Best Dog Allergy Relief Drops

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1. Zaditor Antihistamine Drops Twin Pack

Zaditor Antihistamine Drops Twin Pack

It works to relieve itching in minutes. It can be used to prevent itchy eyes for up to 12 hours. Limit the release of chemicals that cause inflammation.

Brand: Zaditor

👤The product has made a huge difference in my life. I was certain that my glasses would need a stronger prescription as they had gotten worse over the past two years, but it turned out that I have really bad allergies. The eye doctor recommended this brand of eye drops. My eyes were very dry and I had to stop rubbing them. They strained so much that I had headaches and felt tired because I couldn't keep my eyes open. This company presented great customer service when there was an issue with my delivery and this product has cleared my eyes up quickly. This product is very good. My eyes are clear and I no longer have red, dry, itchy, and tired eyes.

👤It was hard to focus to read after 62 years of sight. My eye doctor told me that I had problems with my eyes. I was told to try Zaditor to clear my eyes. Within 2 weeks, these had me seeing normally. I stopped using them after using the first bottle. Within a few weeks, I was able to focus my eyes again, but then I had to order 2 more bottles of Zaditor. If you use a computer for at least 12 hours a day, you will feel better because your eyes will drop when you use a tear replacement.

👤I usually order the double pack because I keep Zaditor handy. After trying at least twenty-five different types of drops, I finally read about Zaditor. Restasis was one of the many prescriptions I was given to no avail. Zaditor was a prescription but is now OTC according to my ophthalmogist. It works well for me.

👤Eye burning and irritation from allergies and other sensitivities are helped by these drops. The value is great. After my insurance changed, I had to pay almost $200 for the same amount of Patanol. This works the same for me. I was happy that they worked well since eye burning can affect my activities. I can manage my eye allergies with Zadator. I keep both bottles in my purse in case of eye allergy attacks. It is good to have 2 in case I drop one or accidentally touch the tip, I will throw it away if it is contaminated. I have figured out that after instilling the drops, I should hold the bottle tight and flick it once with the same hand, so that the last bit of med doesn't dry out the lid.

👤I had horrible dry eye syndrome for about 8 years, and very little treatment seemed to help. I gave it a try because my doctor's husband was helped by Zaditor. It has made a huge difference, and I have used it twice a day for 2 years. I am much more tolerant of the wind and glare now that I can wear regular glasses and use goggle type glasses. I still have to be careful going to the beach or sitting outside in windy conditions, but it is much better than it was before. I also use eyedrops 1-2 times per day, but I think the Zaditor makes the biggest difference. I feel like my life is back.

2. Pet MD Cleaner Cleanser Eucalyptus

Pet MD Cleaner Cleanser Eucalyptus

It is designed to clean, deodorize and dry your pets ears. It's safe and gentle for regular use which prevents Ear Infections, reduces Wax build up and removes debris in and around the Ear. 100 disposable ear wipes for dogs. Dogs over 12 weeks old. Reduce Foul Ear Odor to keep your dog healthy and happy. Quality and safety are ensured by manufacturing in the USA.

Brand: Pet Md

👤My coonhound has smelly ears. I'm hoping to use these as maintenance, rather than having the vet charge every other month. The wipes make cleaning easy. I washed his ears with a paper towel to help dry them off after the cleaning. I haven't seen him shake his head like that before, and he didn't seem to mind at all.

👤There is a possibility of an allergic reaction. You may be trying to prevent, but you may be creating a worse situation. I was skeptical of the reviews but the positive reviews made me want to try and help my fur baby be happy. I regret that it hurt my girl. She has yeast infections in her ears. I have tried many things but nothing like this. The first night I cleaned it, everything seemed fine. I was very excited. I thought the ears were looking up. She woke up the next day with greenish yellow cysts coming out of her ears and other spots getting a clear watery liquid over them. I use these on her ears. It must be something that happens to certain dogs, since I read a similar review. I am going to the vet tomorrow. This product is costing me more money. I wish I wouldn't have tried these because I hurt my dog and put her in more pain. These are either amazing or horrible, and they were terrible for me.

👤Ear wipe came quickly. The smell is clean and pleasant. There is a lot of product on pads, they are good for wiping out the ears. The wipes soothed the dogs ears. I haven't seen the head shake since I wiped them down. The pads are small and thin, and I struggle to clean my ear without scratching it. The pads work for the littler dogs, but seem to get lost in my Labs ears.

👤Great product! My Pibbles, a pit bull with floppy ears, gets yeast infections in her ears on a regular basis. She starts shaking her head when they start. It's time to schedule an appointment with the vet when she starts scratching them. I was browsing the offerings on subscribe and save when I noticed the ear cleaning wipes. It's going to be a long day! Maybe these would help. They sat with the Princess' supplies for a while. She started shaking her head last week. The shakes stopped after I cleaned her ears with these wipes. I was impressed. They also have a pleasant scent. It's not a straight eucalyptus scent, but it is a good smell. There is a scent that is not on the label, but I would be happy to know what it is. It's a pleasant scent. ibbles wanted to lick the pads Silly dog... She likes nice smells and not-so-nice ones, as noted in my review of NaturVet Coprophagia Stool Eating Deterrent. I use these wipes for the purpose of cleaning and prevention of infections. She hasn't had another episode of head shaking since I had them about a month ago. I'm a fan. These little wipes help prevent yeast infections in Pibbles' ears. I have been cleaning her ears with these and she doesn't get the infections that she used to! Excellent product. I don't work for the company and I don't get any bennies for saying so. They are a great product.

3. Allergy Immune Supplement Dogs Cats

Allergy Immune Supplement Dogs Cats

The number of allergic dogs increases due to their nutrition and ecology. Itching, food and seasonal allergies are common problems in dogs. * The optimal composition of the herbal supplement will help to deal with itching, hot spots, and dog allergy. A new formula has Echinacea and Oregano in it. * Drop can be added to a bowl of wate, food, or used on the skin, it's great for allergy sufferers. Optimal absorption is possible. * The dog allergy remedy helps the pet's body to recover from seasonal fluctuations. Your pets' diet should be watched for good health. The high quality supplement for your pet contains natural vitamins, balanced composition and renewed formula for maximum yet gentle effect. Pets with sensitive stomachs are recommended. Sugar-free and non-GMO. *

Brand: Canis&cattus

👤My dog of the corgi breed had seasonal allergies, which were caused by the weather, and they were itching, peeling, and sometimes coughing when she was a puppy. We couldn't walk on the grass because of the allergy to the pollen. I started giving allergy medication to my dog when the season began, but I still looked for an organic alternative. I found her! The effect is the same as from the tablets, but it is easier to use and safer for the dog, thanks to CannisCattus, which has an excellent composition. You are a professional in your field.

👤The 5 year old was diagnosed with immune issues. He rubbed his nose until it bled and scratched and chewed on his feet. He was put on steroids to control his symptoms. Steroids would shorten his life exxpectancy, so my vet suggested I try a natural product. I stopped giving him steroid because he hasn't had any issues with allergies since taking this product. It took 8 months, but you should recommend to others. He stopped scratching after I put him back on the drops. During allergy season, I gave my cat something to sneeze on.

👤Look up the website listed on the bottle. There was noexistent. If you care about what goes into your pet's body, you should research the ingredients and purity standards of the product. The product website isn't valid. It looks like it could be fromLithuania. It was infuriating to say the least.

👤I give this to my cat because he gets a swollen mouth from allergies and an overall poor immune system. I'm always looking for alternatives to taking him to the vet and giving him steroid shots, and this stuff seems to really help. I don't know if it would work on one of his more severe reactions, but the fact that it has reduced his flare ups is a very, very great relief. It's great to see him looking good for a while. He seems to have no problem taking it. I put it in his food frequently and he doesn't notice. It's highly recommended for anyone with a pet that has an immune issue.

👤I noticed hair loss in both dogs after buying new furniture, one of which started sneezing constantly. I was alarmed by the fact that it was a dog allergy. There are red and dark spots in the place where the fur fell out. I didn't want to use cream on the damaged area, so I looked for a remedy to use internally. The dog doesn't need to be kept while using the skin soother because it is not aware of the treatment. The result was better than expected.

👤I have been using it for a month and so far everything is great. I hope it will continue. It's a good recommendation!

👤My dog goes to a day care and we were notified of a case of a disease. They told everyone to put their dogs on an immune booster. This one worked. It's easy to use, just put a dropper full in their food bowl once a day. He likes the flavor of his meals and is very picky. I chose this over other brands because it has the best human grade immune support I have found, and it is made with elderberry, echinacea, and pumpkin seed.

4. Allergy Bausch Redness Relief Packaging

Allergy Bausch Redness Relief Packaging

ALLERGY EYE DROPS. Opcon-A eye drops combine an antihistamine with redness relief to help relieve itching, red, and irritated eyes. It's best to temporarily relieve itching and redness caused by ragweed, grass, animal hair and dander. Opcon-A eye drops are clinically proven to help temporarily relieve the redness and itching caused by symptoms of common airborne allergens like ragweed or grass. Whether you have dry eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, or all of the above, they offer a variety of options for your needs, including lubricating & preservative-free eye drops. Eye care experts. Over the course of 150 years, Bausch + Lomb has focused on innovation and quality in its eye care products. There are drops in the eyes. If you want to make sure your eyes are healthy, hydrated, and protected, you can trust the eye care products from Bausch + Lomb.

Brand: Opcon-a

👤I have had problems with my left eye for a while. I bought this because I wanted the redness to go away, and other antihistamines didn't help. It helped, but I wanted to warn others because it freaked me out. The drops dilate your eye. I probably used too much quickly.

👤The packaging for the product was damaged and the product description states that it is a pack of 3 but only one bottle arrived.

👤It's not a pack of 3. It's only one. 17 dollars for one bottle. I am angry.

👤The product works well and the value is great, but the child proof cap is terrible. The worst design for the materials was used for a bunch of different designs of childproof caps. The top portion of the cap is too soft to get a good catch and the bottle is too soft to fold under the pressure. It takes forever to get the cap loose after you spin the top part about a dozen times per half turn. It needs a design that works with softer materials and one that doesn't require pressing down on the soft bottle itself. I disabled mine by cutting the top part off, leaving the bottom intact. I don't think it's a good idea in a household with children.

👤If I don't get enough sleep the night before, I will get a 10-fold increase in dry eye. It feels like burning pain, that is the only way I know how to describe it. It has been that way for me since college. I also have mild-moderate allergies. Nothing works except for this and pharmaceutical grade restasis/xiidra for my dry eye. The product doesn't give me all day relief, but it does give me some relief for a few hours. genteeal eye gel and thicker substances are preferred by a lot of people, but for some reason they do not work for my eyes. I don't know what the problem is, but it's related to how much sleep I get. It is a horrible burning pain. I hope they don't stop making it because being in the sun is torture. I used to equate the product with the same one, but it turns out that there was more than one product. I got clumps in the corner of my eyes after applying the product. I stopped using it for a while.

👤Only one bottle was received when the pak of 3 was not clearly stated. Disappointing.

👤For dry eyes, I use another eye lubricant, but for itchy eyes from pollen, I use Opcon-A Eye Drops. I like buying it in a two bottle package because I can have one at my bedside and the other when I leave. The itching stops very quickly with a drop in each eye and a minute of resting with my eyes closed. I don't need to use it more than a couple of times a day, and I use it more often for the simple irritation of dry eyes. For the past month, a combination of the two has worked well.

5. HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief Size

HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief Size

It is used on animals such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and pot-bellied pigs. Cats of all ages are provided with support for a healthy NASAL and SINUS TRACT. It is possible to aid with a runny nose, watery eyes, and consecration. Natural Pet Medicine has no known side effects and are safe for long term use. They may be combined with other HomeoPet products. Cats can be treated with their all natural, chemical free formulas, where the absence of certain enzymes means they cannot metabolise certain drugs efficiently. Easy to administer on food or water. Up to 90 doses per bottle is a great value.

Brand: Homeopet

👤A quick picture of my cat. She was 15 years old when she started sneezing and getting a sore nose. Over the years, I've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars for vet exams, shots, and liquid prescriptions to help her. It could be allergies, infections, or a cold. There is no real solution for a cure when you have tests every 6 months. I've tried everything. These drops have helped more than anything I have tried so far. It's 10 drops a day for my cat until symptoms are gone. Usually within a few days. I will give her another dose if she starts to have a bad nose. I mix it with her food or drink it. The dropper holds about 300 drops. I've tried this on two different cats and it's worked for them. It works for any sort of problem with the nose. If you aren't using liquid vitamins yet, I recommend them for cats. Anything with lysine works wonders for cats. The price is high. People may not use the proper dose if they are deterred by this. I suggest just using as directed, and use when needed once your cat's health improves. I'm ordering again.

👤My 14 year old Daisy has had issues with the upper repository for a long time. She is blind and had a lot of snot coming out of her nose. It was hard for us to watch and hear her breath. It seems like it's clearing up after 24 hours. I put 10 drops in her drinking water 4 times yesterday. I highly recommend this. Thank you so much! 3

👤The product came yesterday and we saw immediate results with our cat. She has had a chronic condition for a long time, which has caused her to have labored breathing, constant sneezing, and thick snot in her nose. Our vet has told us that this is normal in old cats and there is no "magic bullet" that will cure it. We had been giving her lysine in her food, but over time it has stopped working for her and never worked well to begin with. We put five drops of this product in her wet food and she immediately stopped sneezing and blowing mucus. She seemed less stressed and her breathing was less labored. We gave her a second dose this morning. She has only sneezed once or twice in that time, when she used to sneeze dozens and dozens of times a day. When her nose was running constantly, she wasn't blowing mucus. I don't think this will cure her, but it did relive her symptoms and we are surprised to see the improvement in just a few days. I hope it works for you and your cat.

👤Pumpkin has very bad allergies. His eyes look swollen and watery. I gave him 5 drops of it. I cleaned his eyes to see if I could tell a difference. He had no more watery goop by the end of the day. I put drops in his mouth the next morning. He had not had boogies or watery eyes that evening. He looked great. Thank you hoodness.

6. 0ANIV Animals Apawthecary Seasonal Allergy

0ANIV Animals Apawthecary Seasonal Allergy

There are extracts of Licorice root, Burdock root, and Eyebright herb. Made in the USA, they are certified organic. It supports seasonal and other allergies. TheALLERGY RELIEF in a Sweet Tasting Herbal Formula is for dogs and cats. Helping maintain normal hereditary levels. There are directions. Add food or water to your pet twice a day.

Brand: Animal Essentials

👤If you keep using it. You may not see results for a few weeks, but you should stick to it. If it is going to work for your dog, you need to know that not all things help all dogs. I have a four year old dog who gets seasonal allergies every spring and fall. Her skin gets dark pink, she bites, chews and licks, and we deal with hot spots as well. We've tried a lot of things, but nothing has had a noticeable effect. Nothing! We are doing allergy testing and will try the oral allergy treatments. I decided to give it a try. If you are desperate for something that helps, try one more thing. I am amazed that we are 1/3 of the way through the bottle. My dogs are still itching and scratching but it is less than before. She is so much happier now that she doesn't spend her days scratching and chewing at herself. I feel like she doesn't scratch anymore than my other dogs. I am happy to see that she is more comfortable. During allergy season, be sure to use a good, soothing shampoo every couple of weeks, as bathing is so important. We are still going ahead with allergy treatments, but will use this to keep her comfortable while we do.

👤My cat has developed an allergy over the last few months. I have no idea. Nothing has changed. Same food and litter. He hates going to the vet and it is difficult to get him into the carrier. I was looking for an alternative after the allergy shot did not work. The reviews here are mixed, but the reviews on Chewy were better. I decided to buy something. I put a dropper full in the water bowl and monitored him all night. There was no itching or licking. I didn't think it would work that quickly. After a few weeks, I will upgrade my review.

👤My cat was sneezing, snoring, and breathing funny at times. I gave a couple products a try after the vet said it was seasonal allergies. She hated the taste of the first product, so I found this. It's much easier to give her this. My puppy had a strong odor and constant bathes dried his skin, making him itch. I researched and found that he had seasonal allergies and that he had a strong musty odor. I already had it for the cat, so I thought I would try it on him. It worked, what do you know? My dog doesn't smell bad anymore, he doesn't itch anymore, and he doesn't bathe anymore. I will keep buying it.

👤I love how fast these products work on my cats. Like a natural option. My cat was cured of his nose and sneezing within two days.

👤I bought this product because my cats have respiratory problems due to allergies, and they sneeze often. They didn't mind the taste. The product did not make a difference in any of them. Very disappointed!

7. Vetericyn Ophthalmic Irritations Recommended Milliliters

Vetericyn Ophthalmic Irritations Recommended Milliliters

All animals have an eye gel. This antibiotic-free, non-toxic eye gel can be used to provide safe and effective relief for your pet's eye irritation or wounds. All animals are approved for use. The solution is pain-free. The gel should be applied 1-2 times per day. It can be used on animals from young to old, and is formulated so it won't burn or sting. It can be used to prevent eye issues in pets. RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS. If your animal care provider recommends something, you can save yourself the trip to the vet. Care for your animals where they are happy and comfortable, from your home to the farm or ranch. Health care products that are innovative and reliable. The most safe, effective and innovative animal health and wellbeing products are what Vetericyn is committed to developing. Each one is produced with scientific research and a standard of excellence. There are standards. You can trust. All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA. The family-owned company has been in Rialto, CA since 2009.

Brand: Vetericyn

👤It was magical! I have a Persian that cried all the time. It was not cute on his face and it had an odor to it. I could see a difference after the first application. It's crazy that he applied within 10 minutes. Doinking off the walls. This won't sound strange if you're a cat person. I know he was happy with the change this product gave him. He knows the blue bottle helps him. I had to pin him the first few times, and it ended up in his nose. He will come to me when I call him with it. The photo was taken for 3 days. I only apply it once a week.

👤I bought this product for myself because it's hard to find antimicrobial soaps that will wash my lids and I get frequent styes on my eyelid. It works well. It doesn't sting, it clears up my eyes, and it doesn't bother me at all. If I could find a human version of this product, I would use it, but I think the price is lower than a human version.

👤The French Bull has had many eye problems. The vet said he had tumors and we had to pay a hefty price to have them laser off. He would scratch his eyes and scream. The surgery didn't work, so the vet gave steroid drops. He rubbed his eyes into his stuffed toys to itch for relief, and I was worried that he was getting infections from them. I only use this product once a day to keep them clean, and he doesn't need steroids anymore. I think his issue is more dry eye and allergies, and 800 bucks after unsuccessful surgery, this was the magic pill. He loves the attention he gets while putting these soothing drops in. Sometimes he fakes it and squints his eyes when I ask him how his eyes are. He can open his eyes quickly. He is spoiled so I put this in my subscription and save.

👤Don't buy this product. My cat had a squinty eye that had clear discharge for a couple days and I ordered this for her and within an hour of using it, it worked. Her eye is swollen and red. I don't know what to do. This is a joke.

👤This product was really disappointing. I ordered this because I thought it would help my baby with her allergy issues. It burned her eyes. They became swollen after I put this in. I sat and cried with her on my lap as there was nothing I could do after I applied the gel and they started burning her and getting swollen, it was traumatizing for her as well as me. I thought this product would help her, but it only caused her pain and irritation and made her eyes swell. Don't buy this for your animals. I saw a negative review about the issue I saw in my dog and it fooled me as well. She posted a video of what happened to her dog after she applied the drops, but it was deleted, so beware of this product.

8. Similasan Allergy Relief Temporary Burning

Similasan Allergy Relief Temporary Burning

Allergy Eye Relief drops provide temporary relief from symptoms of eye allergies like redness, itching, burning, stinging, and irritation. Use as often as necessary. The eye drops stimulated the body's natural defenses instead of masking allergy symptoms like red eyes, itchy eyes, burning eyes, stinging eyes, irritated eyes, watering eyes. Natural active ingredients like eyebright are used in the making of simolasan eye drops. Eye drops do not contain chemicals that cause rebound effect. In Switzerland, for over 40 years, Similasan has been used by families. The leading brand of remedies with natural active ingredients is called Similasan. A Swiss brand is dedicated to helping families feel better. Natural relief from allergy eye symptoms is provided by their eye drops.

Brand: Similasan

👤It was used for several years before realizing the primary ingredient is crushed honey bees. If honey bees are not under enough threat from pesticides. I assumed that it was vegan. Homeopaths had respect for life. I am ashamed that this came from my ancestors. I have thrown out all of the products from Similasan, and now I know that the flu is caused by the brain and liver of ducks.

👤I love this brand because it is homeopathic. I have horrible eye allergies and I don't like the prescription stuff because you can taste it in your nose. I have to use over the counter stuff multiple times a day because it burns my eyes. I can use this stuff multiple times and it doesn't irritate me, but it does take a bit longer to work. I don't want artificial stuff in my eyes.

👤My dog is on medication after eye surgery. These help her with her itchy skin. She had double cherry when she was rescued and the POS owner wanted her euthanized because he didn't want to pay for surgery. She has a better life now. These drops are a lifesaver.

👤This worked great for me, and I like that it is a glass bottle with a plastic tip. It took 20 minutes to get rid of the itching. I figured out the underlying issue to my itchy eye/skin attacks and no longer need it. All the foods are very healthy and paleo. I was eating a lot of food. I haven't had itchy eyes since I changed my diet. Unless you go to a doctor of natural medicine you will have to figure it out on your own, as it isn't recognized by traditional doctors.

👤If you have eye problems, always use Similasan. I have allergies and wear contacts so I deal with gunk in my eyes. A small bottle of prescription drugs can cost up to $100 and last a week with daily use. This has worked just as well and a tenth of the price. I don't have to see a doctor because it is easy to find. I recommend all of their products. I have been a customer for a long time.

👤Did nothing. The symptoms will get worse before they get better. They did. It was much worse. Five days of constant use and I still have horrible burning and itching. I don't see how you could believe in it if you didn't see any relief. Look for reliable scientific sources. The placebo effect is what makes homeopaths work. "Symptoms will get worse before getting better", not because you are treating the issue with their "medicine water", but because your body is fighting the problem, you feel awful while you are sick, and if your immune system fights it off, it eventually gets better." Not because it helped.

👤I hope they don't stop carrying these. I have severe dry eye and allergy problems with my eyes, I have had tear duct plugs put in and then taken out, I have many other issues with them. I have had every kind of prescription eye drop you can think of and nothing would help, but these soothe my eyes for long periods of time and they are the only thing that works for me. I have never found this kind of relief before and they cost less than every good drop you can get, and these are the best. If you have had a lot of trouble like me, you need to try this. I am not sure if all natural products and products in these do the trick. I didn't think they would. I got them on clearance in another store. Please keep these in stock because I had to get more Amazon.

9. Pet Allergy Immune Support Treatment

Pet Allergy Immune Support Treatment

Premium treatment for your pets health - Vetflix Allergy & Immune Support is an innovative pet supplement powered by Mother Nature! Your pet will benefit from the balance of his immune system and help with his allergy. It's best for your pet. Good results when used as directed, and savesay Your cat or dog's immunity will be strengthened by using Vetflix. Get the health protection your pet needs with their pet supplement. Bring your pet a true joy of life with their herbal ingredients. Milk Thistle, Pumpkin, Elderberry, Olive Leaf, Echinacea, andTurmeric are all naturally grown and have a beneficial effect on your pet's health. Only the highest grade compounds have no side-effects. The herbal pet treatment is made in the USA according to the strict American Laws. The growth of herbs is not accelerated by any of the ingredients in Vetflix. 100% natural! If you have a problem, contact them. If their product didn't meet your expectations, you can write to them and they will solve your problem quickly. Enjoy your purchase!

Brand: Vetflix

👤I usually order things from Amazon, but I just recently ordered things for my cat due to the recent events from Covid-19. I don't usually write a review in detail. I had to write about this product. My cat has had an allergy for over a year and I have taken him to his vet who is great with him. She gave him eye drops for his watery eyes. I gave him 1/2 a dose of the allergy medicine she recommended, but he still had the sneezing, wet nose and watery eyes. I didn't want to give my cat a drug. I tried a few weeks of the medicine I ordered from Amazon, but he still had the symptoms. I decided to try it after reading the reviews. If the product didn't work, I didn't want to spend $25 on it. I was made a believer. My cat's symptoms went away within a few days. My cat likes the taste. I put it in his food twice a day. I had to look at the ingredients on the bottle and read the reviews again because I thought I was being tricked by the product. This product is recommended to my cat lovers. It works for cats. In the case of my cat, he's more energetic, less stressed and he's not rubbing his wet nose on my clothes or dripping on the floor. I'm very appreciative.

👤I have been giving my 14 year old Yorkie 10-in-1 Multivitamin for a while. I have seen a huge improvement in his energy level. He was diagnosed with a disease in June. He was sleepy all day and didn't want to play ball anymore. I decided to give this a try after reading the reviews. I am very happy with the results. It feels like my old peanut is back.

👤One of our cats suffers from issues with autoimmune challenges and we purchased Vetflix drops for her. We will keep Princess on this regimen since she has been seeing a dramatic reduction in her condition since we added this to her diet.

👤I have ordered this many times. The first two times I received yellow liquid, it was very clean and odorless. It was a cloudy yellow with crystal stuff floating in it, the third time I ordered it. I tried to get an answer from the company about it being safe or bad, but I didn't return it. I did not get any answers. I waited a few weeks and decided to check it out again. It was cloudy and big. The first two bottles seemed to help my dog, but I won't be buying any more because the formula has changed and the company won't let me know if it's safe or not. I wouldn't give this stuff to your pet because the company doesn't seem to have quality control standards and there is no customer service if there is a problem. Another reviewer said she ordered a bottle from the vetflix website and it was ok. I filled out the order forms and clicked on the place order at the vetflix website. A manager will get back to you. I've not heard from anyone. I don't think this company is good for me. I won't give my dog anything again.

10. RESCUE Dropper Homeopathic Fireworks Sedative Free

RESCUE Dropper Homeopathic Fireworks Sedative Free

A pet-safe formula to help relieve pet stress and feelings of occasional anxiety. Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds and lizards are all included. SEDATIVE-FREE CALMING DROPS. It is a good idea to use ahead of time when pet situations like visiting the vet, thunder storms, fireworks, separation and travel. The original ResCUE REMEDY is made with a blend of 5 natural flower essences. The doctor has developed a form. There are plant-based active ingredients. Artificial flavors, colors, sugar, and major allergens are free of. Non-habit forming. For animals of all Breeds, Ages and Weights, give 4 drops with food or water as needed. Can be used with other products.

Brand: Rescue

👤If there are any cat owners who are searching on the internet for something to help their cat, this will be a longer review. Two of my cats had ringworm a few months ago. After a few vet trips, getting shaved, oral medicine, and regular baths, my black cat was afraid and aggressive towards my tabby. He grewled at the tabby and avoided my touch, as he became aggressive, pacing, vocal, and pawed at the back door. I've spent hundreds of dollars trying various things, all with little to no results. My tabby was associated with the traumas of ringworm. I was considering going to a vet to get a prescription for anti anxiety medication because I felt that I had exhausted all the options and my black cat's quality of life has not been good. I am so shocked that I got this product shipped today because I figured why the hell not, I will try anything at this point. I gave him the 4 drops at 12pm and 30 minutes later he was in the main room with my tabby and he was giving me a bath. As I type this, I could cry. I expect there will be growling and avoidance as we continue the process of getting back to normal, however there was a drastic difference in his temperament which can only be attributed to the drops. I think 4 drops is too much for my cat as he was sleepy most of the day and I will probably give only 2 next time. I put the drops on small pieces of beef and he ate them. I'm amazed at how effective this product is, it completely exceeded my expectations and has allowed my cat to relax.

👤This is not what I ordered, it says on a sticker that it is for pets, but on the site it says no alcohol. I am very upset with this. The box is all damaged, it's a green sticker like a price tag sticker. I am not giving this to my dog because it has 27% alcohol in it. Your description on this product is not alcohol related. There are active ingREDIENT states that have an alcohol problem. I shop on this site for healthy options for my dogs. I can't even return it. I am very upset with this situation and need it fixed asap. I looked at the box and read it before I took it to my dogs. A highly unsatisfactory customer.

👤Oscar is an absolute maniac. And always has been. He is beyond belief. I haven't had a good night's sleep in over a year because he wakes me up with chicken. He is well fed. He seems to disagree. His meow is similar to an ambulance sirens. He is the cat version of the movie. He drank half of the olive oil he broke open when we weren't home. He ate it all up and then was hungry for chicken. He was chewing on a bag of apples in the living room the other night. It's a bit crazy. I have never had a cat like that before. We have tried everything to get this animal to leave. His constant energy is not diminished by Melatonin. However- These flower essences are amazing. He needs a couple of shots but they make him normal. It works. We will be buying two more bottles.

11. Nutri Vet Rinse Liquid Dogs 4 Ounce

Nutri Vet Rinse Liquid Dogs 4 Ounce

It is formulated to create an inhospitable environment in the eyes for germs andbacteria. Borid Acid is used to fight eye infections caused by foreign particles and air pollution. Keep your eyes clear of stinging objects. tear stains can be removed with regular use. The capillary formULA is a remedy for the most sensitive eyes. It is safe and effective to keep dogs' eyes free of irritation and can help soothe effects from seasonal allergies such as smog and pollen.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤When we adopted our Maltese, he had watery eyes. He couldn't open his eyes completely because of it. I had tried a lot of different products. I applied the eye rinse every day, even though I didn't see much progress. Slowly, but surely, his eyes were getting better. He had improved dramatically after four months of treatment. I still use this eye rinse to keep his eyes free of debris.

👤Do not use it.

👤I think doggy parents should try this. It burns. The opthamoligist recommended using human grade eye rinse. This isn't sanitary or sterile. The cap is not completely covered. The liquid moves through the cap. My dog has had thousands of eye drops in her life, and this is the only one that makes her flinch.

👤My Shiu dog has a bad drainage. I put drops in his eyes and then wipe them with a cotton round. It was difficult to get them clean before I used this. The crust is dissolved quicker by this. He doesn't like it but once it's in his eyes, he feels better and I should wipe his eyes off. Excellent, highly recommend. Good price too.

👤My dog went blind about a month after I used him. They were stumped as to why she would go blind so fast. Don't use it.

👤My dog had his eye closed for a couple of days. Taking him to the vet was going to be a lot of work and it was going to cost a lot. I bought this hoping it would work because I can't afford a vet. He had a normal eye after three days. It was a miracle, I felt so bad. I thought of giving him up since I couldn't afford to stop his suffering. My prayers were answered, I'm so happy with this product.

👤If you have a dog, it's not an overnight miracle treatment, but if you use it everyday, it will remove existing tear stains and prevent them.

👤I switched to a chicken based food for my dogs because I feed them a non-chicken based food. One of my dogs started getting really gross eyes almost immediately, I will not go into detail. I switched back to non-chicken food after 2 weeks of no chicken, but he still had the gross eyes, and by this point had eaten them for about 4 weeks. His eyes were not clear. To yellow goop. I used it twice in one day, once the next day and then again the next day, and his eyes were better the third time. No more goop. It knocked it out in 2 uses. I used it a few more times to be safe, but it has been 2 weeks without any drops or gross eyes. We will have a lifetime amount as the bottle is really big, but I used 8 drops total. I found the best way to put it in his eyes was to put a couple drops in his hand and then put the bottle in his eye. Hope this helps!


What is the best product for dog allergy relief drops?

Dog allergy relief drops products from Zaditor. In this article about dog allergy relief drops you can see why people choose the product. Pet Md and Canis&cattus are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog allergy relief drops.

What are the best brands for dog allergy relief drops?

Zaditor, Pet Md and Canis&cattus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog allergy relief drops. Find the detail in this article. Opcon-a, Homeopet and Animal Essentials are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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