her to the vet because she was sick. I have had dogs since I was 8 years old. My dog had some serious stomach trauma from this one. The brand may not be pure purine. Overall unhappy and angry.

👤I gave my dog the worst snot in a long time. After a couple hundred dollars at the vet, this was the culprit for severe, uncontrollable diarrhea and gut pain. Don't buy.

👤My dog likes them. She thinks they're a little firm at first, but then they start to relax as she chews them. She complains about the bad breath after eating, even though they might clean her teeth. She limits herself to one bone per week because she feels bad about the price. She had to have the medium as she tried the small ones and they went down like shots of tequila. My dog doesn't like shots of alcohol. She knows when she'll get them and feels entitled. She doesn't get one so she Pouts. She reminds us to always have a supply on hand.

2. Cadet Peanut Butter Stuffed Sterilized

Cadet Peanut Butter Stuffed Sterilized

Strong bone for dogs. Promotes dog dental health through mechanical chewing. Spreadable treats can be refill with for more enjoyment. The shin bone is stuffed with peanut butter. Large dog bone keeps them busy. Promotes good dental health. Dogs love treats.

Brand: Cadet

👤My dogs could smell the bones inside the box. I didn't know what had arrived. I put the box on the floor so we could open it later, but the girls were standing around sniffing it with their tails wagging. I opened the box to distribute them. If you don't remember to pick them up and step on them in the middle of the night, you're going to want to die. After your dogs stop chewing, put them away. You can say thank you later.

👤My dogs love them and they arrived on time. I was looking for a dog that could chew through a tire and not crack bones. I don't think it's right that Amazon asks about the flavor and scent of the bones. I didn't feel the need to smell the peanut butter or lick it to know if it was fresh. They are for dogs.

👤We have a yellow dog named Marley who loves to be outside. We live in a city with unpredictable weather. You name it. These Cadet Bones have been a lifesaver for our dog. They keep her entertained for a longgg time and it's been months since we cracked open the first bone and she still has some filling left in the middle. The dog that chews through Kong products is named Marley. The peanut butter flavor doesn't smell at all. It's a good thing.

👤The bones are old. The filling has turned into dust and rock because it is so old. There is a Compared to other brands, where the filling is similar to peanut butter, regardless of the flavor. I am sure this review applies more to the seller than the product. I think that if products were not out of date, they would be similar to other brands. I returned them. My advice is to spend the extra money on a different brand.

👤The Shinbone treats are some of the only things that my dogs love and don't destroy in less than five minutes. They last for days. I have an 80 pound Bully and a 50 pound cattle dog mix that are both very destructive and can see through anything we give her. These satisfy me. The price could be better. It's on the cheap side for Amazon, but the high end is more expensive than I could find at PetClub.

👤I ordered this bone because my dog likes the peanut butter ones at the pet store, but theirs are double the price. My dog is crazy for those bones. She sat there with it when I gave her this one. She started chewing on it after 30 minutes and it was coming apart. It takes her days to get the filling out. I don't think it smelled like peanut butter. I will probably throw it away and get her the other one. What a waste.

👤My chihuahua and pitbull pups can't get to the middle of the bone to reach all of the peanut butter because it doesn't look appetizing. The bone itself is strong and durable for me to fill my own peanut butter on the ends. I serve as treats when I freeze.

3. Purina Prime Bones 00038100185983 Facilities

Purina Prime Bones 00038100185983 Facilities

The pouch has a limited ingredient dog treat and wild venison. Dog chews on plastic and rawhide. The chew sticks are made with venison. Natural dog chews with added calcium. Dog chews help clean teeth and breath.

Brand: Purina Prime Bones

👤This happened to my dog, so the one star is only for that. The product is good. Don't buy these if your dog isn't a good chewer. I gave them to my golden retriever and he didn't chew it all the way and it got stuck in his gut and had to have surgery. I have a husky that doesn't have any issues with them. Be aware of your dog. The chunk came from my dog's bowels.

👤My dog is sick. She is puking all over the house. Sometimes with blood. Don't recommend.

👤The medium size bones are thick. I was hoping they would have lasted longer because my dogs love the flavor. My dogs chewed through a large Dentastick, but they lasted only a short time. If you give your dog a towel, they will get very sticky on the floor and paws. The dogs love them but not sure if I will order again because of the cost and how quickly they chewed them up.

👤This is the first review I have ever written, and I feel compelled to tell you about our experience with our 5 month old Lab mix puppy. The only change to her diet yesterday was this bone. After eating the bone, she had a bad reaction which is still going on 24 hours later. I feel terrible for buying this and giving her one. I threw the rest away. If you have a fur baby, consider another option.

👤I was hoping that my dog would be busy for a while. My dog ate the entire treat in 2 minutes. He went to the water dish. Disappointed and didn't feel safe.

👤My boyfriend gave these to my dog for my birthday. My dog is enamored with these. She hides them around the house and will finish them in one sitting. I give her one of these when my Bible study comes because she is a rescue and has some anxiety. She will keep it in her mouth if I greet her. She realized the people over were not scary and did not try to chew her food. I would stick to the limit on how many you should give your dog a week since my dog likes them all the time. It's a great tool to help her calm down.

👤We have a dog. He is a big chewer. We don't often give him bones. He loves rubber toys and they last longer. I got a pack of these for Christmas, because I decided to try something different. He chewed and finished one bone in about 30 minutes. For the size of the bone. I wish it had lasted longer. It was still a nice treat for our dog. I probably won't purchase often, but these were an overall win since my dog is happy and got a special treat on Christmas day!

👤I have been trying to find the right bone for my dog. She is a 47 pound boxer/Staffy/bloodhound/shar-pei mix who loves to chew on bones and has no issues with her tummy. She is a super chewer so finding the right one that will last longer than 1-2 minutes was difficult. This is the one I feed her and I am very picky about it. No rawhide, artificials orPreservative, no soy, wheat or corn, and limited ingredients. It keeps her busy for a long time. She loves them! The longer and bigger venison ones are the best, smell is not unpleasant and there is no mess. I recommend these special bones for a big doggo treat. If you have a crazy and hyper personality, you should try these.

4. Rachael Ray Nutrish Barley Treats

Rachael Ray Nutrish Barley Treats

There is a bag of soup bones dog treats. The chews have a tender, meat-like center. There is no meat by-products or artificial flavors. It's perfect for small, medium or large dogs. USA is cooked with the best ingredients.

Brand: Rachael Ray Nutrish

👤The dog loves the flavors of the treats. I slice it up. It provides multiple treats, you don't give too much at one time, and can be generous with the slices. Depending on the thickness of the cut, I get about 15 slices per bone. If you want bigger and thicker treats, you should get less. I cut a bone at a time. It still provides plenty of treats for your dog, even though it's cheaper to slicing it.

👤My dog was too soft and he stared at me like a demon. My dog wheezed like an old person after eating for 5 minutes. They both had to go outside after eating. I'm sure they liked the taste, but how would they know if they were breathing in fast? I'm all for my dogs having good tasting food with good ingredients, but for God sakes make them a bit harder so they last longer than three seconds. I could feel the evil stares of the dogs when I wouldn't give them another. I won't buy them again because the little brats didn't appreciate the money I spent on them. The dog food I buy is good quality. If these two are going to stare at me and try to make me feel guilty, then I need to make these a bit longer lasting. Life is hard without dogs.

👤The product was thrown up by our dogs a day later. The company is giving us a refund after we contacted them directly. I appreciated that they were very concerned. Some of the dogs threw up the undigested pieces.

👤My dogs love them and I thought they were healthy, but one of my sisters has been diagnosed with canine Diabetes and she cannot have them and I wont give them to her sister anymore. They are high in wheat type carbs which is against what a dog or human should be eating. She needs to do her homework. She uses some ingredients in her dog food, but it stops at the point where other ingredients are too high and dogs don't need sugar in their diet. They should be fine for younger and active dogs, but for older dogs they need to be used only once and a while.

👤The front panel of the product claims to have "US Farm Raised Beef" written on it, and that it is beef and barley flavor. The ingredient list has zero beef and no barley. One would think that there would be "truth in advertising" since the celebrity chef has her name on the product. They are supposed to last longer than what is unclear. My dog ate one in less than 5 minutes.

👤My dogs love bones. They are not long- lasting. Before purchasing, you should know that. My huskies devoured these things in about 2 minutes. My senior husky loves these bones because they are softer on his teeth. He sometimes misplaces the harder bones, but with these bones, he eats them easily. You can't beat the price. Love them.

5. Dog Rawhide Natural Protein Treats

Dog Rawhide Natural Protein Treats

We never resell their returns. Their dog bones go through a strict inspection and rejection process to make a product that you can feel good about giving to your dog. They have 3 sizes to choose from. Large dogs over 55 lbs. Medium and small dogs are between 16 and 55 lbs. Their dog rawhide bones are made from a single piece of rawhide. Are they poison bombs? Is it a good fit for your dog? The bones of rawhide are good for destructive chewers, aggressive chewers, teething puppies, and dogs that need long lasting reward treats. They are pet parents before everything. They will always understand your side. Shoot them an email if you or your pet are not completely happy.

Brand: Dog Treat Outlet

👤A good chew is what our Goldie likes. The rawhide chews are as advertised. Delivery is on time. We depend on these knot-style chews for good dental maintenance, and for ease of digestion. I would rate each package five stars, but these chews don't last very long. Our guy is allowed 20 minutes with a new chew every other day. It is a stretch if we get a third time. Other brands make for gum abrasions and compromised teeth, but these are not. Why do you want those problems? Our dog is monitored while he chews. He has a great time and anticipates his chew times with joy. The medium size is 65 lbs. A golden retriever is a good size for holding and mouthing.

👤I bought these because of the great reviews. My dog chewed on the bone for 30 minutes. When my dog has a rawhide, I make sure to keep an eye on her. She had a bunch of pieces from the bone that were hollow when I looked at how she was doing with the new bone. I have never seen a rawhide do this. I took pictures. I have to figure out how to put them on the internet.

👤A big Catahoula is eating everything he eats in minutes. The other brands of rawhide bones were made short work of and expensive to keep. Wembley's bones are tough enough to slow him down but not so tough that he can't chew them. These bones will last him for at least 3 days each, and they are very affordable. We tried them and were happy to find them.

👤It's amazing! I thought my dog wouldn't be able to get her jaw around it, so I almost went back. I gave her one because I was too lazy to deal with her. She was confused at first about how to approach it. I thought she would give up. I got back after going out for dinner. There is a stump that is two inches by two inches, but there are other things that are eight inches long and thick. She is in heaven. Has not stopped! I bought her a rawhide at pet mart last weekend and she walked away after sniffing it. Highly recommended.

👤Beau knows all about chewing. He loves that we subscribe to these bones. Beau is a chewing Basset Hound-American Pit mix that requires chew toys to maintain the integrity of my couch, pillows, table legs, door frames. These bones are a blessing. Beau only gets 1 bone per week because it lasts around a day. If we give him more than one of these bones a week, he will chew on them and cause his mouth to become red and irritated.

👤These can be a hazard to your dog. Like any other toy. I usually buy bones made of other materials, but this one was different. Very cheap. It lasted a bit longer than others but maybe because it has other things in it. That was the first thing I was worried about. My dog did not get sick from it. Hallow is unsuitable for chewing and came apart into small pieces. I found a few pieces around the house. My dog was thrown away after it ended up in a choke hold. I advise monitoring. The other two bones in the package will not be given to my dog. For safety reasons. I have never had concerns with other store bought brands. I will stick to those.

6. Nylabone Healthy Edibles Natural Treats

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Natural Treats

The chew treats are highly Digestible. Natural dog treats are good for the dog. Their dog chew treats are made in the United States. Dogs up to 35 pounds can get medium dog treats. Dogs love bison flavor dog treats. The treat dimensions are listed. The package is 4.5" long x 1.5" wide and 1.13" high out of it.

Brand: Nylabone

👤My 12 week old lab puppy is laying on my lap panting and feverish after I gave her a chew. I can't give her any after reading similar reviews. My usually energetic girl is now down for the count and I'm hoping the worst that will come of this is the negative reviews. I feel bad right now. I thought I was giving her something she would enjoy, but now I'm worried she might need surgery or even die from it. These should be taken off the market. I'm angry that I only looked at the rating and didn't read the actual reviews. I would never buy a product from this company. I want my money back so I can pay the vet bill. She got the diarreah less than 30 minutes after she ate one of these things. Take the reviews seriously. If you love your dog. They all say the same thing and they are not lying.

👤The bison flavor is up to 50 pounds. My 30 pound pit puppy was gone for 5 minutes and it made him sick and gave him bad diarrhea.

👤My dogs became violently ill after eating this bone. One dog had shakes for an hour after throwing up three times. The other threw up once. Both of them threw up at the same time at the same time.

👤Our dog likes these things. She won't stop until the entire chew is gone. This is a good deal. The 2 pack costs $5 and the 10 pack is $7. People have to understand what they are buying. It's not meant to be a permanent bone like the rubber bones. By long lasting, the company means that your dog won't inhale it like a hot dog. The bones and antlers meet there intended use by occupying your dog for a period of time so the get there "chewing drug fix". It will be a good amount of time before your dog starts chewing up your house after one of these. They work and dogs love them.

👤I don't know why I bought this again, the price is so good. It is a serious hazard for dogs of any size. This will not last an hour with my Yorkie. I don't recommend anyone with a beloved family member.

👤Don't give these to your animals. He threw up all over my house a few hours after giving it to him. He wouldn't eat for 3 days. I was afraid he had something terribly wrong with him. The bones do not digest well after 3 xrays, a barium test, and a $600 vet bill. There are pieces of the bone in his stomach that are not being eaten.

👤I have a male and a female poodle. My dogs are bone chewers. I opened the package and they ran after their bone and took it to their favorite spots. I smelled them before I handed them. The bones were gone when I threw the package away. They took about a minute to eat. I want the bone to last a while. I would give it a 5 star rating. I can't afford to buy treats that last less than a minute. Dogs would have given 5 stars.

7. Retriever Roll Extra Thick Chews

Retriever Roll Extra Thick Chews

These are handcrafted products of animal origin. There will be some changes from the measures, color and picture representation. Like any other natural product, rawhide has differences in color, thickness and density. All natural dental chews are made from free-range, pasture-raised cattle. These dog bones are made from dog bones and have a soft texture. There are no artificial colors orPreservatives. The new packaging image. Since they have stock with the old labeling, you may still receive their previous label image.

Brand: Cowdog Chews

👤Dogs love it. They don't mind this brand with no upset. One must be prepared to grab any potential choking size pieces if they watch them and be in the same room. I just throw in the trash and get a new one when they get small. Do not leave your dog alone with this. When they chew on raw hide, be very close. The next room was the location of most of the dog deaths. If you don't want them to chew on raw hide retriever rolls, don't let them. Before you leave for work, do not leave any remnants around. There are dangers to rawhide dog chews. Take the risks. I love my dogs.

👤None are thicker than 1 to 1 1/2. As you can see in the picture, the rest are thin. Will not order again. The product was from Bolivia.

👤These are cheap, paper thin and easy to unroll. Don't buy if you're warned. My dogs get choken when they swallow sheets like this. This is a very dangerous hazard.

👤I wanted the chews to be quality rawhides. Over the last 3 years, I have bought expensive rawhides from a online pet supply company. I was happy to see these rawhides for a reasonable price. You get what you pay for in the case of these chews. The price and fast shipping are pro. There is a I don't know how long they last because I took them away as soon as the sneezing started with the dogs. From the moment you open the bag. * They splinter and cause my guys to hack them up. * Two of my dogs have started sneezing a lot. One of the two is sneezing. Both are taking antibiotics. I have never had an issue like that before. The rawhides are the only new thing. I was hoping these would be a hit. They are definitely a miss.

👤These chews are great. We have used many different brands and these are the best. We have found that less expensive chews are more expensive because they only last for a short time and are often purchased multiple times. The Cowdog chews are 2 1/2 times longer than less expensive chews. These chews will be the first purchase for a long time.

👤I bought these because they were cheap. Our dog got violently sick after eating one of these. She had to take antibiotics for two weeks after the vet diagnosed her with a stomach bug. She only had rawhide bones in her diet. They have poor quality control standards and are not inspected by the USDA. If they inspect their products, we shouldn't have a bad batches. $200 in vet fees for a sick dog. Thank you Brazil. At the World Cup, you deserved your loss. The company is probably a Chinese subsidiary. This product gave my dog an infectious illness that was diagnosed by a vet. If you want to save money, don't buy these.

👤These are not as hard as some retriever rolls my dogs have tried, but they are in one piece, no small pieces falling out or choking our dogs, the only problem I have with these is that they seem to be bleached and are a little softer, other then that I will buy.

8. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural

There are dental treats for dogs. Blue Dental Bones are dental dog treats that help clean teeth, refresh breath and maintain healthy teeth and gums. They are high in calories and have a flavor that dogs go wild for. These dog treats don't contain chicken. They are free from corn, wheat and soy. They are free from artificial preservatives and colors like red dye. Feed these dental bone dog treats to dogs who are over 50 lbs. There are healthy dog treats. Blue Buffalo natural dog treats are made with wholesome ingredients that your dog will love eating. There is a bag of BLUE Dental Bones Natural Adult Dental Treat.

Brand: Blue Buffalo

👤The original ones helped my dog breathe and he was able to eat them despite the fact that they were not the same. I ordered new ones because I ran out. I only had these for a few days and he has thrown up every day after. I added photos of the new bag and ingredients.

👤We were looking for something more natural than the cheaper items. I called Buffalo Blue to make sure they knew what the ingredients were and where they were made. It has been a nightmare since our dog has eaten one of the bones. He has thrown up many times. After one day the throwing up stopped but still there is a lot of vomiting. He will be going to the vet if this doesn't stop by tomorrow. We would not recommend this product. Some people had the same experience after reading the reviews. Most were good. We decided to take a chance. The Mini Dachshund had a bad reaction to the product. There is an update to the above. We took our dog to the vet. He was diagnosed with a disease after eating this product. He was given antibiotics. It turned into a $195.00 vet bill from one small bone. The entire bag is thrown away.

👤My dog is not a fan of the new formula. He had relish for the old version, but he didn't have it anymore. This will be the last bag we buy. What a rip off. Corporate bean counters are in action again. There is only one reason to change a successful formula. Beware!

👤I buy these online for my dog and they are the same each time. They are a very red color and smell terrible. I don't know why these are different, but I won't be feeding them to my dog. It's pretty gross! There is a normal bone on the right and a weird one on the left.

👤I went looking for a new dental chew after they changed their recipe and didn't have the courtesy to tell their customers. Not a "new recipe" label on the bag. goodbye to Nylabone We tried different bones. The dogs hummed responses. These Blue Buffalo Bones were the last attempt. The dogs were acting crazy. Run to different areas of the house to eat the bone alone so the other doesn't get any of the "shrapnel" that might beak off before they do. It's funny to watch. They love these. We will be buying more Blue Buffalo Dental Bones. I ordered the bones from the same listing on Amazon and received a different product. The first review I did was about "Blue Bones", which are small and come in the blue package. The small Blue dental chews were in the yellow package. The dogs like the chews but are not crazy about them like the Blue Bones were. I have posted a picture of them. The larger of the two is the Blue Bone. There were 27 small Blue Bones in the 27oz package. There were 46 bones in the bag of the small dental chew. Which one will I order next? I think I will go for the Blue Bones.

9. 5 6 Retriever Roll Skinny Livestock

5 6 Retriever Roll Skinny Livestock

These are handcrafted products of animal origin. There will be some changes from the measures, color and picture representation. Like any other natural product, rawhide has differences in color, thickness and density. All natural, dental chews made from free-range, pasture-raised cattle from South America. Chewing keeps dogs' jaws strong, teeth clean, and breath a bit fresh. Tartar build-up on teeth can be reduced by dogs chewing on rawhides. There are no artificial colors orPreservatives. These are handcrafted products. There will be some changes from the measures, color and picture representation. Like any other natural product, rawhide has differences in color, thickness and density. The new packaging image. Since they have stock with the old labeling, you may still receive their previous label image.

Brand: Cowdog Chews

👤Bailey, my Border Collie, loves them. They are smaller and skinnier than I expected. They are advertised as being white, thick, round and large. The ones I received were not that. The bones are close to 6 inches long. 13/22 were less than an inch wide. It would be better for the seller to have said the dog chews are half an inch wide and uploaded an image of the actual product sold. They are not what I thought they were. My dog will fly through these boys. Two whole inches had already been chewed away when I took the picture at 4:57pm, as you can see in the images. I will not purchase through your company again if this matter is not resolved.

👤Twelve years ago, I gave one to each of my dogs. I have two dogs that are very good at chewing. Do you get rawhides from the dollar store? My dogs are gone in 5 minutes. But these? I don't know what makes these last so long, but my dogs have eaten two hours each time. My dogs chewed on them all the time. I didn't rate the flavor since I haven't tasted it myself.

👤Mydane is extremely picky, I'd like to start by saying that. People who own a great dane know how sensitive their stomachs are. She had the "runs" for the first 2 years of her life, until we found a dog food that she liked. The pack I bought has 50 bones. Whenever we ask her if she wants a bone, she gets super excited. I would recommend these to all dog owners. Your dog will like them if my dane likes them. They didn't cause her to get sick. Which is very rare. Major plus.

👤These chews are great. I have been buying rawhide rolls from this company for a while now and I am very pleased. My dogs are happy. It is FDA and USDA approved, though it is not an American product. These went quickly because I have two golden dogs who are chewing. The next size up is perfect for my dogs. I have tried three different sizes of this brand and the only problem was a Goldilocks situation. We use the middle size because this was too small and the largest was too big. I would recommend these to anyone who gives their dog rawhide rolls.

👤The delivery date is =4 days. There was no reason given. They just hold back the "your order just shipped!" 2 days and pay for shipping. Emails are cheaper than paying priority. 2 stars for a delay. There are 6 inches. It's 6 inches x 1/3. There is a point for not going low side. South America. mine came from a country called Bolivia That is in South America. My 3 Boxers all approved. They tasted all 3 of them. They switched for a while and decided which was the best for them. Curly walked into the kitchen the next morning and found a Boxer in his mouth. They stay for about an hour and then go back to it.

10. Jungle Calling Snacks Peanut Cranberry Sandwich

Jungle Calling Snacks Peanut Cranberry Sandwich

The dog chew bones are made with more than 5 ingredients. Peanut bones butter in cranberry is a great source of nutrition. Your furry friends could benefit from the help with their teeth and bones. Their peanut butter bones can help reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Dog bones can help with dental health. The dog chews bones have a design that is suitable for grasping and biting. Their chews are easy to digest. An alternative to rawhide dog bones. The cranberry flavor of their treats will get your dog's tail wagging. Take your dog for a walk, hiking or travel and have fun.

Brand: Jungle Calling

👤China sells unsafe pet foods and medicines. I would not have ordered it if I had known where it was made. This company will not allow a return. That's a lot about this junk.

👤I'm responsible for the fact that I can't return them. I don't buy treats from Amazon. I'm used to retailers standing behind their products so I clicked before doing proper research. My dog won't lick them. He is a bit of a picky eater but he always tries something before he knows he doesn't like it. I expanded to Amazon for different brands because he gets bored with the same flavors easily. He doesn't like peanut butter treats and won't be able to get them at these. I took the first one out of the package and he walked away. Dogs are aware. There has to be something in it. They are 27% Cornstarch, I read the label closer. How did I miss this? This might be it, because he is rarely, if ever, given afiller. It's hard to know but the ingredient list is vague. They have a great product posting. They are made in China. I would avoid all costs. The NO RETURN policy is the icing on the cake. I almost forgot... I noticed a sticker on the front of the package and wondered what was underneath. I mostly peeled it off. The sticker says no rawhide, healthy teeth, and fiber. The original packaging has a message on it. At some point, they either got caught with grain in them or they switched to cheap fillers and just covered it up with a sticker. They are trying to save more money by not printing the packaging again. Guys, business is shady. Don't think twice, avoid, and choose something better.

👤We have a GS. They last about 4 minutes for her.

👤I have a grown adult husky, a chihuahua, a medium mixed lab and a dog. I thought they would only be adequate for my medium and bigger dogs, but they were soft, easy to chew, and good for all three of them. I was pleading. My dog chewed his bone without any issues. The appeared happy after. That made this mom happy.

👤The chews were advertised as an alternative to rawhide, but they didn't last long, having the consistency of a fruit roll up, just thicker. My dog got sick after eating one. I looked at the back of the package and saw that they were made in China. I will not be buying these again.

👤This was my first purchase for my two fur babies, and I am very happy that they love them. They took them after they took a few seconds to smell. They chewed on them for a long time before they left. I will be buying these again. My babies love a non-rawhide alternative.

👤I ordered these from a deal and after they arrived, I realized they were made in China. The first two ingredients make up the majority of the ingredients. This is garbage. I didn't see a return policy, so they went straight into the trash. I wouldn't feed my pets this mess. Shame on Amazon for promoting a poor quality product.

11. Canine Naturals Chicken Recipe Chew

Canine Naturals Chicken Recipe Chew

Chicken chew sticks are free of rawhide and are safe for your dog. Reward your pet with chews that are easy to digest. lab tests show that chews made from rawhide are more efficient than chews made from other materials. The USA is the source of the chicken. The number one ingredient is their delicious chicken raised in the USA. Their all-natural chicken recipe is safe for your furry friend. All natural chews are made with care and integrity and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy. The long- lasting chew helps clean your dog's teeth while satisfying their natural chewing instinct. The 5” chew sticks are great for dogs up to 20 lbs and a great daily reward for larger dogs.

Brand: Canine Naturals

👤Some of the ingredients come from Mexico. They cause her to have a failed liver. She was a chihuahua. I am going to talk to a lawyer. Do not buy.

👤I'm not happy with the shady practices of companies that try to trick consumers into thinking they are buying American Made. Patented in USA, or made with USA chicken, both terms are used to confuse the consumer into thinking they are made in the United States. Not. The treats are nice for the dogs. I was okay with it being a bit expensive, but upset that the company charges like they paid high wages, but didn't. I would have given it a better rating if the company was more honest.

👤Companies try to get over on consumers by misleading them. The states were made with USA chicken. If you missed the fine print, you will see that these are produced in Mexico. I didn't notice until I opened one of the packages and didn't give my dog one yet. I will return the undamaged pack. My dog ate this in a matter of seconds. The chicken wrap is completely inconsistent. One stick had a lot of chicken and the others hardly at all. See the photo.

👤I bought these for my Maltese. Terrible idea; bad idea. These are not actually chews. He chewed and swallowed in less than 15 minutes. I didn't join him in the Living Rm fast enough, as I expected it to be a real chew. There is a chance of it happening. Another intestinal blockage. I am not thankful! A dangerous treat.

👤All the chicken bones that my 12 pound picky dog loves are made in Thailand or China with rawhide. I have been trying to find rawhide free bones in the USA that she actually likes and so far these seem to be a hit! When she gets down towards the end of the bone, I have to watch her. I am worried that she will choke when there is 2 inches left. I let her chew until the bottom, then I cut up the rest. It is easy to cut them. I wish all the bones had the same amount of chicken on them, but she still eats less of it. I wouldn't let a small dog have bones. They need to be watched.

👤It was delicious! The dog acts like he could eat the whole bag. He can't get enough of them.

👤My dog likes these treats. She loves treats but can't digest rawhide anymore. She likes the taste of rawhide without the bad side effects. These are wonderful treats and we were so happy to find them.

👤Neo loves these treats. We only feed our dog all natural food and it is delicious. I would recommend these to you.


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