Best Dog Beds for Extra Large Dogs Washable Cover

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1. Best Friends Sheri Calming Zippered

Best Friends Sheri Calming Zippered

Better sleep can be supported by a canine bed. The Donut Cuddler cat and dog bed is ideal for pets who like to curl up. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. The dog bed is made of vegan faux shag fur and is warm and cozy. Animals with deep crevices that allow them to burrow will have better sleep and better behavior. The Airloft fibers keep their loft longer than standard pet beds. TILE DESIGN and MAINTENANCE: Their cat and dog donut cuddler beds are a great addition to any room. Accidental messes won't reach your floors because of the water and dirt-resistant bottoms. The shells on the beds are machine washed. The entire bed is machine washed. Leave the bed to air dry as this will cause tangling and matting of the faux fur. There are certain materials that are safe for use in pet-safe environments. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has certified labs to ensure the safety of you and your pets. There are no skin irritating chemicals, harsh dyes or flame retardants. Their local customer service is only a phone call or email away to address any concerns and questions to ensure you and your pets are happy with your purchase.

Brand: Best Friends By Sheri

👤I took this out of the box and put it in a vacuum sealed plastic package. I didn't get any photos of that, but I did know it was going to be a hit. My dog jumped in and claimed the plastic that I cut away. He is still in his hold for at least an hour. We didn't make it to the dryer when we took it out of the vacuum sealed packaging because it was a little flat. My dog wouldn't leave it. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed, if you're considering this bed.

👤Lucy loves this bed. It took her a few minutes to get used to it after we introduced her to it. The small size was purchased by us. It is well padded on the sides and bottom. She can pinch into the interior edges. She will often put her leg in that area. It is as comfortable on the hardwood floors as it is on the sofa. I have posted pictures of Lucy on social media, and a few of my friends are going to order one for their dogs. I would be tempted to order one for myself.

👤There is a blank space in the bottom that isn't covered by cushions. My 11yo Schnauzer is clumsy now that he is arthritic. He has slept in my bed for a long time. He injured his back when he fell off my bed. I had to stop him from being in my bed because I knew it would be hard to get him into a dog bed. He loves fuzzy blankets, so I went to Amazon to find one for him. Thedoughnut has been correct. He can rest in it wherever he goes, because I brought it room to room. He has a disease that causes him to get hot, so I put a flat bed sheet on him, so he can cover up the fur of the bed. On chilly nights, he kicks the sheet off, and smushes it down in the bed. I can sleep soundly again, I don't worry he will roll off my bed again. I bought a large mini schnauzer. It fits 2 mini schnauzers on the rare occasion that the old guy I bought it for will allow his brother in.

👤When I received this bed, I liked it very much. My dog took a bit to warm up, but he liked it. I washed it and it fell apart. The inside of my washer was filled with tiny bits of polyester. I was disappointed that it did not hold up. I was expecting more for the price. The center of the bed was flat, unlike the sides which were very plush. I ordered the smallest size for my dog, but he doesn't take up half of it, unless I received the wrong size. I was impressed with the aspect of the bed that was made of fuzzy material. If you plan to keep it clean, I wouldn't recommend this bed.

2. Furhaven Pet Bed Dogs Cats

Furhaven Pet Bed Dogs Cats

It was designed for pets. The L-shaped corner sofa design promotes ultimate comfort and security, providing high-loft orthopedic cushion support as well as a super cozy nestling and burrowing space for dogs and cats. The sleep surface is sleepy. The main sleep surface is lined with plush faux fur and the supportive bolsters are wrapped in easy-care suede for enhanced snuggling and burrowing comfort. It's easy on joints. The egg crate has a foam base that helps cushion pressure points and improve air circulation, and bolster railings that support the neck, back, hips, and joints. Stone Gray is 36" x 27" x 6.5" and has a sleep surface of Approx. 31.5" x 22" There are available VARIANTS. The bed is available in a number of colors, including Stone Gray, Marine Blue, and Espresso. Easy care. For more specific washing instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label. Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven.

Brand: Furhaven

👤I am very pleased with the bed I ordered. This bed is perfect for my lab, which is 100 lbs. He really likes using the pillow and there is room to spare. The bed and pillow are thick. The bed is very nice looking in Stone Gray. My dog moves the bed around the house. It is very light. I love it.

👤The bed is very good for the price. So far my 120 lbs. have stood up to regular use. The dogs fit together well, and it doesn't get in the way of their weight. The Boxer's snores are resounding in approval as I write this review. If my two start sleeping apart more often, I will definitely buy a second one, but they prefer to sleep together and the jumbo size bed is big enough for them to share.

👤Wow! Red is a 115 pound golden retriever. I can tell he hurts because he's been having trouble walking. It's just old. He stepped on it when I took it out of the package and put it on the floor. He was asleep after turning three times. So good. He stood up this morning and didn't have to rise or fall. I haven't seen him stretch in a long time. He walked down the stairs without help and went to help our dog, White, chase the rodents. He was interested in more than sleeping on the front porch. We had it for a day. A day makes a difference.

👤The product is not like the pictures shown. The side bolsters are not straight. It is made with cheap fabrics and bolster stuffing that feels like newspaper. Will be back soon.

👤My husband and I bought this bed for our dog. He is an older dog who is dying and needs an extra cozy bed as he is very thin and needs the support. He wagged his tail and walked over to the bed. He hopped on the train. It's rare for him to sleep hours before moving. Our doberman was very comfortable in the bed. The color and style were great. It's perfect for when he wants to rest his head because of the pillow lip. He loves it and we love it. 3

👤I got this for my 8 year old greyhound mix who is starting to wake up with pain in his joints in the mornings. It worked for all of the 5 nights. The foam in the corner collapsed in the middle of the night, giving less than half an inch of padding to the floor. I was hoping that the density would hold out longer than it did, even with constant pressure in one location, due to the fact that she curls up exclusively in that corner and the rest of the bed has retained its shape.

👤I almost didn't purchase this for fear that I'd end up with an egg crate bed, but I ordered theDeluxeChaise and it's definitely thick memory foam and cooling gel foam. I have a dog who likes to lie on cold tile and immediately took to the bed. I have a 50lb Australian Shepherd who likes to sprawl out, and the Jumbo is bigger than he needs, but I don't regret it! The quality of the bed is much better than similar styles in chain stores.

3. Bedsure Orthopedic Medium Removable Washable

Bedsure Orthopedic Medium Removable Washable

The foam dog bed is made from 3 high density eggs and provides maximum support and comfort for pets of all ages. The side pillow on the sofa-style bed design adds extra support to your pet's neck and head for a better sleep. The flannel cover on the sleep surface is soft and comfortable for dogs and cats. The studded plastic bottom is non-skid and can fix the position of the dog bed. The cover is easy to clean. The inner foam has a cover that protects against dog pee and feces.

Brand: Bedsure

👤The dog bed was comparable to others online at a slightly lower price point, but great reviews. My must haves are soft padding for my dog's hips and a cover for my machine. I wash monthly and replace yearly. TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Costco have dog beds that I have purchased. The color I ordered was gray, but I think it's more on the side of gray and blue. The bed is soft with a pillow top sewn into the cover and a separate piece of foam on the bottom. I like the idea of a separate cover to wash, but I would like to see the pillow top come out for washing. The bottom cushion is a foam egg carton cushion top. It isn't a memory foam. I would compare it to foam you would buy at a craft store. It is okay. I like the idea of the dog beds with chunks of foam or memory being more comfortable and lasting as they plump up again when they get sunlight and fresh air. My dog did not hesitate to pounce on it once it was assembled. This is horrible with the zip on it. There is a reason for removing a star. I don't think the bottom foam or the zipper will last a year. It seems like it's inevitable for the zipper to get on the foam. I need a rectangular dog bed and this one is decent for the price. I rank the dog beds at the top of the pile because they only sell the large round ones. They are easy to remove cover for washing and are durable.

👤I bought this bed twice for my Great Pyrenees. The foam on the first bed was huge. The dog lay on the bed over the couch. He won't sleep on our bed so I thought I'd buy him a new one. I went to my orders and bought the same bed. Wait a few days, bed arrives. The bed looked the same, but the foam looked cheap. It's an expensive piece of shit. The dog hates the second bed because of the textured foam. What kind of quality control is this? It's too much of a pain to ship back, so it's in the room ignored by the dog. They wouldn't recommend if they couldn't ship the original mattress.

👤The size guide was the only thing that was amazing. The large is barely large enough for my puppy. When ordering, go with the next size up.

👤The pet bed looks exactly like the picture. The foam padding is sturdy and not flimsy, and the material is soft with a nice thickness. I thought that the bed was a 5 star bed. The breaks were hit when I tried to put the padding in. I held the piece of the top of the zipper that was crumbled in my hand. It crumbled into 3 pieces. I thought I could put it back together, but it was obvious that pieces were missing, which caused it to fall apart. I tried to pull the zip up with my hand, but the zip wouldn't budge, so I had to use the padding. I tried long nose pillars. I couldn't get the zip up to move. I decided to check the low rated reviews because of this issue and found that there are other buyers who have experienced the same issue. Come on manufacturers! You have to get it right. To assemble the bed and remove the fabric, you need the zipper. A bed with great fabric and functioning zippers is useless without one.

4. Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Extra Large

Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Extra Large

The dog bed is made of high density memory foam, which provides support and cushion for the joints to maximize sleep comfort. The high density gel memory foam is thick. The gel memory foam dog bed has a better cooling capacity and works to absorb and draw heat away. The blue one should be on top and the white one below. There will be no difference in quality. The Extra Large dog bed is great for senior and arthritic pets. The waterproof inner lining under the memory foam prevents liquid from penetration. The dog bed can be fixed with non-slip dots on the bottom. It is not suitable for pets with destructive chewing behavior. The cover is machine washable. The cover is made of delicate patterns and is suitable for year-round use. The pet bed has upgraded zippers and reinforced stitches.

Brand: Bedsure

👤My boxers ranged in size from 65 to 85 lbs, and I purchased two of the larger beds. They are great! Soft but supportive of them. They love the beds. The box is packed with two compressed pads that quickly expanded when opened, and then they slip into the water proof cover, and the pads have their own protection. I love how the cover opens on both sides, so I am not trying to smooth the pads in. Their customer service is top notch and they have a great price. The picture shows three of them crowding on to one of the beds and ignoring the other beds in the room, the other dog being selfish and keeping the other bed to herself.

👤The layers are not labeled when they arrive. It was easy to assemble. The handle makes it easier to carry. I am a vet and just found out my old man has arthritis of his elbows. New beds were part of getting him more comfortable. We bought two of these because his 120# was so happy. He has plenty of room to stretch out on the large size.

👤I have purchased two brands that cost around $100 and the other one that cost $199, but they couldn't be returned because of the past 30 days. I got another dog bed and returned it. I gave up looking and bought the perfect one. I started looking again after getting so much time on my hand. I thought expensive meant good quality. I came across Bedsure. I was wondering why it didn't have thousands of reviews like other ones, but pictures and descriptions are pretty good. I thought the price was competitive and I didn't have to pay a lot. I washed the cover after I received it. It was well packaged. Everything was still in place after the cover was washed. Most foam beds have a chemical smell. The bed inflated after a couple hours. Wow! The foam doesn't sink when my dog lays on it. I tried sitting on it and it wasn't feeling right. My dog is about ten years old and I want him to be comfortable. If you are looking for a dog bed. This is it, 101%. They will thank you for it. It also comes with a waterproof cover. The dog bed is very nice and cheap.

👤I was expecting a bed that was not as good as this one. I let it sit overnight and as soon as I put it together my dogs refused to leave it. They love it. The foam is thick and soft. The large is the perfect size for my 65lb boxer with room to spare for his little boy. The company is wonderful. They sent me an email when I ordered thanking me and giving me all the instructions for washing and drying. I would order another one.

👤My husky approves! It is rolled into 3 pieces. 2 foam layers are in the covers and the other is denser. It was easy to put the 2 foam layers in the outer cover before they expanded.

5. Toozey Orthopedic High Density Removable Waterproof

Toozey Orthopedic High Density Removable Waterproof

Toozey dog bed is made of high-quality memory foam and high density support foam, which relieve joint pain and provide strong support to maximize sleep comfort, let your pet go to sleep peacefully and comfortably. The dog beds for large dogs clearance surface are made of premium plush which is so soft to the touch that any pet can resist such soft comfort. The bottom can be fixed on the floor of the home. The waterproof inner liner makes it easy to care for. The premium plush cover can be put into the washing machine for cleaning. You don't need to spend a lot of time taking care of the dog beds because of the convenient and efficient way to clean them. You can choose from four different sizes of the dog bed: S: 24x16"x3", M: 29x18"x3", and L: 35" The dog bed gives your dog more space to sleep. It can be used as a dog crate bed and also as a kennel bed. In different scenes, let your dog sleep in. Take a few shots to make the dog bed expand after unpacking. The sponge should be left in the pet bed for a few hours to help it bounce back. The dog bed should not be placed in direct sunlight. This will help prolong the time of the sponge and increase the service life of the dog bed. They are certain that your pet will love the dog beds. Please contact them if you have any questions. Toozey customer service will resolve your problem in 24 hours.

Brand: Toozey

👤My old girl likes this bed. She'd lay down for a couple of days and then she'd come up and go to her bed in the living room. The waterproof "plastic" that goes around the mattress is what I figured out. I took it off and viola! You can see that she is sleeping nicely. I bought a large bed for the baby who is 65 lbs. She's about 14 1/2 and set in her ways like her mom. The way that plastic felt under the cover made me dislike it. If anyone else has a bad pupper, it can be easily removed. A great price for a bed. I'm happy with it.

👤The dog bed is great. It works well in my dog's crate. My friend will be 14 years old next month and he has arthritis in his legs. He decided to chill out in his crate instead of going to the end of the couch because he was enjoying his new bed so much.

👤I got this for my boyfriend's dog to have a place to go other than our bed. It seems very comfortable to him, MzE He likes it over the couch. I don't know how durable it is because he hasn't tried chewing it. He doesn't seem to care that much now that he has this. I would recommend going a size up for dogs. I got a large bed for a medium sized dog because he likes sleeping in when he sleeps. I worry that a medium would be too small. I feel like this bed will last a long time. It would be great for older dogs with joint issues.

👤My dog knew it was his when we opened the product. He loves studying. I like the fact that my dog feels appreciated. I am very happy with this purchase and it is very easy to wash.

👤It's loud because of the waterproof liner, so it sounds like he's ruffling around with news paper at night. I have not tried cleaning the outer liner. I may update this weekend. It is worth the buy for now.

👤This dog bed is very nice. It arrived like a memory foam mattress, all rolled up. Within an hour it was all puffed up. The cover is soft and can be washed. There is a waterproof liner on the inside. The large size is large enough for my lab to share. It would be large enough for adane.

👤So comfortable! The cover is soft but firm for support, so I would recommend snuggling up with my dog and reading while she rests her head on me. Excellent quality!

👤My doxle loves sleeping in his little tent, but it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of support. I put the tent on top of the bed and it worked out perfectly. I sleep better knowing he's supported. The bed has an easy to remove cover. Highly recommended.

6. AmazonBasics Foam Small White Black

AmazonBasics Foam Small White Black

A foam pet bed is used for general indoor use. Give your pet a place to sleep and relax. Joint stress is alleviated by dense foam filling. The flannel surface helps retain body heat. The canvas edges and bottom are printed. It is easy to clean theremovable cover. Do not use bleach, wash separately in cool water with mild detergent, line dry, do not dry clean or iron, dry completely before use, and make sure to reshape if needed. Extra-small to small-sized dog and cat breeds are best suited for the small size (20 x 15-inch).

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤My dog is a terrible typist and I'll be reviewing this in his stead. It was too small for me to lay down on but I could tell it was comfortable. Maybe a bit soft. I probably put more pressure on it than the dog does. The dog could not tell the difference between the picture and the color he was blind in. If you're using this for a crate, make sure you measure the floor space of your crate before buying. It's not an issue with the wire type of crate, but the plastic airline style has different floor dimensions than the total exterior dimensions.

👤The medium was for an older pit bull. It was smaller than stated. It is only 30x20 inches. The foam inside is very sturdy. You need to state correct measurements on the mobile app. I will return it.

👤Product dimensions are not available on the mobile app. The dimensions in the Q&A section are not accurate. The medium is too small for a crate of 34" x 22" It's not going to bother to return because of the cumbersome packaging. We'll have to use in a pinch, but we're looking for a bed that fits our dog's crate. I'm not willing to gamble on a large since returns would be difficult. The foam is very hard, but the cover seems ok. My dog doesn't like it as much as his old bed, which he shredded after months. We will see if it holds up.

👤I bought this for my dog because it was a landing pad for her when she jumps off the bed. It has worked well for her, but she also enjoys laying on it during the day, and it's funny seeing her on a bed for her size. It's very comfortable and seems to last a long time. I laid down on it with her and enjoyed it. I don't think this can be beat for the price compared to what a similar bed would cost elsewhere.

👤The beds need to be shared by Amazon. Reviews indicated larger dimensions. Returned a large to fit our crate.

👤I was looking for a week at all the large, to extra large pet beds. Most are thick. I know my dog. It wouldn't do. He sneaked up on to the couch because his last bed wasn't thick enough. I had to put his blanket in his bed because he wouldn't sleep on it without it, but once I washed it and put it there, he was there 24/7. It is 4” thick and soft. There is still room for my two kids to pile up on the bed with him. I wanted to be sure about the size of the bed because my dog is large and there was no measurement. I said I would buy an XL because others said it was smaller than expected. My dog is about 120 lbs. and would fit in the large bed. It was a bonus to have an extra large bed for him. I don't think it's hard to wash with the slip and zip up. My kids are always on it with the dog and it seems to be holding up well. I am very satisfied with this purchase, I am sure my moose is as well.

7. MIHIKK Orthopedic Egg Crate Removable Waterproof

MIHIKK Orthopedic Egg Crate Removable Waterproof

The large dog beds filled with 4-inch thick egg foam help relieve pressure and create added support for the spine, muscles, and joints when resting and relaxing on the pet bed. Anti chew. The large dog bed inner lining is made to protect against accidents, but it also suffers from moderate chewing and scratching. The dog mat water-proof lining prevents the dog's urine or saliva from entering the spongeoints when resting and relaxing on the pet bed. A large dog bed is 41 x 30 x 4-inch and can be used for dogs up to 90 pounds. Just shake and pat it before use, it is a vacuum-packed bed in a box. Easy Clean: the large dog beds with a premium smooth zipper, help the dog bed cover easy to take off, machine wash the outer cover separately, and tumble dry low.

Brand: Mihikk

👤I was angry because it came in a small box. When I opened the box, I saw that they vacuum sealed it to get it flat, like when you buy a mattress in a box; it fills out great once you get everything out of the bags. It was easy to put the cover in, like it was for my couch cushions. It fits my standard size labradoodle.

👤It's perfect for my little boy. I got it for his 13th birthday because he is starting to show signs of bad hips. I got the largest one for my child as a Medium 60 lbs dog and it seems the complaints about being too small is because you ordered the item without looking at the measurement. Maybe the only thing I needed was the dimensions, so I didn't see a lbs rating.

👤This is a nice bed for a dog. My dogs like other beds more than the one I used, but they took some getting used to. To not sink is firm enough. You can take the case off and wash it. The cover is very soft. It has a weird smell to it. I washed it and it still smelled weird.

👤The foam mattress on the pet bed will be damaged when packed. It will be a pancake. The cover and water proof should be taken off. In the sun light, place foam in window or doorway. It will fluff back to its original shape after 10 minutes in the sun. There was a bad hump where I lived. A little extra time in the sun to heat the floor. I put my laundry basket full of clothes on top. The fold was gone when it cooled down. The pet bed is made of high quality materials. Seams to be planted. The zippers are sturdy and nice. The inner water cover is a little thin, but it will do the job if there is an accident. When removing and replacing, be gentle. The foam pad is firm with weight added. There is a In my opinion... A great buy and upgrade for my fur babes.

👤The price was good, the bed was thick, and the case came off for easy washing.

👤My shelties will be comfortable in the cargo area of my car. The size is perfect for you.

👤My lab can't digest stuffing. This one stops her interest from getting out of hand. It doesn't stop her from sleeping/napping on it. The perfect size is 75 lbs lab. It is very easy to clean the cover.

👤The cover isremovable. I had to wash it because of the large dog who had its eyes bigger than its tummy. It was easy to remove and wash. This one was great because most of the time I start falling apart first wash. The dogs like it. They lay in their kennel most of the time. The comfort is what old girls love.

8. MIXJOY Orthopedic Anti Slip Waterproof Removable

MIXJOY Orthopedic Anti Slip Waterproof Removable

Premium Memory Foam is made of safe foam and is designed to provide optimum support for your pet's unique figure, as well as reduce the joint pain of pets, improve pet health, and help them have good sleep. Pets with chewing behavior are not recommended. The cover is waterproof to ensure daily drying of the internal memory foam, and also has a zip design on the outer cover, which is especially useful for quickly assemble or simple remove for machine or hand washing. Without worry, you can save your time. The Pet-Safe Bed cover is made of soft, silky fabric and grey color will fit for any room décor. The small and medium sizes pet bed is good for outdoor, indoor, vehicles and crate and measures approximately 29L x 18W x 3H - Inches. It works well for pets up to 40 pounds. It arrives in a box and can be inflated for up to 24 hours. The non-skid bottom design of the cushion prevents your pet from moving when they step on it, or when they are curled up for a nap.

Brand: Mixjoy

👤My dog jumped on the package when he opened it. It is good quality and matching colors.

👤A dog bed. There are towels on the floor. Gave as a gift. Would buy again.

👤I have two dogs that are 45 lbs and I think I got the Large size. They love to lounge on it. It won't hold up to a gentle attack under supervision.

👤My dog loves this bed, it seems to be well built. You can wash the cover as often as you please. I will buy this bed again.

👤I bought this foam for my dog. He has broken several mats before. He slept on this foam the first night. The foam is hard to tear apart.

👤I was looking for a thick bed for my fur baby and I thought I found it. What a disappointment! The side of the cover is less than 3 feet tall. I allowed the foam to sit for 48 hours and it was less than 3 feet in height. I'll be contacting Amazon about this. Don't waste your money on a thick bed for your dog.

👤My dog is happy in this bed. The cover is soft and resists digging.

👤This is a good product. The bed is firm and soft. My dog loves it. It has a cover and memory foam. The cover is easy to put on.

9. HLong Recyclable Elevated Removable Replacement

HLong Recyclable Elevated Removable Replacement

The elevated design raises your pet over 7 inches up off the ground, which allows air to flow freely from all directions, helping your furry companions stay cool and dry. It keeps your pet out of the cold, hot, damp or hard ground and it also benefits your pet's health. The dog bed is easy to assemble and clean, and can be directly installed by using the plug-in and bungee straps. The larger canopy makes it easier to lie down. It was easy to put together and it is light and easy to disassemble, so your pet can enjoy it. Its surface is easy to clean and maintain. The pet cot is made of high-quality materials and firm structure, which is very wear-resistant, scratch-resistant,aging resistance, excellent breathability and high strength. The bed and canopy are securely in place with the help of metal pipe legs and four stable non-skid feet. The protected canopy provides shade to your pet while still being protected from harmful rays and the heat of the summer. It is very suitable for outdoor use because it can effectively block sunlight and rain. A portable pet bed. It is convenient to carry whenever you go. It's ideal for camping, lawns, and beaches. The pet cot can be used as a sturdy indoor bed if the canopy is quickly removed. There is a bonus replacement bed.

Brand: Hlong

👤I don't like to write bad reviews, but I don't want other puppy parents to buy this and be as disappointed as I was. This design is very flimsy. You would think that there would be one long rod on each side, but instead there are 3 smaller rods per side. If they are attached to junctions that held it in place, that may be ok, but they are so loose in the junction that they fall out if you tilt it. We were hoping it would be ok once it was assembled, but it wasn't. When my dog tries to step onto it, the whole thing jiggles. This was supposed to be designed for large dogs. It was too wobbly for Akita to get on it. Send it back. It's :-

👤This is the cheapest piece of junk I have ever spent money on. The cheap plastic frame is not durable and the legs keep falling out. The cheap material was ripped when we were sliding. The one I got looked like it was used and then sent back. The instructions for assembly are hard to follow. If you want something that is worth the price, save your money and look elsewhere.

👤It's perfect for deck use. I bought a large size for my dog. My boy thought it was a trampoline when he jumped up and down. He finally realized this is his rest bed. The weather is getting cold so we moved to a house with a rest bed. He likes it. Quality so far looks good. Hopefully could stay longer and move out next summer. My boy is very happy about it.

👤I paid for a 3.5 sided mattress for my dog. He is blind and needs to know where to go and where not to go. He loves the setup. He's safe, comfortable, and relaxes. He feels included when we go camping. It's easy to assemble, and big. He deserves it. I like the mesh bottom for the movement of air and dirt. We use it for camping. Please ask any questions.

👤My pup was afraid of the canopy when he first saw it, but he is a big fan of this subbed. We gave her a week or so to get used to it without the canopy, and then added it recently. She was a little hesitant, but we have succeeded. If you have a dog that likes to scratch their way to China, it is a plus that it was delivered with an additional bedding area. It was almost sent back, but I gave her time to get used to it. Highly recommended!

👤Excellent quality. It is easy to assemble, strong enough to hold 65 lbs dog without sinking in the middle, and the canvas can be sprayed down with a hose or thrown in a washing machine. The shade cover has a bag to hold it when not in use. The cot doesn't fold making it difficult to transport in a car, the only disadvantage with this product. It is a great product.

10. FurHaven Pet Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress

FurHaven Pet Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress

It was designed for pets. The classic pet bed mattress design gives both dogs and cats plenty of room to sleep in a variety of different positions, with the gusseted sides providing additional cushion for enhanced nestling and lounging. The sleep surface is sleepy. The main sleep surface is lined with thick, soft, plush curly faux fur that is gentle on noses and paws for enhanced comfort. It's easy on joints. The egg crate foam mattress helps distribute body weight, cushion pressure points, and improve air circulation to help ease discomfort and encourage sleep. The Jumbo is 44" x 35" x 4. There are available VARIANTS. The bed is available in Cream, Chocolate, and Gray. Easy care. For more specific washing instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label. Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven. Pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior are not suitable.

Brand: Furhaven

👤I don't usually write reviews unless I'm blown away by a product or company. People should be aware of the poor quality of this product. I paid for a dog bed that I got, and I was looking for an inexpensive one. I expected them to last longer than a few months. I removed the covers to wash them and was amazed at what the insides looked like. I had noticed that the middle was collapsing but I didn't think it would be completely gone. I bought these in February and they were in good shape for a few months. I have two dogs, one is 75 lbs and the other 55 lbs. We can get our dogs to stay off of our bed by using these dog beds. There were no tears in the covers when I removed them for the first time.

👤I bought this bed for my puppy. The "orthopedic" foam was destroyed when I pulled the cover off to wash it. My pet did not destroy this item. It is not eligible for a return. This should have held up for more than 4 months. The foam insert is disappointing. The cover will be washed. My dog only lays on this at night. It's a pity.

👤The dog bed is one of the best investments I have ever made. I can't tell you how many dog beds I have spent my money on and my dogs don't use them. Both of my dogs love it! It is easy to clean and lasts a long time.

👤It was completely flattened in a couple days, like other reviewers said. After 30 days, I took the cover off to wash it, and the foam inside was already disintegrating, so I had to throw it down the drain. The picture is below.

👤Over the years, I have purchased 6 of the same dog bed from Fur Haven. I bought one a month ago. I bought another one a week ago because I needed an extra one in another room. The new bed had a strange smell. The old bed had an egg crate insert, while the new bed had a thin piece of foam. I have never had an issue with this company before, but how did the product change so much in 3 weeks with no change in the description or price? The old and new beds are shown in the photo.

👤Poorly made. It was high priced. I was expecting more quality since it is advertised as "Orthopedic". I gave the cover 3 months to start peeling and degrading after I opened it. I don't have a choice as I'm using it for my dog who is recovering from knee surgery. Will try to find a more reliable bed on the weekend. Does not meet the description.

👤I had to buy a new bed. My dog is a mobility assist dog and keeping his joints in good health was important to him. He was very uncomfortable because I had to cover this with 2 comforters. You could tell he was not comfortable when he got up and tried to get comfortable many times. You should go with an otheropedic bed. I found a bed that was sqooshy and not hard and rigid like other othopedic beds and it was over $60. If your dog is not a service dog or an elderly dog, then this is a better bed. Money was wasted. This was a perfect size, but when you push down on it, you feel the floor. I had to put a comforter over it to make it soft for my dog. He loves it! He is a large dog. Large - Brown

11. WNPETHOME Orthopedic Waterproof Washable Removable(XL

WNPETHOME Orthopedic Waterproof Washable Removable%EF%BC%88XL

The dog bed is waterproof and has a soft faux fur surface. The dog bed is 42 x 30 x 4 inches and is suitable for load-bearing less than 90 ibs. After opening the package, leave it in the air for 24 hours and the dog bed will rebound and become full. The faux fur large dog bed surface with luxury rose pattern short plush provides a calming and anti anxiety feeling. The Egg-foam Inner is thick. Older pets can benefit from the extra support and security of a large dog bed, which is filled with 4 inch high resilient foam. The waterproof dog crate bed cover is easy to remove, quick to clean, and will be as good as new, so just throw it in the washing machine and it will be as good as new.

Brand: Wnpethome

👤The dog bed is great. There is a memory foam inner layer and a fur outter layer. The fabric is great. The girl jumped in it and took a nap. It is very soft for her. Excellent recommendation.

👤It's perfect for my growing dog and kitten. It is light weight. We can move it as needed. It was easy to remove the cover when it needs to be washed.

👤A 13 years old Golden mixed dog was fostered by us. The previous owner abandoned her because she was pregnant at that age. We decided to adopt her after the rescue. This bed is for her. I have not allowed her to use this bed yet because she is still bleeding down there, and I let her use towels and change it twice a week. The bed is very nice looking and would be perfect for her. She will love it. I will update the picture once she uses it. This bed is a good investment for now. This bed has the ability to wash the cover, which is a must for me. I didn't mention it. I ordered the largest size and it was in a small box that got lost in my other Prime boxes. The formular can show you how small it is. The mattress is packed separately from the cover. I'm pretty sure it will expand later.

👤The product is amazing for a great price.

👤My dog is very fond of this bed. He knows that he has his own space and now takes his toys to it. The value is great.

👤If Winnie is happy, I am happy.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She says it works great when friends come over. A friend slept on it.

👤After the foam insert was rolled up, I was really happy with it. I would buy it again.


What is the best product for dog beds for extra large dogs washable cover?

Dog beds for extra large dogs washable cover products from Best Friends By Sheri. In this article about dog beds for extra large dogs washable cover you can see why people choose the product. Furhaven and Bedsure are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog beds for extra large dogs washable cover.

What are the best brands for dog beds for extra large dogs washable cover?

Best Friends By Sheri, Furhaven and Bedsure are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog beds for extra large dogs washable cover. Find the detail in this article. Toozey, Amazon Basics and Mihikk are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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