Best Dog Agility Training Equipment for Small Dogs

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1. Hampton Rose Co Agility Training

Hampton Rose Co Agility Training

The dog agility training set includes a treat bag and two training whistles. All poles, stakes, brackets, supports, hoop, training square, and tunnel are included in the 50-piece kit. The tunnel is longer than other comparable tunnels and has a carrying case. Burn energy by creating slalom courses, hoop jumps, hurdles, and more. 2 high-pitched training whistles and a carry bag are additional valuable accessories.

Brand: Hampton Rose Co.

2. JMMPOO Dog Agility Training Equipment

JMMPOO Dog Agility Training Equipment

UNIQUE dog equipment set The dog obstacle course backyard gives you more options to build trust with your pets and keep you healthy. They have agility training equipment for dogs that you can use for competition or just for fun. PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL The dog agility course set is lightweight and safe. Even after being scratched by the paws, there will be no large-scale damage. Easy set up and easy transportation. This dog agility training equipment set with 2 colors design is easy to set up and take down with no tools. It has a handle that makes it easy to pack and carry the equipment from the outdoor backyard park to the indoor big stage. Dog and owner bonds. It's a great way to spend time with your dog. Their dog obstacle courses starter kit has everything you need to get started and is recommended for dogs of any age. The Ring Jump or a Hurdle Jump for dogs can be difficult to use. The doggie agility set is a great gift idea for young and old dog lovers. The equipment included in this set is agility tunnel, 5 weave Poles, a jumping ring, a pause box, whistle, and a pet tennis ball toy. They offer a quality shopping experience and 24 hours online service support.

Brand: Jmmpoo

👤My daughter dog loves the agility set and looks forward to training with it. It's easy to set up and it stores nicely, not taking up a lot of space. Everything is easy to move. I would definitely recommend it. The kit is great for beginners and people that have already trained their dogs.

👤I bought this for my daughter. The dog is 25 lbs and it's the perfect start for learning basic agility.

👤It is convenient to take outside. My dogs like this. It was fun.

👤It's lightweight and fun. The light weight of the set and how I can keep everything in the bag is what impressed me the most. They were easy to assemble, and my puppy had a great time with them. The carrying case is so light that I don't think it matters. I think the company should rethink, because they have spikes that go into the polls. They have small caps to cover the spikes when you store them. I wish there was a side pocket for those caps because I lost all of them. I am substituting old wine corks. It's easy to assemble and fun for the dogs and the owners. The price for a complete set was a good value. Very pleased!

👤I think this set is a little cheap, for the price. The materials are made of plastic. The instructions are hard to follow. It took some time to put it together. You have to use force to fit the pieces together. The straps for the ring jump are flimsy. If you have a dog that has a hard time learning the ring jump and ends up bumping into it, the ring will probably get jostled around. It is still a fun little set, with that out of the way. My two dogs are playing with it and getting exercise, while also picking it up quickly. It is light enough to move around once you have everything put together. I got everything that I was supposed to have. Two balls and a dog whistle. I don't know how long this will hold up if left outside. I don't think it will last long with a lot of use. The set is made of cheap materials. My dog runs through the tunnel and I have to keep the stakes up to keep it tacked down. When you pull the weave poles out of the ground, the plastic part in the bottom of them disappears, like another reviewer said. The hurdle bars can be adjusted. You could jump the hurdle high. I don't think SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA The ring jump is easier for my dogs than the regular jump because they are medium-sized. One of them is different. It seems like it's easy to pack away. The tunnel folds down into a carrying case. The tunnel is made of cheap material. The wires can be seen through the fabric. I always pack away the other pieces of the set outside. I am pretty sure the tunnel would be ruined by the harsh sun in a few weeks. There are a lot of faults in this set. I was expecting more for $120. This is a good set for beginners to start training their dog in agility. Don't expect it to last long.

3. Training Double Layer Professional Equipment Agitation

Training Double Layer Professional Equipment Agitation

The dog bite sleeve can be used to train a dog. The dog's bite can make it stronger. Dog toys are very suitable for tug-of-war and outdoor sports, can increase the interaction between you and the dog, and establish a strong bond. The dog whip training stick is made of soft and durable material, which can help the dog handler to control the dog without hurting it. Dog suit training has a small bite sleeve and a larger bite sleeve. It is easy to assemble and disassemble the two parts. The sleeve is long enough to cover the elbow and protect the upper arm. A perfect length for dog bite training and dog attack protection. The outer layer is made of double Jute, and the inner foam provides a good bite for the dog. This dog training equipment is used for large dogs. The end of the bite sleeve is closed to make sure you are safe. The dog bite training set is designed for medium and large dogs. Can be used for police dogs. The german shepherd training kit has a bite sleeve. The dog hand bite sleeve has two handles, an inner handle and an outer handle. The handle is made of foam and has a comfortable grip, soft and non-slip.

Brand: Niubgoner

👤The thing to remember when training a dog is that nothing is impervious. The dog is playing and he has damaged the bite pad. I will not start training with the arm pads until he is a year old and more obedient to commands. The maturity plays a big part in training. The pads and rubber stick were introduced to him. I use the bite pad to see how much he is interested in playing. Any bite pad that has puppy teeth is no exception. It's holding up better than I anticipated. My goal with the bite pad is to get him to bite and hold. He's still a puppy and playing is his priority, but he's eager to please me. When I switch to the arm pads it will be on command to attack and hold. He gets to play with it and build his confidence. He's still a puppy and his mouth is not big enough to get a good grip on it. He gives it his all. You can't go wrong with this product.

👤It was sturdy at first but not for real training. Within 10 minutes, the tug was destroyed by my 80 pound pit. tearing off both ends. He took the beat stick away from me and I had to shred it. The sleeve came apart into 2 pieces so you have to stop and reassemble it. I think it's for fun and lap dogs. It was a good value and not over priced. Not for serious training. I bought a bite sleeve from another professional supplier. The price was the same.

👤The bite sleeve is large and well built, but our great dog ruined it on his fourth clench. We only got 30 minutes out of it. It is not a professional quality product and is not suitable for recreation.

👤My dog is going to destroy this but he loves it. The dog hasn't got me yet, but the top of the arm is exposed. L.

👤My 3 year old Belgian dog loves this set. She has a strong bite. Great buy for the money, I didn't feel anything through the Double Pads. If you let the dog tear it up, it will. The tug and pads are holding up. Thank you...

👤A 6 month Dutch Shepherd is a great starter for schutzhund.

👤A good starting point for bite work is what I would say. I have a dog.

👤It is a good product, but my dog tore the jute up on the first day. Been using it for a week. It is holding up well. It works very well.

4. CHEERING PET Dog Agility Training

CHEERING PET Dog Agility Training

There is a complete set of dog equipment. The perfect outdoor exercise course is for your dog. Their set includes a tunnel, 2 poles, 8 poles, a rope toy, a whistle, a pause box, stakes, and carrying bags. It's perfect for dog agility training. Train your dog to be a furry athlete. The agility training gear is a must-have. It is great for new dogs to get into the world of competing or experienced pets to get in shape. A great bonding experience for you and your company. This is better than dog toys. Get involved with your dog's playtime and spend some quality time together. Your dog can get a great workout with this play equipment. It's easy to set up and store. Setting up an obstacle course is easy. It comes with three carrying bags that are easy to carry. You can easily pack and transport equipment from the park to the big stage with the carrying handles on the portable bags. Each piece of their set is made to last. The tube is constructed using 190T polyester cloth that won't tear easily so it's sure to handle your pet. It is lightweight and easy to carry around so you can use it anywhere.

Brand: Cheering Pet

👤Great product! Our pups love running. Our dog is a 60lb mix breed and the other is a 90lb Rottweiler. It's great for dogs of all sizes.

👤I love it! I needed more activities to keep my golden retriever from eating my plants. The package was opened and excited. The sticks and jump were easy to assemble and the brief instruction was helpful. The tunnel was easy to set up. It took a bit to figure out that the pause square was the same fabric as carry bags. My dog and I are enjoying our time together, with a lot of patience on both our parts.

👤The whistle doesn't work, the construction is flimsy, the instructions don't make sense, and 3 of the poles don't fit in the pole bag. The brackets used to hold the jump bar are cracked after a few uses.

👤This is a present for my 2 year old dog who is taking indoor agility classes. The package is light to carry. It seems straightforward to assemble after reviewing the contents. I haven't used it outdoors yet because it is a Christmas present. It appears in the picture. The price is fair for what you get. I would have liked it if the set came with two jumps instead of one. It is more expensive to purchase a second jump on its own. The hoop jump set from other brands is almost twice as expensive. I shouldn't find fault in that. A second jump or a hoop jump would be included in the other set bundle options.

👤She loves her agility kit. She was a little afraid of the tunnel at first, but soon realized how much fun it was to zoom through. The first 30 minutes of setting everything up was the time that this video was taken. It comes with everything you need, as well as clear instructions and tips on how to train your dog to go through obstacles. The jump is not very strong, but still works. There are bonus points for quick and easy set up.

👤The set is easy to assemble. It was just right to start with agility. We have lots of fun with our dogs.

👤We broke out the tunnel to see how the dogs reacted. The 35 pound Mini-American Shepperd was supposed to take it immediately, but the 95 pound Golden wanted to play. The Shepperd took to it and they were having fun. The smaller of the two dogs that will take to learning to navigate the course will be the one that gets the posts set up in the yard.

👤I love this! I am having a blast with my dog.

5. Dog Agility Bar Jump Adjustable

Dog Agility Bar Jump Adjustable

It is 36" wide. Small to large dogs can jump over the bar with an adjusted height. Their dog agility training bar is fitted with a sturdy stand, which allows you to set up the hurdle on hard soil, solid pavement or soft grassy areas. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Do you want training sessions that are accident-free? The training bar is made of plastic that does not have sharp edges or sharp ends that can hurt your dog. The training bar is easy to install, it comes with all the necessary brackets and fittings. You don't need to buy separate screws or tools. There is sleigh-free storage and containment. The agility training bar comes with a handy carrying bag that you can use to store the bars and poles when not in use.

Brand: Midlee

👤I received the jump today. My dog was test jumping in about 5 minutes after it arrived. The jump is easy to use. It can be transported by other people. It is easy to store. The jump can be adjusted. You may have to make your own marks at the height your dog jumps. My dog used a pile of books with a broom handle to train. This is definitely an improvement. The photos show him jumping from the broom handle to this jump. The jump takes a little more time to arrive than the usual Amazon Prime package. It was difficult to wait.

👤The agility bar is small enough to be used inside on rainy or cold days. There are no preset slots for the bar, so it can be placed anywhere along the length of the stand, and the brackets hold it in place nicely. If the dogs run into the bar, they don't hurt themselves. I put it high enough for my taller dog to jump over and my smaller dog to go underneath. Everyone gets to have fun.

👤Nice jump! The instructions were clear and the set up took less than two minutes. I like that the jump bar can be placed by resting the ends on the grooves which are far safer. If the poles are not pushed in as far as they can go, they can wobble a bit. The only other thing I would ask for is a permanent line on each bar to know where to put things, but this can be fixed by printing out the measurement on the bars themselves. A great jump. I will be buying an additional one for practice.

👤I can not just replace a missing piece. Needed this jump for training. The fast delivery was the main reason I chose it. The bar is missing part E, a specialized piece that holds it upright. I can not use it.

👤After my dog crashed it a few times, I appreciated the product's light weight. This product is well suited to its intended purpose. Twice a day, I lead my Airedale to within a few yards of the hurdle and release the leash. Watching him approach and complete his jump is to watch poetry in motion.

👤It is easy to assemble and has a manual. It's a good product for beginners in agility, but light. It's smooth and can be used inside or outside. The parallel bar for the actual jump is too light, and if you accidentally hit it, it will fall off. There are good and bad things in that, but it is ok by me as a start.

👤A perfect dog agility jump. This is perfect for training my wheaten (30-40 lbs medium sized dog) indoors. The bar drops if hit by the back paws. This jump is recommended by me.

👤The agility bar is easy to assemble. There are two ways to hold the jump bar. The secure method is used since the lay-on brackets lead my Boston Terrier to believe she will be eaten when she knocks the bar off. The frame is a trade off between easy assembly/disassembly and stability.

6. Kerrogee Equipment Obstacle Training Carrying

Kerrogee Equipment Obstacle Training Carrying

The quality of the facility is high. The training tunnel of the dog agility equipment kit is 14 feet long and can be divided into two tunnels, one 6 feet and the other 8 feet. The tunnel is anti-tearing and weather resistant and made of premium 190T polyester fabric. AJUSTABLE JUMPING SET AND STURDY WEAVE POLES. There are 15 poles and a hoop of their dog agility set, which can be set into a high jump set, ring jump set and weave poles to agility and speed. The jumping height can be adjusted by moving buckles. The poles are made of high quality material and will not be bent or damaged. It's easy to set up and marry. The dog agility training equipment set is very easy to set. The training tunnel can pop-up to the full length in a second, and the poles are easy to set just by connecting the stakes. You can take their dog agility set to your backyard, the park, beach or anywhere you want with the 2 carrying bags. It is recommended for dog agility training and playing. Your furry guys should be trained to be great athletes. The complete dog agility equipment set is very professional for jumping and running. It's great for having a competition or preparing show, which will provide entertainment, but will also increase the understanding and affection between you and your dogs. Their dog obstacle agility training kit has all the equipment you would need for an agility competition, including 15 orange poles, 12 plugs, 10 stakes, 4 connectors, 4 buckles, 1 jumping ring, and 8 ground stakes.

Brand: Kerrogee

👤I love this. It is great for the price. I was looking for poles that went in the ground because I thought the ones that went on the groin would make my dog run. I was hesitant because there weren't any reviews. I am very happy with it. It was easy to figure out, but didn't come with instructions.

7. Better Sporting Dogs Sandbags Equipment

Better Sporting Dogs Sandbags Equipment

Two dog agility tunnels have one for each end. Sand is not included. 15 lbs can be held on each side of the sandbags. Sandbags have convenient carrying handles. Sandbags help keep your tunnel in a fixed position. The dog agility tunnel must be purchased separately.

Brand: Better Sporting Dogs

👤Been making tunnel bags for years. They can be very expensive. The baga has a wide opening to put in whatever you want. Good deal.

👤Hope they have more available soon. You need to lift one side to get the tunnel set, but it's a great value because it's snug in very windy conditions.

👤The product is the same as pictured and described. The agility tunnel is easy to set up and hold in place.

👤It's affordable for back yard use.

👤I didn't feel that the bags and material would hold up outside.

👤I like how durable it is, but I would like for the middle to stay in place better, and I am thinking of buying another set to put in the middle just because my tunnel is long.

👤The bag was ripped before I used it. The bags are too tight and the tunnel is too small.

8. Midlee Agility Hoop Training Equipment

Midlee Agility Hoop Training Equipment

The frame and hoop are included. Your dog can start low and learn how to jump higher by adjusting bars at different heights. A backyard obstacle course is a great way to exercise your dog. The circle jump is the only one listed, but a bar jump and weave poles are also available. Can either be a hoop jump or a bar jump. It is easy to set up, transports, and stores in a blue carrying case.

Brand: Midlee

👤This product is easy to put together, so I am satisfied. It's cheap and flimsy, but it's small. I stopped using it with my dog because I was afraid it would fall on her. This item is not close to the quality or size of agility equipment used in competition. It's a shame that it has to go into the trash bin.

👤I am looking for something to accomplish during the time ofrantine-self. frisbee wasn't going so well as far as agility goes. I hit him in the head with it. We ran toward the jump after I got this, put together, and got the dog in position. He looked at me and thought I was dumb. He gave it a try after a conversation about the difficulty of making returns during a Pandemic and the fact that he should have a few better tricks. He went over. When he feels like it, he does it about half the time. I can't comment on the hoop part, it's only been 4 months.

👤The rest of the reviews are laughable, so I thought I would write one of my own. If anyone is thinking about buying this and expecting to get a regulation tire jump for less than 50 dollars, you are crazy. Regulation tire jumps cost hundreds of dollars. They are going to be more long- lasting than a plastic version, so don't expect a perfect item. I am very happy with my own. It is exactly what I was expecting. It is easy to change the height between dogs, and is perfect for at- home practice. It gets the job done well. The seller was kind enough to send me a replacement for my broken jump, even though it hasn't arrived yet, since the other 3 clamps work perfectly fine and the fourth doesn't affect it that much. If the seller had asked me to return the whole item, I would have just lived with the broken one. This is a plastic tire jump that costs less than $50, but do not expect it to be anything like the tire jumps you see at agility trials/classes. I think this is great for anyone who is just looking for something to use for practice at home. If you are considering it, I would recommend getting this.

👤What a rip off. If you breathe on it, it won't stay together and you won't be able to use it. A complete waste of money.

👤The jump holds together if you push the pipes well. It's light weight makes it great to carry around. I would call it light weight. When my dog misses her jump, it doesn't fall over. It is a very good tool for agility. If you decide to do it more competitively, you will want a heavier duty one. It is difficult to put all the parts in the bag without completely dismantling them, so I wish the bag was a little bigger. My dog is a 12 months old German Shepherd and I may get her a whole set of larger jumps when she is full size.

9. XiaZ Training Equipments Obstacle Backyard

XiaZ Training Equipments Obstacle Backyard

The dog agility kits package includes a square pause box, a puppy tunnel with ground stakes, a jump hurdle with a pole and tire jump, agility equipment carrying bags and an instruction sheet. The material of the tubes in the pre-upgraded set was brittle, and many buyers said that using rubber joints to connect the tubes would cause them to break. The upgraded set has changed the material of the tubes from fragileABS to harder PETG, which increases the service life of the tubes and reduces the chance of them being damaged during installation or dog training. The dog Tunnle is made of 190T polyester and resists tearing and ripping. Each dog tunnel has a wide opening that can hold dogs and puppies of all sizes. The 70" length will make it easier to play. It is easy to secure the tunnel to the ground with the included metal stakes if the Cloth grommets are located on each side of the tunnel. Setting up a dog agility course is easy. It comes with carrying bags that are easy to carry. You can easily pack and transport equipment from the park to the big stage with the carrying handles on the portable bags. Dog training is a fun and creative way to bond with your dog. The purchase of such a training set is a great way to increase the agility of your pets and also to enjoy the love of your owner.

Brand: Xiaz

10. Dog Bite Training Set Professional

Dog Bite Training Set Professional

The dog bite training set is designed for training dogs. Can be used for police K9 training, Schutzhund agility, and other activities. The thick foam inner layer and the outer layer made of durable Jute provide a good bite tool for the dog, and can protect your arm from being bitten. The dog bite sleeve has two handles, an inner handle and an outer handle. The handle is made of foam and has a soft grip. Can be used on the left or right arm. This training set is perfect for beginners and professional trainers. The dog can bite the bite sleeve. The bite pillow can be used for tug-of-war. This is a training toy for you and your dog, not a chew toy. Don't allow your dog to keep the toy after training is over, and don't let him bite the handles.

Brand: Dgsl

👤It seems expensive for a low tier dog training kit.

👤The bite sleeve is awesome.

👤My wife tried it with our baby. She developed a bruise in her arm after he bit her twice. This is not for a dog with a good bite. It should only be advertised as a puppy. I wouldn't recommend this product for anyone with a dog older than six months. A Belgian Shepherd.

👤The tug and sleeve have cheap handles. The dog chewed the handle off the tug. The sleeve is falling apart.

👤I don't have to pay someone to do intensive training.

👤Everyone really enjoyed it.

11. Blue 9 Products Training Professionally Accessories

Blue 9 Products Training Professionally Accessories

The Klimb is designed to improve the relationship between you and your dog by working on common issues like begging, jumping, and barking. The Klimb is a good place for your dog to stay. They become more focused on you and your signals by giving you this defined and elevated space. The base is 24” sq with 12 legs. The base is made of a strong poly and has an exclusive surface for pet footing. It can be used outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. When legs are not in use, you receive safety plugs that fit into the holes. The Training video is an instructional video that will teach you how to manage your dog's behavior with The KLIMB. Blue-9 develops premium solution-based products to promote and strengthen the human-canine bond. Their products are made in the USA.

Brand: Blue-9

👤This is the best platform and bench we have tried for Stay training. It is lightweight and easy to take out and put away after a training session. The blue color is attractive to many dogs and I think it's helpful. You can make a longer station without using tools. The small handle on the side is a good fit for me, but it would be difficult for someone with large hands. Our dog thinks fabric mats are chew toys, so we do a lot of training with platforms. We bought a second model when it was on sale, because this model has worked well for us. It is too expensive for a lot of people, but if you can afford it, it is a very durable piece of equipment.

👤This has been great! My dogs like it.

👤An object to teach a stay! Comes with an instruction video.

👤Caps can be a hazard.

👤It works well and doesn't slide around for adjusting the height.

👤This is an excellent product for dog training.

👤Sturdy. It works well in dog training.


What is the best product for dog agility training equipment for small dogs?

Dog agility training equipment for small dogs products from Hampton Rose Co.. In this article about dog agility training equipment for small dogs you can see why people choose the product. Jmmpoo and Niubgoner are also good brands to look for when you are finding dog agility training equipment for small dogs.

What are the best brands for dog agility training equipment for small dogs?

Hampton Rose Co., Jmmpoo and Niubgoner are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dog agility training equipment for small dogs. Find the detail in this article. Cheering Pet, Midlee and Kerrogee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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