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1. Leather Anti Lost Keychain Protective Accessories

Leather Anti Lost Keychain Protective Accessories

Extra 6 screen protectors for Apple AirTag perfectly match the shape of your AirTag, give your AirTag tracker comprehensive protection. It was specially designed for the New Apple Air tags. AirTag is not included. The leather air tages protector cover comes with two kinds of key rings, which can be applied to different scenarios and easily attach to your bag, purse, car loops, cats, or other pets. You could carry your airtags with you. The item finder is made of leather, soft and comfortable, scratch-resistant, non-slip, and protects it from impact, dropping, and scratching. The airtag skin has a key loop, you could attach it to the valuables, 3CE device, car, key ring, official bag, child's schoolbag, dog leash, and cat. You can swap and change your air tag wherever you want. Good service. The metal snap has a protective cover. Are you not happy with a purchase? No problem. They will be happy to solve the problem for you.

Brand: Auvtphr

👤I don't know what the other reviewers are looking at, but these aren't leather. They are a B grade kind of PU. They would fool a casual observer from a distance. I have the real thing that they are knocking off.

👤The listing is dishonest because it states that it is leather. The picture of the box it came in clearly states that it is high quality. Not leather. It is obvious that they are plastic, and a bit of paint came off the dark green one on my hand. I don't think the plastic is strong enough for the amount of force it will cause on the ring, and it will tear it off easily. I would rather know what I am spending my money on before I read an ad. I will be back.

👤The product seems to be well made, but it is not leather. Plastic can be. The description is misleading.

👤My wife and I misplace our keys a lot. There are 4 kids in this house. You forget where you put things when you're a taxi driver or chef. I put them on our key rings the day I got them. I lost my keys in the middle of the night. I got onto the find my phone app and was able to follow the arrow to my keys, and when I got there, I made the air tag. It was great. I was out of the door when I found them. We were able to find my wife's wallet after she left it at the Walmart. These are the best products Apple has made.

👤I can see that the AirTag is not as sturdy as the Apple version, but it is still sturdy enough. This is a great budget version of the apple one that you can get 4 for half the price.

👤They were made for less than the apple one. I put it on 24 hours ago and am very happy with it. I was worried that it would fall apart and lose its tag, but I looked at the design. I think it will be fine. Very happy with the purchase.

👤We bought airtags to make sure everyone would stop losing keys. The airtags work well, but some of the key rings keep popping open and falling off. You don't notice until you realize it's gone. It's very frustrating when I have to use the AirTag to find my key ring instead of my keys.

👤They work well. When our dogs play with each other, the button on the airtag pops out, so I replaced them. I have one on my key ring that works great and I also have one in my bag that works well. Don't recommend with dogs.

2. AirTag Protective Scratch Resistance Accessory

AirTag Protective Scratch Resistance Accessory

The lock design keeps AirTag safe. The key ring has a reliable attachment to your belongings. The edges of the secure holder are raised. The open design of AirTag keeps personalized engravings visible. Over the course of 35 years, Belkin has created high quality, innovative tech solutions.

Brand: Belkin

👤I agree with some of the previous reviews that say this item is a little high for what it is, but it is still a great alternative to the Apple leather keychains. Once twisted together, the locking mechanism holds securely in place. The AirTag is securely attached to your keys with this. This would be a great choice if you were looking for an inexpensive alternative to Apple leather.

👤I ordered a replacement after my initial order was lost. The original order and the replacement came the same day. The first one would not align correctly. The plastic threads were not straight. I opened the replacement I was supposed to return for and it went well. The first one was thrown in the trash. I was disappointed because I didn't worry about buying an inexpensive piece of plastic for $13 because the products from Belkin are usually so well made. I have an AirTag on my keychain, but I might consider other options if I add more.

👤I am certain that it will cost.10c to make, and that it is close to accurate and less than the economies of scale. A Chinese prisoner made this in 5 seconds at a factory in China where he makes about 50c/day. It is hard to get. If I had a factory that made plastic, I would make them quickly and charge a small amount of what they charge to retire.

👤I need a solution to the issue of misplacing my keys and wallet. The airtag case/holder is perfect for me and my needs. It works perfectly in the case without the risk of falling out, and is quite durable. I will definitely buy more if needed.

👤I admit I throw my keys down at times, but I've had two plastic parts pop open and deposit my air tag of the desk, since I bought four of them for four air tags, and I did put them together correctly. Not strong enough. I didn't lose air tags in the last three weeks.

👤The Air Tag could be popped out with little pressure and little effort, which did not inspire confidence that it would remain with our lost or lost keys. We ordered one of these because of positive reviews and were very impressed with how securely it holds the Air Tag, increasing our confidence that it would remain attached when needed. It's recommended for key rings and similar types of attachment.

👤I love this case. You can slide the halves open if you take the key ring off. The key ring on this baby isn't going anywhere. The key ring will be stuck wherever you put it, so make sure you know where you intended to go. There is a Definitely recommend! The review was helpful, so please hit like to let Amazon know. Thanks for the feedback.

👤terrible product. Not what you would expect from Belkin. The thing is so stiff that it is nearly impossible to lock and open. The hole is too big. The air tags battery cover can easily fall off, so the battery can be easily removed. Certainly not secure.

3. Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

The leather key ring is made from the finest materials. The European leather is tanned and soft to the touch, while the STAINLESS STEEL is as strong as it is striking. It fits over your AirTag, so you don't have to worry about it falling out. AirTag was sold separately.

Brand: Apple

👤The description says it is sold separately. It is my fault. This $35 purchase is not a $29 airtag and a $6 loop of leather with a metal ring. It's just a key. The little leather pouch is more expensive than the state of the art technology it is made to hold. This is the most Apple thing.

👤The product looks good but the pictures are not. The airtag shown is not what this comes with. The price for a small piece of leather and a key ring is ridiculous.

👤I have tried a few different AirTag keychains and this one is the most secure and nice one. For $35, it's better to be the best and nicest. The reviews complain about it not being included in the AirTag. If you own an Apple product, you know how they roll like it or not, so I don't think that's a good reason to give it a poor review. I think there will be a lot of third parties that will be nice, but right now this is the one to get. I took a star off because I don't like the price.

👤The device works well, but how does this accessory attach an Airtag to your keys cost more than the Airtag itself? This is just the leather strap, not the Airtag. It's silly and expensive.

👤The waste of money was too expensive. Does it come with an airtag?

👤I thought the airtag would be included, even though it cost more than the tag, because it is a great looking product.

👤When you want to secure your keys with the AirTag, it is a requirement, unlike other competitors that may have a corner hole drilled in it already, so we are doubling the cost of the AirTag, but doing so in great style and execution. I had no issues with the key ring. The ring is very shiny and it's a bit thinner than expected. The AirTag slides in from the top of the unit and closes with a snap, it doesn't just push in from the front or back as you may think. No worries, would buy again.

👤Does the job of holding the air tag make sense?

👤AirTag non portachiavi per AirTag is Pubblicit. Mi arrivato senza. Non avevo capito perché non chiaro per niente!

👤If you were misled, the grossly inflated price of this "Apple Bling" does not include an AirTag. The price of the older person is more than the price of the tag. I can see why people would think that Apple is a quality item, but the price is still two stars. I would have said a fair price is fifteen dollars. It's not £35. Five stars for quality, but loses three stars because of the ridiculous price.

👤I ordered two key rings and thought they included the air tags, but they didn't. Do not order these key rings as they don't have air tags.

👤Ich ist das bekannt, die bekannt ist, die bekannt ist, die bekannt ist, die bekannt ist, die bekannt ist, die bekannt ist, die bekannt ist, Im Anhnger ist relativ, aber das ist die meisten Zubehr-Artikel. Man meiner Meinung ist besondere. Man bevor man den. Artikel kauft. Soll es hier. Ich bewerte, sondern das Produkt. Im Gestern ist das hochwertig verarbeitet. Die Nhte ist alles sauber verarbeitet. Im Druckknopf hat die meine Festigkeit. Ich ist das Produkt. Ich bei anderen Artikeln wie zum Beispiel iPhone-Hllen und Apple Watch Armbnder. Erfahrungen gemacht ist schlechte. Die Preis fr das Produkt ist vermutlich.

4. DamonLight Leather Anti Scratch Keychain Compatible

DamonLight Leather Anti Scratch Keychain Compatible

The design and cut for AirTag is perfect. Premium soft PU leather has delicate stitching. The Air tag holder is durable. Premium PU leather has delicate stitching. Quick lock/unlock, dawt-proof, scratch-resistant and more. When clanging with a backpack, dog collar, or keychain, protect your AirTags from dust and scratches. Adding minimum weight makes you feel comfortable. The open design of AirTag keeps personalized engravings visible. Your smart Air tags look classic. Airtag is not included. A premium leather Airtag case is a great gift for your loved ones.

Brand: Damonlight

👤The seller of this product said it was genuine leather. The product seems to me to be a fake leather, with a plastic feel, no leather smell, and the edges are hard and plastic-feeling. I have low expectations for a $10 product, but I draw the line at potential false misrepresentation/ fraud. In exchange for posting a review, the seller is including cards with instructions on how to get free products from them.

👤The ring appears to be perfect. The build quality and materials exceeded my expectations. The snap feels good with a click. The AirTag doesn't spin. The ring for keys is a flat design and appears premium compared to a standard ring. If you want to coordinate with Apple's MagSafe leather wallet, you should match the color of it. Look forward to more. It is more affordable than Apple's leather key ring.

👤I needed the Airtag key chains. The official Apple ones cost more than the Airtag, which bugged me. I only ordered one of those to use for my main set of keys, and the cheaper one for the spare keys. When they arrived, the Apple branded model looked exactly the same as the Damon Light model, and it was impossible to tell apart in terms of quality, fit and function. Since one is blue and the other is yellow, I can only tell them apart by color. The packaging was very similar. I wish I'd bought two of these and saved myself some money.

👤The color matches my case. Not real leather as advertised. It feels like leather. It's not worth it for the price. I will keep it since it is similar to my other products. Maybe it is low quality leather, but I think it is pleather. It is described as leather.

👤I liked the look of the Apple produced leather case. I was suspicious of the quality of the case because it was at a price point. The leather case is almost the same as the Apple version, but half the price. Excellent product.

👤This isn't Leather. I am not sure what leather is in China, but it is from a cow, not a roll of plastic. They think it is ok to fool the public. The cheap air tag holders are not Genuine Leather. I returned it.

👤The quality of the airtag leather case was very good. I bought the one from the Apple website but it was cheap and I like the one from this one more. The snap is not as tight as I expected, and that is a negative thing. Time will tell how secure it is. I will update you in about 6 months. The price and quality of this item made me very happy.

👤This is a good case. The AirTag is snug in the case. The letter is nice. The key ring has to be big for the leather slot. It doesn't move well on the ring because of this. It is almost in place. Over time, it may stretch a bit. I had to change it out. I don't like that the AirTag is exposed in the center, so if you're worried about scratches, then avoid this case. I knew it when I bought it.

5. Apple MX532AM A AirTag

Apple MX532AM A AirTag

Track and find your items with friends and devices in the Find. My app. A simple one-tap setup connects AirTag to your device. You can ask for help from the built-in speaker or play a sound on it. You can find your AirTag with Ultra Wideband technology. Hundreds of millions of Apple devices can be used to find items further away. My network. AirTag will be notified when it is found in the Find. My network. Communication with the find. The location data and history of my network are never stored on AirTag.

Brand: Apple

👤The pros are: No weight issues ever. There will be no issues with this on keys, bags, etc. A simple design that doesn't draw attention. The software is already on the current version of the IOS. The water has a rating of Ip67. It can take the rain even if it is in a deep puddle. It can hold against Mother Nature. It is painless to replace a battery. There is a Thank you Apple for not making your own battery. The battery is CR2032. These are usually cheap and last a year. You can find them at the checkout lines of both Walmart and Amazon. There is a The highlight of this device is the precision location feature. This feature will show you where the tracker is if you are in the area of your Airtag. I put my Airtag in a book under my bed, and my phone gave me visual directions to where to go. The speakers on it began to make a noise when I got near it. Sight and sound can be used to find your Airtag. One block away from the location, I left my Airtag near my colleague. I was shown where I left it when I turned on the lost mode. My Airtag was able to connect with my colleague's phone because of it. By putting it in lost mode, you can see where it was last seen by other Airtags and Apple phones. There is a My colleague was able to quickly scans my Airtag, revealing the contact info that I approved. The process took less than 20 seconds for him. There is a Your Airtag doesn't store your location data for public viewing. All information about your location is confidential. There is a If someone puts an Airtag near you, your phone will notify you if there is an Airtag nearby, even if you don't have an Airtag. It is the same as the one ring from the Lord of the Rings. There is a If you leave the device in a public place, the speakers on it will grab your attention and strangers will notice. There is a All Airtags that are separated from their owners will play a sound to alert people. There is a You don't need to have it on for your phone. It won't affect the battery usage of the phone. There is a You can have more than one Airtag on your phone. There is a If you borrowed a friend's bag, you can stop the alert on your end so it won't keep bothering you. There is a The Airtag's chime will be playing when I ask my Siri where my Airtag is. There is a The scanning feature works on all phones. The Airtag will reveal your contact info if you have an android device. Cheers to that. There are pros and cons. You will need to accept the scratch on the Airtag. The only advice I can give is to stick with the white color because it will hide some of the worse scratches. There is a It is small enough to fit in a wallet but large enough to be on a key chain. There is a The cost of the accessories is almost the same as the Airtag itself. There is a This will not work if you don't have an operating system. You can find the contact info by scanning an Airtag. There is a The device won't give you real-time tracking, so it's not a device to put on your dog or child. It depends on the connections with other phones to give an accurate location. There is a This device will not work if there is no iPhones in the area or if you travel into the world of nature. The good news is that there are billions of iPhones, but not every location will have one. There is a The Airtag can connect with my phone, but not lose the signal, on average. This is alright, I know it might be a bad thing for some. There is a You will not be able to share your location. If you are not in the area and someone you know is, it would be great to have this feature to help you find your lost item. There is a If you leave it behind, the Airtag won't alert you. You have to realize that you don't have the item, then use your phone to find it. There is a There was no built-in altimeter. If you lose your Airtag in a 20-story building, the Airtag won't be able to tell you the height of the building or the floor, even if they're in the same building. If the Airtag is too far away for my phone to connect with it, you are standing in a dead spot. You need to walk around until the Airtag can connect with your phone. The Airtag only works if there are Apple products in the area. Only the 11 and above versions of the Apple device are able to use the precision location feature. There is a Some countries will not work for Airtags, even if there are iPhones around. I was told that countries like Russia and Indonesia can be updated, but I need to keep an eye out. There is a The less remote you are, the less reliable the Airtag is. There is a If you have an Airtag, good Samaritans will reach out to you. This depends on where you live. The device is helping three types of people. The other is the one that keeps losing their stuff in public places. Two, the ones that lose their stuff at home every day, such as keys, purses, and stuff you can't leave the house with. A mix of both. The Airtag is not a real-time tracker. Don't attach this to your dog because it only works if the iPhones are in the area. You will get scratches on it as well. The tracking technology that is out there is similar to the precision location feature. It has the same flaws as well. The Airtag is an effective tracking device, requiring nothing more than an Apple device, which most already own. The layout was responsive, accurate, and useful. The precision location feature is a lifesaver if you need to find something quickly. I have a thumbs up to Apple in regards to the privacy issue. The fear of someone knowing your location is dead. Privacy is important for a device like this. The device is only built for the Apple community. I hope I helped you. Honest reviewer.

6. Collar Holder Leather Adjustable Anti Lost

Collar Holder Leather Adjustable Anti Lost

You can only find a Premium Deal on Amazon. The AirTags Case is the best value. The one year replacement service can only bring safety and happiness to your mind. The dog collar with air tag holder is made of PU leather with a metal buckle and a metal D-ring and is welded for strength and durability. Air Tag holder and collar in one. The air tag holder has an open and close front button snap to insert the air tag. Say goodbye to bedazzled accessories and make it simple and clean. The air tag holder on the collar allows you to locate your dog anywhere, eliminating your worries about losing them. The air tag holder and dog collar are stiched together to prevent shaking and falling out, which will allow your furry pets to feel free for a walk around the block or a stroll downtown. The dog collar has 5 holes to fit your dog's neck. Please measure your dog's neck size to make sure a finger is between the neck.

Brand: Jacknthe

👤The latch is cheap. The air tag is held without a problem but the chance of the clip failing and opening is high. It will most likely fall off your backpack. I recommend looking for a better clip.

👤I bought it so I wouldn't lose my keys, as I was walking with the key chain in. My hand. My keys dropped when the O ring opened. I did not hear a sound as I was walking over sand. I had to retrace my steps because my AirTag was missing. Any pressure would open that ring. I changed all the rings but kept the Silicon.

👤The product is nice. It fits the airtag well.

👤The purchase was the worst I have ever made. The "Leather Dog Collar" is not made out of leather or faux leather. It is hard plastic. The AirTag would come out of the pocket. I returned it but wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The Leather Dog Collar is an example of a false advertisement.

👤I used to own pets and the eye hook latch isn't great. I lost both tags in a single month. Silicone is a good holder for the AirTags.

👤I never do reviews but for this one I had to, with my fur baby being my top priority in life who helps me with depression and anxiety, the collar came in a quality case, so I was excited to open the case and try it on my dog, unfortunately this collar was like

👤They fit the bill better than the Apple product.

👤Worthless stuff. I was trying to attach a key ring when the metal ring broke. Zero stars at best.

👤Se los puse a mis llaves, dos los ocupe para mis perros, todo bien. Se sacuden los airtag salen volando. No, I prefer to quitrselos. Los accesorios para mascotas.

👤Son de excelente calidad. Ajustan perfecto, dejan, pueda "presionar" el botn de atrs.

👤Me sorprendi el material.

👤Material Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Suave, Material Su

7. Eusty Protective Case AirTag Multi Color

Eusty Protective Case AirTag Multi Color

Compatibility with AirTag 2021. Airtag is not included. It is easy to open and close the spring ring clasp, which helps to quick lock/unlock. The Fashionable All- match. The airtags protective case is made of solid color leather and is suitable for daily use. You can attach the airtag protective case to your car key, bag, child's schoolbag, dog leash, valuables and more. You can easily swap your airtag on things you want to keep track of. Perfect Fit Design is compatible with Apple New AirTag 2021. The case fits tightly around the AirTag so that you can keep track of what you have attached to it.

Brand: Eusty

👤This is not leather. The ring broke in half after being lightly used. The cheap plastic part is no longer holding the ring. I don't recommend anyone buying this "Air Tag Keychain for Apple Airtags holder, 4 Pack Protective Leather Airtags Case Tracker Cover with Air Tag holder, Airtag Key Ring compatible with Apple New AirTag Dog Collar (Multi-Color)" as it's not leather and will

👤I got these two weeks ago, but they're much higher quality than the price lets on. I expected loose threads, low quality rings and onglets. What I got was similar to what I would pay Apple for. The metal ring that you use to attach this to your keyring has a small release when you push in on it, which makes it easy to swap it from one keyring to another. I would have expected to break the spring loaded latch if I played with it so much. The chrome ring finish has proved to be either high quality or part of the metal, and I would have expected it to be a finish for a rougher ring underneath. I would return to this seller for more products in the future.

👤I bought air tags for myself and my wife. I was about to purchase 4 of the apple key chains, but they were almost as expensive as the air tags themselves, so I was a little worried about losing them. I was worried that buying a cheaper key chain would cause the air tag to be lost. I bought a cheaper one. The air tags are held in place by the leather key chains. These are in my pants pocket and my other one is in a backpack and they have never fallen out of the key chain. I would recommend these for a cheaper alternative to Apple.

👤These do not fit late Sept 2021. The Airtag can be snapped closed if I put it in. The holder is too small to hold the Airtag. The same Airtags center can be found in Apple supplied Airtag holders. The design of my photo centers the best. If you want to show how bad a fit it is, you should show the side with the initials. My advice is to avoid these holders. They will not hold the Airtag well.

👤The apple disc holder is snug and I like the concept of these. The rings did not hold up well. I decided to try another style after the seller gave me a refund and replacement item.

👤The airtags protective case is made of leather and has a snug fit. The design fits when the airtag is put in without causing difficulty in the search. The leather is soft and not tight. The design comes with a key chain that makes it easy to attach to objects. The airtag is protected thoroughly by this case. It's suitable for people who misplace things, or hang on important objects. It's a good connection for apple lines and phone devices.

👤I am surprised by the quality of these. They are constructed very well and may not be genuine leather. I kept 2 of the 4 AirTags I bought for myself. It was perfect when I found this pack. The package was very well packaged. Each holder had a piece of foam inside to hold it all together. You have the option to match your outfit for the day or your favorite color. I have not had a problem with chain coming open or undone. I can't think of any great price point Cons. This is a good quality at a great price. Thank you for your work!

8. Jungle Club AirTag Collars Tracker

Jungle Club AirTag Collars Tracker

There is style and function. The Jungle Club Apple AirTag dog collar holder is smart and stylish. The AirTag case is form-fitted, water proof, and features a hidden belt design that will fit in with any collar loop or strap that is less than 1.1” wide. Their team of skilled designers carefully selects the best colors and shapes for their Apple AirTag protective case, ensuring your pet will hit the streets looking their best without sacrificing function. Personalization of concierge service Jungle Club has a variety of cute colors and design choices, so you can match your dog's accessories with the Apple AirTag cover. The soft, Wearable design of the Silicone case easily adjusts and won't be too tight when worn by your dog, is fitting most universal collar sizes. Jungle Club's Apple AirTag protective case will not interfere with the Apple AirTag sound or gps signals, keeping your pet connected comfortably and safely. All of the designs come from the heart of Los Angeles.

Brand: Jungle Club

👤I came across these airtag dog collar holders while browsing for a holiday gift for my cats. I ordered a pink one and a dark red one. They were cute and good quality. The holder is rubbery so it isn't moving a lot, but the texture went well to my cat's collar. The pink bow tie is cute. I'm thinking of getting more fore my other fluffy friends.

👤I had it for two days and it snapped. I have a piece of plastic that is useless, but I have an air tag, so I have to find it.

👤I'm very satisfied with this holder, it looks great on my puppy. The dual colors design makes it feel premium and durable, and it keeps other dogs from chewing the loop.

👤It's a great gift if it's durable. It should come in more colors. The collar is great and cute.

👤It is a little big but my dog has been used to it and has been happy with it. It looks cute.

👤I bought this for a friend. The packaging is great. Very happy!

👤I was very impressed by the quality and how it looks, it looks better than the picture. The pink is a little lighter than the picture, but I think it's perfect. The black tie version is very easy to put on and feel premium. Will update later.

👤My cat is very happy. The material feels sturdy, it looks beautiful on my cat, and the texture is nice.

9. BELONGME Compatible Protector Shock Absorbing Anti Scratch

BELONGME Compatible Protector Shock Absorbing Anti Scratch

The case is designed for New Apple Air. AirTag is not included. The Protective Case for Apple AirTag is portable, it can attach to a metal key, and let you lose your habits for losing things. Please purchase with caution if it is used on pets. ) The AirTag Keychain is made of high-quality silicone material, which can protect your AirTag from dust, and no fear of falling or scratches. The AirTag holder has a raised lip design and can fit your Airtag perfectly, no worries about the AirTag key ring falling. Extra 6 screen protectors for Apple AirTag perfectly match the shape of your AirTag, give your AirTag tracker comprehensive protection.

Brand: Belongme

👤The protective cases came with screen protectors. The screen protectors do not fully adhere to the AirTag shape because they do not match the AirTag shape as stated in the Features Description. The screen protectors have no shape at all. The positioning tab has to be physically cut off, which makes the screen protectors look worse. I was very disappointed in this purchase.

👤The key ring does not do the simple function of holding your keys securely, and the little Silicon part does a fine job of holding the AirTag. I had the product for six days and had keys come detached on three of those days. The AirTag came off completely, and the storage unit key fell off, and today I reached into my pocket to find everything had fallen off. I would not recommend you buy this product.

👤Wow. What a disappointment. The look and feel and color options you get for a very reasonable price, but the Air Pod has just popped out and onto the ground. Such a sad day! These are not worth the time to return and are going to the trash. Too bad.

👤These seem to be very high quality. The material is soft. Stitching is very pleasant. Make the air tag look pretty.

👤I lost everything when I bought this four pack of AirTag holders, but they have been the solution for me. You have to buy a wallet holder or a keychain holder to hold them. I have to buy an additional holder for the Apple AirTag. I found this set to be reasonably priced but amazing and I was looking for some colors. This came with two colors. The AirTags went in without any problems. I was able to protect my AirTag from getting scratched because it held them in place and came with tape protectors. It's easy to add a right to my keychain with the rings. They are strong and not likely to break.

👤It worked well. The Airtag is being held tight by the case. You don't worry about it getting out of the case.

👤This is a fraction of the price, I am sure you have checked around. Good quality. The clip material is not the best and it hooks the keys in my pocket which are on a carabiner, so I would give it four stars. I will keep the rating at five stars.

👤The AirTag case sets were purchased by me. My son lost the AirTag that I encased in the brown/tag cover, so I'm glad I bought it. He dropped it outside and someone found it and turned it into a gas station. He remembers it because of the color of the case. I had him retrieve it from the location and it was perfect. I bought it because it had a scratch resistant cover. This was a good purchase.

👤Ni un mes. Se salieron y se cayeron, obviamente los encontré por la misma funcin de los artag. Is it possible that me tienes?

10. Pup Culture Protective Waterproof Trackers

Pup Culture Protective Waterproof Trackers

If your Apple Airtag falls out or is scratched, you should secure it to your dog. Keeping an existing collar is all you need to start keeping tabs on your dog. The location of your Apple Airtag can be seen by using your phone. If your dog is wearing it, you will be able to find them easily. People who find your dog can use their phone to contact you. Airtag is not included in the dog collar holder. The business is owned and operated in the USA.

Brand: Pup Culture

👤I'm always nervous about fitting my dog's collar. He is a big guy and he has big clothes. The neck is 26 inches. This stretched over collar is great and I can move it around. It is not easy but I can trust it to stay put.

👤It is a normal size collar. It doesn't bother my dog or get in his way because it's fairly large. My dog is about 75 lbs. It may need to be smaller for small dogs. The air tag is hidden. It got wet and handled well. Definitely recommend.

👤The product is just as advertised. Airtag fit perfectly. The holder is still going strong a month later and my pomsky is still going crazy.

11. Compatible AirTags Keyring Genuine Accessories

Compatible AirTags Keyring Genuine Accessories

The AirTags leather case is compatible with the Apple AirTag 2021. Premium crazy horse genuine leather exterior with delicate stitching and soft microfiber interior protect your delicate air tag from dust and scratch when clanging with keys, adding minimum weight and feel comfortable. You can attach an air tag holder to your bag, child's school bag, dog or cat pet collar, if you have an Air Tag Keychain. The AirTag cover is compatible with your AirTag. The airtag cover is made of leather and has a ring on it to keep the case closed. It could provide a stronger buffer when there are bumps or drops. Spoil your loved ones with a great gift, such as a premium leather AirTags holder. The package includes an airtag holder.

Brand: Hatalkin

👤I wanted to like this thing for my air tag, but the ring was too expensive. I bet they couldn't find a cheaper one to go with it. Don't buy it. There are better options at the same price point and I am not happy with the looks of it. I would have returned it for a refund if I had flown overseas.

👤When you put the airtag inside the case, it stays open.

👤It is almost impossible to remove it once it is in there. It happens as one gets used to air tag and it's applications.

👤The airtag was always falling out of the Silicone holders I had before I got this one. I would either get an alert that I left my keys behind or that the airtag ended up in my pocket. This thing works. I think it looks good. Some people have said that you can see a gap in the top, but the tag isn't coming out, it won't fit, and the leather won't stretch with time. I will probably buy another one for my luggage.

👤While it is an attractive and inexpensive air tag holder and serves its purpose, it has one flaw that could make it a great product. The air tag will gap at the top if you put it into the pouch. The air tag can't escape once you put the ring into the hole. The pouch would be able to close on its self if one side was formed to hold the air tag. I used a lot of super glue to hold it shut.

👤I bought this item because my Air Tag kept falling out of my other case. The case is made of leather. The case is light and stylish. I am so happy I made this purchase.

👤It works perfectly with Apple Airtags. I applied a small amount of glue to the open part of the holder after I inserted the Airtag. The airtag cannot be removed and you cannot tell what is in the holder. It's easy to find the keys. We bought four for our keys.

👤It works and it is cheaper than the ones on Apple's store end. The price is fair for the work that is put in when the scraps are thrown away. What Apple charges is crazy.


What is the best product for dog airtag holder leather?

Dog airtag holder leather products from Auvtphr. In this article about dog airtag holder leather you can see why people choose the product. Belkin and Apple are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog airtag holder leather.

What are the best brands for dog airtag holder leather?

Auvtphr, Belkin and Apple are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog airtag holder leather. Find the detail in this article. Damonlight, Jacknthe and Eusty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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