Best Dog Antler Bones

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1. Gnawtlers Naturally Specially Selected Heartland

Gnawtlers Naturally Specially Selected Heartland

The US Elk Antlers are used in dogs' medicine. Dogs 20-40 lbs, such as beagles, poodles and spaniels. The medium antler is 4.5”-5” in length. The medium antler chew is a good choice for aggressive chewers. Medium pups need something to gnaw on besides your furniture, shoes and home, and their elk antlers are perfect for them. Large size dogs can use medium gnawtlers as teething toys. All natural, healthy and clean, their premium elk antlers for dogs are packed with many minerals. Unlike other options, the antler dog chews of gnawtlers have no odor, no mess, and even after hours and hours of gnawing, they won't leave a stain or coloring behind. Their elk antlers are specially selected from Grade A premium raw elk for their weight, density, color, and shape. They are sorted, weighed, cut, sanded, inspected, vacuum sealed, and labeled. All the way to your home, they make sure your pup gets the highest quality antler for dogs medium with their gnawtlers. A dog bone is a perfect gift for your dog, whether it's your dog's birthday, anniversary, or just because you love them. If you find your dog chewing on things around the house, give them a gnawtler and watch them chill out. If your dog isn't going to town on the elk antlers for puppies and you want to watch them go nuts, you can soak it in chicken or beef stew. It's sealed for your dogs' safety. Unlike other dog antlers on the market that may come in contact with contaminants while waiting to be shipped or even during transit, all Gnawtlers are vacuum sealed for your dogs safety. The shape, weight, density and color of gnawtlers will vary, but they assure only the best become gnawtlers! If you want to get your pet parents gnawtlers, click ADD TO CART and get them today!

Brand: Pet Parents

👤My dog was enjoying his antler. I loved it. Couldn't get enough of it. We monitored his time with the antler. My wife found a piece of the bone in his mouth after we returned from the emergency animal clinic. The piece was about an inch long. They had to cut his gum open in order to get the shards out. I guess you have to decide if you want your dog to chew on an animal's bone, or not, and you have to pay a fee. We will be an antler/bone free home. If you want to know what I have to say, I will let you know my experience and hope you will buy this product.

👤I would give this product zero stars. I ordered a large antler for my dog, which was larger than the one I needed, because he is 38 pounds. Within 70 minutes my dog had eaten half of the antler. It wasn't durable at all. My dog has had a lot of antlers from other companies, but he has never been able to get a hold of them after months of chewing. I took the antler away from my dog and put it away. He started acting strange and vomiting a few days later. I was told to keep an eye on him after I took him to the vet because they thought it was a virus. Our puppy continued to decline and vomit over the weekend, with no interest in food or water. I took him to the vet on Monday to have his x-rays done. He had to have emergency surgery. The surgeon had to take out 12 inches of the suck which was splintered with pieces of the antler. He had to go to an emergency vet clinic for the night and then went to his regular vet's office for 3 days. He is having a hard time recovering from surgery. I am disgusted with this company. What does that say about the quality of my dog's chewing skills? My dog has been in a lot of pain and I now have vet fees of over $4,000. I will be contacting a lawyer to see what legal action I can take.

👤I like the antler of my puppy for a number of reasons. It takes him more time to go through rawhide bones than it does. Although a single antler is more expensive than 5 rawhides, I think the value is still tipped in the favor of the antler as it barely looks like he's gotten that far on the antler, even after a couple weeks. They don't make my dog stink like rawhide bones. He loves the antlers. I took off a star because I think a lot of the variation in the reviews of this product comes from the piece of antler sent. If you're sent a piece from the bottom of the antler, it should be the same length as the ones sold by weight. If you get a piece from the top of the antler, it's a lot skinnier. This makes it last less time and causes some concern for your dog because he might bite through the antler and cut it off. I got one of the skinny pieces. I don't feel like it's a big problem, but I do feel like I need to watch him more closely while he chews on it to make sure he doesn't break anything off into his mouth.

2. Nature Gnaws Premium Antler Chews

Nature Gnaws Premium Antler Chews

The Antlers for Dogs are made from 100% natural USA Deer Antlers. The best alternative to rawhide bones and dental sticks is a rawhide free treat. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. No odor is an alternative to meat based dog chews. If you have a power chewer, antlers are a great way to keep your dog entertained. It's recommended for small or medium breed dogs.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤We bought these as a subscribe and save item thinking they would be like other ones we have bought from the store that our dog loves. The three small ones were not cut to expose the "marrow" on the inside, which is what the dogs love about it. One was worthless, one was almost worthless, and one was decent exposure but just a small piece. Would have paid more if it weren't for being ripped off. If that says anything about it, I will unsubscribing.

👤I bought the 2-pack. One antler was a cut-in-half antler. The second antler was too hard and round to be a good chew toy. I bought the 5-pack assuming it would contain half of the antlers. Wrong! The pokey tops are all of the five antlers. Only one is a half antler. There is a no return policy on this item. Total waste of money! Very angry!

👤I think these are dangerous for my 2 small mixed breed dogs that weigh under 20 lbs. They were aggressive chewers and splintered the ends quickly. I'm not sure why the seller feels the need to saw the antlers in different ways, it adds to the danger of the product. I will go back to the whole antlers of the elk, which seem safer and last longer, since they don't have sharp shards in the dog's mouth.

👤I thought the deer were small. The end part of the antler was the only one that wasn't white. They were very small. Their thickness was the size of a pencil. I have three dogs. Two are large and the other is average. They like to chew on antlers, but were not interested in chewing on these. They were a total waste of money and I was very disappointed that they didn't care about them. I will not buy again.

👤I was looking for an alternative to the smell of bully sticks and found deer/elk antlers. When I first bought a set of vouchers for my beagle, he was only interested in the first one. I can't get enough of them now that they were fabulous. The ones that have it are more exciting than those that don't. I replenish them every few months so that they continue to chew chew.

👤A rat terrier is over a year old. She likes to chew. She won't just chew on furniture, she is very picky. She loves these. They last a long time. I thought they might be too hard on her teeth when I gave her an antler the first time. I realized she loved her antler and it had shrunk in size and become very smooth after 6 weeks. I have to keep an eye on the antler that she is working on because she tends to wittle them into a point and they are a bit sharp when she is done. They seem spendy, but they last. I started giving her these antlers because I was spending a lot of money on Benebones, which are made of nylon, and become jagged around the edges, that start chipping her blanket and our throw rugs. The vet told me that her teeth look great and she is in great shape.

3. WhiteTail Naturals Pack Premium Antlers

WhiteTail Naturals Pack Premium Antlers

The forest floor in the USA is just as nature intended. No harm comes to the animal. There is no elk farm. There is noPreservatives. Growth hormones and antibiotics are not added to their Antlers. Each antler is hand-sorted for Jim Hodges dog training. WhiteTail Naturals is a premium deer antler dog chew. 2 Large Size Antler Chews are at least 1 inch thick. Hand Selected - Washed, Custom Cut, Trimmed and Sanded. The size and shape of the antlers will vary slightly. It is long lasting, mess and odor free. It is naturally packed with Minerals. Pet Safe does not contain added ingredients,Preservatives or Chemicals.

Brand: Whitetail Naturals

👤There is a picture of a medium, large and Xlarge on the wall. The product is very nice, smooth and does not have any stress fractures. I would not give my dog a large because it would be too expensive and I would not be comfortable giving it a medium because it is very similar in size. They hold up well and last a long time.

👤Antler chews are great. They can keep our dogs busy for weeks. The pups chew them down to almost nothing when I buy them. It's great for teeth health, entertainment, and diversion from things we don't want them to chew. We take older antlers away and toss them because they can splinter to the point where they could cause harm. It's not worth giving our dogs something that could be harmful. I know these are a natural product, complete with all variations and flaws. I know that the antlers age and eventually dry out. They lose a lot of their weight and density. They become less durable and more vulnerable to harm at this point. I live in the Rockies and there are antler buyers everywhere. They pay by the pound and take the good with the bad. They might be buying last years deer antlers that were found after laying in the forest for many years, or they might be buying antlers that have been sitting in the grand dads garage for a couple of decades. There is no way to know if you are getting old or fresh because sellers sell by the piece. I have one of the older ones. It shouldn't be a matter of luck at some point. A 1 star value. 1 additional star for being shaped and sanded, as stated, would be safe and durable. The piece I got didn't make the cut.

👤The best chew we've purchased for our dog. If you're buying vinyl chews for your dog, what are you doing? You are a monster. What are you talking about? You. twigs are in comparison to doing?) on Amazon or in local stores. The 40 lbs black lab mix is an active chewer, but it is still going strong almost 6 months later. We won't leave our dog unattended for a few minutes with other antler brands. They are about the same size, but heavy-duty, and will most likely end up in her stomach. The pieces that were swallowed were small enough to be eaten and not hurt our dog, so I was worried. This actually happened with another brand. These guys rock.

👤Where have these been my entire life? My dog is known to destroy toys in a matter of minutes. I don't like raw hides because they are messy and gross. These come from an animal, but it doesn't have to be dead. I'd like to believe that these are found by happy children wandering in the forest looking for candy, not cut off the head of a living being. My dog has not made much progress in breaking this down. He goes to town on it, but I think it will last a long time. It's worth the money, and I'm happy to be free of the risks of raw hides.

4. Elkhorn Premium Chews Single Antler

Elkhorn Premium Chews Single Antler

A premium grade. There is one piece of the large split premium grade a edmonton dog chew toy in this package. The size range is large. L is 6-9 inch and may be 1/2 or 1/2 split for 30-50 pound dogs. The split chews provide direct access to the inner marrow. No message, no odor. All Natural and Nutritious is a healthy alternative to processed chews and treats. The best nature has to offer. Each piece is hand-cut and smoothed to remove sharp edges.

Brand: Elkhorn Premium Chews

👤Would have been a 5 star. Over the last few years, we have ordered six of them. Our dog loves his antlers. As long as he keeps pulling them out of his toy box, you should keep several of them. They have always been quality and didn't leave any splinters or pieces on the floor. This last order is not allowed. It was soft and not much to the whole thing. It left a mess and didn't last long. He ordered from the same place. We were so satisfied with previous orders that we may still take the chance.

👤My 6 month old beagle mix began tearing up her puppy and I wanted a harder option for her to chew. She loves them. I bought her the first one about 2 months ago and she is still chewing on it and enjoying it. I bought her a second one, but she went through it quicker than the first one. The shape and thickness of the outer bone of these are different since they are natural. The second outer layer was much larger and thinner. There is no smell to the bones and the price is amazing compared to what you get in a pet store. It can leave a mess as your dog chews the marrow and bone, but it's worth a happy pup. She's able to eat small pieces of the outer bone with her adult teeth. She goes through one of these bones every 1-2 months and still loves them.

👤These are my favorites. The first ones that didn't have an odor were these. Our Vizsla was happy with them, but she has been hesitant with other brands. She broke out with bumps on her back. Not these. I rearranged 3 times before. The piece was larger than I had expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

👤I bought them in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. I wasn't sure which size was best for Boston Terriers. All three sizes work well for my dogs. These are the best chews I have ever found. My dogs' teeth are cleaner, their breath smells better, and they are not hurt or die in order to produce them. I have tried deer antlers, but they seem too hard and not enough marrow to keep my dogs interested, and the un-split Elkhorns were too big for my smaller dogs. The difference in the world has been made by these being split. My Boston is fond of them. They will chew them many times a day. They are trying to get a lot of marrow from the deer. These will probably last for several more weeks, which makes them cheaper than all of the other things I have tried, with many of them lasting 30 minutes to an hour or two at nearly the same price. If you want to keep your dogs chewing and keep their teeth clean, I can't recommend these enough. I have been looking for something and have finally found it. The bonus of no animals being hurt is a big plus for me. The product is of great quality and the shipping was fast.

5. Nylabone Healthy Edibles Natural Venison

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Natural Venison

Highly Digestible, chew treats contain no added salt, artificial colors, orPreservatives. For a long time. Their dog chew treats are made in the United States. It was made with real venison. The out of package is 4.25" long x 1.5 " wide x 0.75" high.

Brand: Nylabone

👤My 12 week old lab puppy is laying on my lap panting and feverish after I gave her a chew. I can't give her any after reading similar reviews. My usually energetic girl is now down for the count and I'm hoping the worst that will come of this is the negative reviews. I feel bad right now. I thought I was giving her something she would enjoy, but now I'm worried she might need surgery or even die from it. These should be taken off the market. I'm angry that I only looked at the rating and didn't read the actual reviews. I would never buy a product from this company. I want my money back so I can pay the vet bill. She got the diarreah less than 30 minutes after she ate one of these things. Take the reviews seriously. If you love your dog. They all say the same thing and they are not lying.

👤The bison flavor is up to 50 pounds. My 30 pound pit puppy was gone for 5 minutes and it made him sick and gave him bad diarrhea.

👤My dogs became violently ill after eating this bone. One dog had shakes for an hour after throwing up three times. The other threw up once. Both of them threw up at the same time at the same time.

👤Our dog likes these things. She won't stop until the entire chew is gone. This is a good deal. The 2 pack costs $5 and the 10 pack is $7. People have to understand what they are buying. It's not meant to be a permanent bone like the rubber bones. By long lasting, the company means that your dog won't inhale it like a hot dog. The bones and antlers meet there intended use by occupying your dog for a period of time so the get there "chewing drug fix". It will be a good amount of time before your dog starts chewing up your house after one of these. They work and dogs love them.

👤I don't know why I bought this again, the price is so good. It is a serious hazard for dogs of any size. This will not last an hour with my Yorkie. I don't recommend anyone with a beloved family member.

👤Don't give these to your animals. He threw up all over my house a few hours after giving it to him. He wouldn't eat for 3 days. I was afraid he had something terribly wrong with him. The bones do not digest well after 3 xrays, a barium test, and a $600 vet bill. There are pieces of the bone in his stomach that are not being eaten.

👤I have a male and a female poodle. My dogs are bone chewers. I opened the package and they ran after their bone and took it to their favorite spots. I smelled them before I handed them. The bones were gone when I threw the package away. They took about a minute to eat. I want the bone to last a while. I would give it a 5 star rating. I can't afford to buy treats that last less than a minute. Dogs would have given 5 stars.

6. Large Whole Single Pack Naturally

Large Whole Single Pack Naturally

A premium grade. The package contains a large whole premium grade antler dog chew toy. The size range is large. The L and Dia are for 50-90 lbs dogs. For hours of chewing the whole antler bone is Satisfaction guaranteed. No message, no odor. All Natural and Nutritious is a healthy alternative to processed chews and treats. The best nature has to offer. Each piece is hand-cut and smoothed to remove sharp edges.

Brand: Elkhorn Premium Chews

👤June 20, 2020 is not sure what to think. The first antler was for months and the second was much larger. Very disappointed. The antler is great. My Golden retriever is a strong chewer and he chews everything he has. The first one from this company was bought in March and was between 9 and 10 inches long. I thought I would order another one to give this one a break as it was down to 6 feet. $30 for an antler was really high in my book, so I went looking for something a little cheaper. I ordered one that looked the same and it cost $25. I wasn't comfortable letting him chew it anymore because I was afraid he would swallow it. I went back to the original company and ordered another one because I was disappointed and felt that it should have lasted longer. The antler was a long and wide about 4 inches. The $30 is worth it.

👤100 lbs German Shep. We've gone through a lot of antler types and brands to find the right one for the mutt. He has a strong jaw and won't stop until he gets a hold of one. It's a good thing. The store that recommended them admitted to not carrying them before the store closed. After receiving these, Kylo went to town on his antler for about an hour before I took it away. We try new things to see how he does. He vomited up yellow bile/foam about 3 hours later. He puked up this morning after getting another shot last night. This is the only new variable that can attest for this. There was no puking or discharge activity for 3 days after the antler was acquired. Back to the drawing boards.

👤We have a German Shepherd mix puppy who chewed through bones and toys before we found the antlers. The split antler was bought in April. October: purchased an antler. The antler was bought in Feb. It took him 6 months to chew the split down, he was 4 months old when we took it from him. He chewed it down to about 6 inches. We just bought our second antler and hope it lasts 4 months. We don't have to worry about him being destroyed because we paid $30 for a bone. The horse hooves andbison horns don't smell bad.

👤My dog likes to chew. destroy all toys and bones. She has been injured by pieces of things she has chewed and swallowed. I thought the huge dog ropes with knots would keep this dog busy for a week. Nope, shreds them in a day. What about the Buffalo Horn? She was able to get small shards of it in her throat because it was hollow. The horns are nearly new and have survived the week. She loves to chew on the ends but has not been able to destroy them or break them off to hurt her. There was no mess or smell. Great product!

7. BROTHERS Antlers Natural Premium Aggressive

BROTHERS Antlers Natural Premium Aggressive

Happy dog! The deer antler for the dog needs to be prepared by the best. Their antler dog chews so well that they are certain it will ruin every dog. You can join the dog family by clicking on the ADD TO CART link. The challenge is for your pets to chew and bite on their Natural Elk Antlers. Their Whole Elk Antlers are fortified with vitamins and minerals to help maintain the health of the dog's bones. 100% natural, whole. It's free. All dog breeds can benefit from their premium elk antlers, which are 100% natural, strong, thick, durable, and long lasting. Every year, wild elk shed their antlers, which causes them to fall off. They collect, sort, cut, sand, inspect, and pack them to make sure they are free of dirt. Helps asparagus chefs. The action of chewing helps pets reach their marrow center, which is where plaque and Tartar can be found. The process is aided by the role of the elk tlers. Being 100% Organic, they are not just a safe dog chew bone for aggressive chewers but also better than plastic dog chew toy treats. The dog treat is clean and healthy. Their natural elbows are made to satisfy your dog's urge to bite and chew. They help prevent your pets from chewing. The odor, dirt, and mess of their dog chews are different from other options. Even after hours of gnawing, they won't leave any coloring behind. You can choose the right size for your furry friend with their 5 different sizes. It's a great gift for a pup's birthday, anniversary, or Christmas.

Brand: Four Brothers

👤Huge disappointment. I bought the 7-8. It's the correct length, but it's thin. I have small hands to give you perspective. I wasted a lot of money. It looks like it was bleached. It looks like the photos. I bought an antler from someone else and it lasted for months. She has a piece of it. She ate it in about an hour. She ate the whole thing. I regret spending $27 on this and I hope it doesn't mess with her stomach. I'm ordering another one because it's a prime sale. I hope they send me a bigger one and an actual antler.

👤We usually order the antlers for our dog in this size, but never this brand, and took advantage of the good price during Prime Day. It was a big mistake. The antler was the smallest thing we paid for. I was much different. We learned our lesson the hard way.

👤I bought 2 for my dogs. They are both the correct length, but they are not the same. The thickness of an ear of corn is about one-third of an inch. The other is similar to a carrot. My dogs love both of them and go back and forth between them. These pups are holding up well.

👤This is the first item we have purchased from this company. The specifications were looked over before the order was placed. Stock photos might not be right. The one we received was shorter than the diameter. It was smooth outside. Our chewer needs a little more rough and larger so they can get rewarded with the marrow. One end is not open. Our dog is crazy for these types of bones. We can see that it is just laying around. It is likely that he will have to go to a store to get a different brand. Sorry for the review. He was looking forward to this item and wanted to be honest.

👤I foster puppies for a local rescue. The antlers are great for my dog. They use them intermittently. The older guy chews. My vet says their dental health is due to using things like this. These are expensive but last a long time even with aggressive puppy chewers. I purchase 12 to 16 per year for my 3 and they get lost before they get chewed down.

👤The medium antler that I received was disappointing. It was not like the photo. It was not as wide as advertised and two of the six inch length was less than a finger. My small 15 pound pup chewed it up in less than a week. At times it splintered.

👤My dog loves it so much that he chewed on it for 20 minutes straight the first time I gave it to him. I agree with you that the antler is on a thinner side, but it is perfect if you have a small-small medium dog. I got a small one for less than $12 to have something that my dog can play with for a while without tearing a toy.

8. Premium Deer Antler Pieces Guarantee

Premium Deer Antler Pieces Guarantee

You will receive at least 1 pound of premium Grade A antler pieces. The antler pieces will be long. A mixture of whole and split antler is possible. Great for large dogs. It was made in the USA. All Natural pet chews are from Wild Deer Antlers. There is a custom cut and trimmed. The perfect indoor chew leaves no greasy mess on the floors and does not smell like other dog chews. Natural Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese and Zinc are great for Tartar Control.

Brand: Big Dog Antler Chews

👤Will not purchase again. The images in the ad are not what you will get. The photos of the big, thick pieces in the ad convinced me to buy this for my 60# lab/husky cross. Not at all what I received. I got toothpicks. The Sharpie is for scale. The four pieces are toothpicks. The thick bottom part is not included. What a rip off! The bag was not 1# as advertised. 0.76 is the pound. A quarter pound less than advertised. At least you know you are getting a size appropriate for your dog, even if you pay more at the pet store.

👤I am very disappointed in you. I have been Byam from you for many years. I bought six bags for my dogs and they are terrible. I never had this problem before the bones always lasted. I need to find someone else because I don't know what happened. I tried to reach you privately. I posted this review because I would never post a negative review without speaking to you first. Something is not right when you don't answer your phone. I pray that you are okay. These were processed quickly.

👤The best deal I've found is buying several antlers by pound from different sellers. I don't need to buy multiple packs because I have four dogs and the packs come with at least four. One of the antlers I received was much larger than I expected. I was very pleased with the package I received and will order again. I will revise my review if there is a change with subsequent orders.

👤I have been buying these for a year or so with no issues, but the last batches were disappointing. My dogs chewed up the 1 solid, big antler and 3 smaller ones within a few days, and the order usually lasts me at least 2 months. Hope this can be fixed or else they will need to find another place to get them. I was going to try to contact the seller instead of leaving a review, but I can't find the button to do that.

👤We got a package and we were very happy with it. We have three dogs, each weighing in at 60 and 30 lbs. We haven't had good antlers in a while because they are so expensive in any pet store and less than half the size of the ones we got from here. The size of these is perfect. The price is a good deal for what you get. The dogs were very excited when I took the bag out of the box. This is the only way we will get the antlers.

👤My dogs have mostly ignored the one that was medium in length but very narrow, even though it was one of the 4 medium-sized pieces that I had. I'm sure they'll go to it once they're done with the others. We had split old antler pieces that were lying around the house that I was going to replace with new ones, and my dogs preferred the split ones over the new ones, even though the split ones didn't have much left on the inside. While we are away at work, I've tried putting the whole pieces in their kennels, but my german shepherd and spaniel will get bored and leave the kennel by the time we get home. They're probably just used to having the split ones. If you have the ability to split these or your dogs don't mind whole antler pieces, these are a great deal. You can't beat antlers compared to other long-term treats. I have yet to meet a dog that didn't like them, they are very clean and have no smell.

9. Nature Gnaws Antlers Dogs Aggressive

Nature Gnaws Antlers Dogs Aggressive

Antlers for dogs are made from 100% natural Antlers, a mix of deer and elk. The best alternative to rawhide bones and dental sticks is a rawhide free treat. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. No odor is a great alternative to meat based dog chews. 8oz bags have up to 4 Antlers, 1LB bags have 5 to 8 Antlers, and 2LB bags have 10 to 15 Antlers.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤I received my 8oz bag and there were only 2 good sized ones and one super thin one that was too small for my dog, so I can't even use it. The quality is good but it is not an accurate description.

👤Disappointed. I received 2 giant ones and a small dog, but the 8 oz bag is supposed to have 3-6 antlers. Didn't get what was advertised.

👤When you order a multi-pack of antlers, you should be prepared to get one good one and the other. I ordered the 8oz package for my two small dogs. Can you guess which one they fought over? The only person with a real bone marrow. These little guys can't chew with antler. Not impressed. It feels like we've been cheated.

👤There would be 4 to 6 antlers. There were 3. My dog likes them. I was disappointed since I was expecting at least 4.

👤Everyone else's review is the same as mine. The small ones are not split. The split ones are too large for a puppy. The item is not as described in the title. There is a reason a company won't stand behind their products. Negative reviews show why. There is no consistency between the bags. Go for it if you are a gambler. If you want to know what you are buying, steer clear.

👤There is no way to know if the size is good for your dog. They were not consistent. My dogs always go crazy for the solo antlers I've purchased and I was able to choose the size and shape. My dog was not interested in them and they had pointed ends. The package was a waste because none of them were of interest to my dogs.

👤The description CLEARLY states that the antlers are supposed to be split so I chose this brand over the others. There were four small animals. You don't have to take my word for it, the three you see in the attached photos are enough, but I gave one antler to our dog which was no different than the three you see in the attached photos. The price is still ridiculous. These are small and aren't really safe for a large dog.

👤This was the first time I bought this size. I buy the smaller ones. If you have chewers, either purchase is a good one. One small Antler lasts my pug about 6 weeks. You will not be disappointed unless they don't chew them. I have given Them to my friends dogs and never had a dog refuse to chew. The marrow is healthy. For them. It draws them to Chew. I think you will be hooked if you try an antler. I am!

10. Elkhorn Premium Chews Puppies Sourced

Elkhorn Premium Chews Puppies Sourced

A premium grade. The package contains a medium whole premium grade antler dog chew toy. The size range is large. L is 6-9 inch, Dia is 0.75- 1.5 inch. For hours of chewing the whole antler bone is Satisfaction guaranteed. No message, no odor. All Natural and Nutritious is a healthy alternative to processed chews and treats. The best nature has to offer. Each piece is hand-cut and smoothed to remove sharp edges.

Brand: Elkhorn Premium Chews

👤I can't believe that I'm saying this about a seller, but he is incredible. We bought from this seller four months ago, and the antler was an inch and a half bigger than the range on the package stated. My Frenchie's previous bones only lasted two months, but that one lasted four months. I came back to buy from this seller again, and once again got a great antler that was even bigger than the last. They will be my go-to for deer.

👤My dog will be chewing on the antler for a while. After visiting the vet, I had to change my review. The vet said that the dog's teeth are not the best for antlers. One of the big chewing teeth was broken by Rufus. It could have been from an earlier chew. He has to have a dental cleaning and x-ray to make sure the tooth root is okay. The tooth will be covered with a sealant if it is. Just a warning. Pet owners might want a softer chew.

👤Excellent product. My boy latched onto the antler as soon as I handed it to him. I had to take it away because he wouldn't eat it whole, as the instructions said to do, because it got too small. It took him about five weeks to get to that point. He would let his sister eat it, but he would watch her all the time. I ordered another one for him because he wouldn't have to go long without one. The seller sent me an email that said I should clean off the antler if it wasn't being used to keep thebacteria down. It didn't apply to my situation since my big boy would take the antler with him everywhere he went. Our dog beds, blankets, and toys got a reprieve from chewing destruction when I found no crumbs or other messes left behind. I found out from my research that if the dog ischiming the antler rather than breaking it in half, it seems to be a safe product. My dog was doing the same thing as a sculptor. I thought it was safe for him. I wouldn't recommend it for older dogs. It was good that my miniature dachshund wasn't interested in it, he could have gotten it away from my big boy. I highly recommend this product. I don't know when I'll stop re-ordering it, but I suppose at some point I'll quit.

👤I have an aggressive chewer who was a horrible puppy and was trained through constant treats and now she's fat. She's a better dog. I bought these to see if we could start moving away from the constant feeding of treats and she absolutely loves them. I think that speaks to the flavor. My house is starting to look like a bone yard, but it's worth it as my dog is no longer eating furniture, rugs, slippers, remote controls, rolls of toilet paper, boxes of Kleenex, blankets, a couple of cats, me, etc, etc.

11. WhiteTail Naturals Premium Whole Antlers

WhiteTail Naturals Premium Whole Antlers

The perfect antler chew for large and medium-sized dogs is in the package. These chews are free of any added ingredients, dyes, or harmful chemicals and are great for your dog's oral and dental health. WhiteTail Naturals is committed to crafting naturally shed, US, hand selected grade A elk antlers into the perfect natural chew for your pet. These natural whole antler chews are completely mess-free and odorless, which makes them perfect for indoors. The antler dog chews have been trimmed and sanded to make them safe for your dog.

Brand: Whitetail Naturals

👤I was disappointed that the X- Large 7 to 8 inch antler we received was only 6 inches. Our dog is 80 lbs and she is an aggressive chewer, so I chose the X- Large.

👤I bought this because our dog is a chewer and because I like having furniture that doesn't look like it has been attacked by a colony of beavers. Our dog is a chewer and he puts the same amount of dedication into his teeth as Serena Williams does into her tennis game. This 50 pound hound has turned out to be an 80 pound bundle of love and teeth. We are talking about choppers. He decided to spare our home because he loves his antler. He is gnawing the bejeesus out of it as I type, instead of eating it. The antler has been with the dog for an impressive amount of time and he can disembowel even the toughest dog toy within an hour. I would give it five stars, but I'm only giving it one because I'm worried about it becoming smaller and I'll need to risk a hand, as I enjoy having them as a pair. I will have to have another one ready to go.

👤Disappointed. Not as described. I'm pretty sure these are heat treated, but I didn't read where in the description. The antler structure is broken down by heat treating, which allows it to splinter. I have had antler for 6 years. A dog went through one of the antlers. I couldn't believe how fast it broke apart and he ate it. I didn't know it was splintering. He threw up the next two days because of all the splinters and small sharp pieces he had eaten. I was worried we would have to bring him to the vet for surgery. He went back to drinking and eating after the vomiting subsided. I bought 3 for each dog and I will throw the other 2 in the trash. It may cause vet bills to be not worth it. It may be ok for a small dog who won't make a dent or have a big jaw. I wouldn't buy it from here again.

👤The antler section of the XL was very thin. It was less thick than my finger. Reached out to the seller but did not hear back.

👤The Ridgeback will chew through any toy or bone before we can throw it away. We looked at the animals. We get 6-7 inches of a whole antler, which lasts for 3-6 weeks, and we have ordered this one a few times. There have been no problems with splintering. Our dog loves it when it's gone. He chews this product until it is gone, even though he has gotten tired of other products. Maybe all antler brands are the same, but we will stick with this one because it worked for us.

👤The English Mastiff and St. Bermastiff are great chewers and I thought these would be great. They were until my St. Bermastiff vomited every time she chewed this. I'm not sure what's going on, it says no chemicals or Additives. She has never had a reaction like this before. It was pretty disappointing that the antlers and money were thrown in the trash.


What is the best product for dog antler bones?

Dog antler bones products from Pet Parents. In this article about dog antler bones you can see why people choose the product. Nature Gnaws and Whitetail Naturals are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog antler bones.

What are the best brands for dog antler bones?

Pet Parents, Nature Gnaws and Whitetail Naturals are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog antler bones. Find the detail in this article. Elkhorn Premium Chews, Nylabone and Four Brothers are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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