Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs Elevated

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1. 17PinHut Elevated Portable Breathable Skid Resistant

17PinHut Elevated Portable Breathable Skid Resistant

The Teslin mesh increases air flow from all sides, keeping your pets clean and cool on hot days. The frame of the elevated dog cot is strong and sturdy. The mesh surface is durable and will not rip from claws. Non-slip feet keep it from sliding when he/she jumps on or off. The waterproof outdoor dog bed with canopy is easy to carry and store, it is the best choice for vacations, camping, traveling and daily use. Teslin mesh allows air to flow right through the fabric and bring breeze in summer, which makes the suspended platform bed an elevated comfort. The elevated dog bed for small dogs with a replaceable mesh cloth and tent is easy to clean, simply hose off with water and allow to dry.

Brand: 17pinhut

👤I ordered this for my golden who loves sleeping under the bed, table, chairs, and so on. He loves this and it has been difficult for him to get out from under things. It is like his own private fort.

👤My dog likes laying on the bed. I bought the bigger size because he likes to spread himself out and bring toys with him. My dog is 18 lbs and it's up to anyone to decide on a bed. The canopy doesn't protect against rain oddly enough, the material maybe waterproof, but the rain will float from side to side, this is not a tent.

👤My dog follows me everywhere, it makes me anxious when he is laying on the ground, because he is doing it in the heat. I kept putting off buying it because I thought it would be a waste of money and he wouldn't use it. I was wrong. Where he sleeps is where it is outside. I love it!

👤My boys love their new bed, but it looks dirty quickly, but it's very easy to clean. Highly recommended.

👤My dog is 38 lbs. and the dog cabana is very strong for him. We put his dog blanket on so he could get used to it. He can't lay on the hard wooden deck because of the purchase.

👤Even with arthritis, the pieces were easy to assemble. The cot and top were both sturdy and last a long time. I put my dog on it with bones and a toy to make her feel comfortable, because it looked different.

👤This product is very easy to assemble and it took me about 15 minutes to assemble it. My two poodles enjoy their new bed very much, and I am a very techy person.Recommend!

👤It was easy to assemble and it was nice. It seems durable. I might never know. Will update it later, my puppy loves it.

2. PHYEX Steel Framed Portable Elevated Cooling

PHYEX Steel Framed Portable Elevated Cooling

Off the ground design provides comfort and support for your dogs/cats while keeping them off the ground, especially for senior dogs. It keeps them away from bugs and provides great air flow in the warmer weather. Their elevated pet bed is easy to assemble or disassemble, it comes with screws and a key. Assembly is very stable with a solid metal frame. The bed material is strong. Use it all year long. The raised cot is great for keeping your pet cool during the hot summer months. As the season calls for it to be softer and warmer in the winter, use it with plush cushion and blankets. The pet bed is easy to carry from indoors to outdoors. It's good for dogs and cats to lie in the sun or shade. The bottoms have small pads on them to keep them from scratching the floor. The dimensions and care are mentioned. The PHYEX raised dog cot is up to 50 lbs. You can wash it with soap and water instead of using a machine.

Brand: Phyex

👤I bought two of them and one of them was already put together before I even got the other one assembled. They love it! Yes... It was hard to put together. There is a trick that made it easy to do. One usually goes in ok, but the last one is tough, so you should try to start with the first two screws. The first one was6753167531, I held down the ground upside down while my wife pulled it. This is where I messed up. Leave the 3 bolts loose, I figured it out after the 2nd one. I had to lay it on the ground and fold it up to release the tension of the mat. The bars will be able to meet at the correct angle for you to start your last bolt. One starts, flip it upright, and tighten all the bolts.

👤When he claimed it, I barely started assembling it. He started chewing happily after taking his Nylabone. He has destroyed every bed we have ever purchased. We bought him one of these elevated beds for inside because he still enjoys it, even though he has had one outside for 2 years. He loves it!

👤I bought this for my Boston terrier puppy to lay on in the grass due to his allergies and he loves it. I put it out in the morning and pick it up at night. I was easy to put together. Buy it for the price. He is now 16 lbs at 41/2 mons, after I got a med size.

👤My pittie mix seems to like it. I wanted to help her stay in one place and stop her from laying on the dirty ground when she's sunbathing. She's about 60 lbs but I got the large because of that. I wanted her to stretch out. It was easy to put together and so far it seems sturdy.

👤I bought 4 of these beds for my dogs. I got 3 of the 4 assembled so far and my dogs love them. The stitching broke on the bed as the fabric arrived. I was hoping it would hold up, but after 2 nights of my baby sleeping on it, it did not. It is useless now, but we are hoping the others hold up. If there is a replacement piece of fabric, please let me know. I can get another one. I will update my review if the company helps me get another.

👤I tried to put the stupid thing together for an hour but it wouldn't connect. The mat is too small to allow me to connect the pieces together. I don't know if it was the mat or the bars, but it was messed up. I was disappointed in the package.

👤The bed was difficult to put together. I was tempted to return it. The holes were not lined up. It took 2 of us a lot of work to get this thing together. I wish I had taken pictures. I was too busy to think of them. The mat isn't comfortable once it's assembled. I put a crate on top of my dog's bed because he wasn't liking it. He's very happy now that it makes it softer. It is made of canvas. I can see this working outside since the canvas is weather proof, but the metal seems to rust if left outside. This was a good purchase for a quick fix. Not good. My dog is at the foot of my bed.

3. Pet Products Original Replacement Cover

Pet Products Original Replacement Cover

The replacement pet COT cover is. The raised dog bed cover allows air to circulate in warm months. Strong and swift. The dog cot cover is made with a heavy denier that holds over 200 pounds and is tested for strength. The cover is machine washed. Installation is quick and easy. Exchange covers in minutes. The frame is not included. Breathable mesh center is great for indoor and outdoor use. The mesh center is water resistant. K&H has over 20 years of experience in creating innovative, quality products. DIMENSIONS The large cover fits any K&H Large Pet Cot.

Brand: K&h Pet Products

👤My previous two reviews for this item were rejected by Amazon for reasons that weren't applicable. I bought 3 cots and a replacement cover from this seller. I took pictures of the replacement cover that was obvious to be flawed. The cover was rendered useless after a months use. One of the reasons I bought the cover and cots was that they came with a one year warranty. I could tell you what happened next, but nothing. Multiple attempts to contact were unsuccessful. None. I took the torn cover apart, made a pattern, went and bought fabric, and made a better replacement cover, which fit perfectly. Happy ending, thanks to me, job well done. Them? Not much.

👤I bought this bed for our chocolate lab. He is only 52 lbs. The other cover was damaged by one of my other animals, so I replaced it. I was excited when I got the replacement, but it turned out that the one end had a different design than the one on the bed. I was wrong. My dog likes to throw himself on to his bed, and the Velcro is not strong enough to hold him. The description didn't say anything about the Velcro side. Every time I come off, I have to put the side back on. I have to find a new bed for our elderly dog if the replacement covers aren't exactly the same as the one that came with the bed.

👤My 13 year old arthritic English Labrador loved this. I put the cot together with no hassle after purchasing it. I put it on our patio because we have a barn fan for our old lady. She is a retired hunting dog. Being inside is not a question. I had no problem with her scratching or tearing the mesh. The seams came apart on one end in less than a week. My dog tried to lay on the end of the frame. I ordered an official K&H replacement mat because I thought every manufacturer could make a flawed product. I put the new mat on. I came home 10 hours later and found the mat ripped at the seams again. Mat material is in great shape. I have been through 2 mats in 10 days. People, I am so frustrated with this product. So frustrated. Don't be me. Don't be angry. Pick any other product for your dog, keep scrolling. When I ordered the 2nd mat, I was eligible for an $8 add/on. I will use old fashioned hillbilly duct tape to reinforce the edges to see if it makes the mat last longer. To my neighbors in the central time zone, listen closely for a gutteral scream like those from the dark pit of hell as I beat the frame and canopy with a hammer, run over it with my car and finally set it afire.

👤I wish these were more durable, but my dog loves this bed. She likes to run around the living room and jump on the bed when she gets the zoomies. We trim her nails every now and then, but all the jumping wears through the seams over the course of a few months. The frame has never needed to be replaced. If your pet is just laying on the bed, you may not need to replace the canvas. If you find that the canvas is sagging too much, you can throw it in the washer and run it through a delicate dryer cycle. It will fit the frame like new again.

4. Loves Cabin Bolster Elevated Raised

Loves Cabin Bolster Elevated Raised

It is possible to elevate your dog off the ground on rainy or hot days, as the bolster lifts him off the muddy grass to keep him clean and cool. It provides a cooling environment for your pets. He/she will be able to feel the breeze in the summer and warm in the winter because of the durable Teslin mesh. The size and care are perfect. The large raised dog cot is up to 65 lbs. The sofa dog cot is ideal for all breeds and ages of dogs and cats and is easy for older pets to hop on or off. It is easy to clean. You can wash the surface with tap water or soap and let the air dry. It isdurable: The elevated dog bed is built with a sturdy frame that helps it to be stable and safe for your dog to rest easy on. It's the perfect bed for all-season use indoors and outdoors. It is easy to exaggerate. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for transportation, including: 1 mesh, 4 legs, 2 leg extension rods, 4 cross support extension rods, 4 screws and 1 L-shaped bolster. It's convenient for traveling, camping, hiking, fishing, BBQ, and other outdoor activities because of the off-the-ground design, you can place a dog pad on top of the mesh to make it softer in the living room. Love's cabin provides 100% satisfactory service. Within 30 days, you can replace and return. Their constant pursuit of perfection is what gives them confidence. If you don't like their Love's cabin dog bed, please let them know so they can make you happy.

Brand: Love's Cabin

👤A 13 week old puppy I saved was found in a ditch with a broken back leg. I bought this because she is still unsure about grass. This was an awesome purchase for her and is way better than laying a towel out on the hot concrete when I am outside. Water and dirt are wiped off. It is a great solution for us to keep her cast dry. She will sleep for hours if I let her, she always hops right onto it when she is done.

👤This is great for money. The extra large bed is able to hold my baby. Will buy a smaller one for my dogs.

👤My review is going to pull no punches, I didn't expect much from this. The frame is sturdy, but it is not strong enough to hold up no matter how tight you are. The screws on the legs don't go straight when you pick them up. The middle points of the attachment could be used with other screw holes. The mesh is a bit thin. When I say its thin, I mean I was expecting it to be thin. I mean it's thinner than you think. They take 1 piece of a net that is more like a mesh. If you want to make the inserts for the tubes on the 4 sides, fold over the corners and hot glue them together. The good news is that it will be easy to make a rip stop fabric similar to the frame if you need to replace it. Even though I took off 2 stars, it was still what I was expecting. It was bigger than expected. I didn't measure it before buying it. I assumed for $3 difference, I would get the largest size. It is worth the extra $3. There is plenty of room for my husky. She likes to sleep on the back porch at night and we put it outside because she likes to sleep outside. A big Floofy dog stamp of approval! We used biscuits as an incentive to get her to fall through it, but she decided it was safe after all. It was worth the money. The bed is fancy, but it will serve its purpose for a while. If you don't mind replacing it in a few months or doing a cover that will last longer, then go for it. She thinks it's a good bed because it keeps the double coated fluffs cool.

👤I had several dog beds for my big dogs. The dog beds that I put inside are okay, but one of my dogs destroyed two pillows that I placed outside during the winter. I tied a blanket on top of the elevated dog bed to see if it worked. It works so far. My dogs are over 70 lbs. The dog bed is strong. The assembly is very simple. The installation tip is to tighten all of the screws gradually, not finishing one or the other. The bed will not be balanced during the installation. That's okay. I pushed the bed into balance after I tightened all of the screws. It should help my dogs not feel too hot during the summer.

5. Western Elevated Cooling Raised Outdoor

Western Elevated Cooling Raised Outdoor

Size and care are important. The Extra Large Elevated Dog Bed is up to 85 lbs. It is made of high-quality materials, which greatly improves the load-bearing capacity. It is a great choice for dogs of all ages. Older pets are easier to hop on or off when the height is carefully designed. It's convenient for rest and sleep. A raised dog bed can lift a pet up to 8 inches off the ground. The mesh keeps the dog cot dry. The mesh surface can provide better rest space for dogs and reduce the pain of pet joints. Well selected materials. The raised dog cot was tested for strength and bearing capacity. The frame can help the cot rise and fall safely. The dog can move freely on the bed with the high load-bearing capacity of the mesh surface. Anti-skid feet prevent your dog from sliding when jumping up or down. Say goodbye to the dirty people. The mesh will not hold pet hair, dirt, and grime. You can wash the surface with a hose or mild soap. You will get an outdoor dog bed after air drying. The dog COT BED is portable. Including: 1 mesh, 4 legs, 2 leg extension rods, 4 cross support extension rods, 4 screws, and 1 hex key. It's easy to assemble indoors or outdoors.

Brand: Western Home Wh

👤It's easy to put together. When you put it together, keep on the floor. Don't tighten the screws all the way. To get the last screw in, you need to fold one side in towards the center. This helps because it is tight. Align the legs vertically, then tighten. Very easy. The lab is 9 weeks old. There is plenty of room for him to grow.

👤The dog beds are amazing. I was surprised how hard it was to put together. They put pictures in the box, but it is not rocket science. I put all of them together after buying two medium and one large. I will update if I have a problem, but I can't speak on durability because this is my first day receiving them. The large is huge. If your dog is less than 65 lbs, they will fit on the medium. The dog I bought for was about 75 lbs. He lays on the medium size one all the time. You can't beat it for the price. No more stinky cloth dog beds.

👤All in a great project! I think it's manageable, but a little tricky to put together. My dog loves it. She kept taking her bed out of her house because she didn't want to lay on the ground, but this didn't solve the problem, she lays on this one most of the time. She likes to chew her bones on it. It seems sturdy and weather resistant.

👤This was to be used as a training aid to teach the place command. The Cheep quality is good. The seller doesn't respond to inquiries. It was lasted for 29 days. The nylon mesh is not supported by the dog, so the return option expires. This is cheap.

👤The original bed that was not returned has begun to droop at the joints. The structure that holds A and B together is not sound. The pieces have begun to fail and bend. The first bed is being replaced. Don't buy this product. It is an awful product. It is terrible in execution of material. After a few days, the bed was under the weight limit, but it started to bend at the legs, and I was sad because I loved it. You can adjust them, but not back into them. They hope to prove me wrong with a replacement order. I have two dogs that love their front yard privileges. There is no grass up front. That is their turf. I wanted them to be comfortable in my house and have a low impact on the front of the house. I loved the one bed that I picked for the older pit. He can spy on his neighbors. He had to get his own since he felt left out, so I ordered another one for him. I like the beds. It is a perfect alternative to the on the ground beds for the unpredictable Los Angeles weather. It was nice and warm and it was almost like laying on a trampoline. It didn't put strain on their joints, and it's so much easier for them to jump up and crawl out of bed since it's raised. This product is very good. The craftsmanship should last quite a while because it takes 888-349-8884

6. PET PRODUCTS Original Chocolate Small

PET PRODUCTS Original Chocolate Small

The dog is euthanized. Pets can stay cool in warm spring and summer months by raising their bed to allow air to circulate and keep them dry. Lifted pet bed with mesh center is great for indoor and outdoor use. Slip resistant rubber feet provide protection for indoor flooring and water resistant mesh center repels mold and odors. Strong and swift. Dog cots are made of metal and have a heavy denier cover. The cover can be washed and can even be hosed off outside. This bed is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it great for use during travel, camping, picnicking and more. K&H has over 20 years of experience in creating innovative, quality products. DIMENSIONS Small is 17 X 22 X 7 inches.

Brand: K&h Pet Products

👤Our mastiff has chewed every dog bed we have bought for him, as well as every bed we have bought for our other two dogs. The bed was easy to put together and cost effective. I am hoping he doesn't chew the bed, but I am glad it was less expensive than I would have to pay for a bed that would fit this dog. He has been laying on it, which is a good sign, and it doesn't have all the stuffing and cotton he loves to chew on. Even though it looks flimsy, it holds all his weight.

👤I would give 0, still 1 star. If he could. The company has never made contact after I threw away the $150 I spent on these. I'm not looking for a refund, but some sort of contact would have been nice. They know their product is cheap. I bought these from other Danes who had left positive reviews of them. I'm not sure if their Danes are small or not. I was almost impressed with the way they held up to their weight. After a few weeks of use, one bed broke down. I thought this one was a little weaker than the other two. The other 2 broke down as well. The plastic pieces can't hold the weight. My dogs are not hard on things like this. They lay on them to rest. They don't chew on or run across them. The cheaply made product was to blame for the fast wear. The 3 have lasted less than a couple of months. The beds I have been around for almost 3 years. The quality they have proven to be is disappointing. Don't waste your money if you have a giant dog.

👤I'm very happy with the dog beds we've had for about 3 weeks. Assembly was very easy. Our three dogs love to be outside, and previously they were laying on old patio cushions, but they were getting nasty and torn up. Our dogs are 80 lbs. 50 lbs. And 45 lbs. We ordered a medium and large bed. They have to trade off because there isn't enough room for three beds. The medium is good for our dogs. The large is better for stretching out than the 80 lbs dog. I'm pretty sure these beds feel better on his joints than laying on the deck or concrete and he's our oldest dog. The mesh panel has air circulation for when it's hot. The dogs have not tried to chew on the beds, they occasionally scratch before laying down, but not enough to damage the material. I have vacuumed or wiped them down with a wet cloth so far. We didn't order these beds much sooner, that's my only regret.

👤It holds up well as far as paw traffic and heavy Danes. It's not chew proof, so bring it in whenever it's around water/rain/sprinklers. We found the rust stains on our floor after we brought it in. I'm not happy with it, but what can I do? There are a few things to keep in mind. I reached out to the company and they are sending a replacement. Excellent customer service. You should have a photo of proof of purchase with you.

7. Elevated Original Portable Skid Resistant Breathable

Elevated Original Portable Skid Resistant Breathable

8 inches off the ground outdoor dog beds keep your pets away from wet and cold ground, insects and dust, especially on rainy or hot days. Breathable mesh allows the air to flow right through, can keep the temperature comfortable when sleeping on the raised dog bed. This outdoor dog bed is large enough for your dog to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It can be used with a soft blanket to give your pet a good night's sleep. Relax neck and lie down. The raised dog bed has a strip bolster around it. The raised rim of the U pillow provides head and neck support for your dog, and it is fastened tightly around the outdoor dog bed by buttons. Provide a good night's sleep for all dogs and cats, it's easier for older pets to hop on or off. It is a piece of cake to install it. The only thing you need is a few minutes. Including: 1 mesh, 1 U Pillow, 4 legs, 2 leg extension rods, 4 cross support extension rods, 4 screws, and 1 hex key. It's portable and lightweight. Take it with you wherever you go. It's perfect for camping, training, and hiking. The outdoor dog bed is very supportive and will make your cat or dog very happy. Only a few minutes to clean. Compared with the traditional outdoor dog bed, pet hair, vomit, and dust can be wiped with a wet wipe. The water in the hose can be used to rinse the entire mesh. No worries about pet odors, dirt, or hair anymore! Just keep your pet clean. The feet of the frame have a cap to protect the floor. Large size raised dog bed up to 65 pounds, X- Large size elevated dog bed up to 95 pounds, strong stability and high load-bearing capacity means no sudden bed collapse. The frame dog bed is the best choice for your dog to scratch and play.

Brand: Western Home Wh

👤I was very excited for this bed. It did not live up to my expectations. The bed has broken in a month and I have a 40lb dog. Highly disappointed by the product.

👤This is a standard bed. Similar to others I have purchased from. My dog is cooler laying on these types of beds than on a foam bed, because it is sturdy once installed. It was odd that the bolts weren't drilled far enough out to get into the pole frame. I found a way to do one corner at a time. If the longest part of the bed is in front of you, you should install the bolt on the top left hand corner and the one on the bottom right hand corner. It might be helpful to have someone hold the pole in front of the hole while someone else screws in the bolt to make assembly go by faster. It probably took an extra 10 minutes, so it's not that big of a deal.

👤I don't recommend this product. The sizes were completely off, but the assembly was easy. Thepillow was too small to fit the bed. It isn't very study either. I bought a large for my dog and he sank to the bottom. The pieces are loose and you only receive 4 screws for 4 holes, but the middle pieces start to fall apart because there is no screws for them. Terrible design.

👤The style and comfort of this elevated dog bed is what I really like, but a few weeks later the legs broke after being adjusted constantly. Our dog would move whenever it got on the legs. We adjusted the legs to correct them but they broke. I wouldn't recommend a large dog. My weight is 70 lbs.

👤The bed is large enough, but the materials are terrible. The screws in the legs are cut the same way, so you have to put them in backwards to fit. If you pick the bed up, it twists because the screw comes up against the flat side of the metal leg. My dog won't sit on it because it doesn't feel strong. The pillow's zip is cheap and comes out of line easily. Sadly, I will be returning this item.

👤My dog hasn't tried to chew it. It didn't come with screws to put it together, so I gave it 3 stars. I contacted the seller and they wanted pictures. I put it together because of the screws from the headboard.

👤The instructions are vague and the holes on the legs didn't match the holes on the frame, so I spent 3 hours trying to put this together. I loosened the screws on the other edges so I could try again, but nothing worked, I reassembled and raised the corner higher than the other, and finally it screwed in after three hours of trying. I have to put the pillows in the case that the zip falls off and I have to put it back on again. The bottoms on the strap are not of good quality. The bed was supposed to be for 80 lbs, but my daughter is 30 lbs, and one of the threads ripped off when she laid on it. I will be surprised if this garbage lasts a year. This is not worth $51.99. This bed is very poorly designed and should not be purchased. TRASH!

8. Eterish Elevated Medium Durable Outdoor

Eterish Elevated Medium Durable Outdoor

Premium fabric is made from recycled and non-toxic Teslin and it provides enough air circulation through the mesh top so your dog won't get too hot for maximum comfort. Your dog can be elevated off the ground, mud, or wet grass with rubber feet that are skid resistant. The frame is durable and evenly distributes weight for alleviating pressure on joints. The pet bed is easy to assemble and carry, it has a mesh, 4 legs, 2 leg extension rods, 4 cross support extension rods, 4 screws and a key. It is easy to clean a dog bed with a damp cloth, machine wash or garden hose, it is not difficult to clean a traditional dog bed. Smooth mesh won't catch dirt. The large raised dog cot bed measures 49''L x 35.5''W x 8''H and is 43''L x 35''W for dogs up to 85 lbs. It's ideal for all dogs and pets.

Brand: Eterish

👤My labs ruined my couch so when I bought a new one, I didn't want them on it anymore. I bought these hoping the dogs would like them. The dogs love them. The dogs are not on my couch. I love that these beds are clean. The mesh is easy to clean and shows no signs of wear after a few months. Just buy it.

👤Big Ben loves his bed but he goes over the weight limit on it. For obvious reasons, we had to buy more than one. Our dogs didn't like the beds on top so I would suggest buying a pad for on top. It was bought for our senior lab to get some relief from the hardwood floors. It's a hit!

👤We got this bed to see if it would stop our shep mix from getting into our couch. We trained him with it and it has uses. It was easy to assemble. When a big boy gets on it, the material falls down. It is a good size and no one complains about it. I don't know if it's because of the size of the dog or not, but the legs of the bed bend easily, even though we couldn't fix it. The hardware is not worth $30. We are going to replace the screw with a better one to see if that works.

👤Yes, a million times! We bought a different one at the store and both of our dogs loved it. If one of them gets up, they will steal it from each other. It is easy to carry inside and outside. Sturdy enough to hold both dogs at times. Our other one travels a bit better than this one, as it is larger and doesn't come apart as easily. Our dogs love us and approve.

👤The product arrived on time. I ordered it from the store at a reduced price. It looked new to me. I was very happy. It's easy to put together. I thought it would be great. My German Shepard hopped up and down. I thought it was awesome. He already likes it. He jumped off of it. I was never able to get him back on the item after it flew across my living room. That made both of us uneasy. If I had carpet in my house, this would work well, but not with floors that are slick. I'm returning the item.

👤Only a short time. After 3 years, I bought 2 from a different company. These were probably 2 months. The frame fell apart. I live on a fixed income and these were a challenge to purchase. They broke when they were able to return just outside of the time period. Not impressed and ripped off.

👤I bought two dog bed cots from a different seller and have had them for a year now. I received a cot yesterday. It ripped at the seam when I had it for one night. The inside seam is rubbery plastic and tears easily. They realized it was ripped and had their way with it. I uploaded both of my other cot beds and they are in great shape, with no tears after a year of use. This seller made a very cheap cot. I will be buying a durable one from the other seller and it will last more than one night.

9. Maxpama Portable Elevated Breathable Sleeping

Maxpama Portable Elevated Breathable Sleeping

STURDY&DURABLE DESIGN: The mesh surface is combined with 900D Oxford cloth to make the fabric more wear resistant. The mesh middle has plenty of air to keep your pets comfortable. An outdoor dog bed is very light weight and can unfold and fold up by squeezing the ends together, it comes with a nylon carrying bag. You can keep it all the time and even bring it with you when you go to a friend's house. The elevated dog bed is 47"L x 24"W x 10"H. You can use five color to make better choices for your pets. It is easy to clean. Fur or dirt can be easily dumped or brushed off. The material is easy to clean if the bed gets dirty. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The dog bed is from a certified factory. Maxpama has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let them know if you have any questions and they will make sure to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Brand: Maxpama

👤I like the new pet cot. We were camping in a wooded area and I was worried about ticks. Our dog was able to be up off of the ground. It was comfortable for him. We put a blanket on top of the cot to keep the cool air out of it. He was able to lay next to us with a fire. It took us two tries to get him to get on his bed for himself. He is 47 lbs. The large bed is shown here. His nails didn't poke through the mesh. It is very well made.

👤I bought this for a camping trip where I knew there were ants. I wanted to keep the dogs off the ground. It was a good place to tell them where to go and sit when people were walking by with other dogs. It doesn't take up a lot of space in the storage compartment. I don't know how long it will last, but I will use it for a long time.

👤The dog cot is very sturdy and my pup seems to like it. Love the bag. It's on a weekend trip. If your dog jumps off of the cot, I recommend that you use non-slip gripping pads on all 6 feet. My 10 month old puppy is 70 lbs and without the grips, the cot went sliding across the wood floor when he walked off of it. The 47” long is a perfect size for my Doberman and he still has some room to grow on it.

👤Since I unboxed this person jumped on it and has been enjoying it ever since. She rubs her body after a swim. It is holding up great, I thought it would not last a week. She is a 55lb golden retriever and she puts all her weight on it. The fabric is very strong and she can dry off quickly. It is better on her body. She does not always sleep on it. She was going to try and chew on the buttons that held the fabric to frame, but with a stern no she has never tried it. The hold down screws that fit in the plastic retainers came loose, but I snugged them down with aPhillips screwdriver. That is a normal issue with use. The story is done. This is an excellent quality product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a portable bed for their best friend.

👤My dog loves this bed. We wanted something elevated so that the breeze could get around him and keep him cool while camping. Summer is 6 months a year on the Gulf coast. It took him a while to get used to it, but he really enjoys it. The large was the perfect size for him. It's not great for the winter because it's good in the summer. He's happy when we lay down a blanket first.

👤I like the idea of this. The dog is kept away from bugs and other animals. If the dog is wet, give them a chance to dry off. The product checks all the boxes. Sturdy with three areas of support and easy to clean off. I wish my dog would use it. She won't sit on it for more than 30 seconds. I threw the packaging because it passed the date. Maybe she will get used to it. I wanted to keep her out of ahaha, but she totally prefers the dirt now that it's been over a month. Oh well! Good product.

10. ANWA Elevated X Large Cooling Outdoor

ANWA Elevated X Large Cooling Outdoor

All Life Stages is an age range description. Your dogs are cool in the summer. The elevated dog bed can keep your dog cool. The elevated cooling dog bed helps dogs stay cool. Breathable mesh allows air to circulate, off the ground design helps them away from hot ground and grass. durable and waterproof. Dog cot bed cover is made of durable Textilene mesh fabric. The dog bed is harder to get a grip on because it is waterproof and stretched tighter. They are able to chew for some aggressive chewers. The fabric is taut enough to support large dogs. It is easy to clean the Anwa outdoor dog beds with tap water or mild soap. Dirt, dog hair and food crumbs can fall off the sides or through the mesh, which makes them easier to clean than traditional beds. A healthy dog bed is an option. Lying on the floor can put stress on your dog's joints, and a traditional puffy bed doesn't protect them. Dog cots bed can help alleviate pressure on dog's joints and protect them for the years to come. It's easy to assemble. Anwa extra large pet cots for dogs come with an instruction manual and instructional video, you can follow the video if you have difficulties. For pet up to 65 lbs., the size L is 36"x30"x7". For pet up to 140 lbs., the size is 48"x36"x9".

Brand: Anwa

👤Instructions were vague but assembly was easy. Put some tape around the top of the legs to keep them from falling out when moving. At 4.5 months old, I am holding up well for my Great Danes. When she's over the 100lb mark, we'll see how it does.

👤I ordered an elevated dog bed for my Great dog which has joint problems. She loves it! I had to order another one for my Boxer. They wouldn't disagree who was on first. The Boxer would lay with the Danes before I got my second bed. We added an extra large dog pillow type mat to make them more comfortable.

👤It has held up well after a couple of months. We have a 75# and 45# dog and they love laying on this. It has not flexed much. My dogs haven't chewed on it, so I'm not sure if it would be a chew toy. I am glad I bought it.

👤The best place bed ever. Sturdy! It's easy to clean and it's cozy. Everything I wanted! It was difficult to put it together but once it was all put together it was amazing. Everyone should have a small or larger pup.

👤The material is sturdy and not uncomfortable. My dog now has two, better for taking care of him.

👤I'm not buying any more of them because they're great joints and hold the pipes together, but I saved parts from one and two to try even better with some reinforcement.

👤Pain in the back to assemble and no instructions. I have had this style of dog bed before and I don't like it. You can buy a different brand.

👤The product was low quality. The plastic component was loose and not bolted. The bed would fall apart when I moved it to a new location.

11. AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Green

AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Green

Breathable mesh fabric helps keep pets cool. Pets are more than 7 inches off the ground. It is easy to clean using tap water. It's recommended for large dogs, like a German Shepherd or Boxer. Overall dimensions are 51.3 x 31.5 x 7.7 inches and mesh dimensions are 44.1 x 32.3 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤There is a bed with a yellow lab and chocolate lab.

👤Half of the size of a twin bed is the XL Size. I will give it five stars once I make sure it doesn't have any holes after my dog uses it. There is still strength and going.

👤I would like to get this sooner. Our dog is 125 lbs. We got him a bed. We bought a coolaroo a year and a half ago and it was a disaster. We got him this one after pitching it. I was impressed. The design is the same, but it is better construction and bolts. The frame feels sturdy as our dog is higher off the ground. The product is great for the price. Our dog was happy. It has been a year and a half since this dog bed was installed. It is still as strong. Have never had to adjust. It performs like new. Our dog is out there all the time. The first picture was when we bought it. The second picture of him sleeping was taken.

👤It is easy to assemble. The dog loves it. Even though he's 125 lbs, the cot part is sagging even though the weight limit is 170. We will see how long it lasts, but so far it is great! It's easy to move and comfortable for the dog. I was worried that the Large would be too small for him. For the price, I would buy again.

👤The bed is easy to assemble and much cheaper than the brand name alternatives. The large size is large enough for a dog of 40 pounds. A normal cat size can be used to estimate the large size. The cats seem to have taken to the dog bed before the dog does.

👤I bought this to keep my lab off the basement concrete floor. I put her bed on top of the platform and it works. When the dog is on the concrete floor, it is very supportive of her size and weight. The dog has been hiding in the basement during storms for a number of years but was surprised that she had no issues with the change. She was never in the basement without storms, so it must be more comfortable because I found her laying on this setup without rain. The elevated platiform will prevent her pet bed from getting soaked and ruined during times of occasional basement flooding from a busted water heater, pipe or washer overflow, which has 800-273-3217 I gave it four stars because the fabric wasn't labeled as it was suppose, which caused me to put the fabric on the wrong way. It is very easy to assemble even though you have a disease. Anyone can do it if I can do it.

👤I had a different brand of bed that broke and I ordered this as a replacement. My dogs love these beds, if there are 3 beds in the room they will take the elevated bed first. The mesh dimensions are slightly smaller than the feet. If you're using this inside, I would suggest putting a padded dog bed on top of the mesh to make it softer for the dog. I use it with the mesh to keep them cooler in the summer.


What is the best product for dog beds for large dogs elevated?

Dog beds for large dogs elevated products from 17pinhut. In this article about dog beds for large dogs elevated you can see why people choose the product. Phyex and K&h Pet Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog beds for large dogs elevated.

What are the best brands for dog beds for large dogs elevated?

17pinhut, Phyex and K&h Pet Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog beds for large dogs elevated. Find the detail in this article. Love's Cabin, Western Home Wh and K&h Pet Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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