Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs Chew Proof

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1. Umchord Resilience Removable Washable Non Slip

Umchord Resilience Removable Washable Non Slip

The high quality ORTHOPEDIC FOAM is. The 2 inch high-density foam is used to comfort dogs with strong supports to their joints. It works well as a cat bed. Their foam dog bed can be used on both sides with a separate non-slip pad. The crate mat can stay in place well, and it will prevent your dog from moving when you step on or off it. The cover is re-sealable and machine washable. The cover is made of soft and durable material. The cover can be removed with the double zippers design. Throw it in the washing machine. The waterproof liner gives the foam double protection. It can help protect the support foam against spills and accidents, making this pet bed an ideal choice for year-round comfort. Dogs up to 65 lbs. can use the multi functional dogs bed. It can be used as a dog crate bed, elevated dog bed, dog kennel, or any indoor place of your house. It arrives as a vacuum packed bed in a box, so you can pat it or let it inflate for a day or two before your dog uses it.

Brand: Umchord

👤The bed is vacuum-sealed inside a bag. It is going to have a fold down the middle. I put it on my bed and put a basket of clean laundry on top of it, and it was flat the next day. This isn't a bed for humans. I mean the entire spectrum of chewing, from light nibbles to destroyers. They will destroy this. I saw someone else use a bitter spray in a review, but it's not a good idea to use it in your dog's kennel as it can cause anxiety. Would you like to sleep on something stinky? This was a huge waste of money and the seller was not helpful.

👤I want to address a few items after reading so many negative reviews. It comes in half and is vacuum sealed, but like some reviewers, the fibers need time to relax. It will be fluffy in the morning if you leave it sitting overnight. If it doesn't fit in your crate, learn how to use a tape measure. If your dog chews on this bed, it shouldn't be a surprise, because it should be. There is a hidden zip code. I don't want my dog to get a nail caught if the zippers are open. The bottom line... It's a nice bed. It's not a NASA space mission.

👤The folded half the long way rolled up. It fits the length of my dog crate, but is a bit wide, so I figured that would help it not move or be as tempting to chew on. It pops up in the middle when put in a crate because it wants to fold in the middle. I wanted this to work because it's one of the few mats that won't make my dog hot. I tried to weigh it down overnight, but it still wants to stay in the middle.

👤The bed was advertised that it would be easy to clean, but that is not the case. We bought this bed for our older dog, but we also rescued a new puppy who had an accident on the bed. I removed the cover to see that the bed has no zip. There is a track for the zip up but no way to open it. I contacted the seller after putting the dirty bed outside. They told me that they could send me a new one, which is not what I want. When the product I received was not perfect, why would I want another one? I told them I would rather get a refund and they said I could return it through Amazon if I wanted. This is terrible customer service. Why should I leave this dirty bed in my car and have Amazon inspect it? It makes no sense that I would want to get a bed that is actually made.

👤I love the bed. Doesn't take up a lot of space. It is comfortable. It protects it from getting wet. However. If the mattress is put in the dryer it will shrink. Even when you put it outside. The zip ties get stuck or broken. We put a quilted pee pad around it after removing the cover. Works well.

2. AIPERRO Washable Mattress Kennel Medium

AIPERRO Washable Mattress Kennel Medium

The non toxic crate pad is filled with a polyester insert and cover that is soft and comfortable for dogs to rest on. The dog mat is hard to break for chewers. The Backing is anti-slip. The dog sleeping pad has a non skip bottom which can prevent moving and shifting, it works great on either hardwood floor or crate. When your pet is off, keep them safe. The comfy dog crate mat is easy to clean and maintain. It's a great cover for your furniture, floor and car seat because it can be easily cleaned with a brush. It's great for indoor and outdoor travel. It's ideal for use in crates, cages, elevated beds, sofas, or vehicles. You and your pet can hang out wherever you want. The dog crate mat is 35" x 23" and is suitable for small dogs weighing 40 to 70 lbs. The inner cotton helps pets sleep by providing more support.

Brand: Aiperro

👤The product works great as a stand alone pet bed. A folded towel would be thicker than this product and would be great for a stand alone pet bed. The quilted velour fabric is soft and smooth and it has a backing that keeps it from sliding around on the plastic tray inside the wire crate. It would work great on leather car seats. I would not describe it as a mattress or a pet bed because it is not thick, plush or comfy. Don't buy this if you're looking for a pet bed or mattress. I have only had it for a week and can't say whether it is easy to clean or not. It looks well made. I don't think it should be described as a mattress or a crate pad. The seller contacted me about my review and said she would change it. It isn't done yet. I decided to split the difference since I didn't want to return the product with dog hair on it. The pad is thick.

👤The previous pot was too small for my puppy to fit in and he decided to please something comfy and not heavy so we replaced it.

👤I bought this for a large crate. It is perfect. I wash it about once every 2 weeks. 2 are cycles with soap. I hang dry. It's for a dog. The pad is not a cushion. It's enough for a crate. It would be too thick if it was any thicker. It's still in new condition, even after a lot of washing. I had it for about 2 months. My Shepherd isn't destructive, so she hasn't chewed on it. It wouldn't last a week if she was a chewer. I love it! My dog seems to be more content with her crate.

👤We were looking for a soft mat that would fit in the bottom of our puppy's crate. He can be a bit destructive when left alone. We wanted something that was soft and durable. We left him in his crate with a mat, a stuffed Kong, and some toys for 3 hours and came back to the massacre above. If you are looking for something that is going to be hard to chew up, this isn't it.

👤I have two dogs that chew every crate mat that I buy. I was looking for something soft. This could be my expectations. And then some. It is soft and has the right amount of cushion. The backing works well. I don't have experience with it, but it looks like it will be. I will update after my pups use me.

👤The mat is going to be easy to clean. It's thin enough to fit in a washing machine. My dog likes it. She was right to do it. She doesn't have a place to stay. I put it in the living room. She has other places to lay down. She is on her mat.

👤The bed that I ordered for my puppy is not suitable for the cage, so I ordered it. I got this two days after I found it. It is big and comfortable. It fit the cage well. I don't have to worry about cleaning my dog's pee on it. It is waterproof and I can clean it myself. Excellent product and recommend it.

3. Furhaven Pet Bed Dogs Cats

Furhaven Pet Bed Dogs Cats

It was designed for pets. The L-shaped corner sofa design promotes ultimate comfort and security, providing high-loft orthopedic cushion support as well as a super cozy nestling and burrowing space for dogs and cats. The sleep surface is sleepy. The main sleep surface is lined with plush faux fur and the supportive bolsters are wrapped in easy-care suede for enhanced snuggling and burrowing comfort. It's easy on joints. The egg crate has a foam base that helps cushion pressure points and improve air circulation, and bolster railings that support the neck, back, hips, and joints. Stone Gray is 30" x 20 x 6.25" and has a sleep surface of 26" x 15.75". There are available VARIANTS. The bed is available in a number of colors, including Stone Gray, Marine Blue, and Espresso. Easy care. For more specific washing instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label. Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven. Pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior are not suitable.

Brand: Furhaven

👤I am very pleased with the bed I ordered. This bed is perfect for my lab, which is 100 lbs. He really likes using the pillow and there is room to spare. The bed and pillow are thick. The bed is very nice looking in Stone Gray. My dog moves the bed around the house. It is very light. I love it.

👤The bed is very good for the price. So far my 120 lbs. have stood up to regular use. The dogs fit together well, and it doesn't get in the way of their weight. The Boxer's snores are resounding in approval as I write this review. If my two start sleeping apart more often, I will definitely buy a second one, but they prefer to sleep together and the jumbo size bed is big enough for them to share.

👤Wow! Red is a 115 pound golden retriever. I can tell he hurts because he's been having trouble walking. It's just old. He stepped on it when I took it out of the package and put it on the floor. He was asleep after turning three times. So good. He stood up this morning and didn't have to rise or fall. I haven't seen him stretch in a long time. He walked down the stairs without help and went to help our dog, White, chase the rodents. He was interested in more than sleeping on the front porch. We had it for a day. A day makes a difference.

👤The product is not like the pictures shown. The side bolsters are not straight. It is made with cheap fabrics and bolster stuffing that feels like newspaper. Will be back soon.

👤My husband and I bought this bed for our dog. He is an older dog who is dying and needs an extra cozy bed as he is very thin and needs the support. He wagged his tail and walked over to the bed. He hopped on the train. It's rare for him to sleep hours before moving. Our doberman was very comfortable in the bed. The color and style were great. It's perfect for when he wants to rest his head because of the pillow lip. He loves it and we love it. 3

👤I got this for my 8 year old greyhound mix who is starting to wake up with pain in his joints in the mornings. It worked for all of the 5 nights. The foam in the corner collapsed in the middle of the night, giving less than half an inch of padding to the floor. I was hoping that the density would hold out longer than it did, even with constant pressure in one location, due to the fact that she curls up exclusively in that corner and the rest of the bed has retained its shape.

👤I almost didn't purchase this for fear that I'd end up with an egg crate bed, but I ordered theDeluxeChaise and it's definitely thick memory foam and cooling gel foam. I have a dog who likes to lie on cold tile and immediately took to the bed. I have a 50lb Australian Shepherd who likes to sprawl out, and the Jumbo is bigger than he needs, but I don't regret it! The quality of the bed is much better than similar styles in chain stores.

4. Toozey Orthopedic High Density Removable Waterproof

Toozey Orthopedic High Density Removable Waterproof

Toozey dog bed is made of high-quality memory foam and high density support foam, which relieve joint pain and provide strong support to maximize sleep comfort, let your pet go to sleep peacefully and comfortably. The dog beds for large dogs clearance surface are made of premium plush which is so soft to the touch that any pet can resist such soft comfort. The bottom can be fixed on the floor of the home. The waterproof inner liner makes it easy to care for. The premium plush cover can be put into the washing machine for cleaning. You don't need to spend a lot of time taking care of the dog beds because of the convenient and efficient way to clean them. You can choose from four different sizes of the dog bed: S: 24x16"x3", M: 29x18"x3", and L: 35" The dog bed gives your dog more space to sleep. It can be used as a dog crate bed and also as a kennel bed. In different scenes, let your dog sleep in. Take a few shots to make the dog bed expand after unpacking. The sponge should be left in the pet bed for a few hours to help it bounce back. The dog bed should not be placed in direct sunlight. This will help prolong the time of the sponge and increase the service life of the dog bed. They are certain that your pet will love the dog beds. Please contact them if you have any questions. Toozey customer service will resolve your problem in 24 hours.

Brand: Toozey

👤My old girl likes this bed. She'd lay down for a couple of days and then she'd come up and go to her bed in the living room. The waterproof "plastic" that goes around the mattress is what I figured out. I took it off and viola! You can see that she is sleeping nicely. I bought a large bed for the baby who is 65 lbs. She's about 14 1/2 and set in her ways like her mom. The way that plastic felt under the cover made me dislike it. If anyone else has a bad pupper, it can be easily removed. A great price for a bed. I'm happy with it.

👤The dog bed is great. It works well in my dog's crate. My friend will be 14 years old next month and he has arthritis in his legs. He decided to chill out in his crate instead of going to the end of the couch because he was enjoying his new bed so much.

👤I got this for my boyfriend's dog to have a place to go other than our bed. It seems very comfortable to him, MzE He likes it over the couch. I don't know how durable it is because he hasn't tried chewing it. He doesn't seem to care that much now that he has this. I would recommend going a size up for dogs. I got a large bed for a medium sized dog because he likes sleeping in when he sleeps. I worry that a medium would be too small. I feel like this bed will last a long time. It would be great for older dogs with joint issues.

👤My dog knew it was his when we opened the product. He loves studying. I like the fact that my dog feels appreciated. I am very happy with this purchase and it is very easy to wash.

👤It's loud because of the waterproof liner, so it sounds like he's ruffling around with news paper at night. I have not tried cleaning the outer liner. I may update this weekend. It is worth the buy for now.

👤This dog bed is very nice. It arrived like a memory foam mattress, all rolled up. Within an hour it was all puffed up. The cover is soft and can be washed. There is a waterproof liner on the inside. The large size is large enough for my lab to share. It would be large enough for adane.

👤So comfortable! The cover is soft but firm for support, so I would recommend snuggling up with my dog and reading while she rests her head on me. Excellent quality!

👤My doxle loves sleeping in his little tent, but it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of support. I put the tent on top of the bed and it worked out perfectly. I sleep better knowing he's supported. The bed has an easy to remove cover. Highly recommended.

5. AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Grey

AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Grey

Breathable mesh fabric helps keep pets cool. Pets are more than 7 inches off the ground. It is easy to clean using tap water. It's recommended for large dogs, like a German Shepherd or Boxer. Overall dimensions are 51.3 x 31.5 x 7.7 inches and mesh dimensions are 44.1 x 32.3 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤There is a bed with a yellow lab and chocolate lab.

👤Half of the size of a twin bed is the XL Size. I will give it five stars once I make sure it doesn't have any holes after my dog uses it. There is still strength and going.

👤I would like to get this sooner. Our dog is 125 lbs. We got him a bed. We bought a coolaroo a year and a half ago and it was a disaster. We got him this one after pitching it. I was impressed. The design is the same, but it is better construction and bolts. The frame feels sturdy as our dog is higher off the ground. The product is great for the price. Our dog was happy. It has been a year and a half since this dog bed was installed. It is still as strong. Have never had to adjust. It performs like new. Our dog is out there all the time. The first picture was when we bought it. The second picture of him sleeping was taken.

👤It is easy to assemble. The dog loves it. Even though he's 125 lbs, the cot part is sagging even though the weight limit is 170. We will see how long it lasts, but so far it is great! It's easy to move and comfortable for the dog. I was worried that the Large would be too small for him. For the price, I would buy again.

👤The bed is easy to assemble and much cheaper than the brand name alternatives. The large size is large enough for a dog of 40 pounds. A normal cat size can be used to estimate the large size. The cats seem to have taken to the dog bed before the dog does.

👤I bought this to keep my lab off the basement concrete floor. I put her bed on top of the platform and it works. When the dog is on the concrete floor, it is very supportive of her size and weight. The dog has been hiding in the basement during storms for a number of years but was surprised that she had no issues with the change. She was never in the basement without storms, so it must be more comfortable because I found her laying on this setup without rain. The elevated platiform will prevent her pet bed from getting soaked and ruined during times of occasional basement flooding from a busted water heater, pipe or washer overflow, which has 800-273-3217 I gave it four stars because the fabric wasn't labeled as it was suppose, which caused me to put the fabric on the wrong way. It is very easy to assemble even though you have a disease. Anyone can do it if I can do it.

👤I had a different brand of bed that broke and I ordered this as a replacement. My dogs love these beds, if there are 3 beds in the room they will take the elevated bed first. The mesh dimensions are slightly smaller than the feet. If you're using this inside, I would suggest putting a padded dog bed on top of the mesh to make it softer for the dog. I use it with the mesh to keep them cooler in the summer.

6. Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Sofa Style Diamond

Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Sofa Style Diamond

It was designed for pets. The classic sofa design promotes ultimate comfort and security, providing high-loft orthopedic cushion support as well as a super cozy nestling and burrowing space for dogs and cats. The sleep surface is disturbed. The main sleep surface is lined with soft faux fur, while the supportive bolsters are wrapped in diamond-patterned woven upholstery fabric, which are gentle on noses and paws. It's easy on joints. The egg crate has a foam base that helps cushion pressure points and improve air circulation, and bolster railings that support the neck, back, hips, and joints. Diamond Gray is a large, 36" x 27" x 7.25" foam mattress. There are available VARIANTS. The bed is available in six colors: Diamond Brown, Diamond Blue, Diamond Gray, Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo Plus. Easy care. For more specific washing instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label. Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven. Pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior are not suitable.

Brand: Furhaven

👤We have three fur babies, 45, 65 and 90 lbs., so I bought three of these beds. My review is based on what I have read. If you've bought a lot of dog beds in the past, you have the experience to compare them. Our senior dogs love the Sam's Club orthopedic dog beds, which are reasonably priced. We shop on Amazon a lot and have a lot of great buying experiences. These dog beds are not of good quality. I wouldn't classify them as orthopedic because they are so flimsy. I opened one box to look at the bed and I knew that all three beds would be returned. I went to my local Sam's Club the next day and bought three large Serta Orthopedic dog beds for $44 each. My senior dogs love them. If you are looking to buy a thick, memory foam dog bed that will provide support for you dog, this is not it. You can check out your local Sam's Club.

👤My dog loves it! I got the big dog, he's 90 lbs.

👤The "deep pool" plush style and the quilted red style were the beds I bought. They are vastly different. The blue one is very strong and soft. The red one feels weak. Both of my dogs prefer the blue one. The dog, cat, and toddler love the blue one, it's a win win. I thought the quilted top would be easier to clean than buying two of them because my dog likes to chew bones on his bed. I gave the blue bed 5 stars and the red bed 2 stars. They are excellent in size. A 3 year old toddler and a 65-75 lbs rough collies are shown. These are large beds.

👤I bought this for my kids teepee, but I am sure any dog would love it. I am hoping that the jumbo size will help prevent the teepee from sliding around on the wood floors and that it will be more comfortable. My daughter was on it.

👤It's what you pay for. The gray large one I bought was based on the sleep measurement. I compared it to our hound and pointer's favorite bed and it's not correct. It's more like a 24 x 19 sleeping area. The material is very thin and soft, I could see it shredding on delicates. The memory foam is too soft and colapses on the floor. It's an alright bed for a month if it fits the bill, but not long term forDurability, Material, or Joint Protection of your dog. I'm not sure if I'll order a size up.

👤Better than I anticipated. I have 3 Great Danes who like to steal seats on the couch. I've been looking at jumbo sized beds, but they are expensive. I got 2 of these for a little over $35 a piece. It's much better priced than similar items at petco or petsmart.

👤I bought this for my 120lb Rottweiler/lab mix and it's very nice. He has plenty of room to sprawl out and get comfortable even if he isn't big enough in the big sizes. It seems to be of good quality and he's happy.

7. Heavy Resistant Crate Reinforced Megaruffs

Heavy Resistant Crate Reinforced Megaruffs

The dog size is x Small, Medium, Large, x Large. Material:Polyester ripstop, Country/Region of manufacture:unknown, pet type: dog The MegaRuffs Beds Dog Crate Mat is a bundle.

Brand: Slumber Pet

👤I thought this was tough before we gave it to our dog. I guess not. It was torn to pieces within a day.

👤A dog chewed the end of the bed. It should not be advertised as proof. If you call it a vinyl bed, plastic bed, or whatever it is, it will get 5 stars. The price of $60 for a bed that is just regular can't be higher than a 2 star. The price tag made me believe it was the real deal, but I was disappointed in under 12 hours.

👤Not impressed with the bed. The dog in the picture destroyed it in a matter of seconds. This is supposed to be tough? If you have a chewer, look somewhere else. I bought a bed for my dog who is a very aggressive chewer, but she has not been able to destroy it. I'm going to get a crate pad from that brand.

👤It took my dog a week to chew through it, so I ordered the other crate pillows instead. He sleeps in his crate with a towel since he chewed all the stuffing out of the pillows we bought for him.

👤Our eight month old Texas heeler ate holes in the bed within an hour. It has a nice but firm padding in the center and is not useless.

👤I thought this was a good choice for my puppy as she is still teething. The mat was torn and not usable an hour after opening the package. The product description is false. I was told by email that there is no such thing as chew proof and that I need to teach my dog better. I was denied a return by the seller. Amazon filed a claim for me. Terrible overpriced product and people with zero customer service or business skills. Be careful!

👤The product does not hold up to its claims.

👤We love this mat. We bought a travel mat for our service dog, a small terrier, after finding one at a pet store in Maine. We have had it for 2 or 3 years. It is the perfect size to travel with and take into a restaurant for Max to lay on. It is easy to carry and clean. We've been trying to find the exact same mat to buy more and finally found it here. We bought two more and I am ordering a fourth so we can put it on both seats of our new truck for protection. I'm thinking about ordering the larger size for the truck's back seat to take care of those muddy paws. This is a multi purpose dog mat.

8. Elevated Adjustable Anti Slip Waterproof Breathable

Elevated Adjustable Anti Slip Waterproof Breathable

The anti-sLIP BEAR PAW is a dog. The unique feet design they called "Bear Paw" has a large contact area with the ground. The elevated dog bed will not shake even if your dog jumps on it. Even if the elevated dog bed is placed on the beach, the Bear Paw will remain stable and not slippery. STURDY & CHEW PROOF. The dog bed is made of chew proof material. The frame of the raised dog bed is very strong. The frame is not easy to bend and can support more than 150 pounds of dogs. The Oxford fabric surface is strong enough to support your dog without sagging and it is resistant to scratching paws. It is easy to assembly. Installation is easy, just follow the simple instructions and your pet can enjoy the raised dog cot within 10 minutes. Their pet bed is the best choice for dogs if you go camping or long-distance travel. The Oxford fabric surface is easy to clean because it is smooth and dirt-resistant, pet hair is not stuck to the mesh, and the dog bed will be clean again. The fabric can dry quickly if you rinse it with water. Outside dog bed can keep your dog away from dust of floor, provide a comfortable sleeping surface on any terrain, and allow air flow to keep your dog cool, which is suited for four seasons. The elevated design provides protection and isolation for your pet.

Brand: Luffwell

👤The bed was a waste of money. Pieces don't fit. The mat is small and the bars are easy to bend so it is not possible to hold onto it. My dog stepped on it and it collapsed. Don't buy!

👤I wasn't sure if my big dog would fit in the product and be supported. He's a 130+lb Saint Bernard and he walks around on the bed for a while before he gets to a position where he wants to lay down. I love that this bed keeps him above the ground. It's easy to clean. It's a canvas sheet, so it doesn't get dirty very easily, and when it does you can just spray it down. I'm impressed!

👤After the setup, we leave it up around the house. The parts were easy to put together. A simple setup. Our spoiled dog needed this, as he's getting older. He had no issues getting onto the bed because it was nice and low. Also, keeps him away from us.

👤If your dog is prone to lay around in dirt and bugs and you think he or she would be willing to use a bed that keeps them above the ground, this is a terrific choice. The first thing I noticed when I received it was that there was no instructions on how to assemble it. That may not be a bad thing, but if the person writing them doesn't speak your language, something is lost in translation. Proceed step-by-step. You should be okay. It should be. It took a lot of strength to get the final side of the frame assembled. It took a lot of effort. It means that the frame is tight. Really tight. It took me a while to be a strong guy. If you're slightly built or have arthritis, you may want to ask for help. The full assembly took all of 10 minutes, and it was pretty clear that the very sturdy'sling' is tight enough that it won. Even though I asked my dog to place it on it, it's still quite solid. I don't have enough time to figure out how it will hold up. I'm keeping it away from the sun in Florida, but I think it will last a while. I don't know if it's chew-proof. My dog has never shredded a bed, so I don't think he's going to start with this.

👤The dimensions were perfect for the space I wanted to use it in. The dimensions are the same as stated in the description. You have to follow the picture diagram in order to put this together. Which is no big deal. It is easy to put the frame together. I had to put fabric over the frame in order to secure it. The flap of fabric isn't long enough to cover the frame and then flip over. This was the first thing that was frustrating. The frame is not stable. The only way I can describe it is that the frame moves because of the joints at the corners. Nothing 'locks' together. The bed is unstable because of this. The fabric is easy to wipe down and the feet can adjust to different angles. I only gave this a 3-star rating because of the instability of the frame.

9. Western Sleeping Anti Anxiety Waterproof Anti Slip

Western Sleeping Anti Anxiety Waterproof Anti Slip

The design of the pet mat reduces anxiety. Allow more blood flow into pressure points while resting in the dog crate pads and you will be able to heal and restore. The high-density foam dog pillow bed is perfect for pets. TheTILE dog bed/mat is just about any room in your home. If your dog is 100 lbs or more, you should choose the XL size, which is 44" x 36". Your pet will get the rest that they deserve with the amazing support and cooler sleeping surface.

Brand: Western Home Wh

👤It works out great despite being a lot smaller and thinner than I expected. I have a small dog that loves to tear up beds. She has a lot of beds but so far she hasn't torn them up. I bought a large size but it wouldn't fit in her cage, so it's a bit small for her. It is soft and pleasant to look at.

👤I was not sure how this would be but I am happy to have purchased it. This one exceeded my expectations and I only needed a pad. The pad part is perfect and it is well made. My young dog likes lying on it and she chooses it as her place of choice. The fuzzy fabric is high quality. The deal is well worth it.

👤I bought two of them to have a spare. The bed is perfect for the crate. The bed is very soft. After I put the bed in her crate, she went to sleep for a few hours. She doesn't seem to have any complaints. She likes to chew on dog beds. I will have to wait and see how the bed holds up but it seems to be well built. It might last longer than her last bed.

👤The photo is larger than the thinner one. The problem is how they packaged it, it caused a hard ridge down the center of the mat that won't go away. It would be hard to lie on it for my dog. It is pretty bad.

👤I didn't know what it was when it arrived. The dog bed was folded in half and put in a plastic bag. A ridge remained in the middle of the bed when I unfolded it. I placed the mat on the bottom of the crate to make sure the bed was fluffier. As soon as my dog tried it, clumps of it began to fall apart. It looked like a bunch of gray mice. It's thin, it has a big ridge down the center, but my dog likes it. She moved the softer bed out of the way so she could sleep on this one. I would give it 1 star, but my hound gave it 5 stars, so we compromised with 3 stars.

👤My dog laid on it as soon as I put it on the ground. She loved it.

👤The crate bed is about 2 inches thick and has a nice feel to it. My dog can lay on it without any problems. He doesn't like beds or mats that are shredded to make it easier for him to lie on them. I usually use fleese blankets. I was hoping he wouldn't try shredding it. I was able to get the mat out of his crate without any damage to it or teeth marks. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen, and I've been doing it for 55 years. I will keep it for the puppy so she can sleep on it. I purchased the XXL for a 54" x 35" wire crate condo and it won't fit a 42" This is a nice bed. My dog has to shred everything to build a nest.

10. Bedsure Waterproof Large Removable Washable

Bedsure Waterproof Large Removable Washable

The dog bed pillow has a full-coverage inner liner to help protect the filling from accidents. The cover is re-sealable and machine washable. Large size dog bed pillows are not recommended for pets with chewing behavior, but they are easy to clean and have a non-skid bottom. This pet bed is made of plush polyfill stuffing and is ultra soft, so it keeps your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The portable dog crate mat can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be taken anywhere you and your partner go. Please note. The dog bed is compress-packed because they want you to spend money on the quality of the product, not the delivery freight. It will take some time for a recovery. Continue to fluff the bed if necessary.

Brand: Bedsure

👤We used two to line our car. Domenics slept well. The soft layer is not great for the water resistant part, because there is noMoisture Absorbing. The water proof part is below the soft surface. That does work. The foam mattress will remain dry, but the outer cover will smell like wet dog if it gets wet. There is a loose term formattress. It is more like a cheap pillow. Think of buying a pillow at Walmart. Are you sure you feel them right? This is a $10 pillow compared to the range of $5-$50 pillows. I don't suggest this for any type of bed for my dog, but I would suggest it for a solution, like road trips, on the living room floor, etc. I bought two of the largest ones. My two Irish wolfhounds and Great Danes were able to sleep close to each other, even though they were side by side.

👤The dog bed is nice. Dogs love it! It zips to remove and wash the cover, and it looks like it came out of the vacuum packing. My dogs are 50 and 40 lbs, in the photos, for reference. Hopefully it is tough enough. They have destroyed every other bed we have gotten.

👤Poor quality. I bought a dog bed a year ago that was four inches thick and my dogs love it. I bought a second one a couple weeks ago and it is barely 2 inches thick. I thought I had gotten a lemon when I ordered a replacement. The second one came and it was the same as the third one - not foam inside and not four inches. The first one was great. Number two and number three are not good. Don't buy them. They are either a different supplier or have changed the manufacturing process.

👤The dog and dog mom were approved. I stumbled upon this bed after another dog-bed failure. I would return a large if I wasn't satisfied. Dogs prefer this bed more often after six weeks. snacks are eaten on the bed and it is easy to clean, but I haven't had the chance to test water resistance. The inner has been clean so far. I can only imagine how a dog's urine would pool at the bottom of a crate if it was leaking through a zip. I can imagine the reverse of pooling urine under the zip if it were to happen, as the zip is at the bottom of the bed. The cover and inner are holding up well, and I was able to inflate them over 72 hours before use. I have purchased a second Bedsure, this time a bigger one. As time goes by, I will update this review.

👤Bedsure brand bamboo sheets and a quilt were great products, so I was happy to see their brand in the dog bed section. She refused to sleep in the other beds we got on Amazon, but her old bed was held together with duct tape. It took a few minutes to get her to try it. The bed filling is thin, but it seems puffy to me. My dog is 55 lbs and it works well. My toddler claimed "mine" as soon as he saw it and fought the dog for the bed. If you wanted to, you could put one in a crib or toddler bed.

11. JOYELF Orthopedic Removable Washable Squeaker

JOYELF Orthopedic Removable Washable Squeaker

High-quality materials. For maximum comfort, use 1Solid Memory Foam base for your pet's body. The dog bed is made from flame retardant material and has a built in rubber backing that is perfect for senior dogs. The base high-density memory foam can provide the ultimate sleep experience with superior overall comfort and to last, and the bottom is lined with to avoid the bed from ever sliding around. It is easy to maintain, simply remove the cover, zip closed, and find and remove hair. Do not immerse in water for long time, and Line dry better. There are gifts. Squeaker toys are gifts. The measurement is from the outside of the bolster. The sleeping area is 29'' x 20''. The base is made of memory foam. It's great for dogs of Medium to Large size.

Brand: Joyelf

👤I bought this for my golden retriever who has been affected by arthritis since he was 4 years old. I have managed her condition with supplements thus far but she has been getting sore and stiff when she first wakes up. It was time for the big guns. I had been looking for an orthopedic bed for a while now and I knew she would love it because of the reviews and the surrounding cushions. She was in the mattress when I put it in the packaging. She was trying to drag it around at first, but once she sat in it, I couldn't get her out. She loves it and I like seeing how comfortable she is. I think she likes the large size of the bed and the amount of wriggle room it gives her.

👤We needed a new bed for our dog. He is a little large for a Boston. I chose the Small JoyElf dog bed based on many recommendations and I like the way it looks. I put it on one of our couches which has soft cushions, the JoyElf Bed has a nice firm bottom pad built in which gives the perfect amount of support. Boston jumped up and took a nap as soon as I put the JoyElf bed on the couch. It was funny to see him in the Joy Elf Bed because he is normally very active and not a long term sleeper. The bed stays put because the materials are very well made and the bottom one has little rubber bits that don't slip. It took a couple of days to completely fluff out the smell of industrial material. Even though the stuffed dog bone has a squeaker in it, my dog doesn't care about it. Not much of a toy. The dimensions of the "small" JoyElf Memory Foam Bed are 17 inches wide, 17 inches tall, 2 inches thick, and 24 inches long. The cover is not permanent. I am very impressed with the comfort and quality of the product, as well as the design that allows our dog to park his head on the raised sides, and I think it's a keeper. This dog bed is very good.

👤I bought the small size for my Chiweenie. There is room for my Min Pin to lay down next to her because the size was perfect for her. It's a good bed for some dogs, but it's also a bad bed, because it sheds really bad. My Chiweenie likes to "dig" at her bed for a minute before she lays down and whenever she does this, pieces of fluff from the bedding get everywhere. It now looks like I own a large, fluffy, white dog, because of the fur on my pillows, blankets, and floor. I tried vacuuming the bed to see if it would help, but it didn't. I don't want the fluff to get all over my washing machine, so I'm hesitant to wash it. If you own a dog that likes to dig at their bed before laying down, this will make a huge mess in your house.


What is the best product for dog beds for large dogs chew proof?

Dog beds for large dogs chew proof products from Umchord. In this article about dog beds for large dogs chew proof you can see why people choose the product. Aiperro and Furhaven are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog beds for large dogs chew proof.

What are the best brands for dog beds for large dogs chew proof?

Umchord, Aiperro and Furhaven are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog beds for large dogs chew proof. Find the detail in this article. Toozey, Amazon Basics and Slumber Pet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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