Best Dog Antlers for Aggressive Chewers

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1. Big Dog Antler Chews Aggressive

Big Dog Antler Chews Aggressive

You will get either a 2-point, 3-point, or 4-point if you choose to. These are Jumbo deer's antlers. Great for large dogs who are aggressive chewers. A custom cut, trimmed and sanded. Natural Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese and Zinc are great for Tartar Control. Big dog chews are made from wild deer tlers. The perfect indoor chew leaves no greasy mess on the floors and does not smell like other dog chews. All edges have been sanded smooth.

Brand: Big Dog Antler Chews

👤A one year old Belgian Malinois - German Shepherd Dog cross named Makoa is a tenacious chewer who can destroy a raw butcher bone or chew toy in minutes, no matter the claim of how long it will last. He has household items that are shredded. I tried smaller antlers and they were able to endure his gnawing and he remained interested in them. He immediately became enamored with the Big Dog antler chew. He took it to his usual resting place to work on it after he snached it. He was able to handle and hold it as well as roll, flip, toss and play with it because of its size. No cracks, splits or splinters have been reported so far. It met his endurance and durability tests. We probably want to destroy something if he doesn't have something, because he will find something if he doesn't have something. I think it's good to leave him this to occupy his mind and energy.

👤I bought this antler for my boxer. I debated buying it because of the price and the fact that my dog destroys chew toys and bones, but I buy him with a day's supply. I read the reviews and decided to take the chance. The antler arrived and I was very happy with it. He took it to his favorite place behind the table to work on it, because it was a great size for him. When he doesn't want to be interrupted, he takes things behind there. He knows that my wheelchair is hard to get back to. I had him lay on his bed so that I could watch him. I wanted to watch for splinters and breaks with his other chews. But not this one! It wears down after a while, it doesn't break or splinter. Its been over two months now. He's still working on that antler. It had 3 points on it and one had grown together. The double point is almost worn out after 2 months, but he still has 2 more to go. This has been the best chew for my monster. Big Dog Antler Chews has another antler that is larger than the one I bought. It seems like a lot for a chew toy, but it's nothing when you consider how long it lasts and how happy he is. I'm happy that it's natural and safe for him.

👤The only negative thing I can say is 1. The price is high. I think my dog had horrible gas every time he went to town because he was probably just swallowing air while chewing and not actually the products fault, but I think you should be alarmed. It was worth every penny because he would just gnaw on it. My dog is a German Shepard mix and requires a lot of attention. If I've worked a long day and am too exhausted to go on our usual long walks, this is a great toy for him because he's entertained for long periods of time and it never made his gums bleed which traditional bone toys have done in the past. I'll probably buy again when he finishes the last part of the nub. I think I bought this a few months ago.

2. Pur Luv Chicken Treats 84725

Pur Luv Chicken Treats 84725

Pur Luv Triple Flavor Kabobs are made with delicious real chicken, chicken liver, and duck that dogs love wrapped around tasty beefhide skewers. These kabob treats are perfect for keeping your dog entertained. Pur Luv treats feature limited ingredient decks so you know what you are feeding your dog. The Triple Flavor Kabobs are packed with three delicious flavors.

Brand: Pur Luv

👤Another food with toxins in it, FD&C Red #40 This needs to be taken out of the manufacturing process. Not good for humans and not good for dogs.

👤My dog had a bad reaction to eating these treats, but he had nothing else new introduced to his diet. We didn't know at first, but we gave it a second try and it worked the same way.

👤The kabob had rawhide strips leftover, but my dog chewed the meat. It would take her a couple minutes to chew off the chunks and bring them back.

👤The kabob treats are a long lasting chew perfect for keeping your dog entertained. My dog can eat the bone in pieces.

👤I have a huge Great Pyrenees who doesn't like to chew on hard things and doesn't like dog food. This guy doesn't need bones, rawhide, or kibble. Soft food doesn't keep his teeth strong. My dog is really excited by the soft meat on the treats. It's the only treat that he jumps up and down for, chases after, and even picks it up to throw for himself, to enjoy the play and the chase, before selling it. By the time he chews the soft nuggets off it, he's already committed, and continues to gnaw on the rawhide, which helps his teeth. The cost is the only downside. My big man is 130 lbs. He gets 3-4 treats a day. At 6 packages a month, we but these on authorship. It gets expensive with a big dog, but it's worth it.

👤My dog likes these snacks. The product is always fresh, but it doesn't last very long because Murphie loves them so much.

👤My German shorthair pointer can't eat them fast enough. What a great combination of dog food. It would be an understatement to recommend it.

👤My dogs had stomach issues. I stopped giving them these treats.

3. Craving Canine Resistant Aggressive Glucosamine

Craving Canine Resistant Aggressive Glucosamine

You can get stronger thighs and better healthcare in 30 days. No questions! If your pet doesn't like their dog chews, they'll give you a full refund. What do you have to lose? It is absolutely risk-free to try them now. Their products are made in the USA and are made for parents who care about their pets. Their deer tlers are free of harmful chemicals and are a great solution for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Save your shoes, remote controls, and bedpost! Give your dog a USA Antlers gift. Their dog chews are safe for all dogs and will eliminate your fear of allergic reactions. There are healthy JOINTS, DURABLE TREATS, and CHEMICALS. Their dog bones are odorless. A great source of Glucosamine. It is possible to improve your dog's joint health and mobility. Dental damage can be prevented with a healthy diet and no sore teeth. There is no need to worry about clean up. Their Antlers will not stain the face of your dog. They have special promotions below.

Brand: Craving Canine

👤I have purchased 6 or 7 packages of these antlers over the years because I have never found anything that my dogs could not destroy or something that held their interest for more than a day. They have lasted longer than I expected because of my dog's death a year ago. The antlers are amazing. Excellent quality for the price. When my dogs showed a bit of boredom, I boiled them in a pot of chicken soup and they devoured it. Ryan called me back when I had questions, and chatted for a long time. This is a business that cares about their customers. I cannot overstate my happiness at finding these antlers. There is no smell or mess.

👤I wanted to see how long these would last before I wrote this review. I got the 5 for my Great Dog and the 5 for my friend. They are still going strong after 5 months of chewing. These are very high quality. They leave no mess, don't smell and last for a long time. It takes my dog quite some time to wear them down because he chews so much on them. Will definitely do that!

👤The antlers were not old. I think it's more fragile because I have a big dog. The dogs loved them and they were presented well. I only give my dogs shed antlers. I don't trust rawhide and I don't trust plastic. They should always be aware of what they are chewing. They get it too small. It becomes a hazard. It is too small to fit in their mouth. I give my mastiffs to my in-laws chihuahua when he chews too small. They get ty.

👤I thought it was great that my dogs liked it and that it kept them busy. My adult dog was 7 years old when my puppy was 10 months old. I found a crack in my adult dog's chewing tooth when I examined her teeth at brushing time. The tooth was destroyed and had to be removed. A tooth that had been healthy in her vet dental visits for a year and a half has now been damaged. I had to pay $450 out of pocket because I had insurance. Don't make a mistake and think it's a good thing for your dogs. Don't believe in the product. The description and marketing for it on Amazon is false. If they know that this is happening to dogs and still selling this product, it's a gross mismanagement and all they care about is profit. I hope someone can remove it from the shelves.

👤I have a Border Collie pup that loves chewing and has been since we got him. I tried many toys and chews, but he chewed them up in an instant, even though they said for aggressive chewers. I read a lot of reviews to find something that would last for him and be safe for him, something that he wouldn't be bored with and something that would be successful. I saw this company on Amazon and read the reviews that said the product was safe for your dog, so I decided to try it. I will buy the only thing now. My puppy loves them and they last and last. I don't have to worry about splinters or smell in them because the company has done everything they can to make them safe for dogs. I highly recommend this product because the company takes the time to care for it.

4. JimHodgesDogTraining Brand Premium Alternative Rawhides

JimHodgesDogTraining Brand Premium Alternative Rawhides

Premium quality dog chews with small split deer. Great for small dogs. Halves or Quarters are used for easier chewing and smaller mouths. Do you have questions about the size of your dog? Feel free to contact them. chew products such as Himalayan dog chews, Bully Sticks, Rawhides, Pigs Ears, etc. are not as long-lived as the elk tlers. Their tlers are larger and heavier than their competitors. Order their animals. If you don't like the size you receive, you can get a full refund. Great for indoors. Greasy Mess on your floor or hands is not acceptable. The perfect chewing distraction for your dog or puppy to explore. While your dog or puppy chews, always supervise them. Natural Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese and Zinc are great for Tartar Control. The forest floor in the USA is just as nature intended. No harm comes to the animal. There is no elk farm. There is noPreservatives. Growth hormones and antibiotics are not added to their Antlers. Each antler is hand-sorted for Jim Hodges dog training.

Brand: Jimhodgesdogtraining - Grade A Antler Dog Chews

👤My German Shepherd is 3 years old. The one I received is very thick and very similar to the one in the picture. It was of very high quality for an antler chew. An antler of this substance would cost a lot in a pet store. My dog likes the type of material that chews. I had never gotten her antler before. I was surprised that my dog didn't immediately start gnawing on it. Maybe she didn't know it was meant to be chewed on. I'm not sure. She wouldn't do anything unless I was holding it. It is much harder than a nylon chew, so it is the only reason I can think of. I told jimhodgesdogtraining about how Indy mostly ignored the antler when he asked what I thought of it. She could have access to the marrow part right away if he had sent her a split antler. The split antler that was sent was about the same size as the one I ordered. I also tried this one and had the same response as the first one. When I let go, Indy lost interest in it. I tried to put some salmon oil on her marrow. She chewed on it until the oil was gone, but then she stopped. It seems like my dog doesn't like them. I don't think it had anything to do with being a bad antler. If someone doesn't like cauliflower, they won't like it even if it's grown in a greenhouse by monks. I was offered a full refund after reporting the results. I'm declining because my neighbor's dogs are chewing on my two antlers. They seem to like them. Summary My dog isn't very good. These are high quality. Jimhodgesdogtraining is behind their products.

👤I wanted to leave a review here. I got my antler yesterday. I used to hand pick the antlers at the pet store and pay $40 for one that was about 6 to 8 inches long and 2 to 3 inches thick. I was always hesitant about ordering online because I didn't want my large, precious dogs to get injured if I tried to pick out a thick one. The antler I just received is close to a foot long and over two inches thick in the thinnest area, 3 inches thick for most of the time. I've bought a lot of antlers for these dogs and it's the biggest antler I've ever seen. I'll be ordering another one once their oldest antler is chewed down, I'm so happy with this purchase. They tend to last at least a couple months for my crazy chewers. My dogs love this new one more than the other one we have for them and often trick one another so as to steal the bone from the other. Shepherds know what they want. I will be ordering every couple months. The black and tan have the bone I received. The white one is sad about the old bone.

👤This antler was enjoyed by a person. Most toys and treats get devoured and/or destroyed by our dainty princess in under a half hour, but our seven month old black lab is definitely a power chewer. We decided to invest in an antler because of some helpful reviews and recommendations. They are a bit pricey, but still better priced than the pet store and the size variations available from JimHodges were more in line with what we wanted. Some reviewers recommended that if your dog's first go around with antler was a split one, they would figure out how to enjoy it. Our dog thoroughly enjoyed the antler and it was an obsession for three days. It took her three days to hollow out the marrow. She still chews on it after two weeks, but it doesn't have any of the desirable parts left to it and is now just a hollow antler. I will be investing in a whole large antler in the near future now that I know how good this antler is. There are pros and cons to this antler, and they are listed below. The antler was fresh and delicious. The size of the antler and how much it was enjoyed by the lab were shown in the pictures. Our black dog, named Shelby, is now 2 years old and she still loves the antlers. We have ordered three two-packs of large antlers for her, because she is full grown at 60 lbs. Despite her power-chewing abilities, she chews them daily. When they get to the size where they can fit in her mouth, we swap them out. They are excellent. There is an update 5/2020. The dog is almost 5 years old and still chews on the antlers. The puppy phase has ended and she has slowed her chewing. She likes chewing these and they last a long time now.

5. Big Dog Antler Chews Aggressive

Big Dog Antler Chews Aggressive

The dog chew treat is at least 6 inches long. The base piece of the antler is the hardest part of a deer antler. Large to Extra Large Dogs who are aggressive chewers will love the Extra Thick, Jumbo deer. Natural Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese and Zinc are great for Tartar Control. Wild Deer Antlers have no chemicals or added Preservatives. The perfect indoor chew leaves no greasy mess on the floors and does not smell like other dog chews. All sharp edges have been sanded smooth for safety. It was made in the USA.

Brand: Big Dog Antler Chews

👤The antler is young. I bought the larger one for the big dogs and the small one for the little one. I have 2 dogs, a 50# husky, a 40# corgie mix, and a 20# weenie dog mix. They all love sharing this antler. I have not had their teeth cleaned since they started using these. They are expensive. I have not had to pay $150 a year for each dog's teeth cleaning because I only buy one every couple of years. I have purchased other antlers but they do not last as long as this one. I threw them away because they didn't seem safe.

👤I bought these for my chewers. A dog and a puppy. I bought two to keep them from fighting over them. They decided one is better than the other and will fight over it. The antler end gets all the attention because it's easier to get to the marrow, and it took about four hours to get it. I read a review about a dog that had a splinter in the gums and I've been watching them closely. The older dog has taken bits off and I took it away from him. I put the preferred antler away for a week to try and get them to eat the second antler but they won't. I'm not sure if it has a funny taste or not, but it's unfortunate for the price. I have had good luck with deer antlers in the past, they are pricey, but they keep the dogs busy, are large, and a good size.

👤I have an English Mastiff and he has a picture after 2 weeks of chewing. I wish I had a picture before. The left side of the fork was probably 3-4 inches taller. It was a good price for a large piece. The pet store has something similar to that. I'm cautious about buying online because you never know what you're going to get. I will continue to order from here when we need another.

👤This is the first one that looks and feels like a rock and I have had other ones. When it falls on the floor, it sounds like a cup of coffee, but it's not broken. My other ones did not. I'm not sure if this is a legit deer antler, my aggressive chewer hasn't put a scar on it, and I'm not sure if he is frustrated by it. They will keep his attention for hours because he is a deer enthusiast. He seems to be bored with it very quickly. I really wanted this to be a good antler, but at this point I'm not sure if I'm going to keep buying from them.

👤The phrase "for an aggressive chewer" was a perfect description. I have a dog. He demolishes when he chews. I will be getting another one when I need it.

👤I will buy more of these. B/c chews off small pieces and eats them, they have started to worry me. I have read that can be bad. I do not buy rawhide bones. I was getting hide chews for him, but on two occasions large pieces he chewed off got stuck in his throat. He was fine, but it was frightening. This antler is large. My dog doesn't try to break through it like he does with bones. It keeps him occupied. It is great for the evening time when he just needs something to do and I wouldn't leave him alone with it. I think my dog is a moderate chewer. This antler is large for him.

6. Hotspot Pets Small Premium Antlers

Hotspot Pets Small Premium Antlers

3 packs of split deer for small dogs. Small to Medium Sized dogs can use the in length antler chews. It keeps them busy for hours. It lasts longer than other chews. There is a healthy chew alternative. Their Split Elk Antlers are hand cut and are a great alternative to rawhide chews. It's the perfect healthy source of calcium and minerals for your dog. Premium Quality: Each Antler is Hand Selected to ensure top quality color, weight and density making it the perfect chew for your pup. Their Antler Chews are odorless and Stimulating. The perfect chew for your dog is Stimulating their teeth and oral care. The dream of dog owners was to provide healthy alternative treats for their dogs. They now have a full line of products made from whole animal parts.

Brand: Hotspot Pets

👤The ones I received were brittle and too dry to love. The small dog broke off a lot of sharp shards. I tried to contact the company, but the only way I could find to get in touch was through their website, and my comments wouldn't submit due to a bad link on their website. It's so frustrating! I ate the cost of throwing them away so my pup wouldn't choke or puncture an organ. I have purchased whole antlers, not split ones, from a different seller, and I monitor my pup to make sure they aren't splintering, so far so good. If the seller wants to send me a fantastic replacement product, I would be willing to try again, and amend my review, if they give me a way to contact them other than their website. I would like to support small businesses.

👤These are the dogs that all like them. They chew them most of the time and last a long time. The price is less than some but still more money than I like to spend on items that are only for chewing. If it will prevent my dog's from having to clean his teeth, then it's worth the cost.

👤I wanted to try a new seller because of the great price, and I have purchased many other antlers. Only to find out that they are about the same size as small antlers. The other split antlers have been split and true to the advertised length. There were just 3 pieces of a split bone. It was too small for my dog. Your listing should be updated.

👤I have a 7 month old Yorkie dog who chews like a trooper. I wish they were more expensive for the price. He is going to take me broke at this rate.

👤My small dogs love them! It keeps them busy. The new rescue is a JRT mix and a power chewer.

👤The bag was too wide for a small dog and two of the antlers were ok for my small puppy.

👤These are large enough for our little guy, no rough edges, and lots of exposed marrow. Will buy again.

👤I was not happy that there were only 3 per pack. The 2 dogs that had marrow are 6 inches thick and hard for small breed dogs.

7. WhiteTail Naturals Premium Antlers Agressive

WhiteTail Naturals Premium Antlers Agressive

The package contains 2 XX- Large Elk Antler, 7 to 8 inches long. These whole antler chews are ideal for large dogs and will last longer than other natural chews. These chews are free of any added ingredients, dyes, or harmful chemicals and are great for your dog's oral and dental health. At White NaturalTails, they are committed to crafting naturally shed, ethically, hand selected Grade A Deer antlers into the perfect natural chew for your pet. It's a mess-free and low odor. The natural whole antler chews are completely mess-free and odorless, which makes them perfect for indoors. The antler dog chews have been trimmed and sanded to make them safe for your dog.

Brand: Whitetail Naturals

👤My 81-lb Dobie/Boxer is a constant chewer who can make short work of one of those huge, $40 elk antlers in a week. These aren't as thick as the antlers, but they last a long time. I'm thinking that they're thinner and therefore harder. You will get more bang for your money. Get it? deer! If you blow $40 on bigger, it's definitely not better than these, and probably get a good few months out of them.

👤The thin antler has been demolished. One dog chewed it all day. The larger one is showing little wear since it is harder to chew. It was disappointing. It feels like a jerk move to return a nub of an antler. I try to treat my two dogs when I can. I was not happy with the set of antlers. One antler chunk was worth $20, but the other was flat and thin. I feel like it was not counted since I paid $40. I won't be ordering from this company again. The big antler will last a long time, but the other one will be chewed by the end of the day.

👤Our dogs seem to like these antlers a lot, but my only complaint is that the two that came in the package were completely different in size. Our dogs are hardcore chewers so the thin one won't last that long. It's kind of annoying that they fight over the bigger one. I'm not sure if I would order them again. I think they would work for other dogs.

👤I am not happy that my dog could swallow the small bone after two days. I have two dogs and one of them was stronger than the other. I can't just give one dog one of them because I have no bones to give them. I think it's silly that they say to return them, because they should send me stronger ones. The bones are not for aggressive chewers. I would be happy to take a picture of what is left of the bones. The one that got so small was not the same as the one that was more sturdy. You should have the same package. I would like the company to send me new ones. The one year old American bull dog loves to have these.

👤My 3 black labs are very strong chewers who can destroy almost any chew item I try. They last a long time, but are a bit more expensive. After several months, one of my dogs is finally on her second piece of antler. One of my dogs doesn't like it yet. My 3rd dog took a few months to decide to try it, but now she loves it. Her vet will be happy to see that the plaque on her teeth has gone away.

👤The German Shepherd is nuts. We wondered if the size of the antler would work in our favor, since he's a pretty big chewer. It's the right size for him. We give him his antler every night for a couple of hours to chew on and he goes nuts over it. We think that one antler will last him for about 6 days. The whiteness and brightness of his teeth have improved. He is happy.

8. Giant Whole Single Pack Naturally

Giant Whole Single Pack Naturally

A premium grade. The package contains a dog chew toy. The size range is large. The L is 8-11 inch, the Dia is 1.5- 2.5 inch. For hours of chewing the whole antler bone is Satisfaction guaranteed. No message, no odor. All Natural and Nutritious is a healthy alternative to processed chews and treats. The best nature has to offer. Each piece is hand-cut and smoothed to remove sharp edges.

Brand: Elkhorn Premium Chews

👤Over the years, we have ordered several of these and never had an issue with them. It was very lightweight, as advertised. The first time our German Shepherd chewed on it, it had huge splinters that peeled off of it. We thought it was just wet. We sawed it and gave it to her. It splintered again very quickly. We had to take her antler away and make a loss. I would have dealt directly with the seller, but that wasn't an option. We will get her another antler from this seller.

👤We have a 1 year old girl who loves animals. She will remove the normal moose and deer antler in a week or two. I decided to give her the nearly $60 as a Christmas present and see what she would do with it. She has been chewing away at the end of the horn and trying to get at the inside. I split the antler for her last night because I didn't want her to get stuck completely or cut up on the sharp ends of the antler. It was a little over kill on the size spectrum to begin with, but it was worth it for the laughs we got watching her go at it like a crack dog. If we had a bigger dog, I'd definitely get these again, but I think I'll drop it down to the huge size for the next one, not because of the cost, or overkill aspect of this. If you have porcelain or ceramic tiles, you might want to consider smaller tiles because they are heavy and could crack. I'm glad it didn't hit the wall at the bottom because it would have been a lot worse.

👤The 2nd one is lost somewhere, so I'm on my third. I took away the 3rd and 4th pictures because Vinnie can fit it in his mouth. He's happy! This is still going strong after daily chewing and no splintering parts. It is worth the price. I had two of these with my two prior dogs. My rescue pit bull/boxer is a strong chewer and has a stronger jaw. He liked it immediately from the package. It keeps him entertained. Something that will last. I only had my dog for 3 days and I only had to chew toys for 5 minutes. I was going to wait a few days to post a review, but he's only taken some of the coloring off on the ends. The picture is of a person chewing for at least an hour.

👤I like to buy these locally because I have big dogs that chew really hard, and the only toys that last more than 5 minutes are antlers. I was impressed with the quality of the antler. It was just as nice as the local hunting shop where I usually purchase my and it was about half the price that I usually pay. Heavy chewers should use antlers because they destroy toys easily. They may be a bit pricey. If you don't have to have surgery on your dog to remove broken toys or bones, you will save money. I was very impressed with the quality that I got from Amazon and I highly recommend them. It was better than I anticipated.

9. Nature Gnaws Premium Antler Chews

Nature Gnaws Premium Antler Chews

The Antlers for Dogs are made from 100% natural USA Deer Antlers. The best alternative to rawhide bones and dental sticks is a rawhide free treat. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. No odor is an alternative to meat based dog chews. If you have a power chewer, antlers are a great way to keep your dog entertained. It's recommended for small or medium breed dogs.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤We bought these as a subscribe and save item thinking they would be like other ones we have bought from the store that our dog loves. The three small ones were not cut to expose the "marrow" on the inside, which is what the dogs love about it. One was worthless, one was almost worthless, and one was decent exposure but just a small piece. Would have paid more if it weren't for being ripped off. If that says anything about it, I will unsubscribing.

👤I bought the 2-pack. One antler was a cut-in-half antler. The second antler was too hard and round to be a good chew toy. I bought the 5-pack assuming it would contain half of the antlers. Wrong! The pokey tops are all of the five antlers. Only one is a half antler. There is a no return policy on this item. Total waste of money! Very angry!

👤I think these are dangerous for my 2 small mixed breed dogs that weigh under 20 lbs. They were aggressive chewers and splintered the ends quickly. I'm not sure why the seller feels the need to saw the antlers in different ways, it adds to the danger of the product. I will go back to the whole antlers of the elk, which seem safer and last longer, since they don't have sharp shards in the dog's mouth.

👤I thought the deer were small. The end part of the antler was the only one that wasn't white. They were very small. Their thickness was the size of a pencil. I have three dogs. Two are large and the other is average. They like to chew on antlers, but were not interested in chewing on these. They were a total waste of money and I was very disappointed that they didn't care about them. I will not buy again.

👤I was looking for an alternative to the smell of bully sticks and found deer/elk antlers. When I first bought a set of vouchers for my beagle, he was only interested in the first one. I can't get enough of them now that they were fabulous. The ones that have it are more exciting than those that don't. I replenish them every few months so that they continue to chew chew.

👤A rat terrier is over a year old. She likes to chew. She won't just chew on furniture, she is very picky. She loves these. They last a long time. I thought they might be too hard on her teeth when I gave her an antler the first time. I realized she loved her antler and it had shrunk in size and become very smooth after 6 weeks. I have to keep an eye on the antler that she is working on because she tends to wittle them into a point and they are a bit sharp when she is done. They seem spendy, but they last. I started giving her these antlers because I was spending a lot of money on Benebones, which are made of nylon, and become jagged around the edges, that start chipping her blanket and our throw rugs. The vet told me that her teeth look great and she is in great shape.

10. WhiteTail Naturals Premium Natural Lasting

WhiteTail Naturals Premium Natural Lasting

The split antler is a great starter chew for teaching safe chewing habits to dogs of all ages and sizes. Premium Antler is ideal for large breed dogs. These pure, natural dog chews are a great choice for heavy chewers. The X Large grade-A antler dog chews are perfect for aggressive chewers. Deer antlers are washed, cut, trimmed, and sanded to make them safe for pets and their dental health. These dog treats are mess and odor free and can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Naturally Shed is a long lasting chew that will keep your pet occupied for hours.

Brand: Whitetail Naturals

👤There is a picture of a medium, large and Xlarge on the wall. The product is very nice, smooth and does not have any stress fractures. I would not give my dog a large because it would be too expensive and I would not be comfortable giving it a medium because it is very similar in size. They hold up well and last a long time.

👤Antler chews are great. They can keep our dogs busy for weeks. The pups chew them down to almost nothing when I buy them. It's great for teeth health, entertainment, and diversion from things we don't want them to chew. We take older antlers away and toss them because they can splinter to the point where they could cause harm. It's not worth giving our dogs something that could be harmful. I know these are a natural product, complete with all variations and flaws. I know that the antlers age and eventually dry out. They lose a lot of their weight and density. They become less durable and more vulnerable to harm at this point. I live in the Rockies and there are antler buyers everywhere. They pay by the pound and take the good with the bad. They might be buying last years deer antlers that were found after laying in the forest for many years, or they might be buying antlers that have been sitting in the grand dads garage for a couple of decades. There is no way to know if you are getting old or fresh because sellers sell by the piece. I have one of the older ones. It shouldn't be a matter of luck at some point. A 1 star value. 1 additional star for being shaped and sanded, as stated, would be safe and durable. The piece I got didn't make the cut.

👤The best chew we've purchased for our dog. If you're buying vinyl chews for your dog, what are you doing? You are a monster. What are you talking about? You. twigs are in comparison to doing?) on Amazon or in local stores. The 40 lbs black lab mix is an active chewer, but it is still going strong almost 6 months later. We won't leave our dog unattended for a few minutes with other antler brands. They are about the same size, but heavy-duty, and will most likely end up in her stomach. The pieces that were swallowed were small enough to be eaten and not hurt our dog, so I was worried. This actually happened with another brand. These guys rock.

👤Where have these been my entire life? My dog is known to destroy toys in a matter of minutes. I don't like raw hides because they are messy and gross. These come from an animal, but it doesn't have to be dead. I'd like to believe that these are found by happy children wandering in the forest looking for candy, not cut off the head of a living being. My dog has not made much progress in breaking this down. He goes to town on it, but I think it will last a long time. It's worth the money, and I'm happy to be free of the risks of raw hides.

11. Antler Premium Healthy Antlers Deer

Antler Premium Healthy Antlers Deer

It's a safe, natural herbal alternative. Deer Valley dog chews are made from naturally shed antlers that have the smell and taste of dogs. Plastic chew toys can pose a risk of choking. The chew toys are made of man-made ingredients. Their antler chew sticks give your dog a taste of nature. Money saving Are you tired of shoes being chewed up? Are you tired of rawhide and jerky treats? Tired of messy fake bones? Purchase the deer antler dog chews. The chews are healthy for your dog and can last for months. You can save a lot of money by only buying dog treats every few months. These dog toys for aggressive chewers will hold your dog's attention for longer than traditional dog toys. It can be useful for long car trips, catching a dog that got off-leash or helping a puppy. One large antler chew lasts about a month for an average dog, depending on how aggressive of a chewer your dog is. Give your dog one antler treat at a time to ensure maximum enjoyment. Every time your pup gets a fresh antler chew, they will be excited. Texas-made chews are better than those found in big box stores. Premium grade #1 or #2 are the grades of their shed deer antlers. They will never give you an old, brittle antler chew. Purchase with confidence.

Brand: Deer Valley Dog Chews Deer Antlers

👤The antlers are large for the price. I would have given my dogs 5 stars, but they weren't interested. A friend told me to put the natural antlers in a pot of beef stew and boil them, then turn them down to warm them up. Make sure you check the volume of the soup when you turn the bones over. I can't keep my dogs away from the bones. I had to take one away from my lab last night and he begged for it for at least an hour. I thought I would post in case that helps the rest of you.

👤I bought the antler for my son-in-law's dog because he was making everyone crazy by bringing in big sticks and chewing them up in the living room. He knew what to do with the antler. He likes chewing it. He hasn't done it yet. I'll buy another when he does. It was a good buy for a large dog. He doesn't know I'm his best grandma.

👤My dog loves his antler. The price paid is well worth the use that we are getting out of it, and I appreciate that the antlers are humane. This was the main selling point for me. My puppy will lay with it between his paws, chewing contentedly for a long time, even though this may not seem like much, but it is for him. The antler does not smell like other brands have. There is very little wear on this antler. The decreased marrow is the only indication of how well my puppy enjoys it.

👤I have a pit bull and a black lab and both turned their noses up. The bones were packaged in a clear plastic bag, but they did not look like the picture. The antlers we received were pasty white. My dogs came up to me while I was opening and took it from my hand and set them on the floor next to me. They don't have a scent that interests them. That was a lot of money. We've bought deer, but never deer with antlers that last a long time. They won't chew them so they will last a long time. The seller should post a picture of the product. My pit bull started chewing on an antler last night, but shows little interest.

👤I have a dog. She can chew through the thickets ropes. I've been sticking with the artificial dog toys which seem to be the most resistant to super-chewers, but kept my eyes open to provide a bit of chewing variety. I took a shot because the price was right. These antlers are difficult. I've been buying the NylaBones. My dog was able to slowly cut it down, with small pieces coming off over time. I watched closely to make sure no large pieces were coming off, and didn't notice anything negative. The Antler was her favorite toy for a long time. I will buy again after this purchase.

👤Duke is a powerful chewer. He will eat the Durachew to the size of a nub within a month. I decided to get him another antler because the one that he got as a graduation present lasted a long time. The Dear Valley larger antler pictured looked to be a good size for a 65 lbs Labrador, and it has high reviews so I picked it. I was not disappointed and Duke was not. It arrived today, January 6th, after being ordered on Sunday the 3rd. It was great timing, since this morning I had decided that the Nylabone had been chewed small enough to be destroyed, an act that made for a sad faced black Lab. Duke cheered when I looked at the mail. He was very excited to have a new chew toy and he could smell it through the wrapping. Despite almost an hour of chewing, the piece is still not showing any wear, it's a nice size for a dog of Duke's build. It's made my Duke happy, that's the most important.


What is the best product for dog antlers for aggressive chewers?

Dog antlers for aggressive chewers products from Big Dog Antler Chews. In this article about dog antlers for aggressive chewers you can see why people choose the product. Pur Luv and Craving Canine are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog antlers for aggressive chewers.

What are the best brands for dog antlers for aggressive chewers?

Big Dog Antler Chews, Pur Luv and Craving Canine are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog antlers for aggressive chewers. Find the detail in this article. Jimhodgesdogtraining - Grade A Antler Dog Chews, Hotspot Pets and Whitetail Naturals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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